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Mother Tongue The galette des Rois On 6th January every year, the galette des Rois is shared. This is a cake containing a bean. The person who gets the bean in his piece of cake becomes king or queen of the day and receives a golden paper crown. It is the youngest of the guests, hidden under the table, who decides the distribution of the units. The cake can either be a puff pastry frangipane (North of France) or a brioche with candied fruits (South of France). This tradition is one of many in France and some French speaking countries and as a Mother Tongue teacher and a French person, I feel that it is important for the students to learn about some of these traditions and have the chance to celebrate their Mother Tongue. It is very important to remember that a Mother Tongue is not merely a language; it is also a culture and in many ways it represents the identity of the students. The event was celebrated with the two primary French Mother Tongue groups. On that special occasion, we got a king and a queen! The younger students also listened to the `Roule Galette` traditional story and created their own crown. Emmanuelle Chevreau French Teacher

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Bulletin 16