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Newsletter no. September 2014


Scouting news for innovation

Five Cities Selected as Winners in Bloomberg Philanthropies 2014 Mayors Challenge Bloomberg Philanthropies has awarded its 2014 Mayors Challenge to Barcelona over the proposals of 20 other European cities shortlisted earlier this year. The Spanish city was selected for its plan to deal with the problems of an ageing population. The award, developed to promote the most creative and transferable solutions to intractable social problems such as public health, unemployment and transportation, carries a €5 million prize for Barcelona to put toward implementing the plan. In addition, four other cities (Athens, Kirklees, Stockholm and Warsaw) were awarded also with €1 million each for their projects.

smart energy

The section presents some news about relevant research studies authored by prestigious firms like the MIT and the Michigan State University. It also focuses on two large projects for building the Europe’s first commercial batterystorage unit and MeyGen, one of the most innovative renewable energy system in the world.

smart city

Let's have a look to some recent developments on famous initiatives like those from Brantford and Chicago. The section also describes the Facebook's plans for creating Internet-connected drones, and the latest advancements on the topic of self-driving cars. Finally it presents a solution to disrupt the waste management industry.

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start up


VEASYT • The company offers digital services to create full access to content and information, breaking down communication barriers. • Digital services are aimed at public and private institutions, companies and professionals who wish to offer accessible services to allow social inclusion of all citizens.

smart health

The section dedicated to Smart Health describes some new solutions dedicated to physical rehabilitation, the use of 3D printing to improve medical research and the importance of integrating consumer tech to health IT systems to reduce costs and collect and analyze a bigger amount of data about patient behavior.


Use it to quantify your effect on the environment whilst at work, home and while travelling


It uses GPS and microphone of smartphones to gather data and create collaborative noise maps


The app answers questions about acne and dermatologist create a personal treatment

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