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Del Tura Amigos 2019 Softball Champions


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Mark & Mary Ford League • March 20, 2019


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Del Tura Wins N Ft Myers Seniors 8-Ball League Championship Our Del Tura team received a plaque for winning the CHAMPIONSHIP for the Spring season. Our 5 players were Harry Christopher, Captain, Al Young, Vito Sinicropi, Joe Perkins, and Bill Michael. In addition, Al Young won the Most Valuable Player award for having the most points and winning percentage (417 and 80 percent). Last year’s winner, Vito Sinicropi, came in second. The league consists of Del Tura and 9 other teams from nearby communities (Pine Lakes, Lake Fairways, Herons Glen, Tamiami Village, Pioneer Village, Buccaneer Estates, Horizon Village, and Six Lakes).

The Del Tura Repertory Company  Holding Auditions In July for next year’s show, I am looking for actors, dancers, singers and stage hands. As you may have guessed I am going to do something very different next year. Please contact me and I will answer any questions you may have. I know there a lot of good singers out there. There are many of you who like to dance too. Repertory Company needs you!! I hope you will talk to me and find out what I have in mind. Jacqueline Keen #239 463 5544

TOWER DEADLINE: The 9th of the month, for the following month’s issue. All articles and flyers must be submitted in a Microsoft Word document format, or you may drop off at the HOA office in a TYPED or HAND PRINTED format only. Questions - please contact us via e-mail: or drop them at the office. Thank You

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The The

Poolside Pub Specials Every Day! • Happy Hour Every Day 3-6 PM Visit our website at:

VOTED COLDEST BEER & BEST WINGS! MONDAY Live Music & Dance Party with Cindi, show starts at 5 PM! TUESDAY TACO TUESDAY Hard & Soft Shell Tacos and Burritos Available vailable All Day and All Night! Karaoke with Jimmy 6:30 PM! WEDNESDAY Whacky Wing Wednesdays! Buy 20 Wings GET A FREE PITCHER OF BEER COLTON JAMES playing live at 5 PM THURSDAY Spaghetti & Meatballs Dinner only $6.99 Name That Tune & Trivia Night 7 PM FRIDAY Live Music Every Friday Night at 5 PM! All-You-Can-Eat Fish & Chips Only $8.99 Available All Day and All Night!


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President’s Korner… Early in the morning, I was weeding my flower bed (no, I wasn’t wearing my usual high heels…), when I heard a cheery voice say, “good morning.” When I turned around, I realized that I had never seen this woman. As we chatted, she told me that she was a new resident and loved Del Tura. I asked her why she had chosen Del Tura as her new home

and her response was, “Del Tura is so active and other communities’ residents stay in their homes and are rarely seen.” Later, I thought about her comment. Yes, Delturians are very active. Many of us are grandparents, but live with the energy of the young. Daily, I see residents walking, jogging, riding bikes, swimming laps, doing water aerobics, working out in the gym and the Starlight ballroom, playing

golf, pickle ball, tennis, shuffle board, and bocce ball. My elderly, ninety-four year old mother used to say, ”I feel young when I’m around active people.” Delturians are ageless. Life in paradise is good. Stay active Delturians. Remember, smiles are contagious. Bette Ewing Cheney HOA President.

Good Timers’ Singles Club News Life only comes around once, so do what makes you happy, and be around those who make you smile!

by Liz Poniatowski Last month the Good Timers’ smiled a lot! How can you not be happy when you’re riding around Del Tura on a scavenger hunt looking for the well hidden lawn jockey, seahorse, giraffe and many other items that Esther Kuntz and Stewart Carter searched out for us to find! Along with Esther and Stewart, Pat Gilmour and Bonnie

Sharpless made sure the Road Rally was a success by handing out lei’s, tattoo’s, candy, lottery tickets and hair clips before it began and then pizza when we returned. Many thanks to all who made it a fun day! Next we had our first Pot Luck where everyone brought a dish to share and we celebrated the April birthdays. Finishing out the month a group of us went to see another play, this time at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater. That makes three so far this year. Last month was busy. This month, May, will find us slowing down a bit. We WILL NOT be having our

monthly meeting this month. We will pick it up in June when we start planning more exciting trips and local events to attend. On 5 May we will celebrate our May birthdays during our annual Kentucky Derby Party in the Starlight Ballroom. We’ll place our bets, cheer on our horses and wear our Derby hats! Please continue to check our bulletin board outside the Pub area to see what’s next on our “Save The Date” listing! Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. Socializing begins at 4:00 in the Poinciana room and the meeting starts promptly at 4:30. If

Family Owned and Operated


14871 N. Cleveland Ave., N. Ft. Myers (Across from Super Walmart on US 41)




Labor Only

Must present this coupon, not valid with other discounts or offers. Expires 6-7/2019

Complete Auto Repair - Domestic and Foreign

Specializing in Air Conditioning • Auto Electric • Brakes • Suspension • Free A/C Checks • And More... you’re still thinking about joining the Good Timers please join us at our next meeting to be held on 4 JUNE. All single Del Turian’s are encouraged to join us at one of our

monthly meetings to see if this is something you’d like to pursue. For more info contact President Liz Poniatowski at ciociliz@ or 239-800-2935.

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Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster? The year ahead offers new opportunities and experiences. But as you make plans throughout 2019, be mindful of the things that can derail those plans – such as the natural disasters that affected so many families in 2018. Every area around the country is subject to natural disasters, whether they’re wildfires, hurricanes or tornadoes. How can you prepare for them?

Here are a few suggestions: Maintain adequate insurance. It’s a good idea to review your homeowners insurance at least annually to ensure it’s still providing the protection you need. And make sure you know exactly what your policy covers in terms of natural disasters. You’ll also want to review your life and disability insurance regularly. And, of course, you’ll want to stay current on your premiums for all your policies. Keep a record of your possessions. The insurance claims process will be much easier if you take the time, before a natural disaster occurs, to photograph or videotape the contents of your home. You also might want to list the brands and serial numbers of appliances and electronics. Know your passwords. It’s important to have ready access to the passwords for your financial accounts. You may be able to memorize them, but, if not, keep them somewhere – perhaps in your smartphone – that you can access anywhere. It’s always possible that a natural disaster will strike so quickly that you can’t even grab your phone, so, to be extra cautious, you might want to share your passwords with a trusted family member or friend. (Even then, though, you may want to change your passwords every so often.) Build an emergency fund. During or following a natural disaster, you may need ready access to cash to cover some of the essentials of daily living, such as food and shelter. Keeping a lot of cash in your home may not be such a great plan, especially if you have to evacuate quickly. Consequently, you might want to create an emergency fund containing three to six months’ worth of living expenses, with the money kept in a low-risk, liquid and highly accessible account at a local bank or with your financial services provider. Protect your documents. These days, many of your important financial materials, such as your investment statements, are available online, so they’re likely safe from any disaster. But you may still have some items, such as checkbooks, birth certificates, passports, Social Security cards, insurance policies and estate planning documents (i.e., will, living trust, etc.) on paper. Even if some or all of these things could eventually be replaced, it would take time and effort. You’re better off protecting them beforehand, possibly by keeping them in a safety deposit box at a local bank. Save your receipts. You’ll want to save receipts for repairs and temporary lodging to submit to your insurance company. If you are not fully reimbursed for these expenses, they may be tax deductible, though you’ll need to consult with your tax advisor to be certain. If you’re fortunate, you’ll never have to face a natural disaster that threatens your home and possessions. But it never hurts to be ready – just in case.

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors are not estate planners and cannot provide tax or legal advice. You should consult your estate-planning attorney or qualified tax advisor regarding your situation. “Adam Hromiak AAMS, CRPC is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments in Cape Coral on 3571 North Del Prado Blvd. Suite 7 Entrada Plaza, 1/2 mile West of Rt. 41. He can be contacted at (239) 731-6338”


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“My Heartfelt Circle of Friends”

By Dianne J. Roderick As we go through our early lives friendships are always within close distance, often made as we enter school and in our neighborhoods. Very seldom did we go beyond the parameters of home and school. The number of friends grew as we joined activities, such as scout organizations, or sports teams. The total may have varied depending a lot on how introverted or extroverted you may have been during those early years. How well I remember the excitement of our children when they came home from school on the very first day. They couldn’t wait to tell me how many friends they made that day! I was just as excited as they were! “Mommy, I have a new friend! I can’t wait to see my new friends tomorrow!” Everyone was their friend! Unfortunately, they would eventually realize that many friendships could not be forever. It’s a lesson that we all learned as we went through the different stages of life. “People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime… and some enter your heart and stay forever.” Eventually we realize that throughout our lives we did make many friends and many of those friendships followed us throughout the different phases of our lives. Some of those early friends actually became lifetime friendships, and are now part of our family. Although many of us are blessed with a large circle of friends in our lives there are few that follow us through these golden years. So many special people …so many beautiful memories, gone now from us but always alive within our minds and hearts. Fortunately, if we’re lucky we still have some of these friends with us, but only a few can be considered “center of the heart” friendships, the ones that enter the our hearts and stay a lifetime. Believe me I have cherished all of my friendships; they have taught me many different lessons for many different reasons. I have never regretted any of them! As we get older our circle of friends are so important to us for so

many reasons. Let’s face it even at this stage of our lives we still have issues that need being addressed, maybe more than we would like. If you’re a male, you may be lucky to have a special group of friends that you can be yourselves with and solve some of these issues by letting your hair down (if you’re lucky enough to still have some… just a little humor) with your buddies. Well it’s the same with “It’s beautiful to know no matter where I am in life…there are these women that truly get me, love me, support me. Their energy gives me the feeling that I can truly be myself, be totally relaxed and not hold back. I love these ladies! Who needs a shrink when you can celebrate this kind of friendship?” – Dianne J. Roderick

women. We need our girlfriends, too! They are our support systems that we definitely cannot do without!! These heartfelt friends will always be at the inner core of your heart. They are there for the good times and the not so good times in your life. They give of themselves without expectation, opening their hearts and ears during those much needed moments…whether it’s to cheer you up or cheer you on. The best part is that you can be you, you can be a little crazy, be relaxed, laugh until you cry. It’s all good! True “inner core” friends don’t judge. They do however, make you feel happy, and put a great big smile on your face. Even hours after you leave them you find yourself giggling over something silly that was said earlier. It’s all good! Let’s face it there are times in our lives that we can’t always go it alone even though we think we can. Most of us stubbornly insist we don’t need anyone…even when we know that is not true. We all have friends that miraculously bring us out of the darkest moments of our lives. Our friends

North Fort Myers are there for us …reach out…let them help. “There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little better.” I will always treasure your friendships, my heartfelt friends. You are all very special to me for so many reasons. I am truly blessed! I would like to dedicate this article to three of these treasured friends. I probably could write a book about each of them….it just might make a list. Not sure which one that would be yet…Hmmm?? Let me tell you about three special people that I know I can’t do without. I didn’t meet these crazy friends until we moved here to Del Tura. They have brightened my life in so many ways by bringing so much sunshine and laughter into my life on many occasions. Each of them shares so many gifts and they don’t even realize that they are blessed with these gifts. Their names are Shelley, Juliette, and Princess (all names they chose for themselves). I know…you kind of get an idea why there’s never a dull moment with these three. They made me promise that if I ever wrote anything about them that I could not use their given names. We don’t get together very often but when we do it’s like our conversations never skip a beat. Right from the beginning of our outings it’s continuous laughter. How we can find humor in almost anything amazes me. It’s usually Shelley that begins the chaotic fun with her infectious laugh and lighthearted humor. Then Juliette will add an additional comment in her own serious style, followed by Princess who by now has difficulty speaking between the laughter and the tears flowing down her cheeks. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where the story began, or even if it has an end? It doesn’t matter though because the most important thing is how it all makes us feel! Each of these ladies is blessed with a sense of humor that makes any situation seem a whole lot lighter.


Bill Edinger



239-565-9904 Licensed and Insured

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CALL: 997-0923 or 246-3699 “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. – Jimmy Dean

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Thank You Choralaires – Spring Concert FABULOUS!

Lease Your Hearing Aid Dr. Robert Hooper Board Certified • Doctor of Audiology Since 1975

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CAPE CORAL 800-3203

106 W. Hancock Bridge Pkwy. (Santa Barbara/Publix Center)

NORTH FT. MYERS 997-2414 1876 N. Tamiami Trail (Old Business 41 - Weaver’s Corner)

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Fish Of Del Tura News GOODBYE TO RICH AND SUE SYMES By Ginnie Benjamins,

Before you read about our goodbyes I must tell you that FISH’s administrator, Betty Scheetz has finished completing the hours our FISH volunteers have given, 5,122. That means we have been very busy. These hours reflect the dates from April 2018 to the end of March 2019. Thank you all our volunteers! FISH says a tearful goodbye to Rich and Sue. Both have been staple members of our organization for many years. They are moving at the end of May to be closer to their son and his family. Their son, Steve, has been ill and needs his parent’s help. If you know Rich and Sue then you know how they are ready to help our residents, now it is their family who needs them. They are heartbroken to leave Del Tura, but one must do whatever they need to do. Rich has been in charge as the main person when a piece of medical equipment is needed for support of any resident. When a person calls asking for a loan of a wheelchair or a shower chair, etc. Rich deliverers it, sometimes before you were home from the hospital, directly to your door. When you are done using the equipment he will pick it up at your home. Two other men in Del Tura, Rick Rudzik and Neil Miller, are backups for Rich in case he is not available. Taking

over for Rich is another extremely dependable man, Jim Henrichs. Jim and his wife, Jackie will also be leaving at the end of the month. They are selling their home up north and plan on making Del Tura their permanent home. We are so happy that Jim is going to join the FISH Board. I am sure you will be seeing his smiling face all around Del Tura. Anyone who knows Sue knows a whirlwind of a lady. Sue is involved in so many things in Del Tura. For years she was the co-chair of the cancer walk and helped in raising money for research. In FISH she has been very instrumental in assisting us to raise money for the requirements of this organization. Think back to the year that we sold cookbooks with recipes by Del Turians. If you were at Coffee you saw Sue up front selling the cookbook, once even wearing a tulle skirt. Rich has said that he never knew in advance what Sue was going to do! Our last fundraiser was all Sue’s idea about the “Bakeless Bake Sale” and because of her we raised four times the amount we would have raised at a regular bake sale. Sue is the transportation chairperson of FISH. After our medical equipment, transportation is the busiest part of FISH. Sue leads our “Bookies”, the people who receive the calls our resident make to us requesting a ride for medical appointments or just to go to Publix. She also gathers the drivers on our list for the Bookies to call to secure a ride. Not one to

rest Sue is also the driving force to give cheer to our residents who have been in the hospital or lost a loved one. Each Easter, each Thanksgiving and each Christmas Sue has FISH volunteers come to her home where they put together eighteen baskets. Sue has a list of where the finished baskets should go and each volunteer takes two baskets and delivers them to the residents who have been chosen. Two women have graciously stepped up to take over in FISH for when Sue moves. Jackie Hinrichs is already FISH’s vice president and takes care of the bulletin board with information on it. She is now going to be in charge of the baskets. Andrea Driscoll will take over as chair of Fish’s transportation. Each person will make their new volunteer jobs their own. Sue and Rich will be able to move without worrying about FISH. Their new community will quickly learn of them, the joy and warmth that is always with them. Goodbye Rich and Sue, Best Wishes in the next chapter of your lives.


to reach us please call 997-FISH (997-3474)

FISH of Del Tura Service Hours YOUR NAME: ____________________________________________________________________ SERVICE PROVIDED:_____________________________________________________________ PERSON SERVED: _______________________________________________________________ DATE OF SERVICE: HOURS



Please return to: Betty Scheetz, 1308 San Miguel Lane (609) 477-9147



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Check Your Neighborhood


PO Box 3661 • N. Ft. Myers, FL 33918

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COOLIE CASH CONTEST! March Contest Winners: Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Serwe from Riverwoods Plantation receiving their $500 contest check from Custom Cooling & Heating. Thank You!

Custom Cooling & Heating, Inc.


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For every 10 A/C’s we sell, we will give away $500!

To enter the contest:   

Karl Mull – Tall Oaks Frances Pardi – Cape Coral Wendy Vichunas – Crystal Lake Phil Clapp – Corkscrew WoodL. Henry Hentges – Siesta Bay Larry Lenhart – Six Lakes Harvey Serwe – Riverwoods Plant.

Purchase a new A/C system from us Installed between 10/1/18 – 4/30/19 Submit completed contest entry form We’ve already given away $3500! Don’t miss your chance to enter the contest! *See your installation packet for full contest rules* **CONTEST ENDS ON 4/30/19**

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Video Corner By Elaine Schnur It seems like only yesterday that I welcomed the snowbirds back to Del Tura and now I sadly say goodbye for a while. We invite you to explore our movie collection on any Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3 PM. We have an eclectic mix of movies which span the last two decades. You might find a treasure that you missed the first time around. On the other hand, you will find movies hot off the press, for instance GREEN BOOK, and A STAR IS BORN to name just a couple.

“Dirty White Carpets Are My Specialty” If you are a movie aficionado but still don’t feel like spending a fortune at the movie theater, you can for only one dollar watch it in your own living room. Snack on your own food and you just saved 20 bucks. If you missed the great film BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY which was shown on movie night in April, you can take it out of our Del Tura Library. May 22 is movie night. We will be showing the movie GREEN BOOK. It’s a wonderful movie that we guarantee you will love.

DEAR FRITZIE: (Long time Advice Columnist)

FRIENDS (1984) “Once a friend, always a friend…near or far… No matter how busy life gets don’t forget to reach out to your friends, 9 out of 10 times they are thinking of you too!)

4th of July Celebration As always Del Tura will have a wonderful July 4th Celebration beginning with a golf cart parade at 9am. Come join in and decorate your cart, bike or car. It’s a lot of fun to see how creative everyone is here! If you have a group, come up with a group theme, the more the merrier. The festivities will continue with a golf cart poker run, golf challenges and hopefully other morning activities (if we get volunteers). Lunch will be available for a reasonable cost and then afternoon carnival games in the Starlight ballroom. Prizes galore including 3 best decorated golf carts, 3 highest poker hands, golf awards, door prizes, carnival prizes, etc. And at 2pm we have a strong finish with BINGO followed by partying at the pub. A fun day for everyone! Plan to spend this special Holiday with your Del Tura family. More details in the June Tower but it all depends on how many volunteers we get. Erv and Linda Storma will lead the team again this year but we are only as strong as the team. We need you! Come on and get involved! It’s a fun activity and the more people we get, the less work it is. Call Erv or Linda and 239-997-9066 and give us a hand. Thanks!


CARPET CLEANING Experience My Experience “Cleaner & Dryer” Serving Lee County For Over 35 Years Specializing in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Business / Residential Long time cleaner for Hometown America in Del Tura

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549-7701 or Mobile


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Nice to meet you – would you like to shake my paw? My name is Keeva – I’m a 3-year-old Standard Poodle. I’m quite proud of my special markings – I’m what’s called a Parti-Poodle. I started out life as a breeding dog. My Human was nice to me – but I wasn’t a pet – I was a crop animal. My job was to breed the color dogs that sold well. Since that didn’t happen, I had to go. When my new family brought me to Del Tura I was pretty

Tech Problems I Come to You!

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nervous. I had never been in a car, I had never walked on a street, and I certainly had never seen a special park for dogs! Boy do I love the Del Tura Dog Park! Sometimes I’ll run really fast with my friend Ruby, but usually I just go and sit next to the nice people. I like all the attention that I get. I’m slowly getting used to walking on the side-walks, but fast cars still scare me. So, if you see me around, please stop and say Hi and shake my paw.

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Quality Workmanship Honest Pricing • Vapor / Moisture Barrier • Underhome Encapsulated Insulation • Hurricane Tie-Down Anchors 8 Yrs Exp.


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When to RSVP and When Not To!!! by Sherry Cottini Welcome Committee Chair Well, it’s a sad day in Del Tura when our wonderful residents have forgotten their manners... As most of you know, I try to put functions together so folks can meet each other and get to know our community a little better every time and it’s working for the most part. However, there is a little thing lacking - manners! Everyone knows to bring their own drinks, everyone knows to bring their dish to pass or share, everyone knows to bring a chair,

but what they aren’t doing is letting their hosts know if they’re coming to the party!!! I had one hostess put up tables and chairs and made a cake and no one showed up - and she did have something else she could have done that day, but she thought someone would show up since she put out 21 invitations!!!

I won’t even tell you about the dinner last evening where our hosts found a place that could hold 60 of you and he had 70 reservations!!! So, he had to place 10 on the waiting list - what happened? They not only went through all the waiting list, 11 folks didn’t show up without notice... Well, that›s just not nice...

I know that because you are bringing everything, it really shouldn’t matter whether you RSVP, but it does!! If you get an invitation to anything, it is only proper to let your hosts know of your intentions.

So, this is a little reminder to use your manners your mother should have taught you, but you’ve just forgotten because of all the fun you’re having... But it is rude, so let’s try a little harder with our RSVP’s.


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FortMyers MyersWealth WealthManagement ManagementGroup Group Fort


WEin KNOW YOU. WE KNOW INVESTING. believe in forging lifelong client-advisor We We believe forging lifelong client-advisor relationships. If are we are successful in this we relationships. IfWE we successful in this we KNOW YOUR INVESTMENTS. will see each other several times a year, every will see each other several times a year, every year, decades. As as farI’m as I’m We believe incoming forging lifelong year, overover the the coming decades. As client-advisor far concerned sounds like family. In in my family concerned this this sounds family. In my family relationships. If welike are successful this we real conversations happen around our the the real conversations happen around our will see each other several times a year, every kitchen table. Call today to schedule your kitchen table. Call today to schedule your year, over the coming decades. As far as I’m “kitchen table conversation” where we can “kitchen table conversation” where we can concerned this sounds like family. In my family have a brutally honest conversation about have a brutally honest conversation about youryour the real conversations happen around our financial plans advisor relationships financial plans andand advisor relationships kitchen table. Call today to schedule your (perhaps some coffee or lunch). (perhaps withwith some coffee or lunch). “kitchen table conversation” where we can 239-689-9364. 239-689-9364.

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Clifford Law Firm, LLC Trusts, Estates, Probate, Divorce Cape Coral, FL

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Invite your friends to live at Del Tura, and you could earn up to $500* when they purchase a new home. Call 239-731-3330 for details! *Referral reward restricted to Hometown America residents. Customer must register the resident who referred them at time of their initial visit. Residents whose referral purchases a new or special-order home will receive up to $500. Residents whose referral purchases a Hometown America-owned inventory home will receive up to $300. Residents whose referral purchases a brokered home will receive up to $100. Residents who refer will receive money after closing of escrow. Other terms and conditions may apply. Call 239-731-3330 for more details.

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I have many clients looking for rentals for the


I handle the background check, lease, questions, maintenance problems.

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239-202-0460 | 800-301-5485 Gail Hodge - Cruise Planners

FLST# 39068 • CST# 2034468-50 • HST# TAR-7058 • WAST# 603-399-504

German Language Classes

Guten Tag!

Wolfgang is back and has resumed classes on Wednesdays 11AM - Noon Card Room #1 Next to Ceramics

In Memory Of…

Betty Buescher Ralph Maerz

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SPORTS & EXERCISE Friday Shuffleboard League By: Jack Blevons Writing this on March 29th, our 2018-2019 officially ended today with our 15th Annual Bust-Up Party that was held in the Royal Palm Ballroom. I’ll get back to the party a little later in this article. First, I want to tell you the final standings after our last week of play that was done on March 15th. The “A-flight” trophy winners are as follows: Winning the 1st place trophies for the 2nd year in a row were Ben Hargraves & Janet Blevons with a 44/7 win/loss record. They were followed by Bob & Donna Crawford in 2nd place, one game behind & the 3rd place winners were Glenn & MaryKay

Tointon. The “B-Flight” winners were Kathy Boesel & Mary Pimental winning the 1st place trophies & they were followed by Joe Noto & Chuck Hokey in 2nd place & Ray David & Cam Smith winning the 3rd place trophies Then on March 22nd, those 6-teams plus the 4th place finishers, Chris Brylski & Buster Jager & also Audrey Person & Deb Taylor all participated in the annual 8-Team Tournament which is a double elimination tournament. Winning the Championship Trophies were Kathy Boesel & Mary Pimental with 3-straight wins. The 2nd place trophies were won by Ben Hargraves & Janet Blevons & Glenn & MaryKay Tointon won

the 3rd place trophies. Saying that, I want to add my congratulations to all the trophy winners It was a fun season which went right down to the last 3-games to decide the trophy winners. As I stated in the beginning of this article, today we held our Bust-Up Party which was attended by almost all our league members along with some people who played as subs during our season who we gladly welcome to attend this party. We started the party out by presenting the 18-league trophies to the winners I mentioned above as well as took pictures of all of them holding their trophies & certificates that can be framed if they choose to do so. When we finished with that it was time to sit down & enjoy the food that was hot & ready to be eaten. Like in the past, there were brats, hot-dogs, sloppy-joes along with Bush beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, cole -slaw (thanks to Gail Hargraves), chips, all the condiments, assorted soda & also deserts that Judy Lessard & Diana Camp brought which we all appreciated. Also had cookies . The meal was enjoyed by all I’m sure & I don’t think anyone went home hungry. In closing I want to thank a few people who helped Janet & me run our league all season long. Ben & Gail

Specializing in all American and foreign auto repairs. Come to the people you can trust!


AUTO REPAIR, INC. 26 Cardinal Drive • N. Fort Myers, FL 33917 Corner of Pondella and Old 41

239-997-8333 FAX: 239-997-0799 GULFCOASTAUTOREPAIR1@GMAIL.COM Hargraves & Bob & Donna Crawford who came down to the courts early every Friday to help us get the courts set up & ready to play. They also came early today to the club-house to help get everything both set up & then taken all down after the party was over. Also, like in the past, want to thank Judy Lessard, Gail Hargraves & Donna Crawford who are always so kind to do the never-fun job of

doing the dishes. I am so glad that Janet & I never have to wash & dry all those pots pans & roasters that were used today. Never mind doing the cooking but doing dishes is not my favorite thing to do. These same people are always so kind to work on the serving line until everyone else is fed. Again, sincere thanks from Janet & me for all your unselfish help, making this party the success it always is.

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SPORTS & EXERCISE Bowling Ends With A Flurry By Glenn Tointon This year’s Del Tura ten team bowling league ended with four teams within reach of the first place team going into the final position week. The first place team going into the last week was THE HAIR-UM with seventy-nine points. They are comprised of Geoff Whilhite, Nancy Ash, Joan Whaley, and Louise Thibobeau. All they needed was one win for the championship! However, 3 GUYS & A GAL , made up of Paul Smith, Dino Gaston, Janet Ragone, and Glenn

High mens averages High Ladies average High mens game High ladies game Most improved Most pins lost during the year

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Tointon were determined not to let them have that game. After it was over, they had overtaken The Hair-um with 82 wins against 79. Congratulations to both teams for a hard fought battle. Third place went to Strike force with Kathy Hokey, Millie Hanrahan, Carolyn Forsey, and Paul Espindle While fourth went to Elbow benders with Sue Smith, Dave Lane, Bernie Forsey, and Tom Demshak. All in all, we had a great time enjoying the company of some really great people. For those who might like to join but see all these high scores remember, I didn’t list

those at the bottom, like averages of 93, 107, 111, and 112. We may be good but not perfect! If you are interested in getting out, having fun, and meeting great people join us, as a player or a sub. Just call Denise Rose at 815-2226466 with your name and if you have an idea what your average is let her know that too. We may be expanding to twelve teams next year if room is available. Our season ended with our banquet at Dino’s in Sable Springs with a great meal and many prizes awarded all. Have a wonderful summer and get out and bowl! See you in the fall.

High Honors Tom Demshak 182 Chuck Hokey 181 Denise Rose 172 Diane Smith 158 Chuck Hokey 265 Tom Demshak 246 Diane Smith 238 Denise Rose 226 Carolyn Forsey, plus 13 pins Chuck Hokey, plus 13 pins Whoops, I forgot how to spell my name!

Dan Larson 170 MaryKay Tointon 149 Dan Larson 234 MaryKay Tointon 209

9 Hole Women’s Golf Association By Ann Abramczyk April and May; months of snow birds flying North. Wishing you all safe travels and warm weather upon arrival at home. Looking forward to seeing you next year in the 9 hole league. About DTNHWGA, Del Tura Nine Hole Women’s Golf Association, our official name; any female golfing member of the club can join. In addition to club members; any golfing woman may join and pay per game. Dues are $25.00/yr and are due now or when you join. An additional charge for those who are not members of Del Tura Golf Club of $10.00/yr for the GHIN handicap system. (This charge is included in a club membership.) GHIN handicapping is an USGA official system used by many clubs. Once you join, you’ll

have a GHIN number and can post scores online at almost any course around the US. Or download the GHIN app to you phone and post scores. It also has other neat benefits explained on the site. Non-club members can play in many events; like the Member/ Member, Valentine’s Day Scramble, etc. However, they cannot play in the Club Championship or President’s Cup. These are DTNHWGA events and you have to a club member to participate. Please remember to mark your score cards if you have a birdie or chip in. Especially if you have a chip in; it’s the only way verify it. A quick word about joining the USGA. Some people think you are automatically a member if you belong to Del Tura or GHIN; not true. Membership to the USGA is $25.00/yr and you get a free hat!

There are many benefits to membership; access to free rules books, free videos on the rules and teaching videos, and so much more. And, you will support so many great programs, many of them aimed at young golfers. As always, hit them long and straight.

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Island Visitor Publishing, LLC • May 2019 • 941.349.0194 •

SPORTS & EXERCISE Traveling Shuffleboard League Ends In Fun On “Fun Day”

After placing third in the regular season of the Lee County shuffleboard league, we ended the season in our six team tournament on the county courts by placing second. Lake Arrowhead won the tourney as expected because they have several PRO’s on their team. Our biggest highlight came when Judy Lessard beat their best pro player in the last game. She outplayed him the whole game! Proud of you Judy. Our season won/lost records weren’t as good as usual due to several injuries and nagging problems but several did do well and should be mentioned. Topping our list with a 67% win/loss record was Judy Lessard and MaryKay Tointon. Donna Crawford was a close third at 65% while Glenn Tointon at 55% and Denny Major at 50%.

Our subs did well also. Kurt King had a 76% record before falling to knee surgery halfway through the season while Marlene Eck and Kathy Boesel both had winning records. Also playing hard all season and finishing with very respectable records were Bob Crawford, Janet Reinen, Diana Camp, Carolyn Brueggerman, Marcella Carothers, and Cam Smith.

We are really looking for players for next season who want to have fun, learn strategy, and meeting new people from other parks. If this sounds interesting to you please call or text me at 920-3091294 or e-mail me at glenn1947@ Also, the best way to learn the game of shuffleboard is to play on the county courts located behind the North Fort Myers Library on business 41. They have open play all summer at 9:30 am, playing three half hour games. Just show uo, draw court assignments, and play against different players each time. Cost is only $15 for a whole year! Usually play is daily, Monday through Saturday. This is open to everyone.

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• Locks Rekeyed • Locks Installed •

Louis Rivet CRL Del Tura Resident

Bonded email:

Don Davis

Contracting Inc.

ADDITIONS & REPAIRS Remodeling ~ Kitchens and Baths Vinyl and Stucco Siding Plumbing ~ Heaters, Faucets Toilets, Sinks, Etc.

(239) 731-9240 CGC059985


Appliance Repair

1-239-674-9521 NO




1 Year Warranty On Parts 90 Days Warranty On Labor

SPORTS & EXERCISE Del Tura Amigos Softball News Last issue I took to quoting baseball legend Yogi Berra and I will continue to do it today, “It ain’t over till it’s over”. Well Amigo fans, it is with mixed emotions that I say, “it’s over”. The 2019 Softball season is over and Del Tura is the home of the champions. Our Amigos softball team is the winner of the Mark and Mary Ford Softball league title for the second year in a row! After defeating the second place team from Herons Glen, the Amigos finished their season with14 wins and 1 loss and were crowned the Champions. In a ceremony here at the Starlight Ballroom attended by all of the leagues teams, the Amigos received their accolades and the championship trophy. The following Monday, in a more private celebration the team got together and shared memories of the season as well as some spirits and victuals. They were recognized one more time by team Manager Stan Young.

In a move that was a surprise to no one in attendance, our pitcher Dick Rose was selected as this year’s MVP. Not only did Dick bat .350 with 14 RBI while notching 22 putouts and pitching 4 shutouts and but in what can only be described as heroic, Dicky fought back from a serious in game injury to pitch and win the last two games “It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. It took one afternoon on the golf course.” – Hank Aaron

of the season including the championship clinching game against Herons Glen. Other recognition and awards were handed out including Top Batting Averages with Jim and Jim leading the way. Hamilton’s .738 edged out Yeakle’s .682 and Craig

Lindahl’s .649 for the top three hitting successes. Jay Traver, our left handed first baseman led the team by far with 106 putouts while batting a modest .600. All told, the Amigos batted a team average .528 with 290 hits and 198 runs scored which averaged out to a bit over 13 runs per game. (Special thanks to Tim Krentz for all the stats.) You never know what next year will bring but I can assure you that your Amigos will be in the thick of things once again. Perhaps an undefeated season and a three peat are in the cards for 2020. With your help we can make that dream a reality. This is an open call for both fans and players to join our ranks next year. Who knows, maybe next year we can fulfill the goal of fielding two teams from Del Tura. Until next time, I will leave you with this quote from Home Run hitting superstar Hank Aaron.

The Tower | 25

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SPORTS & EXERCISE 18 Hole Women’s Golf Association by Carol Marra Have you been following all the new rules? One change is that you can now repair any damage on the putting surface. It is helpful to you and to the next players coming to the green. But the one that was supposed to speed up play was leaving the flag in. According to a PGA study of the pros it has not! Pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau says you have a greater chance of sinking the putt with the flag stick in. (Bryson DeChambeau approaches golf the way Einstein approached the theory of relativity.) He pointed out that downhill putts will now have a backstop. If you hit the pin it will drop in as opposed to skipping over. But, here are a couple of negatives: players are using the ball retriever at the end of their putter to get the

ball out and damaging the sides of the cup in doing so. Also, if one player wants it in and another out, we are spending time removing the flag and putting it back in. Maybe a cup at the bottom of the stick, like on practice greens, could alleviate the hole getting damaged but I don’t know how you change the minds of those who either always want the flag in or always want it out. It is hard to change traditions. (We won’t even talk about old dogs and new tricks!) Hole-in-one for Brenda Snyder on March 29th on 4 West. Congratulations to Brenda! With season over Ryan will no longer be holding clinics but private lessons are available. Anyone new to Del Tura: We are always looking for new members. Our membership chairperson is Kay Rolader. Contact Kay at

239-292-4964 if you are interested in joining. On March 14 we had our final shoot-out of the season. Three qualifiers had been held over the last few months resulting in two flights of 10 golfers each. After a few lucky breaks and a few chip offs, (when we had ties after a hole the players had a chip off to see who went on), the winners were: In flight A: 1-Carol Marra 2- Margie Blackwell 3- Jean Reimer. Flight B- 1-Gail Gulino 2-Pat Steele 3-Elaine Deraney. A luncheon was held afterwards for all members. As Margie and I teed up on the 9th hole we commented on how many of our fellow golfers came to watch and even to applaud! It really meant a lot to all the players who participated. Thank you to Paula Lafreniere for organizing the tournament.

Our bench, by Hole 1 of West, looks lovely. Special thanks to Bertie Dugo and Wilma and Rick Antaya for all their work beautifying the area around the bench. Superintendent’s Revenge, Divorce Open, Friday Night scrambles, League play, Skins games and groups just “for the fun of it”. All part of the golf experience most of us enjoyed this season. I hope Easter, whether

here or back home, was wonderful. In the month of May we will see less traffic but certainly fewer friends until the fall. I, like many who stay for all or part of the summer, look forward to a reciprocal or two at some favorite clubs. (But not the heat, the love bugs and the many rain storms!) Enjoy your summer whether here, up north or traveling. Stay healthy and safe.

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Jane Fonda Aerobics Tai Chi Tura Zumba Water Aerobics (Oct-April) Water Noodle Aerobics Yoga Relaxation Zumba Fitness


The Daily Activity Schedule is updated on a monthly basis. Please submit any corrections or additions to Dennis Cottini 847-707-1435 or email: prior to the 9th of each month.


Teddy Reid Marjorie Lord, 543-9072 Teddy Reid, 731-7251 North Pool North Pool Starlight Ballroom Starlight Ballroom

Monday Exercise 10:00-10:45 8:00-9:00 9:00-10:00 11:00-12:00

Marylou Buss, 612-718-7878 Dea Wells 283-5603 Chris Bunker, 517-819-8967




10:00-10:45 8:00-9:00 9:00-10:00 11:00-12:00 11:00-12:00 5:00-6:15




10:00-10:45 8:00-9:00 9:00-10:00 11:00-12:00 11:00-12:00

7:00 PM

11:00-12:15 4:00


Sports Billiards, Men’s Billiards, Women’s (Nov-Apr) Bocce (Nov-April) Bocce (Oct-April) Bowling For Fun Bowling League (Oct-Mar) Golf, Men’s 18 Hole League Golf, Men’s 9 Hole League Golf, Women’s 18 Hole League Golf, Women’s 9 Hole League Pickleball Shuffleboard Shuffleboard, Open Shuffleboard, Traveling Team (Dec-Mar) Softball Tennis, Mixed, Open

Call for location

Punta Gorda

Harry Christopher, 997-7345 Ann DeGrande, 989-2206 Peggy Terrasi, 603-236-2209 Isabel Albert, 518-209-5968 Cheryl DeCara, 543-8751 Dave Csuy, 770-6254 Bruce Johnson, 716-472-3860 Bart De Graaf, 599-4404 Paula La Freniere,  599-8024 Marlene DeGraaf 599-4004 Dick & Denise Rose, 815-978-4907 Jack Blevons, 731-0892 Glenn Tointon 920-309-1294 Glenn Tointon 920-309-1294 Stan Young 731-3142 Lu Ann Brownell 802-522-5863


1:00-3:00 6:30-9:30

3:45-5:30 3:00-6:00 2:00 10:30 8:00 9:00

open play

open play



open play

8:30 8:30 open play

12:30 5:30 8:00-10:00

5:30 8:00-10:00

open play 1:00

open play



open play

Games Bingo, doors open at 6:00pm, sales end at 6:45pm (Oct-Mar) Bingo (all year) Bridge, Duplicate Bridge, Open Bunco, (*All year, 1st & 3rd Wed of each month) Canasta Bocce and Burgers NEW Dominoes Euchre Farkle Hand & Foot Card Game Hand, Knee & Foot Card Game Mahjong Mahjong Mahjong Mahjong May I Card Game Pinochle Rummi-kub Texas Hold ‘Em Blood Pressure Readings (before coffee) Card Making (Seasonal) Ceramics Choralaires, (Nov-Mar) Coffee & Social Hour Computer Club (*1st & 3rd Wed.) Garden Club, (*1st Mon. of month) Good Timers, (*1st Tues. of month) Library, open every day Quilting/Sewing Club Video Corner (check hours in the Library) Wood Carving (Nov-May)

Starlight Ballroom Starlight Ballroom Poinciana Room Jacaranda Room Poinciana Ballroom

Royal Palm Room Poinciana Ballroom Jacaranda Room Poinciana Room Card Room II Card Room I Card Room II

Jack & Janet Blevons 731-0892

7:00-9:30 11:00-12:00

Deloris Nelson, 731-9503 Ken Knight, 305-746-3782 Patti Watson, 608-358-7709 / Darcie Rockenbough, 239-938-6865 Norrine McLaughlin, 543-1276 Sherry Cottini 239-770-7711 Ruth Anten, 997-9779 Marcella Carothers, 731-3315 Ruth Anten, 997-9779 Betty Scheetz, 609-477-9147 Donna Moore, 543-5262 Marianne Denman, 543-5968 Dianne Bevilacqua, 567-2234 Rheta Kanen, 731-0809 Ruth Anten, 997-9779 Norrine McLaughlin, 543-1276 Marcella Carothers, 731-3315 Jean Cornwell 731-1580


6:00-10:00 1:00-4:00 6:00 to finish*

1:00-4:00 5:00 5:30-9:30 7:00-9:00 6:00-9:00 1:00-4:00 1:00

1:00 7:00 1:00-5:00

7:00 6:00 1:00-4:00

Jacaranda Ballroom Mon, Wed & Fri - Card Joette Fabbri, 239-560-3324 4:00 room 1 Other Activities and Clubs Starlight Ballroom Carolyn Bruggemann Mary Kay Tointon, 920-309-2121 Gay Dye, 614-861-0007 Across from bocce court Janet Ragone, 543-7818 9:00-12:00 David Adams, 508-284-6107 Starlight Ballroom Marlene Eck, 543-9249 Ruth Ann, 239-292-6299 Jacaranda Room 10* Dorothy, 239-850-2306 Poinciana Room Liz Poniatowski, 800-2935 Barb Jones, 543-6922 Kathleen Quigley, 543-1067 Starlight Ballroom Wendy Wells, 309-264-9147

7:00-10:00 1:00 - 4:00 4:00


8:00-9:00 9:00 9:00-12:00 6:30 - 8:30 8:00






AfterCoffee Hr 1:00-3:00

Craft room behind ceramics Bernie Forsey, 217-6024


The Tower | 27

Island Visitor Publishing, LLC • May 2019 • 941.349.0194 •

Del Tura Contact Info Blood Drive

Dennis Cottini

847 707 1435


Dave Adams


Coffee Hour - Tues. AM coordinator

Nancy Adams



Kathleen Quigley



Barb Jones


Contractor Survey Results

Al Wells


Del Tura Repertory Company

Jacquie Keen


Entertainment Committee Chair

Betty Ewing


Equipment Loans- Medical

Rich Symes


Loan Closet

Val Coache (alt) Denise Rose

508-789-4245 or alt: 815-222-6466

Loan Closet - Alternate

Denise Rose


Feral Cat Information "SOS"

Karen Azza/Sherry Plisch

220-0563 567-0538

FISH - Friends in Service Here

Ginnie Benjamins, Pres. HELPLINE 997-3474


FISH - Fruit Picking Contact

Rick Rudzik/Sherry Plisch

543-3662 567-0538

FMO Membership

Betty Ewing


Front Gate Guard


HOA Membership

Cindy Baron


HOA Membership

Denise Rose


HOA Office - 609 Sierra Madre (off Catalina)

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 9am-12pm Thurs 4pm-6pm


Homeowners’ Issues/Grievances

Clubhouse Office



Ruth Blevins


Name Tags

Wendy Wells


Save Our Strays

Sherry Plisch Karen Azza

707-5613 220-0563

Seminars (HOA Board President)

Dave Adams


Outdoor Electronic Billboard

Jim Stenzel


Tower - Advertising -

Bob & Emy Stein


Tower - Editor

Pam Price


Tower - Co-Editor

Dennis Cottini


Tower - Delivery coordinator

Linda Braun


Veterans Contact

David Jacobs


Video Library

Elaine Schnur


Welcome Committee

Sherry Cottini


Sound Systems David & Judy Jacobs


Jim Stenzel

826-0524 Lighting

Charles & Peg Note


Doris Meyer


Please email changes to Dennis Cottini at or call 847-707-1435 NON-EMERGENCY CALLS - SHERIFF’S DEPT. (239) 477-1000



I Handle Background Checks, Applications and Gate Passes

Call John


(607) 321-9886

“Why not go out on the limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?” – Frank Scully

Landis ALUMINUM DIY Materials • Screen Rooms Replacement Windows • Acrylic Windows Vinyl Windows • Storage Sheds Utility Rooms • Roof Overs Carports • Room Additions

Proudly Serving N. Ft. Myers For Over 25 Years Still Family Owned and Operated!!

239-995-2229 Bring this ad into the store for a


on any do-it-yourself material order!! Ask about our installation specials!

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Cards & Summer Bingo Winter session bingo has come to an end on March 28th. The summer session of bingo begins on April 4th at 7pm. All summer long until October 3rd. We have

fun doing it and the cost is only $1 a card. You can have all the cards you want. All money taken in each night is all paid out that night. Ed & Jo



By Marcella Carothers

By Marcella Carothers

03-12-19 1. Stan Loson 2. Peter Israel (tie)   Dick Slosarski 3. Sherry Levierre

03-13-19 1. George Divis 2. Hennie O0stema 3. Henry Dzedzej

03-19-19 1, Doug Schultz 2. Jean Wiley 3. Don Williamson 4. Peter Israel 03-26-19 1. Jim Scott 2. Bill Shaver 3. Dann Huddleson (tie)   Kathy Boesel 04-02-19 1. Kathy Boesel 2. Peter Israel 3. Bruce Mars 4. Greg Roberts

03-20-19 1. Renee West 2. George Divis 3. Henry Dzedzej 03-27-19 1. Al Oostema 2. Greg Roberts 3. Irene Lynch 04-02-19 1. Kathy Boesel 2. Tom Demshak 3. Sandy Steigle

2019 Holiday Wreath Contest Wreath should symbolize your State or Province (Only (1) one wreath per state or province) The wreaths will be on display in the Club House (November 12 to 26th). Wreath requirements: each wreath must be 30 to 35 inches and must be lit with LED lights. We are going to buy your votes- there will be a ballot box with envelopes near the wreaths. Place money in an envelope and write your choice of the Winning Wreath and place in ballot box.

EACH DOLLAR DONATED – REPRESENTS (1) ONE VOTE !!! Votes will be tallied at 9am on November 26th, by the accounting firm of Larson Hinrichs Barilla



Garage Door Services

By Deloris Nelson & Earl Ewing

3/12/19 1st tie Earl Ewing & Don Mick 1st tie Al & Hennie Oostema 3rd Dale Scott & Dave Cooper 3/19/19 1st tie Earl Ewing & Don Mick 1st tie Carol Marra & Richard Anderson 3rd tie Dave Cooper & Dale Scott 3rd tie Tony White & Ken Knight 3/26/19 1st Carol Marra & Richard Anderson 2nd Dave Harting & Rickie Thompson 3rd Ken Knight & Tony White 4/2/19 1st Jerry Moore & Dave Cooper 2nd Ron Emo & Jane Walcroft 3rd Karen Brennan & Nancy Moyer

and the WINNER will be announced at coffee November 26th. All money donated will go to the committee for additional and new lights. All wreaths will be hung on the iron fence *throughout the season” with the WINNING WREATH will be hung on the Gate Entrance Wall. Contact Leon – to Reserve a State and primary contact required Also with any questions: Leon #612718-9572 or stop by a see him.

1202 NE Pine Island Road Cape Coral, FL 33909 License #CC64509


SAME DAY SERVICE! Broken SpringS • roller/HingeS garage Door openerS anD remoteS keyleSS entrieS• all typeS of garage Door partS

$10 OFF

Only with coupon Not valid with any other offer Expires 5/31/2019

On Service for Seniors

24 Hour Emergency Service

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June Birthdays & Anniversaries


(May-September) MONDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Closed TUESDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9am- Noon WEDNESDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9am- Noon THURSDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2pm -6pm FRIDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Closed SATURDAY & SUNDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Closed


THE TOWER EDITORIAL STAFF EDITOR Kathy Aira CO-EDITOR Dennis Cottini STAFF Sue Dunigan Rheta Kanen Ann Clanton Dianne Roderick

CIRCULATION COORDINATOR Linda Braun DISTRIBUTION STAFF Bob Meyer Lu Ann Brownell Jay Flanagan Peg Mcternan Liz Flanagan Sandy Rolando Plus 46 Wonderful Delivery Persons

HOA Liaison: DAVE ADAMS Tower Photographer: BILL NEZAMIS Many thanks to all the volunteer residents who have donated their time to “The Tower”. We are looking for more volunteers. Please Help!


Any resident wishing to purchase a “Name Tag” may do so on Tuesday mornings between 8:15 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. before the start of announcements at the HOA Board table. A name tag with a “pin” backing is $5.00 and/or with a “magnet” is $7.00 (correct CASH ONLY). However, if you are going to be gone for several weeks, months, etc., please do not order your name tag until after you return. Normally takes one (1) week to process your order.

I NEED YOUR EYES My name is Don Dowell and I am your HOA Director in Charge of Grounds

Please e-mail me if you see a problem or have a concern about any of our common areas such as the pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, Bocce, horseshoes, exercise room, or clubhouse.


6/3 6/5 6/6 6/7 6/8

Jolan Israel Karen Misztal Michael Parker Chuck Thompson Patricia Gilmour Audrey Martin Lynne Miller Susan Maginn Jean Bruck Mark Huss Rhonda Macduff Barbara Barnes Kathy Grieco William Misztal Stewart Carter Michelle Iwankow Richard Smith

6/9 6/12 6/13 6/14

6/15 6/17 6/19 6/20

David Krutz Gary Luders Ted Luke Jay Flanagan Stephen Davy Robyn Geren Fred Morgan Carol Parker Mike Uhlich Darlene Krawczyk Jere Mangrum Carolyn Brueggeman Irene Lynch Martha Riley Anna Incorvaia Nancy Adams ED Flores


6/23 6/24 6/26 6/27 6/28


Gail Flynn Fred Hale Val Moreau Charlene Ruotolo Gerhard Schweyher Carol Umberger Lauris Sailor June Malonson Donna Brown Russell Geren Nan Walsh John Bell Allen Bruck James Hinchberger Dennis Major Jon Kehl Roger Pladsen

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO... 6/1 6/2 6/3 6/4 6/5 6/6 6/8 6/12 6/17 6/18

Dave & Nancy Adams . . . . . Jim & Pat Hausle . . . . . . . . . Robert & June Malonson . . . Mickey & Ginger Kacmarski Bill & Shirley Hornig . . . . . . John & Barbara Bartlett . . . . Randy & Gail Gottsacker . . . Bart & Marlene DeGraaf . . . Stan & Carol Loson . . . . . . . Gerard & Jeannine Boisvert . Bob & Karen Hoppe . . . . . . . Joe & Lil Murdock . . . . . . . . Tony & Janet Ragone . . . . . .

45 years 26 years 30 years 59 years 38 years 49 years 17 years 55 years 56 years 48 years 52 years 34 years 64 years

6/20 6/21 6/23 6/24 6/26 6/29 6/30

Doug & Karen Scudder . . . . 21 years Bob & Gail Dellar. . . . . . . . . . 32years David & Sandra Eherenman . 39 years Bill & Joan Zabkar . . . . . . . . 50 years Fred & Audrey Levine . . . . . 63 years John & Carol Umberger . . . . 47 years Dick & Mary Ann Wuerdeman 65 years Ray & Martha Connolly . . . . 61 years Bob & Barbara Garabedian . 51 years Mike & Marcia Peterson. . . . 51 years Sal & Agnes Rand. . . . . . . . . 63 years Michael & Margaret Johnson 30 years

“Count not the candles…see the lights they give. Count not the years, but the life you live. Wishing you a wonderful time ahead. Happy birthday.”


Bette Ewing-Cheney - President (2022) (239) 652-3909 Cindy Baron - Vice President (2021) (603) 398-8001 Joyce Lienert - Secretary (2022) (973) 714-4117 Wendy Wells - Treasurer (2020) (309) 264-9147 Susan Bell - Director (2020) (714) 454-9972

Ray David - Director (2021) (239) 574-1290 • (781) 864-8320 cell Don Dowell - Director (2021) (239) 731-1566 Sandra Boykin - Director (2020) (410) 491-8824 Dave Adams Director (2022) (508) 284-6107

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NEWS ITEMS FOR “THE TOWER”, PLEASE USE ONLY THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS: The Webmaster and HOA web site, use Use password DTCCHOA where applicable. To list events on the internet, please e-mail, and submit pictures & text in digital form. HOA Board:

HOA - The Homeowners Association of Del Tura Inc. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Name:__________________________________________________________________________________ Del Tura Address:_______________________________________________________________________

The Del Tura Phone Book is not compiled by “The Tower”. It is produced by Hometown America. Please contact the HT office 731-3433 for errors and omissions.


Please be aware that when you hire an unlicensed/uninsured person to do work at your home, you accept the liability.


PLEASE CALL Val Coache 508-789-4245 or Denise Rose 815-222-6466 NOW LOCATED IN THE MAINTENANCE AREA COTS, “PACK n’ PLAY, HI-CHAIRS, ETC

Phone:______________________________________ E-Mail:____________________________________ Dues: $12.00 U.S. annually for homeowners and renters. Make check payable to: HOA Del Tura. Mail or Deliver to HOA Membership, 609 Sierra Madre, No. Fort Myers, FL 33903



HOA - Tower Delivery Travel Plans (Please Do Not Deliver “The Tower”) Name: __________________________________________________________________________________

Anyone needing to borrow equipment from the Medical Equipment Loan Trailer please contact: Rich Symes at 731-1308, Neil Miller at 239-218-9867, or Rick Rudzik at 543-3662.

Local Del Tura Address:___________________________________________________________________ Remote (Away) Address: __________________________________________________________________ Date-Will be away from:_____________________ Date-Will return on: _____________________________ Please complete and return to the HOA Office. Mail Tower – Cost USA $2 /Canada $2.91 per issue For the correct listing of your

FMO Membership Application:

e-mail to or return this form to the HOA OFFICE


Birthday & Anniversary Birthdays


Del Tura Address:_________________________ Phone:__________________________________ _____ 1 Year Membership $25.00

Address (req’d):___________________________

_____ 3 Year Membership $65.00


# Of registered FL voters in household: _____

Phone (req’d):_____________________________

Non-Florida Address (if applicable):

Month (Spelled)___________________________


Day:______________________________________ Name:____________________________________



Which months do you NOT live in Florida:

Name: ___________________________________


Month (Spelled)___________________________

Recruiter Name_______________________

Day:______________________________________ Year married:______________________________

Send To: FMO, P.O. Box 5300 Largo, FL 33779-5300

Number of years married as of 2019:_________

Contact: Dorathy Biddinger 239-980-2775

Island Visitor Publications, LLC Publishers: Bob & Emy Stein To advertise in print, contact: Bob or Emy Stein at 941-349-0194 or email us at Contributing writers are acknowledged with bylines accompanying their submissions. Attribution for photos are not included unless supplied. We sincerely thank everyone for their contributions. Your articles help showcase the strong and diverse community that makes up Del Tura. The Tower is published monthly from October through May. Summer issues are condensed: June/July and August/September. All ads are subject to the approval of the publisher. It is the responsibility of the party placing any ad for publication in The Tower to meet all applicable legal requirements in connection with the ad such as compliance with town, county and state codes in first obtaining an occupational license for business, permitted home occupation, or residential rental property.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that when you hire an unlicensed/ uninsured person to do work at your home, you accept the liability. Island Visitor Publishing is not responsible for claims made by advertisers.

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Mrs. Doubtfire Services Housekeeping, Food Shopping Airport Runs, Appointments Runs,

100% Ready

When You Walk Through The Door.

Alda Gilbert


2019 FLAG FLYING DATES January 1 . . . . . . . . . New Year’s Day July 4. . . . . . . . . . Independence Day January 21. . . Martin Luther King, Jr. Day September 2 . . . . . . . . . . .Labor Day February 12 . . . . . Lincoln’s Birthday September 11 . . . . . . . . . Patriot Day February 18 . . Washington’s Birthday (observed) October 14 . . . . . . . . . Columbus Day May 12 . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mother’s Day November 5. . . . . . . . . . Election Day May 18 . . . . . . . . . Armed Forces Day November 11 . . . . . . . . .Veterans Day May 27. . . . . . . . . . . . Memorial Day November 28. . . . . .Thanksgiving Day


PROFESSIONAL PAINTING - Without Professional Prices! Interior/Exterior, 30 years of experience, Power Washing, Home Maintenance and repairs! Del Tura resident. Call Jim Smith 239-2471917 (nov19) AIRPORT? SHOPPING? ERRANDS? - Linda Storma, resident DEPENDABLE Call (239) 997-9066 (jun/jul19) LOCKSMITH: DEL TURA RESIDENT Auto/Home Lockouts, Locks Repaired, Installed or Re-keyed. Del Tura Resident. Louis Rivet 543-1434 (oct19) “PRESSURE WASHING” - Houses, driveways, walkways. Call Del Tura Resident. Bob at 954-4481171 (aug/sept19) HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE, DEL TURA RESIDENT - reliable, honest, & friendly service. Del Tura resident. Call Karen @ 543-1434 (oct19) LAMINATES - wood rot, power wash, int./ ext. painting, plumbing, gutters, roofs cleaned. Res. Ref. Call Stan 502-797-4395 or 502-797-4402. (jan20)

AVON - products sold by Del Tura resident. Call Pat 239-5671567(Home) or 631-838-4323 (Cell) (may19)

HOUSECLEANING - Honest, dependable, efficient. Uses her own products. Excellent references. Carol Ann 239-244-6526 (jun/ jul19)

GONE TO THE DOGS PET SITTING - & house sitting. Member of Pet Sitters International. Bonded & Insured. Call Paula, 239-2366779. (may19) RATES for classified ads will be as follows: 2 to 3 lines is $8.00/mo, or $50.00 if you pay for one year; 4 to 5 lines is $13.00/mo, or $100.00 for one year; and 6 to 8 lines is $20.00 /mo. No ad over 8 lines will be accepted. Deadline is the 15th of

GIRL FRIDAY - Reliable & Trustworthy. Housecleaning, etc. Del Resident. Call Linda 239-5601948. (jun/jul19)

each month. Place ads by calling: 941-349-0194

I BUY - old coins, currency, stamps, jewelry, bullion and collectibles. Del Tura resident and national coin expert. Call Will 989-1757 (aug/sept19)

end of your ad in parenthesis (mo/yr). Please

or 941-539-0205 email: We use only one page for the classified ads. “The Tower” does not inform you when classified ads expire. However; the expiration date is at the make checks payable to: Island Visitor Publishing, LLC DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that when you hire an unlicensed/uninsured person to do work at your home, you accept the liability.

JIM O’BRIEN IS BACK! - Complete Garage door and opener Sales and service 239-849-1644 (aug/ sept 19) YARD MAINTENANCE - Exterior house painting, pressure washing, roofs, and gutters cleaned, weed control, mulching, hedge trimming. Del Tura resident. Call Chuck LaFleur at 850-826-3499 (8-9/19)


Please bring your new phone number to the HOA office and also email it to the editor: and it will be published.

John Bilancio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .574-274-5424 Henry Coache . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 508-789-9344 Valerie Coache. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 508-789-4245 Stephen Kolton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .239-747-9955

June 14 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Flag Day December 7. . . . . . .Pearl Harbor Day

Rhonda Macduff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 774-242-7606

June 16 . . . . . . . . . . . . Father’s Day December 25. . . . . . . .Christmas Day

Judi Sharpe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 905-252-4437 Russell and Robyn Geren. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 239-839-6674

Happy Spring!

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$17,828.00 was raised this year at the Partners for Breast Cancer Care Golf Tournament held on March 23, 2019. 222 golfers participated in this year Golf Tournament. After expenses of $3626.95, proceeds of $14,201.05 will be donated to Partners; all funds will stay in Southwest Florida and benefit the

Tournament ladies mixed flight winners: Maria Matthews, Kathy Montemaggi, Moa Shearer, Maria Soper, Lynne Miller, Jeannine Fitzgerald

local Partners for Breast Cancer Care Organization. Lunch following golf was provided by BurgerQue – beef brisket with bar-b-que sauce, baked beans and coleslaw. Ice tea and desert were also served. A special thanks to Tim for staying and helping our servers, Lauris Sailor, Rochelle (Rocky) Clough, Dee Baxter, Charlotte Lheureux and Bev Backner. The Mixed Flight Team Winners for 2019 - Steve Lafreniere, Dave Gordon, Jerry Butler, Lynn Butler, Bill Reid and Kathy Reid. The Ladies Flight Team winners for 2019 – Kathy Montemaggi, Maria Soper, Lynne Miller, Moa Shearer, Maria Matthews and Jeannine Fitzgeraldi. The Men’s Flight Team winners for 2019 – Jim Vassallo, John DeFilippo, Larry Walimire, Mark Blackwell, Danny McDonald and Wayne Volz. The team that had the most fun and declared “winner of the tournament” the team of Gail

Tournament winners: Nan Walsh, Gail Gulino, Nancy Moyer, Barb Jones, Molly Brown, Lynn Sabel

Gulino, Barb Jones, Nan Walsh, Nancy Moyer, Molly Brown and Lynn Sabel The Ladies Closest to the Pin winners - Betty Ferazzi (8S), Jane Glancy (3W) and Ann DeGrande (7N). The Men’s Closest to the Pin winners – Doc Repic (7W), Frank Bellanca (4S) and Neil Dellatorre (8N). Thanks to all the hole sponsors, those that donated raffle baskets and special raffle item.

Del Tura Ceramics

Projects for kids are available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00 am – 11:00 am

SPECIAL DONATIONS by Mike Talley & Bob Franz, Ladies 9 Hole Golf Association, Ladies Sunday Skins Ryder Cup, Rick & Kim Manuel and Bob Carlson. I cannot thank all the volunteers enough for stepping up and helping to make this event a success. Without them we would be truly lost. A very special thanks to everyone who participated in the 2019 Partners for Breast Cancer Care Golf Tournament.

Tournament ladies mixed flight winners: Maria Matthews, Kathy Montemaggi, Moa Shearer, Maria Soper, Lynne Miller, Jeannine Fitzgerald

The Del Tura ceramics room is located across from the bocce court. Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 – 12:00 with instructors available to help beginners.

Stop in and see finished pieces and works in progress.

The Tower | 35

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Thank you to all my wonderful friends and neighbors in Del Tura for your good wishes during my recent injury. I appreciate all the cards. It really lifted my spirits knowing you were all thinking of me during this difficult time. I am feeling stronger each day. Thanks again Anna Incorvaia

I don’t think I’ve ever Laughed so Hard ! Thank you to Ray, Sandy and the Girls (Bootsey & Licious) I think I can speak for everyone the on Saturday and we can’t wait to see you again next season. Thank you Kathy A.

36 | The Tower

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MAY 2019













JUNE 2019 Tue































































HOA BOARD MEETING (Starlight Ballroom- 7pm)

MAY 12th


MAY 22nd

MOVIE NIGHT (Starlight Ballroom 7pm)

J UNE 4TH G OOD TIME RS SO CIAL GROUP m ( Po in c ia n a R o o li ze 4:30pm / s o c ia a s o f 4pm )



(St a r ligh t Ba ll ro om 7pm )

QUART ISE R FUNDR A ro om l l a B t h g (St a r l i 5pm)

J UNE 22ND DANCE W ITH R ICHIE C. (St ar ligh t Ba l lro om 7pm )

Profile for Emy Stein

Del Tura - May 2019  

The Tower is Del Tura's monthly community newspaper. Presented by Del Tura's Homeowners Association.

Del Tura - May 2019  

The Tower is Del Tura's monthly community newspaper. Presented by Del Tura's Homeowners Association.