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ISMAEL Pテ・Z Architect

Architectural portfolio. Professional works. 2014.


Professional experience 2013-2014

Architect at Christiansen & Co Arkitekter a/s. Copenhagen (Denmark).


Freelance Architect . Development of own projects and entries for national and international competitions. 3D modeller and visualizer as external. Consultant on parametric design interior design in retail projects and lighting design projects. Freelance works developed in Spain and Portugal.


Architect, at ‘OTAI S.A., Arquitectura, Ingeniería y Urbanismo’ , Sevilla (Spain).


Guest lecturer at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Sevilla (Spain) for the course Noon in the 22th of October 2008.


Intern, at ‘OTAI S.A., Arquitectura, Ingeniería y Urbanismo’ , Sevilla (Spain).


Intern at A&U, architecture office. Utrera, Sevilla (Spain).


3D visualiser and assistant designer at Arquingsoft S.L.. Sevilla (Spain).

Education 2010

MSc in Advanced Architectural Design. University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom). Thesis: ‘[Im]permanent architectures’, research on the implications of temporary and ephemeral structures on contemporary achitecture.


Bach+MArch in Architecture. Higher Technical School of Architecture of Sevilla, University of Sevilla (Spain). Specialization in Building and Construction.

IT competences CAD and 3D

AutoCAD 2D/3D, Rhino3D, Vray, ArchiCAD, Revit, Grasshopper.

Light. design

Lightscape, Dialux.


Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.

Office Soft.

Microsoft Office Suite, Gestproject.

Awards 2011

EU Scholarship ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’. Programme for professional exchanges within the EU. European Commission of Entreprise and Industry.


Talentia Scholarship for Postgraduate studies in foreign universities, awarded by the Regional Ministry for Innovation, Science and Enterprise, Andalucia, Spain.


First Prize in the architectural competition for the design of Infopoint Pavilion Project for the XXIII International Union of Architects (UIA) World Congress in Turin, Italy.

Lectures 2008

Higher Technical School of Architecture of Seville (Spain). Lecture for the conference series Noon: “Paperbox. Arquitecturas de papel”. October 2008.

Language skills Spanish.









Basic knowledge - Currently attending courses Danish Programme Module 3

Ismael Páez Architect Nationality: Spanish Birth: 25-05-1979 (+45) 91989046 / (+34) 635905789


SMARAGDEN APARTMENTS COMPLEX WITH PADDLE FACILITIES Status: Currently under construction. Location: Uppsala, Sweden. Total built surface: 6290m2 + 1190m2 parking Author: Chrisiansen & Co Arkitekter (2013). Position: Design Architect for Christiansen & Co Arkitekter.

The apartments are nestled in the middle of an attractive new development area in Uppsala by some luxury apartments blocks and other sport facilties, like the Tennis Hall, which is an architectural highlight in the area. With 7480m2 total built, one of the main goals of the proposal was to embrace enviromental and social issues within the project. Hence, the building is provided with a green roof -serving as a water collection surface-, a green terrace -serving as a large common space for gathering and soclializing in the first floor- and the cafe and indoor paddle facilities.

Studies for facade composition, compounded by fibercement modules.

JERNHUSEN NEW OFFICES AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION FACILITIES IN UPPSALA CENTRAL Status: Design stage. Project proposal for private client. Location: Uppsala, Sweden. Total built surface: aprox. 5720m2 (aprox. 350 office spaces) Author: Chrisiansen & Co Arkitekter (2013). Position: Design Architect for Christiansen & Co Arkitekter. The programme inputs were providing the project with a visitors center, parking area, cafe, kiosk, and public and private office spaces. The main goal was the integration of the building with an existing classic warehouse building currently used as commercial and restaurant spaces, as well as solving a project in a quite complex location by Uppsala Main Station, turning the proposal into a social meeting point in the area in order to provide services to travellers in the way to and from the station. The architectural goal was to achieve an enviromental commitment regarding the green facade facing south and the flexible interior spaces. The firm, specialized in the design of CO2 neutral buildings, focused on using diverse innovative green solutions for developing the intended design.

‘Green’ section.

Main floor plan


Workplaces distribution, circulations and atriums in the building.

SVARTBĂ„CKEN HOUSING WITH PRIVATE GREEN GARDEN AND SHOPPING FACILITIES IN UPPSALA Status: Design stage. Project proposal for private client. Location: Uppsala, Sweden. Total built surface: 6400m2 housing (85 apartments) + 1450m2 commercial + 2100m2 parking Author: Chrisiansen & Co Arkitekter (2013-14). Position: Design Architect for Christiansen & Co Arkitekter.

The proposal involves the constrution of a housing+commercial project in a plot currently occupied by a couple of Swedish brand supermarkets. A permanent goal in the project was to provide a semi high-rise building (8 storey) with enough daylight for all the apartments and with green areas (common garden and green roof terraces). The circulations and flows invilved in the plot were highly relevant during the design process due to the plot location by a main traffic road in Uppsala and due to the existing public space in front ot the supermarkets entrances.







Floor 0 to 7.

KNIVSTA CENTRUM APARTMENT TOWERS, OFFICES, SHOPPING MALL AND CULTURAL FACILITIES Status: Design stage. Project proposal for private client. Location: Knivsta, Sweden. Total built surface: 4800m2 housing (46 apartments) + 1830m2 commercial + 1540m2 offices + 450m2 cultural use + 2100m2 parking Author: Chrisiansen & Co Arkitekter (2013-14). Position: Design Architect for Christiansen & Co Arkitekter.

The plot of the project is located in a privileged spot in the sprawling town of Knivsta: facing square where the Town Hall is located, by a main traffic road and 100m away from the main railway station access. The aim is to create a significant urban spot in Knivsta, and provide the area with some leisure and commercial spaces to attract and filter the transit from the city to the railway station and viceversa.

Project interaction with the surrounding urban space and existing infrastructure.

General sections.

Project ground floor. Public square.

PAPERBOX INFOPOINT PAVILION FOR UIA CONGRESS IN TURIN 2008 Status: Awarded with 1st Prize in International Competition for XXIII International UIA Congress. Final construction cancelled by UIA. Location: Turin, Italy Author: Ismael Páez, Juan José Cruz, Alberto García Castro (2008).

Located in Piazza Castello, the historical square in the city of Turin, this 100ms pavillion aims for a compact precise shape, able to create an useful space manipulating the shape with a controlled number of folding operations, likewise papercraft figures are created. The pavilion offers a compact opaque facade towards Pietro Micca road, where the city begins. Afterwards, you access to diverse short itineraries within the pavilion, different ways of ough the information provided indise. Off hours, the closed pavillion is illuminated. All the acceses would be closed but the Info Point would continue working through the printed glass walls and windows emitting information and interactive broadcasting.

View of north facade, open to the square.

Papercrafted references for developing the project shape’s concept.

Project volume. Diverse views.

Floor plan.

Detail section and general sections.

View of south facade, opaque and blocking noise and other disturbances from urban transit.

‘GOBERNACIÓN’ Ó HEADQUARTERS ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING FOR PROVINCIAL HEADQUARTERS AND POLICE ACADEMY Status: Restrictive competition. Shortlisted. Location: Seville, Spain. Total built surface: 14200m2 + 2700m2 underground parking Author: OTAI.S.A. (2007) Position: Design Architect for OTAI.S.A.

An exigency of the brief was to deal with the significance an around 15000m2 public building located in one of the main avenues of Seville, neighboured by average housing blocks. The project executes a clear separation between the public access for the police academy and other public spaces, and the private and controlled access to the upper floors hosting office spaces for the provincial headquarters of city management services and security. The facade concept was to provide with a continiuos envelope to the upper storeys 1-8 to complete an unique shape. The metal meash used as the project envelope would also serve as a daylight filter.

NH HOTEL NH HOTEL ‘CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR’ INTEGRATED IN AN EXISTING COMERCIAL COMPLEX Status: Completed 2011. Location: Los Barrios (Cádiz), Spain. Total built surface: 780m2 (main hotel common areas) + 4580m2 (hotel rooms area) Author: OTAI.S.A. (2008) Position: Project Architect for OTAI.S.A.

The brief was to design the main hall, reception, restaurant and other common spaces of the NH hotel as a singular extension of an already on-going large commercial building complex. The rooms would be hosted in the 1st and 2nd storeys of the commercial complex, and the main goal was to study and design an effective and logical connection between the newly-built common areas of the hotel and the rooms. The completed hotel finally host to 100 distinct rooms, a luxury Nhube restaurant and 7 state-of-the-art meeting rooms to accommodate the hotel guests, their needs and their casual and business events.

APARTMENTS IN TABLADA 122 SUBSIDIZED APARTMENTS FOR MEMBERS OF THE ANDALUCIAN ENGINEERS PRO FESSIONAL ASSOCIATION Status: Awarded with 1st prize public competition. Completed in 2012. Location: Seville, Spain. Total built surface: 10180m2 housing (122 apartments) + 1980m2 offices + 6540m2 parking (3storeys underground) Author: OTAI.S.A. (2008-09) Position: Project Architect for OTAI.S.A.

The brief for the project was to design affordable appartments for yourng engineers under 30, with a limited budget, allowing flexible housing typology with climate control features according to the area and domotics installations inside the apartments. As part of the requirements, the Engineers Professional Association of Andalusia will be located in the ground floor, with indepent access from the main road.

COASTAL HOUSING IN CADIZ 55 LUXURY APARTMENTS IN COASTAL RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX Status: Awarded with 1st prize public competition. Completed in 2011. Location: Rota (Cรกdiz), Spain. Total built surface: 3550m2 housing (55 apartments) + 1350m2 underground parking Author: OTAI.S.A. (2008-09) Position: Project Architect for OTAI.S.A.

The brief was to design high-end apartments by the beach in a touristic town in the southern coast of Spain, with underground parking and private gardens, swimming pool and leisure area. The luxury budget for the project required also to focus on the high-end finishings of indoor and outdoor areas of the project. The hall and corridors in the interior of building were design with roof windows to bring daylight indide of the building all along the year. Besides, every single apartment was provided with a private balcony in order to enjoy the pleasant weather of this coastal location.

Section through the galleries/corridor.

Ismael Pรกez 2014

All 2D/3D drawings, construction details and renders included in this document have been entirely or partially created by Ismael Pรกez.

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