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Bulletin 3 London Friday, 14th September 2017

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**Club sign ups close on Sunday 17th at 23:59

Normal classes for EC-G3

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Normal classes for EC-G3

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Residential Trips Week Wednesday 27th

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Grades 3-12 return

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8:30-18:00 EC_G5 PYP Parent Goalsetting Meetings (no classes or clubs for PYP)

8:40-9:15 Primary Assembly: G5V

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1st Day of Instrumental Music Lessons

School Announcements

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Friday 22nd

Please check individual trip leaflets for departure times Tuesday 26th

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Thursday 21st


18:00-19:00 Grade 10 MYP Parent Information Evening

18:00-19:00 MYP Maths Introduction for Grade 6 & new parents

8:30-16:30 Grade 12 Economics (23 students) visit to Bank of England

Saturday 30th 13:00-16:00 International Food Festival

Leadership Welcome

Risk Taker The primary assembly this morning focussed on the IB learner attribute of ‘Risk Taker’. Ms Foster discussed the concept with the students and asked their opinions on taking risks. She shared a personal experience where she had been a Risk Taker, taking part in a sky dive in order to raise money for charity. Some of the students then told their own stories about times that they had been risk takers. The conclusion was that they had gained so much by overcoming worries and fears and by taking the risk. After they had challenged themselves they all reported that they had “felt awesome!” Next week many of our students will be challenging themselves and becoming Risk Takers as they head off on their residential trips. Whether this is because it’s their first big trip away from home or because they will try something new, I am sure that the week will be rewarding for all students regardless of age. You will hear about their exploits throughout the week via blogs and other forms of communication. Here’s hoping for excellent weather from the Lake District to the Isle of Wight! We would like to remind you about our International Food Fair that takes place on 30th September. This

is a major event on our school calendar and we very much look forward to inviting you to join us on that day. I am sure you will be contacted by PTA representatives regarding contributing to the event. In next week’s bulletin, Richard Parker and I will give you all an update on strategic developments that have already taken place this year. With the senior leadership team, we have been working hard to clarify roles and to define our direction and aims for the next academic year and beyond. We are very excited about the next chapter in ISL London’s long history and will share key developments and aims with you all. Given the events at Parsons Green today, we would urge you all to stay safe and remain vigilant when travelling around London. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend. Sarah Pearson Principal

We approach uncertainty with forethough and determination, we work independently and cooperatively to explore new ideas and innovative strategies. We are resourceful and resilient in the face of challenges and change.





Important School Announcements

Transitions Workshops Every year our school organises regular transition workshops for parents. We get together and share our experiences of transition and generally, life on the move. We look at how to best support ISL London families during the transition time. The workshops include presentations, discussions, or simply an informal sharing of our experiences and ways of dealing with difficulties. We welcome all the parents (not only the new ones)! The first workshop will take place on Monday 16th October from 8:30am to 10:00am and is titled ‘The Way Forward. Entering Transition.’ Looking forward to seeing you then! Elizabeth Rawson-Jones, School Councellor

Instrumental Music Programme Thank you to all the instrumental music students that have signed up for music lessons this year. We have had over 70 students sign up already and some of our instrumental music teachers schedules are full. We do have some places left for some instruments if you would still like to sign up this term. Please complete the agreement form (collect from the school office or feel free to email me an electronic version : jryan@ Lessons begin on Monday 25th September. You will be emailed a copy of the schedule or you can check your time each week on the notice board outside the music room (B2). Date for your diaries: Tuesday 17th October will be the first in a series of music masterclasses which will take place after school. All music students and their families are welcome to join in. Come and learn from a musician who has toured the world, and has a wealth of recording and performing experience they would like to share with students at ISL London. More details about our special guest coming soon. James Ryan Instrumental Music Programme Coordinator

Reminder about the Residential trips departure times on 18th September. Grade 4: Please be in school at normal time. Grade 5: Please be in school at normal time. Grades 6-8: Meet at the playground at 12:00 pm. Grade 9: Meet at the playground at 8:00am. Grade 10: Meet at the playground at 10:00am Grade 11: Meet at the Diploma College at 6:00am. Grade 12 Biology: Meet at the Diploma College at 7:30am. Grade 12 TOK: Monday and Tuesday meet at Diploma College at 10:00am or travel directly to the visit venue and meet at main entrance 11:00am (parent permission required) Other days - attend Diploma College from 9:00am. Grade 3: Please be in school at normal time. Please note, this trip departs on Wednesday 20th September. Normal classes on Monday and Tuesday.

We would like to inform you of our new email address for information and enquires. If you have any enquires or information you would like the school to know about your child, please make sure you use this email address in future. School Office

The first big event of the school year is coming up soon! Saturday 30th September 13:00-16:00

With over 55 different nationalities represented at ISL London, what better way to celebrate our cultures than by sharing and eating delicious food from all around the world and sampling the drinks specially made by the ISL staff! More information will be shared in our next weekly Bulletin.

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Clubs - Final Weekend to sign up! All Term 1 clubs will begin on the week commencing Monday 25th September. Signing up for clubs is easy, you just have to follow this LINK, log in using the credentials that were sent to you on Friday 1st September and follow the on-screen instructions. The platform is very user friendly and you will find all information for Term 1 clubs there. Here is a video tutorial on how to sign up and here is the Cocurricular Activities Handbook, which includes the 2017-18 Club calendar, the Term 1 timetable and instructions on how to pay for your clubs (if you selected any paid club). If you can’t see a particular club is because it is already full. Diploma students must sign up for clubs themselves and their parents will have a ‘view only’ mode on the online platform. Students have received their log in details via their school email addresses. The sign up for clubs will be open until 17th September 2017 at 23:59. Pre season preparation for the ISSA Football and Volleyball tournaments have already started and we are playing a Staff v Student Volleyball match tonight to help prepare our students! We are looking forward to seeing you there!





Primary News

New TA Joins the Early Years Team This week we have welcomed some more new students to the PYP and a new teaching assistant. Miss Liana has joined the Early Years team and will be working with Miss Maria in EC1. Miss Liana has enjoyed her first week at ISL; the EC students have made her feel very welcome. Seesaw app On Monday you should have received your invite to join Seesaw. Seesaw is a wonderful app which allows you to share in your child’s learning through their personal digital portfolio, and gain an insight into their day with the class stories. We encourage you to comment on your child’s work and ask them questions about their learning! If you have any questions about how it works, please contact your child’s class teacher. Assembly Schedule PYP assemblies have started for this term. Parents are most welcome to attend. Please check the Assembly Schedule table on the right and remember to add the date of your child’s class assembly to your diary. Residential Trips Next week our Grade 3, 4 and 5 students and teachers are heading off on their residential trips. They will be participating in lots of fun activities and have the opportunity to enjoy new experiences. Grade 4 is heading to Grosvenor Hall in Kent for the whole week, while Grade 5 will be travelling to Calshot Activities Centre in Southampton. Grade 3 will be going to Phasels Wood, in Hertfordshire, for 2 nights on Wednesday. Wishing all the students and teachers a fantastic week ahead! Happy packing! A Great Start to Grade 4 Grade 4B have settled fantastically into school. We have been building our community and getting to know each others similarities and differences. The children took part in activities to see how they best learn and they discovered which of the multiple intelligences best suited them. ‘I am nature smart because I like animals and being outside in all weathers.’ Mauro ‘I am people smart because I work well in a team and I like being with my friends.’ Charlotte G5 Inquirers Grade 5 have been unpacking their Central Idea: Human migration is a response to risks, challenges and opportunities. One of the ways Grade 5 have been doing this is through guest speakers. The students have been learning about reasons for migration through the stories of Ms Newman and Ms Zahra.

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Class leading assembly Principal’s introduction with Ms Pearson ‘Learner Profile’ Assembly NO ASSEMBLY – RESIDENTIAL WEEK Grade 5V Grade 5S Grade 4B Grade 3M HALF TERM BREAK Class leading assembly ‘Attitudes’ Assembly Grade 3E Grade 1W KG Prophet’s Birthday Assembly (Muslim celebration) Hanukkah assembly (Jewish celebration) Christmas Assembly (Christian Celebration)

PYP Assembly Schedule Table: Most Friday mornings we hold a PYP Assembly in the school hall, starting at 8:40am and finishing by 9:15am. They are usually around 30 minutes in length. Parents are very welcome to join us for assembly. Throughout the year, different classes take turns leading the assembly and sharing some of their learning. Above is a schedule of assemblies for Term 1, please add the date of your child’s class assembly to your diary. Assemblies not lead by a class are run by the Head of Primary or the PYP Coordinator. These assemblies usually link to an element of the PYP or mark various cultural celebrations from around the world, recognising the diverse backgrounds of our students. Parents are also welcome to attend these assemblies. We hope to see you there at some point during the term!

Michelle Newman Head of Primary

We have been preparing for residential trip next week. The children were discussing how to be a good friend to each other and how to help each other when being away from home. They discussed what qualities make a good friend and wrote them inside a body map. They used these qualities to make a ‘friendship soup’ cooking video which they uploaded onto SeeSaw. Working together and solving problems is a big focus on the residential trip and the children have taken part in some problem solving activities to help prepare for this. This helps them to understand the need to communicate and listen to their peers ideas in order to solve a problem, as well as have fun. We have had a great start to the new academic year. Caroline Bedwell Grade 4B Homeroom Teacher

Paraminder Sangha, Grade 5S Homeroom Teacher Finn, Madalena and Valentin taking part in a problem solving activity

Michael, Pasquale and Tarik looking at and photographing nature





Middle School News

Plus est en vous! With residential trips imminent, this is an exciting time in the school year. The trips provide an important opportunity for personal growth, particularly in terms of friendships, social

skills and independence. Kurt Hahn, the eminent German educationalist, argued that ‘Plus est en vous’, that is ‘there is more in you’, and saw experiential education as a powerful means to develop the potential of young people. The many organised activities on the residential trips help students develop their skill sets in areas such as leadership, collaboration and resilience. Above all, this is a shared experience, in which our students learn together in a new setting, outside of the classroom, and develop the international friendship and understanding that lies at the heart of the ISL community. We wish all our students an enjoyable, rewarding and happy residential week – ‘Plus est en vous’! Max Hull Head of Pastoral

Taking Action in Sciences In an assessment task in the unit of electricity in term 3 last year, students were asked to choose a renewable source of energy that would be most suitable for their country of origin and write about it showing the economical/ e n v i r o n m e n t a l /s o c i a l / political/cultural implications that this method would have on their countries. Lucca (then G6) chose to address the Ambassador of Brazil in London and wrote a letter that was sent to the Embassy in June 2017. In his letter he wanted to propose his ideas to the authorities about how to improve Brazil’s use of hydro-power to generate electricity in a more sustainable way. Please read his letter.

Mr the ambassador

From: Lucca Grade 6 Student at ISL London

The Brazilian Embassy in London

139 Gunnersbury Avenue

14-16 Cockspur Street

London W3 8LG

London SW1Y 5BL

London 31 May 2017 Re: Hydropower as a sustainable energy source in Brazil Dear Mr the ambassador I’m Lucca, a young Brazilian student from International School of London that would like to make our country better. I’ve been studying hydropower in my Science class recently and I have found out that with all the resources in our country we should be able to use it efficiently and make power to many people in need. Making a hydropower plant could be a great investment, especially if you concentrate on using existing dams. I will use the Tucuruí dam in Pará as an example, this dam was opened in 1984, and has a big hydropower plant, I will be using it to show the benefits of making it into a bigger Hydropower plant and not having to build a new dam. Let’s start to calculate the amount of energy it will produce. First, how far does the water fall? After some research, I found out that the water falls for 236.22ft (72 meters). Now we need to find the river flow which is apparently 480,208.84ft³/s (13,598 m³/s). Considering that the efficiency is 80% we use some maths to work out the amount of energy produced by the hydroelectric plant if the dam was used fully (I must do it in feet, since most of the information

Radia Chibani

could only be found in it). To do this we will use a simple formula, Power = (Height of Dam) x (River Flow) x (Efficiency) / 11.8, why 11.8? Because it converts units of feet and seconds to kilowatts. So, it would be 236.22 x 480,208.84ft³/s x 0.80 / 11.8, which equals to 7,690,503.87 Kilowatts per hour, now to see how big it is we will see how many kilowatts per year. Starting with 7,690,503.87 x 24 x 365 = 67,368,813,961.95 Kilowatts a year that is equals 67.4 TWh (Terawatts) a year. The amount of energy produced by the dam today is 21.4 TWh a year. So at its full potential, the river could produce an extra 45.9 TWh a year. And therefore, we should explore more this type of energy.

Please click/tap on the letter to view it bigger

Now, I would like to talk about economic impact. As we know economy is one of the big challenges for Brazil, but we can still manage it. To build a whole dam it would cost a lot, an example is the Itaipu dam, it had cost more then 19 billion pounds and 18 years to build, not to mention that most of the projects for a big dam had an average surplus of 56%, so building a new dam is never the most cost effective choice. In my opinion, we should use more of the total power of our dams, like the Tucuruí dam, if you put into perspective, upgrading a dam is much better





Diploma College News Grade 12 Physics students – schedule next week Just a reminder that Grade 12 students not involved in the Environmental Systems and Biology fieldwork residential will be getting a head start on their TOK presentations with our TOK in London events: Day

Where / Times


Tate Modern 11:00-15:00


Welcome Collection 10:30-12:00 Science Museum 13:30-15:00


TOK presentation workshop at college 9:00-13:00


TOK presentation workshop at college 9:00-12:00 Physics IA 13:00-16:00


Physics IA 9:00-16:00

New security arrangements at the college We have upgraded security at the college during the summer. The pedestrian gate is now secured using an electronic lock which can be opened using an ISL ID card – all students have been issued with an ID card. This card also opens the college front door, and is used to register presence of students on site. Students must remember to always “BLIP IN” (using the boxes in the lobby) with their ID cards when arriving and “BLIP OUT” when they leave – this is obligatory for reason of attendance and evacuation procedures. Reminder: authorised absences This is just to remind students and parents that for an anticipated (known) absence – including early departure – from college, students must obtain signed permission from their tutor and either Head of Student Welfare (Mr Spinks) or the Deputy Principal (Mr Morris). This is done using the absence authorisation form they can obtain from Ms Osman.

Higher Education update Grade 12 early applicants for the October 15th UCAS deadline have now drafted their Personal Statements and are meeting their guidance advisor (Mr Morris or Ms Williams). A summary of key dates for applications is given on the IBDP Timeline 2017-18. Parents are warmly welcome to join the students for these valuable sessions: Date / time



Monday 25.9.17 08.30 – 09.30

University of Toronto, Canada

D18 library

Thursday 28.9.17 14.00 – 15.00

HULT business school, London

D18 Library

Wednesday 8.11.17 13.00 – 14.00

University of New South Wales, Australia

D18 Library

Friday 17.11.17 13.00 – 14.00

Waseda University, Tsukuba University Japan

D18 Library

Students interested in applying to universities in the USA should contact Mr Morris if they wish to visit the Fulbright College Fair on Friday 29th September 2017 and Saturday 30th September 2017. We have tickets reserved for ISL London students; if at least 5 students are interested we will run an excursion from school on the Friday. Otherwise, students can attend on their own on the Saturday. Please find more information about this event here.

We will publish a calendar of visits by universities to the Diploma College as they are confirmed. Paul Morris Diploma College Deputy Principal

PSAT, SAT and ACT tests Most universities and colleges in the USA require standardised test scores to support any application, alongside IB grades and the ISL high school transcript. From this year, ISL IB Diploma College is a provider of College Board tests – that is, PSAT (for Grades 10 and 11) and SAT (in Grades 11 and 12). We have also partnered with a well-regarded provider of test preparation and tuition to offer ISL London families discounted rates and tuition held at the college. If you are in Grades 10 and 11 and think you may be interested in applying to US universities in the future, please contact Mr

The Inner Chimp Concept An important component and responsibility for IB students during the academic year is to adapt to and use their free time sensibly, to ensure they manage their work independently and, of course, and to some extent, to socialise. This last activity can provide a useful insight into students’ well-being at the college and it is reassuring to consistently observe such positive interactions between students in the common room and around the college generally. Consistent with this theme, Grade 11 and 12 students were introduced to the concept of the ‘inner chimp’ during their PSHE lessons, and encouraged to consider how to understand some of the causes of irrational thinking and the resultant, potential stresses and anxieties. As the Grade 11s begin a new stage in their academic careers and Grade 12s begin their final year of the IB, it seems sensible and vital that students are informed and able to share their concerns and my intention is to begin the year by arming students with both the understanding and opportunity to address the challenges and pressures ahead. Another important component to ensuring the college operates as effectively as possible is that the students have a voice and influence through the Student Council. Elections for tutor group representatives will therefore be held on Friday 29th September; I’m hopeful we will have committed and enthusiastic representatives who will enable their peers to take some genuine ownership of their learning environment. Daniel Spinks Head of Student Welfare





Mother Tongue French KG-G5 Grades KG to 5 French Mother tongue students have been working together on their identity. This year, our class is lucky enough to have welcomed new students from different French speaking countries like Canada or Switzerland. The members of our class have introduced themselves and talked about their countries and passions. They have created two big posters to illustrate their work. It is so nice to be able to come together with one language although we all come from different countries and have different nationalities. A great start to the year! Emmanuelle Chevreau French Teacher

Italian KG-G2 Welcome to an International school! Let’s roll the dice and play! “What’s your name? What do you like to do? Who’s your best friend? What are your interests or hobbies? Describe yourself and your character.” Italian and Spanish KG-G2 students played together to find out who they are. The dice asked them to talk about themselves and by comparing their similarities and differences they have learnt more about their and the others’ identity and culture. Silvia Valiante Italian Teacher

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