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PRO-7 chief lauds Siquijor police’s illegal drugs campaign

by Rizalie Anding Calibo

SIQUIJOR, September 13 (PIA) – Police Regional Office in Region (PRO-7) Director Chief Supt. Noli Taliño congratulated the Siquijor Police Provincial Office (SPPO) for its accomplishment in the implementation of Doublebarrel Project Tokhang. The SPPO was able to visit 1,043 households with 690 “drug users” and 115 “drug pushers” who voluntarily appeared or a total of 805 drug personalities. “But the fight against illegal drugs and all forms of criminality cannot be done by PRO7 Director Chief Supt. the police alone,” said Taliño Noli Taliño (left) in a in his message during his first Command Conference on command visit to the province. He also citied the support his First Command Visit in of the private and the religious the Province. With him is sectors including the local Provincial Director Erson government units, Provincial Digal of the Siquijor Police Advisory Council (PAC), and Provincial Office. barangay officials. lowest number of drug personalities in the He said illegal drugs is the “mother entire region who have surrendered since of all crimes”, noting that 70% of the crime the start of the anti-illegal drugs campaign committed in the country were attributed to in July 1. illegal drugs, one reason why the president This is also due to its number of is serious in this campaign. population which is lower compared to “The support is unprecedented,” its neighboring provinces, he added, as he Taliño said of those they got from the noted that Siquijor remains one of the safest president, Philippine National Police (PNP) provinces in the country with low crime leadership and the private sector. rate. “Let us continue working hard, Taliño’s visit also highlighted walang pinipili ang iligal na druga, lahat the awarding of at least 14 police officers nabibiktima,” he said. for their exemplary accomplishments in To date, Central Visayas recorded a the campaign against illegal drug in the total of more than 72,000 surrenderees with province. Cebu province having the highest number The Medalya ng Papuri was at around 32,000 followed by Bohol with awarded to Police Officer 3 Eric Ponce, more than 30,000. Police Officers 2 Cary Grant Grencio, Siquijor province, he said, has the

Roberto Anulacion, Rena Gold Gumahad, and Jingle Omandam; Senior Police Officer 1 Alou Siangco, Police Officers 1 Julius Tampus, Bener Cordova and Artchie Sumalpong. The Medalya ng Kagalingan was also awarded to Police Officers 1 Joseph Baroro, Jesus Macasaol, PedritoVios Jr., and Janwel Calunsag. Taliño was assisted by Siquijor PNP Provincial Director Senior Superintendent Erson Digal in the awarding of the medals. A command conference was done after the awarding where issues and concerns in the implementation of programs on criminality and peace and order were tackled. (rmn/rac/PIA7-Siquijor)



Change has come by Edna A. Bagadiong, PIA5 Catanduanes

‘Tokhang’ What?! by Emeniano Somoza Jr., Poet, #PartnerforChange from Siquijor Province

“I first saw Digong in our town plaza sometime on September last year not as a presidential aspirant but as an advocate of Federalism. My presence during the activity was out of curiosity about an ordinary man with extraordinary personality and not as a supporter.” This was said by Margie May A. Sarmiento, 24, a public school teacher in San Andres, Catanduanes. According to her, change as the cliché goes is constant but absolute change can only be achieved through a strong political will. “Duterte is the only presidential candidate who for me has this kind of political will and desire to stop illegal drugs in a short span of six months,” she said. She likewise, added that the number of those who surrendered (drug users, pushers) is an evidence of Duterte’s effectiveness in its fight against illegal drugs. “This is very helpful especially to the young generation (which includes my students) who are most vulnerable to the influence of illegal drugs,” said Sarmiento. Sarmiento concluded by saying, “Before the elections, the aim of curbing illegal drugs seemed to be very impossible but this ordinary man brought new hope to our nation—the hope that change is coming—and indeed, it has started.” (PIA)

As soon as Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte’s campaign against drugs kicked off to full throttle, the word ‘tokhang’ has become the buzzword. What does ‘tokhang’ mean? First of all, it would help if we reminded ourselves that Pres. Duterte’s mother-tongue is Cebuano, and his political career that spans decades prior to his rise to presidency was launched and established in the Cebuano-speaking part of the country. It follows therefore, that ‘tokhang’ originally would be the handle for PRRD’s war on drugs in his bailiwick in Cebuano-speaking Davao while he was mayor of the city for decades. So what is ‘tokhang’? ‘Tokhang’ is a neologism from two Cebuano words namely, ‘toktok’, and ‘hangyo’. The first, ‘toktok’, is an onomatopoeia for ‘knock knock’, and the second, ‘hangyo’, means ‘beseech, or supplicate’. No wonder the other meaning for ‘hangyo’ is ‘courtship, or a gentleman’s avowal of his romantic intentions for the girl of his dream.’ To ‘hangyo’ means ‘to court a girl’. So, picture this: authorities go around, normally with a watchlist in hand, and they would knock on those households who have a member, or members suspected of actively participating in the trafficking or selling of illegal drugs, substances, in particular, ‘shabu’ (meth), or poor man’s cocaine, considered the most addicting, most destructive, and most accessible illegal drug of all. ‘Tokhang’ therefore conjures up a scenario of cordial contact with suspected drug personalities, because there is an intent to personally speak to or, appeal before a given household to help convince their suspected member to surrender peacefully. The concept is practically a far-cry from all the gory features we see on TV, which I can only surmise are the violent aftermaths of uncongenial negotiations. This creates a kind of news-smorgasbord for the Philippine’s sensationalist media networks. Enter Delima and CHR naysayers whose combined vociferous antipathy against PRRD and his ‘Tokhang’ campaign is slowly becoming more of an impediment rather than the inspirational necessary-evil for success. While a rebel spirit is the backbone of well-meaning watchdogs, PRRD’s clear and present danger is called Delima, who, along with her cohorts go around expressing their disdain and contempt against the admin’s war on drugs without so much the gift of style and substance as the gift of foresight and perspective. If they could just wait for the fog of war to settle before they gong in their protestations. There is so much promise to look forward to with the ongoing full-on offensive on illegal drugs and drug-personalities. When I went to Manila, and stayed there for three weeks to process some OFW-related documents, the social climate in my immediate sphere of influence (read: videoke-obsessed club of four) has slightly taken on a much lighter note. Whereas before we were almost always dour and bleak when it comes to our vision for the fate of our country, now we have changed our tunes into something more hopeful and vibrant. Sure we still have a couple third-world stressors to eliminate out of our system such as Manila’s record-breaking traffic, the eternally-disintegrating Metro Railway Transit, etc., but we all notice that things are turning a bit up on the exciting side. Delima, or no dilemma, we know PRRD is a strong man. We are certain he will neither bend nor break that all too easily. He has the rare political spine and willpower uncommon among Philippine presidents since Marcos. All this in spite of a nagging worry that the naysayers will grow into politically-charged monsters, crashing PRRD’s spirit or resolve to carry out his ‘sacred duty’. We hope and pray Team Tokhang knocks on their doors. For real. Soon. The Man needs real popular support now more than ever from real patriotic people, perhaps more than the popular vote that catapulted him to power in the first place. (PIA)


#PartnerForChange Stories

Yes, kaya ko ang pagbabago!

by Rizalie A. Calibo

As a representative of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) in the island province of Siquijor, I was one of those invited to evaluate, validate and judge at least five provincial nominees for the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) Search for Exemplary Children for this year. From its criteria, some of the things we considered were Behavior and Practice, Talent, Intelligence and Wit, Community and School Participation, and the Kaya Ko ang Pagbabago Presence and Appearance. Of the five, it was the last that I was more interested in, precisely because of its the accompanying tag Kaya Ko ang Pagbabago that made it sound like a ringing determination to be part of change and is very timely to our new President’s tough call for change. So I centered most of my questions to this criteria, and wow, I was blown away by their answeres. All of them, I felt the sincerity, that they really want CHANGE. And with that deep desire, indeed, comes the determination and the willingness to share, how little or simple they may be. They all made that resounding “YES, KAYA KO ANG PAGBABAGO!” A couple of weeks after the evaluation, I called up and asked Social Welfare Officer Jessabel Tabares for the contact numbers of the three winners because I wanted to do a story on them. I don’t know how she convinced the parents and the kids but their eagerness just wowed me again. Just a day after I asked for their numbers, my cellphone was flooded with text messages and missed calls from both the parents and the children telling me that they can already be interviewed. See? Heaven’s so good to send me these angels to come up with a #PartnerForChange story. So i called them one night. They were studying for tomorrow’s exam but accommodated me all the same. They were from different municipalities, far from each other but gave me almost similar answers when I asked what they thought of our new president. “Na feel gyud nako ang change. Safe na gyud ming mga batan-on kay wala nay magsuroy-suroy nga mga batan-on magabii kay mahadlok man dakpon. Iyang gisulbad ang illegal drugs problems ug corruption. (I really felt the change. We felt safe because there were no more young people gallivanting at night. He will also solve illegal drug problems and corruption),” said first placer exemplary child Melanie A. Lomoljo, a Grade 8 student of Candaping National High School in Maria, Siquijor, who is turning 13 this September 30. “Layhan ko niya kay mawala na gyud ang drugs. Daghan na man ang hingsurrender sa amoa, mawala na gyud ang mga krimen (I like him because I believe there will be no more illegal drugs. Many have already surrendered in our place so, criminality will be solved),” also said second placer John Rey L. Sumagang who turned 12 on August 16. He is Grade 6 at Catulayan Elementary School in the town of San Juan, Siquijor. “Si Duterte kay maayo kaayo kay iya gyud ipadakop ang mga drug users and pushers. Akong mga ig-agaw nagtinarong na ug eskwela, dili na magstandby bisag asa kay mahadlok madakpan. (Duterte is really good. He really runs after the drug users and pushers. My cousins are already doing good in school, they are no longer running around anywhere doing nothing),” said Jonafe M. Olhon, 12, a Grade 7 student of Siquijor Provincial Science High School in Caipilan, Siquijor, Siquijor. The three excel both in academic and extra-curricular activities and have that leadership abilities as shown by their involvement in various organizations and activities in schools and in their communities. Melanie graduated Valedictorian in her elementary years. She is the older daughter of Nick Lomoljo, 32, and Mechelle, 31. Her seven-year-old younger brother is now Grade 2. Her motivation or inspiration to study harder? It’s her parents’ failure to finish schooling due to early marriage, she said. This is her basis to strive more and give her parents the assurance that she will surely graduate with honors. Melanie wants to be a teacher. John Rey L. Sumagang, also a consistent honor student, is the youngest of six children of Rebecca Sumagang and late Antonio Sumagang who died of a vehicular accident when he was eight. Like Melanie, John Rey and his siblings never considered hardships a hindrance to continue their studies. “Magtinarong gyud mi ug eskwela aron matabangan si Mama (We have to be good in our studies so we can help our mother),” he said, adding that they couldn’t afford see their mother farming forever. Jonafe is the fourth child of Josefino and Avelina Olhon who are all members of the a choir in their community. She is one of the singers while her brothers play the piano and guitar. The family practice to attend mass during weekends, and sometimes called to sing during weddings or burials in their community. She is also an honor student and excels in sports. Life, they said, is a bit easier with the help of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps. They said they are thankful to the government for bringing them nearer to brighter future. For now, the only driving desire of Melanie, John Rey and Jonafe is to finish their studies, wishing that the new administration will continue to give aide or scholarships to poor but deserving students like them. (PIA)


Cebuano News: Here’s a trivia for you about our country’s Mas klarong rich biological diversity. c o m m u n i c at i o n policy sa Duterte Be a #PartnerForChange in protecting our wildlife. admin gipagawas Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) sa Malakanyang MANILA, September 16 (PIA)-Gikonsiderar nga ‘constructive criticisms’ sa Presidential Communications Office (PCO) ang mga komento nga nadawat sa buhatan ning bag-o lang human ang pipila ka kontrobersiyal nga pahayag sa mga tigpamaba ug pipila ka miyembro sa gabinete ni Presidente Rodrigo Duterte. Giingong usa na niini ang pagbaton og daghang tigpamaba sa Presidente. Mao nga subling gitinaw sa buhatan ang communication policy sa Duterte administration. Si Presidential Spokesperson Kalihim Ernesto Abella na ang opisyal nga tigpamaba sa Presidente. Samtang ang tanang pangutana ug pagtin-aw kalabot sa mga nahimong pahayag sa Presidente angay i-direkta na sa PCO. Ang PCO ang modeterminar kun kinsang miyembro sa gabinete ang angay nga mohatag og klaripikasyon sa nahimong pahayag sa Presidente. Samtang taliwala sa mga kritisismo batok sa mga nahimong pahayag ni Presidente Duterte kalabot sa foreign policy niini, gibarugan ni Kalihim Ernesto Abella nga dako ang nahimo sa Presidente aron ilhon ang Pilipinas sa tibuok kalibotan. (ecb/PIA7-Bohol)

PDEA, nipasidaan batok sa ‘candy’ shabu TAGBILARAN CITY, September 23 (PIA) -- Nabutyag nga ginahimo na usab nga kendi karon ang shabu ug ang target market niini mao ang mga kabataan. Kini matud pa sa tigpamaba sa Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) nga si Director Derrick Carreon diin matud pa nga nakadawat na sila

og pasidaan gikan sa mga international drug enforcement agencies kalabot sa shabu nga gihimo na karong kendi. Nipahayag og kabalaka si Carreon nga mapareho unya ang candy shabu sa mga party drugs nga mahimong mapalit online o pinaagi sa internet. Giingong may mga nikuyanap na karon sa ubang nasod apan wala pa kini dinhi mao nga may pasidaan na kaniadto pa nga bisan pinaagi sa kendi, ipakuyanap ang shabu sa pagtago niini pinaagi sa porma sa kendi. Tungod niini, gitambagan ni Carreon ang mga kabataan nga dili gayud makighinabi sa mga dili kaila ug dili modawat og bisan unsang matang sa pagkaon ilabi na sa mga dili kaila. (ecb/PIA7-Bohol)


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Snippets of information about Siquijor province, Central Visayas, and the Philippine government. The island of Siquijor's first electronic n...

31 vol 4 isiquijo09 10 to 17 2016  

Snippets of information about Siquijor province, Central Visayas, and the Philippine government. The island of Siquijor's first electronic n...