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Before You Shop With Private Collection Merchandising

When it comes to our extensions and custom lace wigs, by Private Collection Merchandising we understand regardless of cost - quality and performance is first and foremost. Keep in mind, just like your favorite pair of shoes, your Lace Wig should fit just right. Please allow your trained Private Collection representative take your measurements for proper fit and product warranty. We’d like to be held accountable and rewarded for those well deserved admiring glances you’ll get when you’re wearing your properly measured and applied Lace Wig and extensions from Private Collection Merchandising. In the event you’re unable to make an appointment convenient for any reason, you can always call and we’ll walk you through the process. Simply download the documents below; grab a pen, a measuring tape and give us a call. 866400-4950 Our money back guarantee is simple Your satisfaction with the quality of your purchase is important to us. If your any reason you’re not happy, you may return your wig or extensions as long as your purchase has not been altered. There will be a small restocking fee of 10% and your shipping fees are not refundable. The only exception to this guarantee is when purchasing a custom lace wig; at which time we’ll handle on a case by case bases.




In the event you’re unable to make an appoint- ment convenient for any reason, you can al- ways call and we’ll walk you through the proc- es...