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Bulletin Week 29 Thursday 10 May 2018

Sunday 13

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IB Diploma Exams STIMULUS Art Exhibition

Week 29 07:15 - 08:15, MYP Personal Project breakfast

07:15- 14:15, Grade 11 Individual Oral Commentaries (IOC)

Complete Calendar

10:40 - 13:15, Gallery Visit 12:00 - 14:30, PE Uniform Pop- up sale

Uniform Accessories 12:10 - 12:55, SAT Feedback Workshop Menu May 13th to May 19th

12:10 - 12:55, Universities Visit For Grade 9- 11 Students

Message from the Head of School, David Monk World Scholar's Cup Student Absence

In order to be ensure that we are being vigilant about the health and safety of our students, we are introducing a system of checking on student absence if we have not been notified of this absence by parents. From Sunday 13 May, if a student is absent from school and we have not received information about this absence, we will send an email to parents at 09:00 am, asking you to contact the school. I am sure that you understand that it is of extreme importance that we are aware of the location of all of our students during the school day. If students don't arrive at school we need to know that they are safe and that they have your permission to be absent. You can contact the school office to notify us of a student absence by phone OR ManageBac (Secondary School only) or email the Homeroom teacher (Primary school). You can contact the School office at the following number: School office: 4433 8600 In the event of an absence that is known in advance i.e. due to unavoidable family or religious commitments, permission for absence should be sought in writing or by email, from the Head of Primary or Secondary.

School Calendar I am very pleased to let you know that the school calendar for the next academic year has been approved by the Ministry of Education. You can find the calendar here.

Upcoming Events Sunday 13 May: 07:15 - 08:15, MYP Personal Project breakfast 12:00 - 14:30, PE Uniform Pop- up sale 10:40 - 13:15, Gallery Visit 12:10 - 12:55, Universities Visit For Grade 9- 11 Students STIMULUS Art Exhibition


Monday 14 May: 07:15- 14:15, Grade 11 Individual Oral Commentaries (IOC)

Wednesday 16 May: IB Diploma Exams STIMULUS Art Exhibition

12:10 - 12:55, SAT Feedback Workshop IB Diploma Exams

Thursday 17 May: IB Diploma Exams

STIMULUS Art Exhibition Tuesday 15 May: IB Diploma Exams STIMULUS Art Exhibition


Friday 18 May: IB Diploma Exams



Visual and Performance Arts "STIMULUS" Our Visual Arts Faculty is delighted to celebrate the creativity of our students through the presentation of an exhibition at the Katara Arts Centre. Works exhibited are selected from our International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme and represent a wide range of ages and stages of artistic development. Families and friends are invited to view between 6th May until 16th May at Katara Arts Centre No5 Gallery, which is open daily 10.00am- 9.00pm. Rationale Through sensory exploration and interaction students learn to explore their feelings and confirm their understanding of the world through the senses. The Visual Arts provide a means whereby the student can explore alternative ways of communicating, understanding and interacting. This exhibition is a visual celebration of works that have developed from a wide range of artistic inquiry and stimulus.

ECAs Term 3 The ECAs in term 3 will run up until the Holy Month of Ramadan starts. As Ramadan is predicted to begin Tuesday 15th May, this is the schedule we will follow: -

Sunday 13th and Monday 14th ? ECAs will run as per usual Tuesday 15th ? All external activities will take place as planned Wednesday 16th ? No ECAs as school will finish at 1pm Thursday 17th ? Gymnastics group 1 will run from 1.15pm and the second group from 2.15pm

From Sunday 20th there will be no more ECAs in term 3. For queries regarding the ECAs please contact Mr Robert, rnidsjo@islqatar.org

Lost and Found On Thursday May 17th all the Lost and Found items will be removed from the Atrium to be sold at an ISL Qatar Flea Market later this term. Please take the time to go through the Lost and Found things to see if there is anything that belongs to you. The money raised at the Flea Market will be donated to charity.

From the HR Office

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We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following vacancies:

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Teacher of Qatar History Arabic/ English Teacher of EC Performing Arts Nurse Learning Support (Shadow Teacher) Library Assistant (Part Time)

Only applicants with a graduate calibre, and Nurse in the field will be considered. Fluency in English is essential, Arabic is an advantage. Please apply through our website & provide references, contact details here

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