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Santa Bus is Coming to Town!



BC Transit’s

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Friday, December 16 7:00am–3:00pm

Saturday, December 17 9:00am–3:45pm

Santa Shopping Shuttle

Downtown  Mayfair  Uptown Uptown  Mayfair  Downtown

Join us and meet Santa!  Schedule at


I have never liked goodbyes, and this one is no exception. After seven years with Island Parent Magazine, this will be my last column. Writing for IPM has been an immensely rewarding experience, and the decision to move on was not an easy one. But there are other writing projects calling my name, projects that require for more of my time and mental space. I hope this column has been of some value to you as a reader. It’s certainly been invaluable to me. Writing about environmental issues and how families can respond to them has forced me to do a great deal of self-reflection. It’s encouraged me to examine every aspect of how my family lives, from our food and transportation choices, to where we vacation. We haven’t been the perfect green family but we have been a conscious one, and that’s a good place to start. When I started writing for this magazine, I had three teenagers and two toddlers. My teens gamely put up with the family “eco-challenges” that provided the material for my first columns, but overall I think my sudden green preoccupation amused them. Fast forward seven years. Two of my daughters are now married, one with a child of her own. They could have rebelled against my green ways, but I’m gratified to say that instead all three of my young adult daughters are resourceful and creative, frugal energy users, and mindful consumers. The two eldest have vegetable gardens and are both proponents of local food. One married into a family of food-producers, while the second works in a greenhouse and is raising meat goats in her backyard. My youngest two are now in grades three and five, and are my companions on frequent outdoor adventures. They both have a deep sense of connection to the natural world, which I hope will provide the foundation for a lifetime of ecological consciousness. On a more global level, we’re not moving away from carbon and towards a more sustainable path as quickly as I hoped we would. But I believe in the power of small victories, so I’ll continue to put my energy into the things I can influence. I hope you will too.

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Celebrating 20 years of creativity and theatre Rachel Dunstan Muller is the mother of five, and a children’s author. Her previous articles can be found at

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