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ter what they’re doing, as long as they’re having fun doing it. Stand back and use a zoom lens. Your distance will help the kids forget that you’re there, snapping away. Zooming in will also compact the image and give you more of that highly desirable blurry background effect, even if your lens isn’t the latest and greatest on the market.

5. Chill out. As all of us parents know, our kids respond to our moods. Every parent who’s ever tried to help the kids with their homework, make dinner and take a “quick phone call” simultaneously, knows that this can only end with a cranky parent. And a cranky parent means cranky kids! This applies equally to pretty much every situation, especially when you want to get snap happy with the kids. The planning from Tip #1 will help with this, but it is also useful to have no real agenda. Set yourself up for success by knowing your stuff, but be happy with whatever comes from the photo shoot. Take your time and be yourself. Your kids know when you aren’t being you. Resist the urge to get “cheesy” and beg for smiles or follow them around incessantly. Avoid telling them to sit here, or there, or to sit at all. Let them be themselves and allow them to explore their surroundings. If you have your mind set on a certain backdrop, you’ll be less inclined to just let them be, but nothing will garner more natural photographs than a happy carefree kid! A few tips go a long way when it comes to taking better photographs of your wee ones. Try starting with these five tips and master them before adding to your arsenal—you’ll be shooting your kids like a pro in no time! Above all, remember to relax and have fun. Your kids will not only have the great photos to look back on, but the great memories, too. Rebecca Kirstein is the co-owner of BK Studios Designer Photography, located in Victoria. She has been “shooting” her own kid and the kids of many happy clients for over 15 years.

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    

     

 

    


 

 

Family Resource Guide 2013/2014


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Island Parent Family Resource Guide  

Family Resource Guide 2013/14

Island Parent Family Resource Guide  

Family Resource Guide 2013/14