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Roger Horner‌. Captain of Industry

DEAR ISLANDER Dear Islander, As the season gets ever closer, refit work all over the Med intensifies by the week, and non-more so than in STP Shipyard here in Palma. Taking a look around yesterday, the scale and amount of work going on to some of the most beautiful yachts on the planet never ceases to amaze and impress me. Many of the yachts are covered in their plastic tents and scaffolding, but there is no doubt that there are a huge amount of highly skilled craftsmen behind the plastic, working flat out to get these yachts ready for the start of the season! This refit work accounts for some 3000 direct jobs in Palma, making it one of the largest employment sectors, especially over the winter months when tourism is at a low. These workers all live in Mallorca renting or buying property, spending money in shops, markets, bars, restaurants and other services, creating much needed revenue to the Balearic economy. I hope the new government, when it finally gets sorted out, appreciates the contribution which the industry makes and doesn’t try and tax it to death. Let’s wait and see. We may have more idea after the AGM of the ANEN (Spanish nautical industry association) this week, when several new politicians will be present. Our friends in the Caribbean will be at the height of their season at present, and it’s worrying to see that it is the area suffering from more attacks on yachts and sailors than anywhere else in the world. For the yachting

industry, in particular the charter businesses, to thrive, the authorities need to stamp this out and quickly before the damage is irreparable. As regards the upcoming charter season in the Med, the picture looks very encouraging for 2016. Bookings are way up on past years at this stage of the year and we have seen a huge increase in the issuing of charter licences over the past 2 years, a pattern which is set to continue for the foreseeable future. In this issue of The Islander, we have started a new series of articles “Captains of Industry”, where we highlight leaders of businesses who have been around for a long time and have survived the various recessions over the years to become highly successful companies. The first of these articles looks at Roger Horner of e3 Systems, who have recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. We hope to include these articles every two months, and we welcome any suggestions you may have who you think fulfils the criteria.

fair winds

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FEATURE: CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY a Moody 33 appropriately called “Ambition”. She was swiftly purchased, and they found a berth at the brand new Port Solent marina, their sailing base for the next few years.

Roger Horner Group Managing Director e3 Systems

Captains of Industry This is the first in a series of articles where we shall look at the leaders of successful businesses in the Yachting industry here in the Western Med, how they arrived here and how they have managed to succeed where hundreds have failed. For those of you who don’t know Roger, he is the head of one of the leading electronic data communications businesses on the planet, and one of the nicest, most modest and affable guys you will ever meet. His company, e3 Systems, has just celebrated its 20th anniversary, no mean feat in our industry and in a foreign country without speaking the native language! His background in boating started at a very young age in Kent when he sailed Firefly dinghies with his school in Dover harbour. He took this sporting route simply because his hand/eye co-ordination wasn’t quite up to scratch for the only other summer option on offer, namely cricket. This dinghy sailing was backed up by his father having a river boat on the Medway, where he spent many happy hours. Edinburgh University developed his interest even more, participating in a very 4


successful university team racing squad, including crewing for the Enterprise world champion, Stewart Robertson. This team racing, including the après-sail, took up much of Roger’s time, and was also the place where he met his future wife Nicky, whom he encouraged to join his passion for sailing. Following his achievement of a Bachelor of Science honours degree in 1980 in Electronics with Industrial Management, he wasted no time in setting up various businesses of his own, mainly developing software solutions for the insurance industry. His first employment was with Racal Decca, which he left after 6 months, deciding to start his own “proper company” under the wing of his father’s Electrical Consultancy business. Early projects included commissioning the computer-controlled scenery flying system at the Barbican Theatre and the control systems for the Thames Barrier. In 1986, Roger was determined to buy a boat of his own after having previously had use of his father’s Southerly 95, which had recently been sold. On the way to the Southampton Boat Show he and Nicky decided to pop in to the Moody used Boat Show at Swanwick where they instantly fell in love with

During that period, Roger developed his main full time business of software development, pre Windows! The company, Loxton Business Systems, was enormously successful which resulted in being bought out by Vistec plc in 1989. During his 3 year compulsory contract, he was head hunted by Eagle Star to buy back the business he had sold to Vistec, together with a fabulous package including a future opportunity for a seat on the Board. Sadly, BAT Industries, owners of Eagle Star, had to make severe cut backs after Eagle Star declared huge losses over mortgage indemnity, resulting in the abandonment of the project. So, Roger and Nicky decided to implement their longheld ambition of doing some long term cruising, and in May 1992 they set sail on SY Ambition. Their first goal was to reach Barcelona in time for the 1992 Olympics. After that, they had no definite plan, although they had thought that a winter in Malta before moving on to Greece the following spring was possibly on the cards. Their previous cruising experience was limited to several 60 mile hops across the Channel every year, so this was a major step up, but one which Roger and Nicky relished. They were helped along the way by friends, sailing down the Atlantic coasts of Spain and Portugal and eventually to Sitges, their home whilst the Olympics were taking place. Whilst in Barcelona, they were falling in love with Spain, which led to the abandonment of the Malta and Greece plan. Whilst en route from Barcelona to Puerto Soller, Roger woke up from a snooze to 2 inches of water in the saloon – panic stations! They checked all the

seacocks etc., and could find no obvious leak but the water was still rising, so sent out a Pan Pan after doing a U-turn back to Barcelona, the nearest land. A ferry answered the call and was soon on its way to help. After baling furiously, Nicky suddenly suggested that Roger taste the water, instantly knowing why she asked and he confirmed it was fresh! They quickly realised that this leak was coming from the fresh water tank, not through the hull at all. With rather red faces, the ferry was stood down, and they continued to Puerto Soller and their first landfall in Mallorca! Any readers of Yachting Monthly out there may recall reading about this incident in the back page “Confessional” column! Needless to say their first day in Puerto Soller was spent sitting at anchor and lugging water containers back and forth by dinghy from the town’s font to replenish supplies. After an unexpected change of plan, meeting up with Roger’s parents in Ibiza, they decided that Ibiza was not a place to spend the winter, and so headed off to Palma, Mallorca where they anchored off the Paseo Maritimo! This was in the days before the plethora of marinas which now line the harbour. Roger soon spotted what at first glance was a bit of a wreck, just along from where they were moored, but upon further inspection it was a 10 year old Formosa 51 called “Tobago Clipper”, which had just been badly maintained. At 61ft overall including the bowsprit, Roger wasted no time in making the owner an offer, which was duly accepted. The boat needed a major refit which Roger and Nicky tackled with gusto, and as a result of dealing with local traders soon built up many “friends”! The Moody 33 was quickly sold and after keeping “Tobago Clipper” in Portals, Club de Mar and Andratx they

FEATURE: CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY was he knew how to run a business, unlike many of the other companies which had developed from ex-yachties who fancied working ashore. The business soon expanded, opening offices in Barcelona, Antigua, France, Italy, Malta and the US. Mallorca has always been the HQ and all systems and components are standard throughout the business making worldwide servicing a simpler operation. Their principles are giving top quality service using the best equipment available to allow owners and guests to do on board exactly what they do at home and in the office.

Horner family decided to cross the Atlantic in the company of the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), a safe way to embark on your first crossing. However, after several years of trying for a family, Nicky had successfully fallen pregnant, and so they were embarking on this journey with 10-month old baby Lucy in tow, much to the angst of grandparents. Roger was very relaxed about taking Lucy with them as he had planned the trip in much detail, with the comfort of the ARC’s infrastructure as back up should it be needed. So with six adults, a baby and Bosun the cat on board, they duly sailed across at a leisurely pace (21 days!) without serious incident, and Lucy spent her first birthday in St Lucia in January 1995. After cruising most of the Windward Islands, they decided they’d seen enough azure blue bays and palm fringed beaches, and set off back to the Med in June 1995. During the following months back in Mallorca, they sold the boat in early 1996*, moved ashore, had their second daughter Katy, and Roger set up shop as e3 Systems – all at pretty much the same time! Roger had spent many night watches dreaming of the best business to get stuck into, and

the e3 plan was drawn up. The Caribbean was his first experience of getting up close to superyachts and he quickly realised the business potential which they offered. So, he put a business plan together, and managed to complete the five year forecast in the first two years! The company was founded by Roger Horner, and he was soon joined by Jason Abbott as Sales Director and Alan Walker as the Engineering Director a couple of months later. Alan is still with Roger and e3 to this day. They launched the company in March 1996 hitting the docks of Mallorca with their fleet of small white cars, all arriving at the same time. This made a huge impact on the yachting community and raised a few eyebrows. Roger recalls making an appointment to meet Nick Scantlebury, now Captain of M/Y Harmony, the following day, but he was stood up! Roger asked Nick why he hadn’t turned up and the reply was along the lines of “No tradespeople ever turn up for appointments here, so I didn’t expect you to either”. That first encounter began a friendship which has lasted the full 20 years! Roger’s big advantage

* “Tobago Clipper” had a colourful history after she was sold that took her to Norway, back to the Caribbean as a dive charter boat, drug running from Columbia , in 2005, leading to arrest off the Cabo Verdes with 2.8 tonnes of cocaine on board. She is now a sail-training vessel in the Spanish Navy.

The early days weren’t always easy, but one example of showing how things could be done was with Lady Moura. The captain had asked e3 to look at some issue or other, and whilst on the bridge, they spotted another electronic device mounted on the back wall. The captain asked if they would fix it, as it didn’t work. Roger hesitated, as he hadn’t a clue what is was, whereupon Jason, the consummate salesman, replied “Oh yes, we’ve worked on these before, we can sort that for you”. On leaving the boat, Roger said to Jason “I’m really very impressed with your product knowledge, what is it?” Jason’s reply - “I haven’t a bloody clue, but I’ll soon find out “!!

specialised more and more on the data communication side of the industry, which has now become their main focus. They have now become one of the world leaders in this field, if not the leader. The company has been involved in several world “firsts” including installing the first Inmarsat Fleet 77 working together with an Iridium sat Phone on a yacht in 2002, the first VSAT on M/Y Passion in 2004, and the launch of the Cadiz – Trieste 3G service in 2006. In 2013 they began working with Kymeta ( a Bill Gates backed business) in developing flat panels which will replace the big ugly satellite domes we see on virtually every large yacht at present. These are similar to those used on aircraft and will make a radical change to the communications performance and the overall look and design of yachts. These should be in production within the next 18 months and e3 will no doubt play a pivotal role in their success. So, here’s to the next 20 years of success at e3 Systems and to the health and happiness of Roger, Nicky and his daughters Lucy and Katy, of whom he is extremely proud as they continue their studies in medicine and architecture in Barcelona and Edinburgh respectively.

These early times saw e3 systems getting involved in the A – Z of electronics, but as time has passed, they have

Monthly Sailor Quiz (answers page 96


On what piece of navigation equipment will you find a Vernier scale?


What does ECDIS stand for?


What navigational buoy has two black balls as its top mark?


What ‘Royal’ sailing regatta takes place in Palma this month?


What active battery life should a SART have?


FEATURE: SUPER-SIZING SAIL YACHTS size limits to new heights, more than 100m heights to be precise, as the world’s largest masts, weighing a whopping 50 tonnes per rig, were made for Sailing Yacht A. Each of her three masts have been cre-ated to cope with bending loads more than double that of a Boeing Dreamliner Wing. (1) The boom vang alone had to be designed to hold up to 400 tonnes and one of the main sails is twice the size of the aforementioned ‘Aglaia’. The build of this 140m mammoth, the largest sail yacht currently ruling our seas, not only grants owner Melnichenko bonafide bragging rights, but has also been called “a monument of in-vention”. (2)

Danielle Berclouw

Super-Sizing Sail Yachts – The Sky’s the Limit? During a yacht builders’ symposium which took place in Auckland many years ago, it was decided S.Y. Tenaz (ex Mamamouchi) would be as big as super sail yachts would get. This sloop ‘solely’ measures 40m, which is almost humble nowadays compared to the many sailing giants dominating our seas. Think the Royal Huisman-built 90m three masted schooner Athena, with her 55 captive and drum winches she allows for tacks under full sail in nothing flat. Or the 93m Eos, with her three towering masts she knocked Athena off her number one spot as the biggest sail yacht when she was launched in 2006. And this was ten years ago! Big boat designer Malcolm McKeon, who was fully involved with the design of the 66m Ahimsa (ex Aglaia), comments that indeed “Twenty years ago, 100 foot was a large sailing yacht. Nowadays 150 foot is considered ‘normal’ in the super yacht world, and anything over 200 foot is pushing limits. As yachts continue to grow, 6


there are more hurdles to overcome trying to increase performance without compromising safety and comfort. However, new technologies are continually being developed which change the boundaries of design possibilities. For example, a system was designed to hoist and retrieve Ahimsa’s sails without the risk of crew injury. This was paramount to making it possible to sail her safely and efficiently.” And this trend of sail yachts bursting forth raises challenges not only for a designer but also for the riggers and sailmakers involved. 7C Rigging’s Andrew Kitchener -who has been stepping the world’s most sizeable super yacht rigs since 2001- agrees “As a yacht rigging company we have needed to adapt to the industry: this has meant new techniques to safely handle masts and sails of these sizes. Every job takes much longer and thinking outside the box for ways to deal with issues regarding the halyards and systems onboard is a challenge. I guess since super yachts pushed the 60m rig limits anything easy has become a thing of the past. Nevertheless, these new

mega yachts are a giant leap forward.” Cutting-edge design techniques and the creation of new materials have been ena-bling designers and builders to push the boat out, literally. Doyle, at the forefront of super sail making technology, not only supply Stratis ICE sails – an impressive 30% lighter than their all-carbon counterparts - but are also the first to introduce sail art. By means of giant digital printers and a unique process they can create designs which are part of the actual cloth: no paint has to be manually drawn up on the material. The outcome is a stronger and, again, lighter sail. Contemporary boat building construction has culminated in extraordinary yachts like the 66.7m Hetairos, the biggest boat built in carbon, resulting her to weigh as much as the 38m ‘petite’ performance Perini P2. Hetairos took line honours in the Transatlantic Superyacht Regatta & Maxi Yacht Cup in 2011, proving she’s not only plenteous but also a force to be reckoned with on the race course. All these vanguard ‘inventions’ have propelled

Kitchener agrees that it’s a technological step forward and, “You bet”, it’s pushed the boundaries, but “would you want to get the sail down in a 35knt rain squall at 04.00am? Hell no!” Kitchener adds that “When loads are reached in excess of 30-50 ton it takes a great deal of skill for the crew to handle these sails safely.” Doyle Pal-ma’s head of design, Quinny Houry, agrees that ‘When sails went over half a ton they went over crew handling sizes. Safety factors have to be far greater as you can’t have a failure at sea with only ten crew to deal with a sail the size of a swimming pool.” There are other groundbreaking builds in the making Moreover, this 140m sailing yacht, not very long ago unthinkable, is not even that ex-ceptional as there are other ground-breaking builds in the making as we speak: the 141m mega sail yacht Dream Symphony, taking shape in Turkey and looking to out-size Sail Yacht A. Another is the 108m super yacht SOLAR, in build at Dutch yard Oceanco. Houry is expecting the 60-70 m range to become the next generation of ‘normal’ sailing super yachts. McKeon also sees there being more of these large sailing

FEATURE: SUPER-SIZING SAIL YACHTS yachts in the future: “As sail-ing yachts are perceived as being more “green” than motor yachts and owners become more ecologically aware and prefer to be seen to limit their environmental impact while still being able to retain the comfort and speed of a similarly sized motor yacht.” Kitchener says that he is not sure where this will end, “Carbon fibre seems to have no limit, if it is bigger then make it thicker, sailmakers seem to keep finding new ways to stitch enough cloth to make the sail, rigging manufacturers are extending sheds to keep going higher, naval architects have no limit to the size of paper to draw on, and owner’s check-books are not bouncing yet. While we have people who say we can de-sign it, build it, sail it, and sell it, then onward and upward.” But how much do these new breed of boats still fulfil the traditional idea of a sailing yacht?

yachts with a mast on top for which ‘sailing’ translates to turning the engine on while putting the storm jib up? Yachts that only hoist those ginormous sails so they can star in a heli-photo shoot while idling along at nothing more than 4-5 knots?

Will we put those walloping 200.000 Euro sails up while crossing the At-lantic or would we rather not take the risk of breakage, (and having to give the owner some very bad news), and thus prefer to spend 50.000 on diesel instead? Can we sail them confidently in anything over 25/30 knots? Could they deal with a 50 knot squall? In short: are these boats all show and no go, mere motor

Perhaps, but Houry throws in that 15 years ago a 45m sail boat was a complete compromise. “You wouldn’t even think about sailing a 45m boat but now there is a whole fleet of fast-paced yachts capable of top speeds and slick sailing manoeuvres, like for example the 46m Duboisdesigned sloop ‘Ganesha’”! Granted, her regatta results in-clude wins at St.Barths, Sardinia and Palma: she’s

known for cleaning up on the race course. So, will we one day see 140m monsters able to perform on par with the ‘Ganeshas’ on the circuit today? Houry says that he has no doubt in his mind. This article was first published by The Breeze Studio, a PR, digital and social media agency specialising in communication and content for the yachting and aviation industries.

Notes: All photography courtesy of Doyle Palma, with grateful thanks. (1) World’s biggest masts are finished for the world’s biggest sail-ing superyacht by Elaine Bunting. (2) The superyacht with masts taller than BIG BEN’s tower and sails the size of a football field: Russian billionaire designs luxury vessel set to begin sea tri-als later this year.


FEATURE: NEW BOAT RADIO INTERNATIONAL I love smaller boats too kayaks, canoes, dinghies and skiffs – and even the not-so-beautiful vessels are interesting to watch - the Thames dredgers, the canalside maintenance barges, the cross-Channel ferries. With my good friend Andy, I have whiled away many an hour sitting at dockside bars in Piraeus and Eivissa, watching the passenger ships come and go, and maybe, if I had my life to live again, I would forgo university and run away to sea instead. I am far from being alone in my love of boats. The boating community is huge and there are countless magazines serving it, and some, like The Islander, are an excellent and informative read. There are one or two decent television programmes too and a few attempts have been made – with varying degrees of success – to develop entire TV channels aimed at those who mess about in boats.

Mike McDowall (+34) 634 347 590 boatradiointernational@ www.boatradiointernational. com - or

New Boat Radio International “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth

doing as simply messing about in boats.” -- The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame I love boats. I’ve loved them since I was a boy, and not merely as a means of transport but as objects of sometimes ethereal beauty. If money were suddenly no object I would immediately

stop typing, pick up the phone and order a Spirit 56 Classic, or perhaps something equally spectacular from Wally. Maybe I’d call CH Marine in Long Island and have them send over a 38’ Shelter Island Runabout. Designed by Billy Joel, no less, the Runabout has all the style of Gatsby but with a top speed of 42 knots. In truth, if money really were no object, I’d buy all three.

What the boating community does not have is a radio station. But that’s about to change. On May 1st this year I will be launching Boat Radio International, the first radio station aimed at boat owners, world cruisers, ocean-sports enthusiasts, and armchair adventurers around the globe. It will be filled with compelling tales and inspiring stories from often ordinary people who’ve done extraordinary

M +34 609 393 146 T. +34 971 721 877 Servicios Técnicos Portuarios (STP) Muello Viejo S/N, Edificio Espigón Exterior 07012 Palma de Mallorca



FEATURE: NEW BOAT RADIO INTERNATIONAL things. It will feature interviews with prominent characters from the world of sailing, exploration and endurance sports. There will be coverage of major sailing and powerboating events, reviews of new products and advice for boat buyers. In addition, there’ll be recommended routes, anchorages and marinas, plenty of practical advice and, crucially, an indelible streak of ocean conservation. The presenters are a mixture of radio professionals, yachting experts, live-aboard bloggers, scientific researchers and marine conservationists. Each week, there will be programmes from the Arctic Circle, The Bahamas, the United States, Mallorca and a dozen other places. And of course, there’ll be a great many programmes broadcast from the wheelhouses, cockpits, saloons and galleys of boats. It is going to be wonderful and it is going to be unique. I have been making radio and television programmes for twenty-five years, beginning with hospital radio in Bristol and going on to work at LBC, CNN, the Associated Press and various arms of the BBC, including 5-Live, Radio 4 and the World Service. I love radio – it’s the king of the media – and I’ve worked on some of the best and best known speech and current affairs programmes in the world.

I lived in London for more than two decades. It’s a big, dirty, smelly, exciting, vibrant, happening and beautiful place with plenty to offer people of all ages. I lived in the south east, near the Thames and, believe me – and I have lived in every corner of the city – Greenwich is the very best of London’s boroughs. But it’s cold in London, and it’s rainy and crowded and expensive, and I didn’t want that for my daughter. I grew up in the north of Cumbria where there are hills and forests in all directions and the Lake District is just a short drive away. For a time, I considered moving back there but then my wife brought me to Mallorca, to the city of Sóller, and a spell was cast. This island is a special place, which – and here I am paraphrasing my hero, the magnificent Jacques Yves Cousteau – once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. And so Georgina and I have come here to start a new life in the sunshine with a four-year-old daughter and another on the way. Our second child – another girl – is due just five weeks after Boat Radio International’s launch so I’m going to be taking tiredness to a new level. Boat Radio International will be a labour of love but it will also be slick, professional and a real contender in the world of broadcasting. The programmes promise to be thrilling and captivating; thought-provoking and

enlightening. Often they’ll be funny, sometimes they’ll be sad and occasionally, and I make no apologies for this, they’ll be a little bit raw because the presenters won’t be sitting in a studio – they’ll be messing about in boats. We’ll be launching at the Palma Boat Show with a terrific series of shows presented by the inimitable Simon Relph, owner and

managing editor of this very magazine. You’ll be able to listen via our website or by downloading the Boat Radio International app. For a sneak peek at Boat Radio International’s schedule, go to www. and browse our schedule.



Doyle Sail Loft Doyle Palma (+34) 971 478 078

Doyle Sails Mallorca Service Committed to providing the perfect blend of sailmaking art, science and customer service, and located just 10 minutes from the Port of Palma at the epicentre of the superyacht community, Doyle Palma, founded in May 2000, has what is undoubtedly one of the most advanced inhouse sail production systems on the planet. One of the few companies in Spain that deals with every aspect of the sailmaking process, their two customdesigned lofts total a vast 2,355sqm: an 800sqm loft for downwind sail production and maintenance, and their piece de resistance – the 1,555sqm state-of-the-art full-service loft, dedicated to the art of creating the very finest in



bespoke superyacht sails. During a large expansion in 2011, this new facility was purposely-designed by owners Fiona Bruce, Russell Thom and Quinny Houry to facilitate the increasing demand for, and size of superyacht sails seen over their 16 years in the business – an ambitious loft development that has to be one of the real wonders of the sailing world. Small enough that their sailmakers can give each customer the time and personal attention they require, it’s also superbly-equipped with everything they need to build, manoeuvre and service today’s ever-expanding sails: from its 1000-kilo crane, to the 800-kilo A-frame, which help effortlessly manipulate the sails around the loft. There’s also the ingenious raised finishing floor, meaning the sailmaker can sit flush with the floor in speciallydesigned swivel bays. This allows them to move the machine – rather than the

vast amount of heavy sail material – around with ease, (essential when dealing with up to 1.5 tonnes of sail), while two heavy-duty XL sewing machines are able to sew through 4cm of carbon fibre. The raised floor also allows for the storage of up to 300 sails, with palette jacks and a forklift on hand for ease of access. In fact, the loft has been so successful that Doyle will have built around 26 sails by Easter – an impressive 4000sqm of sail material – and with production figures like these, it’s no surprise that a number of other companies within the sailmaking community have followed suit, adding a raised finishing floor to their own facilities. Doyle’s dynamic on-site team, renowned for their handson attitude, are with their customers every step of the way, using their impeccable attention-to-engineeringdetail, construction quality, and application of the latest technologies to determine their clients’ sailing goals and experience, and to identify the elements of the rig or deck hardware that will affect the way they will set, trim, and furl. The design process also includes fully-interactive 3D graphic modelling so customers can accurately visualise the phenomenon of aerodynamic flow as it passes through the sail plan. The result? The most appropriate shape design, cloth selection and component hardware for each individual client’s needs; a sail that is more dependable, affordable, easily-maintained and longer-lasting; and one that performs better than any comparable product out there. Little wonder they are the sailmaker of choice to some of the world’s most spectacular yachts – including the 58.4m Alloy Kokomo, the 52m Alloy Red Dragon, the 53m Royal Huisman Elfje, and the 50m Fitzroy Ohana, to name just a few. Add to this Doyle’s brilliant aftercare service, including

their covered sail washing facility and a dedicated service area, and it’s easy to see why Doyle has a hugely loyal, and everincreasing following.

Jongkind Service Palma Awarded Northern Lights Dealership in Mallorca Northern Lights is the leading manufacturers of the world’s finest marine power generation, HVAC and refrigeration systems. Northern Lights, Inc. is the only manufacturer to offer fully customized and integrated systems of all these critical components. Northern Lights generators are very compact, reliable, quiet and have the ‘sound enclosure’ option. You can rely on Northern Lights Jongkind Service Palma for the acquisition, installation, repairs, spare parts and advice on generators that vary in size from 4,5kW up to 65kW. Technicold by Northern Lights offers complete, customized HVAC systems built at the same high quality standards as the Northern Lights generators. Jongkind Service Palma will bring Northern Lights a Full Service Dealership designed to build customer confidence. We offer full support covering all aspects of sales, service, and repair thanks to our dedicated and specialised team.

. 11


Kate Hartley Translator and Copyeditor (+44) 7814 530 532

New Translation Service for Mallorca Businesses Native Spanish-speakers: what would you think of this company? “Somos un proveedor lujoso a la industria de las yates, con diez años de experiencia y red muy amplia de contactos. Ofrecemos excelencia y pericia en cada aspecto de nuestro negocio y somos orgullosos de repartir una calidad excepcional de servicio.” Not very professional? Lazy? Not doing the job of communicating well with readers in their own language? Put your target market at ease If you are trying to reach an international audience, your English-language communications need to be fit for the task. You might get your point across. You might be understood. But you will not convince potential customers of the quality of your brand, your reliability and professionalism, or your ability to work with an international clientele. Avoid embarrassing slip-ups You might be tempted to use free online translation tools for quick and cheap results. This can lead to embarrassing mistakes, such as the recent 12


rendition by a well-known online tool of ‘Russia’ as ‘Mordor’ (otherwise known as the ‘Land of Shadows’ in The Lord of the Rings). This is an extreme example, but you should not take this kind of risk with your brand. Not only could it hinder the growth of your business, it could cause long-term reputational damage. The same goes for English that is written badly by humans. Say it like you mean it Excellent translation of your marketing materials is not just about avoiding mistakes. Nuance and idiomatic language can help show that you understand the language and culture of those with whom you are communicating. Take your marketing to another level by not simply talking to your audience, but engaging them in their own language. If you think your company would benefit from support in this area, I would be happy to help.

Nautic Advisor / Departamento de Comunicación (+34) 871 55 22 00 (+34) 665 333 640 Nautic Advisor Lands on France The nautical online platform goes international by offering its services, including its free app version NautiCheck, also to all users in the Mediterranean coast of France. Nautic Advisor starts its international path with its refit&repair marketplace, a quotation searcher for boaters looking for the best price and services in their area, now available in France. Other services already working in Spain, like the digital check-in offered by Nautic Advisor via web or app, will be soon deployed in

France thanks to a partnership with the marina software leader in France. This service helps both sides, port and sailor, to avoid the painful paperwork at the port office when arriving to a port in transit. Nautic Advisor focuses on easing boat owners’ life, saving them time and money in the maintenance and management of their boat. This works for all types of boats, even for those small and medium sizes usually “invisibles” for the industry. The service includes a cloud storage for the boat technical datasheet and scanned documents, keeping them in one single place and accessible from anywhere. It comes with many extras like alarms for deadlines and reviews, automated logbooks… With this pioneer platform, Nautic Advisor evolves its commitment to the nautical sector, its services and the safety at sea, also for small boats. NauticAdvisor has already 800 users looking for services among 400 companies in the sector. We recommend service companies from France using Nautic Advisor as a commercial tool. They will get alerts for free from potential customers looking for services in their area. This will increase their business, extends territories and helps to control the commercial cost of getting new customers.


Marina Palma Cuarentena

New Offers for 2016 in Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena Once more, the marinas of the IPM Group, Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena, published their programme of benefits, discounts and promotions for customers of its facilities in order to encourage longer stays on the island Customers of both marinas will be able to moor annually or semiannually with proportional greater discounts as they lenghten their stay in the marina, and together with the collaboration of STP Shipyard Palma as a member of the same Group, clients will also benefit from special discounts with shipyard services consisting of lifting, launching, stay and cleaning, or in the supply of fuel at the fuel station located on the premises of STP. Moreover, Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena made available a

Concierge Service exclusively for its clients to apply for any request associated with their stay in the marina, such as laundry, car vehicles, Premium wifi, cleaning of the vessel or any other needs that might arise even before getting to the marina. The aim of this service is to make customers stay at Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena as comfortable as possible. Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena offer tranquility and privacy in a privileged location right in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. All with a modern, clean, complete and competitive facilities, a few minutes from the historic and commercial center. They also have security and surveillance 24 hours a day, but most important is the professional and human quality of the team that works every day to make the visit of its customers as pleasant as possible, making it the best choice when choosing where to moor.

Marina Port de Mallorca

. 13


Russell Currie

Investors Take Fairline Boats Out of Administration

Princess Yachts International before that.

Fairline Boats has announced that the assets of the company has been bought out of administration for an undisclosed sum.

Commenting on his appointment, Currie says: “I am delighted to have been appointed managing director for Fairline Yachts. With the resources of the investors, coupled with the expert knowledge of the management team and our energy and passion for the brand, the structure is in place for a great future for Fairline Yachts. We will focus on creating high quality luxury motor yachts that boaters will want to own and dealers will want to sell.

A new company, Fairline Yachts, has been funded by two long term UK-based Russian investors, who are both experienced in managing and developing marine businesses and in the production of high technology products, IT and media services. Both are also passionate boat owners. Russell Currie has been appointed as managing director to lead the new business. With nearly 30 years directly relevant experience, Currie has a very strong background in the luxury motoryacht industry. A Fairline dealer since 1998, Currie is CEO of Fairline North Mallorca, where he has achieved over £90million of sales. Prior to his role at Fairline North Mallorca, Russell was engineering director at Sunseeker International’s factory team based at Mallorca, and was chief test engineer at



“As a sign of our commitment to Fairline Yachts’ loyal customer base and dealer network, we will be completing all orders for boats received by Fairline Boats, including those that have not yet started being built as well as those that are already in production.” The newly formed company will operate from its manufacturing facilities in Oundle, Northamptonshire. The company says previous employees can apply for the c.100 jobs that will be immediately available. (+34) 871 932 249

yachts chocked as close as possible to our workshops” he said.

Palmawatch Sees 21% Revenue Increase in 2015

The challenge of handling and administrating over 20% more work was well met by the Palmawatch team, and the management is confident that a similar increase can be efficiently accommodated with full attention to quality in 2016.

Reporting on his company’s progress after signing off on accounts for the last financial year, Pierre Oberon, Managing Director of Mallorca based refit and repair specialists Palmawatch S.L has announced a gross sales increase of 21% over and above the 2014 result. This comes against a background of strengthening activity in the leisure marine sector in Spain, and particularly in the Balearics, which has out-performed the rest of the regions with a growth in the sector of 15% during 2015 according to Margarita Dahlberg, who is president of the Balearic Nautical Business Association. (AENIB) There is no doubt that this has been boosted by the relaxation of the punitive ‘matriculation tax’ on commercial charter yachts which has seen a return of many more superyachts into Balearic waters. Palmawatch is based right inside the STP repair and refit yard in Palma, which has been completely full this winter. Oberon is already advising his clients to book ahead for the 2016/17 refit season, and is taking bookings from September onwards. ‘We like to plan ahead and get our project

An intense but successful recruitment drive during the summer led to several key appointments to the Palmawatch team which has further strengthened their capacity across all disciplines including project management, engineering and financial/admin departments. Now with its own in-house Shipwrights and Metalworks Departments, Palmawatch are able to directly control projects requiring traditional workmanship skills such as teak decking and stainless steel fabrication to the highest quality standards. With the busiest period for antifouling application about to kick off in in the Med, Palmawatch are also geared up with a well-experienced painting team who completed a large number of coating projects for satisfied clients during 2015.

. 15

MALLORCA YACHTING INDUSTRY NEWS ETY Muelle Viejo s/n - Palma STP Building, Local 3A (+34) 971 431 155 (+34) 627 440 000 Nautipaints - Juan Pablo (+34) 971 727 965 (+34) 971 723 977 gas-springs

Nautipaints News Gas springs are one of those clever inventions that you don’t really notice. Look carefully and you will find gas springs and hydraulic dampers in numerous marine applications helping lift assists and counter balances, hatches, engine bays and lazarettes. Alrose Products, a British engineering company have been designing, developing and manufacturing these precision parts for more than 30 years. In Mallorca, Alrose has teamed up with Nautipaints a well-known and respected local Chandlery. The Nautipaints Chandlery team will be able to help you identify potential lifting, opening, raising issues and advice on solutions to your satisfaction. Why have they chosen to partner with Alrose? Alrose and Nautipaints A Great Marine partnership “Alrose have an excellent reputation, with over 30 years in manufacturing,” said Juan Pablo Gonzalez, the Chandlery manager. “They design and engineer gas springs, dampers and struts for the

most demanding of marine conditions. We have no doubt that they are the best for strength, reliability, elegance and quality. Having seen numerous gas springs in our experience we would always recommend Alrose You will find Alrose products on thousands of superyachts, pleasure crafts and merchant ships around the world.” The British Standard (EN ISO 9001:2008) approved manufacturing capabilities allow Nautipaints to consistently supply high quality precision springs made from 316L Stainless Steel and hard chrome plated rods. These offer excellent salt corrosion resistance, durability and reliability. When Performance a nd Speed on the water are critical If you are on a racing yacht then the titanium springs (one third lighter than a stainless steel variant) will be important, where weight, strength and performance are your constraints. High temperature seals can also be fitted (factory fit option) to ensure longevity in hot environments. Nautipaints have a complete range of gas springs in store can also develop specific solutions for you to ensure that the correct gas spring is created if a spring “off the shelf” is not going to do the job.

We Don’t Want You to Be Afraid of the Dark! Carlisle and Finch has been producing the most powerful, elegant and reliable searchlights for more than 120 years and their range of yacht searchlights is favored by the some of the world’s most prestigious yacht builders including Lurssen, Feadship, Westport, Sunseeker and many more. Security As the threat of piracy increased in recent years, Carlisle and Finch decided to develop a searchlight with an integral night vision camera and the NightFINDER™ was born. If needed, the operator can locate the danger covertly with the camera and switch on the searchlight unleashing a blinding non-lethal force instantly. NightFINDER™ models also have inbuilt high-powered strobe for disorientating the unwelcome visitors. Upgrade your existing system Vessels with existing Carlisle and Finch searchlights can have them modified to accommodate the NightFINDER™ capabilities. Another popular upgrade is the SmartVIEW™ system which allows the control of all searchlights and cameras around the vessel with one multi-functional joystick. Support For many years ETY has been installing, maintaining and carrying out upgrades to Carlisle and Finch searchlights within Spain and have the NF200 on display in their oc3an outlet shop in STP. For information please visit Carlisle and Finch – Helping Mariners see at Night for over 120 Years!



Oscar Martinez (+34) 605 04 37 20 Waterline Boat Engineering

Disvent in Mallorca Óscar Martínez of Palma is the Managing Director of Waterline Boat Engineering, a Company dedicated to the repair, installation, and maintenance of marine engines and generators. He’s got 14 years’ experience in the industry which means he has a wealth of knowledge to guarantee all the work carried out. Disvent are proud to appoint him as an official distributer in Palma.

. 17

MALLORCA YACHTING INDUSTRY NEWS (Hull Vane Concept), Van Oossanen Naval Architects, Patrick Noor – Director, Dynamic Marine Systems (DMS Stabilisers), Gary Wright – Business Development Manager, Amperetta GMBH (Hybrid Propulsion), Juliette Warter – Marketing Director, MTN (Marine Satellite Communication Systems), and Mark Beavis – Aco Marine (Waste Water Systems.)

For more details and for delegate registration at ‘Early Bird’ discount rates please go to: www.quaynote. com and select ‘yachts’ from the home page. For speaking and sponsorship opportunities please contact: Lorna Titley Peter Franklin

Quaynote Palma Superyacht Technology Conference Takes Shape Staged during forthcoming The Palma Superyacht Show and Boat Show Palma, The Future for Superyacht Technology forms part of a series of events run by Quaynote and YachtMedia at the Melia Palace Atenea Hotel, Paseo Maritimo, Palma de Mallorca. The full programme of events is as follows: The Future for Captains and Crew, 2nd Annual Conference - Thursday 28th April, 2016 The Future for Yacht Technology, 1st Annual Forum – Friday 29th April, 2016 The 2nd Quaynote / YachtMedia Golf and Networking Day – Saturday 30th April 2016 The Future for Superyacht Technology will offer anyone involved in manufacturing, supplying, buying or implementing new technology within the yacht and superyacht industry an unparalleled opportunity to 18


discover the latest innovations and develop valuable new business contacts with an opportunity to network with clients. The conference will be supported again by ICOMIA who cooperated with last year’s Future of Refit Conference. The keynote address will be delivered by Stefano Pagani, chairman of the ICOMIA Superyacht Division, and Head of Research at UCINA (Italian Marine Industry Association.) Stefano will set the tone for an eclectic agenda with his presentation entitled: ‘Current trends and developments in technology for superyachts... how the future might look.’ The program for the day will feature subjects as diverse as Propulsion and Stabilisation Systems, Exhaust Emission Standards, Hybrid Energy, Modern Navigation Electronics, Waste Handling/Water Purification and Onboard Data / Communications / Entertainment. The forum will be Chaired by Paul Miller, Director of Underwriting at Hiscox MGA Ltd, a veteran of Quaynote Conferences for many years now, who always injects a professional interest and enables plenty of interactivity in the Q & A sessions following each topic. Other speakers confirmed to present papers are: Kasper Uithof – Naval Architect,

As for last year there will be an informal (but no doubt well contested) 18 hole golf competition on Saturday 30th April. Once again this will be held at the magnificent Son Gual Golf Club, and organised in cooperation with Mallorca based PGA Golf Professional Peter Ledwidge. For those wishing to join the fun but have never played golf, there will be a three hour tuition session held at the same course with all equipment supplied.

Clare Ferrige (+34) 971 224 982 operations@trafalgaryacht

ISM (International Safety Management) – A Q&A Who are we? Trafalgar Yacht Management focuses solely on ISM for commercial and private yachts. In an increasingly regulated environment we can help you navigate and create a safety management system that works for you. What do we do? We offer full ISM, ISPS and MLC for commercial vessels and voluntary ISM for privately registered vessels that recognise the need to follow best practice. For commercial & private yachts under 500gt we also do a mini ISM following the

MCA LY3 code. The SMS is made up of two parts - our procedures and the yacht specific procedures, all of our packages include a day or two of crew training and familiarisation. Why do you need ISM? Creating a safe environment for all of those on board is paramount. Captain’s and owners have a responsibility to ensure risk is minimised and putting a SMS system helps to create good working practices – roles and responsibilities are defined, procedures are in place and combined with regular auditing your SMS will be a useful tool. The Captain of a 64m MY we manage likes to call us his ‘3rd eye’ – we have a bird’s eye view of the running of the yacht so he can focus on the day to day tasks at hand. Aside from the primary function of ISM there are other benefits as well – insurers like yachts that can demonstrate they follow international legislation. Some new builds operate as a private vessel for a few years before the owner may decide to charter her, yachts that have been following voluntary ISM will find this transition much smoother. There is also re-sale value to consider, having a paper trail of proven maintenance and standards can only be of benefit. What else do we do? Through our partnership with Viking Maritime we can offer our clients special rates on all aspects of crew management from payroll to SEA’s, we also work in partnership with Andrew Weir Shipping who are based in London to provide 24/7 crisis management. Our parent company Burgess Marine is the UK’s largest independent ship repairer with a wealth of access to trained and qualified personnel to run dry docks, surveys, project management and mechanical engineering. Where are we? If you are thinking about running ISM or changing your current set up then get in touch, we are here to help. Office No.2, Global Building, STP yard.


e3 Systems Celebrates its 20th Anniversary Last month the e3 team congregated at their head office in Mallorca to celebrate the company reaching its 20th birthday. Team members travelled from Malta, France and the US to spend a busy week on product briefings, team building events and motivational presentations. “The serious work was followed by a fun group challenge event which involved teams working together solving clues in order to “break out” from locked rooms. As a communications company staff were devastated when instructed to part with their smart phones for the duration of the exercise to ensure no cheating,” commented Diane Franklin, e3’s Marketing Manager. “Forcing them to have over an hour’s break from the internet was a challenge in itself”.

billion users of the internet and 5,479 vessels in the superyacht fleet. “Our mission statement is “to provide technology to connect people globally”. Superyacht owners, guests and crew want, and need, seamless connectivity to the internet when moving from the shore on to the yacht. We make that happen,” explained e3’s Group Managing Director, Roger Horner. He went on to describe the company’s growth over the past 20 years.

e3 was founded in 1996 and two of its original partners Roger Horner and Alan Walker remain at the helm. e3’s evolution and success runs parallel to the development of the internet and the growth in the size of the superyacht fleet.

“We evolved from the small internet café in tiny premises to become a leading communications integrator in the superyacht market. Key milestones along the way for us include installing the first Inmarsat Fleet 77 on a yacht in 2002 and the first VSAT solution in 2004. We have been innovators in GSM solutions and data management and are currently working to introduce the first flat panel antenna on a superyacht. We have a great creative team who are passionate about what we do and we are all looking forward to the next exciting development of dome-less yachts”.

In 1996 e3 opened the first internet cafe in Mallorca. At that time there were 36 million global users of the internet, and only 1,900 yachts over 30m. Fast-forward to 2016 and there are 3.4

The celebratory week was capped by the unveiling of a stainless steel cubed sculpture specially commissioned for the occasion and, rumour has it, a night out on the town dining and dancing.

. 19

TECHNOLOGY UPDATE That is when the 3G and 4G LTE services come into their own. We are seeing average 3G speeds of 20Mbps down and 50Mbps for 4G LTE around the Med. When these are combined using an aggregator, you can experience 200Mbps.

Roger Horner - E3 Systems (+34) 971 404 208

Technology Update Yachts spend over 80% of their time inshore We have been providing land and satellite communication services to yachts for the last 20 years, and have therefore accumulated a considerable amount of research analysis. We have discovered that the average yacht spends 84% of its time during any one year inshore, typically in range of land based connectivity such as GSM, 3G, 4G and 4G LTE. We have seen the introduction of GSM, GPRS and 2G and the growth of 3G services, which was slow, and now 4G LTE which is fast. There is now extensive coverage along the shorelines around the Med. If a yacht does venture outside the 12nm coastal limit, more often than not, it returns to shore in the evening to enjoy shore-based facilities such as restaurants and casinos.



What this means is that, when inshore, the yacht can have very fast and cost effective data communications of the type which allows heavy data use such as IPTV streaming and movie downloads. A single monthly 60GB 4G service will provide 60 hours of live TV watching for €180 in that month! That is reasonable and very useable. Belt and braces data connectivity for this summer keep your job, and encourage charter guests to return! At this level of cost we recommend doubling, tripling or quadrupling the SIM card capability for use when inshore and then back it all up with a flexible, base backup VSAT contract and it will still be considerably faster and less expensive than trying to do it all using VSAT. You can then be sure you never have the issues you had last summer, when the owners and guests complained every day about Internet access. If the owner can’t connect, he may well sell the boat and you may well discourage charter guests from repeat booking. It’s possible to improve the data connectivity on board with the correct combination of services and technology, but the solution’s success depends upon the correct onboard configuration of data management, IT and network systems. You might have good data connections off the yacht, but if you have a poor quality network and access points on board, then it will be a waste of time. It’s the same as building a fantastic house on poor foundations.

Current state of play with regard to European roaming charges

provides flexibility in cruising plans, so is ideal for the cruising summer period.

The European regulation that was adopted on 25th November, 2015 to abolish roaming charges requires the Commission to submit a report to the European Parliament by June 2016 along with proposed legislation for the regulation, with the view to eliminate the transitional roaming surcharges by June 2017. So, this is still on track. With this in mind, a couple of our big service providers are introducing roaming free data services on their networks.

If a yacht is to spend a high proportion of its time in one country then we can provide national contract services for that country, again with high monthly allowances but available for only one month at a time.

New Vodafone Data Roaming SIM is available now We have worked with our largest service provider in Europe, Vodafone, to be one step ahead of the game and we have launched a Data Roaming SIM for yachts that is available now.

The service works across 23 countries, which include all the Vodafone networks around the Med, northern Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The service is at fixed rates with no roaming charges and uses one APN across all the countries. We have negotiated a range of high monthly data allowances which have an auto rollover of 1GB at a time for only €25. It will not roam onto networks that are not part of the agreement, thus avoiding Bill Shock. One of the pleasures of the Med in the summer is the variation in cruising grounds in different countries and yachts are constantly on the move from country to country. This service will be ideal for that period, is available for a minimum of 3 months,

All our services can be upgraded or downgraded by the month to allow for high use charters or low use during downtime. We provide a single account for all the services, including the satellite services, and billing is fully automated and secure. EC urges mobile industry to hurry up on 5G 5G is the forthcoming fifth generation wireless broadband technology that will supersede 4G LTE. 5G will provide better speeds and coverage than the current 4G. 5G operates with a 5GHz signal and is set to offer speeds of up to 1 Gbps for tens of connections or tens of Mbps for tens of thousands of connections. 5G also increases network expandability up to hundreds of thousands of connections. The signal technology of 5G has also been improved for greater coverage as well as spectral and signalling efficiency. These improvements stand to further enable changes like pervasive computing by embedding microprocessors in everyday objects and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Although 5G is not scheduled for launch until 2020, some manufacturers are already incorporating elements

TECHNOLOGY UPDATE of the coming standard’s specifications into their products.

for their 2nd quarter from revenue of $58 billion for the same period last year.

Gunther Oettinger, the European commissioner for the digital economy, called CEOs from Europe’s leading operators and vendors to a meeting in early January to discuss progress on 5G.

It represents Apple’s first revenue decline in 13 years. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the company expects a fall in unit sales for the iPhone in the second quarter.

Oettinger believes Europe must be a leader in this area.

Net income in the first quarter was up by 2.2% as compared to the heady days, just last year, when they achieved 30%!

The European Commission has announced various initiatives designed to encourage 5G deployment, and is reported to be worried about how economic rivals such as China, Japan and South Korea have given the technology a priority. For instance, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) have announced a roadmap for testing 5G. Huawei, a major player in the Chinese mobile market, believes 5G will provide speeds 100x faster than 4G LTE offers. Apple forecast signals end to iPhone boom era Apple reported reasonable revenue growth and net income in its first fiscal quarter, but a forecast for the current three-month period doesn’t look good. They are forecasting a $5 to $8 billion fall in revenue

The company sold 74.8 million iPhones in its first quarter, which ended 26th December 2015. This was the first full quarter of sales of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, although the performance represented a growth of only 0.4 per cent. That’s the lowest since the handset was launched in 2007. So, still pretty outstanding sales, but they are slowing down. The iPhone is not the most prolific smart phone in the world by a long way, as Samsung now dominates the market. Apple continues to have the most expensive product, and it will be interesting to see whether or not they introduce a new entry-level product in order to capture more business in the big markets of Brazil and China.



. 21


By How2Yacht, the PYA’s newest regional office, based in Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar – is it Superyacht Enough? Gibraltar - we all know it as that small British enclave in the Southern corner of Europe; like marmite some love it, and some hate it. A place we yachties visit perhaps twice a year for cheap fuel, cheaper alcohol, and British pork sausages. But is that really all that is on offer? In 2015, not one, but two Superyacht Marinas were announced by independent developers. Additionally the Gibraltar Port Authority has over 400m of new berthing facilities. With completion fast approaching, Gibraltar has the potential of being your yachting home for longer periods than it previously might have been. The days of Gibraltar being a bunker pit stop will be a distant memory; soon it could well be a Superyacht destination of choice for crew. Let’s look at the facilities; the international airport is a 2-minute drive with direct flights to London Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester and Bristol amongst others, with British Airways, Easyjet and Monarch Airlines providing daily services. What could be easier than signing off your yacht, hopping into a taxi for a two-minute drive and boarding the plane? Gibraltar is a 35-minute ferry journey to Morocco, a 35-minute drive to Marbella or a 15-minute drive to Tarifa which is kitesurfing heaven. Then there are the allimportant practical aspects to Gibraltar. The PYA has a new 22


regional office in Gibraltar through How2Yacht, so crew can now get their documents certified and drop off their testimonials to get their sea time recorded and verified through the PYA’s Service Record Book. Beyond that there is a wide range of English branded provisions and Alcohol available VAT free in Gibraltar. There’s even a Morrisons supermarket to stock up on all your supplies! Marine parts and very well priced bunkers, not to mention ENG 1 medicals, RYA / STCW 95 training schools, shipyards etc. mean that Gibraltar now offers everything visiting yachts need. Gibraltar’s facilities do not end there. It’s also possible for crew to organise their personal affairs in Gibraltar with everything from International Crew Banking, investments, health insurances and tax consultancies available. The Gibraltar government, Port Authority and Maritime Administration together with local yachting services providers have recently launched the Gibraltar Yachting Business Development Association whose objective is for Gibraltar to become a major superyacht destination. Not just for bunkering, but with the aim of making a Superyacht’s stay in Gibraltar as useful and pleasant as possible for the captain and crew. With Gibraltar Superyacht Forums being held for the last 4 years, as well as the hugely successful 3-day Gibraltar Maritime Week held last year on board the Yacht Hotel “Sunborn” in Ocean Village, Gibraltar is making waves in the Superyacht industry. The best thing about Gibraltar for yachts is that no diversion is required. Geographically Gibraltar is better positioned than any other port, at the very crossroads between the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Why deviate and sail across (at a cost) to layover elsewhere, when you have all these facilities en-route?

What is there for the crew to do in Gibraltar? As you eagerly wait for the Captain to announce the shore leave times, a rush of selfishness to get away before some change in the everdaunting watch schedule takes effect. What to do? Go into town to buy cheap booze? A visit to Morrisons? A rock tour? How about a far more pleasant experience such as a crew bonding session spent caving in Lower St. Michaels Cave? Or perhaps you fancy a visit to the Gibraltar Wine Vaults for a tasting event or to do a course with a Sommelier in wine and food pairing? There is also the option of buying some very well priced bottles for the crew or restocking the yacht’s bars with VAT free wines and liquors. If you’re feeling extravagant following a charter tip, you could treat yourself to a VAT free luxury watch or piece of jewellery in one of Gibraltar’s shopping boutiques. The Sunborn floating yacht hotel is the ideal place for crew to pamper themselves in a beautiful, comfortable and convenient atmosphere. Treat yourself to a luxury spa

experience in the Sunborn’s serene Infinity Spa, or take advantage of the fully equipped fitness room, where in addition to tailored workouts from the qualified gym instructors, you can get involved with exercise classes or relaxing yoga sessions. The hotel casino provides the full range of table games along with Electronic Roulette, topof-the-range slot machines and progressive jackpots. Crew in Gibraltar can complete training courses in the sun or renew their ENG1 medical certificates, all within easy reach of the marina. For something a bit different, take a short ferry to Morocco for a weekend of cultural awakening, head over to Marbella for a completely different kind of experience, or embark on a professional kite course in nearby Tarifa, where the wind is guaranteed. All the above will soon be possible when the long-stay berths become available in the coming months. A change is in the air for the rock, and perhaps your next visit will be an unforgettable one. .

CREW MATTERS But, with recent changes in the industry, come additional demands on your crew.

Karen Passman Impact Crew T. (+44) 1425 614419

What are We Looking for in anIdeal Recruit? When recruiting a new member of crew, what it is that we are ideally looking for in them? How can you really judge what a person can bring to your boat, and what impact will they have on everyone else? These are the milliondollar questions. The changing face of yachting over the past few generations has seen different swathes of cardboard cut-outs from the professional nomadic-types of yester-year to the careerdriven professionals of today. 20 years ago the yachting demographic had a different face and what was deemed as an ideal recruit back then doesn’t look the same now. Or does it? ...Fundamentally yes!

“The ideal crew member to me looks much the same as it always has in my mind – loyal, sharp, witty, present, and attentive and has a solid background and education. The hardest aspect of hiring crew these days is sifting through the bravado and over-inflated CVs and finding out what they really can bring to a yacht. In my sailing days all you had to see on the CV was a well-known yacht on the circuit and you knew exactly what you were getting – a solid crew member who could certainly sail!” – Superyacht captain 50m I think the age-old adage ‘you don’t get to know someone until they stop trying to impress you’ rings true after the post-interview dust settles and the true colours have come through once the foot is in the proverbial door. And as all yacht crew know from experience - you don’t really know someone until you live with them! A CV and an interview doesn’t always cut the mustard in the pursuit of finding out what a person is really like. How many times can you look back at crew

you’ve hired and review their CV and think … wow they really are not what I was expecting! The fundamental traits of the ideal crew member look the same as they always have; it takes a certain type of person to fit into the industry and thrive. Finding the right person is getting harder, with more crew to choose from, an expanding age range aboard and greater cultural diversity, it is more important than ever to get the right “fit” for your boat. You can trust your intuition, trial them for a day or a week, alternatively you can look to the corporate sector to see how they manage recruitment. For many years

psychometric profiling has been part and parcel of the hiring process. With recruitment success rates moving from in the region of 30% without profiling, to 70 – 80% with the use of these tools and techniques, the trend is on the up. It requires professional consultants to intervene in the process – taking your shortlist of three or so candidates (that of course all have the necessary skills, qualifications and experience), analysing their psychometrics and interviewing to better understand their behaviour. With this additional information, you can then decide upon the most suitable candidate for your boat and crew. We’ve all seen the new chief officer, who’s great when the Captain is on board, but the minute the Captain’s off and he’s in charge, we see a change in personality and a need and desire for power and authority come to the fore – wouldn’t it have been nice to know before he was hired what his behaviour would probably be like! We recently worked with a Captain to hire a new Chief Officer. When we put forward the pros and cons of each of the candidates his comment was “My gut was telling me to hire the person who was the least suited for the position!” If you are looking to hire and it’s important to you to get it right, use the tools that are available to increase your success rates. Contact Impact Crew to discuss the use of psychometric profiling to increase your recruitment success. Impact Crew specialises in providing team and leadership development, along with other management consultancy services.



CREW MATTERS trips and rest periods.

Jens Oomes (+34) 674 83 83 68

aware that there are any pitfalls at all! After all, buying and owning a yacht should be a happy experience, and crewing one full time is a dream job, right? One of our clients pointed out to me that “it seems owners have to go through the B.S.- year first before understanding that they need your services.” And, indeed we have seen potential clients walk away from our proposal only to see them come back a few months later.

Invisible Crew has become the expert in crewing pocket super yachts, the niche that we are most passionate about. Why did we feel the need to focus on this market?

More bad news is that, not only does this niche attract entry level owners, it also attracts entry level crew. Running a 50-60ft yacht is a great platform to understand what’s involved with the entire management of a yacht of any size. Unfortunately it happens all too often at the expense of the owners.

Well, first the bad news:

Now the good news:

These yachts are often owned by people who are new to owning a yacht with professional crew on board. Sometimes they have progressed from a smaller yacht that they used to skipper themselves. Sometimes they acquire a yacht with no yachting experience at all. This means that they are not familiar with the pitfalls of recruiting crew and dealing with them. Even worse, they are not

Our clients and industry contacts are sending more and more of these owners to us after warning them that having permanent crew is not as straight forward as one may think. We listen to their ideas and offer consultancy. We explain the crew’s perspective of the yachting experience and how to get the most out of them in a sustainable way. We advise them on how much time to allow for maintenance periods, turnarounds between

Bad News and Good News for the Pocket Superyacht World


No Engine Tear Down & Lower Engine Temps 2-10 Degrees TRAC Barnacle Buster Used for Descaling Free Price Quote We come to you Same Day Service Engines Generators AC Units Impeller & Zinc Replacement Sea Chests, Crossovers Hydraulic Heat Exchangers Small yacht to Mega yacht serviced

Captain James Heise Palma de Mallorca, Spain Boca Raton, Florida 34 871 570 634 1 800 727 2304

w w w . o v e r t e m p . c o m 26


At the same time we are amazed when we learn about the experiences of some owners. Recently one new client, who’s had struggled with crew for a few years already, told me that it would be nice if the crew would send him a statement of the expenses at the end of the month, supported with receipts… Pretty standard I thought. It shows that having completed the, nonetheless valuable, Basic Safety and Yacht Master courses does not fully prepare even the most experienced yacht sailors to be professional crew / owner representatives. For many years now, our Invisible Crews are presented with a manual that they sign off to make sure they fully understand the responsibilities connected to their job. People who are familiar with Invisible Crew know that we have been working on the development of a course that prepares people who are passionate about yachting, hospitality and ideally both, for the actual on-board life and work.

We cover subjects such as the responsibilities, rights and limitations of professional crew, team work, finances and budget, understanding insurance, understanding VAT matters, yacht maintenance and presentation, owner communication, guest management, overseeing subcontractors and yard work, conservative sailing and much more… Anything you need to know to run a pocket super yacht autonomously and to the highest standard. It will allow the entry level and junior crews to come in with a tremendous amount of knowledge on the many different aspects of running a yacht. We plan to offer continuous follow up of our students to coach them through their career. We received a lot of reactions to the last article where we mentioned the idea of an apprenticeship programme and are currently in talks with a Palma based charter company to link a (paid) apprenticeship to the course. If all of this sounds like good news to you too, feel free to contact me for more info.

. 27


Abi Wallace M (+44) 7474 228782 Skype abi.acrew

Announcing ACREW’s Calendar of Events 2016 In 2016 ACREW wants to engage with every crew member that we can find! To help us do that we are excited to announce our programme of events designed to take professional development to crew, when and where they can access it. Already we have kicked off the year with the first and hugely successful ‘Caribbean CrewFest’ in Christophe Harbour, St. Kitts. The team are very much looking forward to more of the same throughout the year, and of course Caribbean Crewfest Part II which will be announced soon. Calendar of Events 2016 - Caribbean Crewfest, Christophe Harbour, St. Kitts 15th – 16th January - Composite Works, La Ciotat, France 9th - 10th March - International Quay, Antibes, France 7th – 8th April - Palma Superyacht Show, Mallorca 28th April – 2nd May - Monaco Yacht Show, France 28th – 30th September - Palma de Mallorca, Spain 3rd – 4th November - IMS Shipyard, Toulon, France 30th November – 1st December - Pendennis Shipyard, UK Date TBC The real success story last year was in taking the ACREW



formula of networking and professional development workshops out to where crew are, in the shipyards and marinas. Some fantastic memories and great connections made! For those that haven’t joined us yet for an event, ACREW brings superyacht industry experts together with crew for professional development workshops covering all departments as well covering issues that affect the entire sector. Great lunches are served and we’re also known for having a happy hour or two! Then of course there’s the ACREW parties that are always a great way to have some fun after all that learning! Check your schedules, adjust your schedules, we’d love to see at one or all of the events below! Keep your eyes and ears out for more exciting news about some of the special plans that we’re working on for events later this year and early next year. We promise, these are going to take things to another level. Composite Works, La Ciotat, France 9th - 10th March Our first time working with Composite Works and the first event in Europe of 2016, we are very excited to get this under way! With some new partners on board and our personal finance partners on hand throughout the two days, crew will have plenty of opportunity to learn, as well as catch up over lunches and happy hours as they begin another season. International Quay, Antibes, France 7th – 8th April Some very exciting workshops

scheduled so far and a chance for crew to meet and find out about the Professional Yacht Association (PYA). The workshops will be spread over the two days and crew are invited to enjoy lunch and a sundowner or two! Palma Superyacht Show, Mallorca 28th April – 2nd May The official crew lounge of the show. This is such a highlight of the year for us and the chance to meet crew over a number of days is always appreciated. Over the course of the show there will be workshops, happy hours, demonstrations and amazing lunches. No.12 Fine Wines are even offering stews a chance to visit their premises in order to taste some of their great wines and meet their team. Monaco Yacht Show, France 28th – 30th September ACREW is making the iconic ‘La Rascasse’ home again this year after last year’s success. The programme is already looking really special, more details of our ‘Masterclasses’ to be announced soon! Palma de Mallorca, Spain 3rd – 4th November Details to be confirmed: Two days of workshops with

lunches and happy hours IMS Shipyard, Toulon, France 30th November – 1st Dec After the success of our inaugural event in December, we excited to be invited back to run an even bigger and better event this year. Pendennis Shipyard, UK Date TBC Details to be confirmed: Two days of workshops with lunches and happy hours Last year we were blown away with so many crew contacting us and telling us how they are getting on and thanking us because their big opportunity happened at one of our events, even if they just turned up for the food! This makes us very happy. We are proud to be able to provide high quality professional development from partners that we know, that we trust and that are leading the field. 2016 is going to be a great year and we’re also are looking forward to the opportunities to meet crew, chatting over lunch, sharing a drink during a happy hour or having fun at a crew party. Hope to see you there!

CREW MATTERS IYS Luxury Hospitality Interior Yacht Management course. This course is ideal for 2nd, Lead, Chief Steward/esses, Interior Managers and Pursers who would like to gain useful skills that will help them manage their departments and time even more easily, efficiently and effectively. We have had crew attend from yachts ranging between 40 to 180 meters and it’s a great place to meet fellow colleagues, exchange stories and share knowledge and experience.

Alison Rentoul The Crew Coach (+33) 493 581 408 (+33) 677 008 057

Alison Rentoul The Crew Coach I just wanted to send you a quick reminder that I am now the leadership trainer for the



The course runs with a maximum of 12 participants and takes place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, onboard a decommissioned classic cruise ship which is now an elegant floating hotel and conference centre. We have three dates in 2016 and I’m really looking forward to them! The first course is coming up in March and would be ideal for people looking to

get the 2016 Med season off to a brilliant start. Here are the dates for this year: • 7th – 11th March • 13th – 17th June • 24th – 28th October Have a look at this video to get a flavour of what we cover during the 5 day course: watch?v=el7yxlruSJg&feature=

For further information and bookings: interior-yacht-management Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all.


Vitters Shipyard and Management of Claasen Shipyards Join Forces and Take Over Claasen Shipyards Two of the leading superyacht builders in the Netherlands have joined forces. Vitters Shipyard and the management of Claasen Shipyards have together acquired Claasen Shipyards and will now form the new owners and management team of the yard. The combination creates significant added value for Vitters and Claasen as they leverage on their individual strengths to operate in tandem while continuing their yachtbuilding activities in the manner that has earned both yards an excellent reputation. “Claasen Shipyards has a fine team of people with considerable skills and experience, and we are delighted to welcome them as colleagues,” comments Louis Hamming, CEO of Vitters Shipyard. “The yard has built an impressive fleet over the years and the exceptional expertise of the Claasen



craftsmen is completely in line with the identity of Vitters. Moreover, their rich knowledge and experience of building and engineering a J-Class yacht will be a major asset to Vitters.” Green Marine, builder of many famous composite yachts, residing in Southampton in the UK is member of the group. Green Marine will still build hulls for third parties and will have the opportunity to be fitted out at both Claasen and Vitters. This is another opportunity for Vitters, Green and Claasen to benefit from each other’s markets and expertise. “Joining forces with Vitters Shipyard is a great chance for Claasen to grow further in the niche market in which we operate,” adds Joachim Kieft, CEO of Claasen Shipyards. “This development will make it possible for us to achieve our ambitious goals for the coming years.” The individual business formulas and working methods of the companies will remain the same

within the new set-up. Both yards will retain their distinctive brand identity and serve specific areas of the superyacht market. At a management level, Claasen and Vitters will make and share agreements with each other in regular meetings. There will also be closer ties in the project management, with the two yards working with the same suppliers/ contractors in the first-class maritime infrastructure in the Netherlands. Marketing activities will also be combined, starting with a joint stand currently at the Boot Dusseldorf show 2016. Projects Both yards currently have several projects under construction. Vitters Shipyard is working on a all-carbon 33-metre sailing yacht, a 32.50-metre Performance Cruising Sloop and the world’s largest J-Class Svea. Claasen will be closely involved in the latter project while construction proceeds apace on the third Truly Classic 90. Designed by Hoek Design Naval Architects, Acadia will be launched in March. Claasen is also currently busy with a 77 ft Pilot Classic and various refit projects. The diversity of these projects reinforces the fact that the new relationship between Vitters and Claasen will offer a wide range of benefits for owners now and in the future. For more information, interested parties are

welcome to the joint stand at Boot Düsseldorf, stand 7a/G07. About Vitters Shipyard Vitters Shipyard is a renowned builder of luxury sailing yachts and has completed many custom builds up to 85 metres in the past 25 years. The yard’s unique high-quality yachts win regattas, host family get-aways and turn heads for their looks wherever they are in the world. Vitters Shipyard constantly strives to make the impossible possible onboard and to deliver extraordinary yachts to the specific requirements of their owners. About Claasen Shipyards Claasen Shipyards is one of the leading superyacht builders in the Netherlands. Its impressive fleet includes many Truly Classics and the J-Class Lionheart. At its location in Zaandam, close to Amsterdam, the yard is renowned for combining traditional Dutch craftsmanship with the latest technologies. Flexible and innovative, Claasen builds classic sail yachts and fast racing cruisers up to 65 metres. It has all the key disciplines in-house, including aluminium construction, interiors and painting.



Jim Acher - Sales & Charter Broker M. (+34) 667 678 357 Calle San Juan 4, Palma

Bluewater is an international, full service brokerage company specialising in sales, charter, management, crew training and crew placement.

2016 has started well overall and as expected, January was a busy month.

Unsurprisingly, this increase has had an impact on the total market that has seen a reduction in price at one time or another since being offered for sale. The USA has accounted for about 50% of these monthly reductions and this should not come as a surprise, with the Miami Yacht Show next month (11-15 February). A full list of vessels on display will be sent out next week. Completions always fall in January but there is some very good news hidden in the data. Sales in January 2016 are up 20% on January 2015 (and 2013), but up a staggering 85% on January 2014.

With good data in December and a boatshow just around the corner, it will be fascinating to see what happens in February and March, as sales normally rise in the early spring. Trying to explain this, once again the data is not driven by price reductions, as 7% had seen a price drop in the last quarter, but better still, only 11% had seen a price cut in the past half year. Further analysis shows that the USA accounted for 30% of completions but the surprise was that nearly a quarter of the overall total are new-builds. The good news follows on for the new entrants to the used-vessel market. Although expected to rise, we have seen the lowest number for a January in 5 years and the USA only accounted for a third of the total. Looking at the sailing vessel market, just one was sold in January (a 57m) and only 4 came onto the market, all under 33m. Sailing vessels are currently accounting for fewer than 15% of the total market of vessels for sale, where the traditional rule of thumb was around 20%. Moving onto charter, The Caribbean season is genuinely having its best season for years, with only 10% of the 30-45m motor vessel market not having a single day booked for the rest of the season, a near 10% improvement from the same period in 2015. Although the Western Med summer season is a while away, when applying the same parameters, the available fleet is 205 vessels and the figure that has not a day booked is improving, at 52%, down from 61% this time last month, showing that the enquiries are converting to charters. As always, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and please do not hesitate to let me know if you need any assistance or advice into any facet of yachting.

All figures are given in good faith, but Bluewater Yachting and The Islander take no responsibility for any error.

The rise in the number of vessels reduced in price was expected and very much in line with historical levels dating back 5 years, but what was not expected was the large increase in the 30-40m bracket which has accounted for nearly half of all such vessels.

. 33

MARINE INDUSTRY NEWS Despite industry concerns about the lack of available technology and the tight timeframe, AMELS is proud to be showing the way forward with its new AMELS 188 yacht currently under construction. “When the IMO clarified the deadline for the Tier III limits, we realised that the industry had no available integrated solution and very limited practical knowhow,” explains AMELS.

AMELS First in Holland to Reach New IMO Environmental Milestone AMELS has achieved the final milestone in its 18-month ‘Tier III’ programme, making it the first Dutch yacht builder to slash harmful NOX emissions by almost 80%. This custom engineering project reduces the environmental impact of the new 57.70-metre AMELS 188 superyacht without compromising the very highest AMELS quality and comfort on board.

The luxury yacht builder is the first in the Netherlands to meet ‘Tier III’ levels following main engine tests last week and generator set tests at the end of last year. Under stringent new regulations developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), large new motor yachts over 500 gross tonnes with a global cruising area must drastically reduce the harmful NOX emissions in their engine exhaust gases. Showing the way forward

Technical Director Hans van Triet. “So we took the lead to ensure there would be no delays for our clients, no compromise on luxury space, and no compromise on our renowned low levels of noise and vibrations. And I believe we’re doing our part to face up to these technical challenges and reduce the environmental impact of our industry. That can only benefit us all.” As well as a first for the Netherlands, AMELS understands that it was the first organisation to approach Lloyd’s Register for IMO Tier III certification. AMELS engineered a complete, holistic solution, working

together with suppliers to custom engineer components and integrate the MTU 12V4000 M53 diesel engine, HUG Engineering Selective Catalytic Reduction system, silencer and soot filter. The testing took place under independent Lloyd’s Register class supervision at MTU Benelux. Further development of AMELS 188 The next stage in the AMELS 188 development is testing the design’s highly efficient, fuel-saving technology. The yacht is the first AMELS to feature a Hybrid Power switchboard with peak shaving (battery bank); plus a generator set configuration with AMELS Smart Power Management (SPM) and AMELS Heat Recovery system. AMELS introduced the innovative 57.70-metre AMELS 188 (970 gross tonnes) at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015. With a preliminary scheduled delivery of Spring 2018, the completely new Limited Editions design has generated plenty of excitement and AMELS is now handling a number of serious enquiries.


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Bachmann Joins YBDSA as Associate Member and Books into Palma Yacht Show Gary Le Cras the head of Bachmann Group’s Yachting Division has announced that he has recently become an Associate Member of YBDSA.

Vanish Unveiled: The First Feadship Launch of 2016 Feadship launched the 66.25-metre Vanish in a rock ‘n’ roll ceremony on Saturday 23 January at Kaag Island. Hundreds of invited guests enjoyed a performance by a band and the delighted owners treated all yard personnel to a tour of their pure custom creation. Highlights on this latest scion of the Feadship fleet include a free-standing staircase flanked by a glass wall over three decks, an ingenious extendable balcony for the owner’s stateroom and a highly innovative transom design. Like every Feadship, Vanish reflects the wishes and requirements of her owners to an exceptional degree. On this particular build, Feadship has teamed up with Eidsgaard Design on a yacht which is a lifestyle statement par excellence. “This launch party encapsulates the energy with which the owners have embarked on fashioning their Feadship,” explained Feadship director Jan-Bart Verkuyl. “They are excited about enjoying all the options involved in being close to the water, from the exquisite transom sea terrace to the inviting sun deck bar. Vanish has been designed to suit the way they like to spend time onboard with a wide array of watersports options. With helipads on both the sun deck 36


aft and bow area, she serves as a springboard to a world of adventures for the owners and their guests.” An unusual treat The owners of Vanish were very involved in the project and had tremendous fun creating this timeless beauty. Their appreciation for the perfect craftsmanship carried out on their behalf was made clear when they offered to give all the personnel of the yard and their partners the chance to take a comprehensive tour of the finished yacht. “It is very unusual for all the people from the myriad disciplines involved in a superyacht buildto actually get to see how everything came together in the end,” adds Verkuyl. “Vanish is a showcase example of a holistic superyacht, and it is wonderful that everyone involved can experience the fruits of their collective labour in this way.”

The Yacht Brokers, Designers and Surveyors’ Association (Holdings) Ltd is the only UKbased Professional Association for Yacht Brokers, Designers and Surveyors. It incorporates the Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents (ABYA) and the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA). YBDSA also has an Associates group to which professionals from allied areas of the Marine Industry may belong. YBDSA state that clients using one of their members are assured that they are professional, experienced and hold Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance. Associate members are professionals from areas of the Marine Industry, which closely associate with Brokers, Surveyors or Designers on a regular basis, and this may include marine engineers, technical specialists, marine lawyers, educational establishments and other organisations, such as the Bachmann Group. Bachmann Group’s activities

are complementary to these areas, not least its Yachting Division which currently has over 30 yachts under management offering the benefit of the company’s 40 year background in maritime services, and handling yacht registrations, purchases, sales and yacht ownership structuring, both for EU and Non-EU owners. In fact the Group’s total service concept extends to Crew Employment and Payroll (Bachmann is licensed and audited under the MLC), Crew Training, Recruitment and Placement, thus supporting vessel owners and their representatives through every aspect of yachting life. Gary Le Cras commented, “we are pleased to be affiliated with such a reputable high integrity organisation as YBDSA, which we believe exemplifies the attitude to quality and professional competence evidenced throughout our company structure and its administration routines. I also took the opportunity to take the ABYA course on Practical Yacht Brokerage, so I’m now fully certified to help our clients with acquisition of their floating assets.” Bachmann Group are also members of British Marine and Superyacht UK, and the company’s internal processes are independently audited to international standards required by IMO, MLC and ISM quality management systems. Bachmann Yachts have now confirmed that they have booked exhibition space on the dock at this year’s Palma Superyacht Show, and will be there to greet clients old and new from 28th April to 2nd May 2016.

Heesen Yachts Delivers 45m Semi-displacement Sports Yacht YN 17145 Amore Mio Heesen Yachts is proud to announce that after intensive sea trials in the North Sea, YN 17145 Amore Mio – the largest and most powerful sports yacht ever built in the Netherlands – has been delivered to her owners in international waters as scheduled. The sea trials took place on January 18, 19 and 21 in southeasterly prevailing winds and waves of 0.5 to 1 metres. Powered by twin MTU 16V diesel engines, Amore Mio’s sleek 45-metre aluminium hull sliced through the seas at a thundering top speed of 30 knots. Not only did she meet all the contractual speed requirements, but the sea trials also proved the all-aluminium superyacht to be very quiet and highly maneuverable. Amore Mio’s Captain, Tripp Hock, comments: “Heesen added a third day to their standard sea trial program, which they are calling the Captain’s Day. This was a welcome addition and allowed me free scope for requesting all kinds of further testing like crash stops, dead ship operations and single engine maneuvering. As the first Heesen sea trialed at ‘light load’, I was eager to see in particular how the gyro stabilisers would function on such a buoyant ship in the

North Sea. To my relief, all the coffee cups stayed on the tables.” The solidity and integrity of the semi-displacement, aluminium hull design means this yacht is capable of both rapid acceleration and a very smooth ride – so guests arrive stirred, but never shaken. Naval architecture comes in-house from Heesen Yachts. With a range of 2,750 nautical miles at 12 knots, Amore Mio can cross the Mediterranean with ease or cruise the entire length of the Caribbean from St. Barths to Grenada, stopping off at as many islands as one chooses on just one tank of fuel. Her long, angular exterior lines soar like a javelin from the knuckle bow through to the transom. This headturning superyacht is yet another high calibre, successful design by Omega Architects. Amore Mio is performance yacht that delivers equal parts power and sophistication, setting her apart from every other sportster on the market. Amore Mio is the first yacht to be delivered by Heesen in 2016. Later in the year two more will follow: the 70m flagship Project Kometa, and the 50m semi-displacement Project Akoya. Heesen currently has ten yachts under construction.

MARINE INDUSTRY NEWS involved in the purchasing of luxury assets.

By David Robinson

The Superyacht Owners’ Summit - Luxury Asset Acquisition Land, Sea and Air -4-6th May 2016 Old Billingsgate, London Designed to appeal to those who enjoy the finer things in life, Prestige London and The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show (4-6th May 2016) will display and present companies from around the world that create the globe’s most exclusive luxury items. A cutting-edge series of talks on luxury asset acquisition, focusing on the three themes of air, land and sea, will be held at the historic ‘Old Billingsgate’ in the heart of London, as part of ‘Prestige London’ and ‘The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show’. Created for Superyacht owners and high net worth Individuals, the seminars will be hosted by The Superyacht Owner and Superyacht Buyer, and organised by Superyacht Events. The summit will take place over three consecutive mornings and will focus on the problems and pitfalls of owning, buying and managing luxury assets. Each day will concentrate on a specific commodity; private jets, property and superyachts respectively. With a targeted audience of industry stakeholders & a chance to engage with leading panelists from the luxury industry during daily Q&A sessions, the event is sure to be an unrivalled networking opportunity for anyone 38


The full Seminar Schedule will be published soon at www.superyachtowners Seminar Delegates will also receive complimentary Special Guest Invitations to ‘Prestige London’ & ‘The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show’, giving free access to all three days of the Exhibition. To enquire further about these Seminars, please email: Superyacht Events and the Superyacht Owner Superyacht Events is a bespoke event management company that creates unique and dynamic experiences for inspired audiences. Drawing on over 21 years experience and a wealth of key contacts from the superyacht and luxury industries, the networking platforms afforded by these events are truly some of the most valuable in the market today. From think tanks and meetings, to parties and hospitality lounges; a dedicated & professional team ensure delivery of targeted, bespoke events for both The Superyacht Group and leading industry players. Flagship products include the Global Superyacht Forum and SuperyachtDESIGN Week. Published six times a year, The Superyacht Owner is an intelligent journal aimed at educating owners on the core topics of owning a superyacht in today’s market. Uncovering the financial, legal and asset-management aspect of superyacht ownership, it is a topical magazine that superyacht owners can digest and understand quickly. It is designed to give them the information they need to help make ownership decisions, and support the advice they receive. Interviews with owners and their advisors on their ownership experience are integral to The Superyacht Owner, and ensure that we deliver a shared information

platform that can help new or existing clients in their quest for a better yacht ownership experience. Prestige London & The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show 4-6th May 2016 Taking place each May in the City of London, Prestige London’ and ‘The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show’ is the ONLY London event where the world’s top companies involved in the world of superyachts, prestige cars, private jets, helicopters, luxury real estate, designers, furnishers, jewelers and luxury service companies can be seen for an insight into this highly exclusive world. Promoted by some 80 Media Partners and numerous 5-Star Hotel Partners, the event attracts visitors from all over the world and in particular, the affluent individuals who live and work in London each day.

A highly social occasion, as well as the main exhibition guests and visitors will appreciate the facilities of several champagne bars and restaurants, three wonderful Designer Fashion Shows in association with Fashion TV, and fantastic displays of fine furnishings, jewellery and timepieces. Superbly positioned in the central London, the event is held within a stone’s throw of many of the world’s largest hedge fund, asset management and insurance companies, while some of the world’s finest residential districts Mayfair, Belgravia and Knightsbridge are also just five minutes away. Quite simply, “It’s where it’s at!”

Custom entertainment integrators for smart yachting projects Official Distributor For: Showroom: Montcades 2, Palma (next to Jaime III)

(+34) 629 609 680

(+34) 971 710 075

. 39

MARINE INDUSTRY NEWS not covered. Another new benefit is that the Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses cover any loss or expenditure incurred in remedying a fault in design or construction provided it has caused loss or damage to the Yacht. Many other policies will clearly exclude damage caused as a result of a fault in design or construction whether damaging or not.” Anna Baum, Marketing Director and Martin Baum, Managing Director Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Jens Ploch – Sales Director Pantaenius Spain S.L. C/ Torre de Pelaires, 5, Palma (+34) 971 70 86 70 One Ocean Port Vell The Gallery Building, Local 14 C/ Escar 26, Barcelona (+34) 93 0098455

Introducing: The New Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses – PSYC Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses – new benefits in your best interest • Pantaenius introduces a new set of its Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses - PSYC. • The new PSYC provide increased coverage and more benefits while maintaining the famous resilience of Pantaenius products in matters of valuation. • New benefits include: extended machinery cover, cover for any loss or expenditure incurred in remedying a fault in design or construction provided it has caused loss or damage to the Yacht, as well as contingent cover while the insured vessel is being transported as cargo by sea. With the launch of its new and specifically designed set of clauses, Pantaenius, the leading provider of yacht insurance solutions in Europe, once more aims to create a benchmark for the industry. Since the 1970s, the 40


international company with its head office in Hamburg has been putting special emphasis on the comprehensibility and clarity of its insurance clauses. This aspiration has also been a driving force in the development process of the new PSYC. Compared to other standard policy offerings in the market, the PSYC do not depend on additions or amendments in order to provide comprehensive cover and relinquish principles like “due diligence” as well as limiting terms like “external causes”. The result is an easy to understand set of clauses, designed to simplify the complex task of insuring a superyacht for the owner and his employees or representatives. “We have managed to maintain our genuine strengths like the Agreed Fixed Value while fostering the additional benefits of our insurance solutions”, says Martin Baum, Managing Director at Pantaenius Yacht Insurance. “The new Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses cover any failure in the working mechanism of the machinery. Other policies often get amended to include such failures but exclude wear and tear so machinery damage based on a worn out part is excluded. The Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses however, cover physical loss or damage caused by wear and tear, corrosion, inherent vice and vermin. Only the worn and torn or corroded part is

The following, non-exhaustive list includes benefits of the new Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses. Agreed Fixed Value You know the value of your purchase, at the point of sale and during your ownership. Pantaenius offers an Agreed Fixed Value which is not subject to the vessel’s market value. Clients cannot be penalised for over or under insuring. All Risks No patchy additions or vague and difficult to understand limitations like “external causes”. No complicated wording, no “due diligence” Many claims are declined on the basis of this imprecise term. The PSYC only have exclusion for recklessness which leaves less space for interpretations. No exclusion for wear and tear The Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses cover physical loss or damage caused by wear and tear, corrosion, inherent vice and vermin. Only the worn and torn or corroded part is not covered.

Extended machinery cover PSYC cover any failure in the working mechanism of the machinery. Other policies often get amended to include such failures but exclude wear and tear so machinery damage based on a worn out part is excluded. New for old The cover does not apply a new for old deduction to the replacement value. Fault in design and construction Unlike most other policies, the new clauses cover any loss or expenditure incurred in remedying a fault in design or construction, provided it has caused loss or damage to the Yacht. Additional yachts are covered PSYC include insurance for an additional yacht up to 5,000,000 Euros free of charge for one month. Transport The vessel is covered against all risks while being transported as cargo by sea – contingent cover. Tenders and additional small craft Pantaenius offers some of the highest limits available on the market. Tenders and additional small craft have a combined limit of 500,000 Euros. Personal effects PSYC cover personal effects against all risks, including piracy.

Pantaenius headquarters hamburg.

MARINE INDUSTRY NEWS the UK can develop a public register of offshore companies and owners.

By David Robinson

Isle of Man Rejects Revealing Offshore Ownership to UK Government The Isle of Man government’s financial authorities have declined a request from London to reveal the ownership of offshore companies. This is a move that will help the IOM maintain its strong presence in the global superyacht market and protect the identity of owners and owning companies that use the island for yacht ownership purposes. Dick Welsh, director of the Isle of Man Ship Register, told IBI: “As of 31 December, 2015, the Isle of Man had 77 commercial yachts and 364 pleasure vessels on the register of ships. The majority of these are owned by special purpose vehicles, generally a body corporate. This is the ‘owner’ as far as the registered particulars. In this the IOM is following the same path of other offshore jurisdictions such as Bermuda and the Channel Islands in declining to give details to London so that

Alan Bell, the IOM Chief Minister, told London’s Financial Times: “We won’t have a public register. We believe our system is working well.” The UK is set to publish the first public register of beneficial ownership later this year and it will be accessible to the public. Campaigners who have lobbied for such a register say that it will help identify corrupt money. The setting up of the register has been a lead financial-related initiative led by UK Prime Minister David Cameron as being the first in the world to do so. Bell also indicated to the FT that such a register would only drive away owners of such assets as superyachts and private aircraft to other countries where disclosure is not required, such as the US. He further commented: “We see no indication that the G20 is taking meaningful steps to follow Mr Cameron’s lead. There has to be a global solution or it is meaningless. You are going to penalise legitimate business while criminals and terrorists will simply move money from one jurisdiction to somewhere less regulated.” In December the British Overseas Territories did agree to establish central registers but to keep them confidential.

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REGATTA NEWS The legendary Newport, Rhode Island-based designers drew up the Nacra 17 plans in specific response to ISAFs briefing notes for the new Olympic multihull class. The leading edge design incorporates a powerful sail plan set on a carbon rig, wave piercing bows and curved dagger boards - which allow partial foiling downwind.

Justin Chisholm Renowned International Yachting Journalist

Rio Update Two dinghy classes – the Nacra 17 catamaran and the 49erFX skiff - will make their debuts at this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Both boats are lightweight high-performance flyers that demand superb fitness and agility matched with quickthinking and tactical smarts from the crews who race them.


That’s the configuration chosen by the French pair Billy Besson and Marie Riou who have dominated in the Nacra 17 since its inception. Besson and Riou have won all four world championships in the class’ short history and they go into the Games as very firm favourites for the gold. The women’s 49erFX is based on the same hull as the Olympic men’s 49er but with a shorter, less powerful rig. Slightly detuned it might be, but the 49erFX is still a handful that has the sailors – especially the crews - working at maximum heart rate while they race. The pecking order in the FX fleet is less defined than the Nacras and there are five or more teams who could reasonably be expected to string together an Olympic series-winning performance.


At February’s 49erFX World Championship in Clearwater, Florida, the Spanish pairing of Tamara Echegoyen & Berta Betanzos emerged as the new champions after a week of mixed conditions. Reigning world champions, Giulia Conti & Francesca Clapcich from Italy, had an out of sorts regatta but made it to the final medal race to prove they are still a force to be reckoned with in this Olympic year. The 2013 world champions - New Zealand’s Alexander Maloney & Molly Meech won the FX class at the 2016 season opener in Miami. They led this year’s worlds at one point but dropped to eighth overall after a disappointing final day. However, don’t be surprised to see the Kiwi duo in the hunt for a medal in Brazil this summer.

from Denmark and Germany’s Victoria Jurczok & Anika Lorenz, have very much proved themselves as medal contenders. By the same token, 2013 world championship runners up, Martine Grael & Kahena Kunze from Brazil, were far from firing on all cylinders in Florida, but are still very much a force to be reckoned with. With six months more training time ahead of all the medal contenders now, it looks certain we are set for some exciting action in the two newest Olympic classes by the time Rio rolls around in August.

Second and third respectively in Clearwater, Maiken Foght Schutt and Anne-Julie Schutt






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Super Yacht Specialist

The Nacra 17 has an unimpeachable pedigree, coming as it does from the digital drawing board of Morrelli & Melvin –the company responsible for a long line of superfast multihulls, including the Italian and New Zealand AC72s at the last America’s Cup.

The rules require one male and one female sailor on the boat, but either sex can be helm or crew. It’s fair to say that the majority of crews have opted for a male helm and female crew.

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REGATTA NEWS subscription price of €1000, while current subscribers may renew for this year at a price of €700. An online application for a certificate, measurement guidelines, a schedule of certificate fees and an overview of the system is also now available.

VOR Boat Entry Costs Slashed By Half, Confirms PwC Report At a time when rival major global sports events are struggling to contain spiralling costs, a report by independent auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has praised sailing’s premier round-the-world event, the Volvo Ocean Race, for halving the price of competing for sponsors. Much of the credit for this has been ascribed by report author, Manuel Díaz, to The Boatyard, the shared-maintenance facility introduced by the race for the last edition in 2014-15. “A campaign now costs around 50 per cent less to run - in the last editions, the cost was between €20-35 million rather than €10-15 million for campaigns at the same level,” the report, Assessment of the Maintenance Operating Model, says. The Boatyard has broken new ground in the offshore racing industry, pooling both human and equipment resources for the servicing of a newlyintroduced class of boat. The Farr-designed Volvo Ocean 65 one-design broke with 40 years of tradition in an event, 44


which was launched in 1973 as the Whitbread Round the World Race. The report, which was commissioned by the race after the finish of the 12th edition in June last year, highlighted: “The list of benefits is no longer hypothetical: the model has already been implemented, showing an excellent performance and outstanding results.”

ORC Superyacht Rule 2016 Now Online The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) and the Super Yacht

Racing Assocciation (SYRA) are pleased to announce that the 2016 version of the ORC SuperYacht Rule (ORCsy) is now available online at www. These rules are intended to be valid for use now in any regatta this year using ORCsy. The Designer version of the 2016 Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) that forms the core of the ORCsy is also now available to those designers, project managers and sailors interested in running their own test certificates in the ORCsy rule. This DVP version is available at the ORCsy website at superyachtdvp for the annual

The process of handicapping widely disparate Superyachts represents one of the most formidable challenges any rule authority can undertake since a fleet of these boats typically includes schooners, sloops and ketches of varying lengths. And with displacements ranging from 50 to 600 tons and huge differences in yacht type, size and shape, these yachts are exceptionally difficult to handicap in a fair and transparent manner. ORC has also created a Superyacht section on its website to give owners and captains/team managers access to the ORCsy Sailor Service system, an online portal that is a unique feature to ORC rating systems. Here is where designers and technical advisors can purchase the VPP for their testing and other users can run test certificates on their own using the online portal.



Artemis Racing Launches Second Turbo Artemis Racing has made a flying start to 2016, relocating the team’s sailing operations to Bermuda, and perhaps even more significantly, launching its second turbo development boat of this America’s Cup campaign. The new boat, nicknamed ‘T2’, was launched in Alameda, California, in early January. Design Coordinator, Adam May, provides an insight into the team’s development pathway for the 35th America’s Cup: “Very early in this America’s Cup’s cycle we upgraded our existing foiling AC45, a boat similar to those used in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup

World Series, to boost its performance and provide a platform to test appendages.” “However, our development path truly began with our sister ship turbo program. ‘T1’ was launched in February 2015 as a test platform scaled to be similar to the AC62 class. The original AC45 foiler was then retired and converted into T2. There was a pause during its build while the AC class changed, and many features such as a similar deck layout to that of the new AC Class were incorporated into T2.” “T2 is our second fully loaded turbo charged AC45. The extra beam (for more righting moment), larger wing, cockpits, and full fairing package; make it a very different beast to the narrow traditional AC45s with foils.”

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REGATTA NEWS v4/race-charters/

Pay to Play Charter Opportunities at Antigua Sailing Week 2016 From Russia to Australia, yachts and crew from over 20 nations will be competing at the 49th edition of Antigua Sailing Week. The tropical climate, trade winds and ocean swell combined with the legendary shoreside atmosphere are irresistible to sailors from around the globe. If you want to take part in the Caribbean’s longest running and most famous regatta you still can. In recent years competing at Antigua Sailing Week has become far easier with the availability of all manner of race charters, offering everything from bareboats to a single berth for individuals to high-tech machines for top racing crew. Antigua Sailing Week is sponsored by Sunsail and demand for its yachts in the bareboat division has once again been a sell out in Antigua. However, Sunsail yachts remain available from neighbouring islands so no one has to miss out on the opportunity to participate with a bareboat option. Aside from the bareboat classes, there are some very exciting race charter options available. In recent years the demand from sailors opting to ‘pay to play’ has created 46


a large group of like-minded people who not only race in class but also race each other. Ross Applebey’s Scarlet Oyster has been chartered by members of the Royal Southern Yacht Club this year Lucy Jones of Performance Yacht Charter will be racing against her partner Chris Jackson of Sailing Logic. The two British skippers will go head to head with charter guests on identical First 40s; Lancelot II and Southern Child. Race charter places are still available on other highlycompetitive yachts that have been coming to Antigua Sailing Week for a number of years. Antigua Sailing Week provides details of charter options available on its official web site at: v4/race-charters/

Foiling Week Malcesine, Lake Garda At Malcesine the Moth class will have an excellent opportunity to test the waters of the venue that will host the 2017 International Moth World Championship. The Flying Phantoms will hold a regatta as part of the 2016 Flying Phantom Series and the GC32 foiling catamarans return for a leg of the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour. The Waszp, S9, kitefoils and prototypes will also race over two race courses during Foiling Week in Lake Garda. Nicolas Felix from Phantom International: “For the second year in a row, the Flying Phantom Series will join the Foiling Week event in early July. Lake Garda is one of the favourite sailing venues for European sailors and a perfect place to organize Flying Phantom races. With its unique dedication to foiling boats with new foiling classes

Experience the excitement and adventure of racing in the most prestigious yacht races available Rolex Fastnet Race Rolex Middle Sea Race Giraglia Rolex Cup Le Voile de St. Tropez Regatta Mar de Alboran Copa del Rey Individual crew places or full teams welcome on board our fleet of race ready yachts

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this year, The Foiling Week is definitely one of the key events of the season and also a great opportunity to enjoy this fantastic area.” About their participation at Foiling Week 2016, Christian Scherrer, the GC32 Class Manager, declared: “The GC32 Racing Tour is looking forward to coming to Malcesine on Lake Garda for the second event in our season. Having the GC32 Malcesine Cup as part of The Foiling Week gives this event a very special status. The Fraglia Vela Malcesine will become the hot spot for the foiling community for the first week of July. We are counting on a great event and interesting meetings ashore.” The President of Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Gianni Testa, says: “We’re enthusiastic to be part of such a successful project that this year will also expand to Newport, USA. The Foiling Week has gained a very special status within the foiling community and in the 2016 we welcome as new member of our foiling family the GC32 catamarans with their Racing Tour. Lake Garda is one of the best spot for sailing and we’re happy to organize for the third year in a row this exciting event together with the The Foiling Week Association. We look forward to the first week of July and to lots of exciting days with foiling boats!”

REGATTA NEWS North Sails News The Volvo Ocean Race has appointed North Sails to be the exclusive Official Supplier of sails to the Volvo Ocean 65 one-design fleet in 2017-18. North Sails supplied the sail wardrobe for the last Volvo Ocean Race, which saw the first ever one-design Volvo Ocean 65 fleet finish in June 2015. Nick Bice, who heads up The Boatyard maintenance centre at the Volvo Ocean Race, explained that the success of North Sails in renewing their partnership with offshore sailing’s leading event was no foregone conclusion. “North Sails was chosen against a lot of different criteria and not necessarily because of a long history in ocean racing and the Volvo Ocean Race,” he said. “Many elements have contributed to the final decision, including the simple

fact that the North Sails 3DiTM product is very good. The company has a strong commitment to the next edition of the race, not only from a product but also a personnel point of view.” The next step is to finalize designs for the Volvo Ocean 65 sail wardrobe, which will be carried out once the 2017-18 route is confirmed by mid-2016. After that comes

the manufacturing process, followed by the delivery of the

sails to the 13th edition teams in April 2017.


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The GC32 Class Joins the Real Club Náutico de Palma Regatta

Náutico de Palma, Javier Sanz.

With only five months until the 35th edition of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE, the regatta has announced the incorporation of a new class, and a double novelty: both catamarans and foils will be joining the Real Club Náutico de Palma’s event this summer, as part of the GC32 Racing Tour. The news has been confirmed recently by the president of the club, Javier Sanz, and GC32 circuit manager, Christian Scherrer. “The incorporation of the GC32 will be a great novelty in this 35th edition of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE. These kinds of high performance flying boats are becoming extremely popular in sailing, and as one of the most important sailing events in the Mediterranean, we must also include the new generation of sailing in our regatta,” explained the President of the Real Club

Christian Scherrer emphasised that the circuit was proud to be one of the classes of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE, “It is a privilege that the GC32 Racing Tour should be chosen to be the first multihull circuit to compete in the Mediterranean’s leading regatta and we admire the Real Club Náutico de Palma for having such foresight. Racing on the Bay of Palma at this iconic event will certainly be a highlight of the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour.”

2012, the GC32 is a catamaran similar to the America’s Cup boats, but much smaller, without rule constraints, and with longer foils (in comparison to their size), making them a much more stable and easier vessel to drive. They also have light sails rather than a wing, which also makes them easier to manoeuvre and transport. 10 metres in length, and with a beam of six, the GC32 can reach up to 40 knots of boat speed (the maximum speed registered to date has been 39.21 knots). The foils are little “wings” which produce a strong push and literally lift the hull out of the water, enabling it to become airborne, reducing pitching, and allowing for a much faster sail.

In 2016 the GC32 Racing Tour will be made up of five events, to be held between May and October, in Italy, France and Spain. “It is an avant-garde catamaran and a circuit that attracts sailors of great prestige, and for many years it has been one of our main objectives to host the very best sailors and the very best boats. It is therefore a perfect match for the philosophy of our regatta, fulfilling our mutual goals”, added Sanz. The 35th Copa del Rey MAPFRE will be held from 30th July to 6th August on the Bay of Palma. The Notice of Race is expected to be published on February.


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At least eight boats are expected to participate in this new addition to the Copa del Rey MAPFRE: their competition will begin on Wednesday 3rd August, and finish on Saturday 6th August. There are a maximum of six races planned per day, each to last about 20 minutes. The GC32: a flying catamaran Designed by Martin Fischer, and launched at the end of

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Due to a successful 2015 season of boat sales, we are urgently in need of quality used craft, Beneteau Brokerage Specialists sail and motor for our Brokerage Division. Contact Denise for all your Beneteau spares Please contact us for more information about Sunbird marketing your boat. Our contact details below.

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flying fifteen Mallorca 14 February – Liga de Invierno, Pollensa After the strong winds of the past weeks, it wasn’t sure that this race would be sailed – over the previous weeks, we’d had storms up to 75 km/h, and there was an extant warning for Puerto Pollensa. In the event, the forecast had the wind for the race time dropping to 17 knots, gusting 20. Carlos set a simple “triangle, sausage” course which would allow shortening if the wind blew up early. Start was in the centre of the bay, to a windward mark inshore, a broad reach to B2 south of Formentor, close reach to B3 off Bon Aire, with B1 completing the first leg. Second leg was B3 and back to B1. Dragonfly and Triffid launched in plenty of time, and headed for the course. To give a further challenge, team fuego



fatuo had added a twist – John Walker had decided to compete in the 10km in Palma that morning, only finding out later that it was the 5km that started as 10:00 – the 10km was at 11:00! Plan was then to finish the run in less than 50 minutes, and up to start the flying fifteen race at 13:00. Finally, John finished well within his target time of 47 minutes – winning a 7th in his class. Leaping into his trusty steed, he was in Puerto Pollensa just in time. Casting off, Stephen took the boat to the start line while John finished changing into his sailing kit. Despite the delay, fuego fatuo was in time, and lined up with the rest of the fleet. Approaching the lay line, fuego fatuo tacked, Stephen taking the chance to pass the helm to John, so they were set up for the coming spinnaker legs. The clear wind saw them extend their lead, whilst Dragonfly made short work of the cruiser, and followed

in earnest. Approaching the bottom mark, the wind started to drop, whilst for those behind it stayed stronger, and freed. Dragonfly raised their kite, and regained their lead on the cruiser.

ESP 3600 Dragonfly Michael Beecken / Gavin Print

Rounding the mark, a crucial decision had to be taken, assume the normal Pollensa pattern would happen, that the wind would back to the south, and so tack off; or that the wind would continue north, and so best was to go inshore? With two tacticians and two skippers on board, team fuego fatuo had a serious discussion and decided for inshore. Dragonfly arrived, and after a short sighting tack, decided to head offshore. This proved to be a turning point, as the wind continued to move north, which pushed them back. Triffid came to the mark fourth, behind the cruiser, and took the inshore course.

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fuego fatuo approached the layline, and tacked for the mark. Final mark rounding saw them some minutes ahead, allowing them to sail into the strengthening breeze as they went back upwind. All in all, a great afternoon’s racing, with wind all over the place, and everything between five and twenty-plus knots. Results: ESP 3577 fuego fatuo John Walker / Stephen Babbage

GBR 3471 Triffid Stephen Parry / Teresa Parry

Next race in the RCNPP Liga de Invierno series is 27 February – too late for press deadline, then 13 March with the following on 26. And in the middle, the Princess Sofia in Palma. Reports on these next month! We have a full calendar, if you’d like to join us, visit http://flyingfifteen., we have a club boat available (and some for sale!), and are always keen to bring new crews into the fleet. Or just turn up at the next event: 13 Mar Liga de Invierno RCNPP, Pollensa 19-20 Mar Princess Sofia RCNP, Palma 26 MaR Liga de Invierno RCNPP, Pollensa 23 April Liga de Primavera RCNPP, Pollensa 4-8 May Palma Vela RCNP, Palma Weather has so far prevented us hosting the planned Open Day, we’ll hope to get this done in late March or April – watch this space!

THE APPRENTICE educational beach cleanup led by Asociación Ondine’s Dos Manos Project (Two Hands to you and me) – Brad being their President. The idea was to not only collect and safely dispose of any unsightly trash on the beach but to also learn what was there and why it was so bad.

Sarah Drane

The Apprentice – Episode Twelve – Citizen Scientist “So why do you think the beach looks so clean today?” “Why is posidonia oceanica so important?” “Is all plastic evil?”*

We were dispatched into two groups, one with gloves and heavy-duty bags to tackle the ‘big stuff’ and the other with quadrats (aka a sampling square) and more petite bags to tackle the ‘micro stuff’. I joined year nine (they were slightly less large and scary than year ten, why are schoolchildren so adult these days!?) and went for the big stuff.

I was beginning to sweat. These were just some of the questions being levelled to a group of enthusiastic year nine and ten students (that’s 13, 14 and 15 year olds) from The Academy International School, Marratxi, and I hadn’t got a clue what the answers were. I was dreading Brad Robertson, marine conservationist (and conversationalist), pointing the finger at me and saying “So, Sarah, what are your thoughts?”, but thankfully the children were smarter than I and needed no backup from my direction.

The seaweedy waterline is where we found our largest bounty of debris. Drinking straws, cigarette packet wrappers, plastic bottle tops and discarded fishing net by the dozen, plus a whole bunch of white sticks which Brad explained were naked cotton buds. (People absentmindedly flush these away and they’re so skinny they slip through the filters at the sewage works and end up in the sea. Brad found 800 of the things in a single beach cleanup in North Mallorca last month.) I mainly had my eyes wide open for lost jewellery and cash (I know, not very eco conscious) but one of the students beat me to the sole euro coin.

We’d convened on Can Pastilla beach, a stone’s throw from (awesome) Palma Aquarium, to take part in an

Switching to ‘micro’, we dropped to our knees around the quadrat and sifted the sand through our fingers



searching for manmade interlopers. Plastic resin pellets cropped up time and time again. Now these are the industrial raw material for making actual plastic – so how on earth do they end up on a Mallorca beach? The answer, Brad told us, is through accidental spills during shipping and via urban runoff from the manufacturing plant. There are tonnes of pellets in every ocean and on every beach in the world – incredible. Remarkably one of my ‘micro’ team found the silver lining in this dark stormy cloud. Alongside other big plastic pollution culprit, microbeads in cosmetics, plastic pellets find their way into the bellies of sea birds and fish of all shapes and sizes. This means that however environmentally aware the chap who catches your fish is, it’s almost certain you WILL be eating plastic when you eat fish. “So when my Mum makes me eat fish I can say “don’t you love me Mum?” “Are you trying to poison and kill me with plastic Mum?” – right?” That child is going places. As midday approached, attention spans were beginning to falter. One child said, “I should be paid for this, cleaning the beach, saving the local authority money”. “It’s child labour,” said another, “and there’s no ChildLine in Spain”. Meanwhile we were all guilty of ‘breaking science’, sneakily moving the quadrat to portions of beach with a greater harvest of plastic pellets – or “thinking outside

Can Pastilla Beach Clean 10 Feb 2016

the box” as we preferred to call it. So we called time on the cleanup for the weighin. In total we’d scooped up 11.15kg of rubbish, to include 7.25kg of plastic. None too shabby for a few hours work. Before the coach trip back to the classroom, Brad left us with a clear message on plastic - use less of it, reuse what you can and recycle all of it. And, for goodness sake, spread the word... *Oh, the answers to those tricky questions: 1. Probably because the local authorities are preparing for the upcoming tourist season and have dredged and deposited a new layer of sand on top. Sounds like a good idea, but it only washes back into the sea and heaps on top of the lovely posidonia oceanica grass. Which brings us on to... 2. It helps to oxygenate and purify water, providing a rich habitat and breeding ground for many species. The grass is now protected by EU legislation. 3. Unless it’s been burnt, every piece of plastic ever made since its invention in 1907 is still hanging about somewhere on the planet. It takes on average around 500 years for it to degrade. While not all plastic is evil, the most common types to pollute our seas are singleuse plastic (think carrier bags, bottles, food packaging), micro beads in beauty products and micro fibres from synthetic clothing.

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OneOcean Port Vell Obtains the TPA Tax Free Benefit Scheme to Yacht Owners OneOcean Port Vell Barcelona, has been granted a permit to extend the TPA tax free benefit scheme to yacht owners berthed at the marina during their stay. Traditionally only applicable for yachts in ship yards, OneOcean Port Vell has now become one of only a few European marinas where the VAT exemption can be granted, offering a substantial advantage for owners undertaking winter works. The works and materials, as well as the dockage, can be paid exclusive of VAT when completed within the approved TPA window, and will allow for large savings for yachts which undergo repairs, maintenance and improvement works at OneOcean Port Vell. The TPA permits a tax free bubble working in tandem with the fiscal authority for non EU flagged yachts that are completing repairs and improvements whilst in the EU, without causing pollution. As a marina, OneOcean

Port Vell does not offer full shipyard services and there are restrictions to what works can be carried out, however normal maintenance work, interior, mechanical or electronic/electrical works are among those possible. The yacht is required to submit itself to an approved administrator that will oversee all yacht servicing and invoicing, and provide the fiscal authority with reports before, during and after the project is finalised. Javier Sáez

LED there be light, but ‘Boater Beware!’ The International Boating Industry speaks of the biggest revolution in boating since “electronics transformed navigation.” Light Emitting Diodes have become the prime source of illumination in most cruising craft built today. Driving the unstoppable LED march into homes, cars, boats etc is the rapid phasing out of incandescent lights in the EU and the US. This has triggered fierce price drops as manufacturers churn out


ISLANDER Log in via: 54


cheap LEDs. And therein lies a lesson. Mienco Dijkstra lives close to the heart of the LED revolution. “The cost of LED will stabilize due to the up scaling effect of the component production,” he says. “Better components will increase” LEDs’ durability. His NauticSupport BV markets the NauticLED™ brand that’s exported to over 30 nations. LED retrofits render an instant energy saving of 80-90% onboard lighting. Besides the much lower energy consumption there will be 90% less heat production compared to halogen lighting, which results in 20% less airco energy. Dijkstra cautions against the mantra that LEDs live for 50,000 hours. LEDs’ lifespan hinges on a steady electric input and high quality electronic components. Cheap LEDs can be tinged pink or green, make wood and skin look pale and perform poorly. LED color temperature and color rendering are most important. “A cheap LED with cheap electronics will have a shorter life and yield a poor light quality,” says Dijkstra. On yachts, the voltage can vary, LEDs are very sensitive

to voltage fluctuations and spikes. These can shorten a LED’s lifetime by a factor of 20 or instant kill them! Voltage stabilization in LEDs is a must. This can be done with a constant voltage LED driver.” NauticLED developed a plugand-play retrofit bulb with internal LED drivers for use in 12VDC and 24VDC onboard systems. A driver delivers the exact current and voltage to a LED light guaranteeing it a longer life. “Our goal is to make all our LED solutions as durable as possible. Our new G4 premium LED bulbs show the way. They produce more light output with the same power consumption combined with the best light color and color rendering.” Disvent Ingenieros is the Distributor for NauticLED products in Spain. They stock all LED bulbs and fixtures. Monthly Disvent gets shipments from NauticLED with their latest technology light products. Disvent supplies LED bulbs and fixtures for each application, including integrating them in the existing systems on board the yachts.


Elisabeth Campà (+34) 609 188 740 communications@ http://vilanovagrand

The Ferretti Group Service Point, Located in Vilanova Grand Marina, at Full Capacity after Just One Year of Activity The prestigious Italian shipyard after sales service operates in the Vilanova’s facilities, thanks to the agreement between Ventura Yachts and the superyacht marina. Barcelona – The first new generation Ferretti Service Point, established in Vilanova Grand Marina – Barcelona

by Ventura Yachts, Spain importer for the Italian Brand, has started 2016 with a high level of activity. This service, created in mid-2015 thanks to the agreement between Ventura Yachts with the marina, can offer a quick and quality service to the owners of Ferretti Group boats. The new Ferretti Service Point has been very successful since its establishment in the marina, offering all the needs of both the owners and the Italian shipyard. Recently, the marina, with Ventura Yachts, have launched a project of warranty repairs on a Custom Line 100, moved ad hoc for Ferretti Group from Balearic Islands to the marina for the quality and technology used in each after service of

this after sales services. All maintenance works, repair and painting on this Custom Line requires, will take place in the facilities of Vilanova Grand Marina – Barcelona shipyard, and will be assisted by its professional team. From Vilanova Grand Marina – Barcelona, claimed that the Ferretti Service Point success, has contributed to position the marina as a key technical point for this fleets of the italian shipyard, not only nationally but also internationally, which is a strong push for i ndustrial activity. Cesar Moyano, Ventura Yachts Manager comments: “To Ventura Yachts is a strategic alliance to strengthen the


supply of Ferretti after sales services and establish a fixed place to provide repair and maintenance services to its customers and clients of the marina. Vilanova Grand Marina Barcelona has a 200-ton crane and a technical area of 30,000m2 equipped with the latest technology and the most advanced to carry out all types of repair projects and maintenance services of theses vessels. In addition, the integration of the technical area in the marina, both under the same management, represents an added value for captains and crew, to have the same interlocutor who directs and oversees all operations carried out in their boats.



+34 654 600 622

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AROUND THE REGIONS BARCELONA superyacht destination with unrivalled marina facilities.” OneOcean Port Vell – Marina and Berth Facilities: • All berths include power, potable water, grey and black water discharge, fibre-optic internet connection and fuel bunker service. • Car parking and storage adjacent to berths. • OneOcean Club´s private members’ club, restaurant and BlueWave tapas bar.

OneOcean Invests in Final Phase of Superyacht Marina in the Heart of Barcelona €5 million invested, with the addition of 8 extra super yacht berths. The final phase of the transformation of OneOcean Port Vell into the Mediterranean’s premier city super yacht marina commenced mid December 2015. One Ocean Port Vell is acknowledged by many owners and captains as a world class homeport for superyachts since major change work was completed at the end of 2014, following a c. €80 million investment by UK-based Salamanca Group. OneOcean Port Vell currently offers over 150 berths ranging



from 5 to 190 metres. The redevelopment of the original Moll Pescadores section of the marina will result in 8 additional berths from 30 to 80m plus access to leading marina and yacht facilities. €5.0 million will be invested in infrastructure, utilities, landscape, lighting and security. The eight-month programme of works, due to complete in August 2016, will be undertaken by OHL, who worked on the original four-year development of OneOcean Port Vell between 2010 and 2014. Adjacent to the new berths stands the iconic Torre de Control building, a stunning glass tower set above the marina water with outstanding views of

Barcelona. The Torre de Control building is available for business lease, providing the superyacht industry with an exceptional combination of office and berth rental opportunities and access to all the facilities at the marina including the Gallery building and OneOcean Club. Chairman of OneOcean, Martin Bellamy explains, “The exceptional results achieved in one year after launching OneOcean Port Vell have allowed us to move swiftly to commence the works for the last stage of the marina’s redevelopment. Already at 80% capacity this winter, this expansion enables us to meet the growing demand for berthing superyachts in the Mediterranean and positions Barcelona as the leading

• The Gallery building, including 24-hour services, a gymnasium, wellness centre, business hub for yacht supporting businesses and crew lounge. • One of few marinas in the world offering full International Ship and Port Facility Security Code compliance. All aspects of the marina’s 24-hour active security services are operated by security professionals, including: onsite security guards, an operations room, aesthetically designed perimeter fencing with an integrated intruder detection system, state-of-the-art, actively monitored CCTV surveillance. • OneOcean Port Vell has a permit to extend the TPA tax free benefit scheme to yachts while berthed in the marina, making it one of the only European marinas where VAT exemption can be granted during maintenance periods.


More Info / Participation: BWA Yachting Spain Antonella Della Pietra: (+34) 667 440 059 Anna Vidal: (+34) 608 230 334

BWA Yachting Spain Organizes Charity Concert Benefitting “Oafrica” Deckers Barcelona (+34) 932 219 460 Calle Escar 3, Local 2, Port Vell

Deckers Barcelona The marathon of Barcelona will this year be taking place on March 13, 2016. This very sporty event or in a better way “The race” begins at 08:30 at Avinguda de La Reina Maria Cristina and to run 42,195 km, time has set to run within 6 hours time. Most people will only dream of fulfilling it, others may complete half of it, but a very big group likes to attend for just a few kilometers….. It is called: Breakfast Run Remember the last 4km of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games marathon running through the magical mountain of Montjuïc on Saturday

before the race with our traditional Breakfast Run by Technogym. A free race with start at Plaza Marqués de Foronda (behind the Magic Mountains) at 9:30h and after you will be able to have breakfast with all the runners. This free race will recall the last kilometers of the 92 Barcelona Olympic Games marathon and will finalize at the Olympic Stadium. Distance: Approximately 4 kilometers. Date and time: Saturday March 12th 2016 at 9.30AM Maximum participants: 2.000 runners Start: At the Plaza Puig i Cadafalch (behind the Magic Mountains) Race bibs collection point: You must collect your race bibs (free) during the Expo Sports on Friday March 11th from 10:00 until 20:00.

Barcelona, February, 2016 – BWA Yachting Spain is proud to be holding a charity concert raising funds for the nonprofit organization “OAfricaKeeping Children in Families”. OAfrica was founded in Ghana in 2002 to rescue vulnerable children in need of care and to trace and reunify children with their families. These children are often separated from their families by poverty, the HIV/AIDs epidemic and the increase of rural–to-urban migration. OAfrica helps

families of children at risk of abandonment and gives them secure futures within their communities. They work to strengthen families and communities so they can care for their own children. They believe that poverty and ill health are not reasons for separating children from their families and that children living in institutions should be resettled as soon as possible through family tracing and reunification or fostering. To learn more about OAfrica, visit The charity concert benefitting OAfrica will be held on March 5, 2016 in One Ocean Port Vell Barcelona, from 6pm to 11pm. The concert will feature performances from various artists, such as African dancers, rock covers by Bullit Band, and drag queen performances. Merchandise as well as food and beverages will be available for purchase during the concert. All profits will be explicitly donated to OAFRICA.

Once the race has finalized there will be a breakfast for all the participants.

. 57

AROUND THE REGIONS MALTA “the international carriage of goods or passengers by sea or the provision of other services to or by a ship as may be ancillary thereto or associated therewith including the ownership, chartering or any other operation of a ship engaged in all or any of the above activities or as otherwise may be prescribed.”


unconventional vessels under the Malta flag.

Waving the Flag for Malta

From an ownership and operational perspective, Malta also provides an array of tax efficient solutions. A Malta shipping organisation may be set up, for example, with the main purpose of owing a superyacht and subsequently being registered as the owner.

Recently published figures have shown that the Malta ship registry is growing from strength to strength. At the beginning of September 2015 the total number of mercantile vessels registered in Malta was 7,109, having a total gross tonnage of over 62 million. A comparison of the figures year on year shows a total of 485 vessels have registered with the Malta ship register so far in 2015. This ranks Malta’s ship registry as the 6th largest in the world, and number one within the European Union. Malta’s position within shipping circles clearly speaks for itself. Malta continues to be an attractive operating base as costs are low, with highly favourable fiscal regimes and Malta’s excellent tax opportunities. Registering in Malta Being a very accessible jurisdiction, Malta, unlike other jurisdictions, does not impose restrictions on the type of vessels that can be registered under its flag thus giving yacht and ship owners the possibility of registering 58


Malta Tax Treatment So what are these excellent tax opportunities I hear you say? Well for ship and yacht owners, registered charterers and financiers of Maltese ships which are over 1,000 net tons, Malta offers a complete tax exemption. This effectively means that a shipping organisation is exempt from paying any tax on income derived from shipping activities as well as any income or gains arising from the sale or transfer of a tonnage tax ship. Likewise no tax is payable on any payments of interest or income in relation to the financing of the operations of a shipping organisation or the financing of a tonnage tax ship. The tonnage tax regime applies only to income derived by a shipping company from “shipping activities”. Shipping activities are defined as

Other benefits includes an exemption from tax on the distribution of profits derived from shipping activities to the shareholders and an exemption from the payment of stamp duty on the disposal of shares in a licensed shipping organisation that owns, charters, operates, administers or manages a tonnage tax ship. Tonnage Tax To benefit from such favourable exemptions, an annual tonnage tax based on the gross tonnage of the vessel, and the annual registration fee need to be paid. The Malta Transport Authority sets these fees at a very reasonable rate with registration fees starting as low as €115 and tonnage tax starting at around €175 per annum. Vessels not qualifying under tonnage tax In the case where a particular vessel does not qualify to benefit from such income tax exemption, financiers and the like may still benefit from

the low effective income tax rate of 5%. In addition, any foreign income tax incurred on a vessels commercial operations would be available as a credit against the Maltese income tax, to the effect that the effective Maltese tax may even in certain cases be reduced to 0%. The Maltese Yachting Industry The Yachting Industry in Malta has two key facets, namely pleasure yachts and commercial yachts, the latter used as part of a business activity and to which the fiscal advantages outlined above for Malta shipping organizations also apply. In the case of pleasure yachts, in addition to the brisk registration process, Malta offers a favourable regime for VAT minimisation, with a potentially effective VAT rate as low as 5.4%, which can be obtained through a leasing structure arrangement. Beyond the advantages that the registration process and the VAT yacht leasing presents, Malta offers yacht marinas that may be found all over the Maltese islands. These include facilities for super yachts. Most marinas cater for the requirements of yachtsmen, including fuel bunkering, technical services for repairs and services, luxury on-site facilities and immediate access to other offsite facilities.


SMALL BUSINESS? Time to get your head in the Cloud!

By David Robinson

Malta Grows Yacht Register 10.8% in 2015 The increasing popularity of Malta as a superyacht registration location is reflected in the growth of the register last year. Statistics just issued by the Maltese Register of Shipping show that the number of superyachts over 24m (78.5ft) on the register rose by 10.8%, taking it over the significant 500 mark to 501. Superyacht growth was smaller than commercial shipping growth, which increased 14.3% or 8.3m GRT in 2015, taking the total Maltese registered fleet to 66.2m GRT. This consolidated its position as the world’s sixth largest ship register. The Malta Superyacht Industry Network has over 20 member companies active in different areas of the superyacht market. The central Mediterranean island is also a leading superyacht repair and refit centre with drydocks up to 140m (460ft). The island’s marina capacity has also been increased.

Malta, the Maltese government’s transport arm, cited the response that it received when the Sa Maison Marina RFP was issued as “a clear message of the interest and demand for developing new quality marinas.” It added that: “The Authority believes that in this sector, Malta still has a lot of potential to exploit both in terms of permanent marinas and seasonal facilities aimed primarily to cater for the seasonal/ summer demand.” It added that projects such as the construction of a breakwater for Marsamxett needs careful consideration since this has the potential to create one of the largest facilities in the Med. “We are also looking at other potential sites, but we need to be sensitive and also cater for a category of boat owners and fishermen who do not as such want the full services of a marina but a basic mooring. The challenge is always the limited protected sea areas that are available and wider social aspects.”

In a statement, Transport The





w w w . t h e i s l a n d e r . n e t


Courtesy of: Low Sulphur Marine Gasoil $USD per 1000 litres

PORT Duty Free** Duty Paid FORT LAUDERDALE 464 498 SAVANNAH 449 NEWPORT 628 ST. THOMAS 818 ST. MARTEN 788 ANTIGUA 735 VALPARAISO 760 BERMUDA (Ireland Island) 624 CAPE VERDE 556 AZORES 557 1287 CANARIES ISLANDS 648 997 GIBRALTAR 422 BARCELONA 616 1379 PALMA DE MALLORCA 791 ANTIBES 451 1177 SANREMO 591 1525 NAPLES 620 1651 VENICE 546 1691 CORFU 394 931 PIREUS 400 904 ISTANBUL 423 MALTA 568 1008 TUNIS 689 BIZERTE 689 AUCKLAND 553 SIDNEY 522 FIJI 539 ALGIERS 431 BEJAIA 431 ** When available according to local customs regulations

. 59

AROUND THE REGIONS ANTIBES month getting ready for the spring season and developing our exclusive range with some new & unique dress models! Some of you had the opportunity to see these at our Exclusive soirée last month and we hope you had as much fun as we did :) This month we are looking forward the seeing the first days of spring and to celebrating one of the liveliest festivals of the year, St Patrick’s Day!

2nd Antibes Celebrates Yachting Cancelled? ASAP, the local yachting association of Antibes, has withdrawn from the tender process to organise the Antibes Celebrates Yachting event planned for later this year. The group cites current economic conditions, unclear procedures, a delay to the timetable and a slow response as reasons for withdrawing from the tender process, which was first initiated by Port Vauban in February 2015. “We can only remember the success of the Antibes Celebrates Yachting 2015 and regret that all the supporters already registered for the 2016 edition as well as a stronger organisation were not sufficient to convince of the well-founded wishes of the ASAP,” reads a group statement. “These not having been included in the tender procedure, ASAP could not bind its members, its partners and its credibility to a small, unprofessional and unsustainable approach in our eyes. To our knowledge, no replacement event will take place in the absence of other candidates.” Nearly 1,500 visitors attended Antibes Celebrates Yachting in 2015, including 1,000 professionals, over 350 crew 60


The first St Patrick’s Festival was held in Dublin in 1996. In 1997, it became a threeday event, and by 2006, the festival was five days long! More than 675,000 people attended the 2009 parade. The festivities traditionally include concerts, outdoor theatre performances, and fireworks. Several events are planned on the French coast to celebrate this special day: so grab your shamrock and rub your rabbit’s foot – St. Patrick’s Day is just on the other side of the rainbow!

and 100 captains not only from France but also from Monaco, Italy, Germany, Spain, the UK, Switzerland, Austria, Romania and the US. The three-day show was held in the Bastion Saint Jaume in Port Vauban, and on the Quay Camille Rayon, following the cancellation of the 2015 Antibes Yacht Show. According to ASAP, this year’s event will no longer be held because the city of Antibes has decided to dedicate 2016 to the awarding of a management agreement for the Ports Vauban and Gallice for the coming years, from 2017. This ambitious new approach is strategic and effectively mobilises the teams of the Port and the City. “If Antibes, the first port in Europe for yachting, loses its place this year in the international yachting calendar, it is likely that the new management should be able to create favourable conditions to hold a large event related to yachting in the coming years,” says ASAP. “Generally, this major evolution in the management of the two major ports of Antibes should mark the beginning of a new era in the development of yachting activity in Antibes.” In the meantime, ASAP says it will refocus its activities on its members.

Deckers Antibes (+33) 493 650 579 7 Rue Honoré Ferrare, Antibes

Deckers Antibes We’ve been busy bees this

There will be live music and celebration drinks at the Blue Lady Pub. The Quays and the Irish Hop Store Pubs will also be organizing drinks and music for those who want to get their dancing shoes on and there will also be several bar crawls organized in Nice and Cannes. So we hope to see you all out dressed in green, and perhaps spot a leprechaun or two!


ISLANDER Log in via:

GIBRALTAR AROUND THE REGIONS never been sailing before and two young children do not constitute a crew - no matter that only a short a trip was planned from one berth to another in the same marina. In fact it was not simply from one berth to another because the skipper had decided that he would make a small excursion into the Bay and back.

Putting to Sea Be Prepared An incident last weekend inspired this piece. It is easy to forget that humans were not designed to be at sea. The sea is a hostile environment and before putting to sea you need to be confident about the vessel, its crew and its passage plan. The incident last weekend was entirely avoidable. We had just completed a sale and the new owner want to move his boat to his new berth within the same marina. He decided to take his young family with him in what should have been very simple trip. Instead the short trip turned into a traumatic experience which may well affect how often they use the boat in future. First let’s look at the boat. The boat had been surveyed on the previous day at a nearby yard. She went to the yard and back successfully in the teeth of an easterly gale. But on the evening of the incident her engine stopped and could not be re-started. Later the cause of the problem was identified as the diesel bug which caused fuel to jellify and clog up the fuel line and uplift pump. How many surveyors test for the diesel bug? I have yet to find one! What about the crew? The skipper was certainly competent and had just completed a Day Skipper course the previous week. He was enthusiastic and excited to get his hands on his new boat, but a wife who has

This brings me back to the planning. Although a passage plan did not seem necessary, going out at sunset on a winter’s evening with no one ashore knowing what plan you have in your head is a recipe for disaster. An hour after the boat left her berth I received a phone call from a very concerned skipper saying he was rapidly drifting into the Bay, in the darkness, into the path of commercial traffic. I told him to put out a request for assistance on his VHF radio but fifteen minutes later he was back on the mobile saying the VHF wasn’t working and his mobile was running out of battery. By this time his wife was being violently seasick and the kids were frightened. Setting off on a boat without knowing how to operate basic equipment like the VHF radio is unsound to say the least. This story had a happy ending the authorities, with my help, located the yacht and towed it back into the marina. The skipper’s ego is permanently dented and it is unlikely that his wife will ever step on the boat again or allow her children to go either. How could all of this have been avoided? 1. Meticulous preparation! 2. Be aware that diesel bug can affect an engine without showing signs before it strikes. I have been looking up how to avoid it, how to test for it and how to deal with it. This story has scared me and made me aware of many safety measures we should all take, but do not always think about.

. 61

MALLORCA LIFESTYLE of author Father Antonio Pasqual stands by the church; he wrote a biography of the philosopher Ramon Llull. The Bishop applied his own laws but few criminals were caught and those tried in court were rarely punished. He also decided how the limited water supplies would be distributed across the valley, causing arguments amongst the farmers. The local priest then ordered the villagers to give their money to the church rather than Palma’s tax collectors. The area’s failure to acknowledge the crown’s orders wishes was brought to the attention of King Sancho of Mallorca and he introduced the Pariatge Treaty in 1323 to stop the anarchy.

Sunset over Andratx

Andratx People have been living in the hills around Andratx since preTalayotic times and Bronze Age camps have been found in caves at Son Fortuny and Son Bosc. Community houses called naviforms (so named because they are shaped like a boat’s hull) came next but they were replaced by walled settlements at Biniorella and Son Fortuny around 1300 BC. Carthaginian and Greek ships may have used the natural harbour but the Romans certainly settled in the area, building a villa at Son Mas; now the site of the town

Son Mas town hall 62


hall. Vandal and Byzantine ships may have anchored in the sheltered waters but few people lived in the area until the Moors captured Mallorca in 902 AD. Historians argue whether the name Andratx is Arabic or Latin with the Latin version coming from the word ‘antra’ for caves. Whatever the result, a settlement grew on the lower slopes of Galatzo Hill, between two streams, in the district called Ahwãz Al-Medina. Remains of houses and mosque have been discovered in Carrer Estrella (Star Street). There were also a number farms in the area called Ator,

Buendar, Biniorella, Tor and Salmanoir. Each farmer dug a channels and water tanks to direct the stream water to their mills and terraces. However, the community was isolated from the rest of the island, cut off by steep sided hills from the Moors’ capital, Medina Mayurqa (what is now Palma). The area was given to Berenguer de Palou, the Bishop of Barcelona, following the capture of Mallorca by King James the Conqueror of Aragon in 1229. The parish church was dedicated to Santa Maria in 1248 but it was enlarged in the 14th Century and what we see today was built in the 1700s. A statue

The marina and fishing village

There were uprisings across the island in 1521, in what became known as the Brotherhoods War. Andratx’s starving peasants rose against the rich Fortuny family and besieged them in the Sagrament Tower. Imperial troops came to Mallorca in February 1522 and they had stamped out the uprising by the end of the year. The Sagrament Tower is on the east side of town, standing over Son Mas manor house; today it is the town hall. Ottoman fleets from North Africa began raiding Mallorca at the beginning of the 15th Century. Plans to fortify Andratx were discussed and a bell tower was added to

MALLORCA LIFESTYLE alarm when the Ottomans attacked on 2 August 1578 and the village militia were able to drive them off. Andratx celebrates its violent history with its Moors versus Christian’s fiesta on the first weekend in August.

The port’s watchtower the church so it could warn the villagers if pirates were approaching. But it was some time before a wall was completed. Fortunately, the village’s isolated position meant it was ignored by the authorities and raiders alike. But an attack on 24 August 1553 prompted further action. The San Carlos Tower was built on the La Mola headland on the south side of the harbour as part of the chain of watchtowers around Mallorca’s coastline. It was in contact with the watchtower on Dragonera Island to the north and with Santa Ponça’s Castle via Andritxol watchtower to the south. Na Gaiana Tower is tucked away on Carrer de Murada and the garrison could see San Carlos tower on Sa Mola, above Puerto Andratx and Dragonera Island. The garrison sounded the

To find San Carlos fort follow the road along the quayside and turn right at the end onto Calle San Carlos. Drive past the villas to the top of La Mola and see some wonderful views of the Andratx valley and Dragonera Island. The 16th and 17th Century were hard times for the peasants living in Andratx as poor harvests led to poverty and starvation. Andratx expanded into two suburbs, called Pantaleu and Pou Amunt, but many people left, hoping to make their living in Palma. The town was the main centre of population until the 19th Century but there had always been a few fishermen’s huts on the sea front. The farming and fishing industries improved in 18th Century and the confiscation of the lands from the Bishop of Barcelona in 1835, after nearly 600 years of church ownership, allowed new industries to prosper. But the boom did not last forever and the economy went into decline at the end of the 19th Century. Many people emigrated to Cuba or France and the situation did not improve until tourism arrived in the 1960s.

San Carlos Tower

Mending the nets Puerto Andratx surrounds the natural harbour two miles to the west and it benefited the most from the tourist boom. There are now shops and restaurants around the old fishing village while the marina occupies the north side of the bay. At the right time of year it can be a perfect place to watch a Mallorcan sunset. But there are reminder of the fishing village’s difficult past. The tiny Our Lady of Carmen Church where fishermen prayed for a

safe voyage and a good catch is near the quayside. Sant Francesc tower, which warned the fisherman that pirates were approaching, is on nearby Calle Rodríguez Acosta. To find out more about Mallorca’s history visit www. or join the Facebook page of the same name for all sorts of pictures and facts, both old and new.

The natural harbour

. 63


The trail follows the torrent of Biniaraix, which makes its way beneath sheer cliffs and through idyllic, cool and shady terraces, down to Biniaraix and beyond. We eventually arrive at the pretty village of Binairaix, where we pass the old village wash house on our way to a tiny bar where we can stop for a drink. Please note that this hike forms part of Stage 4 of the GR221 or Dry Stone Route and in this context it is usually approached from Sóller to the reservoir and then on to the Tossals refuge to stay overnight. Highlights: Spectacular views from the top of L’Ofre, and as for the descent into the Sóller valley.... View from Puig del Ofre Nina Harjula (+34) 699 906 009 mallorcahiking

Walk of the Month March 2016: Cúber to Biniaraix This spectacular and unforgettable linear walk has fantastic views all the way, and can be tackled from either end! Downhill is pretty easy with the added benefit of being able to enjoy the views ahead of you all the way. If you have bad knees though its

free lemons Biniaraix 64


best to approach it from the other direction and climb uphill. On the downhill route, our starting point is the Cúber reservoir, which we walk alongside enjoying the open mountain scenery and following an easy track into the woods and along the paths of the Ofre estate. This is an excellent spot to see birds of prey - particularly the Black Vulture, which can often be seen circling overhead. A detour to the summit of L’Ofre, at just over 1,000

sea shell fossil Puig del Ofre

meters, is well worth the effort and a short scramble, for the spectacular 360º views from the top. You can see right over to the Bay of Palma, as well as the Bay of Alcudia and the east of the island. With binoculars you can even spot the Castle of Alaro perched at the top of the Puig d’Alaro! Continuing on our route down into Sóller, we enter a stunning gorge, the Barranc de Biniaraix where we begin our spectacular and steep descent via an ancient cobbled pilgrim’s path.

Facts about this walk: • Area: North West. • Length: 14km • Walking Time: 4hrs (breaks not included). • Ascent/descent: 150m/850m. • Difficulty: Challenging. Upcoming open group walks in March 2016: 2nd March: Alaro Castle Excursion - Moors and Christians 8th March: Monastic Wandering from Sant Elm 16th March: A Feast of Flora & Fauna on Na Burgesa 22nd March: Hike to the summit of Puig Galatzó 30th March: Castle Ruins and Panoramic Views

Barranc de Biniaraix

. 65


Glynis German Presenter, The Happiness Café Radio Show Mondays 10am - Mallorca Sunshine Radio 106.1FM (repeats Tuesdays at 8pm)

Culturally Enriching Mallorca How would one define the culture of Mallorca? Can it be defined easily or should we talk about the culture of Spain in general. A brief definition of the word culture brings us this: a way of thinking, behaving or working that exists in a place or organisation (Merriam Webster). Here in Mallorca, creative things are happening and some inspiring individuals are doing all they can to not only bring our attention to the arts, but also in supporting the arts and culture as well as the talented artists who use Mallorca for their inspiration.

Joan, an Inquero always, felt it was time to acknowledge that the town was more than just a leather producing town and with such a centre acknowledging the arts and artisans, Fàbrica Ramis is bringing attention that Inca has always been known for its craft and now it can be known for so much more. A second cultural centre, also in Inca, is Can Monroig, and the home of Robert López Hilton and Marie-Noëlle Ginard, a building dating back to Gothic times in what may have been part of the old Jewish quarter of Inca, steeped in history.

“Why should art just be exposed in a museum or an art gallery? Why can’t art be shown anywhere and everywhere, including our homes?” says Robert. “I believe art is a way of life and that we need to make it more of a process and an expression, and not just pretty landscapes on walls. At Can Monroig for the last year, we have been working with local artist and teacher, Manuel Santiago, on building paintings. He and MarieNoëlle have been painting furniture, taking turns in creating works of art on top of each other’s work, leaving their ego behind to work collaboratively, honestly as well as expressively. We shall exhibit these pieces in an exhibition later this month but it has been an interesting and satisfying process for the artists.”

founder with Sally FenauxBarleycorn of Kreakolektiva, a multidisciplinary and collaborative network of creatives from Mallorca. Matthew’s love and respect of the arts and artists is enormous. He himself is a film director and photographer and creative in his own right. “By bringing creatives together and allowing them to hear each other’s stories, including their struggles, allows us to grow together as well as create together.” relates Matthew. “From the 12x5 meetings we hold on a regular basis in which twelve creatives speak for five minutes about their work or project, we have created a community in which artists are working together. Local film maker Curly Comas, for example, recently made a film about the Seabin project with Australian Pete Ceglinski. Doing it alone as an artist is hard work, bringing artists together makes it easier and enriches our culture.” Mallorca is a jewel in her own right and her crown is her culture, her art and the gathering of artists, both local and international who are supported in all that they do. Fàbrica.Ramis Can Monroig Kreakolektiva

Another individual supporting the arts is Matthew Clark, founder of the Tower of Love in Palma and co© Albert Bravo)

A place offering the best of local culture, arts, cuisine and education is Fàbrica Ramis in Inca, a centre created to generate ideas and which opened it doors last autumn in the centre of the town. As

its name suggests, it is an old textile factory of some 4300m2 distributed across four sections on two floors. Owner, Joan Ramis, decided to convert the factory into a centre which would offer cultural events, education, business innovation as well as co-working - a shared space to work. There is also a restaurant using the principals of slow food on its menu organic and local all the way!

Robert and Marie-Noëlle are artists, interior designers, creators and restorers using sustainable methods in all that they do. They moved to Inca in 2007 and sustainably restored Can Monroig, discovering a history of the property going back more than 1,000 years. Their home today is also a showroom in which clients can see how transformation of old properties can take place. It is also a small, intimate space to host artistic and cultural events and above all, Can Monroig is the flagship here in Mallorca for sustainable restoration and creative decor.

Can Monroig 66


Fàbrica Ramis

Founders Kreakolektiva

. 67

MALLORCA LIFESTYLE The growth of the event was partly due to the support of event partner ClipperTelemed+, a joint venture between Clipper Ventures Plc and PRAXES Medical Group providing remote medical assistance for seafarers.

From the left : Phil Wade, Anthony Just & Anna Wardley Marine Inspirations FB: ‘MarineInspirations’

Cork-popping Success as Marine Inspirations Big Bottle of Wine Party Raises €10,500 The third annual Marine Inspirations Big Bottle of Wine Party raised a record €10,500 on Friday to run ongoing programmes to introduce less advantaged young people to careers in the superyacht industry. The party was hosted by Phil Wade and Anthony Just, who founded Marine Inspirations in 2014 to provide young people from South Africa and many other countries - who would otherwise not have access to this unique opportunity - with hands-on seamanship experience and an insight into working in the superyacht and international maritime industry. Over 130 guests gathered at the Club de Mar - Mallorca, Spain, to enjoy an evening of delicious finger-food served

by the Taronja Negre Mar restaurant, with fine wine generously supplied by Can Feliu Estate vineyard, with live music from Andrew Spence and Anthony Just, and a boisterous and engaging fundraising raffle and auction. “I’m absolutely staggered by the success of this year’s Big Bottle of Wine Party,” said event- founder, Phil Wade. “We have almost doubled the number of guests compared to last year, and have more than doubled the amount of money we raised,” Phil said. Over 48 litres of wine in bottles containing 18 litres (a Melchior), 15 litres (a Nebuchadnezzar) and 12 litres (a Balthazar) served from a custom-built wooden guncarriage made by Phil were consumed in the first two hours of the party alone. “If the amount of wine drunk is the barometer of how much fun we had, I think it’s fair to say that people had a huge amount of fun,” Phil added.

Creative Solutions for Superyachts Glazing Perspex & Felted Fabrications Refit Engineering Solutions Air Spring Designs & Custom Seals


+34 678 899 038



“We are extremely grateful to our event partner ClipperTelemed+, whose generous support of the Marine Inspirations Big Bottle of Wine Party means we’ve raised more money to run programmes for young people from less advantaged backgrounds,” Anthony Just said. Clipper Telemed+ Chairman, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to sail solo and non-stop around the world in 1968-69, recorded a special video message for the Big Bottle of Wine Party, which was shown on Friday evening. “We at Clipper are delighted to be associated with Marine Inspirations, an organisation which summarises what we very strongly support getting young people into a good career at sea. Through supporting the Big Bottle of Wine Party we hope that people will be encouraged to not only take a look at ClipperTelemed+ but mainly to get people behind this great initiative,” Sir Robin said. A wide range of companies and individuals donated items for the fundraiser including a week-long getaway in Galicia, a sunset cruise on the classic 1930s schooner Aloha-J of Cariba, a private dining experience hosted by a superyacht chef and a unique piece of 3D artwork. British Endurance swimmer Anna Wardley was also present at the party helping to raise funds for Marine Inspirations, one of the three organisations she is supporting through her Balearic Swim Challenge. The first leg of the challenge from Menorca to Mallorca is scheduled for May 2016.

Corsa Restaurant Calle San Magi 76 Santa Catalina (+34) 971 960 339

Martin Garrido “Corso Restaurant in Santa Catalina (See Restaurant review) will have a drinks & snacks evening to celebrate the opening of their restaurant. Victoria and Dorka will at the same time present, their friend Martin Garrido an artist from Cataluña, living and working in Mallorca. Martin has shown his works right across the whole of Spain, his works show a brave side of a mixture between vivid colours and great classics of the Barroc era. Come and meet him and decide for yourself. Wednesday 16thof March at 20.00h.

MALLORCA LIFESTYLE classic cars and motorcycles attending the parade on the Paseo in January – an event enjoyed by several thousand visitors - as part of the San Sebastian activities, whilst also collecting food for the Palma Am Els (Palma Without Hunger) initiative. A video and photos of the event can be seen at www.

Hamish Goddard: (+34) 626 107 775 MCW Coordination: Dr. Roman Hummelt (+34) 971 727 90 (+34) 650 874 013 roman.hummelt@

Mallorca Classic Week 21 – 25 September 2016 The 2016 Classic Car and Motorcycle season has got off to a wonderful start, with a parade of over 350

With an ever-burgeoning status as a primary location for the enjoyment of motoring classics, Mallorca is going to welcome another stunning event to the 2016 calendar when an International Concours d’Elegance for vintage cars and motorcycles will be organized for the first time on the island. Port Adriano, Driving Mallorca, The Classic Car Club of Mallorca, the American Car Club and vintage motorcycle tour specialists Albion Motorcycles are working alongside various other institutions to co-operated under the banner of Mallorca Classic Week for the benefit of local charitable beneficiaries , including the JoyRon Foundation and AEA SOLIDARIA. Jointly hosted by the Clubs, the inaugural Mallorca Classic Week taking place in September 2016 will offer a great incentive for classic car, motorcycle and yacht owners from abroad to travel to the island. Classic cars and motorcycles are fast becoming as much of a feature of Mallorca as the many beautiful classic yachts that pass through the island, providing the impetus for the organising Clubs to add another date in the diary celebrating the finest in the genre that the world has to offer, whilst also enabling those participating to enjoy some of the most breathtaking and finest driving roads in Europe.

positive, with entries coming in 9 months ahead of the start. Limits for particpants of the Welcome Barbecue, the Pleasure Drives, the Classic Car Festival and the Mallorca Sightseeing Rallye can be checked at www. The number of participants for the International Concours d´Elegance will be limited to 50 cars and 20 motorcycles, the cars and motorcycles will be handpicked by the jury. 36 applications already have been received from the island and all over Europe. Potential entrants should know that the finest Seat 600 is just as welcome as more extraordinary vehicles – and there is a great number on the island! Balearia Ferries, as a new sponsor amongst a growing list, is offering a 50 % discount for vehicles and 40 % on passengers for participants of MCW for passages from Denia, Valencia and Barcelona to Mallorca.

25 years with contemporary changes allowed, with entrants adding to the atmosphere by being asked to dress for the Concourse d’Elegance in a contemporary style fitting the period of their vehicles. Port Adriano and the Philippe Stark-designed marina building provide the perfect setting for an event of this kind for individuals and families, as much as for enthusiasts. Admission for spectators is free. As well as the numerous restaurants on site, affordable food and drinks facilities will be available in Port Adriano following the theme of the American Car Show Hamburgers, hot dogs and other snacks.

Classic Cars and motorcycles need to be of an age over

The reaction of classic motorists to the concept has been overwhelmingly

. 69

NEWS 4 STEWS a lot of flexibility and support from the Captains and crew on board.

Emmeline Gee

Stew of the Month Fiona Davis This month’s Stew of the Month is the Fiona Davis with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with several times. What did you do before yachting, and how did your yachting career first begin? Before yachting, I did a Bachelor of Sport & Leisure Degree, majoring in Hospitality Management at home in Hamilton, New Zealand. After living in Sydney for a short time, yachting fell into my lap! Back then, there were many jobs, and very few crew - I found an advert on strangely enough! I was interviewed with hundreds of girls for various roles in the owners’ yachts, villas and private jets ... 6 of us were chosen for the yacht and I arrived in Cannes a month later to M.Y. Montkaj. After one season onboard, I did my STCW95 and joined the boat where I would spend almost the next three years, M.Y. High Chaparral. What has been your favourite boat you’ve worked on, and why? There are favourite aspects of every boat I have worked on - they’re all different! Things like itinerary, awesome owners, great crew, and now, I am lucky to have a combination of all of that on M.Y. Baton Rouge. I’ve developed a whole new creative side because I have 70


What are the best and worst parts about working on-board? One of the best parts of working on a yacht is the social aspect. I like being around people (whether it be crew, guests or owners), I like engaging with them, although - that can be the job’s downfall some days too! On the flip side - one of the worst parts about working on yachts is being so far away from friends and family, and the uncertainty of when and where you will be next. How do you keep sane on charter? Keeping sane on charter is easier said than done sometimes! Music is good we have it on throughout the yacht, including the pantry it is imperative to be able to have a sing-along with other crew while washing up at 4am! What are your best strategies for spoiling charter guests? Prior to a charter, (if you’re lucky) you get to have some contact with the Principal or their PA - this gives you a better feel for who they are and what they like. As you meet your new guests, you generally can tell straight away what kind of ‘people’ they are: e.g. if they are the type who will love being taken to the most remote snorkelling spots with a

massage team waiting for them on the private white sandy beach, having their favourite cocktails while watching the sunset; or the people who love to interact with crew during a mini Olympics/combined BBQ/ excursions ashore; or prefer to be spoiled with things like ridiculously elaborate tables and flowers, tasting menus and silver service etc. As you gain experience, you learn to read people well and can deliver the amazing experiences that suit them best. What is the coolest thing you’ve done for charter guests? It may not have been the coolest thing I’ve ever done for guests, but it was the best received. We had a charter with 5 kids, 3 nannies, mum, dad (Principal) and grandparents. Four days in, we sent the kids off the boat with crew and the grandparents for pizza and activities ashore without the principals knowing. We then set up for a romantic dinner on the swim platform while we were anchored in the beautiful North Sound, British Virgin Islands. We surrounded the platform with tea lights, hurricane lamps, fairy lights, her favourite flowers and music, and set an intimate table for the two of them, and served them a 7 course menu from our brilliant chef, with wine to match.

What is your signature cocktail? My signature cocktail is one I sampled (a few times!) at home in a great little cocktail bar! So I stole it from there and adapted it slightly. It is called the ‘Capri Lemon Drop’. It is a combination of Lemon Curd, freshly squeezed Capri Lemons (if you have them) and good vodka, topped with whipped egg whites and sugar, garnished with a lemon twist. It’s so delicious and goes down a treat after dinner! What is your favourite yachting destination? My favourite yachting destination has to be Croatia! It’s such a gorgeous country, becoming more popular with yachts which also means the infrastructure is improving - making life easier for us and our guests. Also, my grandparents were born there so as well as being stunning to cruise, I have family history there. If you owned a yacht, what would you do differently? If I owned a yacht, I would go off the beaten track. Explore remote destinations with unspoilt beaches, wildlife, fabulous dive spots and very few super yachts. Best housekeeping tip/hack? Hydrogen Peroxide! Works wonders on the right surfaces and fabrics! If you could give your 20yr old self one piece of advice, what would it be? If I had advice for my 20 year old self it would be to have started saving money from the get go rather than 4 years in! Pay off student debt sooner rather than buying so many pairs of sunglasses... What’s your plan for the future? Well, if I knew that myself it’d be brilliant! I will be living in New Zealand in the next couple of years, and careerwise, I’d like to still have some involvement in the industry but I haven’t quite figured out what I’ll be doing yet!

NEWS 4 STEWS March Events 1st Balearic Day – A public holiday for all of the Balearic Islands, with some markets and activities to celebrate.

24th Maundy Thursday – Various parades and celebrations around Mallorca, including a big parade in Palma, and other processions and events in Sant Llourenc, Felanitx, Pollenca and Artá.

20th Palm Sunday – Celebration of Easter begin with the church blessings of palm and olive branches to place over doorways, and the eating of traditional pies and pastries.

. 71

NEWS 4 STEWS What do you do now? I’m a busy lady! I’m a Charter Manager at McMaster Yachts. The company is expanding and specifically in the Charter department so its a really exciting time to be involved. I am pleased to be using the knowledge and understanding I have of the industry to apply it to this area of work. I also work part-time as the Palma representative for Onshore Cellars wine suppliers.

From Ship to Shore: Gemma Tindale Every month I interview someone who has made the transition from working and living on a yacht to a landbased life. This month I spoke with Gemma Tindale, who now works at Master Yachts. How long did you work in yachting? I worked a total of 8 years in yachting, starting as a Junior Stewardess on a 50M Perini Navi, based in Barcelona and ended up as Chief Stewardess and Purser on a world cruising, 93M Lurssen. Can you tell me about your yachting career – highlights, low points? I think I say the same as most people when asked this question: it’s all about the people! I have worked with some wonderful people: the truly brilliant Chief Stewardesses that trained me well; Captains that boosted my confidence and showed me support; and inspirational Junior Crew of the next generation that have boundless energy for what they are doing. I was also lucky enough to travel around the world and visited some really far flung places like Indonesia & South East Asia, Hong Kong, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Galapogos & New York… not in that order! I went diving with sharks in Fiji and kitesurfed in Brazil, I bungeed and sky dived along Pacific coastline, I learnt to 72


free dive and trained as a yoga teacher, all because of the window of opportunity that yachting opened up. I feel very fortunate; needless to say, I worked extremely hard for all my years of experience. Of course there are low points too, missing family at Christmas, missing birthdays of my own and of others. Missing TIME, having it and spending it how and with whom you choose. In my opinion though, it was worth it! How did you know it was time for you to make the move to land? My husband, Dan and I met on board 6 years ago and we have been married for 3½ years but worked on different yachts for 18months of that time. I missed him and we started to grow apart. We both agreed on a quick change. Moving to land permanently fell into place in Palma and we just bought our first property here. I didn’t really know it was time - it just happened this way. What was the most difficult thing about the transition? Change is always scary, but always a good thing in the end. I feel quite sensible now, and a bit older. Hindsight seems to hound me for how we were living as young, fun, carefree Yachties. I actually think the hardest thing was when everyone left Palma this winter to cross, (including Dan), and I was

left alone. I love my job and life now and the fact that it is actually two separate things; however, when you feel lonely it can make things seem more difficult. What was the best thing about it? I feel so grounded. It’s really living. I have made some wonderful new friends and I found I have so much energy for my new job as well as my pursuits in teaching Yoga & VOGA in between. The best thing is NOW. Making our house a home and making our home available to all family and friends to come to stay and enjoy being back together with them after years of being far away. The best thing is being on this rock, with a new community, and putting our hard earnings towards a settled future. What do you miss most about yachting? Being cooked for!

At weekends, I teach VOGA and Yoga. I have collaborated with Santa Catalina art gallery “ABA art LAB”, and teach VOGA there every Saturday at 10.30am. Our goal at VOGA HQ in London is to bring the fusion of yoga and vogueing to fashion and art realms. As pioneer and good friend, Juliet puts it, “VOGA is headspace. It’s dance and a way to get lost in the movement and the meditative power of repetition. It’s about ditching goals and just ‘letting it flow’, as Madonna says. More info on the House of Voga facebook page and www. On Sundays at 19:00, I teach a therapeutic class at ZUNRAY, scheduled to the end of March. Do you have any advice for fellow yachties about going land-based? Have a small plan, not a strict one. Try not to get crystal ball syndrome and look too far into the future. Enjoy grounding and feeling rooted and go with the flow!

Refit Linen, Cabin Linen for Guests & Crew, Towels, Guest Toiletries & Turndown Treats. Interior & Bathroom Accessories.

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(+34) 651 606 569


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Open for Provisioning orders We are ready to take your provisioning orders - fish, meat, speciality goods and drinks.

Delicioso Launch New Spring Crew Food Menu A new freshly prepared menu with lots of tasty and healthy choices for spring. Weekly changing menu of hot meals, salads and gourmet sandwich meal deals.

Cotoner, 21bj Santa Catalina, Palma

Katy Rosales: The Galley Club March 2016 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 8th

Hot Japanese food Basic traditional Thai food Art of plating Indian food Thai food advance Sushi

We can provide pre-season wine quotes using an array of specialist suppliers.

9th 10th 11th 12th 15th 17th 18th 22nd 23rd 28th

How to get perfect rice Cooking for singles Baking bread Tapas gourmet Seafood Olive oil & wine taste and dinner American pastry Cookies & muffins Cooking for couples Two weeks yacht cookery courses


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. 73

NEWS 4 STEWS requirements and yet be able to make for example a vegan nacho cheese that will fool any client that is not made from milk/dairy, does not use nuts, is gluten free, and will not pose any allergic risk to them.

Manuel Lynch Founder, Sabor Vegan Culinary Academy Mallorca (+34) 717 106 875

Recipe for Success Running Europe’s leading Vegan cooking school teaches you a thing or two about how a yacht chef can improve their CV and skills and make the transition at some point from cooking in a galley to being the private chef for a private family. I am not suggesting that all private family chef jobs are turning vegan, but rather I am suggesting that yacht chefs have an unusual set of circumstances that prepares them to bypass most any other trained chef in meeting the demands of a private family. Additionally, what you learn at Sabor Vegan Academy in Mallorca is how to meet the food and safety requirements set forth by European Union Legislation that requires all menus, meals, prepared food, and packaged food to meet some very strict labeling guidelines. Simply put “food safety” and the word “allergy” are becoming synonymous.



According to the European Academy of Allergy, food allergies affect more than 17 million, or 3-4% of people across Europe. There are thousands of reported allergic reactions in the course of a given month and each time it was because people were told it was fine to eat something that it later turned out caused a massive allergic reaction. Some five thousand people need treatment in hospital for severe allergic reactions each year in the UK, and some cases are fatal - causing an average of 10 deaths annually. Experts say the majority of these deaths and visits to hospital are avoidable, and some are a result of people being given incorrect information about ingredients. Under the new legislation (EU FIC Food Information for Consumers Regulation), customers must be told if their food contains any of the following: celery, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, dairy/milk/cheese, eggs, lupin, molluscs, mustard, nuts, peanuts (not actually a nut, it is a bean), sesame seeds, soya (found in lots of ingredients), and sulphur dioxide a preservative used in meat and alcohol for example.

Additionally, new studies have shown that the animal bacteria used in some wines made in Spain to accelerate fermentation have very detrimental effects on about 70% of the world population. The World Health Organization report on how Red Meat, Pork, and Chicken are among the top reasons for increased cancers published in November of 2015 also brings client onboard seeking chefs that can adapt to their needs. So the yacht chef world is about to get much more complicated due to insurance companies wanting to make sure crew is trained in these food safety topics. At Sabor Vegan Academy we teach students how to recognize why a customer or client has a specific dietary need or constraint. Those reasons might be for health, religion, environmental or merely the latest fashion trend. We show students how to adapt to meet those allergy

We don’t teach how to eat “Rabbit Food” at our academy, we teach how to elaborate amazing and unique flavors that might delight that guest that comes on board that is looking for a chef that can handle their personal home needs on Terra Firma where one of the family members has high blood pressure, another has diabetes, two have converted to veganism, and an uncle who lives with them will only eat local products that support a zero carbon footprint. At our academy we teach students how to adapt and market themselves to be able to meet any of these needs. Furthermore we show tricks, tips, and tools to use where a chef can always be original, creative and memorable to clients. So instead of providing you a Vegan recipe this month I thought I would share a recipe for success on how yacht chefs can launch their careers to the next level. And please remember, less than 10% of students that come to our academy are vegan - they come to learn about this new and emerging trend in the world of gastronomy. To learn more come to www. or call us and we can provide a private instructor to come on board to train you and your crew.


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NEWS 4 STEWS on the washing-up by eating curries with naan bread and Thais serve sticky rice with just about anything so they can roll little balls of rice, dent one end with their thumb, and use that to scoop up meat or fish from the communal pot.

Marc Fosh Michelin Starred Chef

Finger Lickin’ Good! Whether you’re after fun party food or sophisticated canapes, serving up great finger food is always a great option! I always think the Spanish do great, simple finger food really well. Things like croquetas, fried crispy calamar, wedges of Spanish omelette and thinly sliced Serrano ham are all perfect examples of food that seem to taste so much better when eaten without the aid of a knife and a fork. I remember when I first moved this country watching some Spanish friends attacking a plate of simply grilled prawns with their fingers, showing great dexterity as they quickly peeled the tails from the tender prawns before popping them into their mouths. It wasn’t pretty but it was great fun and I soon realised that if you don’t master the peeling process quickly and really get stuck in…you might go hungry in Spain! The Spanish are not alone in their love of finger food. Iranians wrap their kebabs in flat bread to make them easier to eat. Indians save

The Italians have great crostini and bruchetta along with perhaps the most perfect of finger food of all time…a freshly baked pizza; the slices should be just too big to eat politely in one mouthful but too small to even consider eating in two. The risk of ending up with most of it all over your shirt should also be present. Anything served on Skewers also make’s perfect finger food but if you are looking for something a little more elegant you could wrapped asparagus spears in Serrano ham or try these simple smoked salmon and avocado dips. I know there are those who recoil at the idea of eating with their fingers and give the whole notion the big thumbsdown, but I personally love the feel of food and if you don’t do that around most of my friends…you will simply starve. Avocado, Chilli & Lime Dip with Dukkah Ingredients: 3 ripe avocados 2 tbs olive oil 1tbp chopped chives 1 garlic clove 1tsp Tabasco sauce 1 red chilli, finely chopped juice of 2 limes ½ tsp sea salt 2 pitta breads Cut the avocados in half lengthways, remove the

stones and peel. Put the avocado in a food processor with the lime juice, olive oil, Tabasco, garlic, chopped chives and sea salt. Blend until you have a light green puree. Transfer the cream to a bowl and sprinkle with chopped chilli & dukkah. Serve with cucumber sticks. Dukkah Ingredients: 250g sesame seeds 135g coriander seeds 100g hazelnuts 75g cumin seeds Salt and pepper to taste Lightly roast the seeds and nuts in a hot oven until they begin to colour and release their aroma. Put them in a

food processor and grind them to form a dry mixture. Do not over work them. Creamy Smoked Salmon, Lemon & Chive Dip Ingredients (serves 4): 200 g cream cheese, at room temperature 100 ml natural yoghurt 4 tbsp chopped chives 70 g smoked salmon Juice of one lemon Freshly ground black pepper A pinch of paprika In a food processor, combine the smoked salmon with the cream cheese, yoghurt, chives, lemon juice and black pepper. Blend until smooth. Turn out into a bowl and finish with a sprinkling of paprika.


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Whether it is 1 or 100 items, all orders will be treated with the same personal and professional service as always. Visit us in the shop, online, or call for a personal meeting at your convenience. Centro Comercial Illetas



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Home & Yacht Linen & Interiors Calle Caro 9, Santa Catalina (+34) 697 914 233

The Headache of Refit Fine china to fitted sheets, duvets to dock mats. These are just a few of the hundreds of items that feature on a typical ‘to do’ list of any Chief Stew as they prepare for the Med season ahead. One of the problems is that in order to check these off the list the stew has to call or visit a dozen different companies and wade through a dozen different quotes and product specs. Not anymore. Home & Yacht Linens and Interiors in Palma de Mallorca take your entire list and provide you with one concise quote listing all the options and costs. They even go so far as to make recommendations based on in depth product knowledge and suitability for a busy yacht. Home & Yacht started out producing guest and crew

bed linens and have branched out into interior and owners accessories. Company director, Danny Burnard told us “This last season saw a rise in owner accessories, those small luxurious touches of jewellery boxes or elegant cigar humidors and games compendia. Stews tell us that these double as great crew gifts for an owner’s birthday too” Each year the team visit new suppliers and design exhibitions to identify trends for the year and select new items for their showroom. Co-director Philip Hay added “We are developing our high end collection this season with china and silverware displays from Robbe and Berking, Christofle, Ercuis and Legle amongst others. Our tableware offering is really quite impressive” he added “but we haven’t forgotten our bed linen roots and we continue to introduce new fabrics to our guest and crew linen ranges as well as strengthening our partnerships with brands such

as Frette, Matouk, Schlossberg and Pratesi.

the headache out of the refit ‘to do’ list.

They now have the largest dedicated showroom and workshop for yacht linens, interiors and bespoke mattresses in the Med and with worldwide delivery and their new South of France & Barcelona service the Home & Yacht team are really taking

The heart of the Home & Yacht now lies firmly with all things interior and creates a One Stop Shop for stews. For help with your to do list this refit season contact Home & Yacht and let them do all the hard work for you.

French Pastries Delivered to Your Yacht

Delicious English Breakfasts & Full Lunch Menu Available

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dna certified kobi beef dorset lamb free range organic chicken certified black angus wild fish scotch salmon

simon jones

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. 77


Galley Goddess Beans, pulses, of all types, bless them, they provide us with such a balanced, healthy diet, known for their richness in disease fighting antioxidants. These amazing diverse group of foods including black beans, pinto beans, chickpeas, peanuts and lentils are actually amazingly good for your heart. Interesting fun fact dear Islanders, our bodies aren’t just our own: they’re also home to literally hundreds of different types of bacteria, the total number somewhere around 100 trillion. And you are worried about a boozy Friday night out at the Corner Bar? These bacteria, apparently are our friends, breaking down fats, cleaning out our intestines and providing us with various vitamins and minerals we can’t make ourselves. Taking care of



our bacteria is like tending a garden, you have to make sure they have enough food, enough water that the PH level is conducive to growth and they are happy. Not so much for your fellow crew members, hey? They are definitely not happy when after a lunch of lentil soup they realise they are living in a scene from Blazing Saddles; indubitably the greatest movie fart scene of all time. I’m sure, good people you’ve had that one crew member, that flatulent crop duster. You know, that sly person that slowly travels around a room, letting off small, but effective sticky gas bombs and generally pollutes the area. Your poor engineer is running around convinced that the black tanks have a leak and everyone are gagging and only breathing through their mouths. But, let’s clear the air here. - It’s that farting ninja, a dodgy bugger that are letting those evil, silent

brown darts rip. Nahhh, ya can’t blame it on the dog, the forgetful elderly relative, but let’s blame it on the day workers. Yes, let’s do that. Hahaha, I remember, whilst in the Pacific in the Tuamotus islands, sitting in the cockpit making small talk with our owner’s mother – in law, Lotte. When the most fetid smell arose, my eyes were watering and I had to resist the urge to bolt to the aft deck and chunder all over the transom. More family arrived the following morning and I discreetly warned them about this lovely, aged woman’s condition. We all nodded our heads sagely and said nice stuff, like, ¨ohhhh, bless her¨. Yes, yes, it is so hard to get old. One week later, darling Lotte had left. After days of shoving wax plugs up our noses, looked at Lotte and thinking, what IS your bloody problem???? Um, I realised that the conch shells that were sitting in the cockpit, which the boys had brought up whilst diving were, in fact the perpetrators of this evil smell. Poor Lotte, she had never dropped a fart, never trumpeted, never let one blast out her arse, but always tainted. Personally, I adore beans and am a proud, dedicated fartinator with amazing superhero abilities. Yes, dear friends, I can, single handily clear a room on demand. Just my little talent, ya know. In my younger years I was capable of farting the whole tune of Mary had a little lamb. These

days I can’t trust a fart and usually need new underwear. Such a shame, it was such an awesome party trick. Okay, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot....and gross your crew members out. What fun. When kids fart, it’s cute, but when a large bloke drops a bomb, the sea schools will have us updating courses on offending your fellow crew. Anyway, here’s a fabulous farting start to the day........ Hangover Breakfast Olive oil, for the cooking 100g spicy cooking chorizo, diced, yum, yum 3 spring onions, sliced 2 garlic cloves, sliced 1 tsp dried oregano 2 x 400g tins cannellini beans 2 tbsp harissa 400g tin chopped tomatoes 1 tbsp sugar (or to taste) 1 tbsp red wine vinegar 4 eggs 100g feta Pinch of sumac Sourdough toast, to serve Firstly, darlings, preheat the oven to 170C/325F/gas mark 3. Warm a splash of olive oil in a shallow ovenproof pan and add the chorizo, shallots, garlic and oregano. Fry these guys gently for 5 minutes, until the chorizo has released its oil and the shallots are starting to soften, oh, yes....... Then add the beans (one tin with its water, the other without), harissa, tomatoes, sugar and vinegar. Simmer gently for about 15 minutes

NEWS 4 STEWS until thickened, adding more water if it starts to look too dry. Make 4 holes in the mixture with the back of a wooden spoon and crack an egg into each. Top with the crumbled feta and bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes until the eggs are cooked but the yolks still runny. Sprinkle with sumac and serve with sourdough toast. Living life in the best way.........

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 6 sprigs of thyme 1 400g can cannellini beans 4 tbsp truffle oil Salt and black pepper

White bean truffle puree

2 .Transfer to a blender or food processor and pulse, adding truffle oil to taste. Truffle oil does not like heat, so always add it after the ingredients have finished cooking. Season with salt and pepper.

Guys, this is delicious, and it’s quick and easy to make. Spread it on bruschetta and top with sauteed mushrooms, rocket and a little shaved parmesan for a snack. It’s also great with thyme and garlicroasted beetroot. Mmmnnnnn. This recipe calls for 4 tbsp of truffle oil, but this may vary depending on the quality of the oil, so just add enough to suit your taste. A dash of lemon juice works nicely, too. (serves 4) 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 shallot, finely chopped

1. Heat the olive oil and fry the shallot, garlic and thyme leaves over a medium heat until soft. Drain and rinse the beans, add to the pan and warm through with 50ml of water.

Bloody hell, so easy and so elegant. You will wow your guests with this. But, make a point of having some air fresheners in the heads. And, extra loo roll. Spreading the joy, loving the farts............ Enjoy, good people. Galley Goddess

NEWS 4 STEWS we get straight down to see you with our new brochure.

Deckers (+34) 971 282 056

Deckers Palma Well here we are in March and approaching what is to be a very busy season! The enquiries are coming in thick and fast and it is so nice to see some new ideas and themes coming in for uniform this year, we can’t wait to see some of the items bloom from a little scribble on a notepad, to chic and classy on the deck… I will keep you updated with the new ranges as and when we receive them. If you haven’t got in touch yet about your new uniform for 2016, be sure to holler in our direction and



If you have no charters or Boss trips planned for Easter this year, then it might be a great time to get out and see the Island. Easter is a busy time in Mallorca and officially marks the beginning of the holiday and tourist season. This year Easter (Semana Santa) is early with Palm Sunday falling on the 20th March, which is when the festivities start. There will then be a full week of religious processions, fiestas, markets, entertainment and events for locals and tourists alike. The celebrations culminate on the 27th, Easter Sunday, with jubilant processions and celebrations. The week starts with Palm Sunday celebrations throughout Mallorca. Thousands of people visit their local churches and take part in processions carrying beautifully woven palm leafs. These are then blessed in church and symbolize the

welcoming of Jesus into Jerusalem. In Palma huge statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary are carried through the streets of the Old Town and city centre. There are about 50 fraternities on the island, each of which wear different coloured tunics. The privacy of each individual’s penance and prayer is preserved by a pointed capuchin hood, which covers their face. Processions are held every day from Monday to Friday during Easter week, the biggest being the Crist de la Sang (on Maundy Thursday) and Sant Enterrament (on Good Friday), which are usually celebrated in all Mallorcan villages. The Maundy Thursday procession attracts huge crowds to Palma for and starts the build up to Good Friday and then the more jubilant culmination of celebrations on Easter Sunday with the Procession of Reunion. The most spectacular Good

Friday event is “The Lowering” or Davallament which is held at dusk on the Calvari Steps in Pollensa. The figure of Christ is carried down the 365 Calvari Steps (if you climb the 365 steps you are seeking forgiveness – one step for each day of the year). Another impressive event on Good Friday is the enactment of the crucifixion on the stairs to Palma’s cathedral at around midday. Holy Week finishes on Easter Sunday, with the Encontre (the Meeting) procession, which represents the meeting of the newly risen Jesus with his mother, the Virgin Mary. Large platforms with statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary are carried through the streets of Palma symbolizing Jesus reunited with his mother. Enjoy your Easter Festivities and I hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of eggs!! Love Deckers Palma xx

NEWS 4 STEWS The new salon has been decorated to embrace a warm, relaxing atmosphere where both woman and men are welcome for any kind of beauty treatment. We work with Guinot products from France, Biodroga and Sans Souci from Baden-Baden in Germany, Montibello, CND and OPI nail products.

Friday from 1000 until 1800 hours continuously. We are Swedish, English, Spanish and German speaking. Please contact us for an appointment or pop in the salon on the main street in Portals Nous Village.

The salon is open Monday to

Denise Beauty Ctra. Palma - Andratx 43 Local 16, Portals Nous (+34) 971 677 126

Delicioso Launch New Spring Crew Food Menu Following a complete refurbishment, Denise Beauty Salon in Portals Nous is now open again to all existing and new clients. Denise has been established for the last 25 years giving thousands of clients the professional

treatments they have come to expect. Denise qualified as a beautician and chiropodist in Sweden before moving to Mallorca. She and her long established team offer clients a wealth of experience , a variety of facial treatments, chiropody and pedicures ( always good for yachties), Shellac manicures, body exfoliation, massage, all kind of waxing and much more.

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Positive Solutions to Negative Issues With so much media,

both social and broadcast, concentrating on spreading the word about the dire situation our seas and oceans face, its not easy for people to see the positives through all the negative images and

messages thrown at us. Asociacion Ondine´s baseline for our objectives is to find positive solutions for negative issues. The two largest issues that our local sea faces as well as most, if not all, other seas and oceans face are overfishing and plastic pollution. Hence the two broad subjects we are working on are local MPAs and Plastic Pollution initiatives. Of course there are also other issues involved but if we concentrate on these two, many of the other issues will be covered. Around 2 years ago we established a hugely professional team of local marine scientists, our MPA working team, with the objectives of assisting the local government with expertise and advice for the growth and management of local MPAs. So far we have created an outline for the newly proposed MPA



surrounding the island of Sa Dragonera, which we very happily handed to the local government to use at their own discretion. Our MPA team has since been invited to add additional input into the construction and management plan of Sa Dragonera. Our next step with our local MPAs is to assist the authorities in reaching a goal of 20% of local waters to be protected by 2020. This goal was actually set by Dr. Sylvia Earle and the Mission Blue team as their global objective; Now we have the Balearic Islands as the very first Mission Blue Hope Spot in the Mediterranean we have adopted this goal and will be working towards achieving this within a relatively short period of time. Our MPA team is a prime example of what can be done when professional people


have positive attitudes towards negative issues. We still have a long way to go with our MPA goals but one thing is for sure we are definitely on our way to further success. The Mediterranean sea is one of the most over fished seas in the world, but the Balearic Islands are lucky enough to have a better conservation status than most other places in the Med. More recently, Asociacion Ondine has established our Plastic Pollution working group. A mix of local people from various professions. We have a local business owner, a PhD student, a teacher and an employee of a large yacht management company all involved, with a couple of positions yet to be filled. One of the facts we are dealing with in relation to improving the health of our sea is the fact the sea has an amazing ability to regrow and regenerate when it is left alone in its natural form. However, add many years of adding plastic to this natural environment we don’t actually know how the sea will repair herself. I actually think our plastic pollution working group has a greater challenge in staying within our ethos of positive solutions for negative can you possibly stay positive about such a negative issue like plastic pollution? Our answers to this are being created at the moment, and unfortunately I am not able to announce our new plastic

pollution initiatives at this stage. What I can say is they involve local kids, educations, field studies and assisting local people to find alternative products to products that use or contain single use plastic and lots more! So with 2 working groups, a growing number of Dos Manos Clean ups happening on a regular basis, schools to visit, projects to create and present to future funders we definitely require your positive input into our solution thinking. One easy way local people and businesses can contribute is to join Asociacion Ondine as a member or make a small donation. All donations and membership fees are tax deductible and of course we are 100% transparent with where we utilize our funding. In fact, if there was a rating for an input to output ratio for NGOs we would have a gold rating for serious productivity with a relatively small input of funding. This is changing and it’s changing because of the wonderful love for the Balearic Islands that most of us who live here share!

The world´s leading jet tender specialists Sales of new and used tenders Full service and technical support Collection and delivery Indoor storage facility Full customisation available Exclusive distributors












NEW PREMISES – come and visit Williams Balear at C/ Mar Mediterraneo 37, Poligono Son Bugadellas, Santa Ponsa +34 971 69 43 73

Protecting the Balearic Islands is a financial investment for the future of all our sea related businesses and most importantly an investment in the future for our children. We messed it up, so lets fix it up! join-today/

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HEALTH & WELLNESS Suzanne Garaty Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist dipCNM mBANT (+34) 647 397 501

The Weight Loss, Energy and Blood Sugar Balance Connection When we think of blood sugar we often think diabetes; however, balanced blood sugar applies to everyone, and it’s something all of us should pay more attention to. Balanced blood sugar plays a role in energy, weight loss, weight maintenance and overall health for everyone. Blood sugar is regulated by two key hormones: 1. Insulin 2. Glucagon When blood sugar is high, insulin is released, which helps to bring glucose (sugar) out of the blood and into the tissues for use and storage; likewise, when blood sugar is low, glucagon is released, causing blood sugar to rise. The main concern with persistent elevated blood sugar: The body must release a consistent stream of insulin into the bloodstream to maintain healthy sugar levels. Over time the tissues become what is known as insulin resistant due to the constant exposure to insulin, which causes more and more insulin to be released to remove sugar to the tissues. Over time this process can lead to persistent high blood sugar.

Besides potentially contributing to diabetes, heart disease and many other chronic diseases, long term blood sugar imbalance may contribute to other conditions like increased fat storage in the abdomenwhich is also dangerous for heart health, and may also cause inconsistent and poor energy. Poor energy, cravings, tiredness and fatigue due to unbalanced blood sugar may promote making poorer food choices, as it’s common to reach for sugary, carbohydrate-laden items when we feel tired. So, balancing blood sugar is key. The Nutrients and Habits that Help Balance Blood Sugar
 1. Chromium: A trace mineral that research suggests may help to promote balanced sugar can be found in unprocessed foods including broccoli (the best source), potatoes, green beans, bananas, nuts, lean meat, mushrooms and whole grains . 2. Cinnamon: A spice that plays a role in promoting balanced blood sugar can be added to tea, yogurt, cereals, soups etc. 3. Healthy Fat: Healthy fat acts to slow digestion, which can help to prevent blood sugar spikes and through slowing digestion may also help to promote satiety. Good sources of healthy fat include: unsalted nuts and seeds, nut butter, avocado,

vital nutrition Nutritional therapy Suzanne Garaty dipCNM mBANT Private consultancies

Cookery classes

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Stews & chef cookery & juicing training T. 647 397 501 Call Suzanne for bookings, upcoming events & advice 84


flax and chia seeds, cold pressed and unrefined oils such as olive, coconut, avocado, macadamia; wild or organic fish including salmon. 4. Protein: Protein works in a similar way to fat when it comes to promoting satiety and slowing digestion; both key factors when it comes to promoting blood sugar regulation. Lean organic, wild animal meats, fish, edamame, tofu, hemp, chia, organic eggs and natural yogurt. 5. Fiber: Fiber also works similarly to protein and healthy fat in that it can help to promote satiety and slow digestion therefore acting to blunt blood sugar spikes, helping promote weight loss: Whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains- quinoa, teff and brown rice; nuts and seeds. 6. Drink Plenty of Fluids: 
 It’s key to drink 1.5 litres of water/herbal teas daily to help promote balanced blood sugar. Not drinking enough fluid can cause elevated blood sugar on its own. 7. Eat Regularly: This is one of the most important tips! Eating inconsistently can lead to eating larger meals, which provides more opportunity to spike blood sugar; whereas, eating smaller meals on a

consistent schedule, every 2-3 hours really helps balance blood sugar. 8. Eat Balanced Meals: It’s important to eat both meals and snacks that are balanced with both healthy carbohydrate (from grains or vegetables) and a source of protein or healthy fat as this helps to slow digestion and blunt a sugar-spiking effect. 9. Get Exercise: Particularly when it comes to battling insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, exercise and movement. Another huge benefit of movement is its effect on promoting weight maintenance. 10. Don’t Miss Your Zzz’s: Research suggests that individuals with inconsistent and inadequate sleep patterns may suffer from more inconsistent blood sugar levels. Experts often recommend 7-8 hours not only for overall health, but perhaps for improved hormonal regulation and therefore blood sugar as well.

Potter’s Panels Engraving Service for the Marine Industry Panels, signs and labels in plastics, metals, carbon fibre and other materials. Design service and technical help in all aspects of display information for the deck, bridge and engine room. Call Dave Potter Tel: +34 971 872436 Mob: +34 606 973151

HEALTH & WELLNESS a chronic pain syndrome in rare cases, lasting years.

Dr Spike Briggs Medical Director Medical Support OffShore

Update on Viral Illnesses in the Americas and The Caribbean, Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya During the past few years, several viral illnesses have become established in South America, the Caribbean and increasingly in North America. The main illnesses are Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, and more recently Zika. There is a common factor here – the mosquito Aedes aegypti. We are all used to covering up at night to avoid getting bitten by the mosquito Anopheles that spreads malaria, but the problem with Aedes aegypti is that not only is it somewhat active at night, it’s mostly active during the day. And therein lies the problem – it’s too easy to get bitten during the day by an infected mosquito, and subsequently to contract one of these viral illnesses. The most important defence, and probably the only defence at present (more on that below), is to avoid getting bitten, and the gold standard to deter mosquitos is the insect repellent DEET (Diethyl-metatoluamide). There are lots of brands of insect repellent on the market containing DEET, so there is a wide choice.

It is not straightforward to know whether someone has contracted one of these diseases. Each has a spectrum of symptoms that overlap with other viral illnesses, and can even be confused with normal ‘flu-like symptoms. There are blood tests that can be performed to look for evidence of infection in the blood, but these need to be performed in a clinic or hospital, and are not completely reliable. These three illnesses are usually self-limiting in the majority, and treatment comprises controlling symptoms such as fever, arthralgia (joint pain) and myalgia (muscle pain), using paracetamol (acetaminophen), and maintaining good hydration. However, all three of these viral illnesses can be associated with short- and longer-term serious complications. A brief profile of each illness is outlined here: Dengue Fever (also known as ‘Breakbone Fever’ due to the sometimes severe joint and muscle pain) • A viral illness – no specific cure, although a vaccine is available – see below; • Spread by mosquitos active during the day (Aedes aegypti and other species); • Range – Tropics and Subtropics, including South America, Caribbean, North America and now in southern Europe; • A vaccine was introduced

in Mexico in December 2015. Further vaccines are under development by the WHO; • Symptoms usually become apparent 3-14 days after the infecting bite: • Fever • Arthralgia, myalgia • Headache • Occasional nausea and vomiting • Rash (generalised over most of the body) • Seek medical help, but treatment is usually just supportive (hydration and paracetamol); • Serious complications are unusual, less than 5% of sufferers, but may include haemorrhagic fever. Chikungunya • A viral illness – no specific cure; • Spread by mosquitos active during the day (Aedes aegypti) as for Dengue Fever; • Range – Tropics and Subtropics, Caribbean, Central Americas, spreading in to North America and Europe, Far East; • Symptoms usually become apparent 3 - 7 days after the infecting bite: • Fever • Arthralgia, myalgia • Headache • Occasional nausea and vomiting • Rash (generalised) • Seek medical help, but treatment is usually just supportive (hydration and paracetamol) • Serious complications are unusual, but joint pain can be prolonged, possibly leading to

Zika • A viral illness – no specific cure; • Originated in the Zika Forest in Uganda about sixty years ago; • Spread by mosquitos active during the day (Aedes aegypti) as for Dengue Fever and Chikungunya. There are also reports of spread by sexual contact; • Range – South America, Central Americas, North America, Caribbean, Samoa and other Pacific Islands – spreading quickly; • Symptoms are usually mild, and become apparent a few days to a week or so after the infecting bite: • Fever • Rash which becomes generalised • Transient arthralgia, myalgia • Conjunctivitis (red eyes). • The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting from several days to a week. • Severe disease requiring hospitalization is uncommon; • The virus stays in the blood for a few days (sometimes longer); • Serious complications are possibly the risk of birth defects (microcephaly) and Guillain Barre Syndrome. Further research is being undertaken to establish the links between these two diseases and Zika. Further information There are several free websites – notably from the UK and US Governments, and the WHO, which are regularly updated with the latest verifiable information on these three illnesses and more: • NHS travel advice destinations.aspx • Centre for Disease Control, USA – travel advice • WHO International Travel and Health

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HEALTH & WELLNESS Dr Johanna Clark (Dr Joh) Club de Mar Medical Centre +34 619 982 142 (General Practice) +34 639 949 125 (MCA ENG1s)

Barrier Contraception We are gradually working up the “effectiveness” of contraceptive methods… last month natural methods were considered and this month we will explore barrier contraception. Barrier contraceptives literally block sperm contacting the egg ie act as a barrier and DO NOT contain hormones. Generally, these methods either need planning or interrupt “the moment”. They include, spermicides, condoms (male and female), the diaphragm and cap and the sponge. The popularity of barrier contraception has declined with the availability of more effective methods. However, they continue to allow options. Who can use them? They are suitable for use by most women, as they are non-hormonal. However, the relatively high failure rate should be taken into consideration. These methods are especially helpful to ladies that have difficulty (either physically or emotionally) using hormones, or couples usually in a long term relationship. Who cannot use them? Generally, this group includes allergic persons (either to latex or spermicide).

Main Advantages Barrier methods of contraception generally do not have the side effects of hormonal contraceptives, and some forms of barrier contraception (contraceptive sponges and condoms) may be obtained without a prescription and easily purchased over the counter. Disadvantages With the exception of condoms that can provide some protection against sexually-transmitted diseases, most methods of barrier contraception are not effective in preventing these diseases. We will now consider each method in turn: Spermicides What is it? Spermicides, a form of chemical contraceptive that work by killing sperm, are often combined with barrier methods of contraception for greater effectiveness. Spermicide is not adequate contraception alone. Most spermicides should be used with caps and diaphragms but are not recommended with condoms. Use: Spermicides need to be in placed into the vagina before intercourse if they are to prevent sperm from reaching the uterus. It is important that the spermicide is in place prior to the penis getting anywhere near the vagina. It is a common

British Medical Services SL at

Club de Mar Medical Dr Johanna Clark (Dr Joh) MBBS MRCGP AFOM DFRSH CMIOSH +34 619 982 142 (General Practice) +34 639 949 125 (MCA ENG1s) 86


mistake for a couple to wait too long before using the spermicide. The spermicide melts into a liquid that coats the vagina to set up a chemical barrier between the sperm and the cervix. Spermicides come in a wide variety of forms, including jellies, creams, foams, films, and suppositories. • Spermicidal foams are more effective than creams or jellies as the foam distributes better and adheres to vaginal walls. • Suppositories are solid or semi-solid and need to be inserted in the vagina 15 minutes before intercourse in order to liquefy with vaginal moisture. • Vaginal contraceptive film needs to be in place in the vagina about 5 minutes prior to sexual intercourse in order to liquefy and become effective. Spermicides must be used properly in order to prevent pregnancy. Each type of spermicide has a unique recommendation for how it should be inserted. It is important to follow the package’s exact instructions. There are two basic concerns with spermicides: 1) How long the spermicide stays in the desired place; and 2) How long the spermicide is active in killing sperm. Therefore, the timing of spermicide use must take into account both of these factors. In general, spermicides tend to be effective soon after their application. They can be

inserted 15 minutes or more before intercourse. However, if there is a significant delay before intercourse (an hour), more spermicide must be added. A fresh application of spermicide must also be used for each act of intercourse. Spermicidal Contraceptive Efficiency Efficiency varies from 70 to 90%. This depends on the amount of spermicide and how it is used, the timing of use prior to intercourse, and how well the instructions on the package are followed. Spermicides should not be used as protection for the woman or man against sexually transmitted infections (sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs). While spermicides may be partially protective against certain organisms that cause sexually transmitted infections, including chlamydia and gonorrhoea, they also do not protect against HIV infection. Disadvantages of Spermicides 1. The main objection voiced about spermicides is that they are “messy.” 2. A small percent (2% to 4%) of people may have an adverse reaction to the active ingredient resulting in irritation or a burning sensation. Advantages of Spermicides They are relatively inexpensive and available over the counter without prescription. Article continued in April 2016

MCA ENG1 Certification MCA Medical Courses Elementary First Aid Medical First Aid Medical Care Update Medical Care General Practice, including Travel medicine, contraception and sexual health

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HEALTH & WELLNESS and walnuts and their raw nut butters also helps best to resists the cold. Olive & hemp oils and avocados for fat helps your scalp, skin and hair that tend to become dried out from overheated houses. Drinks-avoid drinking icy cold directly from the fridge, it is always best to have drinks at room temperature. Beverley Pugh. beverley@rawfooddiet (+34) 629 867 785

Baby Its Cold Outside! Warming to Raw Foods in the winter - You Just Have to Know How! Many people often ask me how you keep warm in the winter so I decided to tell you how! In the winter it makes more sense to use more warming concentrated foods of the season which include more dark colored vegetables such as sweet potatoes, winter squash and carrots plus grounding roots like onions, turnips, spring onion. Surprisingly other warming foods are sprouted grains and seeds e.g. alfalfa, lentils, plus mustard, radish & arugula greens. Nuts and seeds such as sunflower, sesame, pumpkin



Spice up your soup! Recipe Carrot Ginger Soup. • 1 ½ cup of organic carrots. • 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger • 1 clove of garlic • 1 tablespoon of white miso • 2 cups of warm water. Warming herbs and roots will give your soup a warming effect. Heat the water up to 42º. • Place all the ingredients into your blender (vitamix from my online store) and blend to form a smooth mixture. • Note: Using organics is highly recommended and for me the best, other foods have been sprayed with detrimental toxins! Culinary Warming Herbs to Have Handy in Your Kitchen Include. The use of culinary herbs and teas to spice up your food promotes a warm glow throughout the body, e.g. • Ginger: Improves circulation & reduces inflammation that contributes to stiff achy joints.

• Horseradish: High in vitamin C, antiseptic and a strong decongestant. • Cayenne: Rich In vitamin C, helps to relive coughs and congestion • Black pepper: contain antiseptic and antioxidant properties. • Garlic: improves circulation by helping to prevent the blood from clumping together.

a huge difference opposed to synthetic modern day lycra, sports & underwear & fashionable clothing that contain a huge amount of petroleum and chemicals that leak in to the body through the skin no matter how much you wash them! Protect the kidneys by using long john´s with a T-shirt tucked into them.

The Importance of Clothing What we wear in the winter also helps a great deal. Organic cotton, hemp & linen and sustainable woolen clothing will make

Wearing bright colors e.g red or copper contributes to “feeling warm” and sprinkling some cayenne pepper between your shoes and socks can help warm your feet!


ISLANDER Log in via:


Katie Handyside Personal Trainer (+34) 636 322 959

Classes in STP If you are in or close to Palma make sure you book in your group workouts or some personalised training and nutrition to get yourself back in shape. We run group classes every day so that there is always something you can jump into, we also of-fer daily, weekly and monthly passes. Not only are our circuits and interval classes an amazing way to burn some fat and tone up but we also offer Pilates - to strengthen your

core and yoga to aid stretching. The importance of stretching and deep breathing exercises compliments any other strength and sports training that you are doing , and even on its own it is a great way to relax and improve posture and help to correct any muscle imbalances that may otherwise lead to injury. We have lunch time classes so you can pop out in your lunch break or at 17.30 to fit in with you finishing up work. Please drop us an email if you are interested in booking a session for yourself or a group workout for your boat or business. Cocoa is Anti-Ageing, Fat Burning and Improves Performance Yet another reason to endorse my coffee addiction, well not exactly addiction but I for one en-joy my religious morning coffee. Along with well documented evidence that black coffee on an empty

stomach prior to a workout enhances your body’s ability to burn fat, the cocoa content has also been shown to improve wrinkles and enhance elasticity. Coffee (from a good source) is full of antioxidantsflavonoids, flavanol´s in particular helping to mitigate the effects of ultra violet light radiation - great news for those spending time outside and onboard. For those who like to indulge in dark chocolate - more than 75% cocoa solids, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition where women consumed grams of cocoa per day for 24 days, there was an improvement in the crow’s feet around the eyes, the skin had increased elasticity and general improvements in overall wrinkles; however these improvements interestingly did not begin to show until 12 weeks into the experiment. More benefits from cocoa

lowers blood sugar as well as insulin and cholesterol. It improves cog-nitive performance and can help to prevent neurological and degenerative diseases like Parkin-son´s and Alzheimer’s. The bottom line is stick to good quality chocolate and coffees, freshly ground beans and organic where possible, and greater than 75% cocoa solids. TIP don’t drink or eat caffeine after 3pm in order to get an undisturbed good night’s sleep!! “After doing a complete refit in STP - I never knew that Katie’s Gym was actually a professional gym with amazing classes and training! If only I had known earlier! The classes and the personal nutritional programme Metabolic Balance are fantastic and after a very busy season it was such welcomed opportunity to get fit in English! Katie is very motivational and has great energy!” - Lindsay Walker

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Tracey Evans The Physiotherapy Centre (+34) 609 353 805

Patellar Dislocation Staying with problems of the knee, particularly as it is the ski season! Dislocation of the kneecap is a not uncommon injury. A dislocation can make the injured party extremely unwell just by looking at the shape of their joint. A shoulder dislocation is very unpleasant as well though difficult for the sufferer to see. A dislocated kneecap however is very obvious and the visual will give the victim added psychological distress at the time of injury. When the kneecap (Patella) dislocates, all function of the knee is lost. The patient may have heard a “pop” and the knee will give way, any attempt to stand will be impossible. There will be pain and the knee will swell rapidly. If quickly diagnosed and pain allows, another person can gently and passively straighten the knee which will hopefully bring about spontaneous reduction of the kneecap. If the knee can be extended and the kneecap “pops” back into position, an ice pack should be applied (or cold towels if the weight is too much to bear) then the leg needs to be stabilised in an extended position until medical attention can be

sought. Straightening the knee may well prove to be too painful to attempt. In this case the knee should be supported in a comfortable flexed position with an ice pack or cold towels until the patient can be moved to a hospital where analgesic medication will be used before the kneecap is reduced (put back in place). When a kneecap dislocates, it does so towards the outside of the knee (almost always!) as this does depend upon the force that was applied. Causes of a dislocated kneecap include direct trauma, sports which have rapid twisting movements such as rugby and football, working in a cramped environment requiring twisting on a bended knee and there is also genetic predisposition for those who have inherent ligament laxity. When the knee dislocates other structures are injured. When the kneecap is forced laterally (outside the joint) the medial ligaments (on the inside) which hold it in place are torn. There may also be tearing of muscle and of the quadriceps and patellar tendons. Cartilage or tiny bone fragments may also be shaved off the interior joint structures which can cause loose “foreign bodies” inside the knee likely requiring an arthroscopy at a later date to clean out the knee joint. Arthritic changes may also develop over the future years. Subluxation of the Patella Dislocation of the Patella can often be confused with a subluxation. A subluxation is a partial dislocation of the patella when the bone does not displace but feels like

TRACEY EVANS - MCSP SRP COFIB T. 971 405 769 M. 609 353 805 C/ Joan de Saridakis, 1 (opposite Marivent Palace)



it has or may be about to. Subluxing patellae are very worrying for the sufferer as they begin to distrust the stability of the knee causing work or sport and leisure issues. Physiotherapy Physiotherapy treatment is necessary whether you have a suspected subluxing kneecap or a full on post op dislocation. It is important that the rehabilitation of these problems is overseen with treatment and strengthening at the correct timing. After a time of immobilisation in a splint, your Physio will initially want to address the torn soft tissues (muscle, tendon and ligament) Ultrasound, Tens, Interferential Diathermy and cold treatments may be chosen. Oedema and effusion of the joint (swelling inside the knee) must be quickly addressed as this slows down the recovery. Stretching techniques will be used to aid the recovery of the soft tissues and then muscle strengthening exercises will be introduced. The strength of the quadriceps

muscles is extremely important for the stability of the patella. The inner quad muscle, Vastus Medialis, will particularly require attention for the added help it gives to the medial collateral ligament in keeping the Patella in its track. I have written about the importance of this muscle and the patellar track in a previous edition of The Islander. Should anyone like a copy they are welcome to mail me at A dislocation of the patella is traumatic and extremely obvious though a subluxing patella may not be. Anyone who is suffering from a knee that feels unstable or regularly swells up should have a chat with a physio or orthopaedic specialist. Likewise a patellar dislocation with no previous attention to rehabilitation can develop a recurring problem of subluxation or dislocation if the muscles and ligaments did not “tighten up” after the first event. It is all too easy to ignore the symptoms however it is best to address them now to avoid greater problems in your knee´s future.

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LEGAL & FINANCIAL NEWS comprehensively. Events move quickly these days however, and there now seems to be a lot more than British interests riding on the outcome.

Phil D. Coffers The Islander Economics Correspondent

Heads or Tails? As The Islander closed for press for this month’s issue, it seems that British PM David Cameron was close to securing his deal with the European Union for crucial reforms to key areas of British membership of that most troubled of clubs, before presenting them to the British electorate to decide ‘in’ or ‘out’ possible as early as June this year. The stakes could not be higher for Britain, the EU, and possibly even the global economy, and Cameron seems to be holding more cards than he might have imagined. However, as with everything the EU seems to touch, there is chaos, vested interest and ambiguity aplenty that seems likely to throw out a hotch potch of a deal that will please nobody. To fill you in briefly, the key manifesto promise from the Conservative party in the last UK general election was a promise to pose the question ‘Should the UK remain part of a reformed EU?’ in a binding referendum. In essence



Britain’s demands boil down to assurances on Sovereignty, protecting the interests of member countries outside the eurozone, competitiveness, and most devisively a change to the UK benefit system that would see a limited entitlement to benefits for EU migrants, with a view to stemming the flow of the numbers arriving on British shores. This last one is not the only point of difference between Cameron and his EU counterparts, but is the most difficult to overcome, as the principles of universal entitlement and free movement of people within the bloc is one of the key liberties of the EU, and is seen by many as totally non-negotiable, but seen by many in the UK as the most important one. An issue that has fuelled the rise of antiimmigration sentiment in the last decade. When Britain first raised the idea of EU reform it looked relatively simple, it was the UK against the EU’s core principles, it required unanimous agreement from EU heads, and the UK would therefore lose

The massive increase in migration to the EU as millions flee the chaos and carnage in Syria over the last 12 months has led to many EU member states publicly, or privately showing signs of coming around to Britain’s way of thinking. Most notably Germany, who initially opened her borders to ‘unlimited’ numbers, but quickly changed policy when the reality of what that promise entailed became clear. Fences are being thrown up all over the Eastern borders of the EU as there appears to be no end in sight of the largest movement of people since WWII. It seems likely that the UK may well receive a more sympathetic ear to its benefit entitlement reforms than they may have been expecting. As we discussed in this column last month, the global economy has started 2016 in seriously bad shape, and appears to be ailing badly as the year progresses. Predictions of another recession, possibly more profound than that in 2008 from level headed commentators appear to have some truth. Deep falls and wild volatility in stock markets, tanking share prices in otherwise stable financial stocks, and a constantly falling oil price, wrapped up in complex geopolitics all sound

like bad news. China seems to be throwing the kitchen sink at shoring up an economy falsely inflated through vast bubbles of debt, and the ‘magic’ central bank remedies of quantitative easing and punitive interest rates appear to have become a spent force. Meanwhile in Europe, the economic news from the UK seems generally positive, while that from the EU seems generally negative, particularly with respect to EU behemoth Germany showing signs of struggle as manufacturing orders show steep declines. It seems that the EU now needs Britain more that it would perhaps care to admit. Indeed, negotiations over the UK’s EU reform demands are at a “critical moment” and the risk of break-up “is real”, EU Council president Donald Tusk has said. Mr Tusk, who is overseeing the negotiation, urged European leaders to handle the situation “with care”. The world economy needs an EU weakened by a Brexit like a hole in the head right now. By the time you read this, a deal will most likely have been done, but this isn’t even half the job completed. All of this has just been about providing a choice to put before the British voters, and so far, the polling suggests that there is little more than a coin toss between ‘in’ or ‘out’. There is a lot riding on heads or tails, but it’s next to impossible to second guess which is best.

. 93


Nick Jones - Business Managing Director (+34) 971 576 724

Premier FX – International Capricious Currencies What has happened to Sterling? For those watching the GBP/EUR exchange rate over recent months, the display of peaks and troughs shows just how volatile it can be. As recently as November, we reached an interbank rate of almost €1.43 to £1 and 12 weeks later it was breaking below €1.28 with current forecasts threatening further losses in the short-term. So what is the cause of such instability and why have we suddenly been seeing the Pound at its lowest level since late 2014? Uncertainty will be playing a big part in this dip – there is no doubting that! Suggestions that support is growing amongst UK voters to leave the European Union in the impending referendum, combined with many forecasters predicting the UK will remain as a member state, what will the outcome be? At the time of print,



we are eagerly anticipating the results of the European Council meeting on 18th and 19th February at which David Cameron will be hoping to gain agreement on the proposed reforms. Global slowdown, falling prices of commodities, flooding, the prospect of a 2016 hike in the UK interest rate evaporating into thin air – we were advised by the Chancellor of the Exchequer that the UK economy was headed for a difficult year and he wasn’t wrong. The flip side, of course, is that while there have been issues with the European economy, it seems that slowly but surely the quantitative easing programme is finally starting to have a positive impact on growth within the Eurozone, but at what cost? Attention now falls to the European Central Bank’s meeting on 10th March potentially extending this controversial intervention with which we may well see a slight weakening of the Euro once again. So in which direction will the GBP/EUR pairing be

headed next? Rumours in the world of foreign exchange in the latter part of 2015 involved speculation that we could see interbank rates climb even higher than last November’s highs by March 2016. However, since the turn of the year there has been little respite for Sterling and we have seen it slip further and further down. Until there are some firm decisions with regard to the EU in/out debate and an improvement or at the very least positive language surrounding the issue of a UK interest rate rise, the potential for volatility is inevitable.

Security Premier FX is a UK Limited Company with offices in London, Spain and Portugal. We are regulated by UK Revenue & Customs and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Client funds are held in secure, segregated accounts at Barclays Bank in London and are fully protected by law. For more information and to discuss your own specific requirements, contact Premier FX.

LEGAL & FINANCIAL NEWS in case of several creditors the ones privileged are the first to get paid if it arrives to execution of the good. The credits are legally bound to the vessel and are transmitted with it; in case of a sale the price of the sale is directly affected to the payment of the debt no matter the personal situation of the debtor. These debts also follows the vessel no matter in which water it sails and are internationally recognized through the International Brussels Convention from 1952 about Preventive Embargo of Vessels and the Convention of Maritime Privileges and Naval Mortgage from 1993.

Carlos Espinosa Solicitor and Tax Adviser (+34) 627 41 32 01 carlos.espinosa@

The Captain Does Not Pay My Invoice We all have heard about discussions between suppliers of the yachting by trying to get paid after rendering services to pleasure craft. Normally are the Captain or the owner the ones that dispute with the price and / or the result and try to escape just by paying part of the amount agreed. What to do? You should know that according to maritime international and national

legislations this liabilities are considered privileged credits if the credit is directly related with a pleasure craft, for example, repair or refit invoices pair, guardiannage, port expenses, salaries of the crew, supplies, damages derived from accidents or a collision with another vessel, etc. In all said cases if we want to claim and sue the debtor we have to know previously that we would not go to the normal Civil Court but to the Mercantile or Commercial Court. This is because cases under the Maritime Law are dealt at the Mercantile or Commercial Court. The Credito Marítimo or Maritim Credit a kind of privilege against common creditors. Privileged credits means that

It is important to point out that after one year privileged credits lose their “privileged” character unless they get a judicial recognition though a preventive embargo (the Court puts a lien on the boat) or are sold through auction. The prescription begins to count since:

a) For crew salaries, since the day that they terminate serving on board. b) For the rest of the credits, since the date in which the credits guaranteed through said privileges were accrued, without any possibility of interruption. However the lapse of time will not account if the Law foresees that the vessel is not subject to an embargo nor executable for any reasons. After said lapse of time the creditors maintain the right to obtain their credit satisfied but just normal without any privileged position as any other creditor. Normally after the embargo both parties arrive to an extrajudicial agreement, otherwise the claim continues like we will tell you in our next article.

ene’s B G arage

MOT’s (ITV) Breakdowns Diagnostics Servicing & Repairs

Electrics Exhausts Batteries Brakes & Clutches

T. 971 69 78 78 Pasaje Marzo 19 L6, Poligono Son Bugadellas Santa Ponsa (just past the BP Garage)

. 95


St. James’s Place Roy Duns (+44) 191 3851530

ADVERTISING FEATURE St James’s Place Wealth Management The introduction of the Common Reporting Standard by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development on 13th February 2014 was designed to improve cross border tax compliance. With that in mind it seems opportune to review the rules for Spanish tax residency and the UK/ Spain Double Tax Treaty. Introduction Spanish residents are taxed on their worldwide income, both earned and unearned, and capital gains on their worldwide assets, whilst nonresidents are only subject to tax on income arising in Spain and assets located there. As in the UK, Spain operates a self-assessment regime.

Expatriates living in Spain will be considered as resident if:

Taxation in Spain occurs on two levels:

• They spend more than 183 days in Spain in a calendar year. They become liable whether or not they take out a former residence permit. These days do not have to be consecutive. Temporary absences from Spain are ignored for the purpose of the 183-day rule unless it can be proved that the individual is habitually resident in another country for more than 183 days in a calendar year; or • Their principal place of business, or their professional or economic interest, is in Spain; or

i. At a national level; and ii. At a regional level (‘autonomous community’)

• Their spouse is, and/or dependent children are, habitually resident in Spain (unless where separated from their family, or can prove tax residence elsewhere). In this case they are presumed Spanish resident, unless proven otherwise, even though you may spend less than 183 per year in Spain. Living on a boat within 12 nautical miles of Spanish territory, will mean that any day spent within 12 nautical miles is a day spent in Spain for tax purposes. The Spanish tax year runs from 1 January to 31 December and there is no concept of a part tax year. An individual will be considered to be resident or non-resident for the whole tax year according to the above rules and will be taxed accordingly.

Monthly Sailor Quiz (Answers)





Electronic Chart Display & Information System


Isolated danger mark


Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia


96 hours battery life when activated (IMO standards)


Each autonomous community is authorised to modify the minimum tax exemption, tax rates and allowances; and if the autonomous community does not establish its own tax scales, a default tax scale is applied as set out by central government. Consequently, the peculiarities of each region’s tax regime must be considered and local advice taken. Nevertheless, the most relevant tax particularities are included for the regions of Andulucia, Balearic Islands, Cataluna, Murcia and Valencia. The UK/Spain Double Tax Treaty was signed on 14th March 2013. It has a ‘tiebreaker’ clause that comes into operation if you are resident both in the UK, under the UK rules, and in Spain, under the Spanish tax rules. The clause intends to determine in which country you will be regarded as resident for the purpose of taxes covered by the agreement – you cannot be resident in both the UK and Spain at the same time. The agreement works as follows: • If you are resident in both countries, according to each country’s domestic rules, you are deemed to be resident in the country in which you have a permanent home available to you. A permanent home is understood to be of any form of accommodation which is continuously available to you for your personal use, and does not have to be owned by you. • If you have permanent homes available in both countries, you are deemed to be resident in the country that is your centre of vital interests. The concept of

centre of vital interests is rather wide and is intended to cover the full range of social, domestic, financial, political and cultural links within your ‘personal and economic relations’. The whole range of these factors is taken into account, but considerations based upon personal acts are given special weight. • If this test is indeterminate, you are deemed to be resident in the country in which you have a habitual abode, but if you have one in both countries, you are deemed to be resident in the country of which you are a national. UK nationals will at this point be regarded as UK residents. Habitual abode is widely seen to be the country in which you normally stay over the longest or most frequent period of time, and must be measured over a sufficiently reasonable length of time to make in possible to determine whether you are habitually resident in the UK or Spain. Obviously it is more important than ever to ensure that you do not fall foul of the rules as the penalties can be severe. As ever if you are in any doubt, take tax expert advice. To receive a complimentary guide covering Wealth Management, Retirement Planning or Inheritance Tax Planning, produced by St. James’s Place Wealth Management, contact Roy Duns of St. James’s Place Wealth Management on 0191 385 1530 or email

. 97

RESTAURANT DIRECTORY soaked in a port with avocado and accompanied with a vinaigrette sauce made with cranberries. This was a really fresh and different salad, full of lovely flavours, with the strength of the cheese with the sweetness of the sauce. We followed this with a fresh trout filleted and covered with ecological sesame seeds which were toasted and burned with a light curry sauce; this was outstanding. All these dishes were accompanied with an Italian wine “Monte Pietroso” which is a smooth light red wine. Our final savoury dish was a ravioli envelope, a pasta filled with pear and black truffle with a sensation of tastes. Again, a heavenly dish yet simple. The chef was at all times attentive to our enjoyment and explained the meal plate by plate. We rounded everything off with a freshly made pancake made to look like an envelope and filled with a vanilla ice cream with caramelised apple. We had a memorable meal full of thought and enjoyment and well worth repeating. We wish the new young owners all the best for the future.

Restauante Corso C/ Sant Magin, 76 Santa Catalina (+34) 971 960 339

Corso Restaurant From time to time you come across people who really love what they do for a living. This is without doubt the case of the new Corso Restaurant. A brand new restaurant in Santa Catalina. 50 yards from the Aigua Sea School on C/ San Magin. 98


Victoria and Darko a young couple from Macedonia, represent everything to do with ambition, enthusiasm, and a will to succeed. Darko is a chef with a solid background in the art of cooking. His parents have owned, run & worked in some of the great restaurants in their country and brought him up around food all his life. We started our meal with a cheese salad which comprised of a stilton called “Port Hole”


“The perfect fusión” of a traditional & creative menú With more than 15 diferent tapas

Menu of the day every day Tapas Salads Breakfast

Where the Yacht Crew Meets Calle Fabrica 25A

Tel. 971 222 175 / 660 013 622

Beef & Fish Specialty

Situated in the STP Shipyard

T. 971 224 994

Wide Selection of Wines Available

Calle Fábrica, 60 Santa Catalina Palma de Mallorca (+34) 971 288 332

. 99


Puerta San Antonio 16 Palma de Mallorca

(+34) 971 770 399

An Indian restaurant with a difference. We offer a fusion of North and South Indian cuisine bringing the real taste of India to Mallorca. All dishes are prepared fresh and so we cater for all tastes and diets such as gluten intolerance and vegan. C/ San Magin 84, Palma Mon-Sun: 3-16 & 19-23.30



Tel. 871 96 83 20

Sat: 19-23.30

Tue: Closed all day

RESTAURANT DIRECTORY Calle Montenegro, 1 bajos Calle Sant Feliu, 7 Palma (La Lonja - Born) (+34) 971 079 374


Mediterranean Kitchen Home made Fresh pasta Pizza, Fish, Meat In Wood Oven Calle San Magin, 9 Santa Catalina, Palma 971 457 747 606 031 780

With a 70 year tradition this emblematic restaurant in the fishing port of Palma “La Lonja” Can Eduardo offers you their speciality on fresh fish, rice dishes, & Shellfish, with spectacular views of the Cathedral

. 101

CLASSIFIEDS - BALEARIC BOATS FOR SALE Sossego Comfort 22 2015 3,900,000 € Excl. VAT Aluminium semi-custom built in the Netherlands, designed by Mulder Design. She offers generous space on the Permateek laid white caulked decks and is powered by two strong MAN 1,550hp diesels which can reach 35 knots. The interior is without any doubt luxurious, spacious and stylish and offers a full beam master suite, a VIP cabin, two ensuite bathrooms, a well-equipped galley with dinette, a convertible saloon and a light and bright pilot house. Solidly built, quality engineered and a unique fast luxury yacht. View our photo album:

Fountaine Pagot Eleuthera 60 2005 550,000 GBP VAT Paid

+34 971 67 63 92 Puerto Portals, Local 10 - Mallorca Beneteau Brokerage Specialists

60 & 76

Simon Crutchley: +34 656 949 244

Fountaine Pagot Eleuthera 60, 2005, in fabulous order. Twin Nanni 100hp diesel engines, 2 x bow thrusters, generator, air conditioning, watermaker, classic rig, electric winches. Sleeps 8 guests + a crew cabin. No expense spared maintaining and updating this catamaran. Impressive inventory. Lying mainland Spain and priced at 550,000 GBP Tax paid.

Fairline Targa 43 2005 199,000 € VAT Paid

Fairline Targa 43, 2005 with twin Volvo 480hp diesel engines, generator and air conditioning. Sleeps up to 6 in 2 cabin + saloon, 2 heads. Fully equipped with hydraulic passarelle. Moored in Puerto Portals available for rent. Presented in good order. Lying Mallorca and priced at 199,000 euros Tax Paid.

49’ HallbergRassy 48 2006 495,000 € VAT Paid

Club Nautico Santa Ponsa T. +34 971 695 738 M. +34 629 748 477 E. W. Take advantage of Sea Ray’s new Open Horizons savings opportunity! This summer let Sea Ray put you at the helm of your own destiny.

Kamik is like no other you will see and stands out from the rest, she is full of added extras such as: Air con, 6 Ultra diesel generator , Inverter, Bowthruster, Gori propeller, Selden hydraulic main sail and genoa furling system, Carbon passerelle Raymarine E120 two units, Raymarine, Iridium Exteme portable satellite system. Hull Material: Fiberglass. Engine / Fuel Type: Single diesel. This truly is a fantastic boat and has been maintained to a high standard. Located in Mallorca, Spain.


ISLANDER w w w . t h e i s l a n d e r. n e t 102



Hanse 400, built in 2006 in Germany. Yanmar 40HP engine, Panda Generator, Air conditioning. This very attractive and well equipped Hanse 400 has always been impeccably maintained by her one owner from new. With her easily handled rig she is the perfect boat for a couple to cruise long distances or to live on board for lengthy periods.

Sanlorenzo SL 108 2008 Recently reduced to 3,950,000 € negotiable VAT Paid

Puerto Portals Benito Feijoo 2 - Local 7 07181 Portals, Mallorca +34 971 676845 +34 609 609 520


This beautiful yacht is in “as new” condition and turn-key ready for the season. Owned by one owner, it has been taken care of by a professional crew 12 months a year. Offers welcome.

Princess 21M 2009 845,000 GBP Excl. VAT

New Exclusive Central Listing. Princess 21M 2009. 2 x MTU 1500 hp. GBP 845,000 Ex Tax. Mint – light oak interior wood. Lying in Mallorca

Keewaydin Palmer Johnson 1995 $ 2,575,000 Excl. VAT

Simon Turner Broker Edificio Dux - Calle Porto Pi 4, 1ª Palma De Mallorca, 07015 T. +34 971 707 900 F. +34 971 707 775 M. +34 639 701 234

KEEWAYDIN Palmer Johnson Centre-board ketch - 110ft. KEEWAYDIN is a pilothouse cutter headed ketch with centre-board, designed and built for world cruising. She was fully refurbished in 2015 and features stunning new interior decor. The yacht is in pristine condition throughout. Sleeps six in owner party. Located Spain.

For the latest up to date


. 103

CLASSIFIEDS ADVERTISE FREE! If you have anything for sale or wanted - boat bits, household, etc. Strictly no trade ads (except jobs), or property ads (except private rentals) please! By email to:

FOR SALE For Sale: Sextant - Plath Navistar Professional - made in Germany Jan 1977. With Booklet - without case. Reasonable offers please! View in Palma. 616 244 776 For Sale: RIB for sale. 4.2 mtr centre console sport rib, never been used, still in the wrapper!! Cost new €9,900, cash sale €1250, buyer collects. Phone 670 676 995. For Sale: Etap 20 sailing cruiser 1981 fibreglass outboard engine all ready to go 5000 euros. In club de vela marina port andratx Contact Paul on 619 405 255. For Sale: Walking/shooting stick. Chromed steel and adjustable. Brown leather seat. €15, Please call 626 920 221 (Mallorca). For Sale: Travel Kettle. Holds 1 litre. 220 volts. Ideal for Hotels etc. with 2 cups. Price €12 Please call 626 920 221 (Mallorca). For Sale: Mini Multi-Media Projector. Rechargeable battery. 720P Decoding. Supports JPG. BMP.GIF.TIFF.PCX. It can show a picture on a screen/wall up to 50 inches. Price €45 Please call 626 920 221 (Mallorca). For Sale: 1999 Honda 1000 VTR Firestorm. Very good condition, new tyres, 2 yrs MOT. €1950.00 ono. Dave Potter: 971 872 436 / 606 973 151.

Adopt a rescued dog in 2016! (+34) 637 242 228



For Sale: Amazon KINDLE book reader. Holds about 800 books (depending). With USB charge cable. Also a Kindle holder. Supports the Kindle while reading. Price €45 Please call 626 920 221 (Mallorca) For Sale: 2013 yamaha 9.9 outboard, less than 50hrs, mechanically sound, couple of small scratched on cowling. Located at RCNP for viewing/ testing. €1800 ono. Contact Richard on 664 701 463. For Sale: Car for Sale. Opel Corsa 2001 Automatic/tiptronic. Great runabout - 1500€. Alan Muir 637 692 016. alan@ For Sale: Garage / Storage in Palma – Between STP and Club de Mar near Santa Catalina 90qm (approx. 8mx11m), 2 roller doors, one with vado permanente (can enter & park with van), WC – Tel 609 647 605. For Sale: 13 Foot Boston Whaler Sport boat. Price - 4.950,-eu negotiable. Call 699 604 665. For Sale: Dinghy Caribe I32, length -3,10m, Certificated CE 4 with folded aluminium floor board. New - never been used. Motor Yamaha 8hp outboard, weight - 38kg. New - never been used. Price together is - 3.890,-eu ono. Call 699 604 665. For Sale: Flying fifteen for sale. IRL 3753. Ovington Mk X. Beautifully balanced boat, extremely well maintained, fantastic racing record. Comes with 3 suits Goacher sails, “Tactic” compass new overcover, new rudder, toolkit, spares etc. Boat is on well-maintained Sovereign road trailer. Lying Port de Pollenca. 10 k. euros. Contact Ken Dumpleton: +353 87 251 96 82 or

For Sale: Rio 600 Day boat, Name: Moonraker Year 2002. Flag: Española tax paid PMI number. Registered also on UK SSR (english owner). Make of the motor: Mercruiser 3.0L. Recent service October 2014, just going back in water now. Flares lines, fenders, fitted vhf / iPod / radio on board and VHF hand held. Moored Port Andratx Club de Vela, summer mooring 270€ PCM high season inclusive water. Hauled out, anti fouled winterised, stored every year from Oct 1 through to summer. Contact Alex (+34) 620 266 212, For Sale: SEA RAY 200S Superb boat, original gelcoat. 5.0l LX V8 Mercruiser engine (522hrs) whichalong with the bravo 1 leg has just been serviced. Ashore in a winter storage shed in palma area. A must see boat. 2600kg twin axle braked trailer. Always wintered ashore andundercover in a shed. Full winter cover and a summer cockpit cover. Newbluetooth Fusion radio with pioneer waterproof speakers. New fresh waterpump for swim platform shower and sink. 220v battery charger permanentlymounted. Built in cooler box. V-berth. All seating and vinyl in good condition. Great boat for that early morning wakeboard or cruising at the weekends…Call 645 679 130 for more details. Price is reduced to 9800€ - with trailer. For Sale: “Think Christmas” Full length mink coat (Blackmar) size. 14/16. Perfect Condition 2,500€. Tel: 608 767 587. For Sale: Never used 2013 Plastimo Ibiza 6 life raft – 695€ (rrp £1,750) 40 kg / 80 x 47 x 30 cm. Spanish regulatory model required for recreational boating. Designed for extreme conditions: large number and volume of ballast pockets, large area drogue anchor, inflation up to -15 °C, double insulating floor for thermal protection, fluorescent orange canopy, SOLAS 4.3 cd outside flashlight, radar and retro-reflecting stripes. Serviced up to 2014. Contact Michelle on 639 171 364.

FOR RENT For Rent / Sale: Now available this 75m2 office for business or warehouse - interesting for yachts in Club de Mar area. AC system, double glass, roller doors, wc complete. Include an external parking. Telephone 667 544 057. For Rent Son Caliu/Portals Nous. Studio apartment. Fully furnished. Sea view from terrace. Large swimming pool. 100m from beach and shopping complex. Coastal Bicycle path. 440€ / month. Negotiable. Call: 619 252 398. Wanted: Unfurnished rental property in the El Toro, Son Ferrer or Santa Ponsa area. At least 2 bedrooms, secure private parking. Mature professional couple with cat, non-smokers. Denise on 639 700 797. For Rent: Garage / Storage in Palma – Between STP and Club de Mar near Santa Catalina - 90qm (approx. 8mx11m), 2 roller doors, one with vado permanente (can enter & park with van), WC – Tel 609 647 605.

MISCELLANEOUS Wanted: Excellent condition inboard Diesel engine. Circa 12 hp not too old or tired. Volvo Penta, Vetus, or similar brand with gear box for a small classic wooden yacht. Ideal volume around 600mm cube. Richard on 664 701 463. Go Sailing: How would you like to join in with the Flying Fifteen fleet in Mallorca. Exhilarating dinghy sailing in the safety of a keel boat. Come and join our racing fleets in Pollensa and Palma. Buy a boat, come and crew or borrow our club boat to give it a try! Great for all ages 18 - 80. You’ll never regret it. Interested? Drop me a mail at and we’ll arrange something.

CLASSIFIEDS JOBS / EMPLOYMENT Job Vacancy: English All-rounder for customer attention. Technical & Spanish Knowledge preferred. A bit of sales skills, technical knowledge, IT user knowledge and if possible sea trial etc. Please send CV to: or Job Vacancy: We currently have vacancies for Marine Electricians preferably with yacht experience. Good written and spoken English essential. We also accept applicants with autonomo status. Please apply in writing to Job Vacancy: Hydraulic Technician required for a dynamic hydraulic installation and service company in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Employer is the leader in their field, applicant must be min. 3 yrs experienced in hydraulic systems installation, service and maintenance, English speaking, ability to read and understand schematics / drawings is essential, be a self motivator and well presented. Willing to relocate. Good, clean working environment and surrounding. Salary reflected in successful applicant experience, plus benefits. Please send CV in 1st instance including photograph toinfo@ Job Vacancy: Invisible Crew are looking to recruit for the following SHORE BASED position in Palma. Candidates need to be already based or looking to base themselves in Mallorca long term. The position is with an expanding company and it would be a great opportunity to grow within their business. Guardiennage Assistant – must have extensive experience in the following areas: Wash downs with a keen eye for detail; Confident in applying anti-foul and primers; Able to carry out small composite repairs; Polishing; both by hand and with a machine; Confident with line handling and able to assist with sail removal; Varnishing and painting skills would be a huge plus. ; Must be able to speak English, Spanish and any other languages obviously a bonus; Must have a driving licence. If interested create your free USP Profile (www.uspprofile. com) and send the link to CV@ INVISIBLECREW.COM

Seeking Position: Chef available for onshore crew chef/ replacement / or offshore based in Palma, lots of experience and references available. Charlotte, Tel: 699 378 942. Job Vacancy: To strengthen our enthusiastic team of specialists, we are looking for a Senior Electric Engineer. Candidates should be experienced with electrical systems on board of yachts: energy (management), plc/monitoring, navigation/ communication and entertainment. English speaking. This job gives great opportunities to grow in PLC programming and design of systems in ACAD. Send your CV to palma@

MARINE ENGINEERS AND SUPPLIERS w w w. p r e c i s i o n - m a r i n e . n e t C/ Poima 27, Polígono Can Valero, Palma de Mallorca Shop: (+34) 971 297 601, spares@precision Office & Workshop: (+34) 971 760 237, info@precision

PRESTIGE YACHT CARPENTRY PALMA All your carpentry needs, Teak Decks, Platforms, Re-cutting Channels, Caulking, Re-pluging, Interiors, Deck Sanding by ´Joya´ 30cm wide, 80 kilo Drum Deck Sander 17 Years Carpentry Service to Mallorca Yachtsmen Tel. 619 973 334 / 971 680 153

Job Vacancy: Experienced interior and exterior Yacht Cleaner required for luxury yachting company in Palma. Team player with good work ethic. English and Spanish a must. Commencing with a 3 month contract/6 hours per day. Call Sophie or Elvira on 971 287 474 or send your CV to Job Vacancy: To strengthen our enthusiastic team of specialists, we are looking for a Senior Mechanical Engineer. Candidates should be experienced with trouble shooting, maintenance and installation of hydraulic, propulsion and other yachts systems. English speaking. This job gives great opportunities to grow in a company with lot of ambition. Send your CV to Job Vacancy: Because of the growing request for service, replacement and installation of diesel engines for propulsion and generator purposes, we are looking for a Senior Diesel Engineer to strengthen our enthusiastic team of specialists. English speaking. Send your CV to

Translation, copyediting and proofreading for marketing and communications Spanish into English Kate Hartley +44 7814 530 532

. 105

The Islander March 2016  

A monthly magazine about Boating & Yachting in the Balearics

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