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Bulletin 18 Monday



10.00-13.15 G1W visits 29 Kew Gardens

30 G11-12 MUN Trip to Stockholm departs

Thursday 31

15.45-16.30 Hip Hop Club for Parents (confirmed for Mondays)


PYP Science Week 9.00-10.00 PYP Science Boffins


8.40-9.15 Primary Assembly: Grade 4T

Sat 2

9.00-10.00 MYP Coffee Morning for new parents/ ManageBac

8.30-15.30 Grade 10 visit to Design Museum

17.00-17.45 Parent Ski Trip Meeting

9.00-15.15 Grade 5 visit to Tate Britain

18.00-19.00 MYP New Parent information evening and ManageBac

13.15-15.30 Grade 3 visit to Power Road Bridge


17.00-18.00 ISSA Boys Basketball friendly agains the Dutch School

5 9.00-14.30 Grade 3 visit 6 8.45-10.00 PTA Meeting 7 in Cafe to London Walking Tour 15.30-19.00 Grade 11 Parent Conferences 18.00-19.30 PYP Science Quiz Night 18.30-19.30 Research Institute Info Session for Parents

Leadership Welcome

Join us I hope that you are able to join us for the India Evening tonight. This is a major event in our calendar and allows us to raise money to fund projects that we support in India. We have a long standing relationship with schools in India and our students and staff will visit these organisations in March to participate in events with the schools and to assist with the learning of English. Tonight’s India Evening promises to be an action packed event with entertainment and a delicious three course meal. Next week we have a lot of activities for you to be aware of. We have an MYP information session for parents who are new to the school. You are, of course, more than welcome to join us if you are not a new parent but would like to refresh your knowledge about the MYP. There is also an information evening for those who are attending the ski trip in the half term holiday. You will have heard us talk about a new initiative, the Research Institute. This will provide

Important School Announcements

MYP Workshop for Parents (Thursday 1st February 2018 - 9am and 6 pm) We will be running two workshops for MYP parents on Thursday 1st February 2018. There will be two sessions, one in the morning (from 9 am to 10 am) and one in the evening (from 18:00 to 19:00). Both sessions will take place in the School Library. The workshop is aiming to provide a wider understanding of the Middle Years Programme (MYP), as well as the use of ManageBac from an academic point of view. The purpose of the workshop is to support our new families in the smooth integration of their children into the academic programme and, more generally, assist their overall progress in the MYP. Parents who need further information about the MYP and/or ManageBac are also welcome to attend. MYP parents have received an invitation so they can sign in if they wish to attend. Marta Perez, MYP Coordinator


8.35-9.55 Intermediate Maths Challenge




15.45-17.45 Maths Grade 8 10 Parent Meeting

9.00-10.00 Primary Science Fair

16.00-18.00 PYP January starter parent evening

10.15-11.15 EC Visit to St Mary’s Convent and Care Home


Ski 10 Trip departs

students with an opportunity to get involved in university level research. There is more information about this in the bulletin. Good luck to our Grade 6 to 8 mathematicians who are participating in the Maths Challenge and to our basketball players in their friendly against the Dutch School. These events both take place next Thursday. I hope that you were not too inconvenienced by the road closure outside the school today. We are told that the Thames Water emergency roadworks in Gunnersbury Avenue should be completed over the weekend but please check this link for traffic updates. Finally, please note that the Mother Tongue department will be celebrating UNESCO Day on 22 February and not on the 21 February as originally advertised. More communication regarding this day will be sent in due course. Sarah Pearson, Principal

Research Institute There will be an information evening for parents and students in Grades 7-9 on Wednesday 7th February from 18.30-19.30. The aim of the Research Institute is to give MYP students an understanding of the components of academic research; and an opportunity to work and collaborate as a group to create a piece of original research. An academic mentor will visit regularly from Edinburgh University to work with the students. The research will focus on an area of bilingualism or multilingualism. The Research Institute will run on a Wednesday afternoon from 2-3.30pm and so is a commitment for students to take part outside of school time. To book your place at this event and to find out more about this exciting opportunity, please email me directly at by 31st January. I look forward to meeting you! Clare Brumpton, ISL Surrey Primary School & ISL London Librarian



Primary News More New Students! This week we have welcomed another new family to the PYP! A very warm welcome to Samish (EC1) and Namish (Grade 2L) and their family. We hope you had a great first week at ISL. We Are Scientists! Understanding of scientific principles and the applications of these in real-life. In the last week of the half term we will be finishing off these fascinating units and celebrating our learning and the wonders of science during Primary Science Week. There are lots of fun activities happening in class during the week, such as buddy

classes teaching lessons to each other. There are also some extra special events for the whole family to enjoy! Date / time


Monday 05.02.18 8.409.30am

The ‘Science Boffins’ are coming to school to launch Science Week with a special assembly in the Hall

Wednesday 07.02.18 6pm7pm

‘Family Science Quiz Night’. This consists of a competitive family science quiz followed by a ‘hands-on’ practical challenge! Lots of fun for all the family!

Friday 09.02.18 9-10am

Science Fair! This is where each child will show off a project they have created at home. Letters were sent home this week with information about the Science Fair project.

Exploring forces, space and astronomy with Grade 2L As part of our inquiry into the central idea: ‘Understanding forces allows people to make practical applications’, Grade 2L has been exploring different forces such as: pull and push, friction, air resistance, gravity and magnetism. The children had an opportunity to observe and test how different objects and forces interact and how we use and apply them in real life. They showed lots of engagement and enthusiasm when exploring the Space Gallery in the Science Museum and enjoyed watching the 3D film ‘A Beautiful Planet’. They learnt a lot about Space during a Skype chat with an astronomer from The Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Here are some examples of their questions to the astronomer:



Michelle Newman Head of Primary When you look through a telescope what is the most common thing that you see? (Valur) What type of telescope do you use? (Sofia) What is your research about? (Aarav) How are galaxies made? (Francis) How do you become an astronomer? (Mubarak) Sylwia Linkiewicz Grade 2L Teacher



Middle School News

Productive weeks We have had another busy week at ISL; amidst all the teaching and learning, not to mention report writing, numerous events have been - or are being - organised. We have had a very productive CV writing morning for Grade 9; a highly informative ‘Service as Action’ parents’ workshop focused on the integral role that Service plays in the ISL curriculum; and in another event kindly organised by Cristina Pawel, we have our inspiring India Evening, in aid of the Umang Centre, Jaipur to look forward to on Friday. Next week, we will be running two workshop sessions for MYP parents, both held in the School Library, on Thursday 1st February 2018; one will be in the morning from 09:00 to 10:00, and one in the evening from 18:00 to 19:00. Both sessions have the same content so

parents can choose which ever time is most convenient. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a wider understanding of MYP, as well as the use of ManageBac. The workshop is particularly designed to assist families new to the ISL community in the integration of their children into our academic programme and, looking ahead, to support these new students as they progress into their MYP studies. Similarly, parents who would like further information about the MYP and/or ManageBac are also very welcome to join us: invitations to the workshop have been sent out, so all you need to do is sign up if you would like to attend. Being such a short half-term there remains much to do between now and the half-term break, but we can already feel that this new year has got off to a productive start! Max Hull Head of Pastoral

Language & Literature - English inquiry visit to The National Gallery As part of an inquiry unit called ‘Exploring a picture’ Grade 8 English A visited The National Gallery last week. The students were able to learn about art and to see the pictures they will focus on in this unit “in the flesh”. For many it was an eye-opener and an inspiration. A few student voices: “My chosen painting looked so much more vibrant and appealing than it did on the postcard.” Dayna “My favourite part was the guide and how in depth he explored the paintings.” Justin “It was interesting to see the big walls covered in paintings” Koyel “I never knew that a simple painting could have such a deep meaning behind it.” Rohit “I really enjoyed the museum’s architecture and how peaceful it was.” Cecilia “The best thing about the museum was that there were so many paintings from the same artist so I knew what his style was.” Garrett “I learnt that art is very deep and paintings have many symbols or signs in them.” Zoe Lena Isherwood English A teacher

Student Article: Personal Project Currently, Grade 10 students are commencing with their personal projects, which started in September. The personal project is a task in which all students have to create a product that links to a global context. During the process we attended frequent meetings with our supervisors, to seek guidance on how we can improve our products, and projects in general. We have also attended meetings that have taught us how to complete different aspects of the project. These meetings have been extremely helpful as they have provided information that will enhance our projects and ensure that we receive high marks. Overall, the project has been beneficial for all our learning as it will prepare us for future tasks and may inspire us to follow the path which our project takes us. James Z Grade 10 B





Diploma College News Date / time



Thursday 8.3.18 14.00 - 15.00

New College of the Humanities UK

D18 Library

Higher Education update We frequently host presentations by various universities from different parts of the world. Parents are warmly welcome to join the students for these valuable sessions. Watch this space – and also ManageBac Higher Education Groups – for latest updates. RSVP Information evenings for grade 11 parents Please make a note in your diaries of these evening workshops for grade 11 parents on university applications, and on Extended Essay.

TOK Essay of the week Grade 12 are reaching the end of that grand inquiry into the nature of knowing called ‘TOK’ and will be starting work on the examined essays in the new year. To help keep TOK on their minds we have posted the IB prescribed essay titles around the college and students are adding their questions (blue) and ideas (orange) about the titles on PostIt notes. Why not discuss the essay at home? What better subject for dinnertime! Each week I will post one of the essay questions, and here is this week’s:



Tuesday 20/3/18

Parent’s Guide to the Extended Essay

Thursday 7/6/18

Higher Ed guidance for parents 2: Supporting students who apply to university in the UK

Paul Morris Diploma College Deputy Principal

Study in the USA: SAT test and tuition If you are interested in studying at university / college in the USA then you should prepare for and take an admissions test such as SAT or ACT. I have established ISL college as an SAT test center for the international test dates in May and October. To register for a place, you need to register with College Board (the SAT providers) directly:

(Note: it may take a couple of days for our registration to become active so keep a look out!)

Dates I have also arranged for discounted private tuition with Wednesday March 7th 2018, 3pm-5pm established provider UES to take Wednesday March 14th 2018, 3pm-6pm place at ISL college, should you Wednesday March 21st 2018, 3pm-6pm wish it, on the following dates: Wednesday March 28th 2018, 3pm-6pm You should seriously consider Wednesday April 18th 2018, 3pm-6pm completing this course of tuition Wednesday April 25th 2018, 3pm-6pm in order to raise your test scores. Wednesday May 2nd 2018, 3pm-6pm The cost is already discounted by 20%, and will be reduced still further if we can provide 5 or more students - if this happens, UES will refund any difference to you. You need to book the sessions with UES directly here:

Let me know if you have any further questions or speak also to Ms Lewis at 139.

From the Head of Student Welfare The IB Campus has been extremely quiet this week as the Grade 11s have been taking their first IB exams at the main site. Despite a few nerves beforehand the Grade 11s seem to have managed this additional stress well and will no doubt have benefitted from the advice and guidance provided by their tutors during PSHE, where different strategies and meta-cognition (thinking about how we think) have been explored. In addition to cognitive approaches, another strategy to relive stress is exercise and I can think of no better ‘stress-buster’ than boxing. The new boxing club on Tuesday afternoons seems to be popular with a number of students; we are also fitting new punch bags in the common room and I would strongly recommend any student, stressed or not, to make enquiries and sign up for the next session. Finally, the student-run tuck shop should begin next week. This Student Government initiative will allow students access to healthy snacks which will help them to concentrate in class, save them having to walk to the shops and will provide some students with an opportunity to take responsibility for their campus. Dan Spinks, Head of Student Welfare

Alumni News This weekend saw former ISL student Mathilda della Torre exhibit her work as a graphic artist at Raw Labs in East London. Mathilda’s exhibition India through my eyes, your eyes, our eyes was inspired by her exchanges, conversations and collaborative workshops with Chandigarh Lalit Kala Academy and College of Architecture in India. Mathilda’s exhibition runs until 28th January, and she is offering a workshop on 27th January from 3-5pm. See for details. Dr and Mrs Pawel attended the exhibition, and ran into ISL alumni Zeinab, Angelina and Anna while they were there! Priyanka Mogul Alumni Coordinator





Mother Tongue German G6-8 After a long and well-deserved holiday the German Mother Tongue G6-8 class started the new calendar year with some magic, thanks to our new Unit of Inquiry called “Black magic, White magic” when the students will have the opportunity to discuss not only their fascination with magic, but also to find out how it is constructed in a book. During the break the students read the novel “Krabat” by Ottfried Preußler and during the first class they exchanged their impressions, and asked and answered questions about the novel. They also showed their creative side and decorated a t-shirt based on the novel by choosing a symbol or a scene from the book. The result was impressive and all the students were very proud of their achievements. Biljana Todorova, German Teacher

Equal Pay - Icelandic Iceland is the first country in the world to make it a crime to pay men more than women for the same job. Iceland has been working towards this goal for numerous years and as of the 1st of January 2018, this law came into use labelled number 56/2017 which is a modifcation of the previous equal rights law. One main point stated in the law is that public and private companies must pay all their employees equally “regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or nationality”. The companies that employ more than 25 employees must provide certification proving that they are following rule number 56/2017. Whilst other places in the world such as Minnesota have equal salary certificate policies, Iceland is the first country in the world to make it compulsory (, 2018). Sævar Grade 8A & Ísak Grade 9B

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