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February 28 - March 13, 2014

Best thing since sliced bread?

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Are Apps Overrated?

In search of a better body, more money, and superpowers in our pockets

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A controversial, thought-provoking short film has been lighting up the interwebs. “Oppressed Majority” takes place in an alternate reality where the People’s Action Party are side-lined from the national conversation, denied the right to voice their opinions and endure daily rubbishing in the press. “It came from my experience as a Singaporean over the past 49 years,” wrote the filmmaker behind it. “And from the incredulity of foreigners when I told them about the comments and behavior of the people in power here.” The first clue that something is not quite right in the topsy-turvy world we see on screen comes when a PAP MP tries excitedly to buy a car, only to discover he can’t afford it. In another moving scene a group of bright-eyed young PAPers get together to contest a local election, and suddenly find their constituency boundary extends only as a far as a two-meter circle around the incumbent official. Later, frustrated by the lack of channels open to them, they launch a flashy website, but quickly learn the site is blocked, their EZ-Link cards are cancelled and three of their number have been jailed for overdue gym membership fees. Viewers of the film were divided. Facebook user Lollllllz said she “enjoyed this shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist” (she later clarified that she had simply been quoting the opening scene of Knight Rider). Others felt the film went too far in its treatment of the role-reversal, with the failure of any of the other characters in the film to say anything singled out for special criticism. “No way people would just stand by and pretend like nothing’s happening!!!” tweeted @Lollllllz. Having first denied the film’s existence, the Government were forced to respond when it hit 1m views on Vimeo (which, for entirely unrelated reasons, was blocked at around the same time). A spokesperson said, “We encourage all citizens to refrain from thinking too hard about what they see online. Please stick to watching dancing babies on our preferred platform provider YouTube and let us worry about the rest.”

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This week you will mainly love your city for its... Congratulations to Erlina Husada for winning a cleanse, cut & finish and conditioning color session at Kim Robinson (worth $286)

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Driverless Cars

Celebrating the city’s entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative thinkers

Don’t be alarmed if you see a driverless car making its way around the National University of Singapore (NUS) campus—it’s part of tests by NUS and the SingaporeMIT Alliance for Research and Technology for robots to drive cars along programmed routes. The idea is that one day these vehicles could shuttle people from their homes to other destinations like MRT stations.

Be Good

Quote of the Week

Wax Lyrical

“One can be nasty and simply take what one wants from the transaction, but where is the joy then?”

Always had a knack for karaoke? Have fun and give back at the same time at the Karaoke and Entertainment sessions by Bright Vision Hospital. Volunteers are encouraged to socialize with the wheelchair-bound patients and sing with them to improve their cognitive and physical functions. The sessions are held every first and third Wednesday of the month from 2.45-4.45pm at Bright Vision Hospital (5 Lorong Napiri). Participants will be given a short briefing prior to meeting the patients. For more information call 6248-5755 or visit

How did the two of you get together to come up with this? The idea to start TINKR was back in November 2012. As two individuals with a great passion and interest in art, design and technology, and avid readers of WIRED magazine, we were intrigued by the rise of the maker culture in the western part of the world. We knew that we had to spread the maker’s gospel and kickstart it in Singapore. This gradually led to the launch of TINKR in July 2013. How are the 3D printing regulations in Singapore? The government has been pretty liberal so far. With the government’s continued support in this sector, we believe there will be laws specifically for governing 3D printing in the near future. These laws will largely revolve around Intellectual Property rights as well as copyright issues.

– Local actor Tan Shou Chen from Dick Lee’s Rising Son, when asked if he’d only take up acting roles for personal interest.


OB Index Charting the ups and downs of Singapore's openness, tolerance and freedom of expression. february

Lee Xiaohui and Freda Chua are co-founders of TINKR (, a 3D printing studio that designs models for individuals and businesses.

19.6 hours


Section 377A might stay, but things are looking up elsewhere with the Health Promotion Board’s latest FAQ on sexuality, which is gaining favor for dealing with bi- and homosexuality in a progressive, informative way. But it’s also made public enemies of people like pastor Lawrence Khong, who spoke out against the HPB in an extensive, bigoted rebuttal. The controversy even continues in Parliament—and here we were thinking that what people did with their privates was, well, private.

Average amount of time Singaporeans spend per month on Facebook, according to social media analytics firm SocialBakers.

If you had the ability to print anything at all, what would it be?

26 Number of Singaporeans chosen at the Global Space & Technology Convention, vying to be the first Singaporean to fly into space on August 9, 2015.

10 minutes Amount of time needed for a new dengue test kit—developed by Nanyang Technological University scientist Vladislav Papper—providing results in one-third of the time it currently takes.

We would love to print a real livable Peranakan shophouse. And have every possible furnishing and architectural detail too. What beckons for 2014? 2014 will be pretty exciting for 3D printing especially with patent rights expiring. We believe new materials will become more accessible to regular desktop 3D printers and that would also mean that the technology will start to make its way into the homes of regular consumers. Khairul Amri

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Sources: Asia One, The New Paper, Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, Today.

4   I-S MAGAZINE FRIDAY, february 28, 2014

CALENDAR Essential Events February 28 - March 13 SEE This

DO This

A Design for Life Get inspired at a whole host of exhibitions, fairs and workshops­— covering everything from urban planning to fashion design­—at Singapore Design Week. Mar 1016. See Art, page 21.

DON’T Miss

The Final Countdown

Tasting Notes

Mosaic Music Festival’s swan song is music to our ears, with a bumper crop of acclaimed jazz, world and indie artists (including Neko Case, pictured) that we’re gagging to see live. See Music, page 18.

More tastings, celebrity chefs and artisanal everything than you can handle (probably) at this year’s Savour. Mar 6-9. See Food & Drink, page 19.

CALENDAR New arrival FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28 Artist Diokno Pasilan performs with Aussie folksters Kurbist Gong Band at his solo show opening. 6pm. The Drawing Room, #01-06 5 Lock Rd., 6694-3289. Free. SATURDAY, MARCH 1 Singapore’s Lost Weekend joins Hong Kong’s Fantastic Day at Waterfall Records’ debut power pop gig, followed by an indie disco. Blu Jaz, 11 Bali Lane, 62923800. $35.

Common lager (a.k.a. Steam Beer). Quick, before you wilt from the heat wave. #0105/06 Riverside Point, 30 Merchant Rd., 6438-7438.

Last chance to get your Temporium fix before the pop-up store, diner and art gallery shuts its doors for the last time. 72 Dunlop St.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5 Jessica Minh Anh struts down the aerial walkway in Gardens by the Bay’s Supertree Grove for her multi-label J Spring Fashion Show. 8 Marina Gardens Dr, 6420-6848. Invite-only.

SUNDAY, MARCH 9 Catch the brilliant Siti Khalijah Zainal in the interactive, social media-enhanced play Poor Thing. See Theater, page 17.

Bochinche’s new Beat Packing District night has music, cheese and wine—all the ingredients for a good night out. 7-11pm. #02-01, 22 Martin Rd., 6235 4990.

SUNDAY, MARCH 2 Mission Foods Join the beach Beach Netball bunnies at Mission Festival Foods Beach Netball Festival for a FRIDAY, MARCH 7 wholesome day out. 9amSingapore Repertory 6pm. Siloso Beach. Visit www. Theater’s sassy double bill for more details. of homegrown productions ... Or be a couch potato Garisan Kuning and A and follow all the Oscars Wedding, A Funeral & action. See Food for Lucky, the Fish is a must-see. Thought, page 15. See Theater, page 25. MONDAY, MARCH 3 Get yourself down to Brewerkz for their recently reinstated cold California

SATURDAY, MARCH 8 It’s International Women’s Day. Time to kick some MRA— men’s rights activist—ass.

Altitude Gym

TUESDAY, MARCH 11 Jurassic 5 play Zouk­—need we say more? See Music, page 18. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12 Pick up the art of the bean at Common Man Coffee Roasters’ free weekly Cupping Sessions. 2pm. #0100 22 Martin Rd., 6836-4695. THURSDAY, MARCH 13 Wine snobs probably have this date tattooed, but it’s worth repeating: Superstar wine critic Robert Parker is in town. See Food & Drink, page 19.

The buzz: This high-performance gym, located just off Rifle Range Road, is the first-ever simulated altitude training facility in Singapore. What it offers: The facility is clean, modern, and boasts state-of-theart equipment, such as a high-tech compressor system that can safely simulate any altitude up to 4500m. There are also several treadmills, exercise bikes, and circuit training equipment, such as kettlebell sandbags and Bosu balls. Working out here will, quite literally, take your breath away due to the hypoxic environment, but this forces your body to produce more red blood cells, increase your lactic acid

threshold, and boost your glycogen and fat metabolism—in short, it’s a shortcut to improving your fitness. The instructors are top-notch—many of them are elite athletes themselves, so they really know their stuff. How much: The Base Camp membership is priced at $160 a month, and entitles you to two sessions a week and an initial PT consultation. If you’re looking for something more high-level (pun intended), The Summit membership, which costs $200 a month, lets you enjoy unlimited sessions.

11 Jalan Bingka, 9373-9034, Open Mon-Fri 8am-9pm; Sat-Sun 8am-1pm. DELLE CHAN

FRIDAY, February 28, 2014 I-S MAGAZINE   5


Easy Does It

There really is an app for everything these days. But just how much better are they making our lives? By Clara Lim.


t wasn’t so long ago that we could perform basic functions without the help of our mobile devices (we recall being pretty damn pleased with just the one app, Snake). Now, with a better body and a more organized and fulfilled life only a few app purchases away, it seems rude not to let them run our lives. But not all are what they (and rave reviewers) claim to be, so, to save you precious time and bandwidth, we’ve sorted the hot from the not. All apps are free (just like I-S!) unless otherwise stated.

Getting Stuff Done SelfControl




What it does: This desktop app for Mac (try SelfRestraint, Freedom or Anti-Social for Windows) blocks distracting websites of your choice for the period of time you need.

What it does: This mobile inbox app lets you sort emails in a supposedly more intuitive way than usual. Other than archiving and deleting, you can also save an email for later (you choose when you want to see it in your inbox again) or add it to one of your to-do lists.

What it does: This notebook replacement syncs your notes, lists and photos across devices, so you can basically text all those important thoughts to your future self.

What it does: Similar to successful US-based TaskRabbit, this online platform lets users outsource jobs and chores.

They say: “Whenever I get frustrated by work, I go to Facebook/Reddit out of habit. No more! It’s really saved my sanity, and hours of my time!” says REMitchell on We say: We blocked our social media and online shopping sites and knuckled down for a steady two hours of work. Half an hour in, the urge to look at nail art and read public transport complaints became unbearable, so we changed the time on our computer settings to end the lockdown. Not our proudest moment. The verdict: H If you’re constantly distracted, you may just be bored with your job—we suggest you download the Quit Your Job app instead. Available for Mac.

Our Days Are Numbered Proof that phones and apps are taking over the world.

They say: “Easy to use, simplistic and absolutely organized! Best app ever,” raves TDiaz5 on the iTunes store. We say: Unfortunately, it’s only available for Gmail and iCloud, so we couldn’t use it to confront the hellscape that is our work inbox. We went through our relatively wellmaintained Gmail, but it wasn’t a picnic either. Do we want to “archive” or “trash” those emails from our exes? Is it better to “trash” this flash sale flyer or add to our tobuy list? The verdict: HH Until we get used to these new categories, Mailbox just feels like one more thing (argh) to deal with. Available for iPhone and iPad.

They say: “Fantastic. I use this all the time for everything including work and personal. Thank you Evernote,” says Andrew Bettcher on the Google Play store.

They say: “TaskAmigo helps me find jobs quickly and easily. The best part is that I get to choose how much I expect to be paid,” says Tan Siew Hui on

We say: We ditched the usual paper goods and got tapping on our phones, but after about a week of use we never accessed our notes on it ever again. We found that it’s really hard to beat crossing items off lists and tearing up Post-It notes. Also, if we learned one thing from Moleskine’s branding campaign, it’s that typing on a phone is way less sexy than writing in an overpriced notebook. The verdict: HHH Use sparingly so that your sex appeal doesn’t take a hit.

We say: Our request for a croissant and coffee delivery didn’t gain much traction, probably since the database isn’t big or active enough yet. Oh well. They probably would have messed up our order anyway. The verdict: Suck it up and do it yourself—at least for now. Evernote


Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


3 billion


Active mobile subscriptions in SE Asia, as of January 2014

iOS App Store downloads in December 2013 alone

Average number of apps installed by Singaporean smartphone users (the worldwide average is 26)

4 $50,000 Amount being earned each day from in-app ads in crazily popular game Flappy Bird, before the developer pulled it from the App Store this month

Singapore’s global ranking (at 71.7%) in countries with the highest smartphone penetration in 2013

Sources: Apple, App Annie, Mashable, TechCrunch, The Verge, Wearesocial

6   I-S MAGAZINE FRIDAY, February 28, 2014

Making Decisions Deciderr


What it does: You can post questions onto this app’s social media-style platform to crowdsource your life’s path to a bunch of complete strangers.

What it does: This pared-down finance tracking app lets you key in your daily expenses in various categories. The idea is that seeing how much you’re spending will scare you straight.

They say: “I honestly love this app!!!! I’m surprised there are not more reviews!!!” enthuses That Gal on the iTunes app store.

If you’re a cool cat who wants to be in the know about fresh events, restaurants, lifestyle news and the like, our all-new city living guide is the one iPhone app that will revolutionize your social life (we swear it). Download it now for free at

They say: “It’s simple to use and all I need to record expenses. Really helpful,” says jgmh30 on the iTunes app store.

We say: Eight out of ten times, we found ourselves ignoring the results, unless it was secretly what wanted to hear all along.

We say: There is no pie chart graphic cute enough to make our results palatable. Do we really spend that much on transport?! All those Uber rides must have added up…

The verdict: Take some damn responsibility for your own decisions for once.


Available for iPhone and iPad. APBS-032-14 IS

Now Is The Time

The verdict: HHHH Good for you and your wallet. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.




6:12 PM

APB (tigerbeer)

FRIDAY, february 28, 2014 I-S MAGAZINE   7

COVER STORY Keeping Healthy WebMD


What it does: Key in your symptoms and you’ll get a fun list of possible medical conditions, ranked by possibility. It’s not meant to be a substitute for a doctor (there’s a pop-up disclaimer saying so),

What it does: This caloriecounting app enables you to set a daily calorie goal and record your daily food intake and exercise. They have a huge database of food items and exercises so it’s really convenient.

They say: “Very helpful,” says LiwRad on the iTunes app store. We say: According to the Symptom Checker, our coughs and body aches may be signs of all kinds of exotic illnesses, like west nile virus or histoplasmosis (amusingly enough, it also says we might be suffering from “exercise or physical activity”), although the most likely culprit was the common cold. But we couldn’t resist reading about all the horrifying things that could be going on. We went to the doctor to verify the results, but he skipped the verbal diagnosis and went straight to, “you need an MC for today?” The verdict: H Ditch it. It’ll only make you paranoid about every cough, itch and lump. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

They say: “MyFitnessPal has made a tremendous difference in my life!” says Nicole Schroeder on MyFitnessPal. com. “With MyFitnessPal’s help, I’ve lost 75 lbs and I’m still going! I feel like a whole new woman!” We say: Food usually just gets inhaled without much thought around the I-S office. This much is obvious from the collective shudders as we recorded everything on this app and faced the numbers. We like that the app is completely free, whereas a visit to the dietician can chalk up quite a hefty bill, although a professional will put you on a diet with enough essential nutrients (which are all too easy to miss out on when you’re counting calories). The verdict: HHH It’s definitely a handy tool if you want to monitor your intake, but it’s ultimately dangerous to obsess over calories. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Water Your Body

Sleep as Android

What it does: We never thought we’d see an app addressing such a basic need. It tells you how much water you need daily, records how much you’re drinking and reminds you to drink up throughout the day.

What it does: Like Sleep Cycle for iPhone, it’s basically a high-tech alarm clock. You set an alarm period (a range instead of the usual fixed time), pick your favorite tune, and the app will wake you up during an optimum part of your sleep cycle in that duration.

They say: “I’m in love with this,” says Deathnoteilove on the Google Play store. We say: Perhaps the hardest thing about this app is making the conscious effort to log on and tap the screen each time you finish a glass/ bottle of water. You know you’d be in much better shape if you drank water as often as you checked your phone—and this app actually makes that happen. The verdict: HHHHH Drink it in.

Sleep as Android

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android at $1.28

They say: “I’m never late for work now. You guys deserve the Nobel prize,” says Galib Fida on the Google Play store. We say: At first, we were quite amazed at the fancy graph detailing our sleep history that includes statistics on our light and deep sleep cycles, sleep deficit and even snoring. But we weren’t sure what to do with this data—do we brag on Facebook (yes, there’s a social media sharing feature) about how deeply we slept last night? Bells and whistles aside, the alarm clock function is solid and woke us up with minimum grumpiness. The app also has a helpful (terrible) CAPTCHA “snooze button” option where you have to solve a math puzzle if you really want your extra five minutes in bed. The verdict: HHHHH We’ve never been this on time for work. Go for it, lazybones. Available for Android.

Play Time The quick and dirty guide to dating (or “dating”) apps. Blendr The straight version of Grindr, with naughty features like an anonymous chat that eventually reveals your identities. Users’ interests, such as “chocolate cake”, “MMA” and “relaxing”, are displayed as a word cloud to give you a snapshot of their personalities and are good for identifying red flags (like “kids”).

OKCupid Has traction with liberal, intelligent types, so profiles tend toward the verbose and show-offy. We also found an alarming number of girls who specifically stated that they’re only looking for white men, and Indian men writing things like “I hope you don’t mind dark skin.” Some deep issues going on here.

Grindr This tried-andtested app needs no introduction and has even been seen as a thread to gay bars. Sex on demand surely is one of the greatest achievements of humanity.

Paktor The Singaporean version of Tinder has a small database, so pickings are slim. But it basically forces you to send a personal message to every match—a great feature for passive folk.

LOLA Instead of browsing through profiles, this locally developed app matchmakes you with just one person every day at noon. We don’t know how it works, but it’s good for those who find it hard to break out of your “type”.

Tinder According to an informal poll, this app has the most eye candy. It’s so popular that bumping into acquaintances, Facebook friends and even celebrities is inevitable. You “like” or “nope” people based on their looks and get notified when there’s a match. Unfortunately, things seldom develop as most users are just there to play the hot-or-not game.

8   I-S MAGAZINE FRIDAY, February 28, 2014

Getting Around SGBuses

What it does: This transport app predicts how long you’ll need to wait for the next bus.

What it does: You just enter your point of embarkation and desired destination, then the app works out several ways to get there, including MRT, bus, taxi or car, complete with fare projections.

They say: “Still my favorite. Been using this from day one,” says Avin Tan on the Google Play store. We say: It’s true that you can end up checking arrival times more often than necessary, and it can get aggravating when the wait is longer than the app says. But we still think it beats waiting for that bus that’s only arriving in 30 minutes (what is up with the buses here!?). The verdict: HHH Well, it gives you something to do while waiting, but obsessive-compulsive types may want to stay away. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

They say: “Excellent app,” says brigsym on the iTunes app store. “Would be a tough life without it!!” We say: We’re with brigsym. In fact, we’ve grown so dependent on this app that we wonder if we’re ever missing out on anything by never asking around first. The verdict: HHHHH Use it, but don’t forget how to read signs and talk to people. Available for iPhone and iPad at $4.98.

I-S Asks


What apps can’t you live without? Vanessa Low, 27, costumier Looking at snippets from other people’s lives on Instagram helps widen my interests. Daniel Goh, 39, owner of The Good Beer Company Untappd helps me track beers I’ve drunk and what they taste like—and gives me extra cred as a beer seller. Lauren Wan, 24, corporate operations manager I absolutely need to communicate with my friends no matter where I am or where they are so it’s got to be Whatsapp. Prashant Ryan Joseph, 35, consultant GoSMS: simple, fast, has a great backup function and pretty much ruined Whatsapp for me. Debbie Chia, 33, business owner I own more sticker packs than I would care to admit on LINE. Zaaki Nasir, 28, actor Punch Hero to deal with stress when I’m traveling and don’t have access to my real-life punching bag. Aaron Khoo, 28, back office manager The Economist app. But, truth be told, the print version is much, much sexier. Audrey Choy, 24, event organizer I always have the Rinse FM app on. Creates the illusion of hot British men talking to me nonstop.



What it does: Browse lists of places to stay, see, do and eat around the world; all ranked according to user ratings.

What it does: This clever app turns language learning into a game through quizzes, progress charts and earn-as-you-go badges.

They say: “Excellent handy tool in my iPhone,” says Parvathamrsk on the iTunes app store.

They say: “I’ve tried a few language learning apps, including some with subscription charges, and this far surpasses any of them. Can’t recommend enough!” says Alice White on the Google Play store.

We say: The lack of curation and smart filtering options here means it’s a complete info dump, and results are sometimes counterintuitive—Paintball Saigon is apparently the number one attraction in Ho Chi Minh City, for example. And don’t bother reading the reviews, which are usually something along the lines of “Had a great time! The girls were really friendly!”

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


They say: “I would give 7 stars if I could!” says Yk on We say: Believe the hype. We’ve found some pretty amazing stuff on here, including a gorgeous cave(!) home overlooking the Aegean sea in Santorini, and a massive, fully furnished attic room the size of an apartment, complete with hammocks and stereo system, in Salzburg. (Despite our fears, the hosts turned out to be very nice and clearly did not murder us.) Both were under $100 per person per night, which was a steal, but you can also easily find prices dipping below the $50 mark—you can’t get a decent hotel for that price in most cities.

What it does: This app finds you a sweet ride when a regular cab just doesn’t cut it (or show up). Don’t expect stretch limos, but the regular Ubers and newly-added UberSedans and UberXLs are comfy and polished. They say: “Perfection! Super convenient!” says Schmaltz9 (for real) on the iTunes app store. We say: It’s easy to go overboard with this one—the rates ($7 to start with, then $0.85/minute) look reasonable but often shoot up to what seems like twice the price of a regular taxi. It also seems like there are fewer free cars around us lately, so it doesn’t help much with saving time. The verdict: HHHH Have it on hand for rainy days and Friday nights. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

The verdict: HHHHH Book your leave days and download it, quick. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


The verdict: HHHH Download it if you need to pick up the basics quickly for a trip, but be careful: it’s addictive.

The verdict: We’ll stick to guidebooks and magazines.

What it does: Find homes to stay at, in just about every city of the world, with this well-designed app. There are also uncensored reviews from other travelers, so you also get a real sense of what to expect from each house/host.


We say: Compared to the bonedry language courses we’ve taken (or rather, always found excuses to skip), it’s really quite addictive for something so educational. On the other hand, learning makes playing on the phone a little too legitimate, and soon we found ourselves ignoring our actual work.


Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. n

Friend Zone Five minutes with Malvin Chua of new initiative Put It On Friend Mode ( What’s the PIOFM campaign all about? We want people to put their phones in a face-down position (a position we call “Friend Mode”) when they’re hanging out. The idea is for people to place their relationships with friends and loved ones above the relationship they have with their phones. What’s the worst mobile phone-induced behavior you’ve seen here? I saw a woman at trying really hard to make conversation with her boyfriend at Starbucks, but he was a lot more interested in his phone. Is being glued to our phones an exclusively Singaporean problem? Unfortunately not! Just search for “foodstagramming”, “selfie” or the YouTube video “I Forgot My Phone” and you’ll see how everyone seems to be doing it. Are you obsessed with your phone yourself? Definitely—I’ve been both on the giving and receiving end of antisocial behavior resulting from it. It also very unsettling how hard it feels to go without my phone for even just a couple of hours (let alone a day!)

FRIDAY, february 28, 2014 I-S MAGAZINE   9

travel Send your travel news and promotions to


with Lauren Jade Hill

Iniala Beach House

Thail and

Hang Ten

is now offering a Tokyo on Two Wheels stay, with Tokyo Great Cycling Tours. The package includes a sixhour cycling tour of the city’s hidden spots and through scenic parks that are especially worth the trip during cherry blossom season, with the Tokyo Bay Ride, Edo-Tokyo Culture Ride or Cool Tokyo Ride to choose from. The stay includes use of the hotel’s health club and pool. Available until June, rates start at ¥68,000 ($828).

Located on Phuket’s Natai beach, the opulent design resort Iniala Beach House ( has just opened, offering guests a fusion of contemporary design, gastronomy and pure indulgence. Ten international designers collaborated to create the 10 rooms that are spread across three villas and a penthouse; each with its own unique décor. Rates are a steep US$4,000 ($5,076) per night for a Worldwide penthouse for two, but this has everything you need for an Check out new travel ultra luxe stay, including inspiration site use of a vehicle, all Somewhere (www. meals (picnics too),, an non-alcoholic drinks, Instagram hack that two dinners per compiles photos of week at the resort’s incredible places with restaurant helmed descriptions and maps by three-michelinfor you to flick through. star chef Eneko Atxa of Dhensa Creator Benjamin Netter tells Spain’s Azurmendi, and three Punakha us: “I discovered that Instagram hours of massage treatments shots were giving the mood of each day in the penthouse. places better than any professional Bhutan photographers.” Launched in January, it was an instant hit. “People traveled to over 500,000 places from their New luxury brand Dhensa Boutique computer in the first two days,” he says. Resorts is set to open their first property Dhensa Punakha (www. Stayc ation in Bhutan this March. Situated in the lush Punakha Valley, Creative folks should love Rendezvous the resort is surrounded by pine forest, Hotel’s (www.rendezvoushotels. overlooking the Punakha river and com) new positioning as an artvalley’s terraced paddy fields. With inspired hotel. Design features include farm-to-table cuisine, yoga at Dhensa the lobby’s ambient colored light Spa, and the chance to make the most that changes to suit the time of day, of the sauna and steam room, spa and space for artwork that will be treatments and outdoor wood-fired shown in collaboration with local bath, you’re set for a feel-good stay. galleries. To celebrate the relaunch, Rates are US$350 ($444) per night. those that book a Club Room by Japan March 16, for a two-night stay by April 30, will receive a 30 percent discount off the usual rate ($225). Luxe hotel Shangri-La Tokyo (www.


Valley High

Meet and Greet


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FASHION + FITNESS + TECH + HOME + BEAUTY | Get More Out of Singapore

Scavenger Hunt Bring the hipster industrial vibe into your apartment with the cool, time-worn goods from District Eight Design, a two-year-old Vietnamese furnishing specialist now at furniture retailer Journey East. Its range of eclectic yet elegant pieces, like the unpolished and beautiful chess set and foosball table, are made with salvaged vintage materials, old factory machine parts, sustainable metals and reclaimed wood—great if you can’t get enough of the strippeddown warehouse look. $400 upwards, from #03-02 Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Rd., 6473-1693,

style Good Sport

fitness Watch Out Now

beauty Pop That

Athletic-inspired threads have littered fashion runways season after season, and ARC’s latest spring/summer collection jumps in on the action—with a bold minimalist take. Inspired by the story of Bilistiche, the first woman in history to win the Olympic Games in 264BC, designer Islean Valath infuses her signature curved lines and cut-outs in sharply-tailored, monochromatic pieces, made with neoprene for a hint of sporty-chic. Breezy cotton and comfy jerseys tops also make great easy-to-wear pieces for lazy days. $150 upwards, from

Who needs a personal trainer when you’ve got the new adidas miCoach Smart Run watch? The all-in-one device features GPS tracking, WLAN data transfer, optical heart-rate sensors and a built-in accelerometer to make the most of your runs. What’s more, it provides intuitive training tips and boasts a sleek stainless steel aesthetic. $599 at selected adidas stores, including #B3-29 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 6238-7908,

Give your skin a reboot with Qi Mantra’s new O2 Bubble Facial that works well for all skin types. The indulgent 90-minute facial starts off with a skin analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam and extraction, followed by an application of EGF (or Epidermal Growth Factor) and a frothy oxygen mask to brighten and even skin tone while stimulating cell growth. $194, from Qi Mantra outlets including #03-19 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Rd., 67373463,

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fashion + fitness + tech + home

Spoken For


With OCBC Cycle Singapore (March 28 to 30) just around the corner, why not invest in a stylish bike of your own? By Delle Chan

Rent-a-bike Can’t afford to buy a bike right now? Rent one instead.

For a seaside cycle Rent a no-frills pair of wheels from SDK Recreation from as low as $5/hour, and race down East Coast Park with the sea breeze in your hair. Admittedly, the bikes can be run-down, but you get what you pay for.

Cruiser CT2.0


Cruise the streets in style with this single-speed bike, made from sand-blasted titanium. Key features include full carbon wheelsets, a super-strong polyurethane belt drive, and a vintage leather pannier bag.

This unisex bike is perfect for leisure riders, featuring seven speeds, as well as a grip-shifter system that makes switching between speeds a breeze. Available in ten colors, including Peacock Blue and Saffron. $975-$1,025 from Tokyobike

Carpark C, 1000 East Coast Parkway, 6445-3489.

$5,698 from The Urban Bike


For a city tour

Ladies’ Bike


This urban bike, which is specially manufactured for Wheeler’s Yard, will appeal to ladies, with its clean lines and elegant frame. Choose between wooden and aluminium mudguards. Available in five colors.

We love the nimble geometry of this classic model. The bike features custom Shinola dropouts, fork crown, internal cable routing and rack and fender mounts, making for a smooth and efficient ride. Available in Green and Charcoal.

$1,900 from Wheeler’s Yard

$3,100 from Shinola

Hop onto a rental bike from Druthers and explore the city on one of their popular bicycle tours (from $98). The tour will take you past hidden alleys, as well as prominent landmarks—you’ll definitely see the city with fresh eyes. 20 Upper Pickering st., 9224-6265,

One Day Wheels

For photoshoots

Fuji Feather

Trek Allant

This ultra-light, single-gear street bike is definitely a good looker, with its classic lines and sleek finish. There aren’t any extra touches like mudguards and panniers, but it’s a simple and reliable ride. Available in Black, Red and Orange.

Specially designed ergonomic grips and a plush Bontrager saddle make this classic city bike a comfortable ride. The bike also features a 21-speed drivetrain and performance-engineered Alpha aluminium frame.

$849 from Byx

$785 from Treknology 3

Essentials Byx 403 River Valley Rd., 6235-5221, | Shinola Robinsons Orchard, 260 Orchard Rd., 6735-8838, | The Urban Bike #07-21 Northpoint Bizhub, Yishun Industrial St. 1, 9879-6813, | Tokyobike 38 Haji Lane, 6299-5048, | Treknology 3 14 Jalan Kilang Barat, 6273-8616, | Wheeler’s Yard 28 Lor. Ampas, 6254-9128,


I-S MAGAZINE FRIDAY, February 28, 2014

Looking for chic, vintage bikes to spruce up your photoshoot? Local startup One Day Wheels enables customers to rent their stylish bikes for an hourly fee ($10 upwards). Add a touch of whimsy to your photos with their pearl-white Dutch bike, or their turquoise Bisou. DELLE CHAN

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With Crystal Lee

Go Fish One of our favorite multi-label boutiques, Rockstar (22 Orchard Rd., 6883-2309, www., has expanded its portfolio of stylish goods to include Saint James, the 160-year-old French nautical clothing label that pioneered the Fisherman Sweater (knitted jumpers with cable patterns). Perfect for wintry holidays are their signature Breton sweaters in perfectly aligned nautical stripes, as well as quality wool and cotton pieces that won’t shrink in the wash ($79 upwards). Rockstar

Not many people associate Puma with speakers, but look out for the sports brand’s entry into audio with Soundchuck. Shaped like nunchucks with a speaker at each end, this audio gear weighs less than a pound, connects via Bluetooth, and is weather-resistant. $199 from Nubox, #03-25, Raffles Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Rd., 6334-8132, www.nubox .com. sg. Khairul Amri

Brit Pop

The A List

Sale Away

Those time-starved to pick up American Apparel threads from brick-and-mortar stores such as Preview, (#03-06A Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Rd., 6737-0669, www. can now get their fix at Zalora. The online shopping site has partnered with the sweatshop-free label, known for its stylish basics, to stock a range of AA signature pieces, such as classic cotton hoodies, t-shirts and camisoles, for both men and women. Even better news: goods are delivered within one to three days, and if they don’t fit, you can return them for free within 30 days. $30 upwards, from

Pedder Group, the company that manages brands and stores including On Pedder and Stuart Weitzman in Asia, is holding its bi-annual warehouse sale from March 1 to 2. Expect up to 90 percent off past seasons designer accessories from labels such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Lanvin. Make your purchase with DBS/POSB credit or debit card to receive an additional 5 percent off. The shopping event will be held at Raffles City Convention Centre’s Mercury Room, from noon9pm on Saturday and noon-5pm on Sunday.

For Spring/Summer, Raoul has taken influence from the works of various English artists, spotlighting constructivist Ben Nicholson in particular for its latest womenswear collection, featuring clean, curvilinear lines, minimalist construction, and abstract prints. Our favorite looks are the flirty bell-shaped Primrose skirt paired with Willow tee, the Elisa tunic with cut-out sleeves and skirt hem, and Raoul the breezy Sienna slip dress in wavy prints. $110 upwards, from #02-49 Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd., 6737-0682,

GET THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO SINGAPORE’S BEST RESTAURANTS! Available for purchase at Singapore’s best 150 restaurants, all reviewed with star ratings and photographs Top 10 list picked by a secret panel of experts including restaurateurs, chefs, hardcore foodies and the I-S dining team Purchase a copy through the eStore available in hardcopy at $5 and PDF at $2.99 Live-booking powered by HungryGoWhere in I-S Magazine iPad app

iPad users: Look for the fully interactive I-S Magazine iPad app version. Free to download, and every issue is free. Get it now at the App Store. P L AY•WATC H • L IS T E N • E X P LO R E

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Asian Publishing Awards BEST PUBLISHING APP

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DINING Spread the Word GSH Conserves ( has just launched Spread, a sustainable line of jams and condiments. The conserves are proudly made in Singapore, aimed at reducing ‘food miles’, while supporting local and regional businesses. Interesting flavors include Spiced Pumpkin Jam, as well as Sweet Potato and Ginger ($4 for 50g upwards). Slather them on toast for a delicious brekkie. Get them at Overdoughs, 161 Middle Rd., Sculpture Square, 6336-6946,

brunch Fat Sundays

pop-up Market Day

new arrival Food Fight

Have your weekend eating session at Edge’s new Champagne Brunch ($158)—held every Sunday from 12pm to 4pm, it’s one of the longest brunches around. Tuck into savory bites like duck confit ravioli, and get your artisanal cheese fix from the two-meter long cheeseboard. Plus, there’s unlimited Veuve Clicquot champagne, wine, beer and cocktails to wash it all down. 3/F Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Blvd., 6826-8240,

Gourmet farmer’s market PasarBella is heading to i Light Marina Bay from March 7-30. Titled PasarBella and Friends Go To Town, the food fair will feature a melange of mouthwatering produce from current PasarBella vendors, as well as new traders. It’s definitely an easier trip than the usual Turf City location. Marina Bay Waterfront, Marina Blvd., 6887-0077,

Oddly themed restaurant Burger VS Wings + Bar has just opened at Orchard Central. In the style of (wait for it) a boxing ring—there are even boxing gloves and punching bags for diners—the eatery pits heavyweight burgers such as the Tyson Peanut Butter Burger ($21.90) against (ahem) "fowl" contenders like the Mozzarella Jumbo Wings ($14.80). The most popular dish (the one that’s ordered the most) wins. #11-03/04 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd., 6634-0423,


I‑S MAGAZINE FRIDAY, february 28, 2014

OPEN door

TAO Seafood Asia

The buzz: Asia Square has seen lots of new openings recently (63Celsius, 180 Rotisserie) but this seafood joint certainly brings something different to the table. The vibe: The 108-seater is a lot more swish than your usual seafood chain outlet, with plush seats and a red and Champagne-gold color scheme. Two private dining rooms (to seat 12-13 people), classy Chinese instrumental music and super attentive wait staff add to the sophistication. The food: Seafood classics like fish maw and crab meat soup ($68), curry jumbo prawns ($18) and chilli crab ($6 per 100g) pepper the menu. If you’re not willing to

get your hands dirty for crab, ask for the chilli crab sampler ($8), featuring crab meat in a bowl of savory-sweet gravy, paired with a single fried man tou—good for one. One of TAO’s signatures is the pot roasted cod ($38), a well-executed creation that's smooth and buttery with a hint of sweetness. Meat options such as the pot roasted chicken caramelized in rice wine ($20) are also available, and so are desserts like double boiled bird's nest ($48) and snow fungus with red dates and gingko nuts ($8). The drinks: It’s a traditional Chinese eating spot after all, so don’t expect beer or wine. Instead, you’ll find daily made brews, like water chestnut with bamboo cane and lemongrass with rock sugar ($5 each), as well as a selection of Chinese teas ($2 each), including pu'er and jasmine. Why you’ll be back: You’ll be hardpressed to find a similar upscale seafood joint in the surrounding CBD area that works for both a quiet lunch and dinner.

#02-10 Asia Square Tower 2, 12 Marina View, 6844-9969, Open Mon-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm, 6pm-10pm. SAMANTHA DAVID

FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Oscars are coming up on March 2 so how 'bout taking your TV snack to a whole new level? We asked pastry chef Yvette Chua of new café Hatter Street (see page 16) for her popcorn mousse cake recipe.

To make the base, you need: 125g sponge mix, 2 1/2 eggs, 25g butter, 25g water

white chocolate, 20g sugar, 200g popcorn purée, 1 1/2 gelatin leaves, 390g whipped cream

Instructions: 1) Whisk sponge mix, eggs and water together. 2) Fold in butter. 3) Bake at 160 degrees for 30-45 minutes. 4) Remove from oven and slice lengthwise into four layers.

Instructions: 1) Whisk eggs, yolks and sugar over water bath. 2) Add white chocolate, gelatin and purée. 3) Whisk cream till 60 percent whipped, fold in to popcorn mixture. 4) Layer eight-inch mold with cake layer, followed by mousse. 5) Chill cake overnight, unmold and serve.

To make the popcorn mousse, you need: 80g eggs, 38g egg yolks, 100g

Samantha David


The deal: Acclaimed chef Ryan Clift of Tippling Club fame has created a three-course lunch set ($35) incorporating his Southeast Asian

and Western fusion plates; recently revamped to include more vegetarian options. Start off with an appetizer like the fresh and light kingfish sashimi, followed by mains such as saltwater barramundi with Malay curry, and desserts like Clift’s own modern rendition of Malacca chendol; it blows all expectations out of the water. The set comes with a glass of wine or beer. Why it’s worth it: It’s a chance to try Clift’s exciting take on Southeast Asian cuisine, without the evening crowd.

23 Ann Siang Road, 6557-0189, LAUREN JADE HILL

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NEW AND NOTED With Samantha David

Oyster Bar La Cuisson

prepping creations like popcorn mousse cake ($6, see page 15 for recipe), found at the former, and chocolate Guanaja ($5.80), sold at the latter. There’s also IScream (#01-109 Block 89, Bedok North Ave. 4, 6445-5739,, a new ice cream parlor that follows a pay-as-youweigh concept (minimum 100g, $3.50).

French Fancy

Entry Ramp

Coffee shop stalls-turned-restaurants always catch our attention. There are some tasty (and pretty affordable) French plates on offer at the newly revamped La Cuisson (44 Prinsep St., 8332-0302, www.lacuissonsingapore. com). Formerly known as Le Cuisson, the eatery features French staples like escargot ($10) and pork pot au feu ($29).

Have you heard? The folks behind Edible Gardens have started NÓNG (6/F Carpark, People's Park Complex, 1 Park Rd., www., a pop-up concept that's here to stay till March 31 this year, featuring exhibitions, workshops, dining events and more. Drop by on weekdays from 4pm-7pm and weekends from 12pm-7pm, or follow them on Facebook for more updates.

Bet on Black Another week, another new third wave coffee house. OZ Specialty Coffee (#01-13 Thomson V Two, 11 Sin Ming Rd., www. makes classics like flat white ($4.50) and cold mocha ($5) using blends sourced from Thailand. There are also seasonal specials like the espresso-based Dark OZ ($4.50).

Heart Goes Out

Good Vibes Support local social enterprises at, a one-off event taking place at *SCAPE on March 1. Think of it as a bazaar-style happening, featuring social enterprises like EO Horizons (for the deaf) who will be hosting a drinks bar where you’ll be encouraged to place your orders in sign language. For more info, visit advocasesg.

There seems to be plenty going on in the heartlands Pig Out lately. Over in the sleepy ‘hoods Are you ready? Look out for our new of Hougang and Bukit Merah, The Bakery dining guide out in March for a Chef two new bakery-cafés, Hatter crazy range of great food spots for Street (#01-333, 212 Hougang St. brunch, lunch, sushi, burgers, local bites 21, 6988-4591, and many more. Save some space in that and The Bakery Chef (#01-3711, 161 stomach of yours and watch this space. Bukit Merah Central, 6273-9211), are busy

If you find yourself trapped in the suburbs, try these heartland bottle shops for size. EAST East of Avalon Wines 281 Joo Chiat Rd., 6440-0504,

NORTH Barworks Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd #01-83 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Ln., 6534-1995,

Ponti Wine Cellars #08-04 Quartz Industrial Building, 5 Upper Aljunied Link, 6733-0369,

Yeo’s Liquor #08-04 HDB Hub, East Wing, 480 Lor. 6 Toa Payoh, 9007-5794,

Wine Directions #01-02, 301 Boon Keng Rd., 9061-1401,

WEST Golden Hung Ho Holdings Pte Ltd 7 Toh Guan Rd. East, 6562-0798, J&D Burleigh Pte Ltd L/3, 3 Clementi Loop, 6744-2765, Delle Chan



Culinary Cocktails

Celebrate World Gourmet Summit (see Food & Drink, page 20) with a bit of liquid gastronomy.

Chilli Crab Cocktail

shiro miso. Available through March 9. $24 from Bar Stories, 55/57A Haji Lane, 6298-0838,

Jolly Green Giant

Mars Bar's Chilli Crab Cocktail

Pretty sure this sweet, gin-spiked pea puree counts towards our daily veggie intake. We’ll take five, please.

Dashi & Umami

This Chinatown pop-up takes inspiration from one of our national dishes with this mix of gin, Malibu, kaffir lime, lemongrass and chilli crab paste.

$18 from Tippling Club, 38 Tanjong Pagar Rd., 6475-2217,

$22 from Mars Bar, The Duxton Hotel, 83 Duxton Rd., 9651-6741,

A fairly tame, typical framboise and cognac mix turns all Tiger Mom-crazy with Chinese black vinegar stock.

Dashi & Umami Trust the Bar Stories folks to come up with alcoholic miso soup—a tequila-spiked mix of dashi stock and

Modena Stout

$20 from Ding Dong, 23 Ann Siang Rd., 6557-0189, sg. CLARA LIM

Open Door

Ribbery and Wine Co. (RAWC)

The buzz: There’s a new ribs specialist in the Bukit Timah area, and this one doubles up as a bottle shop. The vibe: It’s a super casual, familyfriendly joint that caters to the neighborhood’s residents. With a TV mounted high up in a corner of the eatery, the first floor feels homely, while the second floor has more of a restaurant feel. If you walk around the place, you’ll notice chalk-scribbled charts on the walls to help you choose your wine according to its heaviness.

Heartland Wine Shops

Vivavino 214 Syed Alwi Rd., 6291-7866,


The food: On offer are 12 variants of pork, lamb and beef ribs, such as BBQ pork ribs ($20), sherry stewed lamb ribs ($32) and braised beef ribs ($32). Bibs and wet wipes are provided so feel free to use those fingers. Ribs-free options like mac and cheese ($18) and light bites like honey fried cheese ($15) and Louisiana hot wings ($10) are also available.

seriously. The wine selection consists of over 200 New World and Old World labels, with prices starting as low as $30 per bottle, while house pours are priced at $9. You can also choose from a range of other drinks, like coffee cocktails (from $14). Don’t forget to ask about the daily special; each day of the week there’s a different drinks promo, like Friday’s “Whiskey Night”, with 20 percent off all whiskey bottles.

The drinks: Founder Wong Yin How also runs the Vintry group, so this is one place that takes its drinks

Why you’ll be back: You can’t possibly try all 12 types of ribs in one visit, can you?

#01-04 Sixth Avenue Centre, 805 Bukit Timah Rd., 6463-2830, Open Tues-Sun 12pm-12am. SAMANTHA DAVID

Need to know Theater & Arts

The Substation > 6337-7535

The Arts House > 6332-6919

Ticketbooth > 6296-2929

Esplanade Box Office > 6828-8377

Cinema Ticketing Hotlines

Fort Canning Park > 6332-1302

chart the weeks ahead

Cathay > 6337-8181

Eng Wah > 6836-9074

Gatecrash > 6100-2005

National Museum of Singapore > 6332-5642

Filmgarde > 6344-5997

Golden Village > 1900-912-1234

Singapore Art Museum > 6332-3222

Shaw > 6738-0555

Sistic > 6348-5555

DON'T Miss

photo(s) © Edward Burtynsky, courtesy Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto / Sundaram Tagore Galleries, Hong Kong / Singapore

Go with the Flow Marvel at Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s stunning and dramatic works from his Water series at his first-ever solo exhibition here. See Art, page 19

SEE This

DO This

Horses for Courses

Carribean Fever

Indie rockers Foals are back for the first time since Laneway 2011. Mar 1, 8pm. The ColiseumTM, Resorts World Sentosa®, 8 Sentosa Gateway, 6577-8888. $88-260.

stage dance


Romeo & Juliet The Singapore Dance Theatre present its take on the timeless tale of two star-crossed lovers trapped in a long-standing family feud that forbids their passion for each other. Mar 13-15, 8pm; Mar 15-16, 1pm; Mar 16, 7pm. Esplanade Theatre, 1 Esplanade Dr., 6828-8377. $30-70 from Sistic.


theater Fat Pig Explore love that defies social norms in Neil LaBute's witty play about the jibes and slurs Tom has to put up with when he falls for the clever, sexy—and plus-sized—Helen, not to mention

his own struggle to come to terms with his own unconventional ideas of what's desirable. Through Mar 2, 8pm. DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT, 20 Merbau Rd., 6733-8166. $30-55.

Feast and party like they do in Trinidad and Tobago with live music, DJ sets, Samba dancers and well-spiced food at Limehouse’s Liming Carnival. See Food & Drink, page 19



Poor Thing The Necessary Stage's latest production, directed by Alvin Tan and written by Haresh Sharma, deals with the issues of road rage, bad behavior and citizen journalism. Through Mar 2, 8pm; Mar 5-9, 8pm. The Necessary Stage Black Box, #B1-02 Marine Parade Community Building, 278 Marine Parade Rd.. $23-31 from Peatix.


The Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral This play, written by theater pioneer Kuo Pao Kun, revolves around the adventures of Zhang He, the famed eunuch admiral of the Ming Dynasty. Mar 5-6, 8pm. LASALLE College of the Arts, 1 McNally St., 6496-5000. Free.


The House of Bernarda Alba This famous Spanish play, about a tyrannical mother who seals her family off from the world after her husband's death, gets a Singaporean remake. Mar 12-14, 18-21, 25-28, 8pm; Mar 15, 3pm, 8pm; Mar 16, 2pm, 6pm; Mar 22, 3pm, 8pm; Mar 23, 2pm, 6pm; Mar 29, 3pm, 8pm. Drama Centre Theatre, National Library, 3/F National Library, 100 Victoria St., 6837-8400. $45-75 from Sistic.


I-S PICK> A Wedding, A Funeral & Lucky, The Fish + Stand Behind the Yellow Line These two plays, by Dora Tan and Michelle Tan respectively, will be staged as a doublebill. A Wedding, A Funeral & Lucky, The Fish revolves around a Singaporean woman who is about to marry her angmoh boyfriend, while Stand Behind The Yellow Line tells of a homeless mother waiting for her son's release from jail. Mar 7-9, 8pm; Mar 8-9, 4pm. DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT, 20 Merbau Rd., 6733-8166. $30-50 from Sistic.


I-S PICK> A Singaporean in Paris This 2010 sold-out show is back due to popular demand. Join Hossan Leong as he travels to chase his dream of performing in a cabaret in this exciting comedy, which also stars

Linden Furnell, Mina Kaye, Peter Ong and Vicky Williamson. Mar 11-23, 8pm. SOTA Drama Theatre, School of the Arts Singapore, 1 Zubir Said Dr., 6594-8411. $40-69 from Sistic.



concerts & gigs Taking Back Sunday The American rock band are making a long-awaited appearance in Singapore and perform an array of old favorites, as well as hits from their new album, Happiness Is. Mar 2, 7pm. *SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, 6735-4144. $58-68.

FRIDAY, february 28, 2014 I-S MAGAZINE   17

STAGE » ART » FOOD & DRINK Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave., 6688-8868. $70-330 from Sistic.


Singapore Rock Festival Singapore's inaugural hard rock festival will see some of the very best names in the scene headlining the two-day event, including Rob Zombie, Korn, Alice in Chains and Alter Bridge. Mar 5-6, 6:30pm. Fort Canning Park, Cox Terrace, 6332-1200. $118-198 from Sistic.


SCENESTEALER Elaine Heng Singapore Dance Theater's season opens with the ballet Romeo and Juliet. We spoke to Elaine Heng, who plays the role of Fate, about perfection, physio and the arts scene. Athletes have to pay their dues to be great at their sport. What do dancers have to do? With wanting to be good at anything, time is often compromised. Therefore you will have less time to do other things that you would have liked to do. Dance is an art form where you have to be aesthetically pleasing. Spending extra time outside work hours upping fitness levels is something that we do. What's the holy grail for ballet dancers? To be that unique individual when you dance. Striving to be as 'perfect' as possible is also something that every dancer works hard for, even though it's impossible to be 'perfect'. If you'd not gone down this path, what do you think you would be doing today? At the moment I know that I want to be a physiotherapist for dancers or athletes in general when I retire or can't continue dancing.


Mosaic Music Festival Lots of funk, jazz, pop-rock and electronica to broaden your sonic horizons at this 10-day multi-genre music fest with international and local acts including Alphine (pictured) and Fred. Mar 7-16, 7:30pm. Esplanade, 1 Esplanade Dr., 6828-8377 for more info. $20-100 from Sistic.

You trained in London for a few years. Is there anything you miss? The one thing I miss a lot about London is the vibrancy of the arts scene and how people are very open, receptive and appreciative of the arts. With School of the Arts (SOTA) around, we are hopefully educating a generation to be appreciative of the arts. Things are moving forward, slowly. Why should people see Romeo & Juliet? Firstly, Prokofiev (the Russian composer) is a genius whose score alone tells the story. Secondly, Romeo and Juliet is a timeless classic. Elaine Heng performs in Romeo & Juliet on Mar 13-16, various times. Esplanade Theatre. 1 Esplanade Dr., 68288377, $30-70 from Sistic. KHAIRUL AMRI



last chance


Eric Clapton Watch the legend in action as he performs a mix of new songs from his latest album and classic hits. Mar 4, 8pm. Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk, 6344-2660. $108-298 from Sports Hub.


Baths Electronic musician Baths is making his Singaporean debut at Home Club, supported by local outfit. Mar 9. Home Club, #B1-01/06 The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Rd., 6538-2928, $35-40.


I-S PICK> Jurassic 5 The six piece hip-hop group from Los Angeles are back with hits like "Quality Control" and "What's Golden". Mar 11, 8pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $75 from Eventclique.


I-S PICK> Solid Gold - Ghostface Killah & Raekwon Wu-Tang Clan's legendary rappers make their first-ever appearance in Singapore, bringing back the sounds from the golden era of hip hop to Zouk's main room. Mar 13, 7pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 67382988. $70-80.


The Rolling Stones Rock legends Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts bring their 14 On Fire concert tour to Singapore after 11 years, performing hit songs like “Gimme Shelter” and “Paint It Black”. Mar 15, 8pm. Grand Ballroom, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave., 6688-8868. $250-700.



music festivals


I-S PICK> Singapore International Jazz Festival Get jazzed up at this inaugural festival, featuring local and regional jazz musicians, as well as big-name international stars like Jamie Cullum, Natalie Cole, James Morrison and India Arie. Through Mar 2, 6:30pm. MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands, B1/F The Shoppes @ Marina Bay

Tomoko Kashiki Reminiscent of Heian Buddhist paintings, Japanese artist Tomoko Kashiki’s first solo show, created through an elaborate process of painting, erasure, sanding, and repainting, depicts women in pinewood gardens that are suspended between dreams and desires. Through Mar 2, 11am. Ota Fine Arts (Gillman Barracks), #02-13 Gillman Barracks, 7 Lock Rd., 6694-3071. Free.


Searching For Magic Enter a magical world at this exhibition by Teng Yen Lin, which features a host of whimsical visual illusions that combine life-sized 2D drawings with 3D effects. Through Mar 8. OCBC Art Space, OCBC Centre, Main Banking Hall, 65 Chulia St., 6530-4849. Free.


Sculpting Life: The Ng Eng Teng Collection The exhibition brings together a range of works that facilitate a mapping of the artist’s history and his explorations. Through Mar 31. NUS Museums, University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore, 50 Kent Ridge Crescent, 6516-8817. Free.


Art Incubator 5: From When We Last Met Works of art that lead us to question our understanding of modernity and urbanization in Southeast Asia. Through Apr 5, 10am. LASALLE College of the Arts, 1 McNally St., 6496-5000. Free.



Zulkifle Mahmod: Sonically Exposed Formally trained in sculpture, Zulkifle Mahmod a.k.a. ZUL explores the boundaries of his medium and exploration by incorporating both sound and visual, resulting in an experience that will differ for each viewer. Through Mar 9, 10am. The Private Museum, #02-06, 51 Waterloo St., 6738-2872. Free.



The Synchronised Power of Our Mass This exhibition by Christopher Thomas reimagines the possibilities, and consequences, that arise from accelerated consumption. Through Mar 16, 12pm. Yeo Workshop, #01-01 Gillman Barracks, 1 Lock Rd., 6734-5168. Free.


SOUND: Latitudes and Attitudes This sonic exhibition will bring together the works of seventeen artists, who will present sound as both a medium and a subject in their works. Expect a roster of installations, live performances and sound scores, as well as over 16 listening stations. Through Mar 16, 11am. Earl Lu Gallery, B1-Mezzanine level LASALLE College of the Arts, 1 McNally St., 64965000. Free.


I-S PICK> ROTATIONS: The Art of Tim Yip Admire the works of award-winning production and costume designer Tim Yip— best known for his creations for Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Through Jun 29, 11am. Jendela, 2/F Esplanade, 1 Esplanade Dr., 6828-8377. Free.

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Names, Text and Trouble View works-in-progress by Tania De Rozario and Loo Zihan at this joint exhibition. Tania's work will address the intersections between visual arts and socio-cultural activism in Singapore, while Zihan's work dissects an anonymous letter that was sent to Ray Langenbach. Mar 6-16, 12pm. The Substation Gallery, 45 Armenian St., 6337-7535. Free.


i Light Marina Bay 2014 Watch Marina Bay shine at the third edition of this sustainable light art festival, which will feature innovative light art installations from both local and international artists. There will also be various peripheral events, such as bazaars, food markets and games, for festival-goers to partake in. Mar 7-30, 7:30pm. Marina Bay Waterfront, Marina Blvd.. Free.

Email event news to and


Superposition(s) The exhibit here is the studio itself—a group of individuals will occupy the gallery space, and draw attention to coincidence, spatiality, temporality and creativity. Through Apr 20, 10am. Earl Lu Gallery, B1-Mezzanine level LASALLE College of the Arts, 1 McNally St., 6496-5000. Free.


The School Never Asked This presentation will feature Felicia Low's comic book, The School Never Asked, which illustrates stories from three ladies, who each identify as heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual. Limited copies of the book will be on sale. Mar 6-16, 12pm. The Substation Random Room, 45 Armenian St.. Free.


Unity in Diversity: Archaeologic Excavation of the Peranakan Tionghua Yuli Prayitno's first solo exhibition in Singapore examines the complex history of Indonesia's Peranakan community, through cultural artifacts


recovered from abandoned sites. Mar 7-9, 12pm. Equator Art Projects, #01-21 Gillman Barracks, 47 Malan Rd., 6694-3727. Free.

ARAB STREET/KAMPONG GLAM · Artistry Cafe · Working Title · BEACH ROAD · espressoLab Singapore · Blu Jaz · WineBos · The Plaza L1 Office Lobby Reception · O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bars · BOAT QUAY · The Vault · Enoteca L’Operetta · Harry’s @ Boat Quay · The Arts House at Old Parliament · Timbre @ The Arts House · London · BUGIS · Hood Bar and Cafe · Essensuals by Toni & Guy @ Bugis · K Suites @ iluma · Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe · BUKIT TIMAH · The Great Beer Experiment @ Pasar Bella · CHINATOWN · The Chamber · The Muffinry · CITY HALL · Table 24 · Wa-Cafe · The Soup Spoon @ Suntec City · The Soup Spoon @ Raffles City Shopping Centre · Addictions Café & Remedy Bar @ Marina Square · Barossa @ Esplanade · The Coffee bean & Tea Leaf @ Suntec City · True Fitness @ Suntec City · Café Cartel @ Marina Square · Coffee Club @ Millenia Walk · Outback Steak House · Paulaner Brauhaus · Timbre @ The Substation · Ice Cold B’s · Brotzeit @ Raffles City · Coffee Club @ Raffles City Shopping · MICA Office Lobby Reception · Peek! Store · The Substation · Bobby’s @ Chijmes · Hog’s Breath Café · Front Row · Loof · Dome Café @ Singapore Art Museum · CLARKE QUAY · Brewerkz · Ricciotti @ The Riverwalk · Wings · The Central L1 Customer Service · Crazy Elephant · Mad for Garlic · DEMPSEY · Taphouse by Brewerkz · Jones The Grocer · White Rabbit · 22 Dempsey · Don Quijote · House, Barracks & Camp · Dome Café @ Dempsey · Red Dot Brewhouse · DHOBY GHAUT · Kith Café @ Park Mall · Dubliner Irish Bar · EAST · The Tuckshop

I-S PICK> Edward Burtynsky: Water Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky's arresting works examine the impact of human consumption on the world's water supplies. Mar 7-Apr 6, 11am. Sundaram Tagore Gallery Singapore, #01-05 Gillman Barracks, 5 Lock Rd., 6694-3378. Free.


I-S PICK> Of Indeterminate Time or Occurrence Heman Chong's solo exhibition will showcase four different bodies of works that highlight the relationship between image and text. Mar 7-May 4, 11am. Fost Gallery (Gillman Barracks), #01-02, 1 Lock Rd., 6694 3080. Free.


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Brit Wit Monty Python and Fawlty Towers legend John Cleese is coming to town on May 4 for a super special performance, just before the hugely anticipated Monty Python reunion in London in July. If you’re a BBC TV addict, Harry Potter fan, or person with a functioning sense of humor, stay tuned at for updates and to snap up tickets. Also riding the Brit wave are TNT Theatre Britain's Romeo & Juliet (Apr 9-11) and Yes, Prime Minister (May 8-18), both at Raffles Hotel's Jubilee Hall.

Move Over, Art Stage

March On

= new venues

House · True Fitness @ Chevron House · Dome Café @ UOB Plaza 1 · O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bars · Salad Stop @ One George Street · Boathouse · Kinki · Capital Square · Pacific Coffee Company @ Reddot Traffic · The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ CPF Building · Simply Sandwich · Gloria Jean’s Coffees @ Twenty Anson · RIVER VALLEY · Zouk · Bangkok Jam · The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Great World City · True Fitness @ Great World City · SENTOSA · Kith Café @ Sentosa Cove · Hard Rock Café RWS · The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Palawan Beach · Tanjong Beach Club · Azzura · Wave House Sentosa · SOMERSET · Smoothie King @ 313 · Actually · Editor’s Market@ Somerset · Dean & Deluca · Ice Cold Beer · No. 5 Emerald Hill · Oriole Café & Bar · Goethe-Institut · Brotzeit @ 313@Somerset · Jibiru · KPO Café Bar · Porterhouse Butcher Bar · Toni & Guy @ Mandarin Gallery · TANGLIN · The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Forum Galleria · K Suites @ Orchard Parade Hotel · Hard Rock Café · TANJONG PAGAR · GAEST · Kyo · Impact MMA · 137 Telok Ayer Street Level 1 Reception · The Ogilvy Centre · Boulevard · Red Dot Design Museum · The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ International Plaza · The Coffee bean & Tea Leaf @ Fuji Xerox Tower · Broth · Latteria Mozzarella Bar · Sprmrkt · TIONG BAHRU · Tiong Bahru Bakery · Coq & Balls · Forty Hands · Books Actually · WEST · Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar · Salad Stop @ Fusionopolis · One Rochester · B @ Rochester · Nosh · Alliance Francaise

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White Lies

We’ve just heard that Beirut Art Fair will make its debut in Singapore this year. Yes, there are already heaps of art shows on the calendar, but this one—simply called Singapore Art Fair (Nov 27-30, Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Raffles Blvd.,—departs from the norm by bringing art from the Middle East, North Africa and Asia to our shores. From the sneak peek at the 100-gallery-strong art showcase, we already see lots of controversial subjects. Exciting stuff.

All free!

· City Square Mall Customer Service Counter · Loysel’s Toy · HARBOURFRONT · Prive Bakery Café · Brotzeit @ Vivo City · Coffee Club @ Harbourfront Centre · Sky The Fitness Lifestyle · HOLLAND VILLAGE · Mu Parlour · The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Holland Village · Barossa @ Holland V · Harry’s @ Holland Village · NYDC @ Holland Village · Wala Wala · Fosters - An English Rose Café · MARINA BAY · Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria @ Marina Bay Sands · Foodology · Erwin’s Gastrobar · The Exchange · The Coffee Bean @ Marina Bay Sands · Bazin · Salad Stop @ MBFC · Smoothie King @ MBFC · The Bank Bar & Bistro · MOHAMED SULTAN / ROBERTSON QUAY · Kith Café @ Watermark · Harry’s @ Pier Robertson · Blow+Bar · Wine Connection Cheese Bar @ Robertson Walk · Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro @ Robertson Walk · Toby’s Estate · Bar Bar Black Sheep · En Grill and Bar · EM By the River · Singapore Repertory Theatre · NOVENA · Kitchenette · Novena Square Shopping Mall · ORCHARD · ION Concierge counter · The Marmalade Pantry · Balaclava · Coffee Club @ Paragon · Dome Café @ Paragon · PS.Cafe @ Paragon · The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Paragon · Dome Café @ Shaw House · TAB · Skinny Pizza @ Wheelock Place · Sky Pilates · Essensuals by Toni & Guy @ Orchard Central · Hansel · Lawry’s The Prime Rib · Leftfoot @ Cineleisure · Rockstar by Soon Lee · RAFFLES PLACE · Catalunya · The Coffee Bean @ The Sail · Coffee Club @ One Raffles Quay · 1-Altitude · Coffee Club @ Raffles Place Square · The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Republic Plaza · Chevron

with Clara Lim


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Just as we’d wiped out our piggybanks buying tickets to Mosaic, Sing Jazz and Culture Clash festivals, we found out about French pop-rock poster boy -M-, alias Matthieu Chedid (Mar 16, Kallang Theater, 1 Stadium Walk. $105 from Sistic) and Brit post-punk band White Lies (Mar 22, The Coliseum, Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway. $85-118 from Sistic).



From the People, To the People, For the People British artist Nathan Coley's first solo exhibition in Southeast Asia will explore how architecture molds social behavior, especially with regards to religion and ideology. Mar 7-May 4, 12pm. Future Perfect (Gillman Barracks), #01-22, 47 Malan Rd., 9835-8271. Free.

I-S PICK> Liming Carnival This Caribbean fest features craft and music workshops, steel pan drumming, Brazilian Samba and live reggae. As you party, chow down on jerk chicken and sip up some rumbased cocktails. Mar 2, 3pm. Lime House, 2 Jiak Chuan Rd., 6222-3130. Free.

Interiors and Landscapes Highly renowned international painter Piero Pizzi Cannella will showcase his interest in secret places, as well as faraway horizons, in this exhibition. Feb 28-May 30, 12pm. Partners & Mucciaccia (Gillman Barracks), #02-10, 6 Lock Rd., 6694-3727. Free.

Savour 2014 Four days of culinary masterclasses and workshops with the world's star chefs, tastings and an artisan produce market at this annual gourmet food fest. Mar 6-9. The Promontory @ Marina Bay, 11 Marina Blvd., 6736-1458. $49-65 from Sistic.


Food & Drink


Saturday Social BBQ Groove to surf music while enjoying a feast (complete with ice cold beer) during Timbre's monthly BBQ. Mar 1, 4pm; Apr 5, 4pm; May 3, 4pm; Jun 7, 4pm. Timbre @ Gillman, #01-05 Gillman Barracks, 9A Lock Rd.. Call 6694-4201 for more info. Free.



Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate Grand World Tour Get up close and personal with famed wine critic Robert Parker and other icons of the wine industry during intimate dinners and wine masterclasses during this four-day event. Mar 13-16, 7pm. The Fullerton Hotel, 1 Fullerton Square, 6733-8388. $404-12,645.


SuperBrunch: The Picnic Party Brunch lovers won't want to miss out this incredible dining experience, complete with giant

FRIDAY, february 28, 2014 I-S MAGAZINE   19

SPORTS » STUFF » NIGHTLIFE » FILM Email event news to, and burgers, giant hot dogs, flowing Champagne and a flamboyant party atmosphere. Email rc.sinrz. restaurantreservations@ritzcarlton. com to book a spot. Mar 16, 12pm. The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, 7 Raffles Avenue, 6337-8888.

such as Inbee Park, Suzann Petterson, Stacy Lewis and Lydia Ko, in action. Through Mar 2, 8am. Sentosa Golf Club, 27 Bukit Manis Rd., 6275-0090. $20-60 from Sistic.

OPEN BAR New Hotel Hangouts These stylish new spots will make you rethink hotel bars.


I-S PICK> PasarBella & Friends Go To Town The gourmet farmers' market gets a festival-like makeover with this outdoor event featuring gastronomic treats made by PasarBella's traders. Mar 7-30, 10am. Marina Bay Waterfront, Marina Blvd., 6887-0077. Free.


World Gourmet Summit 2014 Themed “Back to the Classics” this year, this eleven-day celebration of fine wines and gourmet cuisine sees big name vintners joining the lineup of prestigious chefs. Mar 26-Apr 5. Various venues. Call 6273-7707 for more info.



I-S PICK> OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014 The nation's first mass cycling event on public roads returns. The highlight of this year's race is the Professional Criterium on opening night, where pros race one another on a highly complex track. Join as an individual or a team at the website. Mar 28-30. F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Blvd., 6799-5900. $26-464. Download the free I-S Now app to find out about this and hundreds more upcoming events!


Singapore Restaurant Week Snag great deals at popular restaurants all over Singapore during Restaurant Week. As usual, 3-course lunches are $25++ while 3-course dinners are $35++. Head to the website for the full list of participating restaurants. Mar 15-23. Various venues. www.



I-S PICK> HSBC Women’s Champions Watch 63 of the best names in women's golf battle it out for the US$1.4 million purse prize at the seventh edition of this tournament. Expect to see superstars,


GIo-Yoga This outdoor yoga event will see participants decorating their skin with glow-in-the-dark paint and being guided through a series of yoga postures, thereby creating a dynamic art installation that will be part of the i Light Marina Bay 2014 Festival. Mar 22-23, 7:30pm. Marina Promenade, F1 tracks behind Singapore Flyer. $30.


Twilight Ultra Challenge Test your endurance and run all night long in this challenging 16-hour marathon. Pit stops, first aid and special needs support are all on hand to keep the experience fun. Registration closes on Jan 31. Mar 29-30, 7pm. East Coast Park, East Coast Parkway, 6440-0046. $70-90.


Singapore Skechers Electric Run This novelty running event from the US features a 5km route that will take participants through distinct “lands”, each with its own unique lights and music. Expect neon trees, colored

WHY NOT? Try Stand up Paddling Think paddling in a conventional kayak is boring? Try Stand Up Paddling (or SUP for short). Surfers stand on a board on flat water and propel themselves forward with a single bladed paddle. The Stand Up Paddling School (Tanjong Beach, Sentosa, 9638-5565, offers SUP classes and boat rentals (from $40/hour) for both beginners and pros. Definitely an interesting way to spend a Sunday afternoon, plus you’ll get a decent workout while you’re at it. Delle Chan

20   I-S MAGAZINE FRIDAY, february 28, 2014


One-Ninety Bar

Cook & Brew

This swanky new watering hole at Fairmont Singapore is one classy bar. We love the ambience—the decor is sleek, with unexpected Peranakan touches like batik motifs. There's also a 26,000-piece crystal chandelier, which adds a touch of glamour to the room. The handcrafted cocktails ($23 each) are the stars of the show though—they're made with herbs from the bar’s own garden, and combine classic recipes with contemporary finesse. Try The Blood of Dillinger, a fusion of beet, rosemary, honey, lemon and tequila. As for nibbles, the menu features tapas such as yellow fin tuna with green apple, kaffir lime, Jalapeno ponzu and Kaluga caviar ($16). A great antidote to your office blues.

This newly opened bar is the first Asian outpost of worldfamous cocktail master Javier de las Muelas. It’s a capacious and elegant space, infused with warm lighting. There’s also an outdoor Terraza, where you can enjoy your drinks amid lush greenery. Muelas is a dry martini specialist, so expect many variations of the tipple here, such as the Bamboo ($22), comprising martini extra dry, dry sherry and a lemon twist. The food is also noteworthy, with gourmet plates such as Wagyu mini sliders with onion marmalade and horseradish mayo ($28). The Spanish master likens his craft to a ritual, and compares bars to churches; “I hope that One-Ninety will one day become a Vatican of sorts,” he says. Make your pilgrimage now.

1/F Fairmont Singapore, 80 Bras Basah Rd., 6431-5315, www. Open daily 5pm-2am.

G/F, Four Seasons Hotel, 190 Orchard Blvd., 6831-7671, www. Open daily 8am-1pm.

Located on level 33 of The Westin, this spacious new gastrobar boasts panoramic views of the city and South coast. The bar’s interior is luxe, and the drinks menu extensive—choose from a range of signature cocktails, or go for classic whiskeys like Macallan (from $195/bottle). There's also a list of international beers, like Hitachino White ($14/bottle), plus a high-tech Enomatic system for wine. The bar bites here are decent—expect comfort grub like corn chips with tomato salsa and chunky guacamole ($9). But if you’re hankering for something more substantial, order from the a la carte menu instead, with plates like chilli crab ($29). In short, it’s a great spot for Marina Bay office types to chill over postwork drinks.

fountains and psychedelic rock cliffs, just to name a few. Registration opens on January 23. Apr 11-12, 12am. F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Blvd., 6884-6940. $78-108.



NTUC Income Run 350 The fourth edition of this 10km or 21km eco-run aims to raise awareness of the need to raise atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to 350 parts per million, a level scientists believe to be optimal for the Earth's sustainability. Sign up from now till Feb 28. Apr 27, 5:30am. F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Blvd., 6884-6940. $40-65.



4th Singapore International Photography Festival - Open Call An opportunity for amateur photographers and budding professionals to present their work alongside established photographers. The final exhibition will be curated by established art figures Tay Kay Chin, Dr. Adele Tan, Dr. Charles Merewether and Alexander Supartono. Through Mar 31. Free.


World Press Photo 13 Singapore See arresting works of award-winning photographers at the 56th edition of this prominent international photography exhibition. Mar 8-30. Raffles Hotel, 1 Beach Rd., 8525-5039. Free.


I-S PICK> Writer x Writer This series of discussions, which will take place at BooksActually's pop-up store, will see writers, poets and playwrights pairing up to discuss each other's works. Mar 27-Apr 6. The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, 6332-6900. Free.

33/F The Westin Singapore, Asia Square Tower 2, 12 Marina View, 6922-6948, www.starwoodhotels. com/westin. Open Mon-Thu 11am-12am; Fri 11am-1am; Sat 6pm-1am. delle chan


I-S PICK> Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction This collaboration between American Museum of Natural History, San Juan National Science Museum, SCI! Expo at Monash University and artist Peter Trusler is a large-scale dinosaur exhibition of over 400 fossils and models, some of which are on public display for the very first time. Through Jul 27. ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave., 6688-8868. $18 from Sistic.

classes & workshops


I-S PICK> Roads Well-Travelled: A DIY Guide to Freelance Travel Writing by Virginia Jealous Learn more about pitching a story, word counts, deadlines, and knowing who to write for at this two-hour freelance writing workshop. Mar 1, 7pm. Living Room, The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, 6332-6900. $25-35 from Bytes.


Inspiring Change Celebrate International Women's Day at this event, which will feature a facial beauty workshop, yoga, pilates, and a talk about juice cleansing. Mar 8, 2pm.Sadhana Sanctuary, 05-01 Visioncrest Commercial, 103 Penang Rd., 6238-9320. $40-50.


website from Feb 7. Mar 7, 9pm.mGem Bar & Lounge, 10 Ann Siang Hill, 6423-9562. $45-65 one drink included.



AWARE Workshops for International Women’s Day To celebrate International Women’s Day, AWARE Training Institute is offering companies free workshops (usually priced at $250) that share ideas for advocating women. These workshops span topics on gender equality, changemaking, and building an inclusive workplace environment for women. Contact Jes at 6779-7137 or training@ Mar 1-31. Free.


sales & fairs MAAD This monthly arts market by the MAAD collective features original artworks, quirky finds by local artists and creatives as well as performances by homegrown musicians. Mar 7, 5pm; Apr 4, 5pm. Red Dot Design Museum, Red Dot Traffic, 28 Maxwell Rd., 6534-7194. Free.


I-S PICK> Singapore Design Week Meet design talents from Singapore and the rest of the world at a host of design trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, trails and films. Event highlights include SingaPlural, which showcases the best design elements from diverse creative fields, such as advertising and architecture. Parisian fair MAISON&OBJET will also be making its first-ever stopover here. Plus, don't miss the inaugural Singapore Good Design Mark (SG Mark) exhibition, which champions holistic design innovations and practices. The President's Design Award, which is Singapore's most prestigious design accolade, will also be presented to recognize design excellence from across various disciplines. Mar 10-16. National Design Centre, 111 Middle Rd.


International Furniture Fair Singapore 2014 Co-located with The Décor Show and Art of Living Asia, this interior design fair showcases a massive range of furniture, accessories, interiors and fittings. Mar 16, 12pm. Singapore Expo, 1 Expo Dr., 6569-6988. Free.


I-S PICK> Art Mart Purchase good books, literary knick knacks, as well as an array of food at this pop up flea market at The Lawn. Mar 28, 5pm; Mar 29, 3pm. The Lawn, The Arts House, The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, 6332-6900. Free.



Nicolas Matar The ultra-versatile DJ from New York delivers his diverse repertoire of beats, from deep house and nu-jazz to techno and disco classics. Feb 28, 10pm. Kyo, #B1-02 Keck Seng Tower, 133 Cecil St., 8299-8735. $20-25.


DJ Krush Japanese hip hop legend Hideaki Ishi, better known as DJ Krush, plays genrebending, experimental beats at Gem Bar. Pre-sale tickets available from Gem Bar's


Zouk x Space Ibiza presents Thomas Gold with Camilo Franco and Hong The annual Zouk x Space Ibiza party makes its long-awaited return, with electronic music DJ Thomas Gold headlining the night. Support on this night comes from the talented Camilo Franco (Space Ibiza resident DJ) and Hong. Feb 28, 10pm. Zouk,17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $25-32.

nightlife events


I-S PICK> St. Patrick’s Day Festival This three-day fiesta features live performances by Irish and homegrown bands and a street parade offering Irish food and, of course, lots of Guinness. Mar 14-16. Boat Quay. Free.


On The One Burn up the dance floor with some of the best musicians and bands in Singapore, at this party organized by Sideshow and Timbre Music. Mar 8, 6pm. Barber Shop by Timbre, #01-03 The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, 6336-3386. Free.


I-S PICK> Full Steam Ahead Singapore’s only full moon beach party returns with a stellar roster of local DJs as usual. Great food, giant beach balls and beer pong will make for a crazy cosmic night. Mar 29, 4pm. Tanjong Beach Club, 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, 6270-1355. Free.



I-S PICK> Fifth Singapore Short Film Awards Watch the best Singaporean films and participate in discussions and masterclasses. Admission is by donation. Through Mar 2. The Substation, 45 Armenian St., 6337-7535.


Southeast Asian Film Festival Singapore Art Museum’s eye-opening Southeast Asian Film Festival is back this year for its fourth edition. The almost month-long affair promises opportunities to catch rare docus and challenging indie films from the region, as well as to meet their creators. Mar 28-Apr 20, 10am. Singapore Art Museum, 71 Bras Basah Rd., 6332-3222. $10 from Sistic.


I-S PICK> ENCORE at Fort Canning The first edition of this on-screen musical festival will feature Mamma Mia!, A Hard Day's Night and Grease!. There'll also be lots to eat and drink, including Kronenbourg liquor from the bar and free-flow popcorn. Mar 28-30, 5pm. Fort Canning Green, Cox Terrace, 6332-1200. $25.

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FRIDAY, february 28, 2014 I-S MAGAZINE   21

LAST WORD freewill astrology

Week of February 28 © 2014 Rob Brezsny

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): “I have come to be fascinated with the messiness of desire,” writes novelist Ashley Warlick, “with the ways people fit themselves together, take themselves apart for each other, for want of each other, for want of some parts of each other.” Your assignment, Pisces, is to celebrate the messiness of desire; to not just grudgingly accept it as an inconvenience you’ve got to tolerate, but rather to marvel at it, be amused by it, and appreciate it for all the lessons it provides. Your motto this Valentine season could be, “I bless the messy largesse of my longing.” ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): In her TED talk, science writer Mary Roach made it clear that human beings don’t need genital stimulation to experience orgasms. She spoke of a woman who routinely reaches ecstatic climax by having her eyebrows caressed, and another woman who reaches the big O simply by brushing her teeth. Then there’s the woman who can simply think herself into coming, no physical touch necessary. I can’t guarantee that a similar aptitude will suddenly turn on in you, Aries, but the coming days could bring you as close as you have ever been. Right now you’re a connoisseur of deep pleasure—a blessed bliss master. TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): “The fact that someone else loves you doesn’t rescue you from the project of loving yourself,” writes blogger Sahaj Kohli. Nothing else rescues you from that quest, either, I would add. Sooner or later, whether it’s now or 20 years in the future, you will have to master this fine art. It’s not enough to merely feel affection for yourself; not enough to seek pleasure and avoid pain. You’ve got to make extensive investigations to discover what it means to love yourself; you have to develop rigorous plans for how to accomplish it; and you must fire up a deep commitment as you actually carry out those plans. By the way, the coming weeks will be an excellent time to work on mastering this fine art.

Mr. KNOW‑IT‑ALL Our Favorite Smart Aleck Answers Your Questions Dear Mr. KIA, We’re well into the 21st century, but my workplace is still entrenched in sexism— my boss is a medieval geezer who enjoys putting down women for laughs, and we’re always overlooked when it comes to promotions. What can I do to change these perceptions? – I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar Dear IAWHMR, That’s utterly preposterous! Thankfully, International Women’s Day (March 8) is just around the corner, so you can drum up some support for your cause. Also, to celebrate this special day, AWARE Training Institute is offering companies free workshops (usually priced at $250) that span topics on gender equality, change-making, and building an inclusive workplace environment for women. Contact Jes at 6779-7137 or training@aware. to show your boss how to be fair to the, um, fairer sex.

Dear Mr. KIA, I’m addicted to my smartphone and use it for just about everything imaginable. The only thing that irks me is that my data usage goes through the roof every month, so I always end up breaking the bank to foot the bill. Are there any costsaving measures that I can take? –iAddict Dear iAddict, No prizes for guessing that you sent your letter from your smartphone, too. Well, there’s good news: Onavo Extend ( is a free app that helps you to reduce your data usage—it reroutes your mobile Internet traffic through servers and compresses the data you download whenever possible. It also works overseas, ensuring you don’t exceed your data roaming plan (that would really cost a bomb).

ANNOuncements notice of Intended marriage I, Frances Madelaine Anne Wilton-Jones, single,of 05-02 The Regency, 36 Chay Yan Street Singapore 169905, intend to marry Ivan S. Kryguine, single, of 05-02 The Regency,36 Chay Yan Street, Singapore 169905, at Comune di Fiesole, Piazza Mino nr. 26 – 50014 Fiesole, Italy on 26/06/2014. Any person knowing of any lawful impediment to the marriage should without delay notify the British High Commission, 100 Tanglin Road, 247919 Singapore.

I, Michelle Clarissa Holland, single, of 30 Mount Sophia, 12-03 The Cathay Residences, Singapore, 228464, intend to marry Gaetano Michael Squillante, single, of 30 Mount Sophia, 12-03 The Cathay Residences, Singapore, 228464, at Chiesa Cattolica SS, Nome di Maria, Foro Traiano, 89, 00187 Rome, Italy on 17/05/2014. Any person knowing of any lawful impediment to the marriage should without delay notify the British High Commission, 100 Tanglin Road, 247919 Singapore.

22   I-S MAGAZINE FRIDAY, february 28, 2014

I, Peter Paul Douglas, divorced, of 50G Faber Heights #03-50, Singapore 129200, intend to marry Ho ShuShen, single, of 2522-4 Kasama, Kasama City, Ibarakiken, Japan 309-1611, at Household Registration Office, 2F, No. 15, Sec 5, Xinyi Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei, Republic of China, on May 6th 2014. Any person knowing of any lawful impediment to the marriage should without delay notify the British High Commission, 100 Tanglin Road, 247919 Singapore.

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 20): “Drunk with my madness, I shouted at him furiously, ‘Make life beautiful! Make life beautiful!’” So says a character in a prose poem by Charles Baudelaire. And now, even though I am neither drunk nor furious nor consumed with madness, I am whispering the same command to you. I hope you will respond by embarking on a heroic effort to make life beautiful everywhere you go. The astrological omens suggest that if you do, you will be inundated with practical blessings that are as valuable as money. This will also be an excellent way to drum up the kind of love you crave. CANCER (Jun 21-Jul 22): Here’s what I wish for you during the Valentine season: to be happily in love with an intimate partner who loves you back. If that’s not feasible, here’s what I hope: that you are learning provocative lessons about yourself through your growth-inducing relationship with a close ally. And if you’re not blessed with either of those experiences, here’s a third alternative: that you cherish your fathomless longing for its own sake, feeling wonder and reverence for its wild power even if it’s unfulfilled. LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22): Making eye contact is essential for building potent links with people you care about. It bypasses rational thought, stimulating chemical reactions in your bodies that enhance empathy and intimacy. In practicing the art of love, it’s one of the most potent moves you can make. This Valentine season would be an excellent time for you Leos to explore the frontiers of what’s possible through prolonged eye contact. Start here: Cultivate a sincere desire to know what’s simmering inside the souls of your dearest allies. With that as your driving force, your gaze won’t be clouded by shyness or self-consciousness. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22): “I prefer an ecstatic orgasm to a lot of angst,” says Filipino artist David Medalla. I hope you consider making that your battle cry during this Valentine season. It would be in rapt harmony with the current cosmic omens. There really is no need for you to get sidelined by anxiety or distracted by stress when the natural remedy is so easily available. In every way you can imagine, Virgo, fight off sourness and dourness by engaging in acts of joy and pleasure.

LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22): In her poem “Implications of One Plus One,” Marge Piercy marvels at the way she and her long-term partner keep finding new nuances in their lovemaking. “Ten years of fitting our bodies together / and still they sing wild songs in new keys,” she writes. What’s their secret? It’s “timing, chemistry, magic and will and luck.” What I wish for you this Valentine season, Libra, is that you will have access to all five of those ingredients as you reinvigorate your relationship to love. More importantly—based on the current cosmic omens—I predict you will have access to them. SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21): Jesuit priest Pedro Arrupe touted the practical value of being totally in love. “What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything,” he said. “It will decide what will get you out of bed in the mornings, how you spend your weekends, what you read, who you know, and what amazes you with joy and gratitude.” Are you in love, Scorpio? With either a person, a beloved animal, a certain patch of land, your creative work, or life itself? If not, there’s no excuse! Astrologically speaking, it’s an excellent time for you to be stupendously in love with someone or something—anything! If you are already in this state, trust your intuition to make it even smarter and finer. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): Borrowing the words of Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks), I’ve prepared a love note for you to use as your own. Give it to a person whose destiny needs to be woven more closely together with yours: “You are the sky my spirit circles in, the love inside love, the resurrection-place.” Would you like even more inspirational words to deliver to your chosen one? I hope so. Be greedy for lyrical bonding. Lust for springy intimacy. Feed your churning yearning. Try saying this, lifted from the book The Last Unicorn: “We are two sides of the same magic.” And be sure to say this, paraphrased from Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh: “I love you in a way that will always make you feel free.” CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): “People think a soul mate is your perfect fit,” says author Elizabeth Gilbert. “But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back...They tear down your walls and smack you awake...shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you...transform your life.” Does that sound like the kind of person you want in your life, Capricorn? Or do you prefer someone who likes what you like, appreciates you just as you are, and makes your life more secure and comfortable? This Valentine season is a good time to make or renew your commitment to one choice or the other. Whatever you decide, you’re likely to experience it on a richer, deeper level during the next 12 months. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): Do you feel oppressed by Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’re single and reject the cultural bias that says being in an intimate relationship is the healthy norm. Or maybe you’re part of a couple but are allergic to the cartoonish caricatures of romance that bombard you during the Valentine marketing assault. If you’d rather consecrate love and intimacy in your own unique way, untainted by the stereotypes flying around, I invite you to rebel. Make this the year you overthrow the old ways and start a new tradition: Valentine’s Day 2.0. Mock sappy, sentimental expressions of romance even as you carry out futuristic experiments in radically slaphappy love.


Alfie Leong


Having recently bagged the 2013 President’s Design Award, the man behind fashion label A.W.O.L. and pop-up showcase Workshop Element tells Crystal Lee and June Ang about his life philosophies.

My first collection, which I did for a contest, was dedicated to my mum. The judges laughed at me, and it was very, very hurtful.

I like gambling, but it’s more about the time spent with friends. I don’t want to play with strangers and win money.

parents every night and recognizes her dad as a hero. She taught me a lot and inspired me to become a better person.

I’m not born with a silver spoon; I came from a humble family. I wouldn’t be able to afford an education if I hadn’t gotten a scholarship. I am where I am today because of my experiences.

If you drink to forget, you’ll be stressful to other people when you’re drunk. But drinking when you’re in a good mood is fun.

I don’t want to market myself and become a personality. I want to be myself and not worry about my behavior in public.

We seem to be more selfish nowadays. People who have A creative person succeeded in their cannot be contented. fields may not have considered People say I creating I don’t want look like Hong platforms to to play with Kong star Ronald help emerging strangers Cheng. I think it’s a talent. compliment, because Those who he’s always on TV and receive such that means I’m always assistance may on TV. Random people also not be grateful. As a have asked for my autograph. result, we can’t improve. I care more about what my family I love to watch Oprah Winfrey, thinks about my character than because I want to be her. She has how the outside world perceives a big heart. A lot of people think me. Looks can be deceiving. that she’s doing it for fame, I tell my designers and interns but even if she wants fame, that you don’t have to dress she’s still helping people. up for work—all I need is for I admire a friend who your character to show. helps out at an association I do things very fast—I walk for Myanmar women very fast, I react very fast, I who were captured bom [lose temper] very fast, and forced into and I reconcile very fast. prostitution. She never fails to visit her

Femme Fatale

Exciting events happening on International Women’s Day (March 8).

Dancing with the Stars

We caught up with astrologer to the stars Gahl Sassoon during his recent appearance at Pure Yoga.

Winter is Coming

The Winter Olympics may be over, but stay cool (or freeze your bits off) with these icy activities.

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