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Isle of Man Treasury Coins Cooinaghyn Tashtey Vannin Decimal Coin Designs Introduced in 1988 M. J. Southall, MBE, MCGI The 1984 designs for Manx decimal coins lasted until 1987 when a new set was introduced depicting a range of Manx subjects. However, several things happened during the period of 1984 to 1987. The ½p was minted for the last time in 1985. After the £1 ‘town’ series, a £1 coin was released in 1987 depicting a Viking on Horseback. A £2 coin in Virenium was introduced in 1986, and reissued 1987, showing the Tower of Refuge on Conister Rock.

£2 Coin: Manx Airlines was established as the Island’s National Airline in November 1982. The company operated twenty different types of aircraft during its history, including the BAe 146-100 jet aircraft shown on the £2 coin. £5 Coin: A Peel inshore fishing boat is depicted above a lobster and a herring. Peel and Ramsey are now the two main ports where fresh fish are landed. Obverse: All the 1988 coins show the second profile portrait of Her Majesty by Raphael Maklouf. As we have seen from previous articles, the coinage of the Isle of Man reveals many diverse aspects of Manx life, history and culture. This book contains a definitive study of Manx decimal coins since 1971. Adding further interest, the die marks, mintmarks, provenance marks, etc. found on the majority of Manx decimal coins are also included. Another section of the book documents the noncirculating, precious metal and bullion coins.

Coins of the Isle of Man, by M. J. Southall, M.B.E 1p Coin: This coin depicts a lathe and cogwheel representing Manx manufacturing machinery signifying that the Island has a small, but excellent, manufacturing sector. 2p Coin: Various ancient Manx crafts are shown on this coin, some dating back many centuries. The centrepiece depicts a jug being made on the potter’s wheel. 5p coin: A windsurfer represents the many water sports that take place around the shores of the Isle of Man. 10p Coin: The portcullis symbol represents integrity and security within the world. An outline map of the Isle of Man is shown on the globe. The Island has world status as a leading financial centre of excellence. 20p Coin: The Manx International Car Rally is represented on this coin. 50p Coin: The Isle of Man has been in the forefront of Information Technology so a computer with a triskelion on its screen is symbolised on this 50p coin. £1 Coin: The Isle of Man was first in the British Isles to have an automatic telephone exchange which was located at Sulby. The Island has been at the cutting edge of ultra modern technology in telecommunications systems. This coin shows a Cellnet phone, satellite dish and parabolic receiver.

The book also records the first official Manx coins of 1710 and those issued up to the currency reforms of 1839. British coins were then used in the Isle of Man up to decimalisation in 1971. A variety of tokens were circulating on the Island until 1839 and they are also recorded. The history of coins is narrated in other sections of this book. Fascinating aspects, including many Viking hoards and the variety of coins and tokens used in the 17th century, are well documented. This book makes compelling reading and is a most useful reference work for anyone with the slightest interest in the coins of the Isle of Man. Please note that this item is only available direct from the author: Telephone: 01624 816 302 Price £27.50 (plus £5 postage & packing)

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