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“I don’t want to be interesting. I want to be GOOD” -mies van der rohe2

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isni f. puspita sari

Jalan Pratista Timur I, Mutiara Antapani B/11 Bandung, 40291 Indonesia



SMA Negeri 3 Bandung

EXPERIENCE June‘12 - Oct‘12

Alami Media Kreasi, Alami Group

Oct‘12 - Oct‘13

Bandung Institute of Technology

3 State High School, Bandung

‘08 - ‘12

Bachelor of Technique,

as part time Lecturer Assistant

major of architecture

Institut Teknologi Bandung ‘12 - ‘14

Feb‘13 - April‘13

Master of Technique,

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Institute ITB as part time Research Assistant

major of architectural design

Institut Teknologi Bandung

as Architectural Intern

May‘13 - Jan‘14

Dis|cover Architecture Studio as Junior Architectural Designer


3rd PlaceHigh-Performance Student Department of Architecture, ITB Cumlaude Graduate Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

SKILL Autocad Architecture Sketchup vray for sketchup Photoshop Adobe Indesign Rhinoceros Ms. Office

Nov‘14 - May‘16

Development Design Group, as Project Designer (Intern)

April‘14 - Mar‘17

Alami Inter Media , Alami Group as Architectural Designer

LANGUAGES Bahasa Indonesia English






LEN TECHNOPARK 2014 Professional work



2014 Master thesis project



MANGGALA JUNCTION 2014 Professional work



2015 Professional work



METLAND CYBER CITY MALL 2015 Professional work



2015 Ccompetition




NIRMAL SHOPPING MALL 2016 Professional work




LEN TECHNOPARK Subang, West Java. 2014 masterplan project total area: 9,3 ha total building area: 25000 sqm autocad, skecthup, lumion, photoshop

LEN Technopark is planned to be an area where nature is part of technology and innovation. Located 12km from Subang, this area is a small part of PT Dahana’s land which “Green Earth” is taken as the main themed of this project. The project consist of management area as welcoming center, technopark, technology and innovation development center, and industrial park to support the future of company.




MANGGALA JUNCTION Makasar, South Sulawesi. 2014 facade project total area: 2,2 ha

autocad, skecthup, lumion, photoshop, hand skecthes

Manggala Junction is alifestyle center consist of 3-stars hotel, food garden, and shophouses. This is facade project, the facade designed base on Harper Hotel design guide as main tenant. main themed taken by Harper Hotel rustic style which use wood and tree as manifesto. Facade design for hotel and shophouses are derived from tree branches. The “green roof” and “green facade” concept are applied to food garden design by using vegetation




UJUNG BERUNG CULTURAL CENTER Bandung, West Java. 2014 thesis project total area : 4,3 ha total building area : 8.000 sqm

autocad, skecthup, photoshop, hand skecthes

Ujung Berung Cultural Center, this project located in sub-urban area of Bandung. Arts & Cultural Center is a place to make creations based on culture or anything-related to culture. The character of modern Sundanese architecture is translated by a simple form, a form that reflects the identity of Sundanese architecture that remains functional, in addition to the use of modern materials such as concrete and steel, also using natural materials such as natural stone, wood, and bamboo, put forward the quality of space, and show honesty of materials.


Site analysis

Sundanese architectural concept applied in designing Center of Art and Culture of Ujung Berung especially on arrangement of area. The concepts applied include the concept of lemah-cai, luhur-handap, wadah-eusi, and kaca-kaca. Sundanese concept of vertical zoning

zona preservasi leuweung larangan

zona pertunjukan

zona komersial permukiman

zona edukasi

servis servis

In Sundanese culture, nature is always respected, so in the arrangement of the tread also pay attention to preservation of existing rice fields, increase the interaction with the river, and preserving the typical vegetation of Sunda. Connectivity concept



Mass concept

In designing the Center of Art and Culture of Ujung Berung, the concept of landscraper is chosen to represent the character of the Sunda people who are someah (humble). Sundanese architectural concept applied in designing.



GRAND KAMALA LAGOON Bekasi, West Java. 2015 masterplan project total area : 28 ha

autocad, skecthup, photoshop

Consist of 6 unique districts, the Gateway, Promenade, River Walk, Grand Lagoon, Lakeside and Eco-Lake. To minimize the developing natural water edge area, this master plan proposed to have green network corridor and trail path along the water side. With ‘Lagoon’ concept, this area planned to keep its existing of 70% water to land ratio. Functions accommodated include residentials, commercials, schools and offices High-rise and mid-rise residential towers with modern residences and services provide a full variety of quality amenities to compromise a new lifestyle. Shop houses and SOHO for the entrepreneurs to do business in a unique way; where the home and workplace are only few steps or doors away.


Land Use Diagram

Blue & Green Network

Road Network

District Zoning Waterfront lifestyle center where residents will have a unique shopping and dining experiences. This vibrant commercial center equipped with theaters, a hypermarket, department store, food court, al fresco dining and restaurant options and also the place to enjoy nightlife entertainment facing the lagoon.



METLAND CYBER CITY MALL Tangerang, Banten. 2015 phase I mall project total area : 3,7 ha total building area : 108.650 sqm

autocad, skecthup, photoshop, hand skecthes

Metland Cyber City is a lively urban mixed-use destination offering a variety of services and ever-changing entertainment. Metland Cyber City is a 6.3 hectares mixed-use development situated in Metland Cyber City Tangerang which is just the west area of Jakarta. Located next to Jakarta Merak Toll road, close to Puri Indah District, adjacent to Green Lake City, and surrounded by residential area this strategic urban centext makes this project holds a great transformative power for Metland Cyber City.


Being a part of Metland Cyber City West Master plan, Metland Cyber City Mall is lifestyle center situated in center of Metland Cyber City holds great transformative power for East Tangerang District. With the idea of building a new town and creating another growth pole on the west of Jakarta. This lifestyle center aspire to be a new commercial area within the future CBD aims to establish itself as a new destination, capable of attracting tenants and customers in self-sustainable, mixed use development.


It is located just north from Jakarta Merak Toll Road, in the portion between Green Lake City and Puri Indah District and surrounded by residential areas. This strategic urban context makes this lifestyle center ideal location creating the Third Place between place of work and place of living. Bringing the town center concept, this shoping mall planned to have 3 phase. All phases shaped a town center for public area. it can be an area to hold events or for VIPs. It is also featured a landmark suncore.




GRAND METROPOLITAN APARTMENT Bekasi, West Java. 2015 housing and apartment project total area : 4.000 sqm total building area : 60.000 sqm

autocad, skecthup, photoshop, hand skecthes


Rising along the banks of the Kalimalang River in the popular and prominent commercial district of Bekasi city, this new modern residential building is the next phase of the METLAND MIXED USE district master plan. Emphasizing connection, fluidity, green, and diversity, the district is planned along a ribbon of land between the River and the toll road.


The contemporary iconic building punctuates the Bekasi Barat urban gateway, in a style designed to strengthen the Metland brand. The pedestrian-oriented superblock concept allows Grand Metropolitan Tower residents to explore all the conveniences of urban living in a cohesively-designed live, work, and play destination. Integrated seamlessly within the mixed use development, connections to a variety of services are close at hand including easy access to the public mass transportation hub. Surrounded by a multi-layer pedestrian network of lushly landscaped pathways – covered and shaded – and designed for the safety, comfort and convenience of residents to securely walk between areas within the Metlan District.


Inside, Grand Metropolitan Tower features a variety of services and amenities for residents: a welcoming community lounge that provides a convenient place to mingle with neighbors within the building; an indoor / outdoor gym, a sunset sky-pool, and an executive lounge with sky garden to bring nature closer to the upper living spaces and help to improve air quality. Individual apartment units offer a diverse range of unit styles and layouts with sumptuously appointed interior details and amenities.



FICO WELLNESS CENTER Bologna, Italy. 2015 young architect competition total area : 3.500 ha total building area : 2.500 sqm

autocad, skecthup, photoshop, hand skecthes



Bologna city features an important medieval heritage among which there is the most ancient university in the world. This metropolitan area is a pivotal reference point for economy and fair trades too, counting over 1.000.000 inhabitants on the territory. It is suggested to develop a project capable of interacting with the city and the metropolitan area as well. The warehouse was built in the 70s to be a storehouse for La Perla trading activities. Both to public administration and to the owner such a building has no architectural or landscape relevance. Due to a poor aesthetic quality of the warehouse, has driven our thoughts to consider this as flat empty land.


Lower Ground Plan

Ground Plan

The Concept


Lift Up for Space

Bring Water In

Roof Plan

We took this flat empty land as a “park�. Then we were thinking that adding water to the park would create a good environment. We started to lift some part of the park to create a space and dynamic experience without disconnecting the park from its water. This harmony park-water relation would be an inviting environment for people and at the same time creating a good place to enjoy and relax.

As water is an active place (such as swimming, playing and fun) so we converted the park as a passive place (such as watching, talking and enjoying). So these active-passive relations become part of people natural lifestyle: to see and to be seen.



NIRMAL SHOPPING MALL Mumbai, India. 2016 redesign mall project total area : 7 ha total buidling area: 20.129 sqm

autocad, skecthup, photoshop, podium, hand skecthes

Located in Mumbai City, this project was a re-design of an structure-existing project. The Nirmal Lifestyle project provided an opportunity to re-imagine what the existing mall property could become. This shoping mall planed to be a unique digital shoping mall


Structure analysis diagram

Given the existing structures to re-thinked, result in the maintain of almost all of the existing strucures with minimum intervenes even emphasizing couple of its unique triangular existing structure to be used as multimedia projection mapping. By doing that, designers met the challenge of creating a presence at the street level and establishing an iconic, retail beacon that invites shoppers looking for new experiences. Facades are designed to show dynamic of the future & modern lifestyle, marked with triangular & sharp massing and digital media panels.


Bringing Indian culture into design, we adapted Kolam. Kolam is a geometrical line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots taking a typical Indian geometry pattern, Kolams are thought to bring prosperity to homes Comes with the ideas of making digital, pixel concept of Kolam was applied to the floor pattern. With a modular design, making the design of digital Kolam is easier to construct.






isni widjajapradja

isni f. puspita sari


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Portfolio isni febriani 2018