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Puerto Vallarta les brinda la más calurosa Bienvenida a nuestro maravilloso destino turístico. Esperamos y deseamos que su estancia sea inolvidable y que sus expectativas sean superadas. La calidez de nuestra gente es una de nuestras características principales; que permite hacer que quienes nos visitan se sientan en familia.

Puerto Vallarta offers you the warmest welcome to our wonderful tourist destination. We hope that your stay at this unique tourist destination will be memorable that your expectations will be fully met. The warmth of our people, one of our main assets, will make you feel at home wherever you go.

A través de los años Puerto Vallarta se ha reinventado como un destino pujante, logrando convertirse en el segundo destino turístico de Playa más visitado en México, gracias a su Gastronomía, Arte, Cultura, Pesca Deportiva, Golf, entre otras cosas destaca por ser un encantador destino con bellísimos escenarios naturales y el auténtico sabor a pueblo típico mexicano.

Puerto Vallarta has reinvented itself over the years as a booming destination, in turn placing second amongst the most visited Mexican beach destinations; through its Food, Art, Culture, Sport Fishing, Golf, among other things stands out as a charming destination with beautiful scenery and the authentic taste of typical Mexican town.

Puerto Vallarta se honra en ofrecerles una gran variedad de servicios turísticos, así como una gran infraestructura hotelera. Sean todos y cada uno de ustedes bienvenidos a esta su casa Puerto Vallarta, donde hay mucho que descubrir, los invitamos a que disfruten Puerto Vallarta, donde México Cobra Vida.

Puerto Vallarta prides itself in featuring a wide array of tourist-driven activities and a large hotel infrastructure. Let each and every one of you welcome to your house Puerto Vallarta, where there is much to discover, we invite you to enjoy Puerto Vallarta, where Mexico comes alive.

Atentamente / Sincerely

Lic. Salvador González Resendiz Presidente Municipal de Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Letter From The Editor Hello, and welcome to Let’s Go Mexico! First off I would like to share a little about the magazine. For a couple of years now we all have heard negative things about Mexico, and I’m sure it has created to some uncertainty of making one of Mexico’s beautiful costal areas your next vacation spot for you and your family. It sounds terrible, however, there is always another side which is really not seen or known about. The locations we will be featuring in this magazine are some of the most beautiful and peaceful places to visits. We will share with you the cultures, tourist attractions, nightlife, dining, romantic areas, entertainment, hotels, real estate and the people that make each place unique and amazing. In this issue we feature the beautiful Puerto Vallarta Located in the Banderas Bay in the state of Jalisco. It has truly been an amazing experience and we are happy to share every moment of the way with our readers. So, enjoy and we hope to see you there. Cheers, Israel Moreno

Lets Go Mexico

• Publisher and Editor Israel Moreno

Production Director Patricia Moreno

Designers Estela Badillo Raúl Hernández Thalia Romano

Photographers Estela Badillo Raúl Hernández

Contributing Writers Graham Rose Cook Israel Moreno

Table of Contents History

of Puerto Vallarta


the history of a a very unique part of Mexico where culture and tradition is mixed with the modern.

Virgen de



A Mexican icon and the impact it has had on religion in Mexico. The story behind the beloved Virgen de guadalupe





An artist, a writer a Vallartian that stands for what he believes in. He shares his views in his column.Check out some raw material that will leave you questioning.



Mexican Culture Alive

Sisters Rosa and Angelica share all their knowledge about Huichol art



Things you Must do Find the 5 things you MUSt do while Visiting Puerto Vallarta.

Fun Facts

t for find what some symbols mean in u o Look to the Huicholes.

e t o y e P the Lets Go Mexico

By: Israel Moreno


have been to Puerto Vallarta many times; in fact I lived there for two years when I was a teen. I have to say that life in Vallarta was different than anything I have ever experienced. I lived in Los Angeles before moving to PV, and it was like two different worlds. Adjusting to the different life style was hard, but adjusting didn’t take long, I was very fortunate to meet some very great people that continue being dear friends. The life in Vallarta was beautiful, from living five minutes away from the ocean to being surrounded by tropical plants. There was never a dull moment since I knew that no matter where I went I could always expect scenic beauty and the breeze of the ocean in my face. I remember walking downtown on the Malecon with my buddy’s, and it was always alive, music playing, people smiling and restaurants serving the masses. A very nice memory I have, is when I bought my little brother a foam iguana that looks like it was crawling on the floor as you walk and shake the stick it’s attached to. I also remember going to Viejo Vallarta (Olas Altas) and was amazed by how many American and Canadian people were actually locals and lived in Vallarta. Now, how do I know they were locals? First, they spoke pretty good Spanish or attempted to. They had great tans! A dark orange tan as if they had agreed with the sun to sweat, burn and shed their skin, to cleanse their souls from all of the hardship in their previous life; their previous life that they lived for many years until they were able to retire, their 8 to 5, now a thing of the past; a new life. It has been 14 years since I lived in Puerto 

Lets Go Mexico

Vallarta. I continue to visit and what could I tell you, Puerto Vallarta has grown and is still as beautiful as I remember it to be. There are some changes however, changes that have been influenced by the reports of violence in Mexico shared by the media. I cannot say that they are lies, but I will say that I have not seen or experienced any violence during my stays in Vallarta. I think that many others would agree with me too, as it has been a topic of conversation that many share over a nice cup of cappuccino or a cold Corona. Well, I’ve told you a little bit about myself and my Vallarta experience and I’m sure there are many of you that have had a similar one. I know a family in Arizona that use to reside in Puerto Vallarta that will tell you the same thing as me; that Vallarta is in their hearts. Vallarta is the place we will always consider home and a peaceful place that is full of beauty. So if you do get the chance to experience this small city with so much tradition; I’d like to invite you to enjoy a meal in the many restaurants on the Malecon that face the ocean. You can do this anytime of the day, but if you really want to have the most unique experience, you need to do a few things. First, forget about any troubles you may have in life, feel completely relaxed, get yourself a margarita and sit there and wait for the…Sunset. It will be the most amazing thing you will ever see, the sky turns red, orange, purple and the light of the sun leaves as it prepares the moon and yearns for the morning to do it all over again… True beauty is what you will see. Oh, and one more thing, this is very important… Don’t forget to take a deep breath. Lets Go Mexico


Welcome to

Puerto Vallarta A True Mexicican Paradise


uerto Vallarta is The Bay has been located on the known since the 16th Pacific coast, as a century when the member of the club “The Spanish soldiers durmost beautiful bays in ing the expeditions into the world�. Banderas Bay Baja California (or island is 42 kilometers Long of pearls, as they called from North to South. it) reached its beaches The northern boundary for in search of fresh waof the Bay is in Punta ter, firewood and food Mita, which is the end for their ships. There of the mountains of the are many Chronicles of Sierra of Vallejo, and to that time referred to the the South, the Bay ends beauty of the coastline, in Cabo Corrientes; part the fertility of the Earth of the foothills of the and the security of the mountain range Sierra ports that the Bay ofCuale. fered to their ships.  Lets Go Mexico

During the 16th century, it was a vital need to have secure ports along the Pacific coast for ships returning from the Philippines as a refuge in case of pirate attacks. They were also necessary during long trips, and trips from and towards the East so that the ships might be repaired if necessary and crews could take supplies.

Eagle A female dieity she is married to the Sun, she flies over the Huichol and protects the community



ne of the first to propose the establishment in the Bahía de Banderas was captain Pedro de Unamuno after the trip he made to the Philippines in 1587. Famous sailors such as Sebastian Vizcaino, López de Vicuña and Gonzalo Francis.More than once they –came to these beaches and also proposed the establishment of a colony, but their requests never received attention. It is known that a shipyard in the Bay was built in 1644 (probably where today is located Mismaloya) and two ships were built for Bernard Bernal of Pinadero that would be used in the colonization of Baja California. In 1918, by Decree No. 1889 Congress, was granted to Las Peñas the title of municipality, as well as a new name: Puerto Vallarta, in memory of the illustrious lawyer and Governor of Jalisco, Don Ignacio L. Vallarta. Lets Go Mexico


he Virgin of Guadalupe is without a doubt a Mexican cultural icon. About 85% of the country’s population belongs to the Catholic religion and a very large group within the religion openly declares themselves as “Guadalupano.”The Catholic faith to the got its start in the year 1531 with the apparitions of the “Virgen Morena” who Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin would visit in the hill of Tepeyac, a place that was f important in the pre-Columbian times home of the temple to the goddess of earth and fertility, goddess named Coatlicue, Teteoinan or Tonantzin. The Virgin would appear on several occasions asking Juan Diego him to seek the Bishop and let him know that the creation of a temple in that place was needed. Juan Diego immediately sought to Fray Juan de Zumárraga letting hiimknow the request the virgin had asked for, but he did not believe in the words of Juan Diego and asked for proof to confirm the fact. In answer the Virgin asked Juan Diego to cut from the top of hill some roses, being winter and taking into account that area was not suitable for the growth of flowers, especially roses. Juan Diego took the roses and took in his cloak or poncho (an instrument

10 Lets Go Mexico

used in Mesoamerica to collect crops, a rectangular piece held from the shoulders). Upon returning to the presence of the bishop, Juan Diego shows Fray Juan de Zumarraga roses, but in the cloak is clearly the image of the Virgin and proof that the bishop requested. The image of the cloak San Juan Diego wore is in display at the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico D.F., each year about 14 million people visit to witness the miracle of Tepeyac. In Puerto Vallarta like the capital of thecountry Our Lady ofGuadalupe receives hundreds of pilgrims between days 1-12 of December, this in an act of faith and devotion to the virgin. At these festivals the city centercloses to make way for the pilgrims and small shops set up in every corner. It’s a place to taste authentic Mexican snacks, or buy traditional Mexican apperalsitting back and enjoying the celebrations is also a unique treat on its own. It is one of the most popular traditions in the city as well as a great tourist attraction that many are fortunate to enjoy.

Puerto Vallarta SandArt

Have you ever seen this amazing art before? You can find this type of art in Downtown Puerto Vallarta; along the brand new renovated Malecon. It’s incredible watching a pile of sand turn into a real masterpiece created by the ever so gentle strokes of these sand sculptors. Most of the art that you will find is influenced by the culture in Puerto Vallarta and its tropical surroundings.

Butterfly An excellent way to enjoy these creations is by viewing it from the second floor of the many restaurants located in the Malecon. Along with some delicious food and drink of your choice you will, without a doubt enjoy one of the many unique things Puerto Vallarta has to offer.

A symbol of good luck something the Huichol strive to transform into with its grace as it floats from flower to flower in the air Lets Go Mexico


Did You Know? There are many things you can say about the legend Elizabeth Taylor: her romances, her films, her style, her altruistic work, and her peculiar friendship with Michael Jackson, and her love for Mexico. The actress always had a connection with our “Tierra Azteca” ,demonstrated in several stories, films and the formation of The Elizabeth Taylor Orphanage Foundation:

Star who once lived in a quiet town called Puerto Vallarta Liz was married to film producer, Mike Todd, in a civil ceremony officiated by Acapulco’s mayor, Mario Lopetequi, on February 3, 1957. The attendees of the wedding were not only her best friends Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher but curiously among the guests also was Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”. Liz’s marriage to Todd was the only one that did not end in divorce; he died when his private plane “Lucky Liz” crashed in New Mexico on March 22, 1958.

Rose colored bridge, inspired by the Bridgeof Sighs in Venice. When Richard Burton filmed the movie ‘The Night of the Iguana in Puerto Vallarta, There was rumors of a fling between liz and burton, that soon was seen as true. They both loved Puerto Vallarta so much that they bought a villa of seven rooms and seven bathrooms, for about $ 40 thousand dollars. Soon, their house was not big enough, so they built another house across the street that connected them through a rose colored bridge, inspired by the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.

12 Lets Go Mexico

The Star who once lived in a quiet town called Puerto Vallarta. Altruistic work, and her peculiar friendship with Michael Jackson, and her love for Mexico. It is said that when they fought, Liz commanded Burton go sleep in the other house across the bridge. Taylor sold the villa in 1990 with all her belongings furniture and even her clothes and hung photos throughout the house. The new owners converted it to “Casa Kimberley” a ‘bed and breakfast ‘with a tour of the villa where Elizabeth Taylor spent a lot of her time. Recently it was sold and the buildings were replaced with luxurious condominiums. The star who once lived in a quiet town called Puerto Vallarta loved it for its simplistic beauty; and later helping convert it into the tourist attraction it is today. Elizabeth Taylor is viewed as a Puerto Vallarta “Local” and is respected for her kindness and mark she left in the city. She will forever be in the heart of Vallarta

A legend, an American Super Star, An Inspiration, True Beauty, “Elizabeth Taylor Helped Loved Puerto Vallarta and put it on the map“ Lets Go Mexico



have been living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on and off for eight years now. What continually frosts me, is when I read a head line, or hear a story, or watch CNN; the current attitude the media has adopted towards Mexico is unhealthy. Mexico’s problems make it an easy target for those headline seeking media machines and when there is no other news, breaking or making, they will create one.

“Shame on those powerful media decision makers that continue to assault Mexico” But to label, or even insinuate, that all of Mexico is unsafe for travel, or not a wise or safe choice for a dream vacation is simply a violation of truth; it’s a disgrace... Shame on those powerful media decision makers that continue to assault Mexico with stories that come with such costly penalties and endless, ill-conceived and crippling economic hurtles for the country to overcome. Why, to a friendly courteous and as important a neighbor as Mexico, and whose number one industry is hospitality. Who lives and trades under the umbrella of NAFTA. A free trade agreement designed to promote unilateral economic growth between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Why should the industry, that Mexico is continually rated in the top five, worldwide for excellence, be subjected to such ignorance by that bevy of information processing Buffoons recklessly driving down the internet highway and throwing out garbage as they go. Mexico’s lost revenue because of this injustice will take years to recover from and many have already succumbed to this mind boggling and borderline criminal abuse of media coverage. Note that…

Listen up People! For those, who haven’t bought in to the media hype and those that have been leaning in our direction just come and experience the splendor Mexico has to offer.

14 Lets Go Mexico

Experience the splendor for yourself and you to will go back to where you came from knowing the truth I suggest that sometime be spent doing diligence. Finding the correct location for your Dream Vacation, do not jump at the cheapest all inclusive package just because it is the cheapest all inclusive. Do your homework, as in every trip realize your budget and add 15 percent for a cushion. All inclusive are generally speaking the novices way to travel inexpensively. You won’t actually get to see much of Mexico but you will get a glimpse. All inclusive are as they imply, and their guests spend day and night being entertained by the staff, eating cafeteria styled food and drinking house drinks made with very inexpensive alcohol all on the premises of the hotel of their choice. On the other end there are plenty of private condos for a little more cash but affording many more benefits.

and sound, and without fear. Mexico’s raw beauty, its culture, its spirit, its people, the cuisine, the nightlife, the peace and the simplicity of life itself make it a sensible value plus choice for anyone’s dream vacation.

Soon everyone will know the truth and they will say Viva Mexico! Once again. Don’t be fooled by the media! They tell only one side and what they say has to be dressed correctly so people will suck it up. Come experience the splendor for yourself and you to will go back to where you came from knowing the truth. Then you can share the truth and if you tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends and so on and so on. Soon everyone will know the truth and they will say Viva Mexico! Once again. Graham Ross Cook A Flag Waving Puerto Vallartian

Remember, that the border turbulence, and other sporadic drug related issues within this peaceful country, although horrific to witness, has been specific in nature and that Gringo’s are not the target. It is a Mexican War, in Mexico, with Mexican targets and it is happening in a very very small part of this country. Mexico is a large country with many incredible sea side resorts and fishing villages to explore and relax, safe Lets Go Mexico


There really isn’t any time to wast this might just be one of the coolest things to do ever!

16 Lets Go Mexico

Brought to you by Peyote People

Amazing Artists

Huichol Art

“Not just an art but life style�

Jacobo Angeles Ojeda and his wife Maria del Carmen Mendoza live in San Martin Tilcajete, a Zapotec Indian village about 45min. from the City of Oaxaca. When a baby is born in the village they are given a small animal that is their totem. Today’s wood carvings evolved out of this tradition. Jacobo began carving with his father but when he was 12 his father died which catapulted him into the limelight by forcing him to go out on his own to provide for his family. Jacobo claims that one is limited only by their imagination. His indigenous style has been heavily influenced by the patterns found in Mitla, the ancient Zapotec city famous for its geometric patterns. His more simple pictorial style comes from the pictorial jewelry found in Monte Alban. The copal wood that Jacobo uses for all of his carvings has always been considered sacred. He used to go out to collect his own wood,

picking large trunks to make big carvings but prefers branches because he can use the natural curves to bring his carvings to life. Today Jacobo and Maria are undoubtedly two of the most collected artists in all Oaxaca, if not Mexico. The natural paints that they use in their work make their pieces even more attractive to collectors. Their pieces are prominently displayed in galleries and museums including the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, the Smithsonian Native American Museum and the Santa Fe International Museum of Folk Art to name just a few. Gracias, Kevin Lets Go Mexico


How Was Your Vacation We want to hear all about it ! Many people that travel to Mexico agree that they had a wonderful time. It is very fulfilling to see everyone leave with such a big smile on their face and return to their lives. I’m sure you all have heard the news and the negative things they have to say about Mexico. So how was your trip? Do you agree with the media or can you tell people another side of Mexico that you don’t hear about? If so please contact us to be featured in our next issue. The power of your experience will inform the public about the real Mexico Experience. We hope you can take the time to participate on good cause. So how was your Mexican Experience? Do you want to share your story?


Sacred messengers, they take the messages from the mara’akame or shaman up to the God’s and come back in the form of rain.

News Flash! These Warriors dont have anything to

fear;Thats why they left their Spears at home...

18 Lets Go Mexico Lets Go Mexico


Rosa Thompson Originally from Tepic Nayarit Rosa Thompson had a great interest in Huichol art at a very young age. She studied in Mexico City and began to explore the amazing art of Mexico. She moved to Calgary Alberta with her husband where her collection of Huichol art grew bigger and bigger. Her dedication to the Huichol art ignited the urge to share the amazing art In exhibitions in different areas of Canada. Her goal is to share the Huichol art to not only promote the beautiful art but to also keep this very unique Mexican tradition alive. Her knowledge of the Huicholes is very deep and she explains the process of the magical creation of each original piece. She explains that each piece of art starts with a dream and then is created into a real piece of art. Rosa begins to explain the rituals that are practiced by the huicholes is very sacred. She shares how they use Peyote to see visions in their ceremonies. Certain aspects of the Huichol culture could seem strange because of their beliefs and way of life that they choose to live; separating themselves from modern society and still using ancient techniques to survive. Huicholes from different regions use a different animals to incorporate into most of their art; this helps identify were they are from. Every piece of art is original and the imagination is the limit to what can be created by these artists. She plans to continue to promote her traditions and would like to reach out to the world and share the amazing Huichol art. Rosa also has a huge fascination for Mexican Traditional Dresses as well; she has about 30 dresses in her collection and has used them for events that she has been a part of to promote MÊxico’s culture. For more on Rosa Thompson or to contact her please

20 Lets Go Mexico

TheMission of

Keeping the C

Angelica M. Ayala Is also determined in sharing the huichol art around the world. She is part of an organization that has been funded by the Mexican Government called Francemex Cultural Center. She promotes Huichol art in France and feels it is very important to reach everyone to help support the huichol artists that dedicate their entire lives with their art. She emphasizes the importance of supporting huichol artists because they have a special talent and must sell in order to keep producing. She made a very interesting point as she takes value of the skillful work of huichol artists. Huichol artists make a living by selling their art and they cannot dedicate themselves completely if they don’t sell. Therefore it would be a waste of talent and the end of an amazing tradition; if these artists could no longer commit themselves if people don’t buy their works of art. In her words “Male artists that don’t sell their art become construction workers and women artists that don’t sell their art become domestic servers or employees ”

These two Sisters

They must continue to cultivate their art and fully focus to create the incredible pieces that we see today.

Culture Alive

For more info visit or to contact either Rosa or Angelic email Lets Go Mexico


Things You Can’t Miss While in

Puerto Vallarta



Just how you see it in the picture. Imagine horseback riding while the sun sets and ocean breeze hits your face.

A romantic way to end the day and start the night. A truley amazing experience, Did I mention the cusine? Most amazing food and service anywhere! If you’ve experienced it share it with us!



An incredible nightlife it is Many street performers, traditional indian ceremony’s, night clubs and delicious food everywhere you go

22 Lets Go Mexico

You will most likely do a whole tour that will Consist of snorkeling horseback riding and beautiful beaches. But the best part of all is Quimixto. It is an amazing journey to the beautiful waterfall where you can swim and eat at the little restaurant.

The one thing you can’t miss is to walk on the brand new Malecon while the sunsets. It has to be one of the most breath taking moments you can ever experience as the sky turns red, purple, yellow, and the ocean’s waves are breaking. The Malecon is a MUST DO and that is why it is number on in the Things you can’t miss! Lets Go Mexico


Let's Go Mexico  

Lets Go Mexico Travel Magazine has been created to Promote Safe Travel in Mexico.

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