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Newsletter 7 Thursday 1 March 2018

Sunday March 4 Monday 5 Tuesday 6 07:00- 12:30 Vision Screening Grade 1 & 3 07:30- 13:45 Early Childhood Admission Assessments 12:00- 14:30 PE Uniform Pop Up Sale 13:45- 15:20 QUESS U12s Girls' Football Fixtures

07:00- 09:00 Vision Screening Grade 5 07:30- 13:45 Grade 2 A, B, C Field Trip

Uniforms Pop Up Store Information

07:00- 09:00 Vision Screening Grade 5 11:30- 12:00 4A Assembly

Thursday 8

Wednesday 7 Vision Screening Grade 1 & 3

07:30- 12:15 PYP Sports Day

08:30- 13:00 Visit to LULU Supermarket, Grade 1 13:00- 20:30 Regional Round: World Scholar's Cup Grade 6- 11 Students 14:30- 17:30 First Aid Training Course for Staff

Uniform Accessories

Sat 10

Fri 9

08:00- 17:30 Regional Round: World Scholar's Cup for Grade 6- 11 Students 08:30- 09:30 Parent Workshop 14:30- 17:30 First Aid Training Course for Staff

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Message from the Head of School, David Monk The Secondary School ?Innovation Week?and the ?Week Without Walls?, held at the same time as the Grade 12 mock exams, was World Scholar's Cup a perfect example of the dilemma and contradictions that we face in the world of education today. We have to consider how we prepare our children for the unknown, with the majority of them destined to have five or more careers, often in fields that don?t even exist yet. Our children will enter a world that will demand the skills of innovation, creativity, and the ability to work collaboratively...skills that were well utilised and developed by our Grade 6 ? 11 students during this week. Meanwhile, the Grade 12 students were sitting their mock exams. An intensive week which provides them with an opportunity to practice in an exam environment and to experience the intensive pressure that they will be under during the month of May, when they take their final exams. Their success in these exams will demand very different skills, in terms of structured learning through revision and the ability to recall information. It is with these issues in mind, that I invite you to join me for an informal gathering to discuss how we can seek to be innovative and creative in preparing our children for life beyond school. The details of this event are as follows: Date: Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Location: D Room, 1st Floor

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Dounia Slaoui at the following email address:

Parent Advisory Groups I was extremely pleased to see the first meeting of the Primary and Secondary Advisory Groups take place at 6:00 pm on Monday 26 February. It was attended by a small group of committed parents. The purpose of these groups is to bring the parents into formal discussions about future developments within the school. Proposals presented by the Primary and Secondary School Heads will be discussed and likely parental and student reaction considered. The group will advise the administration on matters of general interest to the parents. I would love to see more parents involved in these groups, so if you are interested in taking part in these discussions please contact Roula Ismail ( or Nick Botting (

Re- enrolment A kind reminder to all parents that our re- enrolment for the next Academic Year, 2018- 2019, is now open. We kindly request you confirm or decline your child?s place by using the link in the email we sent to you at the beginning of this week no later than March 31st. This will secure your place for 2018- 2019, or help us provide you the necessary help moving to your next destination. If for any reason you have not received our email with link and instructions, please contact our admissions officers or Important Notice Please note that there will be no increase in ISL Qatar fees for the academic year 2018- 2019.

Open Morning ISL Qatar held the Open Morning on Tuesday 27 of February. Prospective parents listened to our Head of School who explained in detail how the IB Diploma Programme is structured across all grade levels and how it helps the students to face a globalised world. Open Morning events are the best way for prospective parents to learn more about the school and explore our state- of- the- art campus. New families met our Head of School, Head of Secondary, Head of Primary and the Admissions Team who provided them with an overview on the IB Programmes offered by the school and the learning environment.





Are you ready for the ISL Qatar annual International Family Food Fair? This Saturday 1:00 ? 4:00 pm Our celebration of culture and diversity is almost here! Here are some details for parents and staff who will making or donating food. Food delivery? Suggested delivery time for food dishes is between 12:00 and 12:30 latest Table and display panel decoration? Panels will be set up in each region from Saturday morning and you are welcome to come any time before the Fair to decorate (posters, photos, small flags, table cloths, etc). Depending on the availability, panels will have to be shared. Allocated table space? Tables are grouped by region so please share!? If you have more food than space, use the area behind the tables and bring out your delicacies as required. Plates, cutlery and napkins etc? a selection of plastic/paper plates, etc., will be in place when you arrive. You will need to bring serving spoons, serving dishes or any special equipment. Please label any item you bring with your name and your child?s homeroom. There are no real cooking facilities and electrical outlets are limited! Helping behind the tables? Please be aware that nationalities with smaller numbers may need assistance if they are unable to man the table area at all times. We are looking forward to a fantastic day and wonderful dishes!





Message from the Head of Primary In this week? s message I had wanted to tell you about the exciting ?outside school?learning adventures that our World Scholar's Cup students have experienced, the inspiring celebrations of learning that took place in school with your presence, and the entertaining and informative assemblies presented every Tuesday. But I need to talk you about something else: how we can teach students to learn from their mistakes. As you remember earlier this year we shared with you our beliefs and values about student behaviour in school. We also shared with you our step by step guide to tackling incidents that go against our value system in school. I am happy to say that these new measures have improved student behaviour and have also impacted student initiatives and action within the school community. We would like to share with you two learning stories where students have used their mistakes as learning opportunities in order to make a difference. We are very proud of them and hope that they will inspire others to do the same. Over the last week, we have had the pleasure to have a student helping us in the Primary Library, Book World. Each day, the student has supported us in organizing books being returned, shelving books and helping us take inventory. Over the week, we have had the opportunity to build relationships and communicate around and through books. We endeavor to instill in every student a value of care. As we develop our school, it is important for all of us to have ways to give back and serve our community. In a different part of the school, we had two students supporting the KG/EC playground. These students came out to help us facilitate the organization and maintenance of the playground. Tasks included sorting and tidying equipment. The students also had the chance to interact with some of our younger learners around the theme of taking care of our learning environment. We are finding that great learning benefits come from giving students a second chance, providing structured opportunities to serve the school community while holding the development of relationships at the center.

International Family Food Fair I have heard many wonderful things about the International Family Food Fair.It will be an exciting melting pot of different cultures, international delicacies, games and music from all over the world, with each country taking pride in showcasing their food and their culture.I am very much looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

Living Museum - Celebration of Learning Grade 4 On Sunday, February 18th, grade 4 held their Celebration of Learning in conjunction with their unit of inquiry which focused on explorers and inventors and how they impacted the world we live in. Over the course of the unit, students chose a particular explorer or inventor that sparked curiosity in their learning. They then researched this particular person focusing on the perspectives and impacts they had on the world. Students then demonstrated their knowledge in our celebration of learning.

See more photos here

Author Visit - Joseph Witchall Joseph Witchall is an Illustrator and artist, based in green and rainy Devon, England. He has illustrated several books and comics and has worked as a graphic designer and animator. When he's not illustrating books he teaches the skills and crafts to students in both the primary and secondary.





Secondary School News Parent Advisory Group - First Meeting The Parent Advisory Group held its first meeting on Monday at 6pm. Eight of us representing students from EC to G11 shared our individual perspectives on the strengths of the school and identified areas for development. We also began to review how our four pillars, identity, understanding, passion and diversity drive the growth of 21st century learners and discussed what an additional fifth pillar might look like. To conclude we identified future areas for consideration in our next few meetings... 1. 2. 3. 4.

Feedback on student progress - the reporting process The use of social media Parental engagement Innovation

...and set a homework task: How might a change to the starting time of the school day impact the quality of learning? Should other parents wish to join us please contact: Roula Ismail ( or Nick Botting (

Innovation Week Last week, students embarked on the Week Without Walls, also known as Innovation Week. We came into the week with vague ideas of what we would be exploring and ended the week confidently with articulate and engaged students pitching their innovations to a panel of esteemed judges. Our judges, Mr. Monk, Mr. Botting, Mrs. Jeffery, and Mrs. Irac had their work cut out for them as they heard ideas about reforming our school's canteen menu, helping animals through a knitting project, incorporating an Olympics- like event into the school year, and developing an ISL marketplace. In the end, the judges selected the Sports group's idea of developing a school mascot as the winning pitch. Although there was only one first place, the judges were so impressed by the ideas that other innovations may be selected for future implementation. In the days since innovation week, students have expressed their delight in working with students from other grades with whom they would not normally encounter, as well as learning research and presentations skills. Overall, the week was an innovation in itself demonstrating the creative, thoughtful, and collaborative nature of our students.

Grade 8 - Ecotourism Trip to Sri Lanka Recap - Science and Humanities Day 1: Our first day was spent visiting mangroves, where we took a boat ride to explore the wildlife/biodiversity. We came across water monitors, various birds, monkeys, and fruit bats. We then planted our own trees and learned the cinnamon making process, where most of us gave skinning a cinnamon tree a try. On the way home we stopped by the tsunami museum, built after the devastating 2004 tsunami and spoke to survivors and heard the life stories after the tragic natural disaster. We saw the statue of the Buddha standing to a height of 30m which was the exact height of the wave that hit Colombo. It was built where the most casualties were. Day 2: We woke early in the morning to board a boat taking us on a 4 hour ride to see cetacea. Unfortunately, because we were at the front of the boat, by the end people were soaking wet and freezing, and many had been sick. We did manage to see dolphins, the tail of a whale, sea turtles and flying fish. We later visited Galle Fort, (a Dutch fort) where we saw the sights, talked to locals, got insights on the impacts of tourists on the locals, got ice cream and shopped for gifts. Day 3: We drove 2 hours to get to Udawalawe National Park. When there, we split up into trucks, where we drove around the national park, observing the animals. We saw elephants, water buffalo, many different birds and for a second, a crocodile. One of the elephants tried sticking his trunk into two of the trucks at one point! Day 4: We visited the Weherahena Poorwarama Rajamaha Viharaya temple. We learnt about the history of the Buddha religion, why the Buddha is portrayed as colourful and got Kalva?s tried to our wrist as a symbol of protection against evil. We also went up lots of stairs and got to see the statue of the Buddha in its position of prayer.For our last day we visited a tea plantation famous for their Virgin White Tea. We also learned about rubber trees and how to plant them. We picked tea leaves, where Carmen, Maryam and Dylan won for picking the best leaves. From there we drove to a hotel close to the airport where we would stay for a night until we left the next morning for the airport. This trip was agreed to be an amazing and memorable experience for every student and teacher on it, where we experienced new culture/ traditions, learnt about the history of Colombo, bonded amongst ourselves and with our guides, Raj, Bob, Will and Charlie. We ate great food, had long bus rides, unintentionally provided homes to lots of geckos in our hotel room, bought lots of expensive tea, had lots of mosquito bites even though when had insect repellent and saw lots of fascinating animals. It was a great five days to remember and add to our collection of life.





Mathematics The senior school is gearing up to celebrate Pi Day on 14th March and has planned lots of activities for the students including a Pi Recital competition, Piems, Pi Art, interactive demonstrations to estimate Pi and much more. Senior students will also be engaging with our primary colleagues and students to run special events with them during the day. In addition, Mr Haidar took 8 of students to participate in the Doha Pi Day Competition at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar and we are eagerly awaiting the results. During our classes this semester students have explored the significance of Pi in topics including trigonometry, area, volume, probability and number theory. A display of this work and the finals of many of the competitions will be held during lunch time on March 14th in the D- Room. Parents are invited to visit the exhibition from 12:00 to 1:00pm.

DP Biology - Doha College Medical Review Conference On Saturday February 24th, three of our students, Julia Al Jamal, Ra?nna Mughal, and Kritant Dahoo attended this years Medical Review Conference, hosted by Doha College. The conference was an opportunity for aspiring medical students to get an idea of what life as a doctor would be like. Teams were invited to give short presentations regarding the recent developments in medicine; The ISL- Q team presenting on the topic of Maternal Fetal Medicine (Obstetrics and Antenatal Care). Presentations were initially judged by teachers from participating schools, and finalists faced the challenging judging panel of Doctors and medical experts. ?Qatar has befittingly established Health and Medicine within one of their National Vision 2030 pillars, as it will continue to be a global challenge. Through attending this years Medical Review Conference, we saw how far medicine has come as well as where it is heading.? - Ra?nna Mughal. ?The Medical Review Conference not only gives students the opportunity to explore different areas of medicine, but also a ground to share knowledge, perspective, teamwork, and social development.? - Julia Al Jamal.

Visual and Performance Arts Arts Festival

ISL Qatar will host the Arts Festival from 18th to the 28th of March A Celebration of the Arts for all ages! Come and watch a variety of Art, Music, Drama, Song and Dance presentations!

Tickets will be available for collection from the 11th of March at reception for: -

Piano Recital by Denys Bodnar on Sunday the 18th of March at 10:00am Collaborative Drama in the Auditorium on Sunday the 18th of March at 5:00pm Parent/ Teacher Concert in the Auditorium on Monday the 19th of March at 2:30pm African Drumming workshop in the Auditorium on Tuesday the 20th of March at 10:00am Greek Music workshop in the Auditorium on Wednesday 21st of March at 10:00am Tuesday the 20th of March ? song and dance performance in the Majelis ? OPEN TO EVERYONE! 12.30pm Wednesday 21st of March ? Acoustic night in the Majelis. At 5:30pm. OPEN TO EVERYONE!

Student Support Services G10 TDaP Vaccinations

Parenting The Love & Logic Way

MoPH staff will visit school on Wednesday March 14th to administer the vaccine. Please return the consent form asap. This is an important booster to help protect your child and the

Would you like to learn how to set limits without waging war?

wider community! If you need further information:

Thursday 8th March 2018 in the D room from 08.30am- 09.30am.

Learn the secret to setting enforceable limits? Learn how to teach kids to listen the first time we ask? Miss Jen the whole school Counselor invites parents of EC KG GRADE 1, to join her for a Love & Logic Workshop Please secure a place using the sign up sheet found on reception desk (Limited to 25 places) Thank You

Car Park and Road Safety For safety reasons, it would be appreciated if all parents could adhere to our requirement to keep clear the immediate area by the gates, both front and back, during the times of drop off and pick- up. In addition, could we request that all efforts are taken to maintain the swift flow of traffic by not blocking the driveway as children are being picked up or dropped off. Sometimes, this will mean that children need to walk a little further however, this in itself is an opportunity to learn to overcome simple challenges and to build the skill of resilience. It will also mean that we?re able to maintain the most calm and efficient environment possible, whilst recognizing that we do have a great deal of traffic to contend with at this time of the day. Finally, as a more general feature of road safety, the use of safety seatbelts is one of the most important road safety messages to share with young people and so your support in sharing this information and taking action to use these belts would be most helpful to our students. The video clip below illustrates clearly the comparative impacts of wearing or not wearing such seatbelts.





Healthy Habits for Academic Success To help ensure academic success it is important for each student to attend school at least 90% of the academic year. Unfortunately there will be occasions when your child is unable to attend due to illness. In general older children will get more than 3 colds per year, elementary children will at least double that. Children new to school, or new to the area will be exposed to many common childhood illnesses for the first time resulting in even more time out of school. During these times it is important that your child does not attend, especially if they have a communicable disease and still considered contagious. They should only return to school when they are well and ready to take part in all school activities. On occasion, your child may exhibit symptoms of illness whilst at school. When this happens the school nurse will phone you to discuss the situation and may require you to pick up early. Sick days and early pick up are difficult for most families to organize themselves around. Take some time to put together a family action plan as a reminder of healthy habits and plan what needs the family has when someone is sick. Do not hesitate to contact the school nurse for advice Action Plan -

Contact information is up to date Correct hand washing procedure Early to bed and undisturbed full night?s sleep Healthy nutrition (no/limited added sugars)


Breakfast every morning before school Plenty of water to drink Replace all juice with milk Vaccinations up to date ? include flu vaccine 15/health/avoid- school- germs/index.html stages/gradeschool/school/pages/ Ten-Tips- for- Your- Childs- Success- in- School.aspx

Professional Learning at ISL Qatar Starting from the Point of Difference During the first weekend of February, the International School of London Qatar had the opportunity to take part in the Next Frontier Inclusion (NFI) conference hosted by the American School of Paris (ASP). Teachers, administrators, students and parents from various international schools joined together for deep conversations about how schools can build both cultures and structures which embrace a diversity of learners. Taken from the Reggio Emilia approach, the emphasis was on learning which starts from a point of difference. The conference was marked by the power of student and parent panels. The inclusion of both student and parent voices affirms the importance of having open and honest conversations about the successes and struggles inherent in the learning process. The students spoke of times when they felt judged by their teachers and excluded by their peers. Parents revealed their heartfelt gratitude for teachers who believe in their children and serve as anchors in times of frustration and sadness. The emphasis was on the importance of having -

teachers who believe in every student, parents who advocate for their children and peers who accept everyone for who they are and what each individual contributes to the school.

In our journey to practice more inclusive learning, listening to our students and parents is undoubtedly one way to make progress. Building our partnerships, nurturing our sense of belonging and strengthening our trust helps our students find success. What we learnt from the student and parent panels is that information without relationships is not knowledge. The NFI conference was inspiring as it forced us to reflect back on our school and take inventory of the accomplishments we have made. It also provided us with rich discussions that enabled us to dream up what we would like the future to look like. What we know is that building our culture of inclusion reflects our core values of diversity, understanding, identity and passion. As with every teacher at ISL Qatar, we look forward to helping our school continue to live its mission and become even stronger in serving our families. Colin and Jenny Powell

Global Citizenship and Community Action Qatar Debate Tournament On Saturday, February 10th, two teams of our ISL Qatar boys competed in the second Qatar Debate Secondary School Tournament held at Hassan bin Thabit Secondary School for Boys. Both teams represented our school proudly, debating issues confidently and articulately. The team consisting of Mubarak Al Naimi,AbdulazizAl Badr and Ali Al Maliki competed admirably and used feedback to strengthen their skills throughout the tournament, ending with a victory on the last debate of the day. The team consisting of Karim Elgammal, Ziyad Anwer, and Kritant Dahoo continued their winning streak from the first tournament with four more wins, resulting in an overall second place finish at this tournament. Congratulations to both teams, you have made us proud! The following Saturday February 17th, two teams of our ISL Qatar girls competed in the second Qatar Debate Secondary School Tournament held at Sherborne School Qatar. The teams were - Ranna M, Aida E and Labiba R and Raseel AlT, Tanya D and Charlotte L. Both teams provided evidence of critical and analytical skills in all rounds of the tournament. They won most of the rounds and Ranna M was the top reply speaker at this event. Congratulations to the students.





GCCA Assembly The first GCCA assembly took place last Sunday and we could see a range of different student initiatives showcased. Students are focusing on how to reduce plastic waste, a new take on the Lunch project, the Rooftop Garden where we are thinking of growing edible vegetables and many more student led activities. David Jonsson from World Volunteers presented how he took his first steps to build an organisation with projects in Laos. Volunteers are building houses that local villages can later rent out via Airbnb.

Jordan Hattar visit Jordan Hattar is a young humanitarian who is currently travelling round the world to give presentations about his work in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. On Monday he visited ISL Qatar and gave his speech to students in Grade 10 to 12. It was a thought creating presentation and the students stayed on afterwards to hear more about Jordan?s experiences. Jordan was invited to the ISL Qatar from an initiative by Marzia Foglietti in Grade 12. Marzia had the fortune to listen Jordan Httar a year ago and thought it would be a great idea to invite him and give other students the same experience as Marzia got.

YouthMobile Qatar On Thursday Marion Desmurger from MobileApps came to present about a project that will take place during March and April. Students from Grade 6 to 8 will have the chance to learn more about how to build apps and what they can be used for. Five schools in total are involved in the project and at the end of the project all schools will participate in an app- building competition. For more information about the project please contact Mr Said Hasanov,

Extracurricular Activities (ECA) Last sessions of the Term The last sessions of the ECAs this term will take place in the week commencing with Sunday 11th March. The only ECAs that will continue are the Tuesday external activities: Mad Science, Mini Tennis, Robotics Grade 1- 3 and Lego Kg on Tuesday 20th March. Taekwondo will have one session on Tuesday 27th March as well. ECAs for term 3 will be announced before the Spring Break and start in the first week back after the holiday.

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