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THE ADVENTUROUS DRONE Once upon a time there was a bee called Star. It lived in a hide in a tree. Every day it picked polen with its partners laura, Caballita and Lorenza. At the hide also lived a drone called “Bull” because of its powerful flight. Toro wanted to pick up the polen like its friends the “worker bees” but they didn ´t let it because it was a guy. One duy it dressed up as a worker bee and arrived to the door, but they took it out everything, discovered that it was a guy and they didn ´t let it go. Then Bull dressed as a very, very cute bee and went out, but once it tried getting into again the guardians discovered it. _Bull. You can ´t pick the polen because it ´s a girl ´s work. Drones have to dance and warm the youngs and be the beefriends of the “queen bee”. _Jops! This is boring, I want to meet another beefriends, go out and see the landscape. _Also, the old snake , which is very clever, can catch you and it only allows the “worker bees” to go in. Next day, it went out the hide again but the old snake catched him. Then Toro pricked it with its sting and went away. That night in the hide, it dreamed that was looking for polen with its friends. The time went over and it became old and when it had children it told them its adventure.


The adventurous drone