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Feb2011 MT. 24:14 161 Enriquez St. Malolos, Bulacan Philippines 3000.

“ herefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God-this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.” (Rom 12:1-2 NIV) Man was created free! This is one of the reflections of the image of God in man. Freedom or the ability to choose our destination and the power to control our situation is inherent among humans. This is the element that separates us from other creatures; i.e., we are creative, thinking, and inventive individuals that are governed mostly by our thinking and emotional faculties rather than instincts. However, most of us are imprisoned in our own culture, habits, mind-set and religious convictions. The uncontrolled passion for material pleasure and the never-ending desire for physical-fleshy satisfactions are the pursuits of most of us. In doing so, we self-conditioned our minds that we cannot live without those things. The wants became the needs because of that self-imprisonment. For example in our culture as Filipinos: I remember when I was young 20 years back, nobody owns cell phone although it has been around for quite sometime. In fact during those days, to own one was a luxury. But now if your cell phone is 3210 or a 2-liner unit, then you’re not in. You need to have a multifunctional cell phone equipped with player, 12 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi functionality

otherwise you will be outclassed and will miss a lot of things. Now the latest model of IPods and Blackberries is a must so that you can Tweet and post on your wall at FB anywhere and anytime of the day. The wants became the needs! Can you imagine a life without internet and cell phones? This situation is perhaps unthinkable nowadays but it’s not a few decades ago. Because modernization shaped our culture and societal behavior, these things are now necessary in order to interact and effectively communicate to other human beings. “Because everybody has it, I need to own one too” is the prevailing principle of the modern generation. I’m not saying that scientific advancement is wrong. No! Science made our lives more comfortable and easier. It helps us in a lot of things. Without it, we will still be living in the dark or will still be ignorant on many things. However, too much obsession on so many things that the world may offer is in itself self-limiting. It’s like a prison wall that will limit our human potential to do great things. We feel handicapped without the assistance of modern technologies as if we are totally dependent on them. As I type this newsletter, my laptop computer is of great value. It helped me managed the typesetting, expand my vocabulary, edit my work, etc. So without my laptop, it is almost impossible for me to compose a newsletter and send it to friends. I said almost because it is not entirely impossible. I could still do this using handwriting or manual type writer, but then again the pen and typewriter are products of science. So there’s no escape! Everyone is imprisoned in a

box that we humans have created for ourselves. This is a fact with no exemptions. Everyone is a victim of circumstance known as modernization. Every sector is responsible for it so no one is to be blamed. As followers of Jesus, what we need to do is to transcend or rise above the situations, to renew our minds and live as Jesus did; simply yet powerfully. How? Apostle Paul made this brilliant recommendation, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” What he meant, as far as I understood the verse, is that we should not be satisfied with what the world offers. Everything is temporary. Even the latest gadgets you are using right now shall be outdated and obsolete in an instant. Be satisfied with Jesus. He’s all we’ve got in order to be transformed and transcend our own situation. Our spiritual self can only be satisfied with spiritual things and to opt for material satisfaction can damage the balance of our being. Man shall not live by bread alone. We need spiritual nourishment to replenish our strength. The Living Word is the answer for our loneliness, depressive disorder, emotional dilemma, faulty family relationship, spiritual poverty, anger, bitterness, bondage, and He alone can FREE us from the consequences of Sin. His name Jesus, the name above every name! Accept Him as your Lord, trust Him as your savior, follow Him as your master, and worship Him as your God! DISTURBING NEWS

he on-going unrest in the middle east can spill-over to the rest of the world. It already affected global oil prices and economic strata of many nations. In China and elsewhere, the people’s clamor for Democracy is ever increasing. But like Gadaffi, officials are unmindful. It will soon get uglier and the world can only watch in aghast and frustration!

THE PLACES WE MINISTERED FROM Dec 2010– Feb 2011. Praise the Lord for all the blessings He provided during our trainings that was done almost everywhere here in the Philippines and elsewhere in South East Asia. The transportation expenses, the food, lodging, venues, people who volunteered, and lot more items that can not be mentioned for space reason, were put together for our favor in order to accomplish what we have been doing since we started IMI ministry in 2005 in the Island of Guam, USA. We cannot imagine how the Lord has blessed us not primarily with money but with people who volunteered and with circumstances that acted in our favor so that His name shall be lifted up. The goal is touch the unreached peoples of the world and to our calculation, we have contributed in training the goers while we ourselves went to participate in this global mandate for all Christians. Thank you Lord for your love and provisions.


6. Puerto Princesa City


2. Pray for the up-coming 7x7 Discipleship strategy’s User’s Convention on May 30-31 2011 hopefully in Pakil, Laguna, Philippines. 3. Please pray for CPLI’s Ordaining Council. We are set to do our first processing of ordination on March 2011. We hope to ordain pastors, church planters and Christian workers who have been for there for many years yet they have no formal ordination because they are independents.

Philippines Wire transfer/XOOM: US Dollar Account Account name: Island Mission Intl Bank Name: Banco De Oro-Malolos Phil Account number: 920156185 Swift code: BNORPHMM

3. Metro Manila (4 times).

5. Candelaria, Quezon Prov.

1. Please pray for our coming 2ND NATIONAL CHURCH PLANTERS CONGRESS on Oct 2628, 2011 to be held at Puerto Princesa Palawan..

For Check and money order: Island Mission International c/o Ptr. Herbie Carmona 161 Enriquez St, Malolos City 3000

2. Malolos, Bulacan

4. Dasmarinas, Cavite


PLEASE send donations to:

1. San Fernando City Pamp.


7. Zamboanga City Most of these meetings were attended by pastors and Christian workers from every denomination. IMI trains and equips these leaders about discipleship and evangelism. Oftentimes we provide for food and free training especially in areas where poor people and poor Christian believers resides.

IMI News letter Feb 2011  
IMI News letter Feb 2011