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Wilton Manors

Believe it or not, Wilton Manors, known as a quaint, quiet and peaceful place to live, also has a reputation for some of the more grizzly, notorious and infamous crimes in Florida. They are sad, sordid and gruesome. They are the reason that you will lock your doors on this Hallows Eve. They are the True Crimes of Wilton Manors.

HIDEOUS SERIAL KILLER IN Florida’s History. Schaefer even referred to Ted Bundy and Otis Toole as amateurs compared to himself. During his tenure with the Wilton Manors ree g Police Department, three girls ing g in i B Broward roward o owa ad were reported missing a o Po County. Wilton Manors Police d psychological psychologica p yc chol o ogica wisely instituted ants ant an nts that a year. year ye ear. testing for applicants



The Real Life Horrors of Wilton Manors!

The Crazy Serial Killer Cop

In 1972, the talk at the lunch counter inside the Williams City Drug Store was if you had ever been pulled over for speeding on a dark night along Wilton Drive by Officer Gerard John Schaefer, Jr.? In December of 1971 Officer Schaefer was hired by the Wilton Manors Police Department. He lasted six months before he was fired for hanging a drunk man upside down under a bridge. Officer Schaefer’s next job with The Martin County Sheriff’s Department ended quickly when it was discovered that he had handcuffed two hitchhikers to a tree branch (they were standing on another branch) with nooses around their necks and left them. The next year he was convicted of murdering two women in Oakland Park. In all, Schaefer was suspected of 30 murders. He died in prison in a fight over a cup of hot water. His throat was slashed and he was stabbed 42 times. The FBI Serial Killer Task Force called Schaefer the worst, most despicable

P oto courtes Photo Pho courtesy o eesy esssy Wilton Wilton Manors Wil Manors Police Pol Poliice

The Wilton Manors’ Serial Killer Kill Kil K Ki iller llllle ler eerr The Mermaid in the Canall see The “Real” Haunted House mes me es Mass Murder • Gruesome Crimes

Wil ton Manors

Green Acres

is the place to be! BY JESSICA CHESLER

Raw organic honey, holistic dog treats, peppers picked by hands you shake as you walk away with basket full. Knowing what chemicals were used in the growing process and supporting your friends and neighbors by supporting the local economy. Seminars and workshops on sustainable living. Yoga classes, fairs, fundraisers for worthy causes. These are all reasons people have jumped on the local food bandwagon.

There’s Marando Farms in Fort Lauderdale, the Yellow Green Market in Hollywood, and the Urban Farmer coop in Oakland Park. This movement is clearly taking hold in neighboring communities, but the idea of sustainable living is establishing itself right here in Wilton Manors. For a few years now, Wilton Manors residents have been able to stroll, bike, or drive over to Hagen Park and find fresh, local produce at the Wilton Manors Green Market (WMGM) every

Fresh organic produce is ripe for picking every weekend at The Wilton Manors Green Market every Saturday and Sunday at hagen park

The Mystery Murders rd on Andrews Avenue

Let’s Set The Scene: In 1973 at 5:30 pm, a 14 year old boy returns home boy scouts to his house on Andrews Avenue. What he found was the most shocking and horrifying crime scene in Wilton Manors history: his whole family brutally murdered. His mother’s lifeless body was lying in a pool of blood on the floor. She was stabbed multiple times and her head smashed in. His three sisters were also found dead. Bloody handprints were smeared along the hallway wall. Blood covered the bathroom from where the killer washed up after his brutal killing spree. Wilton Manors Police had a suspect: the e mo mother’s boyfriend who was a deep ssea ea fi ffish iiss fisherman for hire, but an arrest was nev eve e ev ve v e made. Evidence was lacking as never neig nei ne n eg eig neighbors of the family, just trying to help elp p cleaned up the blood riddled help, hous hou ho ouss The crime was never solved. It ous house. was a one of the most sensational crimes as in Br B Broward County history, splashed all

See True Crime on page 20

Saturday and Sunday between 9:00 am and 2:00pm. Vendors selling artisan soups, baked goods, and restaurants offering samples of their regular fare have also joined in from time to time. Leisurely mornings in search of organic potatoes for a stew or getting inspired to try a new dessert with those dried dates they had this week provide a less harried experience than bumping carts at the supermarket. It’s also an experience you can feel good about. Markets and co-ops like the WMGM are an integral part of the local food movement. “Buying local” has become somewhat of a hipster label for consciously choosing to consume products grown, prepared and sold in proximity to where one lives. While many farmers, distributors, and retailers have streamlined large-scale food production and sales with corporate efficiency, many

See Green Acres on page 30


October 2014

The Islander

October 2014

The Islander

5 Points of View

Opinions, comments, rants & raves

Whistles while you work, sleep & eat!

Stop the cutters! Close the 16th Avenue Bridge forever

I have a question. Has anyone ever tested the decibel of noise level from the trains that pass Wilton Station Condos? Residents who live near tracks in the building are blasted every day and night with loud long whistles from passing trains. The building vibrates from these fast moving highly loaded carrier cars. With 32 commuter trains proposed to pass through here in the future plans plus the same amount of freight trains that pass by now, it will be unbearable to live here in this beautiful complex. It is also a safety concern for the residents closest to the tracks if a train ever derails at the speed they travel through here.

I’ve been trying to pull out of my driveway on NE 16th Avenue for the past 7 minutes now and I am losing my patience and my cool. So I am recording this letter to the editor through Siri on my iPhone while I wait for an opening. Yes, 7 minutes. I believe the time has finally come for our Engineering and Road Departments to face the traffic facts: we do not need any more expensive traffic studies to know that NE 16th Avenue is nothing more than a cut through for people to beat the car calamity on Oakland Park Boulevard and on Federal Highway. These speeders and rush hour beaters are causing serious traffic headaches. Pulling out from the side streets in the morning is an impossible task. Either close the bridge heading in from Oakland Park completely and stop this madness or put up some four way stops. Oakland Park did it. They have four way stop signs on nearly every corner. It stopped down the cut through traffic to next to zero. Lake Ridge did it too. They ended years of cutters crossing over from Sunrise Blvd. It seems to me that all this talk about more engineering studies being needed is a bunch of bull. Just one four way stop sign would help us get out of our drive ways.

— Future Miracle Ear Wearer

The blood bank sucks!

— “Siri”ously Fed Up with the Traffic

We’ll follow you “To the moon!” As a regular walker and stroller along the Drive I have been hearing frequent rumors about a developer buying the 2200 Block of Wilton Drive. I hear they are in the planning stages to build a major hotel or apartment complex. Is this true? What about my favorite store, To The Moon? Say it isn’t so! I could not live without my monthly dose of their creamy coconut clusters. There is not a holiday that approaches when I do not find myself inside browsing through cards, finding the perfect gift or over spending on this year’s stocking stuffers The owner, Antonio, has done such an amazing job of creating a shopping experience for everyone. Who doesn’t feel

We who live on the track side would no longer exist! Some of these trains carry containers stacked two high which would reach the second floor and even destroy the stores below. This is defiantly a hazard to our way of living. Yes I chose to live here and I love this complex but there are issues that need resolution. I personally already have an ear problem from the noise from the whistles. Some engineers lay on the whistle for blocks away and all the way through the crossing some make short whistles. Will Wilton Station become a quiet zone anytime soon?

like an exuberant 10 year old kid again when they walk through his doors? City Commission must act now! We cannot lose the greatest store that has ever graced the streets of Wilton Manors. This is the most interesting and fun store in Florida! It’s famous. Can we declare it a historical landmark? A protected tourist destination? Let’s start a petition to the Governor.

— Young at Heart Resident and Candy Lover Note from the Editor: Antonio, owner of To The Moon says “He’s not going anywhere. Even if we have to go, To The Moon will still be somewhere on the Drive”

Lately, I’ve been reading about all these bright ideas to revitalize Andrews Avenue: New landscaping, workshops on attracting new development, a city task force for bringing Andrews Avenue into the future. Here’s a suggestion, Get rid of the CSL Plasma Blood Bank! Is it just a Coincidence that’s its located right next door to Lev’s Pawn Shop? I doubt it. The whole block has become one-stop shopping for quick cash to buy your burglary tools for tonight’s West side break-in. This blood bank is a magnet for criminals, thieves, vandals and the homeless. Why don’t we just put up a huge sign: Need money to pay for your meth lab? Stop here! Andrews Avenue will never be a place to shop until they get rid of the businesses that attract the unwanted. The day the “Plasma Blood” sign reads “Plasma TVs” is the day Andrews Avenue makes a comeback.

— Drained West Side Resident We’d love to hear from you! Letters should be no longer than 300 words but please note The Islander Editorial staff may edit your correspondence for clarity and length. When submitting your letter to 5 Points of View please include your name, address and daytime phone number. Email us at or mail to The Islander Box 402, 300 East Oakland Park Blvd, Wilton Manors, FL 33334.

“We’re begging you…” Pass stricter panhandler laws before it’s too late Now that Fort Lauderdale has passed stricter pan handling laws does this mean Wilton Manors is the next stop for these unscrupulous ‘professional’ beggars? Is Powerline Road and NW 29th the next place where you’ll be afraid to roll down your window at a red light? Is the bus stop at 5 Points soon to look like the bus stop at the corner of Oakland and Federal? Will we soon be compelled to hand the Vietnam Vet looking for work a dollar on Andrews Avenue in front of the church? At the next Town Hall Meeting we must address the possible pan handler invasion and act swiftly. The last thing we need is plummeting home values because our town is ridden with the homeless. City Commissioners need to ACT this time…and not REACT.

— Concerned Community Leaders

Islander Publications

Box 402 300 E. Oakland Park Boulevard Wilton Manors, Florida 33334 954.530.8101 The Islander is published monthly. The entire issue contents may not be reproduced in full or part without written permission. Not responsible for advertisers claims or statements.

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October 2014

The Islander

Police Blotter

Two bodies pulled out of Wilton Manors waterways On Saturday, September 13th, at 10:45 A.M., Authorities received a call about a body floating in the Middle River Canal in Wilton Manors near the James C. Dean Memorial Bridge on NE 26th Street. Wilton Manors Police immediately responded to the scene and The Fort Lauderdale Police Marine Unit pulled the man’s body from the water. The body was identified as Timothy Odell Smith, 38. The Broward Medical Examiner's Office said that Smith's death was an accident caused from drowning. The investigation in to Smith’s drowning in ongoing. On September 22, another body was found floating behind Coral Gardens Drive. A local boater spotted a male body clothed in black swim trucks and a red T-shirt floating in the north fork of the Middle River. At press time the body or cause of death had not been identified. Since 1970, over 20 bodies have been found floating in our waterways, mostly from drowning.

Responding to a report of a Indecent Exposure incident at Colohatchee Park, Officer Salas responded and arrested Timothy Eugene Adams, 49, of Deerfield Beach. The defendant allegedly was sitting naked in his cream colored Nissan Cube, exposing his sexual organs and masturbating. Adams was charged with Indecent Exposure in Public and Lewd and Lascivious Behavior. A search of the defendant’s car produced a purple smoking pipe that contained marijuana and the defendant was charged with Possession of Cannabis. During the National Night Against Crime Out Event being held at The GLCC on Dixie Highway, Michael A. Mancini, 59, of Oakland Park was arrested and charged with Trespassing after a Previous Warning and Marijuana Possession by Officer House. The defendant allegedly was causing a disturbance by yelling at people during the event. While on routine patrol in the 2700 block of NW 9th Terrace, Officer Diaz observed movement in the bushes in front of a residence. Upon further investigation, The Officer discovered Jose Jorge Sama, 33, of Oakland Park lying on the ground wearing only a pair of white boxer briefs. When confronted and asked why he was trying to conceal himself in the bushes, Sama first stated he was looking for a friend’s house. Then Sama stated he was looking for his car. When the defendant told the officer that he was actually lost and had no idea of how he ended up in the neighborhood he was arrested and charged with Loitering or Prowling. The neighborhood has had several burglaries in the past. Angelo Bernard McNeil, 54, of Pompano Beach was arrested by Officer Havemann in the 2200 Block of Wilton Drive after the defendant was stopped for riding a bicycle at night without a light. The defendant was searched and a glass pipe containing cocaine was found in his possession. McNeil was charged with Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Riding a Bike Without a Light. Responding to several calls from concerned residents about a person walking up to houses in the neighborhood along NW 8th Ave., Officer Havemann arrested Terrick Davon Hill, 31, of Fort Lauderdale and charged him with Loitering or Prowling after it was found the defendant had no purpose for being there. Responding to a call regarding a suspicious vehicle parked in the driveway of a home where the owners were on vacation, Officer Garcia responded to the residence on NW 30th Street and found a male com-

ing out of the house. The man said he was house sitting. After contacting the owners of the home, they said they had no idea who the individual was. Police searched the residence and found several glass pipes, several syringes, large amounts of various pills and plastic bags containing a crystal like white substance. Geoffrey Scott Isaac, 22, of Ft Lauderdale was arrested and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Methadone, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Michael Tirrell Jones, 34, of Wilton Manors was charged by Officer Newton with Petty Theft and Passing a Forged Check after the defendant allegedly tried to cash a forged check at Publix on Dixie Highway in the amount of $298.62. Carlos Luis DeJesus Ortiz, 35, of Wilton Manors was arrested by Officer Loughran and charged with Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Claudia C. Arbelaez, 37, of Wilton Manors was arrested by Officer Havemann outside of a bar on Wilton Drive after the defendant allegedly was causing a breach of the peace by cursing and screaming at multiple people. The defendant refused to listen to officer’s instructions and attempted to run across the parking lot. After being placed in custody, the defendant then verbally abused the arresting officers, struck one of the officers and spit on them. Arbelaez was charged with two counts of Battery on an Officer, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct. Paul David Sullivan, 47, of Wilton Manors was stopped for speeding in a School Zone along NE 26th Street by Officer House. After the driver did not show a driver’s license a records check showed he had seven previous suspensions and was currently driving on the suspended list. Sullivan was charged with Failure to Display Proper Vehicle Registration, Driving With Suspended License and Unlawful Speed in a School Zone. William D. Lide, 56, of Pompano was arrested and charged with Petty Theft after he walked out of the Publix Super Market on Oakland Park Blvd. with $9.59 worth of grocery items without paying. Larry L. Williams, 33, of Ft. Lauderdale was arrested and charged with Shoplifting after Williams ordered two Philly Cheese Steaks from The Publix Deli along with two 16oz. bottles of Iced Tea. The defendant placed the items in a Publix Plastic Bag See Police Blotter on page 8

October 2014

The Islander

My Wilton Manors

Photos from the natives

The Library is cool again! If you’ve ever been interested in tracing your roots then The Richard C. Sullivan Public Library of Wilton Manors is the place to be. Residents can now stop in and browse their background on FOR FREE! The Friends of Library will be holding an open house on October 9th at 7PM with free refreshments and giving online tours of Pictured demonstrating the web site is Wilton Manors Librarian Rick Sterling and Jackie. The library is located at 500 Northeast 26th Street.

Soups on! With the crisp Fall breeze and those chilly

Winters just around the corner, what better place to visit and get warmed up than The Soup Queen. The Soup Queen is located at the Wilton Manors Green Market from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday in the Wilton Manors City Hall / Hagen Park parking lot. Missing Mom’s Homemade Chicken Noodle? Longing for a cup of creamy New England Clam Chowder? Convinced they just don’t make Split Pea soup like they do in Wisconsin? Then you must make a trek over to The Green Market and get yourself a bowl of these delicious homemade soups. Yummmm! You’ll feel warm all over.

If you’re into clipping coupons then grab your scissors and head over to The Over Easy Café on Oakland Park Boulevard and join in with their weekly coupon clipping club. Nothing beats a cup of Sunday Morning Joe and clipping coupons with the gang. Pictured clipping and sipping are Robert Moelius, Anthony Johnson and Tina Murrito.

Tea Time! If we said that the new craze in

Wilton Manors was attending High Tea at Oscar’s English Tea Room located in the Shops of Wilton Station you’d say we need a new proof reader. But it’s true. High Tea at Oscar’s has become the Island City’s new must -do. Pictured enjoying English tea are local lunch bunchers, A,K.A. The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Flo Walder, Tara Walder, Linda Stramondo, Joan Norcross, Debbi Alfonso and Donna Randazzo.

The Germans ruled the day at the S.H.A.R.E fund raiser held at the Independence Hall Senior Living Community on NE 26th Street . S.H.A.R.E. , which is an area German Sheppard Rescue group that finds homes for abandoned and mistreated Sheppard’s of South Florida, had a doggie bake sale and held a raffle for great prizes.



October 2014

The Islander

The Islander

October 2014



October 2014

The Islander

Police Blotter and attempted to leave the store without paying. Damian A. Gingerich, 33, of Ft. Lauderdale was arrested by Officer Newton and charged with Theft after the defendant allegedly attempted to steal a red and white Schwinn Bicycle from outside of The Courtyard Café along Wilton Drive. Responding to a call of a roommate dispute on NE 15th Ave, Officer Loughran arrived at the scene and interviewed the residents. The defendant, James Atkins, 29, of Ft. Lauderdale made a drink in front of the officer for himself with Svedka Vodka. The defendant then informed the officer he was on probation. The defendant’s probation conditions were that he was not allowed to consume any alcohol. Atkins was arrested and charged with the Felony Probation Violation. Onelio R. Garcia, 50, of Miami was arrested by Officer Mitchell and charged with Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon after he pushed the victim to the floor at Hunter’s Lounge on Wilton Drive. The defendant then allegedly hit the victim in the left side of the head with a bottle that caused bodily injury and the need for immediate medical attention. The defendant also is accused of punching the victim several times. Responding to a call regarding a suspicious person lurking on 21st Court , Officer Newton approached a female that matched the description of the suspicious person. The defendant gave the officer a false name and claimed she had no ID. The Officer called a Finger Print Scanner to the scene and the defendant was identified as Sabrina Nicole Rosenbaum, 25, of Dania Beach and was charged with Resisting an Officer by Disguise and Felony Probation Violation. Officer Lee stopped an automobile along NE 26th Street for multiple vehicle violations. While performing a record check of the driver’s registration and license, the defendant exited his vehicle and fled on foot. The officer pursued him on foot. Despite multiple warnings to stop, the defendant continued to run. Christopher Wayne Thurlow, 28, of Ft. Lauderdale was apprehended and taken into custody and charged with Resisting an Officer, Operating a Vehicle

Continued from page 4

without a Valid License, Improper left turn and making an Unsafe U-Turn. While on patrol in the 2100 Block of N. Andrews Ave, Officer Newton observed a blue motorcycle driving between two vehicles and then running a solid red light at NW 29th Street. The driver consented to a search and light blue pills were found on the defendant. Stephan Andrew Bernhardt, 24, of Coconut Creek was arrested and charged with Possession of Oxycodone, Reckless Driving and Avoiding a Red Light. Joseph R. Gatewood, 38, of Wilton Manors was arrested by Officer Lee after an order was issued by the Santa Fe, New Mexico Police Department for his arrest. Active warrants had been issued for Gatewood for failure to Appear on Embezzlement Charges and Failure to Meet Pre-trail Requirements. Officer House, while operating a stationary radar on Wilton Drive, observed a Silver Honda traveling 51 MPH in a 30 Zone. The driver was observed by Officer House leaning over in the vehicle and nearly driving off the road while leaning over. After the driver finally pulled over the officer noticed the smell of Marijuana omitting from the vehicle. In the car, 18 grams of marijuana was found along with 24 plastic baggies and a grinder. Austin Cates Hedgepeth, 18, of Ft. Lauderdale was arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Speeding and Failure to Wear a Seatbelt. Responding to a 911 Call, Officer Benitez arrested Brandon Richard Leitz, 25, of Wilton Manors and charged him with Battery on a Person over the Age of 65, Battery Domestic Violence, Simple Assault On An Officer, Resisting Arrest and a Parole Violation after the defendant allegedly struck his Grandmother and caused another member of the residence injuries. After being advised he was under arrest, the defendant refused to be handcuffed and a violent struggle ensued. The defendant punched the officer in the face causing a 3 inch gash. Assisted by Officer Mitchell, The defendant was placed in handcuffs and taken to jail.

October 2014

The Islander

News & Views The EYE-Lander: Keeping an eye out for you

Wanted: More waterway cleanups There’s a reason Wilton Manors is nicknamed The Island City… water surround us: Canals, Rivers and forks. It’s a water sport fanatics dream… unless you’re looking for clean water! The debris in our canals is piling up. Granted , once a year volunteers donate their time to a Water Way Clean Up Day that’s sponsored by the city, but Is that enough? If you live on the water you need only to take a look out back. You’ll find hundreds of fallen coc o n u t s , p a l m f ro n d s , plastic bottles, boat ropes and debris floating by. The north fork of the middle river is in need of a serious cleaning. Is there anything more important than keeping our waterways clean? This should be first and foremost on the City Hall To-Do List. Nearby cities in Broward County do regular waterway cleanups. It’s time Wilton Manors started an initia-

tive to do the same. There is a local company that rents out a small barge with a debris scooper. The solution? City Officials claim cost is a factor… too Pricy, not in the budget. But

something needs to be done. And everyone needs to get involved! The city could organize quarterly waterway cleanups. Instead of a once a year event it could be held every 4 months. Put together a sign- up sheet

and get the residents involved. Use that electronic mailing list at City Hall and push for volunteers. Notices need to be sent to every waterfront homeowner to get involved. This needs to be a city wide effort. Another innovative idea being executed in Lake Okeechobee is Student Clean Ups. The city, working in sync with the local college and the area high school, has put together bi-monthly cleanups with students receiving school credits along with strong reference letters from the Mayor that will help them advance into the future. Most importantly, YOU NEED TO GET INVOLVED. Volunteer your time for the Saturday clean up in January and for the clean up in July. Your neighbor could donate some of his time for the Fall cleanup. Spread nthe word. It’s only a couple of hours out of your busy schedule. We, the residents must take matters in to our own

hands. We need to get off our lazy butts and get the trash out of our canals. This afternoon, grab a rake from your garage, lean over the sea wall in your back yard and scoop up some of the junk.

We must all do our part. It’s not all about The Drive, People, it’s about our way of life. Our city is on the verge of becoming a national tourist destination for Kayakers and Stand Up Paddle Boarders. The ECCO Tour of the Wilton Manors Waterway is becoming one of the most popular waterway attractions in Florida. You cannot just sit there and do nothing while that dirty boat cushion floats by your house. We must all do our part. It’s not all about The Drive, People, it’s about our way of life.

Do You Suffer in Pain? The Spine and Joint Center Can Help SAME LOCATION FOR 34 YEARS

Dr. Douglas Kellerman, D.C.

Dr. Michael F. Petrie, D.C., P.A.

• Physical Therapy • Decompression Therapy • Hands on Chiropractic • Myofascial Techniques • Acupuncture • On-Site X-rays Open 6 days every • week! • Sports Injuries • Auto Accidents • Worker’s Compensation • Most Insurance Accepted

We expanded — come see our new 3000 square foot facility! Dr. Michael F. Petrie D.C., P.A. • Dr. Douglas Kellerman D.C.

410 East Prospect Road • Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334 Call: 954.561.4700




October 2014

The Islander

Welcome to Wilton Manor’s Newest Eatery!

Stop in for Hobo’s

Sunday Breakfast Brunch Buffet Includes over a dozen items…



50 The 9th Annual

❋ Omelet to Order ❋ Peel & Eat Shrimp Includes tax ❋ Herb-Crusted Talapia 11am to 2pm ❋ Roast Pork Loin We are open daily at ❋ Rosemary Garlic Chicken 11am serving Breakfast, ❋ Oriental Veggie Stir Fry Lunch and Dinner !

…Includes one complimentary Mimosa or Bloody Mary!

Here’s what the locals are saying about Hobo’s Grill: “The freshest chicken tenders I’ve ever had!”

— J.D., Wilton Manors

“The food here at Hobos is crazy good. My partner wants to steal the recipe for their Gouda Mac & Cheese Bites and I’m hooked on Hobo’s Blacked Salmon Caesar Salad.”

— Eddie and Sam, Wilton Manors

Steak sandwiches, strombolis and cheesecake: Here comes…

“The alligator bites with apricot plum sauce are a must try. We never imagined we’d like alligator but now we love it.”

— Sharon & Cindy, Pompano

“Good drinks, good fun and good burgers. The Hobo Burger with garlic, mushrooms and bacon is now on my best burger list. So good.”

— Tim, Oakland Park

2426 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors ❋ 954-551-7385

Taste of the Island BY CANDICE RUSSELL

The 9th Annual Taste of the Island is set for Monday, November 3, from 6 to 9 p.m. With delicious food and cooling librations from around forty restaurants, elite caterers, and drinking establishments, this year’s event will b e h e l d a t R i c h a rd s o n Historic Park and Nature Preserve at 1937 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. In addition to the wonderful edibles, there will be music provided by DJ Jose Rose and a silent auction by the Friends of the Wilton Manors Library to support their projects. Founded in 2006 by Shirley Nolen, Taste of the Island benefits various entities so important to life on the island, including the Wilton Manors Historical Society, the Wilton Manors Development Alliance, Wilton Manors Kiwanis, and Wilton Manors Leisure Services. “This is the second largest gay city in the United States, but this event is very inclusive, attracting men, women, children, all races,” says Richard Perez,

Vice-President of Taste of the Island 2014. “It’s not geared to one segment of the community and that sets this event apart from the rest. When we started, we had around 20 restaurants and now it’s around 40, which is quite impressive.”

The 9th Annual Taste of the Island Nov. 3, 2014 6-9 p.m. Perez expects between 800 to 1,000 people to attend. “Look at our sponsors,” he says. “We have Dairy Queen, Poverello and Waste Management. They all do different things. Yet they have come together to support our event and that is significant.” Tickets, priced at $30 in advance and $40 at the door, can be purchased online at

October 2014

The Islander

Dig In!

Dining on the Drive

Thirteen good reasons to eat at 13 Even BY JESSICA CHESLER

Food & Drink

One of the nice things about Wilton Manors is the nice people. By nice, I mean that small town kind of feeling exemplified by the friendly staff at 13 Even. If there was ever a place along Wilton Drive where you can feel at home while enjoying a great meal, this is it. Grab a seat at the 13 Even Bar, uncork a bottle of Chalk Hill Chardonnay and before you know it, you’ll be conversing with local flag football team or the couple that lives just a block over.

Surroundings Nestled in between the eateries, drinkeries, and shops on the west side of The Drive, 13 Even continues on trend evoking handcrafted industrial chic with corrugated aluminum paneling, upcycled handmade wooden tables, and a nod to mid century modern with terrazzo tile floors gleaming with flecks of rich burnt orange. The bar and dining room itself are small though comfortable. A few high tops are squeezed onto the sidewalk outside. It’s not big, but the acoustics allow even quiet conversations to swell, making it seem like a much larger place.

13 Even Chef Paige Stump shows two of her delicious dinner specials: The BBQ Pulled Pork Panini and the Roasted Beet Salad.

When You’re Homesick for a Slice of Delicious Midwestern Pizza…

3DZ is Your Pizza Home Away from Home! OUR O UR MI MISSION: SSION: Not all pizzas are created equal. At 3DZ, we strive to give you quality. We take pride in making our pizza dough fresh every morning. Our homemade sauce is blended in the evening and we let it sleep over night to ensure all the spices have a chance to leave their flavor mark. When you take a bite of our Midwestern style pizza, you'll taste the homemade difference — and the love baked into every bite!

Authentic Midwestern Style Pizza Delivered Right to Your Door! 1913 N. Andrews Ave. Wilton Manors $



ANY MEDIUM OR LARGE PIZZA Not to be combined with other offers • Expires 10/31/14


The menu is not gigantic, the recipes are not revolutionary. However, there is something extraordinary about the fact that 13 Even is almost 2 years old, and they are still delivering well-prepared and delicious dishes. It’s not always easy to do something simple and expected and also do it well. At 13 Even you will find great service and a solid menu made up of small plate offerings listed under categories of Light, Hearty, Flatbreads, or Panini. From the lighter fare, you can order the Roasted Pear & Blue Cheese Salad, Pork Belly & Watermelon Salad, or the Zesty Lime Shrimp & Avocado. For something more substantial to stave off your hangover, you might want to go with the Sauteed Skirt Steak, Empanadas, or Baked Goat Cheese. A lifelong empanada fan, I couldn’t resist seeing if theirs lived up to the “flaky crust and oh-so-delicious filling” description on the menu. I chose the beef, but you can also get chicken or spinach. They did not disappoint. You will use every bit of the flaky crust to wipe up any morsel of the filling that has fallen to the

plate. Equally pleasing is the BBQ Chicken & Gouda Flatbread topped with fresh jalapenos and cilantro. The 40 plus wine and beer list is not to be neglected. The range of whites to rosés and reds will please any palate. The beer list includes new staples on tap like Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA and Left Hand Milk Stout as well as an increasingly popular list of ciders.

Affordability 13 Even does something that I’ve been waiting to encounter for a long time: quality food to accompany great drinks at a reasonable price. The most expensive item on the food menu is the Cheese Please plate coming in at $13. The flatbreads are $8 a piece. For $7, you can have either the Prosciutto, Pear, & Port Salut Panini or the Chicken, Spinach, Roasted Red Pepper & Mozzarella Panini. The wine and beer will cost you a few (or many) more dollars than the plates, but you can get a flight of any four drafts ($6), any three drafts and Chimay ($8), or any four wines ($15). The reasonable prices become even

See 13 reasons on page 30



October 2014

The Islander

Good Morning, Wilton Manors:

Stork’s Cafe & Bakery JESSICA CHESLER

Sitting quietly behind the 7-Eleven at the corner at 26th Street and 15th Avenue, Stork’s Café & Bakery has been providing delicious treats to Wilton Manors and its lucky visitors since 1997. Pushing forward with the development of a Culinary Arts District, Oakland Park will soon be home to a Stork’s of its very own right next to the popular Funky Buddha Brewery.

Surroundings If you’re looking for a European style café, Stork’s is very much it. Rich dark woods, simple menus, intimate indoor and outdoor seating, and a quietly pleasing non-trendy atmosphere. If there is any place in Wilton Manors where you get that ‘Breakfast in France’ feel, Storks is it. Like any breakfast/brunch place around town, the earlier or later you go relative to the average breakfast time, the more likely you won’t have to take your coffee and delicious treat to go. The lines can be long at Stork’s, but service tends to go at a tolerable pace. The staff at Stork’s is friendly, courteous and they are great conversationalist. So if you’re breakfasting alone, the banter won’t lack.

Food & Drink Each morning at 6:30 (7:00 on the weekends), you can enjoy an array of

self-serve flavored (or unflavored) coffees in a variety of roasts. The last time I made the effort to roll out of bed early on a Sunday morning and head over to Storks, I was able to enjoy their seasonal special…a pumpkin spice caffeinated concoction that was brewed perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed the pleasant pumpkin taste. Not too sweet. Not over pumpkinated. The folks at the table next to mine were remarking how good the Snickerdoodle Decaf coffee was. I’ll order that next time. Stork’s will also prepare specialty drinks behind the bar--all the lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos you’re “waking up to the world” heart could desire. Perhaps tea or a smoothie is more your speed, they have that too. When you’re ready to put on your early bird costume and go out and catch that worm, Stork’s variety of coffees is the place for your morning jump start. The morning of the pumpkin spiced coffee, I also ordered an egg and cheese sandwich on a croissant (it also comes on a bagel). The flaky, buttery croissant was toasted in a press until the interior of the sandwich was warm, cheesy perfection. For the sweet side of things, I took a blueberry cheese Danish with which one always runs the risk of encountering too much or too little cheese or a dull and tasteless pastry. This was neither. The blueberry cheese Danish at

Stork’s is so good it belongs in the breakfast hall of fame. The flaky ‘made from scratch’ croissants are served warm and just add to the flavor of sitting at a European sidewalk Café having breakfast.

Affordability For a light breakfast, you’ll be able to escape with a pastry, breakfast sandwich, and two coffees for a little over $10. You’ll probably be tempted to spend more on the irresistible pastries and prepared dishes.

Verdict There is a reason Stork’s has been around since 1997. They allow you to treat yourself to something nice in morning that doesn’t include a drivethru. An array of breakfast sweets from muffins, scones, croissants, coffee cakes, and tea breads from Stork’s is the perfect way to welcome out of town guests.. If you have overnight guests from in town, be a gentleman (or a lady) and treat them to something sweet before you send them on their way. Stork’s Cafe & Bakery Address: 2505 NE 15th Ave, Wilton Manors Phone: 954-567-3220 Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-12:00am; Saturday & Sunday 7:00am-12:00am

October 2014

The Islander

The Over Easy Café…

Where everybody knows your name

If someone decides to ever make a remake of the movie The Breakfast Club then The Over Easy Café on Oakland Park Boulevard should get a look as a prime location for filming. For over 20 years, The Over Easy Café has built a reputation for being our hometown Breakfast Club. This is where locals can get good grub, bump into a friendly face and be immersed into great conversation. When the locals of Wilton Manors and Oakland Park think Breakfast, they think The Over Easy Café. Is there any better feeling than when you’re sitting at the counter in The Over Easy Café at 7 AM and the shout of “Order Up” pierces your ears? You know that a hearty morning wake up is on the way. The sight of their famous Sausage Skillet being placed next to your cup of coffee makes this day a winner already. If something new for breakfast is what you’re looking for then Owner and area ‘Entrée-Preneur’, Cathy Cerniglia, isn’t resting on her laurels. Sure, The Over Easy Café serves up the menu mainstays such as The Over Easy Slam, a plate filled with two pancakes, two eggs, two bacon strips and two sausage and you’ll always find the blue collar favorite, the meat lover’s omelet on the menu daily. But just take a glance up to the Daily Specials board and you will find some of the most innovative fresh new home cooking breakfast entrees in Wilton Manors. Cathy updates her menu daily. It’s unique and never tiresome. One day you’ll find a breakfast burrito and the next day we’re tempted by the cheeseburger omelete. One morning it’s tater tots as a side and the next you’re savoring the best hash browns in Broward County.

What’s your favorite for breakfast? French toast, Blueberry Pancakes, Pecan Waffles, Corned Beef and Eggs? How about egg whites and tomato slices? From buttery grits to crispy bacon to toasted English muffins and bagels, The Over Easy

Left: Desserts that are always fresh baked and Homemade. Top: You’ll always find a friendly face at the Over Easy Counter. Right: It’s All in the Family at The Over Easy Café. Owner Cathy Cerniglia and son, Michael Cerniglia invite everyone in for a home style breakfast or lunch.

The menu at The Over Easy Café is never boring. Café is a homemade breakfast oasis right around the corner. Lest we forget lunch! Cathy and her staff have tuned the noon hour into an afternoon delight. You can have a B.L.T., a salad, a club sandwich or their famous tuna

melt that’s so good you’ll think you’re sitting in a Jersey Diner. This isn’t your average tuna melt either as it’s covered with cheese, tomato and then more cheese to keep it perfectly melted to the tuna. The homemade chili here is legendary. The homemade soups are made fresh daily. And if you’re a lunch special gourmet you’ll always find something new and trendy on the lunch specials board. Are you in the mood for an “Inside Out Bacon Cheese Burger?” A Fried Bologna and Cheese Melt? How about The Elvis Special with peanut butter and fried bananas? The menu at The Over Easy Café is never boring. No room for Dessert? Wrong! No one does homemade desserts better than Cathy Cenniglia. Everyday you’ll Find fresh baked homemade desserts just out of the oven. Of course there’s Cathy’s famous fruit pies and banana nut bread but if you’re a Brownie Lover then a stop at The Over Easy Dessert display window is a absolute must. Get there early though, the brownies go quick: “I’ll have ta brownie to go. Make that two!” Two things you’ll never find at the Over Easy Café: A heat lamp… everything here is made to order. And you’ll never see an unfriendly face. It’s more than just service with a smile at The Over Easy Café…. It’s family. It’s friends. It’s the kitchen in a childhood friend’s homeand, when you walk in the door, the aroma of fresh baked Cherry

See Over Easy on page 23



October 2014

The Islander

Island Rituals

Happenings on the island • Special Events • OCTOBER Peter Frampton @ Hard Rock

Live October 5, 7:00 PM 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Call 954-797-5531. Admission: $49 / $59 / $69.

Jonathan Hawkins in Concert: Broadway, Boys, & Briefs to Benefit Stonewall

Museum & Archives & Brian Neal Fitness & Health Foundation. October 6, 7pm @ The Manor Complex on Wilton Drive. Events include a silent auction and swimwear/underwear fashion show. This event is presented by Push Fitness and tickets are available for sale now at

An evening under the moon. October 8th,

5:00-10:00 PM @ Ocean 2000, 2000 N Ocean Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305. In a series of monthly events, OCEAN 2000 will offer a truly dynamic dining experience under the illumination of a natural full moon. Dine al fresco with an unobstructed view of the moon reflecting on the Atlantic Ocean. Culinary selections from a pre-fixe menu created by Executive Chef, Todd Lough and Oversized telescopes. For reservations call 954556-7667. $75 per person.

Friends of the Wilton Manors Library General Membership Meeting Thursday,

October 9 @ Richard C Sullivan Public Library of Wilton Manors 500 NE 26th Street. Happy Half Hour@ 6:30pm, Meeting starts @ 7pm. Hear about the Library’s new subscription to available at the library at no charge thanks to the Friends support. Learn about new e-books & notebooks available on loan. This is a perfect time to renew your membership. Call Friends Secretary Sal Torre for additional information @954-881-1754.

Danse Macabre “A Formal Ball for the Formerly Alive” October

10th @ 9:00 PM. Stache – a 1920s drinking den. 109 SW 2nd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale. Join this pre-dead part fundraiser including ballroom dancing lessons, tantalizing performances, fashion show, and sideshow artists from Maker’s Square. Tickets are $35 in advance from ticketmaster or can be bought directly from Juan Basura at Maker’s Square. Call 954816-9191 for directions and hours of operation.

The Great Pumpkin Patch is Back!

The Kiwanis Club of Wilton Manors will be holding their annual Pumpkin Patch at Five Points starting October 11. Bring the Kids, Bring the Dogs. Bring your truck and load up on the biggest pumpkins in the area.

Chopin for All Concert Series

October 11, 3-5 PM. Broward County Main Library 100 S. Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale FL. Free event.

Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival October 10-19 @ Sunrise

Cinema at Gateway 1820 Sunrise Blvd. Call 305-751-6305 for more information.

Earth, Wind, & Fire October 15th, 8:00 pm @ Hard Rock Live. Admission: $49/$69/$79. Visit for tickets. Museum Mixer Fridays October 17th at

Stonewall National Museum- Wilton Manors Gallery 2157 Wilton Drive in conjunction with The World AIDS Museum & Island City Art Walk

Motley Crue October 18th, 8:00pm @ Hard Rock Live. Admission: $69/$89 Annual Halloween Spooktacular Thursday,

October 23, 6:00-9:00pm @ Wilton Manors Elementary 2401 NE 3rd Avenue). For all the little monsters in the family. For more information call Leisure Services at 954-390-2130.

The Center For Spiritual Living Fort Lauderdale: Book Discussion Circle –

“Juliet” by Anne Fortier. At CSL, 1550 NE 26th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL, on Friday, October 24th, beginning at 7:30 – 9:00pm. Meet & Greet & Munchies at 7:15pm. Everyone is invited. Bring a Friend. For more information please call: Rev. Kandi Haggerty at 954-592-0055 or Rev. Irene DeGroot at 954-475-1369. FREE EVENT

Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull

October 25th , 8:00 pm @ Hard Rock Live. Admission: $94/$114/$149

Wicked Manors Friday, October 31, 7:00 PM to Midnight. Over the top costumes, music, surprise entertainment, costume contests. Trick or Treat on the Drive starts at 5:00 pm with a Kids Costume Contest at 7:00pm and a Pet Costume Contest at 7:30pm The drive will be closed to traffic while you enjoy the festivities as well as local restaurants, bars, and food trucks. Proceeds from Wicked Manors support vital programs and services provided by The Pride Center. Find us on Facebook or call 954-463-9005 or email

November Taste of the Island November 3rd,

Historic Richardson Park 6 Pm till 9 Pm. "An evening of food and libation in the Island City." Yes, the best tasting event in Broward County is back for another year. Starve yourself all week and bring your taste buds to Richardson Park and get ready to be a food critic. Sample the best entrees from around the Island as well as some of the best restaurants over the bridge. You can purchase tickets in advance at

Save A Life


In 1983, Sal’s Towing began offering FREE tows to those too drunk to drive. Since its’ inception we SAVING have safely delivered over 18,000 people and LIVES their vehicles home, safe and sound. The cost of SINCE a DUI can easily reach $10,000. Accidents are costly too, and you risk bodily injury or worse to 1983! yourself and others. Cabs are one alternative but they are usually not free and you have to retrieve your vehicle the next day, if you can remember where you parked it. The numbers don’t lie ... Save A Life and call Sal’s Towing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year before being stopped by the police or an accident occurs.

Save A Life: 954.566.5155

• Ongoing Events • Brains and Balance Past 60 Wednesdays, 10:00 AM-

11:00 AM @ Hagen Park 2020 Wilton Drive. Contact: 954-3902130. Free for Wilton Manors Residents. $3 for non-residents. Brains and Balance Past 60 is designed for the unique needs of active older adults who know the importance of staying mentally sharp and physically stable.

City Wide Bulk Trash Days! Set your count-

down clock, break out those branch cutters and clean out the garage. Wilton Manors most anticipated monthly event will be at your house either October 21st, 22nd or 23rd.

Community Affairs Advisory Board

October 1, 7:00 PM @ City Hall Commission Chambers, 2020 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, Florida, 33305

Israeli Dance Thursdays 7pm-9pm @ Hagen

Park 2020 Wilton Drive. $7 per person. Come out and enjoy beginner Israeli dance. The program includes great middle eastern music featuring the latest/best choreography and songs that will lift your spirit and touch your heart. For more information please call Dan at (808) 280-1051. Classes begin October 2, 2014.

Planning and Zoning Board Monday Sept.

8th, 7:00 PM @ City Commission Chambers. 2020 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305

Square Dancing Thursdays 7:00 PM – 9:30

PM @ Island City Park Reserve 823 NE 28th Street. The South Florida Mustangs is the first GLBT International Square Dance Club organized in 1980. No previous experience necessary! $5 per class Call Ken @ 305-343-1710, Randy @ 305458-1649, or Tom & Chris @ 954-525-8365

Dog Obedience Classes Thursdays @ Hagen

Park Basketball Court. 6:30 PM – Registration, 7:30 PM –Rally Obedience Class, 8:00 PM – Skill Building & Drill Class. $5 per class / $70 for 6week class. New classes begin on the 1st Thursday of every month. Call 954-563-7061 for more info.

Fire Island Tea Dance Disco & Drag Show Sundays, 6pm @ Stache – a 1920s

Drinking Den. 109 SW 2nd Ave, Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-449-1044 for more info.

Hula Dance Class Mondays 7pm for Beginners / Tuesdays 7pm for Intermediates @ Hagen Park Community Center 2020 Wilton Drive. $35 per month/ $12 per class. Students 16 and older. For more information call 954-390-2130. Island City Book Club Richard C.

Sullivan Public Library 500 NE 26th Street, Wilton Manors, 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM. The Island City Book Club gathers at the library on the third Wednesday of each month. Reading selections include current and classic novels as well as popular nonfiction. All are welcome to join and help select our next book! Contact: Angie Griffin 954-390-2195.

Island City-Wide Yard Sales. Starting 2nd Saturday of November 2014 – May 2015, 8:00 am – 2:00pm @ Hagen Park. Free attendance for the public. For vendor information call Lesiure Services Department at 954-390-2115 or 954-390-2130. Kiwanis Club of Wilton Manors Meeting

2749 NE 14th Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33334. Every Wednesday at 6:30pm. Kiwanis is an international nonprofit organization focused on improving our own community and the lives of others. New members welcome to join us for dinner or to volunteer for programs like the Food Backpack Program for Wilton Manors Elementary. Find us on Facebook!

Jazz on the Square Every Friday @ 6:30 pm,

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Commercial Boulevard & A1A. Enjoy free live music and dancing while or after dinner at any of the great dining establishments. Call 954-776-5092 for more information.

Stonewall National Museum - Wilton Manors Gallery 2157 Wilton Drive. Wilton

Manors Gallery will increase the visibility of Stonewall Museum as a lively, relevant, LGBT focused cultural institution for the local Fort Lauderdale community and will become a tourist destination as America’s foremost LGBT museum. The Gallery will exist as a welcome center for visitors in South Florida. The Gallery will feature programming and events throughout the year. Call 954-763-8565 for more information or visit

SunTrust Sunday Jazz Brunch Sundays throughout the year 11:00am-

2:00pm @ Esplanade Park, 400 SW 2nd street. Everyone is welcome to attend including well-behaved leashed pets. Bring your chairs, blankets and picnic baskets.

Urban Life Green Market Thursdays 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM @ Eucalyptus Gardens 2430 NE 13 Ave, Wilton Manors. Join local organic farmers and over 20 vendors for wine tasting, fresh flowers, locally grown foods, natural health & beauty products, and more. Event sponsored by SoFLA Urban Farms. Call 954-394-4322 for more info. Walk Wilton Island City Walking Club

Monday-Friday 7:30 AM & 6:30 PM, Saturdays 8:30 AM @ Hagen Park Walk Path, Richardson Park Nature Path, & Wilton Drive (City Hall to NE 9 Ave & Back). Register @ Hagen Park. FREE. If you’re tired of walking alone, or just don’t feel safe anymore, register today, track your distances, and start earning prizes!

Wilton Manors Green Market 9:00 AM 2:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday in the Wilton Manors City Hall / Hagen Park parking lot. For more information on The Market or to become a vendor, please contact Frank and Ron at (954) 531-5363. Zumba Fitness Class @ Island City Park Reserve 823 NE 28th Street, Wilton Manors. Get in shape with fun music and fun moves. Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 7:00pm -8:00pm. $10 per class or 5 classes for $35 or $10 classes for $70.

Do you have a favorite ritual or happening to share with the Island? Send us your information and we’ll put it in the next issue!

Call us: 954.530.8101 or email:

October 2014

The Islander

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16" Pizzas

12 Garlic Knots & Large Garden Salad





Must mention coupon when ordering Cannot be combined with other offers Expires October 31, 2014

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October 2014

The Islander

Museum Mixer Fridays is new monthly fun event to hit Wilton Drive. Held once a month at The Stonewall National Museum Gallery in conjunction with The World AIDS Museum & Island City Art Walk, you’ll meet new friends and find great munchies. Attending last months mixer is Harold Cortazor, Rob Delehanty of the Stonewall Museun, Jose Ochoa, Manuel Gierra and Sue Wilder of the Aids Museum.

Friends, neighbors and supporters showed up to wish City Commission Candidate Sal Torre luck during his Campaign kick-off party held at Atlantic Properties on Wilton Drive. Pictured with Sal Torre at the event is Bob Cassidy, Scott Altschuler and the Duffy Girls: Debbie Duffy, Elizabeth Duffy and Christine Duffy.

Cheese-A-Rama 2 was held at the New York Grilled Cheese Company on Wilton Drive. Over 300 people packed the restaurant and the outside patio to help raise awareness for Smart Ride 11. Cheese-A-Rama is an annual event to help generate support for The Smart Ride, a 165 mile bicycle ride from Miami to Key West that benefits numerous projects throughout Florida including The Childrens Diagnostic & Treatment Center, The Pride Center and others. In the past decade over $5,000,000 has been raised. Enjoying the party are New York Grilled Cheese Owner Leor Barak, Smart Ride Organizer Glenn Weinzimer, Mark Byrd and Requel Lopes.

Justin Flippin, candidate for Wilton Manors City Commission held a reception to kick off his campaign at the Wilton Station Townhomes. Justin was joined by Ft. Lauderdale City Commissioner and local attorney Dean Trantalis and M.E. DePalma, renown wildlife habitat preservationist.

The Rock films in

Yes, that’s the one and only Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson last mon The Rock was in town filming his new television show, ”Wake Up grounds of beautiful Independence Hall. Pictured with Dwayne ‘The R Barbara Priestman, Emily Wigo, BeBe Meeks, Kenny Keefe, Larry the Rock are Lori Musto , Independence Hall Administrator and Alb

2163 Wilton Drive,Wilton Manors • 954.563.5631 Hours: Tues-Thurs: 4pm-Midnight, Fri:4pm-1am, Sat: 2pm-1am, Sun-Mon: Closed •

Naked Grape Wine and Tapas •


October 2014

The Islander

n Wilton Manors!

th at Independence Hall Senior Living Center on NE 26th Street. Call” which debuts on TNT in October. Filming took place on the ock’ Johnson are co-stars and Wilton Manors residents Paul Smith, y Calhoun and Thelma Kirkland. Also pictured hanging out with bert and Julie Tedesco of Tedesco’s Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale.

This was the one September event that no one brushed off…Or did they? Painting with a Twist, Wilton Manors newest popular fun spot located in the shops of the Wilton Station, held a painting fundraiser to benefit K-9 Assisted Therapy. Over $1000 was raised during this great event that delivered big time for the non-profit group that provides pet therapy for children and adults.

Over 150 supporters turned out for The Doug Blevins campaign Kick Off Party held at Richardson Park. Pictured are mayoral Candidate Doug Blevins, Sally Heffron, Maria Medina and AJ Medina.

On a tour of South Florida’s top wine bars for their international travel guide, Canadian Travel Writers Sophie Verret and Patrick Verome made a stop a The Naked Grape Wine Bar and Tapas along Wilton Drive. The final review? It was Two Wine Glasses Up! for The Naked Grape.

If it’s Wednesday Night, It’s Karaoke with Robert at Kelly Brothers Irish Pub. Robert Lavalle is your host of the area’s #1 Wednesday social event that starts at 7:30 PM and last till the fat lady sings at 11:30 PM. Rest your vocal chords during the day and get there early to get a good seat. Kelly Brothers is located on the SW corner of Oakland Park Boulevard and Federal Highway. Pictured at last week’s jam fest is Miki, Phil, Mike, Monte, Janine, Lynn, Stan and Robert.



October 2014

The Islander

Dessert on the Drive

The Best Ice Cream in Wilton Manors Hot Scoop!... ummmm, Cold Scoop! There’s a new ice cream parlor in Wilton Manors and it may be the best ice cream IN THE WORLD! You heard it here first. You can rave about Kilwins on Los Olas and brag about your trip to Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor in Dania Beach all you want but the new Wilton Creamery on Wilton Drive may be, dare we say it, even better. Our first trip to this new ice cream café was quickly followed by our second and third. The flavors of their homemade ice creams are off the creamery charts: For October there’s their new Fall flavor Pumpkin S p i c e along with their homemade Sweet Cinnamon, Triple R um R ai s i n , S e a S a lt C a r a m e l , Coconut, Stout, Cherries Armagnac, and Strong Coffee. Non-Dairy Ice Creams are Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. Sorbets are Raspberry, Watermelon, and Passion fruit. But let’s talk about their ice cream concoction named, “He’s Not Worth It” which must have been invented by some heartbroken depressed ice cream binger who, on one lonely night while watching non- stop shows on Netflix, decided to create the greatest ice cream flavor on earth. It’s Vanilla and Toffee ice creams combined with a caramel sea salt swirl and then mixed with Oreo Cookie Pieces, Soft Caramel Pieces and Heath

Bar Chunks. I’ll take a gallon, to go. The Ice Cream Sundaes at Wilton Creamery are not too shabby either. Their unique topping and sauce offerings currently number at 52 and include Sweetened Cream Cheese Sauce, Jalapeno Sauce, Pecan Maple Syrup, Moscato Soaked Pineapples, Blue Cane Rum Sauce, Balsamic Basil Strawberries and so many more. Have y o u e v e r had White Chocolate Whipped Cream on top of your sundae? The Islander ice cream tasting crew highly recommends the Chocolate Covered Coconut Sundae and the Pineapple Upside Down Sundae. And if you’re a milk shake lover, Wilton Creamery is you new home away from home. The Old Fashioned Malt Shake and the Caramelized Banana Chiffon Shake are If you’re an adventurous ice cream lover then you may want to have a crack at Wilton Creamery’s Ice Cream Nachos: Cinnamon sugar chips with mixed berries, chocolate syrup, raspberry syrup, sweetened cream cheese & the whipped cream of your choice. The Wilton Creamery is located at 2301 Wilton Drive with free parking o u t b a c k . C re a m e r y h o u r s a re Sunday through Thursday 9 AM till 11 PM and Saturday and Sundays 9 AM till 1:30 AM.

Hometown Recipes

Beverly and Paige’s West Side “From Scratch” Rum Cake Recipe A TORTUGA RUM CAKE COPYCAT — PERFECT FOR THAT POOL PARTY!

Ingredients 1/2 cup crushed walnuts 1-1/2 cups granulated white sugar 1/2 cup unsalted butter 3 tablespoons + 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1-3/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/4 cup cornstarch 4 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1 cup Vanilla Pudding Mix (3.4oz box of pudding mix) 3/4 cup whole milk 4 large eggs 3/4 cup dark rum 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract For the Rum Syrup: 1/2 cup unsalted butter 1/2 cup water 3/4 cup granulated white sugar 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 cup dark rum 1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Grease and flour a bundt pan, and drop crushed walnuts into the bottom of the pan. Set aside. 2. In the base of a mixer, cream the 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar and the 1/2 cup butter. Add the 3 tablespoons

oil, flour, cornstarch, baking powder, and kosher salt combining until evenly distributed. (Mixture will look like fine crumbs.) Mix in the pudding mix. 3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, rum, vanilla extract, and remaining vegetable oil. Add to the dry mixture and mix well until combined. The batter will be smooth, thin, and pour easily. 4. Pour into the prepared bundt pan and bake for 50 to 60 minutes, or until a tester inserted in the cake comes up clean. 5. Let cool in pan for 10 minutes, then invert onto a rack. Let cool for 20 to 30 minutes. 6. While the cake cools, prepare the rum syrup: In a large saucepan with high sides, combine the butter, water, granulated sugar, and salt. Cook over medium heat until the butter completely melts and the sugar dissolves. Let reduce slightly, keeping an eye on it so it doesn’t boil over. Remove from the heat and stir in the rum (it will bubble). 7. Wash and dry the bundt pan, then place over the cool cake and invert the cake back into the pan. Pour the hot rum syrup all over the cake and let soak for 8 hours (overnight). In morning, invert the cake back onto a serving platter. Keeps covered for 1 week at room temperature.

October 2014

The Islander

Over the Bridge Dining Out with “The Ft. Lauderdale Foodie”

Elegant French food without the fuss Sage French Café CANDICE RUSSELL Authentic French cuisine is hard to find in South Florida. But foodies in Broward County have made Sage French Café and Wine Bar in Fort Lauderdale their go-to place for special occasions and Sunday brunch.

Every bite of this inventive fresh seafood dish was a delight. Serving elegant French food without pretension, the restaurant sets a joyful Parisian mood with an illuminated white replica of the Eiffel Tower near the front door and handsome banquettes against the walls. Black and

burgundy curtains add drama to the space, divided into two rooms. Each table is served with slices of bread and a subtle tapenade made from green olives, garlic and olive oil. My friend, Tony Scandrick, and I began by sharing a perfectly balanced appetizer of brie in puff pastry ($8) with the sweet addition of an apple chutney and a raspberry coulis. Other starters include a goat cheese soufflé with a balsamic reduction ($8) and quiche du jour ($9). The only difficulty we had during our outstanding meal was in deciding what to order among the many entrees, including more than a few dinner specials. Was it more appropriate to order the classic coq au vin ($16), an organic Cornish hen with vegetables, or a bouillabaisse seafood stew ($32) including lobster? Or should we try the famous roast duck ($23), roasted and crispy with a honey raspberry sauce? After all, owner-chef Laurent Tasic

nch, • The Kitchen is open for Lu Dinner and Late Night! rd's Pie! • Try Our Delicious Shephe Live • Your Neighborhood Pub for Music and Special Events!

Located on the SW Corner of Oakland Park Boulevard and Federal Hwy

says that his restaurant sells more dishes with duck than any other restaurant in Florida. Our lovely server Sybille, who treated with us anticipatory skills, recited the night’s specials. Tony chose New Zealand lamb chops ($32) grilled with a raspberry demi-glaze sauce

with a sweet potato mash, stuffed tomatoes, zucchini, carrots and green beans. He pronounced the entrée, “Exquisite and perfectly cooked.” Excitement came with the arrival of my plate of large scallops ($25) encrusted with pistachios and pumpkin seeds, served with a creamy truffle sauce on a bed of arugula and cherry tomatoes. Every bite of this inventive fresh seafood dish was a delight. Dessert descriptions proved irresistible. The banana pudding ($8), homemade with chocolate chips and served warm with vanilla ice cream and a rum caramel sauce, was a decadent ending to our impeccable dining experience. Come for the superlative cuisine at Sage. Enjoy wine tastings every first and third Tuesday of the month, with the next one on October 7. Or visit for Sunday brunch, including a complimentary mimosa or fruit punch, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The menu includes crabmeat Benedict ($14), salmon St. Charles ($12), crevettes Provencal or shrimp in tomato sauce ($12) and vanilla French toast ($7.50). Tasic is expanding his operation to two new ventures. Both, he says, will be open in November. Located on either side of Sage will be the Oyster Bar and Q Bar Burger and Blues, with 40 beers on tap and live music in a New Orleans-style setting. Sage French Café and Wine Bar is located at 2378 North Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. The telephone number is 954-565-2299; reservations are recommended. Peruse the extensive menu and wine list online at

Meet the Kelly Brothers! • All of your favorite ice cold dra ft beers, cocktails, wines & specia lty drinks ready to be served! • Awesome selection of bottled beers to keep you smiling!




October 2014

True Crime over the front pages of The Sun Sentinel and Miami Herald. The boyfriend moved north and died several years ago. The house was put up for sale. Numerous real estate agents tried to sell the house in vain. No buyers. No lookers. Only an occasional walk through for macabre curious amateur detectives. The house sat empty for years UNTIL…

The “Real” Haunted House It was 1978. Five years has passed since the shocking Mass Murder of a family at the house on Andrews Avenue. After years of trying, a renter was found. It was now occupied by Joyce “Cookie” Summerhill. On a hot humid Florida night, Joyce decided to meet a friend for a drink. She took a walk down Andrews Avenue to Big Daddy’s Lounge, just over the river. In the 1970’s, Big Daddy’s was one of the most popular night spots in Broward County. Joyce never made it to Big Daddy’s. She never had that drink with her friend. A week of searching finally paid off when her brother from Georgia found his own sister’s body 30 feet off the road. Her body was covered in brush and she had been dismembered. Blood covered the entire scene. At the time, Fort Lauderdale Police called the scene Extremely gruesome and Barbaric. Her killer was never caught despite her family’s pleas for closure on the news. “Are there any witnesses at all” her brother begged the public. The same house. The same outcome. The same sad memories. Rumors quickly spread around the Island City that the house was cursed. It became known as 666 Andrews Avenue. Satan’s Winter residence. Children started spray painting “Satan Lives” and “Lucifer’s Lair” on the walls. No one ever moved in again. Today it is an office.

Stephen King’s Inspiration? If the author Stephen King had an inspiration for his novel Christine, then it came from the log books of the Wilton Manors PD. It was 1972 when Jo Ann Velasco’s car would not start. She asked a neighbor to help her jump start the car. Once started, the good Samaritan got out of the car to disconnect the

The Islander

Continued from page 1 jumper cables but the car jumped into gear and started driving around in circles. Efforts to regain control of the car failed. Ms. Valasco screamed as the car knocked over a palm tree, destroyed her landscaping and continued to drive in circles nearing her house. WMPD Lt. Perry Hempstead and the Wilton Manors Police arrived at the scene. As the car continued driving out of control the Lieutenant ordered police sharp shooter Jay Bell to open fire on the crazed automobile. He fired four shotgun blasts into the car’s open hood. The Impala stopped just inches from the side of the house.

The Mermaid Swimming with the Fish It was 1971. A beautiful summer day in Wilton Manors. A mom was baking M&M Cookies in her home that sat along a serene canal when her son and two friends rushed in through the sliding glass door shouting, “Mom! Hurry! We just saw a mermaid swimming in the river with fish and crabs. Hurry, let’s go!” The mom scolded the boys for making up stories. But she still allowed them to have some fresh baked M&M Cookies. Three days later, a woman’s body was found floating in the north fork of the Middle River. Her head covered with crabs and her body bloated, her skin fried from the sun. The boys were interviewed by Oakland Park Police as to where they had seen the body originally floating. Her identity was discovered. She had slipped off her dock while feeding the ducks, hit her head and drowned. Since 1970 over 20 bod-

ies, or ‘Floaters’ as the police call them, have been pulled from the Wilton manors’ waterways.

Mob Ties In 1982, a man was found in the trunk of a stolen car parked In front of a house in Wilton Manors. His throat was slashed and his hands tied behind his back. Years later, a former resident of Wilton Manors, a familiar face at local bars and a regular customer at Wings and Things on Wilton Drive was arrested and charged with the murder. Bernard "Barry the Bear" Hunwick, an infamous 1980s hit man for the mob and one notoriously bad dude, was convicted of the murder. Police said he ran a six man hit squad from his Fort Lauderdale address and from his previous residence in a Wilton Manors apartment. The FBI claims he may have been responsible for up to 300 mob murders across the country. Hunwick may have been the most stone cold killer that ever set foot in the Island City. He was known to have thrown a couple patrons through bar windows while employed as a bouncer during Spring Break years along Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Legend has it that one night at Red’s Bar on Dixie Highway in Wilton Manors, Hunwick won 17 arm wrestling matches… back to back!

The Owner’s wife and child had flown home to India for vacation that morning. The owner was to fly out the following day to meet them. He needed to stay behind an extra day to make sure his store was fully stocked for his vacation. Make sure his staff was prepared to greet the neighborhood when they stopped by. He never got on that plane. A robber pulled into the Farm Market and shot him. To this day, many Westsiders still claim that was the saddest day ever in Wilton Manors.

The Mistletoe Massacre “Together, till death do us part.” Partners for 29 years since they were teenagers, two men were found murdered inside their Wilton Manors home on Christmas Weekend, 2010. The murders became known throughout the area as the Holiday Horror. The Mistletow Massacre. Rumors spread quickly about a love triangle gone wrong. Some said the now accused killer just a handyman doing odd jobs around the house. The victims, shot numerous times with their heads bludgeoned, were well liked and respected in the community. Days before the murders, a photo appeared on one of the victim’s Facebook page with his face bruised and beaten. The accused murderer who is currently incarcerated bragged that the victims “got what they deserved.”

Dr. Dolittle Lives!

Soap Opera on 8th Avenue

Some call Wilton Manors The Dog Rescue Capital of the World. In 1985, one local resident took that statement to heart. In May of that year, Manor’s resident Vikki Kittles was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after her house was raided by authorities. Inside, 37 dogs, three cats, two horses and a ferret were found. Animal activists said the scene inside her home was strait out of a Betty Davis Horror Movie.

If you’ve seen the scandalous movie, Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer you already know all the sordid details of love, sex, drugs and betrayal among Palm Beach’s rich and famous. But the sad side of the story happened right here in Wilton Manors. During the divorce proceedings of publishing heir Peter Pulitzer, his wife was accused of carrying on an affair with Jacquie Kimberly who was married to the Kleenex heir James Kimberly. This caused a second divorce and Jacquie moved south to Wilton Manors and rented an apartment on 8th Avenue. Roxan n e P ulitz er an d J acq uie Kimberly were never able to rekindle their friendship. Years passed and Jacquie lost another love. The end came for Jacquie outside of her Wilton Manors apartment when she took a gun, sat behind the wheel of her car and shot herself in the head.

The Farm Store Murder On the Westside of Wilton Manors it was everyone’s favorite convenience store. A local stop and shop on Andrews Avenue called The Farm Store where you could pull in to buy a pack of smokes, grab a gallon of milk on the way home or just stop by for a friendly hello from the owner.. It was family owned and it was a piece of Wilton Manors History. But in the early 1980s, that all changed.

The Day The Music Died It was the fall of 1987 when world famous jazz musician Jaco Pastorius, 35, was found dead lying in a pool of blood outside the Midnight Bottle Club on Wilton Drive, It was said Pastorius, a local celebrity in the area, got mad when the club denied him entry and he kicked the door. The versions of what happened next differ greatly but most accounts seem to point towards the cause of his death when a bar manager pushed an inebriated Jaco to the ground and he hit his head. Jaco fell into a coma and never recovered. Wilton Manors Police investigated the death and based on reports from the medical examiner, the injuries on Pastorius were not caused from a fall but from a beating. The bar employee was charged in the death of Pistorius. During the heyday of his career, P as torius toured th e world an d recorded with the likes of Weather Report, Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Al DiMeola, and Blood, Sweat & Tears. He garnered three Grammy Award nominations, and was credited with revolutionizing the techniques of playing the electric bass. He was inducted into numerous Music Hall of Fames and was called ``the most influential jazz bassist of our time.``

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October 2014



October 2014

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The Haunting of Fort Lauderdale:

Weird and Spooky Places CANDICE RUSSELL

Did you know that Fort Lauderdale is a hotbed of haunting and a gathering place for ghosts? There is no lack of spirits throughout Broward County, as noted in the book “Haunted Florida” by John Marc Carr. He is also the leader of a popular walking tour in downtown Florida called the Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tour, named “the best ghost tour in South Florida” by CBS-TV’s Channel 4. Not everyone who takes the tour is a believer. “Everyone is a skeptic until something happens,” says Carr, who adds that he cannot guarantee a spooky occurrence on any given night. And when something out of the ordinary does happen? “People either freak out or stay, fascinated,” says Carr, who encourages people to bring cameras. With tours given Friday through Sunday nights, beginning in front of the Cheesecake Factory, Carr says that ten locations are visited. They include a brothel, now called the Himmarshee Public House, where a sought-after redhaired prostitute named Maggie was stabbed to death by one of her customers. “In the ladies’ room, you can hear her whimper and cry,” says Carr, who was the official paranormal researcher for Fort Lauderdale’s Stranahan House from 2001 to 2009. “She turns the faucets on and off and messes with the

there are plenty of places in Broward County to scare yourself. Do you want to eat breakfast and get creeped out? The Waffle House in Plantation was the site of a murder-robbery in 2002. That bloody event led to employees feeling the presence of something eerie.

And when something out of the ordinary does happen? security guards by turning off the alarm system. She was young when she died and doesn’t like to be left alone.” Al Capone’s speakeasy, the New River Inn, and the River House Inn are also visited on the tour. At the latter, Carr describes Perry, the ghost of a little boy, who likes to play with the ceiling fans. “A lot of people at the River House Inn see a dark shadow leaning out and pulling back when they shine their flashlights at it,” he says. Testimonials about the tour are complimentary. Mike G. of Tamarac says, “If

you want to experience some real paranormal encounters, go on this tour…Things moving, shadow figures, you experience different emotions.” The tour was a family affair for Stephanie S. of Weston, “My husband, son and I took the tour last night…we were so amazed! The history, stories and spirits that we encountered made for a wonderful night.” To learn more and book a tour, telephone 954-290-9328. Tickets for adults are $20 and $15 for children under 13. If you want to make up your own tour,

Don’t visit Sunset Park in Tamarac after dark, unless you want to be terrified by dark figures with white glowing eyes. Mind your footing at the Fort Lauderdale Fire and Safety Museum. That’s what Robert Leland Knight should have done in 1940 when he electrocuted himself by stepping into a puddle with a downed power line. Now this ghost is known for playing pranks on visitors. Scare yourself silly. Fort Lauderdale’s dark reputation is all over the place, making the goblinesque time of Halloween available to interested parties throughout the year.

October 2014

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Solution on page 29



1. Goes out 5. Severe blow 9. Hardly a beauty 12. Crush, in competition 13. Within 14. Certain gametes 15. Hand over, in a way 17. Sweeping 18. Biblical mount 19. Climates 21. Ponderosa apparel 24. Like The Who's Tommy 26. Common possessive 27. Beastly character 29. Running things in a bar 33. Tick off 34. Culinary Julia 36. Pond fish 37. Buttinsky, e.g. 39. Alternative option 40. Atomic particle 41. Miss Muffet fare 43. Ground force group 45. Solder, for example 48. Autograph hound's offering 49. "___ Vadis" 50. Adages 56. Half of dos 57. Detective, at times 58. Stake driver 59. Club's yearly meeting 60. Proof goof 61. Drain indicator

1. Before, of yore 2. Kind of seat 3. Except 4. It's a cinch? 5. Travels restlessly 6. Bon ___ 7. Eng. subject 8. Diuretic target 9. Bindle toter 10. Dyed-in-the-wool 11. Comedian's stock 16. Pt. of NASCAR 20. Many times, in verse 21. Approach shot, perhaps 22. Put on the payroll 23. Acts on one's curiosity 24. How some jokes are delivered 25. Snaky swimmers 28. Indian cooking ingredient 30. Comparable (to) 31. It's bound to sell 32. Deadly septet 35. Prevent 38. Company quorum? 42. Hotel chain 44. "Astro Boy" genre 45. Caribbean shade 46. Air bag? 47. Appear ominously 48. Sport with mallets 51. Foot the bill 52. Cheer leader? 53. Elegiac 54. Kind of pie 55. Like some grins

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Over Easy Crumb Pie hits your nose Community Service is not often a word that is associated with a restaurant but it is a main stay at The Over Easy Café. If you’re dining here you’re donating. There isn’t a restaurant in South Florida that gives back more to the community than The Over Easy Cafe. From making meals for the needy at the local church, to collecting can goods for the homeless, to donating their time to under privileged kids, Cathy and The Over Easy staff is relentless in their pursuit of helping others. Cathy works tirelessly with the Kiwanis Club of Wilton Manors and donates

Continued from page 13 her stores time to put backpacks together for the kids at the Elementary School. “We live in the community, We work in the community, We love to give back to this great community that we call home,” Cathy says. When you’re looking for a new place to call your Breakfast Home then make a stop at The Over Easy Café. The Welcome Mat is always out. The Over Easy Café is located at 318 East Oakland Park Boulevard. There’s plenty of free parking right out front. You can visit them on the web at or like them on Facebook. And The Over Easy Delivers! Call them at 954-561-1177.



October 2014

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Extreme pool makeovers wanted!

Welcome to the world of Watermark Construction If there’s a Hollywood producer out there readthe office. Where you go to exercise. Where you realize ing this article, start typing that pilot script. the true reason you live in Florida. A pool is a lifestyle. Extreme Pool Makeovers should be the next reality show project and the stars of the show are located right here in Fort Lauderdale…Watermark Construction. In a region studded with so many 1960’s homes and outdated back yards, the pool remodeling business is booming. And no one in Broward County is more in demand than designer Bryan McCallum and his pool makeover design team at Watermark Construction. “We’re turning outdated pools and backyards into entertainment showplaces,” McCallum said. “Basically were performing extreme backyard makeovers. Watermark Construction is your complete stop for pool renovations, new pools, pergolas, The Watermark Construction Exterior Design Team. pavers and outdoor kitchens.” Turning outdated pools and backyards into entertainment showcases. For those looking to turn their backyard into an outdoor paradise, Watermark Construction is That’s why our exterior remodeling specialists work renown throughout the region for their custom exwith you to craft a design that offers everything you’re terior designs. Watermark believes that a pool does looking for including a wide assortment of marble, spemore than beautify the exterior appearance of your cialty man-made products, clay bricks, concrete pavers, home. “It’s a place where lasting memories are cretile, diamondbrite finishing as well as one of the newest ated, McCallum said, “It’s where family and friends – and most relaxing trends – custom waterfalls.” gather. Where you escape to after a stressful week at

The buzz about the Watermark Construction Team and their amazing backyard makeovers is growing among South Florida’s designing community and real estate world. They’re regarded as the top backyard designer in Lauderdale for custom Waterfalls, Spas, Pergolas, BBQ Islands and Fire Pits. Watermark has already left their mark on some of Wilton manors and Ft. Lauderdale’s top home showplaces. “Staying in is the new Going Out,” McCallum exclaims. And when asked what’s hot in the backyard world? “Pergolas are the current back yard trend, McCallum said pointing to the designs on display at the Watermark Showroom. “Pergolas are concrete columns topped with wood lattice work. Usually covered with flowering vine, Pergolas create a separate shaded space for outdoor living. Pergolas are a charming addition to any South Florida home.” If you have been dreaming of your own backyard makeover, Watermark Construction is just around the corner and their designers will come to your home for a backyard consultation. You can also visit their showroom in Fort Lauderdale at 4460 North Federal Highway. Set up your own backyard makeover appointment by calling 954.776.3338.

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October 2014



October 2014

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The Islander

October 2014



October 2014

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s My Card Here’s


Featuring Floors by MOHAWK and BEAULIEU 200 West Prospect Road Fred and Terry Neely Oakland Park, FL 33309 954-565-6974

Call 954.530.8101 to advertise here!

October 2014

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Ask Miss Manors Ready for some more advice from someone who isn’t your mother? For October, we answer questions about ghouls, goblins, allergies and the ethics of dressing up certain kinds of pets for Halloween. Let’s dig right into the candy bag, shall we?

Dear Miss Manors, Help! No one will believe that my Wilton Manors house is haunted. Signs include strange noises, moving objects, and a strange drop in temperature even during the hottest time of the day. I’ve yet to be able to convince my significant other and friends that this is true. How can I get them to see what I’m seeing? Maybe if I can show them other haunted places, they will see what I’m talking about. Do you know of any other haunted places around town?

Signed, The Only One Seeing Dead People Dear Seeing Dead, You are not alone--and not just because you’re surrounded by the uncrossed-over in your own abode. Experience of the paranormal is a common phenomenon…. RIGHT HERE IN THE ISLAND CITY. Even though Miss Manors does not believe in such things on any given day, she herself one evening heard a noise similar to that of someone running up the stairs and shutting a door coming from Wilton Manors’ very own Richardson House. It was quite creepy, and then your question comes along and has inspired some research into the matter. That googling re-

vealed the existence of a book called Haunted Fort Lauderdale by John Marc Carr, in which he describes some strange happenings during a 2003 renovation to Richardson House: “One story was that a bulldozer turned on by itself and crashed into the pool next to the carriage house. Other stories were of contractors inside the manor house, visibly shaken after witnessing a shadow or ghost walking around the premises. Residents say they would see lights inside the structures, even when the estate was abandoned.”

I feel your October Pain. You can pick up the book and find some other sites of strange happenings. I’m sure you could take your significant other or a willing friend to conduct your own investigation, but I’m not sure that it will convince him or her or them that ghost exists--or that spirits are haunting your home at this very moment. Evidence that’s convincing to one is not so convincing for the other. It’s the kind of thing that someone must be predisposed to experiencing or that someone must experience for oneself. If your significant other is happy in the home, and if the haunting is of a benign nature, my best advice is to just let it be... or you can just sage the hell out of the place.

CROSSWORD SOLUTION Crossword puzzle on page 23

Dear Miss Manors, I have a big problem with the coming fall, and it’s pumpkins. Every year I attempt to relive my Michigan youth and decorate my lawn with pumpkins: Painted pumpkins, Jack O’ Lanterns, candle lit pumpkins illuminating my walkway. I crave the need to be the Queen of Halloween. But, because of the Florida heat, my pumpkins never seem to last. Is there a way to keep my Halloween Showcase Orange till the 31st?

Sincerely, Seasonal Worrier Dear Worrier, I feel your October Pain. Keeping those round gourds bright orange is not a simple task. The answers are few but you should heed my advice. Try to place your pumpkins in as much shade as possible. Direct sunlight beating on your decorations will cause accelerated pumpkin wrinkling. When pumpkin shopping, keep an eye out for the Seminole Pumpkin, a breed traditionally grown by native tribes in South Florida, the Seminole pumpkin is one of the tastiest and most reliable pumpkins for Florida decorating..It takes the heat and humidity in stride, and remains relatively hearty throughout the season.

Dear Miss Manors, Thank you so much for your column! I look forward to it every month, and I now I have a question for you. With the Halloween Season upon us, I was curi-

ous as to what ever happened the ‘snake hotel’ that used to be parked on the side of the road?

Sincerely, Wilton Manors Trivia Buff Dear Trivia Buff, Who can forget Wayne Parr, the crazy snake charmer of Wilton Manors. For the newbies of Wilton Manors, the year was 1991. Parr showed up in the Island City in a school bus filled with 18 snakes, including two pythons weighing more than 100 pounds. He decided to park his school bus of snakes in a residential neighborhood and then started offering tours to school children. Small children were entranced with the snake hotel. The City Commission and Parr went to war over his school bus filled with reptiles. ‘You can’t park a school bus in a residential neighborhood,” the courts ruled. Parr spent thousands of dollars to paint a mural on his bus of a mighty python hovering over a burning City Hall with fleeing rats named after city commissioners. After three years of city fines and court judgments, Parr died quietly in Nova Scotia.

Thanks, Islanders! If you have unresolved drama, general life questions, or nagging needto-knows about life in Wilton Manors/South Florida, don’t hesitate to write in to or message The Islander Newspaper on Facebook.



October 2014

The Islander

Green Acres people wonder how healthy and how sustainable that model really is. Before starting Eucalyptus Gardens in Wilton Manors, owner-operators Judith Ozer and Deanna Allen met at the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Florida. Judith was selling jewelry and Deanna, who owns a catering business, had a food booth. They started brainstorming about a local, organic produce market of their own that not only provided an opportunity for them to sell fruits and veggies, but a place that would educate and support other people in like-minded enterprises. Tucked away in the elbow of NE 13th avenue off 26th Street, Eucalyptus Gardens is now home to an artisan coffee shop, vegan restaurant, organic bakery, wine & tapas bar, and opening soon is the organic market itself with everything from free-range organic eggs to natural beauty products. Engagement and education is paramount for Eucalyptus Gardens who gives back with projects like donating heirloom tomato seeds to Wilton Manors Elementary School and providing free use of event space to charities and non-profits. They also host the Urban Life Green Market every Thursday from 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm with over 30 vendors. In Oakland Park, the Urban Farmer is built around Community Supported Agriculture. Instead of consumers supporting retailers, they directly support local farmers. When you become a member of the co-op, you get a weekly share of whatever crops arrive. They even include recipes in case you get some kind of produce you’ve never used before. If you’re not a member, Urban

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Farmer also has a Weekend Patio Market where you can buy fresh local food Friday Noon to 6:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Surprisingly, these organizations don’t look at each other as competitors the way Publix might view Winn-Dixie

You’ll find every olive connoisseur in town at taste testing the fare at The Wilton Manors Green Market this weekend.

13 reasons

more reasonable during Happy Hour. Monday through Friday from 4:00 pm to 7:00pm, you can enjoy $5 Flatbreads, Empanadas, & Select Wines as well as $2.50 Session Lager, Session Black, and Magic Hat #9.

13 reasons you should go 1. 13 Even is an on trend, friendly bar. 2. The Owners. Carol and Nancy are two of the most personable welcoming host you will find in south Florida. 3. A solid small-plate menu. The Prosciutto, Pear & Port Salut Panini is worth paying to park across the street

opening a store across the street. Rather, they are partners with each other, with vendors, with farmers, with the consumer in creating a food system that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and beneficial to local economies. On the other hand, for many people, buying local is a luxury. A box of oranges from Costa Rica can cost the consumer more than a box from Central Florida. Shopping for local food can also cost time in research or driving out of the way when there is a Publix right on the way home from picking up the kids. Proponents of local food would argue that it’s not always more expensive in the short or long term. The more communities support local growers and markets, the more easily they will sustain themselves. The local farmer can produce more for less as the market for high mileage foods decreases. The benefit of local food extends into the present as well as the future with immediate benefits to both people as a com-

munity and the environment. What the local food movement can do for Oakland Park and Wilton Manors is what it can do for any community: cultivate a unique identity based on the exchange of ideas between the people in those communities. Visit your local market today: Wilton Manors Green Market @ Hagen Park 2020 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors Open: Sat - Sun 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Eucalyptus Gardens 2430 NE 13th Ave, Wilton Manors Phone: 954-394-4322 Web: Open: Tues-Sun 7:00 am- 9:00pm The Urban Farmer 1101 NE 40th Court, Oakland Park Phone: 954-586-6686 Web: Open: Sun-Thurs By Appointment - call first; Fri: 12:00 - 6:30 pm; Sat: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Continued from page 11 4. An extensive craft beer & wine list. 5. It’s a great place for a light supper, evening snack, or watching the game with friends without having to worry you might slip on a stray bone from someone else’s chicken wing. 6. The Mac & Cheese, This isn’t your Mamma’s Mac & Cheese. Creamy Brie, Gruyere and Parmesan cheeses make this dish “oh so good.” 7. Monthly wine tasting parties 8. The cake shots for dessert..The selections change weekly. We chose the red velvet with cream cheese frosting. 9. The $5 Happy Hour specials 10. A knowledgeable bartender who

can match your taste buds with the perfect wine or craft beer 11. The Oysters! Some say they are the best in Broward. 12. Keeping it Light. 13 Even has a nice selection of light fares on the menu. Have you ever tasted a Pork Belly & Watermelon Salad? This is a must. Put it on your eating bucket list. 13. The Flatbreads! Address: 2037 Wilton Dr, Wilton Manors Phone: 954.565.8550 Web: Hours: Monday-Friday 4PM - 11PM; Friday-Saturday, 4PM-1AM; Sunday 11AM-10PM

October 2014

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Home Sweet Hut

2014 Island Real Estate Update 2409 NE 8th Ave Wilton Manors 2beds, 1 bath 10,031 sq ft lot Sold: $300,000 2809 NE 25th St Fort Lauderdale 3 beds, 2 baths 9,000 sqft lot Built in 1956 Sold: $965,000 2125 NE 16th Ave Wilton Manors 3 beds, 2 baths 7,694 sqft lot Built in 1958 Sold: $603,900

4010 NE 16th Ave Oakland Park 3 beds, 2 baths 8,015 sq ft lot Built in 1959 Sold: $440,000

824 NW 29th St Wilton Manors 2 beds, 2 baths 7,135 sq ft lot Built in 1957 Sold: $270,000

37 NE 28th Ct Wilton Manors 4 beds, 2 baths 8,255 sq ft lot Built in 1956 Sold: $275,000

2507 NW 8th Ave Wilton Manors 3 beds, 2 baths Built in 1957 Sold: $362,000

2001 NE 19th Ave, Poinsettia Heights 3 Beds, 2 Baths 7,972 sq ft, sold $420,000

2625 NE 14th Ave Apt 111 Oakland Park 2 beds, 2.5 baths Built in 2005 Sold: $289,000

2608 NE 9th Ave Wilton Manors 2 beds, 1 bath 6,405 sq ft lot Built in 1948 Sold: $340,000

2308 NE 6th Ave Wilton Manors 3 beds, 2 baths 8,830 sq ft lot Built in 1938 Sold: $325,000

26 NE 26th Dr Wilton Manors 3 beds, 2 baths 10,121 sq ft lot Built in 1952 Sold: $159,000

2100 NE 22nd St Wilton Manors 3 beds, 2.5 baths 5,865 sq ft lot Built in 1984 Sold: $642,500

105 NE 20th Ct, #2G, Manor Grove 2 Beds, 1.5 Bath 1,180 sq ft, Sold, $140,00

2625 NE 16th Ave Wilton Manors 3 beds, 2 baths 8,223 sq ft lot Built in 1954 Sold: $350,000

1101 NW 30th Ct Apt 4 Wilton Manors 2 beds, 2 baths, 1,000 sq ft Built in 1965 Sold: $83,900

2749 NE 10th Ter Wilton Manors 3 beds, 2 baths 6,509 sq ft lot Built in 1955 Sold: $314,000

1901 NE 19th St Poinsettia Heights 2 beds, 2 baths 6,604 sq ft lot Built in 1955 Sold: $383,500

2749 NE 10th Ter, Wilton Manors 3 beds, 2 baths, 6,509 sq ft lot, Built in 1955, sold: $314,000


2273 NE 9th Ave Wilton Manors 2 beds, 4 baths 813 sq foott lot Built in 2005 Sold: $395,000

2625 NE 16th Ave Wilton Manors 3 beds, 2 baths 8,223 sq ft lot Built in 1954 Sold: $350,000

2.5 2 .5 To Ton T on • 16 6 SEER


NE 17th Ave Poinsettia Heights 4 beds, 3 baths Built in 1951 Sold: $322,000 4010 NE 16th Ave Oakland Park 3 beds, 2 baths 8,015 sq ft lot Built in 1959 Sold: $440,000 3456 NE 18th Ave Oakland Park 2 beds, 2 baths 7,840 sqft lot Built in 1958 Sold: $247,000 4521 NE 13th Ave Oakland Park 3 beds, 2 baths 7,353 sq ft lot Built in 1965 Sold: $250,000


30% OFF

1766 NE 46th St Oakland Park 3 beds, 2 baths Sold: $495,000 1951 NE 2nd Ave #215-I Wilton Manors 2 beds, 2 baths 1,200 sqft Built in 1973 Sold: $145,000 1930 NE 2nd Ave #102-L Wilton Manors 1 bed, 1.5 baths 750 sq ft Built in 1973 Sold: $108,000 1321 NE 14th Ct Poinsettia Heights 3 Beds, 2 Bath 6,800 Sq Foot Sold $244,000 317 NE 27th Dr Wilton Manors 3 beds, 2 baths 6,998 sqft lot Built in 1954 Sold: $257,143 2113 NE 17th Ave Wilton Manors 2 beds, 2 baths 6,997 sq ft lot Built in 1957 Sold: $340,000



Clean Filter, Clean Drain, Calibrate Thermostat, Oil Motors (when needed), Check Pressure (Add up to 1lb. of freon), Check Heat Operation, Inspect Coils, Compressor & Relays. Monday-Friday 8 am-4pm

Discount only with this coupon • Expires 10/31/14




Up to 5 Vents

Includes: Sanitizing, Washing and Degreasing Grills Discount only with this coupon • Expires 10/31/14



1737 NE 17th St Poinsettia Heights 2 beds, 1 bath 6,021 sq ft lot Built in 1951 Sold: $305,000


Price doesn’t include permit or code improvements.

677 Kensington Pl #104C Wilton Manors 2 beds, 2 baths, 1,250 sq ft Built in 1973 Sold: $250,500


*After FPL rebate

Limited time offer • *See Dealer for details

Hooked up to existing copper lines, electric, ductwork and slab. Vertical installation.

FREE ESTIMATES On New Equipment Sales

Evening Evenin Ev Eveni in & Saturday Appointments Available

954.492.5510 9 95 5

Serving Servin Servi rvin Broward County for Over 23 Years

Model #14AJM30A01 • Model #RBHP 17

*10 Year Limited Warranty on All Parts State Licensed & Insured #CAC050403


4700 W. Prospect Road #109 • Fort Lauderale •



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The Islander Newspaper - October 2014  

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