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At MRP... RACING IS OUR MIDDLE NAME MRP has been the pioneer and leader of high quality chain guide systems since 1996. From the original System 1 to our new flagship G2 SL guides, MRP is the consistent choice of the worlds best riders in every discipline on the mountain. Just ask the legends of the sport what chain guide they insist on using year after year. The answer is always “MRP” for their quality, dependability, and reliability. For 2011 we are pleased to to offer what we believe is our greatest product lineup yet. We’ve improved upon previous designs to now offer the G2 SL and all-new System 4 (S4). We’ve also expanded our lighter, XC and AM oriented lineup. We’ve added new versions of our popular 1X guide to fit nearly any bike on the market and worked closely with World Champion Brian Lopes to develop his new signature guide, the Lopes SL.


Introduced just two years ago, the 1X has become pretty standard kit for XC riders ready to drop some weight! We’ve expanded the lineup with models to fit nearly any bike. Our seat tube mount option is availible in two varieties to fit both mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes. Additionally, we’re offering a new Shimano FD-Mount version that provides and elegant, stiff, and bloody simple way to join the 1X revolution!

The evolution continues. The all new G2 SL and Mini G2 SL are stronger, easier to set up, and 30% lighter than their predecessors. From top to bottom, they have been redesigned and improved. • • •

• •

A more compact, lower profile upper guide reduces noise from chain slap while improving fit on bikes that have tight clearance tolerances with frame members. The lower guide is more compact, lighter and stronger than previous models. Our patented skid is tapered and relieved in multiple areas to provide the lightest, most durable, and best fitting bash guard possible. In short, there is material where it’s needed, and not much where it’s not. The backplate has been redesigned to reduce weight and add stiffness. It also features laser etching to aid in setup and identify which mounting standard you’re holding in your hands. Captive alloy hardware is present on the backplate, making for easy setup. No more having to hold onto the nut on back of the backplate when tightening. The guide fixing bolts use a 4mm allen key for easy adjustment and resistance to stripping out. They are pretreated with a threadlock material to prevent loosening.

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• CX

• ISCG • ISCG-05 • BB • STANDARD (36-40) AND MINI (32-36) • FROM 168g

S4 GUIDES • Timeless Dual-Roller designed system • Fits every hardtail on the market and the majority of suspension frames • Bottom-bracket, ISCG or ISCG-05 • Black or White • 104mm BCD

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XCG GUIDES • Protects triple crank outer rings up to 44T or singles upto 36T • Raised upper profile catches chain from inboard drops • Bottom-bracket, ISCG or ISCG-05 • Weight: Triple 120g, Single 100g

1.X GUIDES • From 58g • Black or White Upper Guide • BB, Seat Tube or Seat Tube CX Proud sponsors of;

• Patented Integrated Skid Plate Design • 5mm thick CNC Alloy Boomerang • BB-Mount, ISCG or ISCG ’05 • G2, 36-40 tooth. Mini-G 32-36 tooth • Black or White


The guide that helped Brian Lopes win his fifth-consecutive alr DH race at Crankworx 2010 is now available! The Lopes SL represents the lightest full chain retention system on the market. At just 100 grams the Lopes SL guide is the obvious choice for 4X, slalom, or allmountain riders willing to sacrifice bash protection, but not chain retention, in the name of weight savings.

• ISCG • ISCG-05 • BB • FROM 100g


Based on our original, patented dualroller “system” design, the S4 is the very definition of refinement. Improvements include captive hardware (no more searching for dropped nuts and bolts), smaller and lower profile rollers, and a weight-optimized bash guard. The S4 is the ideal choice for riders wishing for crank mounted bash protection and the absolute easiest setup with minimal hardware.

• ISCG • ISCG-05 • BB • STANDARD (36-40. 222g) AND MINI (32-36. 195g)


All the performance of our proven G2 line with a stamped steel backplate. Our best-selling OEM guide is now available aftermarket.

• ISCG • ISCG-05 • STANDARD (36-40) AND MINI (32-36) • FROM 252g

DOUBLE DUTY The LRP delivers our renowned chain retention to riders with two-ring setups. Multiple mounting options, easy installation, and foolproof operation make the LRP our guide with the broadest appeal.

• ISCG • ISCG-05 • BB • ISCG-05 + E-TYPE • BB +E-TYPE • FROM 230g

INNOVATIVE & ORIGINAL The revolutionary XCG bashguard is now availible to suit the new breed of Shimano and SRAM double-chainring cranks! No longer do you have to leave your expensive big-ring unprotected and in harms way! Our XCG guide also offers triple-ringers and single speeders lightweight, but sturdy, protection from anything the trail throws at you.

• ISCG • ISCG-05 • BB • 36, 40, AND 44T • FROM 122g

LIGHT & STOUT The MRP single-ring specific cranks fit seamlessly with our guides and are among the lightest cranks offered in 83mm spindle length on the market. *The Camber has no “granny” ring tabs


Our Podium chainrings are the perfect counterparts to any of our single-ring guide systems. • • • • • • • •

4 bolt/104mm only 32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39 and 40T 7005 aluminum For single ring setups – non shiftable 3mm thick Lightweight, strong and stiff Polished, black anodized finish Ideal for use with any chain guide or for single-speeds • From 40g

• 68/73MM, 170 & 175mm • 83mm, 170mm • BLACK & WHITE • 850g

Mountain Racing Products 2011  

MRP Product Guide 2011. Featuring the new G2 Super Light guides.

Mountain Racing Products 2011  

MRP Product Guide 2011. Featuring the new G2 Super Light guides.