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Annual Impact Report


Welcome to the Annual Impact Report for 2014-2015 IPA is a well run organisation with the rights of the child at its heart, with passionate, capable and committed staff working in roles well suited to maximise their skills and to challenge them to improve. IPA is a financially diverse and stable organisation with the ability to be responsive to the needs and issues of children and young people in Islington and the surrounding areas.

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Message from the chair


Our priorities


Challenges ahead


Staff are the key to great play


Why we are needed


Paradise Park Children’s Centre


Adventure Playgrounds




Play projects




Structure, governance and management

Message from the chair

I am very happy to be introducing the second of our annual impact reports. Here at IPA we are very proud of the outcomes and impacts of our services, services that deliver excellent play opportunities for children from six months all the way up to 18 and beyond.

Lorna Lewis Chair of Trustees

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our committed staff and trustees for making the work we do possible, the volunteers for adding so much to our everyday impact and to the children themselves. Our promise here at Islington Play Association is to continue to work to alleviate the effects of child poverty and to grow, expand and improve our organisation. IPA has proven itself to be adaptable, flexible and responsive, these key strengths will be utilised and expanded to see the charity through the continuing harsh funding landscape, ensuring that the mission to support the children of Islington is at the forefront of all organisational decisions. Through our work, children living in Islington will have access to excellent opportunities for free play, they will feel a sense of ownership and belonging and be able to affect and change their environment and find their place in their world. Those children, using the services provided by IPA, will be able to make the most of their life chances and importantly have fun.

IPA creates, improves, protects and promotes places and opportunities for the children of Islington to play. Annual Impact Report 2015 | 01

Our Priorities - 2015

Our priorities



IPA aims to ameliorate the effects of child poverty by providing free, open access, self-motivated play opportunities for children who live under the constraints of an urban world, challenged by media representations of safety and parental anxiety.

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IPA will develop and support its entire staff and volunteer team to ensure best practice and also to grow new champions of free play in the community.

IPA will continue to work on and communicate a successful, sustainable third sector delivery model.

4 02| Annual Impact Report 2015

Children using the services provided and informed by IPA will be better able to fulfill their potential.

Challenges ahead

The need to create financial stability in an environment of quickly shifting (and reducing) funding opportunities presents a key challenge, with the charity needing to be flexible and fast moving to adapt to the environment. The constant changes in legislation, policies and procedures involved in working with children and young people present an ongoing challenge for any organisation delivering frontline services. Partnership working with the local authority is key in ensuring all aspects of the organisation are compliant as well as in influencing the discussion and exploration of current issues for children.

The reduction of freedom and space for children and young people is a massive challenge for the IPA’s mission to ensure access to play opportunities. Parental and other adult agendas and beliefs have a big impact on young people’s freedoms with children’s roaming distances steadily reducing.


25% of primary school children are allowed to walk home alone compared to

86% in 1971. Annual Impact Report 2015 | 03

Staff are the key to great play

Staff are the key to great play IPA knows that staff are the key to the quality of experience available for children across all of our services. Currently over 50% of staff actually live in Islington and 33.4% live in neighbouring boroughs, this means that local issues are both understood by and actually impact on our staff; they are part of the local community.

Where Islington Play Association staff live 4.1%

A survey of staff on our latest staff away day found that:

91% would recommend IPA to other people as a good place to work.




Islington Other London boroughs

Neighboring Islington boroughs Outside London

Staff are both practitioners and champions of play and IPA supports them through innovative management approaches to be involved at every level of the organisation. The top 5 things that staff valued about IPA are:   

 

Teamwork across the incredibly diverse team Its focus on children’s free play Its friendly, supportive and inclusive approach Its flexibility and responsiveness Its atmosphere of mutual respect and trust

IPA is proud to pay staff the London Living Wage 04 | Annual Impact Report 2015

91% feel that IPA cares about them and that they have been given the opportunity to grow.

85% believe IPA has goals that people fully grasp, accept and support.

91% think that their everyday work is connected to what IPA stands for.

Why we are needed

Why we are needed Adventure Playgrounds are unique spaces in children’s lives where they are safely supervised but given the independence to be in control of their environment and what they do there, allowing them to free their imaginations and benefit fully from the positive outcomes play can provide.

Islington is rated

2nd highest in the country for child poverty.

2 in 5 children aged 10-11 in Islington are overweight.

Informal childcare is an essential part of the offer for parents and carers who are working, studying or returning to work.


of children are not active for six or more hours at the weekend.

of the borough’s land is designated as green space, significantly lower

12% than the London average of 38%. smallest borough in London in


terms of area with the highest


of Islington children live in income deprived households.

population density.

Through playing on adventure playgrounds children can develop skills like confidence,

resilience and strength that will allow them to flourish and be successful in whatever career or life path they choose.

8 | Annual Impact Report 2015

Annual Impact Report 2015 | 05

Paradise Park Children’s Centre

Paradise Park Children’s Centre Paradise Park Children's Centre, located in Paradise Park on Mackenzie Road, provides a 45 place nursery, ante and post natal care, family support, crèches, stay and play sessions, training, information, employment advice and many other services for families with children under five. The centre is part of Islington council's network of statutory services. In a 2014/15 report on the 16 Islington children’s centres, Paradise Park Children’s Centre: Saw the Came

#1 for increasing its reach to local children and families, with 14 of the centres actually decreasing their reach.

06 | Annual Impact Report 2015

most 2 year olds and the 2nd highest number of 0-1 year olds, with postnatal attendances almost 3 times the previous year’s.

Saw the Came

#1 in reaching many of those most in need - workless parents (94%) and those who live in statutory overcrowding (100%).



highest number of children and families (714 families with 912 children), reaching

91% of its catchment area.

Paradise Park Children’s Centre Paradise Park Children’s Centre

The quality of the service delivered is reflected in the results of the annual parents survey, with comments such as:

“The staff here are lovely and always welcome us well. They inform us about options to get involved with and we have enjoyed the groups and services on offer”

Our November 2014 Ofsted report rated Paradise Park Children’s Centre as


“Paradise park children’s centre is great. All staff are kind and very helpful. I love coming here.”

“Children demonstrate high levels of independence and an excellent awareness of risk as they play indoors and outside.“

Annual Impact Report 2015 | 07

Adventure Playgrounds

Adventure Playgrounds IPA manages six adventure playgrounds spread across the borough for children aged 6 and up; Lumpy Hill, Martin Luther King, Toffee Park, Crumbles Castle, Timbuktu and Hayward (a specialist playground run through a sub contract with another children’s charity). Each site has three qualified, permanent staff and an additional team of playworkers is deployed at busy times.

We have increased the numbers of children attending our sites by


Our playgrounds provide invaluable support for working parents in the form of free play opportunities throughout the holidays and after school.

since 2012-2013.

In 2014 - 2015 the 12 adventure playgrounds in Islington worked with more than 4379 children and young people. Of the children and young people who accessed adventure playgrounds, 65% live in households with a low income; 66% live in social housing; 34% are eligible for free school meals; and 1 in 8 are in overcrowded housing.


There has also been a

increase in the number of children who attended a playground regularly.

46.1% of parents are studying or working while children are at the adventure playgrounds.

The number of young people aged 11 - 15 in Islington is set to increase by

20% by 2024. We focused on the quality of the playgrounds this year, ensuring that the increased numbers of children enjoyed the playgrounds enough to keep coming. 08 | Annual Impact Report 2015


Campaigning All projects and services are run with a free play ethos. Children are listened to, responded to and are involved in every aspect of the organisation’s work. Opportunities to challenge restriction in all its forms are seized and all levels of IPA get involved in questioning, seeking out and testing bureaucratic decisions to ensure that the voices of children are heard and considered. This includes talking to parents at the gate, professionals in the meeting room, and strategic decision makers in the town hall. IPA is proud to be a campaigning organisation for the rights of the child to play. At IPA we use many different channels to get our key messages across. We have campaigned over our entire 40+ years for children to be happy and safe by having access to excellent play opportunities.

Our emails are direct personal communications and the newsletter informs and engages supporters and parents.

Our Facebook is an interactive dialogue with users, providing answers and information.

44% increase in Facebook likes

700+ followers on Twitter

Our website aims to disseminate information and provide an in depth picture of the organisation.

Our Instagram aims to illustrate the quality of play experiences happening for our children, showing positive images of children playing.

Our blog aims to create comfort and have a relationship with parents and supporters through responding to current affairs that affect children.

Our Twitter responds quickly to the play environment, sharing views and news with our followers.

360+ newsletter subscribers

Annual Impact Report 2015 | 09

Play projects

Play projects IPA is also funded to run a number of play focused projects.

Healthy Holidays IPA has received funding from the Department of Health for four years through the Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund to deliver Healthy Holidays. This project supports volunteers to prepare, cook and eat healthy lunches with all children playing on site.

In 2014-2015 the Healthy Holidays project:



110 cooking sessions

22 healthy recipe cards

In 2014-2015 we provided over

4,400 healthy meals to the children of Islington.

10 | Annual Impact Report 2015

Had volunteers contribute

880+ hours

Play projects

40 years worth of adventure play history collected.

100s Play: Past, Present & in Perpetuity In 2014 IPA received two years funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to explore and record the history of adventure playgrounds in Islington, which will culminate in an exhibition at the Town Hall and the Islington museum.

of hours worth of stories discovered and shared.

ÂŁ8,550+ Total value of volunteer contribution so far.

Growing & Playing The Growing and Playing project is funded by City Bridge Trust until 2015 to encourage and facilitate children growing their own fruit and vegetables on all sites, and learning about healthy food, nature and the environment. IPA planted an orchard across the borough in 2014/5 consisting of over 20 fruit trees.

In 2014-2015

400+ children were involved in the Growing & Playing Project.

Annual Impact Report 2015 | 11



IPA is grateful to the following donors and funders for their support in 2014 - 15:  City Bridge Trust  Douglas Scarf Trust  Islington Council  Health & Social Care Volunteering Fund  Heritage Lottery Fund  Santander  21st May 1961 Charitable Trust Full accounts are available on request. Auditor: Chapmans Associates Limited, 3 Coombe Road, London, NW10 0EB Bankers: Barclays Bank, The Co-operative Bank & COIF Charities Deposit Fund 12 | Annual Impact Report 2015

Structure, governance and management

Structure, governance and management Board of Trustees Chair Lorna Lewis

Treasurer Dominic Wollweber

Vice Chair Mick Conway

Vice Treasurer Ekaterina Aristovich (left Nov 14)

Trustees Sarah Grand (left Jul 14) Olinka Greenhill (left Nov 14) Juergen Heeg

Ed Kevill-Davies (joined Feb 2015) Melea Mapes

Head Office, Finance & Admin Chief Executive Officer Anita Grant

Operations Director Suzanne Murray

Finance Director Biniam Ghebreysus

Services Director Wendy Jeeves

Adventure Playgrounds Adventure Playgrounds Manager Lucy Benson Rachel Mathers

Playground Coordinators Samadul Haque Stacey Jeakins Dawn Jennings Darren McLaughlin

Secretary Suzanne Murray

Lisa Summers (joined Nov 14) Denise Ward

Finance Worker Bruna Ibraj Administrator Parvin Hussain Grainne O’Dwyer

Kerry O’Connor Kevin Richards Ellen Vellacott

Deputy Playworkers Lydia Bailey, Jonathan Biles, Maureen Bull, Mark Challis, Gilmar Cruz Silva, Vicky Cunningham, Chelsea Freed, Jordan James, John Massingham, Jack Matsell-Nish, Frankie May, Fabi Righi, Jake Stevens

Projects Play Heritage Development Worker Jordan James

Growing and Playing Project Worker Project Coordinator Charlie Tebbutt Quoc Truong Lucy Benson

Paradise Park Children’s Centre Head of Centre Helen Richards

_ Café Manager Lisa Wales

Senior Family Support Worker Kemi Lawal

Cook Virginia Moreno-Catena

Centre Reception and Outreach Sarah Ghartey

Family Support Workers Joy Ayeni Natty Briggs

_ Nursery Manager Marie Forde Zain Edoo Nursery Deputies Fatima Bahmani Jermaine Payne

Early Years Team Pauline Atkinson, Tracey Everitt, Tracey Hollis, Stacey Jeakins, Julita John, Amo Mahadi, Naz Rahman, Emma Smith, Cinzia Tassinari, Zarah Argel, Diana Hurd, Anne Lahart-Tigrine, Patricia Okwan, Chrystal Portsmouth, Silvia Scherma, Kitty Schuchard, Mahzabin Rahman, Tamar Lewis. Sessional Playworkers and Volunteers We would like to thank all the sessional playworkers and volunteers who make our work possible.

Annual Impact Report 2015 | 13

Islington Play Association West Library Bridgeman Road London N1 1BD Telephone: 020 7607 9637 Email:

Website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @IslingtonPlay Connect with us on LinkedIn: Follow us on Instagram: @Islingtonplay Subscribe to our channel on YouTube - Add us to your circles on Google+: UK Registered Charity No.1086165 UK Company No. 3989283

Islington Play Association - Annual Impact Report 2014-2015  
Islington Play Association - Annual Impact Report 2014-2015