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Paradise Park Children’s Centre Nursery Summer Term Newsletter Dear Parents/Carers, Here’s a quick update on life at Paradise Park Nursery. In this issue we will cover some dates for your diary, upcoming events, recent changes in the nursery, and some information about the other services provided at Paradise Park Children’s Centre. Dates for your Diaries:

         

Monday 4th May: Bank Holiday Tuesday 26th – Friday 29th May: Half term for term time children Tuesday 16th June: Inset Day (Nursery closed) Wednesday 8th July: Development Morning (Nursery will open at 11.30am) Thursday 16th July – International Day/ End of Term Party Tuesday 21st July – Wednesday 2nd September: Summer holidays for term time children Monday 3rd August: Nursery closed for 2 weeks Monday 17th August: Nursery reopens to all year round children Tuesday 1st September: Inset Day (Nursery closed) Wednesday 2nd September: Nursery opens to all children

Parents Voice: Do you have something to say….? Parent’s voice is a chance for you to have your say about activities in the nursery and voice any ideas or concerns you may have, and of course a great chance for a cup of tea and a chat with other Nursery parents. A big thank you to the parents who were involved in the morning on Wednesday 15th April. Not to worry if you were unable to attend as there are more dates available: 

Monday 20th April 4.00pm – 6.30pm

Thursday 23rd April 10.00am – 11.00am

Wednesday 6th May 4.00pm – 6.30pm

Friday 15th May 11.30am – 12.30pm

Contact Paradise Park Children’s Centre Tel: 020 7697 7330 Fax: 020 7697 4429 Email: URL: Address: 164 Mackenzie Road, London, N7 8SE

Staff Update: As you may have noticed Jill and Diana are no longer working with us, we wish them both the best in the future. We would like you all to welcome Kitty to our team, she has been a sessional worker with us for nearly a year and has now been promoted to a permanent position with us. Kitty will be working in the baby room and we hope she will be very happy there. We are currently recruiting for a new Early Years Support Worker. Please visit our website for more information and to download an application pack: You can now find pictures of all staff who will be working with your children on the display board in the Nursery. These include key people, support workers, and regular sessional staff.

Any ideas about fundraising‌? Our big projects this term will be building a sheltered area outdoors. This will be happening on our stage in the garden with some ideas from the children. We are looking for some fresh ideas for funding this new project. Please email any ideas to If any parent wishes to be involved in this fundraising, please speak to a member of staff

Junk Modelling Birthday’s at PPCC: As we are now a “healthy children’s centre”, we aim to offer children the healthiest possible range of food and drinks. As part of this plan, from now on we will celebrate children’s birthdays with a card, special hat, and other celebrations – rather than having sweet cakes. For this reason we ask all parents to please refrain from bringing in cakes on the day of your child’s birthday. We will provide everything needed for a healthy celebration for each child.

Do you have empty cereal boxes, plastic bottles/containers or tea boxes for recycling? We ask that you please donate such items to us in the nursery for use in our Junk Modelling projects. (Please no toilet rolls – for hygiene purposes)

Nature Day: You may have noticed from weekly planning in the big room that the nursery garden is not always set up with activities as usual. Once a week we will be having a ‘Nature Day’. This enables children to experience and develop their engagement and awareness of the natural environment, which can: build their confidence, increase their skills, enhance their natural aptitudes, and provide an opportunity for the emergence and growth of individual children’s interest.

Left: Nursery children enjoying our new books

Special Thanks….. A big thank you to Chloe (Jesse’s Mum) for donating some lovely books to our nursery. Also a big thank you to Siri (Storm and Odin’s Mum) for taking the time out with the help of the children to create a plan for our outdoor stage.

Below: The children’s models created for the new stage plans

Baby Room News: The babies are having a great time playing outside meeting/interacting with their siblings and other children, observing birds eating seeds. As we have very young babies we will be starting to attend the Baby bounce in the central library this spring-term. We a new sun hat for the baby room/ Didhave you know…. The centre can offer help with all kinds of things, such as: Family Support: Kemi, Joy, and Natty work at PPCC and offer information and guidance if you have having difficulties at home. Getting back into work or training: Cheryl Moore comes to our centre on Wednesday and can offer appointments to discuss mentoring, volunteering, work or training. ‘First 21 Months’: The centre is part of a pilot project trying to improve support for families who are expecting a baby and those in the first year their child’s life. Our project worker is Alice who is a trained breast feeding peer supporter and she works without community midwives and health visitors. Just a couple of reminders: We must ask that parents abide by their contracted times for drop of in the mornings and pick up in the evenings, as for health and safety reasons we must ensure sufficient staff to cover the number of children in the nursery at all times. We also ask that each child bring a bag with a complete change of clothes, in case of accidents (this can be left in the nursery if parents prefer). With the weather heating up we also ask parents to include sun cream and sun hats so the babies/children can enjoy the warm weather. Please label all of your child’s items with his/her name to avoid confusion. We would really appreciate your co-operation with these points going forward, as we hope it will provide a more positive nursery experience for all of our lovely children. We hope you enjoyed our Summer Term Newsletter and if you have any questions about any of the information contained here please contact Marie ( or Grainne ( for further details.

PPCC Nursery Summer Term Newsletter  
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