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December 15, 2010

Dear Home-Seeker, Thank you for taking the time to get to know The Resort at Isla Palenque. I’m sure you’ll agree we’ve found an incomparable site, and that our plans are appropriately innovative, thoughtful, and respectful of our unique location. We are currently building our Villa Estate model home as well as some island infrastructure. We are ramping up to launch sales to the public this November for our Phase One homes, which are planned for delivery in late 2012. Around the same time our boutique hotel will open, offering deluxe amenities to residents and guests, managed by the world class West Paces Hotel Group. Although home delivery is still some time from now, I would like to make you aware of the special advantages to being one of the first to take notice of The Resort at Isla Palenque, namely our Founder’s Club. The homeowners who buy the first twelve homes on Isla Palenque will become lifetime members in our Founder’s Club. In addition to special pricing, Founders will be rewarded for their vision with privileges such as: no HOA fees for three years, free hotel stays for their guests, a dedicated concierge, VIP treatment and more. Please see the attached pages to learn about the astonishing array of benefits and privileges reserved for the members of this elite group. If you are interested in being a Founder, I invite you to contact our Isla Palenque Sales Team ( and 877-212-6253) to learn more about the Founder’s Club, our home offerings, and how to become one of the select set of forward-thinking individuals who choose to make Isla Palenque their home. Sincerely yours,

Ben Loomis President, Amble Resorts

THE FOUNDER’S CLUB AT ISLA PALENQUE The first twelve homebuyers at Isla Palenque will become lifetime members in our Founder’s Club. In addition to special pricing, Founders will be rewarded for their forward-thinking vision with special benefits, ranging from one-time benefits like special pricing and free memberships, to lifetime benefits that can be passed down for generations. Membership in the Founder’s Club cannot be traded or exchanged, but can be passed on to spouses and family members. This means that this elite club will never have more than its original number of members, promising a level of status that cannot be diluted or devalued. Benefits of being a member of the Founder’s Club include: 

Pricing Discounts: Members of the Founder’s Club will receive a discount of 5% off the initial pricing. This discount is in addition to the already low pre-construction pricing levels. (Worth between $14,000-$65,000, depending on the home purchased and timing of the purchase.)

Dedicated “Founder’s Club Concierge”: We will provide a single point of contact to provide concierge services for Founder’s Club Members. In the year prior to closing on their home, this person will be available to provide assistance in whatever needs individual Founders have establishing themselves in Panama: bank accounts, visas, residency, etc. In addition, during this year and once the resort is open, this concierge will be able to help by reserving tours, transportation, hotel rooms or anything else the Founders require during their visits to Panama. (Priceless.)

Paid Association Fees: During the first three years of home ownership, we will pay all Founders’ condominium and/or association fees. (Note that this will not include property taxes or fees associated with optional programs or clubs, such as the Yacht Club, use of hotel amenities, etc.) (Estimated value of $15,000 - $40,000, depending on the home purchased.)

Founder’s Referral Program: If anyone referred by a Founder chooses to purchase a home at Isla Palenque, this new buyer will receive a discount of $10,000 off of the published pricing in effect at that time. In addition, the referring Founder will receive a resort credit of $10,000 to be used towards spa services, tours, condominium fees, etc. (10,000 to the Founder for each new homebuyer they refer.)

Trade-Up Program: Members in the Founder’s Club will have rights of first refusal on any new home offered for sale in our development, with the ability to “trade-up” for a new home, which must be priced at least as much as the then-current market value of their home. If a Founder chooses to exercise this right, we will buy back their home at the initial price plus half of difference between the then-current market value of their home. The Founder will be able to use this as a credit at the closing of their new home. (Priceless.)

Hotel Stays for Guests: During the first three years the hotel is open, Founders will be allowed to have their guests stay in the hotel for free, subject to availability and some restrictions. Restrictions include (but will not be limited to): a maximum of 50 total-room nights per year, and the Founder must be staying in their home when guests are at the hotel. The “free stay” will include the room, but not incidentals such as food, beverages, tours, and taxes. This benefit will be subject to blackout dates and room availability, as determined by our hotel management company. (Worth as much as $50,000.)

Founder’s Lockers: Founders will have a special locker room near the marina where they can store equipment, clothes, and other items used during marine excursions. This locker room will include bathrooms, showers, and at least 300 cubic feet of storage space per Founder. (Worth approximately $10,000.)

THE FOUNDER’S CLUB AT ISLA PALENQUE (CONTINUED) In addition, Founder’s Club members who purchase Canopy Homes or Villa Estates will also receive the following benefits: 

Private Villa Vacation: Founders will be given a 5-day, 4-night vacation for themselves and any guests they want to invite (up to 10 people total) to stay in the Villa model home before the hotel is open to the public. We will cover the costs of transportation from the mainland to the island, all rooms, food and beverages, and will charter a day-long boat trip for fishing, snorkeling, island hopping, or whatever else the Founder and their guests would like to do. (Worth up to $6,000.)

GEM Car: Founders will receive free use of an electric GEM e4 car (or equivalent), the standard 4seater which will be available for purchase to all homeowners on the island. (Worth up to $4,000 per year.)

Yacht Club Membership (Villas): Villa purchasers will receive a free “Captain” (medium) level membership in the Yacht Club. Should they choose to purchase a higher level membership in the Yacht Club, they would only be required to pay the difference between the two membership costs. Note that this does not include annual fees associated with the membership. (Estimated value of $50,000.)

Naming Rights: Purchasers of Canopy Homes will be allowed to name one of the platforms in the canopy walk we will be building in the nature preserve. Purchasers of Villa Estates will be allowed to name one of the boats in the Yacht Club. (Names will need to receive our approval.) (Priceless.)

Additional restrictions may apply to each of the above benefits. The advantages of being a Founder at our extraordinary resort are clear. Depending on the home purchased, the dollar values associated with Founder’s Club membership can range from some $90,000 to over $200,000. Include such inestimable benefits as rights of first refusal on new homes, a dedicated concierge, naming rights, memories associated with your private model home stay, and the value of being a Founding Member of The Resort at Isla Palenque becomes priceless.

Isla Palenque President's Letter on Founder's Club Benefits  
Isla Palenque President's Letter on Founder's Club Benefits  

Company President Ben Loomis describes the many privileges and benefits to becoming one of the first 12 Isla Palenque buyers and a member of...