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Design I   Orphanage  for  the  street  children   Fall  2010      

Project layout       The   main   aim   of   the   project   was   to   create   an   environment   similar   to   the   environment   from   which   the   street   children   come   in   the   sense   of   adventure,   freedom   and   dynamic   rhythm.   Designing   non-­‐linear   paths   going   through   different   levels   of   the   site   created   this   adventurous   feeling.   However,   this   new   environment   would   give   them   a   sense   of   belonging   by   dividing   the   residential   area  into  several  houses  each  one   containing   a   small   number   of   children.                                                                                                                                                Site  

Final Plans    

House Ground  Floor  Plan  

House First  Floor  Plan      

First Examples  of  Elevations  rendered  on  Photoshop.    

Door Elevation  

Main Elevation    


3D shots    

  First  examples  of  rendered  shot  on  3d  max  

Final Presentation  of  the  Project    


Design I - A home for the orphans  

At design I we were required to design a house for the orphans. In my project I chose to choose my users to be runaway children