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Newsletter 6 Thursday 21 January 2018

Sunday Feb 4 Monday 5

11:15- 12:00 pm PYP Mother Tongue Assembly

Start of Week 17 12:00- 14:30 pm Uniform Pop Up Sale

Sunday 11

Tuesday 6

Monday 12

Tuesday 13

Wednesday 7

Thursday 8

7:00- 8:00 am G1 Field Trip

07:00am - 13:20pm PYP Sports Day

Sat 10

Fri 9

Qatar Schools Debate for Boys

07:30am - 12:15pm Primary Choir Festival

Thursday 15

Wednesday 14

Fri 16

Sat 17

Grade 12 Mock Exams Qatar National Sports Day

Menu February 4 to 8

07:45 - 9:15am KG Celebration of Learning - Who we are

Grade 11 Trip - Diploma Subjects in Action

Grade 9 &10 Design Trip

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Message from the Head of School, David Monk World Scholar's Cup Teacher Recruitment I am sure that many of you are not aware that the teacher recruitment season is upon us, and January and February are very busy times! As a result, I was absent from school during the last 10 days attending recruitment fairs that give International Schools from all over the world the opportunity to interview teachers who are looking for new positions. While change is an inevitable consequence of life in an international school it is important to maintain a low turnover rate of staff as this has tremendous advantages in developing essential relationships with students and parents as well as ensuring a continuity of the programmes that we deliver. I am very pleased to report that ISL Qatar has been very successful in looking for new staff, and that we do have a reduction in the number of teachers to replace across the whole school. I will produce a full list of who will be leaving us, and introducing new staff, later in the school year. I am also very pleased to report that the ISL, Qatar has a growing reputation worldwide, and that this is based upon the wonderful work that our teachers do every day in and out of the classroom. Having talked to many teachers at the recruitment fairs that I have already attended this month, I can tell you that there is an awareness that ISL is a dynamic and positive place to work, and the fact that so many teachers are interested in joining us speaks volumes for the standing of our school in the world of international education.

Innovation in ISL Qatar Those of you who read the Newsletter last month will remember that we ISL Qatar wishes to consider how we can ensure that our students develop the ability to innovate and create? If you would like to be part of a working group to consider this question please email me at

Academic Calendar 2018- 2019 You will find the draft calendar for the next academic year here. Please note that this calendar has not yet been approved by the Ministry of Education and so may well be subject to change.





International Family Food Fair 2018

The International Family Food Fair (IFFF) is a fantastic celebration of diversity and an event which delights everyone in the family. On Saturday March 3rd, our school will be transformed into an international cuisine extravaganza, a performance and dance centre, a fun- filled games arcade and a prize draw. We are seeking assistance in the following areas: - Cuisine and Food Hall. We need parents to help coordinate the day. Particularly, we need volunteers to reach out to parents to provide their tasty national dishes. We are seeking parents and staff volunteers from as many nationalities as possible.

- Prize Draw: Last year the prize draw was hugely popular and well supported by businesses from all over Doha. We are actively searching for prize donations from interested companies who would like to be our partners in this event. If you would like to donate a prize from your company or business, please let us know. - Performances. Do you know of performers from your home country, living here in Doha, who would volunteer to come perform on March 3rd? Does your family have a traditional dance or music you would like to share? We are looking for performers who will delight the ISL Qatar community. - Games. Students lead the coordination of the games and activities on the day. If you have an arcade type game you enjoyed as a child to share, we would like to hear from you. Parents are encouraged to help their children lead a game or activity. Please take the time to fill out the below questionnaire to see how you can be a part of this exciting event. IFFF Questionnaire The success of the event comes down to support from parents, students, staff and company sponsors. Please feel free to speak or email Wesal Abdelbaset for more details

From the Admin Office Uniform Supplier

Cafeteria News

The Uniform supplier will have a Pop Up Shop at ISL Qatar after the Winter Holidays on the following dates at the Atrium: February 4th 12.00 - 2.30 pm February 18th 12.00 - 2.30 pm March 4th 12.00 - 2.30 pm March 18th 12.00 - 2.30 pm

Please access the following link for the weekly preorder forms Weekly Pre Order Form

To learn more about the Pop Up Shop and how it works, please click here





Message from the Head of Primary World Scholar's Cup ?Assessment? identifies what students know, understand, can do and feel at different stages in the learning process.? Making the PYP Happen p44

Dear Parents, This week you will be receiving your child?s term one report card. Teachers will share with you their feedback on how your child is performing in terms of the Units of Inquiry, languages, maths, and all other Single Subjects such as music, and P.E. This report card is only one assessment tool, out of many, that we use to give a snapshot of your child?s learning journey so far. Other assessment reporting tools include: our 3- way conferences, student- led conferences, and portfolios. In using assessment tools and strategies we aim to involve students in their own learning, report students? progress and achievement, allow teachers to expand their teaching, contribute to the efficiency of the program, and finally to drive future decisions. In the report card, under each comment you will see a section titled ?Next Steps for Learning? with some suggestions by the teachers of what each student needs to focus on for this term. Coming up next month (February 21) is a three- way conference, where the teachers, students and parents will get together. All stakeholders will have an opportunity to be active participants in looking back, reflecting, celebrating the learning successes, as well as, to look forward and plan future learning goals. We urge you to attend these conferences with your child, in order to share your ideas and reflections and be part of the his/her learning journey. HELP! Finally, as you know ?Action?is one of our PYP Essential Elements, that we try to promote and develop in our students. Usually authentic student action happens outside the school walls, when students are interacting with the world and others. So it may happen in your presence. We would like to ask you share with us any situation where your child has taken meaningful action. This information is part and parcel of assessing your child in terms of understanding the central idea and how it is put into practice. We hope you have a restful and enjoyable break. Roula 736x/aa/82/ 3e/aa823e29d4965124de2 10e87e26dd7a9- - ib- classroom- classroom- ideas.jpg

Curriculum Corner - a space for parents and staff

PYP Parent Session On Tuesday January 23rd we had our first PYP parent presentation to discuss the programme and answer questions from both new and returning parents. The session focused on presenting the macro picture of PYP: our school?s Program of Inquiry and the 5 Essential Elements of the programme (knowledge, skills, attitudes, concepts and action). We focused on how all the elements, and different subject areas, fit together and how children learn within such a transdisciplinary programme. The highlights of the session included the very interactive discussion that took place between the parents and the presenters, PYP Coordinator, Kim and Head of Primary, Roula, and the positive energy that was felt in the room. We hope to host a regular session every month that focuses on different elements of the PYP. Thank you to all who were able to attend, and we look forward to seeing you at the next session. Please email any questions or ideas for future sessions to Kim McDonald



Dear parents, do you have questions about the Primary Years Programme? Would you like to discuss an aspect of your child?s learning? Staff, would you like to discuss an aspect of your teaching, brainstorm, mark books, discuss student learning, plan? Then please join the Primary Leadership Team at the new Curriculum Corner table in the atrium for a chat, some quiet time or for some inspiration! We look forward to seeing you! Kim McDonald PYP Coordinator



World Scholar's CupSharing the Planet' PYP Unity of Inquiry' EC1 students visited Al Mana farm on Tuesday the 16th which provided them with opportunities to enhance their knowledge about and further their inquiry into animals. The children met and interacted with a variety of animals including lambs, calves, rabbits, guinea pigs and chicks. The children took care of them by feeding them and petting them. We would like to thank Mr. Hisham and Mr. Kamal Al Mana for their generous hospitality as the children had amazing moments with the animals.

PYP Unit of Inquiry' Sharing the Planet' The Grade 2's had their Celebration of Learning on Wednesday 24th January in the Auditorium for the unit How we express ourselves. This unit included subject strands like The Performing Arts and English Literacy. Students worked hard throughout the unit to write their own stories and play scripts and worked collaboratively in groups on developing their performances which included puppets, dancing, miming, singing, drama etc. They also focused on using, props, costumes, dialogue and ideas on how to engage the audience. Students demonstrated the IB PYP attitudes of enthusiasm, creativity, and confidence as they express their creative ideas. Parents enjoyed the Celebration of Learning and were very proud of their children.

KG Assembly





Secondary School News Term Two has certainly started with a bang and the holiday seems already to be a distant memory. First Semester Reports have now been circulated for all students in G6 ? G9, the G10 students are frantically addressing the development of their personal projects, G11 students are now embarking on the Extended Essay journey whilst those in G12 are reaching their EE destination and are completing viva voce interviews as I write. Soon after the break, mock examinations begin for our G12 students whilst many of our older students will be travelling outside of Qatar on a variety of educational trips. Those students remaining in Qatar will be engaged all week in an exciting new venture ? Innovation Week. Innovation Week 2018 provides students with an opportunity to positively impact the wider school community through investigating innovation in an area that is of interest to them. They will be placed in small groups according to similar interests and will get to choose what they want to learn, how they learn more about it, and what to create with what they have learned. Teachers will be on hand throughout the week to support each group in developing the skills needed to progress, but they will not tell students what to learn, how to learn it, or what to create with what they have learned. Here is the main theme for the week:

Innovation Week The goal of Innovation Week is to allow students to work with each other in order to facilitate change on a local level. Students will be working across grade levels, learning skills and developing their ideas for innovation and change. Change comes from within. Students will be given the opportunity to think critically and creatively about issues going on in the world, as well as issues they see within our community. Students will have one week to focus on their passions, discuss problems and solutions, and choose an idea that they believe is innovative and has the potential to create real change. As Albert Einstein stated, ?We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.?

THIMUN ISL Qatar students are participating in the 7th Annual THIMUN Qatar Conference from 23 - 26 January 26, 2018.





Visual and Performance Arts Battle of the Bands ISL Qatar hosted for the second time in a row 'Battle of the Bands' 2018. There were six schools participating including our own: GEMS, Sherborne, ACS, DBS, Doha College, and ISL Qatar. Eight bands performed at the gym, where a luminous stage with electric guitars, microphones and a beautiful Yamaha set of drums were ready for the show. Parents, teachers, and students were among the audience. The bands are: -

Sherborne ? Jamaha DBS ? Avalon ACS ? Indecision ISL Qatar - Outspoken GEMS - Steemgate ISL Qatar - The Inhalers Doha College - Puffle Sherborne ? Shard

See more photos of the event on Facebook page here

The judges were Mike Donald - Canadian (Lead singer with local band - Hot Mess), Frank Cuddumbey - International touring Singer/Pianist from South Africa and Vasileios Gkouzounas- resident guitar expert for 51 East / Yamaha / FNAC. The event was sponsored by 51 East. First prize was 4,000 QAR to spend on instruments at 51 East, together with being invited to perform in Lagoona Mall. 2nd prize was an invitation to perform also and each person received 150 QAR voucher for 51 East. In addition, a' star of the show' award was given to one member of each of the 8 bands for being the stand out musician in that band, either for their technical skills or performing energy. The winners were Steemgate from GEMS. They put together a rocking programme and delivered high quality performances across all instruments with an excellent vocal from the lead singer. Puffle (the champions of 2017) were narrowly pipped at the post and came in runner up this year, with particular commendations for the outstanding skills of the drummer Jack Dillon. There were also two bands who drew in 3rd place and so were invited to perform at 51 East also. Avalon from DBS and Outspoken from ISL Qatar. We are looking forward to an excellent turn out at that event and the date will be released soon! The event is sponsored by 51 East, FNAC, Yamaha, and RockSchool.





Student Support Services G10 Vaccinations


The Ministry of Public Health will be visiting school to administer TDaP vaccinations during their annual campaign. They will arrive at a date TBC between February 18th and March 15th. Please look out for the consent form after the break and return to the Nurse by Feb 15th. This is a free, booster vaccination which will help to keep your child safe from 3 preventable diseases. It is a good idea to keep all vaccines up to date, especially as many students travel internationally, and also necessary for admission to many universities and colleges. Please contact Sioux or Ailsa (the school nurses) for more information:

Resilience is having the ability to bounce back when things go wrong. Those who have developed resilience don?t dwell on failures, they learn from their mistakes, fall down and immediately get back up and move forward. Helping our children to develop resilience will give them the ability to adapt well to daily stressors or traumas, the skills to thrive through challenges and help them achieve success in school both academically and personally. There are many ways you can help your child build resilience, here are a few activities to start today:1. 2. 3.

Maintain a daily routine - all children crave structure in their lives Teach your child self care and health promotion activities: - Healthy eating, exercise, plenty of sleep, family fun time. Everyone needs to feel healthy and strong to navigate through each day Teach your child to set and achieve daily goals

?Fall down 7 times, stand up 8? (2018). Resilience Guide for Parents & Teachers. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Jan. 2018].

Update from Pastoral Leaders - Attendance & Dress Code We wish to emphasize the importance of consistent attendance and punctuality each and every day. Attendance and punctuality are both life skills which additionally help students to manage workloads, be fully aware of all aspects of school life and to develop relationships with teachers and other members of the class or homeroom group. We would also like to remind everyone of our dress code which requires respectful, comfortable clothing, with knees and shoulders covered. On days with Physical Education lessons children should wear their ISL Qatar Blue Polo shirt with orange stripes and blue shorts or track suit bottoms. Some details of the dress code are as follows: -

Shoulders, midriff (stomach) and knees should be covered and underwear should never be visible T- Shirts should not have offensive slogans Ripped jeans should not be worn Boys shorts can be above the knee but not excessively short For girls, leggings may only be worn with a top that comes below the hips (leggings are NOT trousers) Boys and girls should seek permission from Pastoral Leaders before wearing traditional/national dress to school

Global Citizenship and Community Action Grade 3 trip to Simaisma Beach Grade 3 have been studying the environment and one part was to look at the sea and what actions we can take to stop the pollution of the ocean. All grade 3 classes had the opportunity to listen to Arkan de Lomas?presentation on the impact humans have on environments, particularly the ocean. He discussed how the ocean and the species who rely on this habitat are threatened by man- made causes and the consequences that will arise. From this presentation, many Grade 3 students wanted to take ACTION. They planned that the whole grade should go to the beach to pick up litter. They reflected on their experience and discussed how their actions might encourage others to do the same. Congratulations Grade 3! Hopefully this will encourage you, your families and the Doha community to help create change by taking action to protect Qatar?s ocean and subsequent marine life.

Charities Before the winter break, ISL Qatar students and staff initiated charity projects such as Pink November and the Masithandane walk. Cheques of 5000QR each have now been handed over to Mr Omar Al Twaisi from the Qatar Cancer Society and our own Barby Tops representing the Masithandane charity. Masithandane is an NGO in Sedgefield, South Africa which helps to up- skill, uplift and educate people from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. ISL Qatar has organised this fund- raising walk for the past five years and previous funds donated have built an Early Childhood Centre in Sedgefield.





ISL Qatar Libraries BookWorld and Library Schedules

Overdue books

In order to have a more flexible time for parents to check out books, we have extended the closing times for Bookworld and the upstairs library. Bookworld will close on:


Upstairs Library will close on:

Monday at 3:00pm Tuesday at 1:00pm Thursday at 2:30pm

If a book has been lost or damaged, there are two options:

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday at 3:00pm Tuesday at 1:00pm Thursday at 2:30pm

Buy a new copy of the book and send it to the library. 2. Pay the QAR 200 fee. This is the standard fee across the school for lost or damaged library or literacy books. This covers the cost of sourcing the books in either UK or US, the freight charge, and the processing and cataloguing costs.

Sports News U19 & U16 Boys Football Our U19 and U16 Boys football seasons have now ended with both teams just missing out on the top spots. Our U19 boys finished joint 2nd after an excellent season. While our U16 boys finished 2nd on a head to head, despite having a superior goal difference. The boys have been a pleasure to coach and shown that extra effort attending Tuesday morning fitness sessions. For our Grade 12 students, wish you good look in your next adventure after ISL Qatar.

PYP Sports Day 2018

Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs)

Our PYP Sports day will be taking place on Thursday 8th February. A flyer with specific Grade level details will be sent out to parents.

The ECA sign up links on the School?s website have now been removed. Changes in the programme and additional sign- ups need to go through Mr Robert,

General Information Drop Off and Parking With a school of about 1000 students, more than 800 of whom arrive by car every day, there are problems of traffic and people congestion at certain times of the day. To ensure the safety of your children, we ask you follow the advice below. -

Parents should not park at the back gate of the school. Parents are requested to ensure that students arrive in good time to attend classes at the specified time in the morning. Parents arriving by car in the morning should drop children in the clearly indicated drop zone and follow the directions of our staff. Under no circumstances should cars be left unattended in the drop zone as this creates problems for other drivers and leads to greater traffic congestion. - Parents who wish to park should arrive early enough to secure a parking space. Only very young children should be walked to their class by parents, others should be dropped off to make their own way to class.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) All students in Grade 6 to 12, are required to bring their own electronic device (laptop, notebook or other) to ensure they can make use of the on- line resources we offer. Learn more about our BYOD Privacy Policy and Smartphone Policy

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From the Human Resources Office Recruitment at ISL Qatar We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following vacancies: PYP & MYP PE / Cover Teacher Only applicants with a graduate calibre and expertise in the field will be considered. Fluency in English is essential, Arabic is an advantage. Please apply through our website & provide references, contact details here

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