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Sept ‘05 MT. 24:14 PO Box 11781 Tamuning, Guam 96931 USA.

od is so good for He enables us to complete the difficult task of raising mission awareness in the Philippines and also in a few countries in South East Asia. It is exciting to learn therefore, that many are now turning their heads towards reaching the unreached peoples of the world. As of this writing, I’ve met several denominational leaders that belong to the mainstream evangelicals who are now arming their organization toward crosscultural and trans-national missions. Just recently, churches in the Philippines who once regard themselves as recipients of the Gospel are beginning to realize that we have the potential to become a catalyst in reaching the most resilient peoples of the world.

Missiologists believed that most of these people are living within the zone of 10/40 Window. Statistically, that is true. At least 75-80% of the UPG resides in the area and naturally many are focusing their attention towards the Window. However, it is only logical to say that before we enter any window, we must first go through The Gate. The Gate will provide the opening so that missionaries can enter the window with ease. It is the representation of geographical boundary designated by a certain Christian community who can actually reach out because of factors such as proximity, racial similarities, and accessibility. Each country that has the ability to reach out can have its own Gate. In that way we can saturate the entire


Window gate after gate. Just like in the case of the Philippines, practically and in most cases experientially, our missionaries are effective in ministering to the peoples of South East Asia. Therefore, we assert that the territory is our Gate. Nigeria for example can make North Africa as their Gate or Jordan for the Middle East. Then after saturating the Gate, the flock can keep on moving to other areas of the Window as well. With clearly defined target areas, it is more likely that each Christian community will soon take responsibility knowing that the work is doable. Piece by piece, the Window shall be reached and the word of Christ shall be fulfilled. (Mt. 24:14; Rev. 7:9) Let’s DO IT together now or it’s too late.

QUALIFICATION OF A GATE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

A section of 10/40 Window Neighbor to a growing Christian population. Races and cultures are in someway interrelated. Bordering countries are friendly with each other. There is a growing presence of Christian organizations within the region that work together. Strategies, tools and materials developed by missionaries compliment with one another. The area is ripe for Harvest.

MUTUAL FRIENDSHIP Our Muslim friends in Southern Philippines. This picture was taken in Basilan April 2005. The men and a woman standing at the door of a Masjid or an Islamic Mosque are Muslim.


Praise the Lord for the victories and provisions He gave us as we carry out task of Mission Mobilization and Empowerment through IMI conferences. It was indeed an expensive pursuit as far as all-Filipino Mission is concerned. But God miraculously supplied our needs by pouring out His blessings to our partners that we were able to afford the cost of food, transportation, and materials during our conferences. On the right are some of the places where we ministered. It was a success only by the grace of God. We praise Him Only!


Orani, Bataan. March 14-15, 2005 Pasay City. Feb 18-19, 2005 Makati March 1, 2005 Laguna March 24-25, 2005 Batangas. July 26, 2005 Lucena City Feb. 15-16, 2005 San Jose, Mindoro Occ. Aug 16-18, Naga City March 2-29; Aug. 8-10, 2005 Guimaras April 9-10 2005 Bacolod City. April 12-13, 2005 Dumaguete City. June 14, 2005 Cebu City. June 15-16, 2005 Cagayan de Oro City June 11, 2005 Dipolog and Gutalac, Zamboanga. Del Norte April 15-16, 2005 Zambonga City April 17-18, 2005 Basilan. April 19-20. 2005


1. Due to low turn of enrollees, especially from the Philippines, our planned Mission Training Center in Saipan shall be temporarily suspended.

Bikers with a Mission is a ministry founded by God through Ptr. Herbie Carmona dedicated to promote mission awareness and global evangelism among the Filipino Christians. The main strategy is to instigate a Biking Event in major cities and towns in the Philippines. It intends to dramatize that mission needs sacrifice and determination. Along with the biking event are activities such as Cycling Clinic and Free bicycle repair. At the end of each trip, a Mission Conference shall be conducted among the local pastors and lay ministers. The group has already pedaled their way from Metro Manila to Lucena City, Binangonan Tagaytay City, Puerto Azul, and Montalban. They are also scheduled to climb Baguio City and a cross-Island trip to Cebu City come October 2005. The group will be formally launched on October 28, 2005 at Max Restaurant Baclaran. For further detail, please contact us at +63922-315-2247 or email us at

2. IMI will also send its very own team from the Philippines to do mission work and church planting ministry in the country of Cambodia. The four-member team to be headed by Rev. Roger Dela Rosa, is expected to fly to Cambodia on Sept. 5, 2005. Their main objective is to start a local church with Khmer as the majority member and to recruit more missionaries who will be working with us. Help us pray for their needs. 3. Our planned trip to Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand this year is still on. We hope to be there by the end of this year. Just last February, we were able to train more than 200 pastors and spoke to more than a thousand Christians in the countries of Vietnam and Cambodia. We are praying that the Lord shall once more be merciful to us that He will provide us our necessities in pursuing this end-time mission namely: advancing the Kingdom of God to the last frontiers until He comes. We are inviting our prayer partners and network ministers to come with us. Please feel free to get in touch. 4. Pray for our Muslim friends. May the Lord continue to touch them through us. That we may become willing vessels for His glory’s sake. It’s now or it’s too late.

IMI News letter Aug 05