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Newsletter 9 Thursday 26 April 2018

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IB Examination Week 27 09:00- 11:00am G3C Art Gallery Visit

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08:30- 17:30pm EE Workshop "Role of the EE Supervisor"

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Message from the Head of School, David Monk Dear Parents, World Scholar's Cup I am very pleased to report on the progress of a small group of committed parents who have been working with me to start to look at how we can be more intentional in how we develop the capacity of our students to be creative and innovative. We need to ensure that our students are well equipped to be the social, political and economic change makers of the future. Having looked at the work of Wagner (2010, 2012) and Zhao (2012) we identified a number of skills and characteristics that we wish to develop within our students, including; critical thinking and problem solving; collaboration and leadership; mental agility and adaptability; initiative and entrepreneurism; effective oral and written communication; accessing and analysing information; creativity, curiosity and imagination; passion and persistence; a sense of individual uniqueness; empathy and a sense of ethics. We have now started to review our school mission statement, recognising that the focus and direction for the school should come from this. In doing so, we have begun to examine the following questions: -

What aspects of the mission are still relevant? In the light of the changing needs of today?s society, what needs to be renewed, added to, or omitted from the mission statement? What words or concepts would you like to see represented in the Mission Statement that are not there currently?

If you would like to contribute to this discussion and would be willing to attend any future meetings please do let me know ( Alternatively, if you would like to email me with your thoughts regarding these questions then please feel free to do so and I will ensure that these are included in future discussions. I will also be gathering the thoughts of our students and staff regarding these same questions. For those of you who would like to be reminded of the ISL Qatar Mission Statement and Values they are as follows:

ISL Qatar Mission Statement The International School of London Group is a culturally diverse community which fosters a passion and enthusiasm for learning, through outstanding educational practices. Students' cultural and linguistic identities are valued and nurtured through our international curriculum and Mother Tongue programme. Our school develops the attitudes, skills and understanding needed for active and responsible contributions to both local and global communities. At the International School of London, we believe in: -

Empowering students to maximise their learning opportunities and to fulfil their potential. Actively integrating cultural diversity in the curriculum. Creating inclusive, vibrant and innovative learning communities. Offering a diverse and extensive international programme that supports personal, social and professional growth.

ISL Qatar Core Values The core values at the International School of London are: Diversity, Understanding, Identity and Passion.





The ISL Scholar's education philosophy World Cup is based on the following core values and applies to our students, teaching and administrative staff: -

A commitment to the acquisition of knowledge and the achievement of personal potential. The pursuit of excellence in all areas of activity and effort. Respect of self and others including the recognition of the uniqueness of each individual. Social and civic responsibility which seeks to explore and promote the common good and values, social justice, cultural diversity and the emotional and physical wellbeing of others. Concern and respect for the natural and cultural environment. Treating all members of the community with respect, honesty and integrity.

I look forward to hearing from you if you would like to contribute to this discussion in any way. David Monk Head of School Bibliography: Wagner, T. (2010). Overcoming the Global Achievement Gap. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University. Wagner, T. (2012). Creating Innovators: The making of young people who will change the world. New York: Scribner. Zhao, Y. (2012). World class learners: Educating creative and entrepreneurial students. Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Press.

Message from the Head of Primary World Scholar's Cup

We are reaching the end of April and about to start the holy month of Ramadan with only two more months of school to go. This is a good time for us to practice the trait of Reflection. In the PYP, Reflection is both a Key Concept and an attribute of the Learner Profile. It states that ?we thoughtfully consider the world and our own ideas and experience and that we work to understand our strengths and weaknesses in order to support our learning and personal development.? Reflection is ongoing in our school. It helps us to look back at the year that has passed and look forward to the next one with the lens of: What were our successes, achievements, failures, what is still pending, and what are future goals? As parents, your opinion, feedback and reflections are highly valued. We invite you to share them with us.

Grade 11 Advertising collaboration Our Grade 4 students are learning about advertising and persuasive techniques. For the rest of this unit, we will be collaborating with our Grade 11 business students. We are very fortunate to have their knowledge and skills to help guide us through our learning. Thank you Ms Burkett for facilitating this collaboration.

Grade 5 transition into Secondary As part of their transition to Secondary, all Grade 5 students visited the MIA park on Wednesday, April 18th. Students of Grade 6B class accompanied them in team- building games. All students and teachers enjoyed the activities: Human knots, Relay, Lava flow, Blind Hit and All Aboard. Grade 5 students also interviewed Grade 6 students, who gladly answered their questions on the differences between PYP and MYP and the new challenges lying ahead. More transition activities will follow in the next weeks, for the current ?Who we Are? Unit of Inquiry.





World Scholar's Cup Celebration of Learning Grade 4 On Tuesday, April 17th, grade 4 help their final Celebration of Learning in conjunction with their Unit of Inquiry, Who We Are. Over the course of the unit, groups of students researched the different systems of the body, what things that can affect that particular system, as well as what we can do to keep these systems of the body healthy. Students demonstrated their knowledge as well as the models that they created in excellent fashion.

How advertising can manipulate our thinking and influence our decisions Grade 4 has been studying television advertisements. We have been looking at the claims that advertisers say their products can provide to the consumer, specifically 'Slapchop'. Via a vote, most students believed that this product was efficient and superior to using a knife. To that end, Grade 4 had a product testing activity. We took the advertised food chopper and pitted it against a regular kitchen knife. At the end of the activity, we had another vote. At that point, most students had changed their minds based on what they saw. Critical thinking was at play, well done Grade 4!

Secondary School News Grade 6 Science and Mathematics Throughout this academic year, Science and Mathematics have been coupled to provide Grade 6B students with meaningful interdisciplinary connections. As part of their States of matter Unit, Grade 6 Science students have investigated how the temperature changes as ice melts and water boils. Students applied their knowledge on lab equipment and safety to set up the investigation. They took measurements of temperature over the course of 20 minutes as ice melted into water and then boiled into water vapour and explained their findings using their understanding of the Particles Theory of Matter. Students subsequently plotted the collected data using GeoGebra, an online graphing tool.

Student Support Services Empathy, Growth and Community This academic year we are undergoing a change to a more holistic way of responding to challenging behavior. At the heart of this shift has been a re- emphasis of restorative justice and its place in developing and maintaining healthy learning relationships. In this process, we have also outlined the four step process to respond to physically or verbally aggressive behaviour. Overall, the pastoral changes this year set the context for collaboration and maximized learning potential. As we go through these changes it is important to take inventory of what we have done and to what extent these initiatives have had an impact. During the month of April, we developed several statements that speak to the major pastoral changes. Below is a summary of these statements: -

The importance of student responsibility for behavior sits at the heart of our current systems continue...






Students are constantly challenged to understand their own behaviors and question their behavior choices The process of how we track student behavior has allowed me to know more about issues which have happened involving students in my class As a teacher, I am aware of the planned follow up procedures which need to take place either through me or a member of PLT As a teacher, I feel supported in developing the behaviour patterns of my students As a teacher, I feel supported in following up with parents where necessary Incidents which happen are always investigated There are clear and incremental steps taken in instances where physical behaviors have occured Students are provided with the opportunity to learn different patterns for future behavior, through the discussions and strategies which are put in place following behavior incidents Students are supported in developing empathy for others through the discussions and strategies put in place following incidents Our current process assists parents in supporting their children when behavior incidents have been reported Different teachers can be informed about and contribute to the tracking and supporting of student pastoral needs The system of tracking and supporting students allows applicable teachers to refer a student for any of our student support services (Learning Support, EAL, Counselling or Student Of Concern) In situations of student support, investigation, decisions, communication and support happen in a timely manner

As we look to understand and realize these statements further, some of the work that we are involved in includes: -

Reviewing the Respect Policy Involving students in the reflecting/planning of student- led conferences Mentorship programs Behavior improvement training Modeling appropriate interaction Student interviews Breaktime activity committee run by students Guest teaching - providing mini- lessons that target the development of healthy learning relationships Developing mindfulness - a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts

As these holistic approaches continue to evolve, several points remain important. We value positive learning relationships. Central to developing this model of interaction is a strong practice of restorative justice, an acknowledgment and value of student voice and an ongoing commitment by parents to stay engaged in their child?s learning.

Arabic Department Arabic Book Fair The Arabic Department at ISL Qatar, are delighted to invite you to the first book fair that will be held in the school from May 6 to May 10. During this week, students from different grades ( Primary and Secondary ) will participate in various activities, where parents will be invited. On Tuesday May 8, Arabic Primary Assembly will be held, where students will reflect their understanding to their units of inquiry.

Visual and Performance Arts "STIMULUS" Our Visual Arts Faculty is delighted to celebrate the creativity of our students through the presentation of an exhibition at the Katara Arts Centre. Works exhibited are selected from our International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme and represent a wide range of ages and stages of artistic development. Families and friends are invited to view between 6th May until 16th May at Katara Arts Centre No5 Gallery, which is open daily 10.00am- 9.00pm. Rationale Through sensory exploration and interaction students learn to explore their feelings and confirm their understanding of the world through the senses. The Visual Arts provide a means whereby the student can explore alternative ways of communicating, understanding and interacting. This exhibition is a visual celebration of works that have developed from a wide range of artistic inquiry and stimulus.





Grade 12 DP Art Exhibition ?Mind Hive?

As the sun went down on another day at ISL Qatar, the D Room was a buzz with excitement for the opening of the DP Visual Art Exhibition. Twelve students showcased their artwork to family and friends, whilst speaking confidently about what they have achieved over the past 18 months of the course. Highlights from the evening were the heartfelt, yet humorous opening speeches from Milla De Lange and Pruthvi Vellanki and the overall transformation of the D Room into a bonafide art gallery.

Qatar Primary School Choir of the Year Competition Last week, ISL Qatar's Primary Choir participated in the Qatar Primary School Choir of the Year competition at the Shangri- La Hotel. The event was organised by Doha College. On the first day, students participated in a workshop led by the UK- based conductor Greg Beardsell. On the second day, students sung two songs as part of the heat: 'Sing Together' and the set piece, 'Somewhere Out There'. The choir sung well and enjoyed participating in this event. See more photos on the page of the event.

College Counseling SAT/ACT Prep Test Update We recently collaborated with Score Plus/ The Princeton Review to in a mock SAT/ACT test. These full- length practice tests offer students the opportunity to practice test- taking strategies and determine baseline scores prior to taking the official SAT and ACT college entrance exams. Both the SAT and ACT tests are widely used by U.S. colleges to determine admissions and award scholarships. The following students have received a 50% scholarship for our SAT preparation courses: PSAT Winners: -

Muhammed Anwer (1230/ 1520) which means he scored better than 94% of all other test takers nationally.- Awarded 50% Scholarship on the PSAT/Early Edge/SAT preparation course

SAT Winners: -

Ghassan Younes scored 1290 out of 1600 which means he scored better than 87% of all other test takers nationally. Awarded 50% Scholarship on the PSAT/Early Edge/SAT preparation course

I would also like to mention that although they scored the highest among their peers, their total score lies in the average percentile range. SO they would need to practice more to achieve an internationally competitive score of 1300+ points in SAT. Just as a point of reference Sammi Bou Ghanem took the official SAT and holds the highest score thus far with 1490. We plan to conduct a follow- up workshop with the participants next week.





Global Citizenship and Community Action AKISMUN 2018 Our students who represented our school at the AKISMUN 2018 conference on Friday 20th April 2018 did us proud. We had a delegation of 15 ISL Qatar students representing Syria, Algeria, Peru and Ethiopia. Seven of our students were in leadership role and were either recognised as best delegate or honorable mention for their committees. Student Officer ? Enisha S and Muhammed Z A Best Delegate - Sebastian S, Raseel Al T and Sanad Al K Honorable Mentions ? Julia AlJ and Aida Al E Congratulations to all students and the Head of MUN Ms Smita Shetty for continuous support. Model United Nations - MUN, is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations.

Qatar Debates National Two teams from ISL Qatar had qualified for the National Debating ?playoff? held on Saturday 21st April. The girls?team, Raseel AlT, Tanya D and Charlotte L, participated in the pre- quarter finals and did very well against a strong team from Doha Modern Indian School. It is the first time the Girls?team have participated in a competition of this kind and has come very far in their progress. The more experienced boys team, Muhammed Z A, Karim Elg and Kritant S, participated in the quarter finals and were very close to be victorious against a team from Ahmad Bin Hanbal School. Both teams did our school extremely proud and it looks good on the debating horizon for the future. A special thanks to the coaches Smita Shetty, Katie Gellatly and Marilou Sedano for their passionate support during this debating season.

Sports News and Extra Curricular Activities Grade 8 girls finish second in the U16s Netball League

Term 3 ECAs The ECAs in term 3 are now up and running. Kindly note the ECAs will only run until the Holy Month of Ramadan starts. For any additional sign- ups, removals or queries regarding the ECAs, please contact Robert Nidsjo,

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