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Bulletin 17 London Friday, 19th January 2018

Monday Grade 11 exam week



22 Grade 11-12 British 23 11.00-12.00 MYP Parent 24 Biology Olympiad begins Workshop: Service as Action 8.30-14.30 KG visits Hyde Park



15.45-17.45 Maths Parent25 Committee

8.40-9.15 Primary 26 Assembly: Parkash Utsav Dasveh Patshah (A Sikh Celebration)



10.15-11.15 EC Visit to St Mary’s Convent and Care Home

9.30-11.30 EC visits Chiswick

10.00-13.15 G1 visits Kew29 Gardens


9.30-14.45 G3 visits the Science Museum 18.00-21.00 India Evening 30 G11-12 MUN Trip to Stockholm departs

15.45-16.30 Hip Hop Club for Parents


8.35-9.55 Intermediate Maths Challenge


8.40-9.15 Primary Assembly: Grade 4T


9.00-10.00 MYP Coffee Morning for new parents/ ManageBac



8.30-15.30 Grade 10 visit to Design Museum

17.00-17.45 Parent Ski Trip Meeting

18.00-19.00 MYP New Parent information evening and ManageBac

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Diploma College News

Leadership Welcome Busy week As ever, we have had a really busy week at ISL London, with a host of visitors, visits and activities going on. It is always a treat for us to be able to invite people into the school. Comments are always made about the welcome and friendly atmosphere at our school and guests are always impressed by our diverse community. This week our clubs programme for term 2 got off to a busy start. I hope that students are enjoying the wide variety of clubs on offer. Our Clubs Coordinator, Naia Borio, has worked extremely hard this week to make sure that all clubs have started smoothly. Many thanks to her for this.

Mother Tongue

Our Grade 9 students become experts at First Aid this week. Mr Slaney arranged for training to be delivered by the St John’s Ambulance organisation. This training aligned to the science unit the students Attachments have been studying. Some students were so impressed that they have written to me requesting that we purchase a defibrillator. Fortunately, this is something we have already started to investigate. As some of you will be aware, we have been consulting with a school health professional regarding our medical provision. She has made a number of recommendations that we have started to put in place. Very soon, we hope to refurbish out First Aid Room as part of the improvements. Grade 9 will be busy again on Monday as they have a CV Writing Workshop for most of the day. Please join us on Friday 26 January for one of our major events to raise funds to support projects in India. These projects have been supported by ISL for over ten years and students from grades 9 and 10 will visit India at the end of this term to see how this money is used and to support the projects there. Further information about the India Evening is in this newsletter. All in all, it looks like another busy week ahead. Have a restful weekend in preparation! Sarah Pearson Principal





Important School Announcements Clubs - Green Team

We are the green team, and during this term, we are going to look at different global environmental issues. The first problem we are going to look at is endangered turtles and the effect wasting plastic and throwing it away in the sea has on them. During the past few years, millions of turtle’s lives have been endangered by different factors, such as plastic waste, global warming, fisheries and we want to see how we can raise awareness to help combat this. We are also looking at the school community and what we can do to improve our environment and ecological footprint. We will be looking at our energy use, food waste, reducing our use of plastic, helping with the grade 7 recycling team and other issues that the school community would like to discuss. We are going to put up a living infographic where all members of the community can add their ideas of how we can improve our school environment. Come and join us every Monday after school in S2 and watch this space for more green initiatives!! By Cecilia and Sophie, (Grade 7), Ms Harrison and Ms Georgie (I&S Department)

Library - Reading Challenge Winner I’m pleased to announce the Reading Challenge Winner for November is Meryam.  Meryam’s winning book review was on a book she was inspired to read by her sister, titled ‘The Mysterious Cheese Thief’.  The book is about ‘a cheese thief who steals all the Stilton cheese in the world’!. Meryam’s review is personal, informative and humorous.    The runner-up of the Reading Challenge is Aaron; who’s review was based on the book ‘Harry Potter The Chamber of Secret’.  Congratulations Meryam and Aarom!

Clubs have started! We have had a fantastic start to the clubs programme. Thank you for your involvement in this process and for abiding by the guidelines we have set out regarding attendance at clubs. We would like to inform you that the clubs registers are now finalised for this term and we will not be accepting new enrolment except under exceptional circumstances. We would also like to remind you that there will be no child supervision after 16:30 each day and 16:00 on Wednesdays (with the exception only of MYP sports clubs that finish after that time). This is the time the Library club ends and children will be taken to the Hall for parent pick up or to be sent on their way (older students). Please wait at the Front Office if you arrive early. We do have a pick up tolerance of 15 minutes, therefore, parents can arrive to pick up students up to 16:45 (16:15 on Wednesdays) if there are unexpected issues. Please ensure that you have read the guidelines regarding pick up and attendance at clubs. I do hope that you understand that these measures are in place to ensure the safety of your child. As the Library club on Wednesdays finishes at 4pm students in the early clubs may be taken to the Library after 3pm if waiting for their sibling to come back from Football. Please let the school know if this is you so that we can ensure we are supervising your children. Children cannot be unattended at school as we would not be fulfilling our safeguarding duties. Please log back to at any time for a reminder of your selected options and finishing times. Parents who wish to join the Hip Hop Club for Parents (there is stil time!!) please meet the club teacher in Reception at 15:45 (club runs till 16:30). Naia Borio Digital Marketing & Media Production Coordinator Clubs Coordinator

Join us for the India Dinner next Friday 26th January 2018 There will be a famous Sarangi/vocalist and her brother on tabla, Amrit Kaur Lohia, the Bhavan Indian Music Institute and their dancers and ISL Jazz band which has created a piece of music which is half Indian and half flamenco called Flamindo.

December Reading Challenge Extension  The deadline for  December’s Reading Challenge has been extended to the end of January to consider the Christmas holidays.   As a reminder, the theme for the month Reading Challenge is: a book set during winter time. Farideh Urrestarazu , Librarian





Primary News Welcome This week we have welcomed another new student to the PYP, Ana Clara, who has joined our Kindergarten class. We hope you had a great first week at ISL! Today we said goodbye to our EC2 Teaching Assistant, Ms Brigitte. Brigitte has been at ISL for just over a year as part of our Early Years team and is leaving in order to spend more time with her family in France. We thank Brigitte for her hard work and enthusiasm during her time at ISL. Her positive manner and dedication will be missed by her colleagues and the students. We wish Brigitte all the very best for the future! Michelle Newman Head of Primary Making apple pie in Kindergarten! As part of our new Unit of Inquiry ‘We explore the world through our senses’, Kindergarten students have been inquiring into ‘taste’ and worked together to make a delicious apple pie. The students measured the right proportions of the ingredients needed for the apple pie, and read and followed the recipe instructions accurately. Afterwards, they used their taste buds to taste the pie and applied their knowledge of different flavours to decide whether it tasted sweet, salty, bitter or sour.



This week, Kindergarten students had also the opportunity to taste food from around the world at the ‘Kindergarten Tasting Fair’ which was organised in the classroom. The students were open-minded about tasting food from their friends’ home countries and voted for their favourite taste, creating a graph showing their preferences. Next week, Kindergarten will go on a sensory journey and explore the local environment in Hyde Park! Thalia Koutsika Kindergarten Teacher



Middle School News

First Aid Training and Service Learning Observing the enthusiasm with which Grade 9s took part in, and subsequently spoke about, their participation in this week’s St. John’s Ambulance First Aid Course reminded me of Winston Churchill’s comment that ‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’. A sense of positive attitude, ‘hands on’ collaboration, and a desire to learn life-saving skills was very evident amongst our Grade 9s as they developed their first aid skills and knowledge. The enthusiasm with which members of the India trip are preparing for their upcoming visit to work with underprivileged children in Jaipur and Pushkar is similarly inspiring. The India fundraising evening in aid of these children takes place on Friday 26th January from 18:00 to 21:00 in the school hall, for which these students will be organising all aspects Grade 9 First Aid Training On the 15th January 2018, all grade 9 students were able to attend a first aid course, hosted by Pauline, a paramedic of St John Ambulance. Pauline spent the entire day teaching us and all other grade 9 students how to preserve a life, until help has arrived. To begin, we talked about the different accidents that could happen in everyday life. These could be collapsing, heart attacks, allergic reactions, choking, severe bleeding or shock. We then leaned how to put someone into the recovery position, which is used when a person is unconscious but still breathing normally. We also learned the different steps we should follow if a person has collapsed. To help us memorize these, we used the acronym, D.R.S.A.B.C, which stands for checking for Danger, try to get a Response from the casualty, Shout for help, open the Airway, check the Breathing and give CPR if necessary. We used “Little Anne’s”, which are life sized dolls, to learn how to perform CPR. Towards the end of the day we learned about other medical conditions, such as asthma or seizures, and how to help a person in distress dealing with these conditions, plus how to bandage wounds effectively. The first aid course was organised as a part of our current science unit, which is ‘heart and circulation’. This related because many of

India Night - Friday 26th January We would like to invite you to the 10th India Evening Fundraising event which will take place on Friday 26th January from 18:00 to 21:00 in the school hall. This evening will be a great opportunity for all the families to get to know more about our India Project, as well as having a three course authentic Indian meal; this will be followed by performances from well known Indian musicians and dancers, and our own students and staff. During the evening, the students will take charge of the whole event by organising it, decorating the hall, helping with the cooking and waiting on the tables. This is an essential part of the service learning project where students get involved in all aspects of the activity, and helps the fund raising event in a more meaningful way. Tickets can be bought in advance at the school reception up to and including Thursday 25th January. The remaining tickets will be made available at the door but we can not guarantee any places then, as we expect that this will be a very popular event. Tickets will cost £15 for adults and £10 for children over 5 years old. Your participation and contribution to this event are greatly appreciated. All the money raised will be donated to the Umang Centre in in Jaipur to continue our sponsorship of the children with cerebral palsy, and to buy



of the evening, from the decoration to catering to performances. Tickets are available (£15 for adults and £10 for children over 5) from the school reception until Thursday 25th January, and we very much hope you can join us for this excellent initiative. Service is a key part of what it means to be at ISL, and I would like to take this opportunity to mention next week’s MYP ‘Service as Action’ Workshop, which takes place between 11:00 and 12:00 on Wednesday 24th January; if you are able to join us, please do come along. The positive ‘can do’ attitude which motivates members of ISL to undertake activities which help others is inspiring to see, an approach which both now and in adult life can indeed help us all to make ‘a big difference’. Max Hull Head of Pastoral these life saving techniques were about recovering from heart and circulation related problems. The course was very helpful and interesting, although it was more difficult than expected. Now we are prepared for future events or incidents that could occur where we might need the knowledge of a first aider. Maya, Mathilde and Lara - Grade 9 David Slaney, Science Teacher The ICE App The ICE App (In case of emergency) is a medical app which places your medical information and emergency contacts on your lock screen. This app can save your life as in an emergency, the information necessary for paramedics to aid you will be available on the lock screen. Your serious allergies or any medication you require will always be on the lock screen of your phone. Any contacts you set as emergency can be contacted easily without having to unlock your phone. There are other alternatives to this app: iPhone: on the health app already available on the iPhone, there is a section for adding ICE numbers. Go to the health app and tap on medical ID. You can then add as many emergency contacts as you wish. Android: go to contacts, click groups and go to ICE-emergency contacts. You can then setup your medical information and select the emergency contacts you wish to add.

essential school items for the underprivileged children in both Nischay Schools in Jaipur and Pushkar.

Students learning the Bollywood dance

Cristina Pawel Head of Arts Service Learning Leader

India Dinner


Friday 26th January 2018 6:00pm - 9:00pm Get your tickets! Cristina Pawel, Trip Leader

Donation of £10 Student, £15 Adult including the meal



Diploma College News Date / time



Thursday 18.1.18 14.00 - 15.00

BPP University UK

D18 Library

Thursday 8.3.18 14.00 - 15.00

New College of the Humanities UK

D18 Library

Higher Education update We frequently host presentations by various universities from different parts of the world. Parents are warmly welcome to join the students for these valuable sessions. Watch this space – and also ManageBac Higher Education Groups – for latest updates. RSVP Information evenings for grade 11 parents Please make a note in your diaries of these evening workshops for grade 11 parents on university applications, and on Extended Essay.

TOK Essay of the week Grade 12 are reaching the end of that grand inquiry into the nature of knowing called ‘TOK’ and will be starting work on the examined essays in the new year. To help keep TOK on their minds we have posted the IB prescribed essay titles around the college and students are adding their questions (blue) and ideas (orange) about the titles on PostIt notes. Why not discuss the essay at home? What better subject for dinnertime! Each week I will post one of the essay questions, and here is this week’s:



Tuesday 20/3/18

Parent’s Guide to the Extended Essay

Thursday 7/6/18

Higher Ed guidance for parents 2: Supporting students who apply to university in the UK

Paul Morris Diploma College Deputy Principal

From the Head of Student Welfare After some fairly lengthy discussions with the Student Government the IB College has decided to replace the vending machine with a student-run tuck shop. Part of the intention is to provide students with a healthier snack, but also to encourage students to take greater ownership of their campus. Another benefit is that, even though the snacks will be cheaper than what is offered in the vending machines, the students should make a small profit which can then be used for a social event at the end of the year, or how the Student Government decides. Other potential initiatives have also been discussed regarding students’ access to healthier alternatives to the local take-aways, which seem to be doing a lot of business at the college recently. On a related note, the Diploma staff and the Student Government have been attempting to encourage a minority of students not to leave their fast food litter in the common room and to consider the need to respect shared spaces. As a last resort the DP College may have to ban the consumption of fast food on the premises for a limited time if the situation does not improve. I am hopeful this can be avoided however, and that the small minority of students will heed this final warning. Another initiative at the DP College, and one which aims to minimise our environmental impact, is for students to either use their own or the provided cups for water and tea/coffee, rather than the disposable cups which are currently used for one drink and which, according to Professor Cheesman (Imperial College London), could take over 30 years to break down. Disposable cups will therefore not be replaced after the current stock is used. I would also like to encourage student and parents to consider how else we can improve the health and environment of the college, and to share their ideas with the Student Council. Dan Spinks, Head of Student Welfare

Boxing Club for Diploma Campus Students We are pleased to confirm the offering of Boxing club for Diploma campus students. This club is open for G10, G11 and G12 students (boys and girls).

Boxing Club Tuesdays 16:30-17:20 Fee: £50 per term by The BOX London Please contact if you would like to take part in this club. Alumni News Very pleased to report that Kaou, ISL class of 2014 was a winning team member in the recent URmall Business Game Final in Paris. Kaou joined ISL for grade 10, where she participated in the Middle Years Programme with intensive English support, and by the end of grade 12 graduated with a very strong IB Diploma score. Kaou continued her studies first with a BSc International Business Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam and is now studying for her MSc in International Management. Kaou continues to be a truly international students, having participated in various international exchanges at Marshall School of Business (University of Southern California) and Stockholm University. Onward, Kaou! Priyanka Mogul, Alumni Coordinator





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