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daily affirmations of style

confidence + grace

is a line of handcrafted jewelry integrating past and present, refined by the passion of owner and designer, Melody Shirazi. Inspired from the architecture and design of the 1920s coupled with the individual style of her closest friends, Melody crafts delicate, timeless pieces of raw stone, sterling and brass which serve as daily affirmations of style. With a background in graphic design, photography and innovative jewelry making, Melody creates pieces inspiring confidence and a unique grace in each wearer. A handmade jewelry line based in California. Our line is centered around historical design and traditional metal working processes.

Gold Dot & Black Triangle Earrings $30, Slender Triangles Onyx Earrings $40, Horn & Shell Art Deco Fan Necklace $80, Three Gold Dot & Black Triangle Necklace $60

Slender Triangles Turquoise Earrings $40, Art Deco Onyx Posts Earrings $26, Triple Gold Dot Necklace $44, Single Gold Dot Necklace $30

Hammered Geometric Studs (Circles, Hearts or Triangles) $20, Color Dot Studs (Light Blue, Black, Emerald Green, Poppy Red, Coral, Turquoise, Nude, or Copper Flecks & Turquoise) $20, facing page: Lapis & Wood Statement Necklace $90

facing page: Infinity Ring Necklace (14k Gold Fill or Sterling Silver Chain) $45, Copper Coil Necklace $42 this page: Victory Earrings $38, Victory Necklace $50, Canyon Deerhide Necklace $64

this page: Gold Confetti Bracelet $30, facing page: Brass Fringe Necklace $45, Black Marble Deco Tassle Necklace $64, Deco Tassle Earrings $55, Black Marble Deco Tassle Earrings $60

Gold Lunette Geometric Necklace (18� or 22� length chain) $45

Circle Starburst Studs (Black or Gold) $20, Curved Bar & Copper Chain Necklace $63, Wishbone Necklace (14k Gold Fill or Sterling Silver Chain) $50, facing page: Large Mixed Metal Curved Bar Necklace $50

facing page: Triangle Starburst Earrings (Gold or Silver) $40, Horseshoe Dangle Earrings $42, Long ‘U’ & Copper Chain Earrings $38, Rectangle Fringe Studs $32, Slender Enamel Drop Earrings $42this page: Goddess Tiered Tassle Earrings (Gold or Silver) $34, Lapis Lazuli Dot Earrings $36, Brass & Black Teardrop Earrings $26

Wishbone Necklace (14k Gold Fill or Sterling Silver Chain) $50, Triple Chevron Earrings in Black $45, Large Double Chevron Earrings (Brass or Brass & Black)$45



You must be the owner of a legitimate brick and mortar retail store or e-commerce site to participate in the Wholesale Program. Wholesaler must provide a valid tax ID number and a copy of resale license upon request.

All orders will ship in 4 to 6 weeks. You will receive an estimated shipping date for your merchandise by email. Orders are shipped FOB Oakland, California. Isobell ships USPS priority mail. Expedited shipping may be requested at an additional cost. All shipping charges are billed to the customer.

All merchandise designs are exclusive to and copyrighted by Isobell Jewelry (Isobell). All merchandise must be sold with the Isobell tag attached: tag may not be removed at any time by Wholesaler. All advertising which includes Isobell merchandise must include the Isobell logo. Isobell reserves the right to change these Wholesale Program Terms of Sale at any time and without prior notice MINIMUMS

A $300 minimum opening order is required with new accounts. All subsequent orders require a $150 minimum purchase. All orders must be prepaid by credit card, money order or bank check. Returned checks will be charged a $50 administration fee. RETURNS

Please check merchandise upon receipt. All returns must have prior authorization. A restocking fee of 10% will be applied to request for exchanges. Exchanges must be requested within 30 days of receipt of goods. Worn jewelry cannot be exchanged. Shipping and handling charges for returns and exchanges are the Wholesaler’s responsibility and are not refundable.


Order cancellations must be submitted to Isobell Jewelry by mail or email at least 2 weeks before the scheduled ship date. Orders cancelled less than 2 weeks before the scheduled ship date will be charged a 15% restocking fee. An order is not considered cancelled until a confirmation is received by Isobell Jewelry. PRODUCT QUALIT Y & COLOR STATEMENT

All merchandise is individually hand made. All measurements are approximate, and colors, shapes, and markings will vary slightly. Natural gemstones and vintage metals may vary in shape, size and color. All products are handmade by the designer and are inspected individually for imperfections before selling.


Isobell Winter 2013-14 Lookbook Winter 2013-14 Lookbook Handmade Jewelry & Knitwear Oakland, CA

Isobell Winter 2013-14 Lookbook Winter 2013-14 Lookbook Handmade Jewelry & Knitwear Oakland, CA