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Proactive Equipment Management

iSolutions Helping Dealers become

Equipment Management Companies

The Dealer business model is evolving rapidly: • Dealers are being challenged to provide customers with a range of equipment management services to optimize equipment performance • Equipment intelligence is required to drive internal Dealer efficiencies


iSolutions AMT software provides Dealers with the ability to meet these challenges

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CAT Endorsment

Caterpillar has endorsed as their preferred software tool for the management of Caterpillar mining products. March 21, 2013

Dealer System of Choice • Caterpillar

• NC Machinery

• Barloworld

• Hastings Deering

• Cashman Equipment

• Pon

• Cavpower

• Tractafric

• China Engineers

• Tractors Malaysia

• Congo Equipment

• Trakindo

• Delmas

• Wagner Equipment

• Finning – Chile

• Wagner Asia Equipment

• Finning – UK

• WesTrac – WA

• Finning - Canada

• WesTrac - NSW

• Gelcolsa

• Wyoming Machinery


• Wihuri Oy Witraktor

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One Equipment Platform AMT provides a single equipment platform to support the Dealers’ Business now and in the future

These solutions all require a register of the equipment, actual and forecast utilisation and life cycle costing at the maintenance task level...

‌why have different systems?

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Contracts PM, CSA, TM&R Contracts • “End to end” solution • Streamlined quoting tool • Efficient management of 1000s’ of contracts • Financial control

MARC Contracts • Comprehensive equipment management solution • Advanced optimisation features • Equipment performance reporting • Maintenance efficiency reporting • Financial control • Risk management • Quoting (Equipment + Overheads)

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Collaboration Agreements Dealers working with customers to jointly manage equipment. Dealers Focus is to add expertize and efficiency to customers capability. Structure of agreements will vary based on customers’ needs

Data Sharing

Performance Reporting

Potentially 2-way sharing of information between Customer and Dealer – Defects, component changeout schedules, planned work, centerlines, standard jobs etc

Customer captures equipment performance data (downtime and/ or costs), it is entered into AMT by either Dealer or Customer and Customer is provided with performance reports, dashboards etc

Hosted Maintenance Software

Long-term Planning & Budgeting

Customers manage their equipment on Dealer’s AMT. Dealer provides a user support program. Optional add-ons include LCC template, standard jobs and job instructions

Perform long-term planning, resource forecasting and budgeting

Advanced Strategy Optimization

Work Flow Management

Advanced strategy definition and optimization - includes defining the maintenance strategy (RCM), interpreting the condition monitoring data against failure modes and optimizing component lives

Dealer will perform long term and short term planning and scheduling, but customer will perform the work using their workforce (may elect for Dealer to perform work). High level of collaboration, Dealer will liaise with customer (supervisor) to finalize plan – customer will authorize work in AMT.

Asset Management Training

Structured asset management training courses and certification program aimed at maintenance supervisors and managers

Maintenance Maturity Reviews

Perform maintenance maturity reviews and work with customers to develop continuous improvement programs

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Rental A decision support tool for managing rental fleets

Performance Reporting

• Asset Register

• Calculate rental rates

• Equipment valuation

• Generate monthly rental invoices

• Maintain component repair provision

• Rental performance reporting • Rental fleet scheduling (Gantt charts)

• Component based depreciation

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Component Management One integrated solution


Increased rebuild center efficiency Optimizes Exchange/Reman inventory levels

Component Forecasting

Rebuild Centre Capacity Planning

• Maintaining a live forecast of component changeouts

• Assign rebuilds to rebuild centers • Forecast and validate workload by rebuild center

• Sales reps can update base scheduling parameters, part type (Reman/Exchange), part number and next due changeout date

Rebuild Centre Work Management • Planning and scheduling of work

Component Capacity Management

Core Workflow Control

• Validate forecast against what is in stock

• Track Cores through process:

• Forecast stock levels (incorporates turnaround times for rebuild components and manufacturer Reman)

• Issue from stock > changeout > rebuild > receipt into stock • Company defined workflow templates for different scenarios

• Flags forecast under/over stock requirements

• User alerts for delays • KPI reporting on the efficiency of the process

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Product Support Marketing Business Strategy Live analysis of market share

• Covers entire equipment population • Calculates: Market Potential, Market Share, Market Opportunity • Flexible adjustments for

Market Potential ie; economic factors

Market Share

Forecast Gross Margins

• Driven by AMTs’ Dynamic Life-Cycle Costing engine • AMR – proprietary routine to maintain the system even if users do not update the data • Dealers define analytical fields - ie; Sales Zones • Powerful reporting and analytics (Pre-built reporting cubes) • Includes future machine sales data

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PSSR Tool Smarter Sales Efforts AMT delivers the information and tools to enable PSSRs’ to focus their energies in the optimal areas: • Market analysis (Potential – Market Share – Opportunity) • Prioritizing opportunities • Highlighting alerts and action items • KPI reporting against budgets

Customer information at their fingertips! • Historical sales and market share • Forecast potential and sales • Current sales opportunities • Highlighting key action items • Equipment details • Utilization history • Equipment health • Latest condition monitoring results • Current backlogs

Not just for PSSRs All managers will benefit from having quick access to meaningful customer equipment intelligence

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Latest Technology Architecture • • • • • •

Key Technologies

Designed for usability Scalable Network efficiency Secure Ease of deployment World ready (multi-currency/multi-lingual)

• • • •

Integration • • •

• • •

Integration to Cat systems (Builder, Sis Web, Link One) Integrates to DBS/SAP/Dynamics/M3 40+ integration points (CSV, XML, XML Web Services)

Business Intelligence • • •

User defined dashboards Reporting data warehouse (Microsoft OLAP technology) Quickwatch – user exception based alerts

AMT Mobile • • •

Practical tool for technicians Operate disconnected from the network Tablet or PC (Windows Compatible)

AMT App • • • •

Practical tool for technicians Deployment Options On Dealer server Cloud based solution

Deployment Process • •

Experience from +25 Dealer installations Streamlined deployment process, standard Cat Dealer configurations

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.NET Framework (C# is the language of choice) Windows Server (2008 R2, 2012), 32- and 64-bit Editions SQL Server (2008 R2, 2012), 32- and 64-bit Editions SQL Server BI stack (Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Integration Services) XML, XSLT, CSS WCF, ASP.NET, Internet Information Services (IIS) ClickOnce Deployment Technology

iSolutions Proactive Equipment Management Brochure CAT  
iSolutions Proactive Equipment Management Brochure CAT  

iSolutions Proactive Equipment Management Brochure CAT