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FROM THE PRESIDENT For those residents who don’t like crowds, or would like to try something new, the summer is a good time to participate in the ongoing activities, such as Bingo, Bunco, Bocce, Horseshoes, Tennis, Yoga, Bowling, Aggravation, Happy Hour, Golf and many others that are active all summer. If you can’t reach the person listed in the phone book for details, give me a call. I can probably link you up with someone here who would be able to supply information. There’s a lot to do during the summer in Tara Woods besides curling up in front of your air conditioner with a good book. This is also the season when many of us take vacations for a week or so. Don’t forget to hurricane proof your home and property, even if you’re only gone for a short while. We all know how unpredictable Florida weather can be in the summer. Safe travels and stay cool!

Janet Daly “A closed mouth gathers no feet.”

THANK YOU, Keeping Costs DONNA! Down Thank you, Donna Phillips, for a job well done as Columns editor. You worked especially hard getting our new paper off the press. It was a big undertaking. The Board and all Tara Woods residents “thank you”. A warm welcome to our new editor, Barbara Roland. Donna and Barbara worked together on this issue, but Barbara feels confident she will be able to take over on the following issues. Barbara’s e-mail is: Barbara_Roland@comcast. net. Articles should continue to be sent as an e-mail attachment in word document form, just as they were before. Proofreading your article, especially for the correct spelling of names, would be very helpful. Again, thank you, Donna. Enjoy retirement.

As you may know, the Columns is subsidized by its advertising. This allows us to receive Tara Woods information free to the community. In order to maintain our free publication, utilizing those who advertise in the Columns will help keep the cost at zero to us. Please, whenever possible, use a vendor from the Columns.

Attention – New Columns Deadline The new deadline for the Columns is the 10th of the month. Deadline for September Columns is August 10th or before. Submit copy to me at Remember to follow the new guidelines and type as a Word document, then attach to your email. Thank you, Barbara

Zachary Minnick




to the Clubhouse in case of a hurricane, it is important that you know the procedure, and plan accordingly for yourself and your pet. Please read this material and keep it handy until November 1st, the end of hurricane season. We gratefully welcome the new editor of The Columns, Barbara Roland. Barbara willingly agreed to take over, with Donna Phillip’s retiring at the completion of this issue. Thank you, Barbara, and to all who continue to do the proofreading, distribution and delivery. This is a tenmonth job that continues throughout the summer. Donna has done a great job and has passed on her vast knowledge of newsletter editing to make the transition a little easier. Thank you, Donna. Thanks to our CERT team, we received our official certificate designating us as a “Firewise” community. If you missed the presentation at the April 5th Saturday Coffee, Frank Millette will be glad to fill you in on the program and explain exactly what that means. It’s another reason to be glad you’re living in beautiful, safe, Tara Woods.


The President is enjoying a much needed vacation, although there is plenty to do around the community to keep busy. The Memorial Day celebration, hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Club, was a fitting tribute to our veterans, with good food and the good company of 160 people, a great turnout for this event. The Kentucky Derby party was a lot of fun with a follow-up event on June 7th to watch The Belmont Stakes to cheer on California Chrome to win the coveted Triple Crown. The next party is July 4th which is being hosted by the TWHA Board of Directors and friends. An old fashioned Fourth of July picnic is planned with picnic food and games in and around the pool. Tickets are on sale through June 28th for $10/person. The poster in the Clubhouse has all the details. I hope you’ll be there. The CERT/Hurricane Preparation Team has met and is ready for another hurricane season, which we hope will be a “non-season”. There is more detailed information about hurricane preparation in this issue. If you are staying in Tara Woods and plan to go up



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