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MI LIFE IN SIX PICTURES. Inés Solans. 302TVT-June 2012 Mar Bueno.

In this picture, I was two years old. I was very happy in that moment, because, my parents were with me and I love them! I was in Ch铆a, a very little village near Benasque, in Huesca, Arag贸n. In this period I loved to be with my parents, but, above all, I liked to be all the day with the dog of my uncles, called Aston.

In this picture, I was four years old. I was very happy because I was with a friend of mine called Pablo. In this period I liked to ride the bike with him, and I enjoyed a lot. I liked to ride my red bike with my orange helmet. Here, I was in Desert de Sarrià, it’s a park near Sarrià that is so beautiful and it’s very good to go and ride a bike.

In this photo, I was five. I was in a trip with my family to one of the waterfalls of Huesca, in Aragón. The water of that waterfall was especially cold, and I hadn’t got a swim. I was eating my favorite sweet, a Chupa-Chups, I loved and love it!

In this picture I was nine. I was in a little village near Calella called Peratallada, I was in holidays on Calella, and I went one day there. The boy that is next to me is my brother, Sergio. I love this photo because we were very dark because we went each day to the beach at the morning and to the pool in the afternoon. In this trip I was with my parents and my brother.

In this picture I was thirteen years old. I was very happy because I was in a trip with my parents, my brothers and my grandparents. I was in Monestir de Sant Pere de Rodes, near Port de la Selva, a village near CadaquĂŠs. I was into the monastery visiting and having a look to all the rooms and curiosities, I enjoyed a lot. It was last summer.

This photo is very actually, it was 4 of June, I am fourteen years old and I was in a communion of a friend. I was laughing, because people made me laugh and my mother took this picture when I was laughing. I really like this picture, because it brings me lots of good memories and I love it!

My life in six pictures  

it is about my life

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