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Bulletin 16 London Friday, 12th January 2018 Monday



8.45-10.00 PTA Meeting 15

16 10.55-11.55 G4 visits Gunnersbury Park

9.45-11.30 Parent Transition Workshop ‘Living in London doesn’t have to be hard’

Thursday 17

14.15-15.45 G10 (not 10F) Personal Project Workshop


16.00-17.00 G6-9 Boys Basketball friendly game against Southbank (boys & girls varsity practice after) 22 Grade 11-12 British 23 11.00-12.00 MYP Parent 24 Grade 11 exam week Biology Olympiad begins Workshop: Service as Action 8.30-14.30 KG visits Hyde Park


9.00-15.30 G8 Eng A 18 visits the National Gallery

8.40-9.15 Primary Assembly: G2R

Sat 19


26 8.40-9.15 Primary Assembly: Parkash Utsav Dasveh Patshah (A Sikh Celebration)


17.00-19.30 G12 Parent Teacher Conference

Jan 25

10.15-11.15 EC Visit to St Mary’s Convent and Care Home

9.30-11.30 EC visits Chiswick

9.30-14.45 G3 visits the Science Museum 18.00-21.00 India Evening School Announcements

Primary News

Middle School News

Diploma College News

Mother Tongue


Leadership Welcome Welcome Back! Happy New Year and welcome back to ISL and Term 2. I hope that you all had a restful break and are ready for the busy term ahead! We ended last term on a high note with the Festivals of Light. I particularly enjoyed the fact that these concerts involve all students in the MYP and PYP programmes. The level of participation was excellent showcasing student creativity. In addition, lighting and sound crews, also student led, added to the evenings. Thanks to all staff involved in the performances, particularly AnneChristine Wold and Desta Haile. Next week the After School Clubs Programme for term 2 will begin. You will have received information about this and should have signed up for any clubs you wish to be involved in. There is a great array of clubs on offer so I hope that all students participate in at least one offering. Our Basketball club has already started as we have tournaments coming up in March. We are still looking for players so any students in Grades 8 to 12 interested in participating should contact the PE department as soon as possible. I look forward to seeing you at the Transitions meeting or the PTA meeting on Monday.

Sarah Pearson Principal

Festival of Lights & Winter Fair





Important School Announcements G10 Student Appeal Hello my name is Eliott and I am in Grade 10 at ISL. For my Personal Project, my goal is to raise awareness for teens with mental illnesses such as depression. I will run a 10k in February for a charity called Young Minds who helps teenagers overcome these mental battles. I have set us a GoFundMe page and it would mean a lot me and to many children around the world. You can click on the link here to donate. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Eliott, Grade 10

Transitions Workshop on Monday 15th January A gentle reminder that our next Transitions workshop, led by our school counsellor Elizabeth Rawson-Jones, takes place on Monday 15th January at 9.45 am – 11.30 am (Please note the time change). TRANSITION WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS: “LIVING IN LONDON DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD”. Our regular transition workshops bring all new and returning ISL parents together in order to exchange experiences of life on the move. The session provides a great opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas that you found helpful in adjusting to your new life in London. It will also provide a forum for you to voice any worries and challenges that you might have and discuss how to best help our children to make their transition successful and enjoyable. Although the workshops are organised for the parents, we often ask ISL students to present to the group and to speak about their transition experience and how parents can help to make it easier. All are very welcome, please let us know if you would like to join by emailing Clubs in Term 2 We have had a fantastic start to the clubs programme this year. Thank you for your involvement in this process and for following the guidelines we have set out regarding attendance at clubs and pick up expectations. A gentle reminder that students need to be picked up on time at the end of their clubs. Please refer to the Clubs Booklet for further reference. We would like to inform you that the Clubs registers for Term 2 will be open until Sunday 14th January at 23:59. All clubs will start next week, on w/c 15th January. Here is a reminder of the How-to-sign-up video sent in T1. Please use to log in to the clubs platform. We are delighted to announce that this term we are also offering a Hip Hop club for parents and the first taster session on Monday 15th January (3:30-4:30pm) is free of charge. Parents who wish to join this club should meet the up on Monday wearing comfortable clothes for dancing. We are looking forward to another great term of clubs! Naia Borio, ECA Coordinator





KG-G2 Room A5

ARTS & CRAFT Stephanie Williams

G2-4 Room F25


G2-4 Hall


G2-5 Gunnersbury Sports Club (Football field)

FOOTBALL (EXT) 2-3:45PM Ali Jamal, Lee Denton and Mark Stow

G2-5 Room B13


G6-10 Multi-purpose

BOXFIT (EXT) - £50 Ali Jamal and Lee Denton (The Box London)

G3-5 Hall

BASKETBALL Inka Mustalampi and Sarah Maltby

G2-5 Multi-purpose

PILATES (EXT) - £50 Elisa Bizzari

G6-10 Gunnersbury Sports Club (Football field)

FOOTBALL (EXT) 2-3:45PM Ali Jamal, Lee Denton and Mark Stow

G2-5 Multi-purpose

BOXFIT (EXT) - £50 Ali Jamal and Lee Denton (The Box London)

G6-10 Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

VOLLEYBALL (EXT) 3:30-5PM Piotr Graban

G3-5 Makerspace

FILM MAKING Alberto L. Almenar

G3-5 Room F24


G11-12 + MYP ISSA PLAYERS Gunnersbury Sports & Social Club (Football field)

FOOTBALL (EXT) 3:45-4:30PM Ali Jamal, Lee Denton and Mark Stow

G2-5 Room B7

CHESS (EXT) - £90 Meri Grygorian (Organic Chess London)

G11-12 + MYP ISSA PLAYERS Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

VOLLEYBALL (EXT) 5-6PM Piotr Graban

G4-10 Music Room


G5-10 Room F8


G6-10 Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

VOLLEYBALL (EXT) 2-3:30PM Piotr Graban

G4-6 Makerspace

BUILD A ROBOT Daniyal Syed

G6-10 Room S2

GREEN TEAM Louise Harisson

G6-10 Music Room

JAZZ BAND Joseph Marshall

G11-12 + MYP ISSA PLAYERS Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

VOLLEYBALL (EXT) 3:30-4:15PM Piotr Graban

G6-10 Room F19

MATHS CLUB Reza Anghaee

G6-10 Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

BASKETBALL 3:30-5PM Anne-Lys Delelis and Borja A. Llorente

G6-10 Gunnersbury Tennis Triangle (meet in Hall)

TENNIS (EXT) 3:45-4:30PM - £80 Debbie James and Zahra M. Yusuf

G6-10 F8


G6-10 Music Room

ROCK BAND Phil Cosby

G8-12 Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

ISSA BASKETBALL* 5-6PM *starts 8th Jan and ends 5th March Carlos G. Alcantara and Anne-Lys Delelis

G11-12 Gunnersbury Tennis Triangle

TENNIS (EXT) 4:45-5:30PM - £80 Debbie James

G6-10 B4


G6-10 Room S14 (Drama Loft)

DRAMA Desta Haile

G11-12 DP Library

YOGA (EXT) 4:30-5:30PM Stephanie Nieuwjaer

G6-10 Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre (meet in Hall)

BADMINTON/TABLE TENNIS 3:30-5PM Katie Hagarty and Borja A. Llorente

G6-10 Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

BASKETBALL 3:30-5PM Carlos G. Alcantara and Anne-Lys Delelis

PARENTS Multi-purpose

HIP HOP (EXT) - £40 DanceTeam International - Anita Janus

G8-12 Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

BADMINTON 5-6PM Katie Hagarty and Borja A. Llorente

G8-12 Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

ISSA BASKETBALL* 5-6PM *starts 11th Jan and ends 1st March Carlos G. Alcantara and Anne-Lys Delelis

G11-12 DP Common Room or Garden

BOXING 4:30-5:30PM - £50 Ali Jamal and Lee Denton (The Box London)

G11-12 DP Library

GLOBAL ISSUES DEBATE 4:30-5:30PM Paul Morris and Anne Williams

SHUTTLE DP TO BRENTFORD *starts 8th Jan and ends 5th March


DRAMA Agne Nekraseviciene



G2-7 Multi-purpose

HIP HOP (EXT) 2-3PM - £40 DanceTeam International - Anita Janus


KG-G3 Room S14 (Drama Loft)

SHUTTLE DP TO BRENTFORD (and to field if space)



KG-G2 Hall

SPORTS PROGRAMME Matthew Rogers and Borja A. Llorente

G1-5 Hall

MINI TENNIS Inka Mustalampi and Alberto L. Almenar


*starts 11 Jan and ends 1 March Identity th





Primary News Welcome Back! Happy New Year and welcome back for Term 2! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday. The students certainly seemed very happy to see their friends and teachers on Monday! They were ready to work and have made a great start to the new term. I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the new families who started in the PYP this week and also some previous families who have returned to ISL – Michelle (EC1) and Thomas (G3M); Salma (EC2), Omar (G2R) and Nour (G4B); Jose (G2R); Ubayd (G5V); Maryam (G5V); Meera (G5S); Hiroto (G5S); and Mubarak (G2L) and Adsani (G3E). We hope you enjoyed your first week at ISL!

After a well-earned rest the teachers are preparing for another busy half term. They are currently working on Semester 1 Progress Reports which will be published on Friday 9th February. We are also starting preparations for Primary Science Week which takes place in the last week of half term – look out for more information coming home soon. A reminder to bring swimming bags on Monday as swimming lessons restart again next week! Michelle Newman Head of Primary

Grade 1 Scientists Make Exciting Discoveries To kick off our exciting new Unit of Inquiry; ‘Our Daily Lives are Influenced by the Earth’s Natural Cycles’, we conducted some fun science experiments! 1W learnt the importance of observing when being scientists and found that although we cannot see gas/air, it is all around us. 1W discovered, with the balloon experiment, that when warm air meets cold air the gas particles shrink making the balloon smaller. We also loved making it rain and already have lots of questions that will lead our inquiry such as; ‘How does water get into the sky?’ and ‘How are clouds formed?’. Stephanie Williams Grade 1 Class Teacher

Middle School News Workshops December 21st was the shortest day of the 2017 British winter, since which – very slowly, but nonetheless surely - the nights have begun to draw out. This Wednesday afternoon, with trees of Gunnersbury Park basking in the sunlight, felt like an early glimpse of Spring. Indeed, by the end of this term, Spring will be here, and the clocks will turn back to British Summer Time on March 25th.

In the weeks to come, I will be writing about many of the exciting events that will take place in our new term, but for now will focus on a number of upcoming important workshops. For all Grade 10s, there is a Personal Project report-writing workshop on the afternoon of Wednesday 17th January, and for all Grade 9s, there is a CV writing workshop on the morning of Monday 22th January. There is also our MYP parents ‘Service as action’ workshop which take places on Wednesday 24th January between 11am and 12 noon, which we hope you will be able to attend.

In many ways, this first term of 2018 follows a similar path; after the rest of the winter holidays, it is now a time of renewal in which our school community develops and grows. In our first week back, we have had new MYP students join us from all over the world, and our students begin to study new topics across the curriculum as they extend their personal learning.

There is a memorable Chinese proverb which says that ‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere’, and I would like to end this article in expressing the hope that for all of our MYP students, this term provides a truly happy and rich learning experience.



Max Hull, Head of Pastoral



Diploma College News Timetable changes at the college for term 2 (from January) Parents will already be aware that in order to improve the provision for learning at the college, and in response to feedback from parents and students, we will make small modifications to the timetable from January. The main changes will be the introduction of additional scheduled break-times on some mornings of the week, and the introduction of a 4-week rota of additional teaching periods from 13.50 – 14.50 each Wednesday afternoon. The rota begins Wednesday 10th January. Students should also check their timetables after the holidays via ISL eportal for break-times; the rota of Wednesday classes is available to students in ManageBac.

Higher Education update No need I am sure to remind some grade 12 students that their deadline for submission of the UCAS university application was this week, and that they should now look out for email notifications about their application as it is checked by Mr Morris and Ms Williams. Only when checked and completed is the application sent to universities – which must happen by the end of January 15th. We frequently host presentations by various universities from different parts of the world. Parents are warmly welcome to join the students for these valuable sessions. Watch this space – and also Managebac Higher Education Groups – for latest Event Room updates. RSVP Date / time Thursday 18.1.18 14.00 - 15.00 BPP University UK D18 Library Information evenings for grade 11 parents Please make a note in your diaries of these evening workshops for grade 11 parents on university applications, and on Extended Essay.

TOK Essay of the week Grade 12 are reaching the end of that grand inquiry into the nature of knowing called ‘TOK’ and will be starting work on the examined essays in the new year. To help keep TOK on their minds we have posted the IB prescribed essay titles around the college and students are adding their questions (blue) and ideas (orange) about the titles on PostIt notes. Why not discuss the essay at home? What better subject for dinnertime! Each week I will post one of the essay questions, and here is this week’s:



Tuesday 20/3/18

Parent’s Guide to the Extended Essay

Thursday 7/6/18

Higher Ed guidance for parents 2: Supporting students who apply to university in the UK

Paul Morris Diploma College Deputy Principal

ISL Alumni Programme and Mentorship Scheme After what was hopefully a restful break, the Grade 11 and 12 students generally seem refreshed and pleased to be back on campus. The grade 12s, having endured the pressures of the mock exams, have their reports released today (Friday 12th); the general consensus amongst IB teachers seems to be that students have performed well and, as a cohort, slightly better than expected. I would therefore like to congratulate the students for their efforts and achievements.

to provide support, praise and understanding when necessary, but also to communicate the message to all students that academic grades can never be an accurate measure of any individual’s value, and that a mere number can never accurately describe an individual’s abilities or attributes. It is relatively easy for someone who is not experiencing these same pressures to make these comments but the persistent rise of exam stress and related consequences suggests this message needs to be considered carefully by students, teachers and parents.

There is a fairly well established, though not universally accepted, hypothesis that regular exposure to a given stimulus causes the subject to become de-sensitised. Whilst the pressure of the mock exams may have resulted in de-sensitisation from exam stress for some students it is important to acknowledge that, for some, persistent pressure can have a negative and cumulative effect. It therefore seems incredibly important

On another note, and adding to the welcoming atmosphere in the IB Campus, a television is due to be installed into the common room; the intention is to broadcast news and current affairs throughout the day to help students keep up to date with current affairs.

Alumni News Congratulations to Roy Rebisz (ISL class of 2013) who has graduated summa cum laude from Northeastern University’s Business School! Caption: Roy (right) with his sister Suzy and graduating classmate Deniz at the college in 2015!


Dan Spinks Head of Student Welfare

Congratulations also to Isobel Bender, who joined ISL during grade 11 but then had to relocate back to the United States and return to a US High School. As a consequence of her time in the UK, her experience and the university advice she was given at ISL, Isobel chose to apply to Oxford University in addition to Harvard University – and she has just contacted us to tell us she now holds offers of place from both!




Mother Tongue The galette des Rois On 6th January every year, the galette des Rois is shared. This is a cake containing a bean. The person who gets the bean in his piece of cake becomes king or queen of the day and receives a golden paper crown. It is the youngest of the guests, hidden under the table, who decides the distribution of the units. The cake can either be a puff pastry frangipane (North of France) or a brioche with candied fruits (South of France). This tradition is one of many in France and some French speaking countries and as a Mother Tongue teacher and a French person, I feel that it is important for the students to learn about some of these traditions and have the chance to celebrate their Mother Tongue. It is very important to remember that a Mother Tongue is not merely a language; it is also a culture and in many ways it represents the identity of the students. The event was celebrated with the two primary French Mother Tongue groups. On that special occasion, we got a king and a queen! The younger students also listened to the `Roule Galette` traditional story and created their own crown. Emmanuelle Chevreau French Teacher

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