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Public meeting 7pm Thursday, 1 August The Angel Pub, Dyche Street/Rochdale Road Manchester M4 4BQ

Introduction to Marxism (Based on an article by Bill Hunter: Engels in Manchester and how he got there. A short introduction on how Marx and Engels became Marxists)

Building the struggle in Manchester “BATTLING FOR PLATTING” ANTI-BEDROOM TAX & CUTS FOR THE WORKING CLASS. Building for 29 September - against the Tories (and Labour)

“The two years which Engels spent in Manchester, from 1842-1844, were among the most significant in his life. They were the years in which he laid down that understanding of movements in the British working class which was to assist him all the rest of his life. Above all, his indefatigable studies of the Industrial Revolution and the lives of working people in the north of England brought the conclusion that the great problems that were exercising his mind could only be resolved by proletarian revolution.” Bill Hunter

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