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Customised SharePoint training courses for YOUR own industry sector ... and at the time and place that fits in with YOUR schedule and YOUR needs.


e are a caring company with a passionate commitment to protecting and helping safeguard our precious environment within all our operational divisions. At SharePoint Training Online (SPTO), our ethos is to encompass, embrace and pursue a “greener” approach in all our business and work-place decision-making and processes. SPTO applies a pro-active “green” approach to telecommuting virtualisation. This means we pledge to continuously cut-back on the use of physical printing processes; lower the cost of cooling our data centre; and reduce our electricity consumption by avoiding additional IT assets. We are committed to improving the use of our highefficiency servers by engineering the optimum computing power for the minimum amount of energy consumption.

What does “Green” computing mean for YOU?

SPTO aims to be an all-electronically run company, with our back-end systems - including payments, accounting and collaborative workspaces, operating via the environmentally- friendly cloud computing process. We use business intelligence and accountability to reduce the number of hardware components: replacing them with cloud computing systems - minimising energy costs for running hardware and cooling, as well as lowering carbon dioxide emissions and conserving energy. The bonus for YOU is that by employing these environmentally-friendly business practices, we can offer inexpensive course fees. • • • • • •

NO expensive text books NO travel NO print-outs ALL assignments online THE benefits of cloud ONLINE servers

Testimonials to the benefits of SPTO Some of the typical complimentary comments we have received from our students:

SharePoint Training Online is great. Both the tutors and my fellow-students were all very helpful. However, I would stress that students need to be open-minded to fully benefit from the SharePoint online experience

Mary P

It was a splendid learning process through SharePoint certified tutors. The classes are delivered through a web-based enterprise portal - which I could access as and when it suited me. This meant I could adopt a flexible schedule which was very important to me. Already, my knowledge of using SharePoint has greatly improved...

My experience of SPTO has certainly helped prepare me for the ‘real world’. The layout and web part skills which I have learned will prove invaluable for all the facets of my job as a departmental administrator and as a web designer. The tutors have been excellent instructors and good communicators whom, while adopting a very professional manner, have always remained approachable and friendly.

SPTO has ensured that my newly-acquired understanding and application of Sharepoint has been easy and readily attainable. As I am somewhat intimidated by computer-based classes, I found it a relief to be able to choose when it was convenient for me to go online. I was able to carry out the projects at my leisure and interact with other non-traditional students on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong: with online classes you have to be dedicated, disciplined, taskorientated and hard-working. However, as long as you keep yourself on track, you can make your own decisions as to when to go online and when to work on your projects.

Jasmine U

Zulhasni S

Hamish M

The Nettrak Partnership The Nettrak Partnership

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Decide where and when it is convenient to study


ur SharePoint Training Online (SPTO) division offers a comprehensive training package enabling you to learn entirely online. You can successfully complete your certificate programmes and associated courses without ever setting foot in a physical classroom.

Interact with other nontraditional learning-style students in a user-friendly real-time environment.

SPTO courses allow you personal interaction with your tutor; easy and mutually-advantageous collaboration with your virtual classmates; and a firstclass education process which is exclusively geared to your time-management needs and opportunities. We are dedicated to teaching you about the benefits and advantages of the diverse business and commercial beneficial applications of SharePoint enabling you to immediately operate within YOUR SharePoint work environment. They include: • You learn from home • You work at your own pace • You choose YOUR learning style • Small virtual class sizes • Exciting networking opportunities We let you decide just where and when it is convenient for you to go online to substantially improve your computing and management skills. You can successfully complete the course in your leisure time and interact with other non-traditional learning-style students in a user-friendly real-time environment.

The business needs for SharePoint 2007 Microsoft Office SharePoint is a marvellously flexible tool for sharing documents, calendars and other data between users in different locations. It can be used, for example, to create internal websites known as ‘intranets’ - using a SharePoint server to store commonly requested documents for human resources, sales, marketing and other departments to be easily accessed by authorised internal users. SharePoint assembles an array of supporting tools which are used effectively in a team environment document libraries, lists, alerts, RSS Feeds, wikis and blogs.

It allows you to: • Deploy intranet portal solutions which can be easily customised to serve your company, departments, and teams, and, your clients and partners • Improve document authoring, review, and publication practices

SharePoint is used within government agencies, schools, colleges, and universities, associations (nonprofit/profit), private organisations, engineering and oil and gas sectors. It can be used in many, many ways for companies of any size and in any industry.

High expectations for SharePoint 2010 It is a platform that due to its diverse range of uses can be used by different organisations in different ways. For example, a SharePoint user focusing on document and records management will need a completely different skills set to a user looking at server-administration or development. Businesses have high expectations for the current SharePoint 2007 and the new SharePoint 2010 version, and are pushing forward with enterprisewide rollouts of it for collaboration and intranet - using this universal access to provide single signon portals into existing document and records repositories, thus opening them up for better knowledge sharing.

We offer you industry-specific on-line training designed to meet your needs as an end-user to expand your knowledge and improve your productivity – and enjoy a career-enhancing learning curve. The Nettrak Partnership Tynet House 41 Allison Close Cove Bay Aberdeen AB12 3WG United Kingdom e: w:

Sharepoint 2007 End User Course: SHAREPOINT 2007 END USER Code: SP2007EUENG Your fee: M$349/US$199/£149 (SharePoint system access provided) Your fee: M$249/US$249/£99 (SharePoint system access not provided)

Your study period: Six months maximum, including access to SharePoint tutors

Who is the course for?


ur customised course is designed for users new to SharePoint 2007. It is aimed at nontechnical users who will view, edit and contribute content to a Windows SharePoint site and also manage and administer those sites.

Learning SharePoint to meet your needs.

Any qualifications needed? • A basic understanding of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 • Experience of using Internet Explorer or an equivalent browser • A basic knowledge of Microsoft Office – including Word, Excel and Outlook

What are the aims of the course? This is an entry-level course for new users to gain hands-on experience in SharePoint 2007’s capabilities -leading to wide-ranging beneficial applications for their workplace and their own productivity levels. SharePoint 2007 offers users a powerful method to extend data-sharing techniques instead of storing local copies on data desktops. SharePoint allows teams to collaborate on projects using tools already available - including Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, thus improving information collaboration and productivity.

What will I learn? Our SharePoint course is divided into 14 lessons – which conclude with you publishing your own SharePoint team site. These 14 lessons are:

Publish your own SharePoint team site

1. Introduction to SharePoint 2. Collaboration and team sites 3. Navigating SharePoint sites 4. SharePoint list and library concepts 5. SharePoint lists 6. SharePoint libraries 7. E-mail and document management 8. Wikis, Blogs and RSS 9. Web parts and Web part pages 10. Working within workspaces 11. Using SharePoint with Office 2007 12. Search 13. Workflows 14. Customise SharePoint team sites 15. Publish your own SharePoint team site. The course material includes short training videos which will accompany each of your 14 lessons.

How will I be assessed? Your pass criteria are based on:

Learn all the core components of SharePoint

• Continuous assessment of coursework • Devising an entire SharePoint team site • Successfully complete a multiple-choice test After completing the course, students will now be able to understand and be equipped to: • • • • • • • • •

Navigate and search SharePoint sites Create sub sites to hold disparate data Devise and manage lists Add documents to a document library Work with document libraries and lists Add and modify content Use document management features Share pictures or images Create and use views in SharePoint

The Nettrak Partnership The Nettrak Partnership

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SharePoint to meet your specific needs.


very organisation now faces the challenge of providing quality training whilst maintaining maximum operational efficiency and meeting its targets. Embracing innovative online technology gives organisations a means of achieving this aim …yet still getting the job done. With SharePoint Training Online (SPTO), we have developed and grown our business by providing state-of-the-art vocational on-site training which has led to our methods being used on a global basis. Our customised courses are ideal for students who appreciate the value of enhancing their learning experience by getting completely away from the daily distraction of telephones, e-mails, and the

workplace environment. We differ from other training providers in that we do not teach you from books, or from Microsoft public SDK materials. Our teaching method is unique and focuses on the ‘real world’ working of SharePoint within your specific industry. Our skilled instructors and tutor-teams themselves use SharePoint every day and have hands-on experience of providing SharePoint training and, consequently, first-hand skills in imparting relevant information on its use in the workplace. We adopt and adapt these finely-honed skills to mould our comprehensive courses to meet YOUR needs - aiming to involve you in the SharePoint ethos; actively work within it; and learn to use its attributes both quickly and correctly.

SharePoint course is structured for YOU

YOU can choose YOUR own sector

Your exclusive SharePoint learning experience will come via these proven training tools:

The general core modules which all students will learn either in SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 feature:

• • • • • • •

Lectures Demonstrations Labs Screencasts Detailed lecture notes and lab instructions SharePoint Learning Management System THREE months post-class Sharepoint support

We aim for you to enjoy a non-pressurised “instructor-led but student driven” training environment. If you need to devote more time to a specific module or subject, we will remodel the course structure to meet your needs. We aspire to making SharePoint Training Online the premier online training experience in the computing education market.

• • • • • • • •

Sites Lists Libraries Web parts Branding and customisation Document Management Working with Office applications Workflows

Once you have successfully completed these general core modules, you can then, following detailed discussions with your tutor, choose to build on your knowledge and hands-on experience of SharePoint within one of the following sectors: General Intranet Public sector Engineering

Education Project management Oil and Gas

Our online classes have a very high level of interactivity and your final assignment work in the industry sector of your choice is recorded for training confirmation. This is essentially all about learning how to use SharePoint from the comfort of your own desk and in your own time. All YOU need is a web browser to access your training materials. Sharepoint Training Online provides a learning experience which will offer you a new career path and much, much more job satisfaction.

Enrol TODAY to give yourself a bright future TOMORROW! The Nettrak Partnership The Nettrak Partnership

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What is SharePoint?


icrosoft SharePoint is a software platform developed for collaboration and webpublishing combined under a single server. Its capabilities include developing web sites, portals, intranets, content management systems, search engines, wikis, blogs, and other tools for business intelligence.

SharePoint 2007 The capabilities of Office SharePoint 2007 focus on six areas: • Collaboration - Using a SharePoint site to share information and work smarter. It offers workspaces and tools for tracking projects, coordinating schedules, and collaboratively creating and editing documents. • Improving team productivity - Using a site to store routine information for a single department or short-term information for a special project that spans several departments.

• Managing projects more efficiently - Using a site to manage projects and co-ordinate tasks and deadlines among team members - involving shared calendars, alerts, and notifications. • Create, review, and publish documents Groups can create, review, and edit documents collaboratively on SharePoint. And you can use document libraries to store and manage important documents. • Capturing and sharing knowledge - You can use a team site to capture and share collective team knowledge or important information in a wiki. Surveys or discussions gather information or encourage dialogue, and findings can be shared in a blog. • Portals - You can use portal sites to work collaboratively and access the people, information, and business applications that you need to do your job.

Enterprise Content Management

Office SharePoint 2007 provides powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features for creating, managing, and storing content throughout an enterprise. Workflows will help manage the process of creating, reviewing, publishing, and even managing organisational content.

Document management

Document management capabilities will help you consolidate content from multiple locations into a Document Centre - a centrally-managed store with consistent categorisation.

Records management

Integrated records management capabilities help you store and protect business records in their final state.

Web content management

Web content management capabilities enable people to publish Web content with an easy-to-use content authoring tool and built-in approval process.

How SharePoint helps the business process?

Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS)

Microsoft has now launched SharePoint 2010 to make it even easier for people to work together. The capabilities of SharePoint 2010 work together to help your company quickly respond to changing business needs.

A key component of Microsoft Online Services is the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). This is a set of messaging and collaboration solutions hosted by Microsoft - services designed to give you business streamlined communication with high availability, comprehensive security and simplified IT management.

Benefits Deliver the best productivity - SharePoint 2010 helps you be more productive - offering a familiar Microsoft Office experience so that people can quickly and easily access the business information they need. Cutting costs - SharePoint 2010 helps you reduce costs by consolidating intranet, extranet, and Internet sites on a single platform - in-house or in the cloud. Rapidly respond to needs - SharePoint 2010 enables you to set up Web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to allow everyone to make better decisions.

Instead of your organisation provisioning additional hardware and software and providing IT management support, Microsoft takes care of this with a standardised approach. BPOS provides the tools to help you work smarter, simplify IT management and reduce costs, via: • Up-to-date software • Greater flexibility • Effortless deployment • Inexpensive monthly payments

BPOS benefits • • • • • • • • •

Lower travel and collaboration costs Instant communications E-mail continuity and encryption Reduced overhead, costs and risks Improved client relationships Protection against spam and outside threats Reduced instructional and administrative time Efficient e-mail management Guaranteed availability

SharePoint enables YOU to share information more easily and work more efficiently. And that means you and your team will be much more productive and your job satisfaction levels are enhanced.

The Nettrak Partnership The Nettrak Partnership

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skilled and motivated, they not only achieve success but are able to sustain it.

Make it easy for people to share ideas and work together the way they want

Who are we?


harePoint Training Online (SPTO) is a division of Nettrak International, a privatelyheld company which is totally focused on SharePoint support and services. It is ALL we do …and we believe we do it WELL. It is our business and it is our passion. And we reckon that the collective expertise of our team of tutors, instructors and consultants is unrivalled. Our sole goal is to help you by demystifying the SharePoint ethos. Knowledge brings power, and we begin by helping you absorb what you need to know to take the first step or that next step in learning SharePoint’s many attributes. SPTO is headquartered in Aberdeen, UK, with training and consultancy locations in Europe, the USA and the Far East. To get maximum value from the product, organisations need training, consultancy and the availability of add-ons. We believe we are uniquely positioned to provide the best-in-class in each of these categories – a unique “one-stop shop”

How do we do it? Highly-trained and skilled staff are the heart of every organisation. When you employ people who are

When staff are continuously developed, they feel valued and respected and become more productive in their jobs, with a major impact on a company’s bottom line. Staff who make fewer mistakes and get it right first time, boost company profits by reducing the cash spent on putting costly errors right. Our training division embraces a hands-on curriculum; custom-developed; and taught by our own ‘real-world’ SharePoint instructors and tutors, who also happen to be master communicators. Students have found our learning environment engaging and enjoyable, and have come away with workplace-ready SharePoint skills.

Make it easy for people to share ideas and work together the way they want.

Who does it for you?


ur staffs not only teach our SharePoint courses …they write them and live them!

Master communicators and “real” people Personable, down-to-earth and approachable, our expert team know how to breakdown SharePoint’s complex characteristics and make them understandable. “Tech-speak” is saved for our technical classes. Making difficult concepts digestible, and communicating them effectively, produces students who are competent and confident. All our classes are constantly monitored by submitted course evaluation reports to ensure quality teaching standards are maintained.submitted course evaluation reports to ensure quality teaching standards are maintained.

SPTO’s staff not only teach SharePoint courses, they write and live them!

Why Choose Us? Our extensive experience: We have incorporated into all our training the best practices from many and diverse SharePoint consulting projects, as well as experience in the portal and document-management industries. And, as we are in constant contact with Microsoft’s latest advice and support managers, you will enjoy the latest information and inside track on all SharePoint developments.

Free e-mail support from our teaching team: We encourage you to take advantage of our FREE e-mail support during the three-month period after the completion of your training. Simply e-mail us, and you will get a rapid response and a solution from our training team. This helps ensure the smooth running of your on-going SharePoint projects.

The Nettrak Partnership The Nettrak Partnership

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Customised SharePoint training courses for YOUR own industry sector ... and at the time and place that fits in with YOUR schedule and YOUR n...


Customised SharePoint training courses for YOUR own industry sector ... and at the time and place that fits in with YOUR schedule and YOUR n...