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September 29, 2011


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Bank For Education

Starting now through December 15, 2011, Island School can receive incentive funds - up to $30 - for each new, qualified checking account opened at American Savings Bank. Simply designate Island School as the Bank for Education recipient when you set up your account. For more information, please contact Daryl Edwards in the Development Office:

Island School Band Wants You!

Students in grades 5-8 are encouraged to be a part of something really special. The Island School Band is still accepting students. Practices are Monday-Thursday in the Weinberg gym from 3:00 -4:00 p.m. Current and interested band members, need to fill out the contract and pay the $200 trimester fee in advance. The contract is available on RenWeb.

Introducing … … Melissa and Kim

The final two new members of the Island School staff to be introduced in the PC are Melissa Riopta and Kim Ganiron, both long-time friends of Miss Shantelle’s. Kim is our new assistant in the kitchen. You might have seen her around campus, since she has volunteered in the kindergarten class for years. Since graduating from Waimea H.S., Kim has worked in a variety of retail outlets. Her most recent position was at CJM Country Stables as a receptionist. “We have so much fun in the kitchen,” she said. “I couldn’t ask for better people to

work with.” Kim appreciates that the kitchen is run more like a restaurant than a cafeteria, with everything made fresh daily. She, her husband, and eight year old son live in Hanama‘ulu. Melissa assists in the accounting and purchasing office. She recently moved from Maui where, years ago, she worked with Shantelle in the schools there. Her Kaua‘i born husband had been anxious to move back home and when a job came up at Island School, they decided to move back. Most recently, Melissa was store manager at Foodland in Pukalani, but she has experience in both the classroom and in accounting. She was originally hired as an aide in the 1st grade classroom, but opted for the accounting job when it opened up because it offered 12-month employment. Melissa is enjoying meeting all the different parents that are part of the Island School family.

Lost Something?

Alice has cleaned out the Lost & Found box (located on the lanai outside Joan Shaw’s office) and washed the clothes. Stop by and claim any items that are yours. After tomorrow, they will be donated to a thrift store.

Community Service Forms All students in high school are expected to serve at least 20 hours of community service each year.

Click on the Calendar tab on our website. Their time can be donated to nonprofit organizations or here at school. When a community service project is completed, the student and the receiving organization must fill out a special form that describes the work done and the hours spent. These forms are now available on our RenWeb site, under Resource Documents.

Car Wash - Oct. 22

Get your tickets now to have your car washed by our energetic fall KIF athletes! Saturday, Oct. 22, near the Frear Center. Tickets on sale for $10 from Air Riflery, Girls Volleyball and Boys/Girls Cross Country team members.

Voyagers Host Cross Country Meet Today Come on out and cheer for our amazing cross country team today, starting at 4:30 p.m.

Fall Round-Up Photos on Shutterfly

Visit our Shutterfly photo album at and use the password - islandschool - to view some great shots of last Friday’s event. Feel free to pass along the link and password to family members and order prints.

Shop and Score Ends Soon

One more week to SCORE BIG for Island School athletics. Be sure to tell your Big Save and Times Market cashiers to credit your Kraft purchases to Island School. Ends Tuesday, October 4th.

To contact the publisher of Island School’s Parent Connection, email

I.S. Chronicles SCUBA – Eight middle school students received SCUBA certification last weekend. Zeb Wichert, Gianna D’Annibale, Brianna Griep, Scott Kilcoyne, Kai Anderson, Josh Miller, Eli Leech-Kritchman and Brandon Jackson completed a week-long course, from 3-4:30 p.m., where they learned the science behind SCUBA diving and how to stay Eli Leech-Kritchman safe. Then, & seven other MS over two students received SCUBA 12-hour certification. weekend days, the group dove off of Nukumoi Point and Sheraton Caverns, where they practiced their underwater skills and learned how to react in emergency situations. Remarks from Josh, Scott, Kai and Zeb included, “It was super fun,” and “It was cool seeing all the different fish and little creatures.” One of the highlights was when their instructor “tickled” an octopus out of its hole and they got to see it squirt ink. They also saw some “huge” turtles. Scott & Kai are glad they are certified because now they can go diving with their fathers. Josh is thinking about the other half of this journey - saving up money to buy all the expensive SCUBA gear. But until then, they’ll be renting gear and going diving when there’s no surf! HAWAIIAN STUDIES – Steve Soltysik brought his canoe lesson to the Frear this week and elementary children learned first hand how tricky it can be to balance a crew on a traditional doublehulled canoe. SPANISH – Señora Wong’s Spanish III students have been working in

groups to analyze a Latin American country’s geography, history, culture, economics, population and architecture. As part of their midterm, each group has been presenting their country to the class in Spanish, practicing pronunciation, eye contact, proper grammar and correct sentence structure.

Moustaches Ruled at the Round-Up

FACULTY ACHIEVEMENT – Congratulations to our high school math & science teacher, Mary Castelanelli, for receiving word she has qualified to run the Boston Marathon next spring! Mary came in 4th in the woman’s division at last month’s Kaua‘i Marathon and is also training to run in the New York Marathon in November! CONCEPTUAL CHEMISTRY – Students in Mary Castelanelli’s class performed a lab activity that demonstrated the law of conservation of mass in a closed system. Students measured the masses of two substances, (baking soda - NaHCO3 and vinegar - CH3COOH), before and after a chemical reaction occurred. The reaction took place in an Erlenmeyer flask that had a balloon sealed to its mouth, creating a “closed system.” When the two substances reacted, the carbon dioxide that was released was captured by the balloon, and caused the balloon to inflate. Above, Kristina Scheppers and Leilani Boemer observe this reaction.

front of the entire middle school student body!

FIRST & FOURTH GRADES – These two classes buddied up for a field trip up the Wailua River to Fern Grotto on Smith’s Boats today. Afterward, they had lunch at Kamalani Playground.

GEOGRAPHY – 6th graders presented their “Five Themes of Geography” collages featuring images cut from National Geographic magazines. Each collage was framed in the context of geography themes: location, place, region, movement and human-environment interaction.

STUDENT GOVERNMENT – Congrats to Emily Threlkeld and Jade Murphy, our newly elected Middle School President & Vice President. Special kudos to our seven other candidates who delivered such eloquent, professional and sincere speeches in

PRE-K – This week students visited the Koloa Farmers’ Market and investigated what goes on there. They asked the sellers lots of questions and looked for shapes, colors and smells. This week they are conducting their first taste test featuring lettuce.

Parent Page

Parent Association Mahalo, Everyone! The Fall Round-Up was a huge success!

Save the Date October 13, 6 p.m. The Parent Association’s first Parent Forum of the Year

Facebook 101

Everything You Want to Know About Facebook. Presented by IT Kaua‘i. Pupus will be served and child care will be available. Mark your calendars now!

Next PA Meeting: Thursday, October 13, 8 a.m. Teachers’ Workroom

Classified Ads

TV FOR SALE: 55” Samsung plasma TV, 3 years old from Costco. Great condition, selling to get something smaller. Includes surround sound speakers and all cables. Also, solid wood dining room table with chairs. Please call Nena at (619) 929-7050 for more information. WANTED TO BORROW: for HS play - an hourglass, frog figurine, beaded curtain, battered suitcase (no wheels), turban, TV Guide, fake skull. Contact Peggy at CHRISTMAS WREATH SALE: Troop 148, Boy Scouts, are selling fresh, pine, wreaths again this year. They are the same price as last year, $25.00. Delivery will be to Island School on Saturday, Dec 3rd. Orders may be made by October 21st to Mike Goto at LEI TODAY: The halau has many lei la‘i (tileaf lei) for sale today for $6 each. Some of them have plumeria flowers added for color and fragrance. The ti-leaf lei will last for awhile. The ones with plumeria should be worn today and tomorrow. Come to the Frear to get yours.

Mahalo to


♥ ♥ ♥ Peggy Kemp for a donation to our Alaka’i Chorus. ♥ ♥ ♥ Jerrie & Reiko Louis, Kevin Rapozo and April Arzadon for contributions to the first grade technology fund. ♥ ♥ ♥ Brian & Monica Arnett, Rita Cognion, Ellen DelBene and Mahina Alexander, Mrs. Philip Hulitar, Ethan Inanod, Mr. & Mrs. Brad Inanod, Robert & Marina LaMadrid, Austin Owen, James & Ruth Parker and Ellsworth & Elenora Purdy for donations to Annual Giving! ♥ ♥ ♥ Danny & Vera Errico for their donation of office supplies. ♥ ♥ ♥ the many volunteers whose energy, creativity and hard work made this year’s Fall Round-Up a terrific event: the 3rd grade parents for putting together the Pasta Bar, especially Rosie Alfiler & Dave Taboniar, Ross & Alicia Asuncion, Leah Edwards, Kori King; face painter Deyana Mielke; Megan Wong for providing horses; Sandy Johnson, Kehau Kaiwi

& Daniel Bicciche for help with set up and taking care of last minute requests; Leslie Kilcoyne for donating hay; Bridgette Orsatelli for the petting zoo; Jackie Mierta and Jamie Metzger for teaching line dances to their students; Leslie Kilcoyne and her crew (again) for the great decorating job; Alice Pajela and Sean Magoun “for everything.” Also to the many parents, teachers and students who put together the food and fun activities.

♥ ♥ ♥ the Foster Family for their donation to the LRC. ♥ ♥ ♥ Michelle Dressler for bringing in a prop for the HS play. Also to Laurel Petterson McGraw, Jim Bray and Kathy Dahill for working with the cast this week. ♥ ♥ ♥ Allison Smith-Estelle, who shared her college interview expertise with Joan’s senior counseling students.

Auction Theme Unveiled “An Evening in Paris” Volunteer Now!

Auction co-chairs, Lulu Schellici and Alan King have announced this year’s Auction theme and are now actively recruiting parent volunteers. As you might know, all proceeds from this event help raise funds for financial aid and go directly into our operating fund. Tuition revenue accounts for approximately 80% of our operating costs; the remaining 20% comes from Annual Giving and the annual Auction.

Take inventory of auction supplies; Transport items from campus to the Marriott the day before the event; Arrange items for display the day before the event with Lauren Hunt and the display team;

Here’s How You Can Help:

Attend an acquisition or table sales “calling party” or make 36 phone calls on behalf of the Auction;

Have 15 minutes to spare? You can . . . Make 3 phone calls on behalf of the Auction

Pick up 15 donations from businesses in your neighborhood;

Pick up a donation from a business in your neighborhood

Oversee after-event item pick-up for 2 days; Organize the auction container (where items are stored before the event).

Upload 5 photos to the auction website. Have 1 hour to spare? You can . . . Attend an acquisition “calling party” or make 12 phone calls on behalf of the Island School Auction;

Interested in more? You can . . . Shadow a member of the Steering Committee to learn the ropes and provide support;

Pick up 5 donations from businesses in your neighborhood;

Build decorations for the ballroom with Laura Ryan and the design team;

Oversee after-event item pick-up for one afternoon;

Oversee after-event item pick-up the week following the event;

Assemble auction invitations in preparation for mailing; Transport items from campus to the Marriott the day before the event; Upload 20 photos to the auction website. Have a ½ day to spare? You can . . . Assemble, seal and stamp auction invitations at the invitation mail-out;

Join the acquisitions team and follow up with potential donors in your neighborhood on behalf of Island School Join the table sales team and invite businesses and individuals to attend; Coordinate a team of volunteers to perform item pick-up across the island.

Email to volunteer! Island School 3-1875 Kaumuali`i Hwy Lihu`e, Kaua`i, Hawai`i, 96766

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