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Bulletin Week 30 Thursday 17 May 2018

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13:00 - 20:00, Rockschool Examinations

Week 30

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Kanteen will be closed during the Holy month of Ramadan

Message from the Head of School, David Monk World Scholar's Cup

Ramadan Greeting Message Ramadan Kareem to all members of the ISL Qatar Community. While this is a very special time for all of our Muslim families, I hope that we can all recognise that Ramadan is not just about fasting. It is a time in which we can all reflect, and give consideration to the values by which we live our lives. I hope that you have a happy and blessed Ramadan.

Student Absence In order to be ensure that we are being vigilant about the health and safety of our students, we are introducing a system of checking on student absence if we have not been notified of this absence by parents. From Sunday 13 May, if a student is absent from school and we have not received information about this absence, we will send an email to parents at 09:00 am, asking you to contact the school. I am sure that you understand that it is of extreme importance that we are aware of the location of all of our students during the school day. If students don't arrive at school we need to know that they are safe and that they have your permission to be absent. You can contact the school office to notify us of a student absence by phone OR ManageBac (Secondary School only) or email the Homeroom teacher (Primary school). You can contact the School office at the following number: School office: 4433 8600 In the event of an absence that is known in advance i.e. due to unavoidable family or religious commitments, permission for absence should be sought in writing or by email, from the Head of Primary or Secondary.

School Calendar I am very pleased to let you know that the school calendar for the next academic year has been approved by the Ministry of Education. You can find the calendar here.





Upcoming Events Tuesday 22 May:

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Sunday 20 May: 13:00 - 20:00, RockSchool Examinations

13:00 - 20:00, RockSchool Examinations

13:00 - 20:00, RockSchool Examinations

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Friday 25 May & Saturday 26 May:

08:00 - 13:00, PYP Student Led Conferences

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No Upcoming Events

College Counselling Grade 11 ? Bragsheet Grade 11 students have been given a questionnaire bragsheet from the College Counselling Department. The information gathered from this questionnaire will guide referees/ teachers in order to complete a succinct and appropriate letter of recommendation for university applications. The questionnaire will include a focus on the student?s abilities and skills. Parental support with a timely questionnaire return will be appreciated. The questionnaire is due May 27th, 2018. Book a Meeting with a Counsellor Today! We are requesting Grade 11 students to schedule an appointment to discuss their post- secondary options for the next upcoming year. Students can book a meeting with the counsellors using the below links. We encourage students to start their post- secondary planning early in order to avoid undue stressors. Richard Thompson Nickeisha Thomas

Gobal Citizenship & Community Action (GCCA) On Sunday 20th to Tuesday 22nd May we will organise a used book sale in the atrium. Books for 5 and 10 riyals for sale. The Book Sale will be open before and after school.

Book Sale

ECAs Term 3 From Sunday 20th there will be no more ECAs in term 3. For queries regarding the ECAs please contact Mr Robert, rnidsjo@islqatar.org

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We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following vacancies: Teacher of EC Performing Arts Nurse Learning Support (Shadow Teacher) Library Assistant (Part Time) Only applicants with a graduate calibre, and Nurse in the field will be considered. Fluency in English is essential, Arabic is an advantage. Please apply through our website & provide references, contact details here

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