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Most people only fantasize about living in a secluded island paradise... You’re not most people. Palenque means Sanctuary. This long-forgotten island sanctuary is now rediscovered as the site of a private island resort which preserves the land’s wild, natural beauty and celebrates a way of life lavish in its incomparable design and superlative service. Make Isla Palenque your idyllic island home. Find sanctuary here.

Modern luxury in the wild, tropical jungle. Plunge into your jungle adventure at our unique boutique hotel that offers all the sumptuous amenities you can imagine – including a full-service spa, elegant restaurant and bar, idyllic infinity pool, endless beaches and more – so you can submerge yourself in comfort in an exotic, natural setting.

Luxurious Immersion

This isn’t just a close-to-nature experience... this is an immersed-in-nature experience.

Jungle Chic

Elegant design meets ancient influence and traditional craftsmanship. We blur the line between your beautiful island home and the beauty of the island’s natural wilderness. Decks float above jungle canopies to provide unencumbered

Sustainability – We’re obsessed with the details so you don’t have to be.

views of the ocean. Giant trees grow unfettered through floors to become part of

It takes a thoughtful approach to every detail to create homes in harmony with nature.

the structure. Walls fade away to give you the option of an open-air experience

Each home has been carefully positioned to capture breezes and celebrate the best views,

whenever you want it. Hallways don’t exist; instead you’ll walk stone pathways

while preserving old-growth trees and natural land grades. Bioclimatic design strategies

and wooden bridges through tropical gardens and lagoons. It all adds up to an

mean you’ll want your air conditioner less, and enjoy the fresh air more. Sustainable

unmistakable design integrity worthy of its incomparable setting.

materials and renewable energy sources help provide you with constant comfort while respecting the planet. Homes are nestled into the landscape so as to be barely visible, preserving not only the land, but the peaceful seclusion sought by discerning travelers.

Local ingredients, superlative service, incredible atmosphere.

Dining - The traditional, reinterpreted. You’ll taste the fruits of the island from our organic farm – whether you’re in our open air restaurant, relaxing poolside, on the beach, or in your own island home. Local ingredients in traditional dishes, reinterpreted with contemporary sophistication – that’s meaningful dining.

Service - We make island living easy. Available services include private butlers and cooks, housekeeping, laundry and garden services, on-island electric GEM cars, off-island transportation, on-site shopping for necessaries and groceries delivered to your door.

Find fitness. Hike our five miles of coastline and 220 acres of nature preserve. Traipse in the treetops with monkeys on a canopy walk or tree-climbing expedition.

Wellness. The essence of island living.

Breathe the pure ocean air with yoga or Pilates on the beach.

Exercise your mind. Quench your thirst for discovery by taking a tour to learn about island birds, animals and flowers, or to investigate the island’s geological ancestry and archeological history.

Wellness at the source. Natural botanicals from the island’s organic farm, volcanic stones from its beaches, and pure water from its deep, underground aquifer — the island itself is a source of health and well being. Your spa experience will immerse you even deeper into the island’s mysterious serenity.

The Gulf of Chiriqui is a water wonderland filled with adventure. Experience the adrenaline rush of the Gulf’s world-class sport fishing at Hannibal

Wild water adventure, direct from our marina.

Bank and Islas Ladrones, or indulge in exceptional snorkeling and scuba diving around Islas Secas or Isla Coiba. See dolphins jump and whales breech on a whale watching excursion, or go island hopping around our entire archipelago in a sailboat or catamaran - there are over three dozen islands and islets to explore just minutes from your home.

Discerning buyers choose Panama. Why? A million reasons. The Republic of Panama is located less than three hours

Panama is a traveler’s ideal. Visitors to Panama can enjoy two different oceans,

from Miami and has direct flights to almost a dozen North American cities. Its stable

experience mountains and rainforests, learn about flourishing indigenous cultures and

democratic government, rapidly growing economy and wealth of natural beauty, cultural

take advantage of vibrant urban life. As the isthmus connecting two massive continents,

diversity, and historic heritage, are making it increasingly attractive to vacation home

Panama’s flora and fauna are incredibly diverse, with over 10,000 species of plants

owners and retirees. Panama uses the U.S. dollar as currency, English is widely spoken,

and animals.

and its capital city is a modern, sophisticated metropolis with established commerce, arts, fashion and dining. In addition, Panama’s infrastructure, including modern hospitals, airports and roads, is much more highly developed than its Central American neighbors.

Panama is a winner. No wonder Panama has been the winner of International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index for six years in a row. Business Week, Maturity, Conde Nast Traveler, SmartMoney, TheStreet, AARP Magazine, Forbes and Kiplinger have all praised Panama as the best place to retire.

Contact us to arrange an expedition to Isla Palenque. From U.S.: 877-21AMBLE From Panama: 001-800-203-7883

Nothing in this brochure shall constitute an offer for the sale of real estate where not permitted under applicable law. An offer for the sale of real estate may only be made by complete offering documents registered with all authorities with jurisdiction under applicable law.

Isla Palenque Brochure  

Get a feel for what life on Isla Palenque will be like when our stunning island community is built. High resolution for easy home printing!

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