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Tuesday 26th

Monday 25th 1st Day of Clubs

Bulletin 4 London Friday, 22nd September 2017

Wednesday 27th


1 Day of Instrumental Music Lessons st


Tuesday 3rd

Monday 2nd EC-G5 1st Day of Swimming


8:45-15:00 Grade 2 visit to Chelsea Physic Garden

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Thursday 28th

Friday 29th

8:30-18:00 EC_G5 PYP Parent Goalsetting Meetings (no classes or clubs for PYP)

8:40-9:15 Primary Assembly: G5V

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18:00-19:00 Grade 10 MYP Parent Information Evening

8:30-16:30 Grade 12 Economics (23 students) visit to Bank of

Saturday 30th 13:00-16:00 International Food Festival

Wednesday 4th

Thursday 5th

Friday 6th

G6-7 1st Day of Swimming

9:00-10:00 MYP ManageBac Information Session 1 for Parents

HPV Girls Vaccinations

14:00-17:00 Grades 5-12 Street Soccer Tournament

Leadership Welcome

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8:40-9:15 Primary Assembly: G4B

18:00-19:00 MYP ManageBac Information Session 2 for Parents

Risk Taker This week I visited the Isle of Wight to watch our younger secondary students develop their team building skills and try their hand at some demanding tasks. One such task was “The Leap of Faith,” where students had to climb to the top of a high pole then jump from it, a difficult feat as it was a tough climb and one has a natural fear of climbing so high. In his book “Empowering Learning,” Malcolm Pritchard talks about the authentic respite from the artificiality of the controlled classroom environment, and it is one of our aims this year to further develop real-world learning experiences that take our students beyond the classroom walls. One of the new experiences on offer later in the year will be a trip with Traveleyes, the world’s only blind travel agents. Students will be guiding visually impaired tourists, gaining a greater understanding of the life of a visually impaired person on the one hand, and reflecting on the world around them in a profound manner on the other, because guiding a visually impaired person involves describing in detail the world around you. Often experiential learning is seen as some sort of respite from the academic, but

at its best, experiential learning challenges and deepens thinking. The IB Diploma students take Theory of Knowledge and one of the ways of knowing where they have to explore is how we perceive and understand the world through our senses. There is no better way to do this than to be with a group of people whose sense experiences of the world is radically different from your own. A second exciting and new experience on offer later in the year will be the chance to participate in an international drama festival we are hosting, where students will devise a piece of theatre based on the experience of refugees with whom they will work. Again, it is the dialogue with the real that brings depth to the learning. Richard Parker UK Principal





Important School Announcements

The first big event of the school year is coming up soon!

Transitions Workshops ISL London organises regular transition workshops for parents. Participants get to meet other parents, share experiences of life on the move, learn what to expect at different stages of transition and strategies to help them adjust.

With over 55 different nationalities represented at ISL London, what better way to celebrate our cultures than by sharing and eating delicious food from all around the world and sampling the drinks specially made by the ISL staff!

Tips for: • How ISL can support your family during the transition time

ay Saturd 30th September 13:00-16:00

As always, for any event to be a success we’re asking for your participation. How?

The first workshop will take place on Monday 16th October from 8:30am to 10:00am and is titled ‘The Way Forward. Entering Transition.’ Looking forward to seeing you then!

All you need to do is bring a dish from your home country or culture and share it with everyone! You are also welcome to decorate your table with flags or beautiful adornments. The school will be open before the festival starts for you to set up and we ask that you help clean up at the end.

Elizabeth Rawson-Jones, School Councellor

A weekend to celebrate Art and Design at its best! The Arts and Design Departments would like to congratulate our Arts and Design teacher Miss Megan Collins on her participation in the London Design Festival 2017! This is a very exciting anual event that takes place across numerous venues across London and showcases the work of some of the most forward thinking Artists and Designers across a wide range of disciplines, such as ceramics, textiles, furniture, jewellery and so much more. Details of the events can be found here.

If you plan to participate in this year’s Food Festival please contact your Language Group Representative. If you do not have a Language Rep then contact Sanna on sannavanklooster@gmail. com or Michelle on Let them know which country you will represent and, keeping in mind that space is tight, how many tables you might need.

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Congratulations Miss Collins for the success!




Clubs Start on Monday! If you have forgotten your club selection (or locations), you can log in to the clubs platform at any time via this LINK. Please be mindful of the clubs’ finishing times in order to arrive promptly to collect your children. There will be no child supervision after 16:30 each day (and 16:00 on Wednesdays), with the exception of MYP sports clubs that finish after this time. Having said that, we do have a pick up window of 15 minutes, therefore parents can arrive to pick up students up to 16:45 without being liable for Late Collection Fees. Late pick ups (after 16:45) are only allowed twice. After that, the student will no longer be allowed to attend clubs and parents will need to arrange for students to be collected at the end of the school day at 15:30 (14:00 on Wednesdays) for the remainder of the term. More information about clubs can be found in the Co-curricular Activities Handbook, including key dates. We still have a few spaces available for the following clubs: Monday

Ukulele & Guitar (G4-10)


Pilates* (G2-5)


Hip Hop* (G2-7)


Sports Programme (KG-G2)

Eco Kids (G2-5)

Boxfit* (G2-5)

Journalism (G5-10)

Chess* (G2-5)

Tennis* (G6-12)

Design - Carpentry (G6-10)


Boxfit* (G6-10)

If you would like to apply for one of the clubs above, please email or For all other club enquiries, please email We look forward to starting another exciting year of clubs!



Naia Borio Digital Marketing & Media Production Coordinator


* fee applies

Marta Perez Head of PE & Sports Director


Primary News

Residential Week! This afternoon we have welcomed back our very tired but happy G3, 4 and 5 students and staff from the Residential Trips. I was very lucky to go and visit both the Grade 4 and Grade 5 groups on their trips during the week. It was wonderful to see everyone happy and having a great time, including the teachers! The trips are a terrific experience for the students, giving them the opportunity to try so many new and exciting (and sometimes a little scary) activities. I was proud to see all of them show willingness to try all the activities, which often push them out of their comfort zone and challenge them both physically and mentally. I was really impressed to see their determination and perseverance, and most of all their kindness and the way they worked together and supported each other to achieve tasks - congratulations! A big thank you to all the staff for all their hard work during the week, day and night, to ensure the children were well looked after and enjoyed the experience. PYP Parent Meetings and Goal Setting Reporting to parents in the PYP at ISL London happens in a variety of ways and at regular intervals throughout the year. Earlier this week PYP parents should have received an email with details of the PYP Parent Teacher Goal Setting Meetings scheduled for Thursday 28th September. This is the first opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s progress with the teacher, and together with their child and the teacher, collaboratively set some learning goals for Term 1. Please note there are no classes (or clubs) for EC1 to Grade 5 students next Thursday. You should bring your children to school with you at your allocated meeting time and take them home with you when you have finished.

Please remember to sign-up for your appointments before the booking system closes at midday on Wednesday 27th September. To book an appointment copy and paste the following address into your web browser: To login and select your appointment you will need: • Your child’s first name and surname • Your child’s date of birth • Your title and surname – exactly as you have provided the school for our records For further information about how to use the online booking system, please read the instructions that were sent with the information about the event. If you need any assistance with making your appointment, please contact the school office and a member of staff will help you.

Michelle Newman Head of Primary

Maths Fun in Grade 1! Grade 1W have been collecting, recording and presenting data with different types of graphs. We have been practising our language skills by asking our classmates questions and finding out their favourite pets, colours, sports, even songs! Our favourite graph was recording the colours we received in our own box of Smarties. Although the temptation to eat them was strong...we were able to sort them, tally mark count them, present the results and analyse the data. Maths in Grade 1W sure is fun! Stephanie Williams Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher





Middle School News Grade 6-8

‘Another big day of activities and we are all learning to risk-take and co-operate to overcome our fears. We are building our resilience by being positive and always participating despite being tired and missing home.’ - Agneya, G8


Grade 9

‘Today we did canoeing through a river and into the sea. Some people were very controlled on their boat and others were about to capsize into the freezing water. We first had to get our boats from the trailer into the river and get all our equipment on, we then drifted off into the estuary and tried to manoeuvre our way through the river. After that we had lunch whilst enjoying the sound of the rippling water. We then paddled towards the sea following the tide. We then turned back and drove back to the center. It was a great way to end our amazing week.’ -Ria and Lina, G9


To see more pictures of the MYP Residential Trips please visit

Grade 10

‘My day was very packed today, it started off with fishing and ended with kayaking. During fishing, my group caught 29 fish in total, no other group has done that in our class. Fishing was very amusing because I got to do it with my friends and just socialise with everyone, and also the sight of people cheering your name when I caught a fish was amusing. After fishing, we went to go do kayaking. It was physically tough when you were going into the opposite direction of the wind, but as I was talking to my partner helped the fatigue go away. This residential trip was a blast.’ - Ryan, G10



Diploma College News Higher Education update Grade 12 early applicants for the October 15th UCAS deadline have now drafted their Personal Statements and are meeting their guidance advisor (Mr Morris or Ms Williams). A summary of key dates for applications is given on the IBDP Timeline 2017-18. Parents are warmly welcome to join the students for these valuable sessions: We will publish a calendar of visits by universities to the Diploma College as they are confirmed. Date / time



Monday 25.9.17 08.30 – 09.30

University of Toronto, Canada

D18 library

Thursday 28.9.17 14.00 – 15.00

HULT business school, London

D18 Library

Wednesday 8.11.17 13.00 – 14.00

University of New South Wales, Australia

D18 Library

Friday 17.11.17 13.00 – 14.00

Waseda University, Tsukuba University Japan

D18 Library

Students interested in applying to universities in the USA should contact Mr Morris if they wish to visit the Fulbright College Fair on Friday 29th September 2017 and Saturday 30th September 2017. We have tickets reserved for ISL London students; if at least 5 students are interested we will run an excursion from school on the Friday. Otherwise, students can attend on their own on the Saturday. Please find more information about this event here.

Paul Morris Diploma College Deputy Principal

Reminder: authorised absences This is just to remind students and parents that for an anticipated (known) absence – including early departure – from college, students must obtain signed permission from their tutor and either Head of Student Welfare (Mr Spinks) or the Deputy Principal (Mr Morris). This is done using the absence authorisation form they can obtain from Ms Osman.

PSAT, SAT and ACT tests Most universities and colleges in the USA require standardised test scores to support any application, alongside IB grades and the ISL high school transcript. From this year, ISL IB Diploma College is a provider of College Board tests – that is, PSAT (for Grades 10 and 11) and SAT (in Grades 11 and 12). We have also partnered with a well-regarded provider of test preparation and tuition to offer ISL London families discounted rates and tuition held at the college. If you are in Grades 10 and 11 and think you may be interested in applying to US universities in the future, please contact Mr

Grade 12 – TOK in London During residential week we have three excursions from the college. This week we report back on TOK in London 2017. The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) programme is a compulsory core element of the IB Diploma. In TOK students explore the different ways in which knowledge of the world is made, asking ‘how we know?’ and ‘how certain can we be?’ Thus the TOK programme pulls together students’ learning in the subject groups and offers a space to reflect on how that learning might differ, and how it might all fit together. Part of the final assessment for the TOK programme is the presentation. In their assessed presentation, students must take a real-life stimulus (which can be a personal experience, or an event, or even a fiction) and examine what questions about the nature of knowing (‘knowledge questions’) this stimulus might pose. The theme for our ‘TOK in London’ event this year was ‘Parallel Journeys,’ and our guiding questions were: • How might different ways of knowing interact to produce new ways to understand an area of knowledge? • How might areas of knowledge interact, inform or influence each other? The grade 12 Physics class travelled this week first to Tate Modern, where Mr Danby (assisted by Mr Morris and Ms Brumpton) took them on a tour of key moments in twentieth century modern art. We considered questions such as: what makes ‘modern’ art modern? What made artists begin to work this way? What might ‘progress’ mean in art? On Tuesday we explored the Wellcome Collection of scientific curios and medical artefacts, then the Winton Gallery at the Science Museum, in search of the two-way relationship between science and its social context, and between mathematics and other areas of knowledge. Back at college, the students then workshopped their experiences and generated knowledge questions from them. Here are some of the students’ questions this year: • How do we know who we are if everyone has a different point of view on us? • How do random events compare with intentions in influencing the progress of knowledge? • To what extent can physical appearance represent our personalities? • To what extent are models a reliable source of ethical decisions?





Mother Tongue Portuguese KG-G5 KG-G2 Portuguese Mother Tongue students will have special visitors very soon. This term, the central idea of our unit is ‘Awareness of our culture, its characteristics, abilities and interests inform our learning development.’ Some of our grandparents and/or relatives from Brazil and Portugal will come to our classroom to tell us traditional tales. We are looking forward to meeting them face-toface or, perhaps even online!

Daniele Rego Portuguese Teacher

Mother Tongue Welcome Evening Once again we see lots of new faces at ISL London from all over the world! At the MT presentation and social evening, last Thursday 14th September, 23 MT teachers, with their usual great enthusiasm, were eager to greet the new parents. They addressed the parents in their own mother tongue, showcasing just how many wonderful languages we teach as Mother Tongue at ISL London. Though not all, still a good number of interested and very likely, somewhat anxious parents, were ready to learn more about our programme. It’s a programme that will not only teach students the academic language of their Mother Tongues, giving them future options, but it will also definitely help parents and their children to maintain a close connection with and passion for their native cultures and countries. Because this is what the ISL London MT programme sets out to do: maintain & improve knowledge and skills of your language, culture, traditions wherever you are from. Antonia Cooper Head of Mother Tongue

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