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Ladies and Gentlemen….. about ½ way through summer… aahh, nice and warm just like we like the weather to be in Florida. The pool is a great place to refresh and catch up on the local happenings. There really is nothing going on with the Entertainers, but I just cannot miss the opportunity to chat with ya’ll. I do hope everyone is enjoying their time during this summer no matter what state you are in. If your plans have you traveling during the summer, travel safe and return with loads of fun memories. Speaking of memories, I am going to share one with all of you. Lou and I made a journey to Egypt in December of 2000. What better place to spend Christmas than in a country with about a 1% Christian population? Anyway, we had a wonderful trip sharing the sights, sounds and tastes of a very foreign land with people from around the globe. During the trip we had an opportunity to ride a donkey to the top of the Valley of the Kings to see the sunrise over the valley on Christmas morning. What a splendid idea. You go to a spot near 2 colossal giant statues and get on an ‘ass’. We started in the dark about 5 AM since we wanted to be at the top at sunrise. We were riding on a street on the way to begin the climb. In Egypt, unlike most of the world, lights on a vehicle appear to be an op-

tion which most people choose not to use, this is also interesting since it is …DARK. Well, my donkey was antisocial, with a mind of his own. He must have thought that he was a motorized vehicle because he walked in the middle of the street. Anyone who has ridden a donkey knows there is no steering wheel. We also did not have lights on me or the donkey. I knew I was in trouble when a bus was so close to me that I could feel the coolness of the outside of the bus as it passed us by. I screamed and Abdul, one of the guides, came back and proceeded to whack my donkey to get him back in line on the side of the road with the other 20 or so animals. Ok, now we were going up on the side of a rocky cliff. They failed to mention we would be traveling on a path which was about one foot wide next to about a 1,000 foot drop to the bottom of the valley floor, and remember it’s dark. Again my burrow, the cute little thing, is already pissed at me for getting him beat once today, chooses to walk as close to the edge as he could. I was terrified, afraid to even breathe. Thank goodness it was still relativity dark so I could not see much to the right of me. Of course, except for air, there was nothing to the right of me. Again Abdul came to my rescue and walked with my precious donkey as we made our

way up the rocky cliff. Finally making it to the top I jumped off and much to the surprise of the local guides and Abdul, I hugged him for saving me twice. I had forgotten about the position of women in this country. I guess they thought I was one of “those” women from the USA. Our trip in Egypt was wonderful, and we are so glad we had the opportunity. We returned home with lots of interesting memories. This is just a heads up, for those of you going to ride a donkey in the dark use your bicycle lights and try to get a more considerate donkey to ride. I want to remind you that I am ‘showcasing’ the hard working volunteers that help put on our shows year after year. The Entertainers thank each and every one of you for your continued support. Again I bring you another batch of “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Pat-one, Stage Manager Entertainers



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Cast party, back stage, and more, Evelyn Loud and Sue Sobkowicz

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Tara Woods - July & Aug 2014  

Tara Woods Vol. 25 No. 6 - July/Aug 2014 Presented by Tara Woods Homeowners Association –

Tara Woods - July & Aug 2014  

Tara Woods Vol. 25 No. 6 - July/Aug 2014 Presented by Tara Woods Homeowners Association –