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Primary News Welcome Back! Happy New Year and welcome back for Term 2! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday. The students certainly seemed very happy to see their friends and teachers on Monday! They were ready to work and have made a great start to the new term. I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the new families who started in the PYP this week and also some previous families who have returned to ISL – Michelle (EC1) and Thomas (G3M); Salma (EC2), Omar (G2R) and Nour (G4B); Jose (G2R); Ubayd (G5V); Maryam (G5V); Meera (G5S); Hiroto (G5S); and Mubarak (G2L) and Adsani (G3E). We hope you enjoyed your first week at ISL!

After a well-earned rest the teachers are preparing for another busy half term. They are currently working on Semester 1 Progress Reports which will be published on Friday 9th February. We are also starting preparations for Primary Science Week which takes place in the last week of half term – look out for more information coming home soon. A reminder to bring swimming bags on Monday as swimming lessons restart again next week! Michelle Newman Head of Primary

Grade 1 Scientists Make Exciting Discoveries To kick off our exciting new Unit of Inquiry; ‘Our Daily Lives are Influenced by the Earth’s Natural Cycles’, we conducted some fun science experiments! 1W learnt the importance of observing when being scientists and found that although we cannot see gas/air, it is all around us. 1W discovered, with the balloon experiment, that when warm air meets cold air the gas particles shrink making the balloon smaller. We also loved making it rain and already have lots of questions that will lead our inquiry such as; ‘How does water get into the sky?’ and ‘How are clouds formed?’. Stephanie Williams Grade 1 Class Teacher

Middle School News Workshops December 21st was the shortest day of the 2017 British winter, since which – very slowly, but nonetheless surely - the nights have begun to draw out. This Wednesday afternoon, with trees of Gunnersbury Park basking in the sunlight, felt like an early glimpse of Spring. Indeed, by the end of this term, Spring will be here, and the clocks will turn back to British Summer Time on March 25th.

In the weeks to come, I will be writing about many of the exciting events that will take place in our new term, but for now will focus on a number of upcoming important workshops. For all Grade 10s, there is a Personal Project report-writing workshop on the afternoon of Wednesday 17th January, and for all Grade 9s, there is a CV writing workshop on the morning of Monday 22th January. There is also our MYP parents ‘Service as action’ workshop which take places on Wednesday 24th January between 11am and 12 noon, which we hope you will be able to attend.

In many ways, this first term of 2018 follows a similar path; after the rest of the winter holidays, it is now a time of renewal in which our school community develops and grows. In our first week back, we have had new MYP students join us from all over the world, and our students begin to study new topics across the curriculum as they extend their personal learning.

There is a memorable Chinese proverb which says that ‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere’, and I would like to end this article in expressing the hope that for all of our MYP students, this term provides a truly happy and rich learning experience.



Max Hull, Head of Pastoral



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