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The journey through time Aka master chief diary about going through time. MR. MAY

Summary Okay let’s make this fast. Master Chief was betrayed by his mates it did not work out because meanwhile he was exploring planets he got pushed to one big wormhole. This sent him to a dimension in the past of North America. Making him not able to use any of gadgets like his weapons or anything he would regular stuff he would use during his time period. Plus his writing his exiting experience.

Okay The year 1607 that was the year Jamestown was was great journey for the Pilgrims, Quaker but the only reason the English come here was for the 3 G’ God, Gold and Glory but let’s just say there was not that much gold.FYI that means if there no gold there is no food or weapons for protection for protection. You get the idea but there were several of plants that help like for example cotton tobacco etc. After that there were more people wanted

to join because of their religions, and a new colony was invented like Plymouth located in Massachusetts, but the founder William Bradford (1590-1657) was a founder and longtime governor of the Plymouth Colony settlement. Born in England, he migrated with the Separatist congregation to the Netherlands as a teenager. Bradford was among the passengers on the M a y f l o w e r ’ s t r a n s - At l a n t i c journey, and he signed the Mayflower Compact upon

arriving in Massachusetts in 1620. As Plymouth Colony governor for more than thirty years, Bradford helped draft its legal code and facilitated a community centered on private subsistence agriculture and religious tolerance. Around 1630, he began to compile his twovolume Of Plymouth Plantation, one of the most important early chronicles of the settlement of New England. But the reason why Plymouth is so recognize is

because they had the first thanksgiving etc. But enough okay the year is 1752. Now there are some lands named the 13 colonies and there separated for example New England, Middle colonies and the Southern colonies but the 3 of them had unique things about them. Let’s get started New England had rocky soil and c o l d w i n t e r s . Fo r r e s o u r c e there was sea and forest and for industries there was shipbuilding, forestry, fishing and trade the cites:

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island Middle colony had rich soil, long growing seasons, cold winters and deep rivers Fu n f a c t : t h e m i d d l e c o l o n y was called the Breadbasketgrew grains and raised l i v e s t o c k . Fu r t r a p p i n g a n d shipbuilding plus it was known for its diversity (many groups living together peacefully) and tolerance (accepting of others) city’s

Pe n n s y l v a n i a , N e w Yo r k , Delaware and New jersey. Southern colony had rich soil, warm weather, flat lands good for growing cash crops for example tobacco, indigo, sugar and cotton. The city w e r e V I RG I N I A , M A RY L A N D, T H E C A RO L I NAS A N D G EO RG I A . Okay now u now how they look like but lets get to the g o o d s t u f f D EC L A R AT I O N O F I N D E P E N D EC E . But there was a big role of on all of this and it was the

F R E N C H A N D I N D I A N WA R because as you know the B r i t a i n ’ s a n d t h e Fr e n c h clamed on the Ohio River Va l l e y b u t i t w a s n o t j u s t t h e w h e r e Fr e n c h a n d B r i t i s h people fighting no there where Native Americans for interest there were Iroquois helping the British and for t h e Fr e n c h t h e r e w e r e Algonkians or Algonquins and you are probably asking yourself which country won and the answer is British but there were great result of this because the British

became broke so the solution for that was make new laws like the Stamp act of 1765 and it said all paper items would be added taxes including legal paper. The British where still broke but made this law named the Quartering act which said you need to feed and house the s o l d e r s . Wo w t h i n g g e t m u c h worse because as you that King George the third made a law that colonist cannot move to the west of the Appalachians Mountains to keep a peace treaty with the

Native Americans but the colonist did not listen so they move west to the Appalachians Mountains . After so many years the people wanted to Declaration So there was two groups the patriots and the loyalist

The journey through time  
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