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DEAR ISLANDER Dear Islander, A Happy New Year to one and all, let’s hope we all have a happy and healthy 2014. The Boat Show season is now in full s wing, with London and Dusseldorf being the two biggies for January. I hope to visit London for at least a day, although the show is now only a shadow of its former self from the days when it moved to Excel from Earls Court in 2004. The show now occupies less than 50 % of its original area, and attracts less than 100,000 visitors, down from a high of around 213,000 in 2004. The perennial argument of whether the UK can support two major boat shows will raise its head once more, and I suspect, will do so for many more years to come. Plans for the Palma Superyacht Show and Boat Show , 30th April to 4th May are well under way, and with an expected 65 Superyachts in attendance, should make a for a spectacular show, following on from the highly successful 2013 edition. The Palma Vela regatta will again run alongside the show, providing an added spectacle for those who venture out on the water. The year ahead is also expected to prove a hugely successful one for the yacht charter business of the larger yachts after the recently introduced matriculation tax exemption. This expected increase in business should have a very positive effect on our economy as a whole, with many business sectors feeling the benefit. With many more of the large charter boats being based in Palma, where they will return to after each charter, it should provide a massive boost to the many businesses connected to the nautical sector. There is however just a slight air of caution, as the boats which wish to charter here still have to jump through many hoops in order to accurately complete the necessary paperwork, allowing them to be totally legal. No doubt the authorities will be applying the law vigorously to remind us who’s the boss!! Let us hope that this time next year we are reporting on a record season for the industry. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who bought our 2014 Calendar which has raised vital funds for our three charities. At the time of writing, we have not gathered all the final figures, but I am very confident of a virtual sell out. Well done everyone! Simon & The Team The Islander Nautical Media S.L. Apt 144, Block 5 - Paseo Illetes, 9 Illetes, Calvia, 07178 Mallorca, Baleares, España M. (+34) 607 911 898 Deposito legal: PM 146-1997 Whilst the publishers have taken every care to ensure that the contents are correct they cannot take any responsibility for any losses incurred by readers as a result of any editorial or advertisement. The opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the publishers who therefore cannot take any responsibility for any opinion expressed. All rights are reserved and no part can be reproduced or stored without written permission. La revista The Islander no se hace responsable necesariamente de todas las opiniones vertidas por sus colaboradores.


2014 CALENDAR We have a few of our stunning 2014 Islander Calendars left for sale. Priced at Just 15 euros each (Proceeds going to 3 charities)

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NEW COLUMN…”EMBARASSING MOMENTS” This month sees the start of a new column called “Embarassing Moments”, where those of us who take to the water can share those horrific moments of sheer embarrassment, when you wish the sea would just swallow you up! We’ve all had them, so don’t pretend you have never suffered, because no one will believe you!!


So, here is your chance to share your terrible tales with all of us and get it off your chest. You will feel a whole lot better afterwards, I promise!! So, the first one of the series is from yours truly, and is a tale of huge embarrassment, but if I am to ask others to bare their soul, then I guess I have to do the same!! (See page 34 of this issue)


Preparations are underway for the largest-ever dinghy sailing race to be held in memory of Olympian Andrew Simpson. The sporting event, dubbed ‘Bart’s Bash’, is due to launch on 1 February 2014 and aims to make it into the Guinness World Records book. It is being organised in memory of the America’s Cup sailor and double Olympic medallist, who was nicknamed ‘Bart’ by his

friends and colleagues. Simpson tragically died in May this year, aged 36, while training for the 34th Americas Cup. A sailing charity to benefit children, set up in his memory, is going from strength to strength and recently named Ferndown First School pupils Harry Burton and Sydney Tabor as the first ‘Andrew Simpson Sports Ambassadors’.

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Aigua Sea School C/ Sant Magi 68, Santa Catalina (+34) 871 230 373

Be a star of the screen with an Approved Radar Course at Aigua Sea School. Do you know your north up from your course up? Your X-band from your S-band? Your ARPA from your MARPA? Do you understand beam discrimination and relative motion? Can you calculate CPA and TCPA in time to avoid a collision? Radar is a complex and important tool for safe navigation and collision avoidance at sea, so it’s essential that, as yacht captains (and crew), we know how to use it effectively. Using advanced radar simulators in real time scenarios, our course will teach

you all of the tricks, tips and procedures for using radar. Rule 5 of the IRPCS (ColRegs) says that if your vessel has radar, you should be able to use it. Common sense says that, as a qualified captain, you should be able to use it. With our approved radar course, you will. Both new and experienced radar users will benefit from this intensive one-day course. The Aigua Training Team runs the course once a month, and places fill quickly, so call us now for more information and to book your place.

Aimed at superyacht designers and interior specialists, Oceanair is proud to debut their new Designer Venetian blind slat collection at METS 2013. Inspiration for the collection has been drawn from diverse areas - from nature to the automotive industry - and thus features a wide collection of materials from luxurious natural varieties of wood, leathers and bamboos to powerful aluminium metallic colours. There is an increasing desirability by superyacht owners and designers to use the classically simple and elegant Venetian blind, especially due to its ability to create onboard atmosphere and mood through simply diffusing light through a chosen slat. The new Designer collection aims to meet every interior design need

and inspire through its variance and choice. From exotic bamboo and glossy or matt finishes to frosted laminated slats, the very latest tastes and trends are tailored for, meaning any desired style and environment can be achieved onboard any superyacht. Ian Howarth, Oceanair’s Sales & Marketing Director, explains; “Oceanair is really excited about our new designer slat collection. There is so much choice in texture, material, finish and colour; all interior desires can be met. Oceanair’s SKYVENETIAN blinds take light management and room temperature control to a new level of style and the slat collection is the perfect complement, bringing personalised enchanting detail to any superyacht interior.”

M +34 609 393 146 T. +34 971 721 877 Servicios Técnicos Portuarios (STP) Muello Viejo S/N, Edificio Espigón Exterior 07012 Palma de Mallorca

The Perfect Match Logistics and Storage solutions for Palma and beyond

Yacht shipping & Tender transport

Tender & Jet ski storage

Urgent spares by air, sea or road

Frozen storage or freezer rental

Worldwide Express Couriers

Storage for crew personal effects

Customs brokerage for spares in transit

24hr/7 day access / security

Container purchase & storage (card access)

Porto Pi, Santa Ponsa, Son Castello

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Roger Horner - E3 Systems (+34) 971 404 208 Connecting to Your Future Throughout 2013 we ran a series of seminars entitled Connecting to Your Future. The first of these seminars was held in May at the Automobile Club de Monaco, and we hosted the last one of 2013 in Barcelona in early December. These were all warmly received and we aim to continue this series with regional events during 2014. Because there is so much growth occurring in the mobile communications industry in order to handle the insatiable demand for data, we began the seminar series as an educational exercise rather than a sales exercise by focusing on the new technologies and the new features of the different services. Whenever possible, we introduced an interesting key-note speaker who is a technology leader in a particular area. For example, we invited Dr. Waguih Ishak, Division Vice President and Director Corning West Technology Center, Palo Alto, California who wowed the audience with Corning’s vision of how our lives will shortly be transformed and governed by interactive glass, as per their view of the future in their video “A Day Made of Glass 2” on YouTube. In the world of Mobile Data your future will arrive sooner than expected, and in 2014 we can look forward to some new and really interesting developments becoming available.

might complain to him that their Internet experience on board is “so slow!” and they can’t keep in touch with their friends or watch the movies they want to. But when faced with the fact that downloading an HD movie on board via Fleet Broadband will currently cost $35, as opposed to the $0.02 at home, it makes sense to keep the bandwidth plan modest.

What is Mobile Data? Mobile Data was initially based around email, Internet browsing, voice over IP and work-related activities. This has since grown, as social networking has become a dominant application, with video calling and video media, such as live streaming and downloading movies and TV, growing inexorably.

The Ideal Data Solution will be with you sooner than expected

Basically, as soon as faster internet access becomes available on land it is immediately used to the maximum capacity. Once new, faster internet access is available at home or in the office, the same experience is expected afloat. Maritime VSAT is typically slow, expensive and inconsistent. But this is set to improve and when combined with other new services will get a lot better. However, more of this later. Mobile Data Usage Trends There has been a sea change in the way information is accessed. The use of smartphones and tablets now starts with toddlers, continues with “screenagers”, and carries on all the way through to the Silver Surfers. Today’s young adults are technology natives, unlike us older folk who are technology immigrants. We do our best and certainly use and enjoy the technology, but in all honesty we are not quite so intuitive.

Clearly we need more speed to keep up with our new demand for video. We have new, bigger and faster data satellites being launched all the way through 2014 and onwards. The satellites currently in build and due for launching will provide Everyone who is using the ten times more than the total Internet is using video, capacity of bandwidth whether Skype with video, available at the end of 2013 in or downloading movies, or the next two years. 4G LTE watching YouTube videos. Cisco services currently offering predicted in 2012 that mobile 25Mbps speed are being video would be the biggest launched in all the main areas driver of all and increase year of population ashore. Since by year to be the same as the Vodafone sold their interest total internet usage the year in Verizon USA they have put before. This is actually aside $6 billion to fund Project happening. Netflix and YouTube Spring, which aims to deliver 4G accounted for 28% & 17% LTE to 90% of the population in respectively of all Internet their 5 main European networks traffic in North America at the by the end of 2015. By 2018 we end of 2013. will see 5G with speeds in the range of 1.3Gbps! In addition Mobile Data Costs to this, we will see a growth in long range wi-fi and wi-max This has to be a challenge for Islander eighth ads(press).pdf 1 19/07/2013 services along the15:30 coasts of the yacht owners. An owner’s kids Internet to access the news has grown from 14% to 41%. The TV was still the largest medium for accessing the news but in 2014 the Internet will exceed that!






In the period from 2001 to 2010, using the TV to access the news has fallen from 74% to 65%, using the newspaper has fallen from 45% to 31%, and the radio from 18% to 16%. However, the use of the




video and photos can be done when using those connections.

Mediterranean and around the islands of the Caribbean with forecast speeds from 100Mbps to 1Gbps. As mentioned earlier, the future will arrive sooner than we expected! The cost will also be lower for many new reasons Due the economic principle of supply and demand the increase in the number of services, whether satellite, 4G or long range wi-fi will generate price competition. Hybrid services will also keep the costs of running the communications service to a minimum. Hybrid means having a data communications service that is made up of different connections, each with a different performance that automatically switches in when they become available. A typical example is to supplement the VSAT bandwidth with 4G and long range wi-fi services offering 20-100 Mbps when in range. By keeping the VSAT bandwidth low, thus the cost down and switching to much cheaper but much higher bandwidth connections the “heavy lifting” such as downloading movies and uploading

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation is a new and rather amazing new feature of the new Global Xpress VSAT service from Inmarsat that will save a lot of unnecessary cost. It means that bandwidth will be allocated automatically when it is needed and switched off when it is not required. So, take for example, the owner wanting to watch his home IPTV in HD that requires a protected 2Mbps connection. Rather than buying this 2Mbps bandwidth ahead of when he needs it, whether he uses it or not, and possibly for a minimum period of one month, with Global Xpress when he is on-board and wants to watch it he switches the TV on and the bandwidth is automatically raised by the 2Mb until he switches it off and he will only be charged for the period it was being used by the minute. This means the base VSAT bandwidth required would be a lot lower and a fixed fee can be paid for the number of minutes of TV needed over a period of time. Bandwidth Management and Monitoring will also keep costs lower. A device such as our market leading e3.ARMMS system has to be installed as a matter of course.

conducting beta tests in the first half of the year with the opportunity of providing a regional Med and Indian Ocean GX

service from half way through the year. The next two satellites will be launched during the year with global coverage by the end of the 2014. Long range wi-fi trials are taking place now. The glue that helps it all work together on-board the yacht, our e3.ARMMS Data Management system, is available now. So that is why we are saying it is “sooner than we all expected!”

Official distributor for:

Custom entertainment integrators for smart yachting projects Showroom: Protectora 14, Palma (next to El Corte Ingles Jaime III) (+34) 629 609 680

(+34) 971 710 075

Potter’s Panels Engraving Service for the Marine Industry Panels, signs and labels in plastics, metals, carbon fibre and other materials. Design service and technical help in all aspects of display information for the deck, bridge and engine room.

When is this all happening? It’s all happening right now! 4G LTE services are being launched worldwide. The first Global Xpress satellite was launched in December, and we will be

Call Dave Potter Tel: +34 971 872436 Mob: +34 606 973151






Noel McCabe Chief Powerboat Instructor Aigua Sea School Watercraft (PWC), jet skis, jet bikes etc. Due to the high number of avoidable accidents, operators are expected to prove their level of competence, skill and safety, and this is now being taken very seriously. Superyachts offering the use of PWC to their guests may apply to run the PWC Safety Course by becoming an RYA Recognised Teaching Establishment (RTE). The yacht will be subject to an initial inspection, annual audits, and the PWC operating procedures should be incorporated into the yacht’s safety management system. Having completed the basic training, the guest will be issued with a certificate valid only for the duration of their charter and will be able to operate the PWC under the direct supervision of the vessel. The vessel ‘Principal’ must ensure that all tuition is carried out by a suitably qualified RYA PWC Instructor.

supervision of the principal of an RYA RTE. PWC Instructor pre-requisites: • RYA PWC Proficiency Certificate (secured in a one day course with Aigua Sea School) • At least two season’s experience of driving PWC’s • Valid first aid certificate • Ideally the candidate should have a minimum level of theory to Essential Navigation It is also advisable to hold a Powerboat Level II certificate as some teaching will be undertaken from a ‘safety vessel’ therefore a valid licence should be held. Instructor candidates will attend a three day course run by an RYA PWC Trainer, including moderation and assessment by an independent Trainer. During the course the candidates will be assessed afloat and ashore. The intention of this method of assessment is to ensure that instructors can teach safely and competently. Existing RYA powerboat instructors can undertake a one-day endorsement course, which will allow them to also teach the PWC scheme.

A PWC Instructor is a competent and experienced PWC rider who has been trained to teach the RYA PWC syllabus, under the


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Dutch sailor Bouwe Bekking will skipper a Dutch team in the 2014/15 event. Just hours after the Chinese boat Dongfeng was lifted into the water at Green Marine in Southampton, formal confirmation came of a Dutch team for the 2014/15 event. Led by Volvo veteran Bouwe Bekking, the new team will be backed by a familiar name to this race, Brunel. The news confirmed long running speculation that a Dutch team would be taking part in the next edition of the race and takes the current total number of teams to four.

Brunel CEO Jan Arie van Barneveld stated: “We are really happy that Brunel has again its own team and own sailing machine in the most exciting and prestigious sailing regatta in the world.” “The formula of the race has been improved significantly: the boats are identical so it’s the teams that make the difference. It is about the quality and cooperation between the people. That is Brunel! We go for the people, the sport and the victory,” he added.

Next to be launched was the Chinese Team Dongfeng with Ian Walker’s Abu Dhabi and now Bouwe Bekking’s Brunel.

Brunel made its debut in the 1997-98 race as BrunelSunergy and the company returned in 2005-06 in a race that was won by rival Dutch challenger, ABN AMRO ONE.

Meanwhile the rumour mill suggests that there could be entries from Spain, New Zealand and even mutterings of British team. Three more teams would take the fleet to seven and fit with the number of boats that Volvo are understood to have committed to build.

Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad added: “This announcement is great news all round. Brunel is a sponsor coming back to the race for the third time and feels like part of the Volvo Ocean Race family. They are here to win. They’re a fantastic sponsor.

For Bekking, this latest challenge from one of the world’s leading nautical nations is a chance to put the record straight having twice finished runner-up in an event that is part of Dutch sailing heritage having had three winners over the event’s 40 years.

“Bouwe is a great sailor and totally experienced skipper. He’s come close to winning many times - I’m sure he has some unfinished business with the event. This will be a real Dutch team and will create a real buzz in a country that knows the race so well. They will start training very soon - it’s all coming together.”

He will match the achievement of Swede Roger Nilson as the only man to have competed seven times in the race, nearly 30 years after his first attempt in 1985-86.

. 11



The French boatbuilder has reported an operating loss of -€1.3m in the Boat division for the year ended August 31, 2013 – a much better figure than initially forecast.

Sales in the Boat division were up by 2.4 per cent to €624.4m for the full year ended August 31, 2013, compared to fiscal 2012. Operating income came to -€1.3m versus an initial forecast of -€5.5m, thanks to business exceeding the targets set and a positive trend for margins on direct costs. Total group sales, however, were down 12.4 per cent to €815.4m. In the Housing division, sales were down by 13.7 per cent to €191m. Nevertheless, operating income from Housing was also better than expected, reaching €2.3m compared with an initial forecast of -€2.0m. “The performances achieved in the 2013 season and the long-term trends for the markets represent positive

factors for the 2014 season,” says Beneteau in a statement. “In North America, the first tentative trends seen in 2013 are encouraging and are being confirmed at the start of this 2014 season. “Emerging countries in Asia and South America are markets where customers are buying new boats for the first time, benefiting from structural growth, even if the levels of progress on the markets vary depending on the economic environment. “Caution is still needed in Europe, where markets are rising in certain countries, but falling in others. In view of these varied trends, the European region overall is expected to be stable at best in the 2014 season.” Beneteau expects the 2014 season to mark the global boat market’s first growth in five years, with a slight increase forecast of around 3-5 per cent.

London Boat Show will be celebrating its Jubilee anniversary when it is held from 4-12 January 2014. Thousands of people are expected to attend the nineday event at the ExCel exhibition centre and Royal Victoria Dock, to peruse almost 1,000 new and used boats of all sizes, plus hundreds of stands offering new products, charters, chandlers and marine clothing. Free, practical Royal Yachting Association (RYA) ‘Active Marina Experience’ workshops are back by popular demand - for advance bookings email: The second annual Fine Art Sails regatta, held on 4-5 January, will see Olympic and worldclass sailors race Star keelboats decorated with original artwork. Three of the sails are being designed by UK school children in memory of Olympian and

America’s Cup sailor Andrew Simpson, who tragically died in May 2013. Sir Ben Ainslie and his 72.2ft catamaran will also be at the show. The five-time Olympic medallist and America’s Cup winner will attend on Wednesday 8 January to take part in a question and answer session on the J.P. Morgan BAR AC45 stand G28O at 11.30am. His J.P.Morgan BAR AC45 catamaran will be on display for the full nine days.

. 13

52 SUPER SERIES - 2014, IN A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN… is hosted by Marina Ibiza September 17-21. Weiland asserts:

TP 52’s in Palma Copa del Rey 2013. It may seems like there has been a close season break at all but in just six weeks the US 52 SUPER SERIES’ first regatta Quantum Key West (20-24 January) is set to be the early season springboard for what promises to be an exciting 2014 52 SUPER SERIES season. Regattas in Key West and Miami are followed by the European events in Capri, for the first time ever, Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Palma Mallorca and Ibiza. Building on the success of last year’s initiative to take the 52 SUPER SERIES to America for the first time, Quantum Key West looks set to attract seven 52’s including the 2013 world champions, Niklas Zennström’s Rán Racing and 2013 Key West winners, Azzurra, from Europe. Of the five US flagged boats which are expected to compete, three crews will be new to 52 SUPER SERIES racing, Anema & Core (ex Platoon 2006), Hooligan (ex 2x Med Cup winning ETNZ) – which has

just been bought by US owner Gunther Buerman from a very successful period in Australia and Sled (ex Rio/Synergy), owned by Takashi Okura. CAPRI: Another First It will be the first time ever that the TP52s, as a class, visit the beautiful surroundings of the Italian island of Capri when the 52 SUPER SERIES is hosted by Rolex Capri Sailing Week (May 20-24) and IMA (International Maxi Organization). The 52’s share the event with the Maxi fleet although their schedule is different, the Maxis opening with a 48 hours offshore race. But Thursday’s coastal race will see both fleets race together. “Capri is possibly going to be a light winds venue, something like 80% of the time less than 10kts at this time of year, but there is also the chance of getting much more, so it will be a very good challenge for the fleet.” Weiland suggests.

Monthly Sailor Quiz

answers page 54


What is EDH?


Where will the ‘Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race’ start?


What do we call the empirical measure that relates wind speed to observed conditions at sea or on land?


How many masts does a ketch have?


What is the definition of radar?

Capri will be the first regatta of the season that the 52’s will race in the 2014 ‘transition’ form, that is with the longer bowsprits and 10 metres more spinnaker area which should make the 52’s appreciably quicker downwind, as a precursor to the 2015 TP52 Rule when all boats will be 200kg lighter, all boats will have composite rigging and the mainsail area will get a few meters larger.

“Where other traditional development grand prix classes, like the Volvo Race have by necessity chosen to go onedesign, the TP52 Class is still solidly behind the fun and energy that developing race boats and their equipment gives its owner and crew. Personally I find it a sad thing is that the demise of traditional development classes reduces the number of people that now get the chance to learn and understand about what makes a boat tick.“ “We are confident that as the TP52 boats are now are one of the few options left which are a full scale test of design and construction of boats, sails and equipment in high level real time competition, we will continue to see the ongoing growth of the TP52.”

Capri will be the first 52 SUPER SERIES event for the first boat to be built to the 2015 rule, the Botin Partners / King Marine Phoenix for Brazilian owner Eduardo de Souza Ramos. Phoenix is scheduled to race first at Palma Vela.

52 Super Series 2014 Event Calendar:

Weiland anticipates one more new build 2015 rule 52 to be launched and raced later this summer.

• 52 US East Coast Championship, Miami, Florida, March 5 - 9, 5 day WL racing, TP52s and IRC52s.

A further five teams have already pledged to build new for 2015.

• Rolex Capri Sailing Week, Capri, May 20 - 24, 4 day WL racing, IRC52s invited.

The 52 SUPER SERIES returns to the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo for the second regatta of four in Europe. This will also be the 2014 TP52 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. (10-14 June), before heading once again to the ever popular week long Copa del Rey in Palma, Mallorca which traditionally attracts the biggest 52 fleet of the season in Europe (Aug 4-9).

• TP 52 World Championship, Porto Cervo, June 10 - 14, 4 day WL racing, TP52s and IRC52s.

And after a very successful first visit to Ibiza in 2013, the final event of the 52 SUPER SERIES,

• Quantum Key West Race Week, Key West, Florida, January 20 – 24, 4 day WL racing, dual scoring IRC & 52 Super Series.

• Copa del Rey, Palma, August 4 - 9, 6 day WL racing, dual scoring IRC & 52 Super Series. • Royal Cup Marina Ibiza, Ibiza, September 17 – 21, 4 day WL & 1 day Coastal, TP52s and IRC52s.

TROFEO 63 CIUTAT DE PALMA been for this national holiday in the Bay of Palma, which have prevailed throughout the trophy, the oldest competition of the Balearic Islands.

387 Optimists racing in Palma in December. This annual event, now in its 63 rd year, is a real highlight in the annual calendar for many junior sailors from around Europe, providing some racing in winter sunshine in the Bay of Palma. The Real Club Nautico de Palma have a massive logistical exercise in providing enough dockspace for the 400 + dinghies which now enter this regatta, but as ever, the club

rose to the occasion. The fleets are made up of Optimists, 420’s , Laser Radial and Laser 4.7’s. Entries were from as far afield as Finland, Sweden, Holland, Germany Italy, Switzerland and the UK in addition to the huge Spanish contingent. Sadly this year’s event was marred by unseasonally high pressure, giving rise to extremely light winds . This gave

the race management team a very difficult task in setting starting lines with windshifts of 30 o not uncommon. Eventually only 3 races were completed in most classes, and the Laser 4.7’s only managed to complete 1 race, rendering their series null and void. Manu Fraga, technical director of the RCNP, explains how rare these weather conditions have

“We have suffered an anti cyclone, which is totally unusual for these times of the year. We have sailed the minimum races required to validate the championship but we certainly would have liked to have had more wind and sailed more races; the nine ones programmed for each class. I would like to specially thank the coaches and the sailors for their patience, throughout the event. Unfortunately this sport depends a lot on the weather conditions; this is what sailing is all about.” The event should, in my opinion, be publicised much more widely and should also be praised in its attraction of bringing much needed extra winter tourism to Mallorca.

. 15

DOCTOR AT SEA: MCA MARITIME HEALTH SEMINAR international standards in that the MCA accepts the loss of an eye in service provided the individual has adapted well.

Dr. Ken Prudhoe Club de Mar Medical Centre (+34) 639 949 125 I attended the MCA Doctors Annual Conference in London in November. It is a popular event and is normally oversubscribed for the 100 or so places. The theme for the 2013 event was “Health at Sea – The next ten years” and was a stab at addressing some of the issues which maritime legislation and medical experience could impose on health & safety at sea. The Manila Amendment has led to revision of the STCW convention so that, for instance, there is now a requirement to refresh fire-fighting training every five years. This is the background to a particularly challenging scenario presented for one of the group discussions and involved a fatality during an external safety training course in a 55 year old obese (body mass index 33) seafarer with a history of heart disease and who had a stent inserted four years previously. He had an unrestricted ENG1 but, in view of the obesity and cardiac history, this had been limited to 12 months by the Approved Doctor (AD). The cardiac arrest occurred whilst he was wearing breathing apparatus during

the fire-fighting exercise. The training course providers, who have previously assumed that an ENG1 certificate plus a self-completed questionnaire was sufficient, are now proposing that all seafarers who do not have a 2 year unrestricted ENG1 or have a BMI over 30 should bring additional medical evidence confirming that candidates are fit to complete the required training course. This opened up an interesting but inconclusive discussion about issues such as tightening up the ENG1, or getting supplementary medical certificates, or including refresher training in all seafarer job descriptions, or handing the responsibility back to the training providers (and this last option probably had the most support but watch this space). The standards used for assessing fitness of seafarers change from time to time – recent examples of some relaxation of guidelines include joint replacements or well controlled diabetes. More changes are likely and these may come from new information on risks, improved medical treatment, international standards – for example, the MCA’s current approach to monocular vision is more lenient than recent changes to

There are developments in colour vision testing to replace Holmes Wright lantern tests with screen-based computer tests. Also investigation of accidents may lead to new requirements – for instance, speed of dark adaptation has been raised as a safety issue in lookouts. Research evidence indicates that the speed of dark adaptation is variable between individuals and that it changes with age – testing of dark adaptation could be considered as a future requirement for lookouts.

ther” clauses be included when standards are changed in order to allow affected individuals to continue to be certified if they no longer meet current standards? When is it justified to restrict or fail a person who was previously considered fit? How much effort should be put into informing those who have moved on but could now benefit from more flexible guidelines?

Maintaining consistency in ENG1 assessments can be a problem when one AD disagrees with another or if a previous AD does not appear to have complied with the guidelines – examples given included: anticoagulant users with unlimited certificates; cadets who fail their second eye test; obese seafarers who have not been properly assessed or required to control their weight; those with a history of psychiatric treatment whose history has not been fully explored; those with a history of heart disease who have had long term limitations to their exercise tolerance. The consequences of these inconsistencies can be far-reaching for the individual seafarer affected and how can the issues be disentangled fairly?

These various discussions were complemented by a range of invited speakers. Roger Towner, UK Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen, was entertaining as he took us through his personal journey as a seafarer and gave vivid illustrations of the pressures borne in life at sea. Most of the audience were ADs responsible for issuing ENG1 certificates to work at sea without having much personal sea-time so a first-hand account of life on the ocean waves was pretty salutary at times. In applying it to fatigue and vigilance, he fed into the previous discussion on occasional extremes of endurance which form part of many seafarer job descriptions. He included some interesting navigation light configurations to drive home the current strict guidelines on colour vision fitness for lookout duties. This is a recurring source of disappointment to young men setting out on a deck officer career who only learn of their colour deficiency at their first ENG1 assessment.

There are other questions when the actual guidelines are changed. Should “grandfa-

Lots to report on a day that was far too short to deal with all the issues!

w w w. c l u b d e m a r m e d i c a l . c o m

At Club de Mar since 2007, Drs Ken & Rosemary Prudhoe provide a range of services to the yachting industry.

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Our recently redeveloped Pantalan Mediterraneo offers special berthing deals

Pantalan Mediterraneo is nearly ready for full service. All yachts from 20 m to 100 m are very welcome, as are their Captains, Crew, Owners, Suppliers and Guests! Pantalan del Mediterråneo: 61 moorings from 20m to 120m at the boulevard in Palma’s harbour E-mail: Tel: +34 609 815 800

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HEAD FOR HEIGHTS room. “Use what ever you need there’s a heap of tools and a supply of stainless nuts and bolts. Just don’t drop anything heavy on the deck it just been sanded!”

Rod Gutry-Freelance Illustration, Photography. (+34) 675 209 649 Tommy had done a lot of work on boats, cleaning, polishing, teak preparation, painting and varnishing. Not to mention the hours of sanding required on some of the older girls to get the surface just right to apply a good finish. He wasn’t a tradesman by any stretch of the imagination, but he knew his way around boats and had an intimate relationship with any tool box filled with a handymans favorite weapons. As they say in Spain he was Manny Manitas. Tommy loved power tools. If he got a gift in a squarish wrapper of just the right size at any stage in his life, he would quietly whisper to himself “please please be a B&D family member” Often this was not the case and he would choke back the disappointment and hold up the gift with a car dealer’s smile declaring “Wow! fantastic! How did you know?” inside his head the evaporating image of a shiny new router or jigsaw quietly vanished. The guys and girls who do the real work on boats particularly the older wooden variety, are pretty particular about their tools. There is a saying in the trade about loaning tools and wives. Tommy knew never to ask a tradesman outright for a “loan” but neighbors were

a different kettle of fish altogether. In fact its almost compulsory when casually looking in your neighbors shed to take good mental notes of the selection for future reference. It was halfway through some metal detailing at the top of a particularly tall mast on a not particularly tidy vessel that Tommy saw an opportunity for his handyman skills. He always kept an eye on the little details because he knew that most skippers remember a day worker who makes an effort. Of course he had to watch himself because if he got too cocky he could be making somebody look bad. It was hard enough getting work without bruising the ego of either the skipper or a crew member with clout on board. On the mast was a rusted bolt bent into a neat half circle, the rusting and pressure from a stay line was slowly distorting the bolt and now it was in danger of tearing a sail or snagging on one or two halyards running beside it. The shape of the bolt meant the nut was never going to be screwed off in the normal fashion so a bit of jiggerypokery was going to be the order of the day. Tommy shimmied down the mast and knocked on the skippers door, he quickly explained what he had seen and his thoughts on how to fix it. He was pointed in the general direction of the engine

The cluttered engine room indeed had a good selection of tools. Mixed screwdrivers and pliers from several sets. Pretty normal on boats as the opportunity for a tool to go swimming is always on the cards. As Tommy carefully made his selection of bolt, washers and nuts, his peripheral vision caught a flash of black and orange in a corner of the engine bay. A grinder! Tommy rapidly scanned the dim room for the next essential item and as he turned back towards the hatch saw the unmistakable coil of extension cable. Bingo! Swinging above the yacht with a toothbrush and polishing cream is one thing, but with a pocket full of bolts then a grinder and cable that only just reaches it’s target and add in a slightly more than gentle breeze swaying the whole shooting match, and you have a recipe for disaster. Tommy could have hung from his harness under the bolt but he couldn’t see where to cut so instead he sat on the cross beam with the bolt between

his legs, he turned the grinder towards his body with the mast protecting soft body tissue. The job although simple enough was awkward and Tommy could feel the sweat building in his hands as he squeezed the trigger. The grinder screamed into life and ate away quickly at the rusty bolt. The mast lurched as the end of the bolt parted and dropped quickly to the deck. No! Gasped Tommy as in slow motion he followed the path of the bolt heading for the pristine teak. Luck was in as it clanged against metal and then ricocheted into the tide. Tommy could smell smoke. He looked quickly at the grinder in his hand and at that exact moment he realized he was far too close to the remaining half of the very hot bolt which was now burning it’s way through his pants and into his thigh. The high pitched squeal brought the skipper to the deck as well as the attention of boats moored alongside. As the skipper looked up Tommy was half hanging, half sitting and rubbing the smoldering patch on his pants furiously. “Hey Tommy! I’m not sure what you’re up to? But what ever you do, don’t drop my neighbors grinder on the deck!”


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Sarah Drane Mid-November I hot-footed it up north, to Pollensa, to pen a piece on winter tourism for the local paper. Up until then (yes, exactly that day) the notion of ‘winter’ had been completely alien to Mallorca. Temperatures were as high as 30 degrees in the first week of November and flip-flops were still de rigueur. But bam, slap bang in the middle of the month, the first episode of cold (and snow) hit the Island and ten degrees were wiped off the thermometer overnight. How deliciously ironic that I should find myself on a journalistic mission to extol the virtues of Mallorca’s ‘warm’ off-season ‘sun’. With accommodation already booked well in advance (Hotel Sis Pins) and a slot freed up in my otherwise tightly packed diary, there was no way I could shove my head back under the duvet get out of exercise number one – a guided SUP

tour courtesy of Pollensa-based Bellini ( So, I stuck the windscreen wipers on and drove to meet partner Eugenio García in the petite marina of Bonaire close to Alcudia. The idea was to hop on a board and explore this pretty peninsula together, but the water looked more North Sea than north Mallorca and even Eugenio wasn’t mad enough to tackle it. Bonaire was aborted and we headed north-side Bay of Pollensa where it was genuinely flat as a millpond – seems there’s no such thing as a no-SUP day in Mallorca. First, as winter had cruelly reared its ugly head, I had to abandon all dignity and squeeze my lumps and bumps into a ‘sexy’ Rip Curl wetsuit. Thankfully Pollensa’s famous Pine Walk was near-deserted of promenaders and most blushes were spared. Next, the pumping up of our two Red Paddle Co inflatable boards (a

super stable 10’8” Mega for me and a 9’6” wave-friendly Allwater for Eugenio), a process I took no part in whatsoever by playing the ‘pathetic woman’ card. Then, after a quick “look at us idiots SUPing in the rain” Kodak moment, on the water we went. Now, for those of you who haven’t SUPed an inflatable before, they do feel different from your average solid board. Whilst Red Paddle Co is often acknowledged as the best no-compromise inflatable board manufacturer (it only makes inflatable boards, and has done so since 2008) even Red Paddle Co boards feel less than rigid and flex a little as they traverse the waves. The trick is to make sure they’re properly inflated (15 to 25psi - at the higher end of the scale if you’re a bit um, er, heavier, or it’ll ‘banana’) and then it’s just practice. The more you use one, the more normal it feels, trust me. Full of local knowledge, Eugenio was the perfect guide and pointed out all the delights of the Bay from the gorgeous (yet closed for winter) Hotel Illa d’Or to the high-fenced military aerodrome. We were also able to snoop at the 232 acre estate of La Fortaleza which was built in 1628 and was once Spain’s most expensive private home. Rumour has it it’s being turned into a hotel, although we saw no signs of life. A tour highlight, aside from managing to stay upright and

Illustration: Claire Christina Bentley

Photo: Samantha Hemsley


dry (even working up a small “I’m-not-sure-if-I-really-neededthis-wetsuit-after-all” glow), was when we switched boards for me to sample the 9’6”. No, not actually sampling the 9’6”, but Eugenio accidentally stepping on a massive cunningly camouflaged stone-brown octopus and letting out a fearsome yelp. Thank Dios it was him not me, I’d have most-likely burst into tears. Two hours later and back on shore, I was most pleased that I’d dragged myself from under the duvet and made the effort to tackle my first chilly SUP of the season. If you fancy a go, Bellini will take anyone from a five year old (towed behind with a fun-sized paddle) to a 75 year old, one person to groups of 15, and they’re open throughout the winter. Prices start from 20 euros a head for three hours including equipment hire. Just look out for those dastardly octopi.

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our STAY FIToceans FOR SAILINGour future

MENTAL SELF DEFENCE Matt Follows - Hypnotherapist & NLP Mind Coach (+34) 663 416 310 Lesson 3: New Year, New beliefs

Katie Handyside Personal Trainer (+34) 636 322 959 FAT BURNING TIPSFOLLOWING THE FEAST… Here are some tips on how to best get rid of that belly bulge from the festive season. 1. Join one of my group workouts or sign up for some personal training and nutrition. No excuses – I am located in STP and my door is always open! I can also do exercise and nutritional programs specifically for boats. 2. Try my metabolic balance program. This is scientifically designed to identify (through a blood test) all the foods that will uniquely have you brimming with energy and burning fat stores. This program can be adjusted to help you lose weight, change your metabolism or gain weight (for the minority of us!) either way you will be looking and feeling fabulous what a great start for 2014. HOW TO MAKE YOUR WORKOUTS FAT BURNING If you don’ t feel like going to the gym then try this program aboard the boat. 1. 10 push ups 2. 20 jumping jacks (use burpees, squat thrusts or lateral jumps if you get bored of the jacks) 3. 10 full squats 4. 10 crunches 5. 20 jumping jacks 6. Grab a weight, pick it up off the floor keeping a straight neutral spine, bending at the legs and pushing through your legs, lift the weight

overhead (again keeping a neutral spine) Repeat this a minimum of three times through -feel great and fight the fat! Follow these tips to increase fat burning: 1. Don’t weight train when your hungry- a fed body burns more calories. 2. Try a walk upon rising without eating- this “slow sustained “exercise on an empty stomach can actually increase fat burning- your full workout however, should be post eating. (see above). 3. Burn more fat by adequately warming up firstI love those jumping jacks but jumping rope or any full body exercise done at a gentle tempo works well. 4. Keep your mind muscle connection strong- think about what you are doingthink lean muscle- the more muscle you have the more calories you burn and the leaner & slimmer you appear. 5. Try to do full body exercises or alternate between upper and lower body exercises to ensure adequate blood shunting round the body and increased metabolism 6. Keeping your carbohydrate intake lower than 30g for 8 weeks can induce ketosis (natural fat burning through improved insulin function.) 7. Protein can help you enhance your fat burning by increasing your metabolism through digestion and by increasing your lean mass. Good fats can also help you to burn fat. Good quality whey protein isolate, lamb, liver, shellfish, grass fed beef, wild salmon, eggs are all good sources of protein and fat. 8. Cook with coconut oil.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s 2014 already! It only seems like yesterday when I was celebrating the turn of the Millennium and praying that the world’s computer systems wouldn’t implode – if only so I wouldn’t have to figure out how to reset my cooker clock. But ready or not, 2014 it is, and this month I’m going to show you a really simple way of catapulting yourself into the kind of empowering beliefs that will create more success in your new year. 1. Identify a belief about yourself that you’d like to change. For example, “I get too stressed at work.” 2. Ask yourself, “How do I know this?” “What happens inside me when I get too stressed?” Write down what you’re feeling, seeing and hearing, and call this state A. 3. Next, ask yourself, “How would I like to be instead of too stressed at work?” Write down your answer. And again, be specific. What will you be seeing, hearing and feeling in your different and better state? Close your eyes and really enjoy seeing yourself coping easily and elegantly with challenges at work. Call this state B. 5. Next, mentally step into situation (A) and feel what “too stressed” is to you. Notice how your heart beats hard and your pulse races... Notice how your stomach churns and your breathing becomes fast and shallow. At the same time, imagine being pulled back as if you’re inside a giant slingshot. Really amplify the feeling of tension as you get ready to let go.

6. Aiming at the state you’ve labeled (B), count 1-2-3 and on the count of 3, let go. Feel yourself catapulted towards state B at light speed and hear the whoosh of air as you rocket into the state. 7. Fully immerse yourself in all the qualities that you identified in your preferred state. See what you’ll see, hear what you’ll hear and feel what you’ll feel when you’re in this more resourceful place. 8. Take a deep breath and allow the changes to flow through every nerve, muscle and cell of your body. 9. Open your eyes and clear your mind by thinking of your favourite colour or what you need to do later. 10. Close your eyes again and repeat steps five to seven, six more times. For this month only, if you have a belief that it’s really hard to quit smoking, contact me and I’ll give you 15% off my ‘Stop Smoking in One Session’ package and change that too.

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Nick Stael von Holstein Kids have the opportunity of experiencing scuba diving from an early age and being natural ‘water babies’ already, it’s an easy transition from mask and snorkel to blowing bubbles. Ive worked in resorts where we were able to give kids a basic intro from the age of 4-8 years old using a tiny pony bottle and letting them blow bubbles in the shallow end while holding onto them. They were truly amazing naturals and loved it. In fact getting them out of the pool after was not easy. Kids however need to be 8 years old to enter into a preliminary training course. Under the PADI system this is known as the Bubblemaker course which is confined water orientated and limited to 2m in depth.

Following this intro, kids can enrol in the a PADI Seal Team program where there are 5 Aquamissions to complete which involves learning about equipment familiarisation and an introduction to basic skills such as buoyancy control, mask and regulator clearing, entries & exits and underwater communications. A max depth of 4m is the limit. Following this there are 10 specialty missions to participate in to become a Master Seal Team member. The missions are: Creature ID specialist, Environmental specialist, Inner Space specialist, Navigation specialist, Night specialist, Safety specialist, Search & recovery specialist, Snapshot & wreck specialist. All fun and simple techniques to give a taste of elements of an openwater training course. By the age of 10 years old, kids

can enter into a Discover Scuba Course or Junior Openwater training. 12m is the max depth and all subsequent diving is under the supervision of an Instructor or certified diver. By the age of 12, certified Jnr openwater divers can dive with any adult under supervision to a depth of 18m. Here is Mallorca, last year Ondine diving conducted some fantastic kids training programs around the island. As soon as they are old enough, these kids are well on their way to becoming fully certified. Diving can be a wonderful family activity whether locally or on holiday. I remember a time when I took 8 family members diving together (including grandparents and grandkids) in the Bahamas. We met turtles, sharks and all manner of marine life as well

as amazing underwater dolphin encounter which is pretty rare on scuba. It also happened to be on Christmas day, an everlasting magical experience shared and one of the best Christmas presents ever. Learning to scuba dive at an early age has the added benefit of introducing kids to the marine and ocean realm and allows us to instil the importance of conservation and marine protection. By inspiring kids at an early age, they then become the future guardians of the marine world. I encourage all parents to give the opportunity to kids to have a go at blowing some bubbles and while they are at it, why not join them. Big bubbles, no troubles!


NAO Victoria’s Adventures Continue with a Transatlantic Voyage Aboard DYT’s Super Servant 4. While observing yachts loading onboard ships can be an amazing sight, even Captain Jack Sparrow would have been impressed watching the historic replica of Ferdinand Magellan’s galleon, NAO Victoria, sail onboard DYT Yacht Transport’s semi-submersible yacht carrier, Super Servant 4, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain on November 28th. Dedicated to yacht transport of yachts of all sizes, DYT is best known for its fleet of unique ships that submerge to a draft required by the yachts loading to safely and easily sail on and off. Upon her arrival in Port Everglades, Fla. mid-December, the 25.9-meter (85-foot) carrack will sail to St. Augustine for the Christmas holiday before beginning a cultural exhibition tour that will take her along the coast of Florida and up the U.S. East Coast to educate the public about the first complete circumnavigation of the world by Magellan’s expedition in the 16th Century. Leave Nothing to Chance “Although she can sail perfectly on her own keel, she would take nearly two months to get from Spain to Florida, so we decided to ship her to reduce the voyage time,” said Eduardo Almagro Blanco, the general manager for Fundacion NAO

Victoria, the Spanish not-forprofit foundation that manages NAO Victoria along with El Galeon, another historic Spanish replica. He added that the organization chose DYT based on its credentials, unique float-on/float-off loading method, and timely schedule. Paving the Way The original NAO Victoria, launched in 1519, was one of five ships in the Portuguese explorer’s Spanish expedition to discover the passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans known as the Strait of Magellan. After his death and under the command of Juan Sebastian Elcano, it became the first ship in history to complete the 32,000-mile voyage in 1522 and the first ever to successfully circumnavigate the globe. In 1570, the original ship disappeared without a trace during a treacherous storm while underway from the Antilles to Seville.

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost The replica of the NAO Victoria was built for the Universal Exposition of Seville in 1992. Directed by Ignacio Fernandez Vial, extensive research and in-depth analysis was conducted on 164 written and iconographic documents from different Spanish historical archives, 126 drawings and engravings, 22 affidavits, 18 treaties on naval construction, and three wrecks.

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Illustration: Claire Christina Bentley

ONWARDS AND UPWARDS FOR THE BALEARIC SEA headquarters! Now Christmas is over, new years celebrations are done its time to get back in the driving seat and keep this lean green conservation machine running at full power! Asociacion Ondine has some great plans for 2014 and you my friends are all invited to be part of it! One of our goals last year was to come up with an initiative that has the potential to touch everyone, benefit marine research & conservation, engage people, raise awareness and maybe even raise some desperately needed funds. Not an easy task really, but we did it! Now we need your help! The Ondine Marine App & website covers all the objectives we set out to achieve and more! Its an amazingly beneficial all round initiative that has the potential to be massive, but it will only be as successfully as we make it. We means YOU as well, not just us here at AO

There are two sides to the app, one is marine life and the other is marine debris. Basically anyone who has an encounter with marine life or marine debris can upload photos and videos to the app, with GPS coordinates, time, date, weather conditions and extra comments all attached. The data will be sent to our main data base where will we have it stored in various categories and accessible to various other scientific research & conservation groups. Increasing their knowledge about where and when animals and marine debris are spotted around the Balearic Islands as well as the rest of the Mediterranean. Of course we will be using the data to improve our initiatives here as well. If we use beach clean-ups as one example, cleaning beaches that are not actually that dirty is a great thing to do to raise awareness but its not being as effective as possible, with information gathered through our app we will be able to initiate cleanups in certain areas at different times of the year when it is most needed. Info we already have from our pilot project of data collection with the SailAid boys has suggested the dirtiest beaches are the ones that have the least amount of people visiting. Makes sense really, no one there to clean it up. The other example we can

use is the sightings of Basking Sharks, we will be planning a Basking Shark tagging program but with so little information on sightings around the Balearics having the ability to tap into recreational and professional boat users encounters will give us a clearer picture on where and when Basking Sharks are spotted. Hence making our work much more effective both financially and scientifically. So that’s the basic data collection ability we will have from the app, but there´s more! Users of the Ondine App will be able to set up their own page, which will keep a record of their sightings; not only as a list but an overlay on Google maps with icons placed in the locations they had their encounters. Giving people the ability to look back on their page and see the accumulated sightings they

have seen over a period of time. As well as being able to re-visit those sightings and view their photos, videos and comments. Organizations, yachts, schools, universities or just groups of friends can create groups, the manager of this group will have the ability to overlay all individual members sightings onto Google maps to give them a much clearer picture of their subject of choice. This would work really well for birdwatching groups to collaborate all their members’ data as well as individual yachts that want to keep a record of what all their crew members have seen whilst working on that yacht. Dive centers and dive clubs can do the same, so it’s not just for people on the water but also for people under the water. The scope of this project is rather large!

We will also be building into the app and the website drawings, picture and basic information to assist people in identifying exactly what species they just had an encounter with. Which I am sure will be great for boat users and divers who have an encounter and are interested in finding out what they just saw! This is the engaging part of the app, hence giving people something that will be beneficial to them, not just beneficial to our research and conservation. We like symbiotic relationships! We have all aspects of this project sourced and ready to go, all but one of our service providers are based in Mallorca. Hence keeping the money generated for this application here at home. The only person not based in Mallorca is our illustrator, who is based in mainland Spain, so even then its still close to home. 95% of money generated to create this app and website will stay here in the Balearics! Local science, local research, local conservation, funded by local businesses, yachts and individuals with the money staying local. Just the way we like it! We will be fundraising through different avenues over the coming months to generate the money for this project. Local fundraising & awareness events, crowdfunding, sourcing a major sponsor from the local business community as well as finding

sponsors for individual species. This application and website has great advertising potential, considering the industries that will be using it. The yachting, diving & tourism industries, schools & universities as well as research and conservation groups will all have involvement in this project hence giving sponsors a huge scope and audience to see not only their logo and contact details but to see who the pioneering businesses are in the Balearics that have a green conscience and are willing to actually get up and do something positive for the environment they all make their profits from. Having an environmental image these days is one of the strongest marketing tools around. Our planned launch date for version 1.0 of the Ondine App is May 2014, but this obviously depends on how successful we are in generating the funding to pay for the development and construction.

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If you are a local business owner, director or manager and would like to know more about how your business can be seen as a pioneering environmentally aware local business then please feel free to contact me. Only together we will succeed in understanding, protecting and improving the Balearic Sea.

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our oceans STRAIGHT TALK ON THE our DOSH future Tour De France a la Voile: New Route and an Amateur Fleet. Amaury Sport Organisation unveiled the route of the Tour de France a la Voile 2014 at the opening day of Paris Boat Show.

Phil D. Coffers The Islander Economics Correspondent Greed - the case for the defence Boris Johnson, the never dull Mayor of London, exercised his unmistakable knack for generating column inches last month, by invoking the slumbering corpse of Gordon Gekko, the fictional poster child of 80’s excess, by reworking the famous, and misquoted line from the 1987 movie Wall street, ‘Greed is good’. He claimed it was futile to try to end inequality, and us unpalatable as this sounded, he was right. Like it or lump it greed is an inherent trait in not just humans, but in most things that need to make a living on this planet. Place a bowl of Pedigree Chum in front of a pack of hungry mutts, and you don’t see a great deal of socialism going on. Sure it would be great if we lived in an equal society, but social and political experiments to that end, have without exception failed, and usually ended badly. Greed is a force with many interchangeable monikers, ambition, self interest, survival, etc, but greed is a powerful workhorse that if bridled, properly schooled and given a direction it drives, and improves our world. It has given us everything we have, the good and the bad. The opportunity to make life better for yourself and your family directly as a result of

your own innovation and hard work is a force of nature. It energises all of us, and importantly those few in our society who possess the drive and capability of real progress. The Henry Fords and Thomas Edisons of this world created many of the things that we consider essential, because they wanted more for themselves, without that motive, perhaps they never would have. When the Berlin Wall came down, and Germany faced up to the monumental task of stitching back together a prosperous functioning capitalist economy, and a failed communist closed one, a stark example for the differences between the two ideals presented itself. Communist East Germany turned the Trabant, the small badly built two stroke engined car, out of her factories for more or less exactly the same cost that the West could turn out an all singing all dancing luxury Mercedes. In other words, if you remove the motive of profit from a society, then you dull the ambition to strive to improve and innovate. Take a look back at the 20th century, a period that will forever be defined as a standoff between capitalism and communism. Those with a profit motive, and those without, and look where the innovation comes. Look where the living standards are the highest. The West produced a revolution in the way everyday people lived their lives. Advances in the comforts of home, leisure, communications and health, cures for diseases and pharmaceutical revolutions.

The East also innovated, but in the main, theirs were in the field of defense, and control in an attempt to ring fence their populations and perpetuate their system. Inequality in a capitalist system is inevitable, there will always be the extremes of wealth, but if we allow some to starve while other prosper excessively then we have failed as a society. Greed or ambition should create a rising tide that lifts all boats. Boris also called in his speech for the ‘Hedge fund kings’ to do more to help the poorest, A return the the philanthropy that marked the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Carnigies and Rockerfellers, Mellons and Morgans were as rich as humans have ever been, and they were no saints, but they were also measured by how much they gave back. Perhaps we should conclude with a man who should be the modern example to those at the top end of a society with growing inequality. Bill Gates, a man whose ambition/greed made him the richest man in the world, worth $72.7 billion. In the process he directly employed over 100,000 people in his corporation and provided the ability to make a living for countless millions more, myself included. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to date has given away nearly $37 billion to the global fight against HIV, malaria and poverty, and supports improvements in health, sanitation and education worldwide, and he’s still doing very nicely thankyou. So perhaps we can forgive him Windows Vista.

Eight cities will welcome the fleet this year. From Dunkirk to Nice, the teams will cover a total of 900 miles. With 24 inshore races, 6 offshore legs and 4 nights at sea, the rhythm will be gruelling and the race will take place over three weeks only instead of four. “A threeweek event makes for a denser and more exciting race for the fans and suits the teams’ budgets. We also chose to move the Tour de France a la Voile a week later in July so that it starts with the summer holidays,” said the event director Jean-Baptiste Durier. The fleet will stop in Dunkirk, Dieppe, Granville and Roscoff before crossing over to the Mediterranean side, starting from Roses in Spain, Gruissan, Hyeres and Nice. In 2014, the key change will be the presence of the Grand Surprise boats within the fleet. This one-design boat will be sailed by young and amateur teams, next to the professional teams sailing the M34s. “One of our objectives in 2014 is to re-establish the Tour’s history, an event always open to both the professionels and the amateurs. We had to make sure the conditions would be favourable for young and amateur teams to join - they are part of the Tour’s DNA. For different reasons, including economical ones, they almost disappeared from the start line in the past years. That’s why we are adding the Grand Surprise as the second one-design fleet of the Tour 2014,” said Yann Le Moenner, A.S.O. general director.

. 29


get the most out of your investment.

Outdrives open up valuable space by moving the gearbox outside the boat and lowering the engine inside. In some cases they improve performance and for brave drivers it can be useful to get within wading distance of a beach. They are popular then with yacht tenders, day cruisers and raceboats. Owners have mixed feelings about their perceived reliability and so here’s how to address some of the issues we’ve encountered.

First the free and easy part. If it’s not practical to keep the boat out of the water, keep the steering central and the trim all the way down. That reduces growth on the trim rams, which attacks the seals when they are next put to work. Keep an eye on the trim reservoir (inside the vessel) to make sure the oil level and colour is correct. Any oil slick in the water, or change in the reservoir, is a sign of oil contamination or loss. If you’re anchored in clear water and the engine start is disabled, it is worth a quick check to be sure no fishing line is eating away at the prop shaft seals and that the anodes are still intact.

Outdrives are of course an assembly of precisionmachined and cast bearings, pistons, gears, shafts and propellers, supported by an alloy casing bolted on to the back of the transom. While under way, they deliver hundreds of horsepower from the engine (inside the boat) to the propellers (a foot down, outside the boat), whilst simultaneously providing directional and trim control via a system of pistons and hydraulic power transfer. They are rattled, jarred, wobbled and twisted - at high speed on the plane, or low speed via energetic steering during docking - and remain waterproof and reliable for hundreds of hours between services. That is provided they enjoy any services - or sea water, animal life and the rattling will turn these engineering marvels into a sorry mess of mangled metal. Here’s how to avoid that, and

Most drives must be inspected out of the water annually or around 200 hours. Anodes at a few Euros are crucial to prevent total destruction. We’ve seen complete drives written off after a few months lying unprotected in sea water. Drive bellows are another inexpensive item that should be changed annually to prevent drive oil loss or contamination. Changing the oil is important too. Drives should feel firm and securely positioned, in whatever aspect they are left. A gentle shake will reveal if bushings, gimbal bearings or rams need to be replaced. A thorough service will also check, adjust or change the steering cable, steering ram, trim sensor and steering sensor


(if present). The sensors form part of any electronic control system and can cause non-start gremlins if in poor condition. To do all this properly, the drives must be removed from the boat, which gives an opportunity to check the drive shaft and transom shield too.


As ever, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to keep your warranty going and enjoy for years beyond that the benefits that drives offer.


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John Alcantara - International Boat & Yacht Brokers MCA Coding - Putting Your Yacht to Work Many people dream of a life afloat funded by charter work or sailing instruction. This is perfectly possible but for British flagged vessels or foreign flagged vessels operating from UK ports the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) lays down a set of regulations that spell out all aspects of commercial operation of a yacht from construction, equipment and manning through to safety, training and operational procedures. So make sure you comply with the regulations. The purpose of this article is to inform owners of the legal requirements that need to be met to operate a small sailing vessel

commercially. This article aims to give an initial understanding and will point towards further reading material. The “Blue Code� is the code ( uk/mca/blue.pdf) specifically of interest as it covers sailing of up to 24 metres in length at the load line and which do not carry cargo or more than 12 passengers. Adherence to the code is signified by the issue of a Coding Compliance Certificate. This certificate is obtained by subjecting the vessel to an exhaustive survey process carried out by a properly qualified and authorised marine surveyor. Vessels are coded with respect to areas of operation which are defined as follows: Category 4- up to 20 miles from a safe haven, in favourable weather and in daylight;

Category 3- up to 20 miles from a safe haven; Category 2- up to 60 miles from a safe haven; Category 1- up to 150 miles from a safe haven; Category 0- unrestricted service. The lower the category the more stringent the coding requirements. Compliance certificates are issued with a validity of five years with a nominated person (skipper or owner) able to self certify continued compliance on an annual basis. In practice this means reviewing the original compliance survey and checking that the vessels is still in compliance. Items requiring annual checks like life rafts, fire extinguishers and gas

installations will need to be checked by a competent and authorised supplier. A change of ownership of the vessel whilst the vessel is in code compliance triggers a re-certification process. This should not be too onerous if the vessels is already fully compliant. However re-surveying and bureaucratic costs are unavoidable upon a change of ownership. Even if you do not intend to operate your yacht commercially compliance with its provisions will ensure that your vessel is always operated safely.

MOTOR BOAT FAST TRACK Sail to Power Conversions Mile Building Yachtmaster Prep

100ml 500ml 1 litre 5 Litres

Gibraltar Based Mediterranean & Atlantic Mile Building (+34) 678 345 595

. 31

MENORCA NEWS business is looking very promising for the 2014 London Boat Show as customers are now considering upgrading rather than selling their boats! In the spring of 2014 we will be taking delivery of the Chris Craft Launch 25 enabling potential customers in Menorca to see the boat up close and go for a sea trial in Mahon harbour.’ Elizabeth Parr Menorca Cruising (+34) 660 647 845 Marine Power Menorca C/ dés Fusters 49-50, Poligono Es Castell, Menorca (+34) 670 908 839 - info@ Andrew Moore and Paul Marsh are the hands-on owners of Marine Power Menorca, based in Es Castell, close to Mahon Harbour. They formed the company in 2008, bringing together their complementary backgrounds in engineering and mechanics to build a very successful maintenance and storage business for boats. Starting with just 8 boats and a 300m² warehouse 5 years ago, they have steadily grown the business, despite the recession, and now have a 2200m² storage facility for boats up to 50’ with around 50 boats under their care. Marine Power carry out 99% of the maintenance work in house and have a strong focus on quality control and preventative maintenance. In addition they are the main dealers in Menorca for 5 makes of small quality powerboats, namely Chris Craft, Four Winns, Williams performance tenders, Scorpion ribs and, since the 2013 Southampton Boat Show, Cobra ribs. They offer the full sales and aftersales authorized service for these boats. Andrew Moore is encouraged by the improved market sentiment over the last year. ‘We have definitely started to see a turnaround in the market. In 2013 we sold four Williams tenders, including the latest 625 diesel jet, the first one to be sold in the Balearics. New

Both Andrew and Paul were brought up in engineering families. Andrew’s father was an engine designer in the UK working on the Rover V8 and then he moved into rally cars, designing and building engines for works teams such as the Andrews Heat for Hire team of Russell Brookes, who won the British Rally Championship with a Ford Escort RS1800. Andrew’s father moved to Menorca 25 years ago and set up Marine and Autopower, a company which started with cars and boats. The company finally decided to concentrate wholly on cars and changed the name to just Autopower. In 2008 Marine Power was reborn as a separate company with Andrew and Paul at the helm. Andrew graduated with a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Portsmouth and worked for Honda cars in the UK for 9 years and then for Taylor Woodrow in supply chain management, before moving to Menorca to set up Marine Power. When describing Paul Marsh, everything should be read in a strong Welsh accent. Paul says his father was a chief design engineer working for a top secret military operation. When Paul was very young his father moved back to South Wales to start his own car and motorbike business and Paul grew up, in his own words, with the workshop as his playground, surrounded from an early age by heavy plant, engineering and milling equipment. Paul worked as a mechanic in Wales until he was 22, before moving to work in garages in London, including the main Ford RS Dealership of Tony Brooks the F1 motor racing driver. Paul moved to Menorca in 1996 and after working as a

diving instructor for a few years he worked for 6 years at Nigel’s Boat Services before working for himself in the boat industry. Marine Power’s core business is providing tailored storage, maintenance, and repair services to boat owners. They say their success is due to their engineering base of expertise. They understand and deliver the service required by owners who expect to step onto their boat, turn the key and have hassle free fun. They make sure that they keep their customers informed and always act in their best interests, finding the most cost effective solutions and always carrying out work on time. Many of their customers may only come out to Menorca to use their boat for a few precious weeks a year. Andrew says, ‘It is the time we spend on maintenance and preparation over winter that ensures that their boat is ready and waiting and in perfect condition when they arrive. Because the boats are all kept inside our warehouse we can ensure a planned work schedule whatever the weather and there is no last minute panic at the start of the summer season. ‘If the worst happens and something breaks down or the client has an accident with the boat for example, we will pull out all the stops to try and get the boat repaired and back in the water as soon as possible. This year, for example, one of our clients rang us at 1am, having taken the leg off their rib on a rock in

Fornells. We managed to source a rare 2nd hand Volvo leg and repair the transom and get the boat back in the water within 5 days, allowing the client to use the rib for the last week of his holiday.’ Marine Power is a recognized Allianz Preferred Boat repairer. Andrew explains ‘We do not offer maintenance packages like some other yacht maintenance companies. We prefer to offer a unique service to each individual customer, depending on their boat and the level of service required. We will discuss the work with clients at each stage and provide them with choices based on our sound knowledge of the engineering processes involved.’ 95% of Marine Power’s business is to provide a service to boat owners not resident in Menorca. This might be the simple storage of a tender or outboard or the complete rebuild of an engine over winter. They have established and built up their business in the middle of a serious global recession and by investing in new premises and equipment in 2013 they will be in an excellent position as the market improves. We are looking forward to seeing the new Chris Craft Launch 25 out in the harbour in the spring, the first of a stock of demonstration boats Marine Power has planned for the future.

. 33


The notorious Swellies in the Menai Straits. A Disturbed Sleep Many years ago, I was a part owner of a great old Half Tonner, called Demolition. She was a Stephen Jones designed Supernova, and built for the 1978 Half Ton Cup. She was so many years ahead of her time when she was built, in terms of design and innovation that the BBC made a 30 minute documentary on her, with Bob Fisher as the presenter. He also sailed on her during the 1978 event. I became involved with “Demo” in 1996, when we took her over to compete in theFord Cork Week regatta. Now before we go any further, you should know that my ¼ share in this “thoroughbred!!!” cost me just £1500, so you will have a flavour of her condition and seaworthiness!! The delivery trip was interesting to say the least, especially as we didn’t have a functioning engine and faced head winds for the whole 200 mile trip and thick fog for much of the way. I am pleased to say however that the boat arrived in one piece, but around 24 hours later than we were expecting. Anyhow, we had a ball at the regatta, along with over 600 other yachts, and managed to win our class with a scoreline of 5 first places and two seconds, not bad for an old tub! We were beaten into second place overall for the main prize, which was a new Ford Car, by Irvine Laidlaw’s Highland Fling, a brand new Swan 65 with a full professional crew flown to the regatta in his private Lear jet! We had a couple of great years

with “Demo”, as she became affectionately known, and raced her all over the UK and Ireland in some great regattas and achieving some impressive results for such an old tub! One of our favourite events of the year was the annual “Round Anglesey” race, which is around 60 miles and is in some of the most spectacular waters you will ever race in. The race starts from Menai Bridge around 9.00 am and goes via the “Swellies”, which is an infamous stretch of water between the two suspension bridges connecting Anglesey to the Welsh mainland. The tides run at up to 10 knots with whirlpools and waterspouts, making for very interesting sailing to say the least. It’s one of the most scenic stretches of water in the UK. The timing of the start is based around slack water, which only lasts around 20 minutes! The race then goes out of the Menai Straits past Caernarvon and goes clockwise around the island. Tidal gates are involved as you sail around, especially at South Stack lighthouse, where the fleet often compacts, a disadvantage for the larger quicker boats, but perfect for 30 ft half tonners! The biggest challenge which the fleet faces however is getting back to Menai Bridge, and more specifically, the Liverpool Arms before closing time at 11.00 pm! So, we were very happy in the 1998 event when we passed Beaumaris pier at around 8.00 pm and were on schedule for arriving back at Menai Bridge by around 10.00 pm, a full hour before the pub would close! Light winds dogged our

final few miles which meant we only finished at around 10.45. So, a military operation was organised so that half the crew would go ashore and order the beers whilst the other half would take care of the boat, folding sails, cleaning the saloon up of wet spinnakers and of course the vital element of mooring up to the Menai Bridge town jetty, which consisted of a fixed metal structure to which was attached a floating pontoon, which of course floats with the tide. The tidal range here is around 8 metres; not insignificant! We were very fortunate to have on board an ex special services guy who had just recently completed a circumnavigation on the BT Race ( now known as the Clipper Race), who would take care of the mooring lines and ensure we were shipshape and well attached to the jetty. This he did with aplomb, and being an ex-serviceman he double checked his knots and made sure we were secure. What he failed to do however, was attach the mooring lines to the floating part of the pontoon, and instead had attached us to the fixed structure! Now, had it been low water when he did this, there would have been little problem other than the fact that we would have had slack lines as the water level rose. Unfortunately, it was bang on high

water when we made fast to the jetty!! So you can guess what happened a few hours later when just two of us were sleeping on board. Yes, the water receded, the lines became tighter and tighter as the boat was suspended in mid-air until eventually the bow cleat ripped out of the deck and we came crashing down at an amazingly steep angle, throwing us both out of our bunks!! Fortunately, it was around 5.00 am and so not too many people witnessed our faux pas! Needless to say, we left as soon as there was enough water under the keel with our tales between our legs. The only redeeming aspect of the weekend was we won the race on handicap! Now, let’s hear YOUR confessions!!! Please send to me at simon@the

Some of the most beautiful scenery in Britain.

In Palma de Mallorca Since 1998


Fuel Tank Cleaning, Additives, Fuel Purifying, Oil Services, Bulk Oil Supply, Main Distributor for Shell, Disposal, Oil Change Service, Oil Analysis, Marpol Certificate, Crane Truck Service, Storage Licensed & Insured

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Boat Insurance

Any Craft, Any Use, Any Age, Anywhere! - Careful sailors rewarded with no claims discounts. - All hull types considered, including ferro, steel and timber. - For no obligation quotation call us or go to our website and complete the online proposal form. - Introducers wanted in all ports, waters and related industries. - Generous commissions available.

Edward W illiam Mallorca:

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686 940 320 Edward William Marine Services are appointed on behalf of an E.U. fully authorised and regulated Insurer to offer quotations and arrange cover for Private and Pleasure marine insurance on their behalf. Insurers terms and conditions apply.

. 35

NEWS 4 STEWS so much easier as a Stewardess. From sourcing last minute laundry services to a decent florist in an unfamiliar port its helpful to have the right contacts.

Articles page 36-37 by: Ruth Laver WellnestNelson?ref=hl superyachtluxur Crew Uniform Alterations, Marine Upholstery, Tina will fix it! Tina Tyson has over 25 years of experience and is available in Palma now. Her handy sewing skills can be useful in many parts of the interior for either odd jobs, or bigger projects. She’s like a Fairy Godmother that comes and waves a wand to fix things! Mob: 659 874 091 A helping hand – Super Yacht Services Guide Having access to good suppliers and services can make your life

Therefore having a good resource to turn to is essential. The great thing about the Super Yacht Services Guides is that Captains and Crew members recommend services and suppliers that have proved to be reliable, which are subsequently entered into the guide. This is an invaluable resource for your yacht. Available for free online or print. 2014 Creating Your Amazing Year Planner Filled with over 100 pages of worksheets & a printable calendar to help you dream, manifest, set your intentions, plan & cultivate your amazing new year. I’ve used these workbooks for the past 5 years, and find them hugely helpful, and a fun way to focussed on my goals for the year ahead. Are you ready for 2014 to be your most incredible year yet? The uber popular Create Your Amazing Year Workbook, Planner & Calendar is back for the fifth year, readily anticipated by the 26 000+ women who use it each year to create their own amazing lives with HUGE results.

Download and print your 2014 yearbook planner: New Moon Wisdom, Binissalem Peace Centre Having access to good suppliers and services can make your life so much easier as a Stewardess. From sourcing last minute laundry services to a decent florist in an unfamiliar port its helpful to have the right contacts.

New Year’s resolutions and goals have a bit of a reputation of being a one-night stand kinda relationship. They don’t last long, they don’t create profound change and what’s more we usually have regrets and hang-ups about them. Why Is It So Important To Set Your Goals? • When we don’t get clarity around where we’ve been and where we want to go, we get stuck in the same old place & same old routine. • We need to spend time dreaming up our vision. • We need to let go of all the old past stuff & be grateful for it so we can move onwards. • We need delicious, probing questions to help us get to the soul of what it is we need. • We need support systems to help us make it happen. • We need guidance + advice to propel us into the direction of our dreams.

Therefore having a good resource to turn to is essential. The great thing about the Super Yacht Services Guides is that Captains and Crew members recommend services and suppliers that have proved to be reliable, which are subsequently entered into the guide. This is an invaluable resource for your yacht. Available for free online or print.

Luxury toiletries, Linens and Accessories for the finest Super Yachts and Villas in the world, when only the best will do Jo Malone, Molton Brown, Hermes, Aveda, Elemis, Balance me, Temple Spa, The White Company, L’Occitane, Kiehl’s, Aesop, Le Labo, Verite Spa Organics, Gaia Natural Products and Bvlgari (+34) 651 606 569 (+44) 7887 724272

Towels, Cushions and Linens from Frette, Heirlooms, Sclossberg Switzerland, Zimmer and Rhode

Stew of the Month: Bayley Middleton

A: I don’t have a favourite movie, but my favourite series at the moment is Girls. It is a refreshing comedy and very witty.

crew agents?

A: My yachting career began at the beginning of this year. I had just finished studying and wanted a big change from my environment back home. I had the urge to meet new people and experience new places and lifestyles. So, I packed my bags and headed to Antibes in search of a job.

Q: What inventory system do you use?

Q: What do you least enjoy about yachting?

A: I use a perpetual inventory system, where things are immediately accounted for when used. Then at the end of the month a full record of inventory is taken and made sure everything is accurate.

A: I would say the aspect that I least enjoy about yachting, is living in a confined space and not having enough cupboard space ;)

Q: Where are you from?

Q: How do you keep children onboard entertained?

Q: How did your yachting career begin?

A: Franschhoek, South Africa. Q: Tell us about your current position and its advantages / downfalls. A: My current position is crew chef/stew on a 47m yacht based in Monaco for the winter. The advantages are being able to be creative and experiment with meals The hours are not as strenuous as in season, so there is loads of time to go explore and travel. I am really enjoying my current position so I wouldn’t say there are any downfalls, except that I didn’t get to do the Caribbean, but there is always next year to do that. Q: What is your best crew meal to prepare? A: My best crew meal to prepare is a chicken wrap, because you can really spice it up by adding a variety of delicious fillings. It is easy to prepare, so if you are pressed for time this is very convenient. Q: How do you keep fit onboard? A: At the moment to keep fit onboard we are doing a fitness program called Insanity. It is really convenient, because all you need is a laptop (to play the demonstration videos) and an open space to jump around a bit. It is quite a tough but definitely keeps you fit and no equipment is required. Q: Favourite movie?

A: To keep children onboard entertained make sure there are lots of water activities during the day to keep them active and movies and board games for the night time. Have a cookie and milk turn down for kids. Q: How do you wow your charter guests? A: Have a creative bed turn down- along with bottled water, little notecards with the weather forecast for the next day and surrounding activities and a face mist spray or foot cream. Beautiful fresh flower arrangements. Q: What is your favourite yacht ing destination? A: I would say around Ibiza and Palma, beautiful waters and beaches. Q: If you could give your 20yr old self one piece of advice what would it be?

A: Crew and Concierge have seemed to be most helpful and efficient.

Q: What has been your career highlight? A: Getting to meet people from around the world and learning different things from different people. It allows you to gain a new perspective and outlook on life. Q: What is your best personal asset? A: To find a creative stance on aspects that normally seem boring. Q: What is your best travel tip? A: I have learnt through travelling to always be organised and have a back up plan in case something doesn’t work out. Q: Whats the biggest thing your spoilt yourself to at the end of the season? A: An inspiring trip to Florence and Rome. It was really great after a long season to do some exploring, sightseeing and having down time to relax.

Bayley Middleton. Q: What is the best internet resource that you use for your job? A: At the moment I would say online recipe books. Its really handy to have my laptop in the galley with me and be able to search for recipes, without having to page through a book. Q: Do you think inter crew relationships should be forbidden or allowed? A: I think they should be allowed, as long as your personal issues do not get in the way of work or bother other crew members. Q: What are your top 3 new years goals? A: My New years goals would be to gain a new skill for example cocktail making, see more places and keep fit :)

A: Spend less time worrying and more time living! Q: How can aspiring Stewardess’ gain experience before entering the yachting industry. A: Before entering the yachting industry any job in the hospitality industry can provide one with some experience, for example waitressing or a chalet girl. Q: Which are your favourite

. 37

NEWS 4 STEWS under an umbrella, brought local farmers and suppliers together - for us and gets us eating a way that is good for you! And easy for the consumer. This has got my vote definitely. One of my many New Year resolutions will be to try this website out and share my findings with you, my dear readers. Oh, and to stop licking frozen windscreens. Speaking of licking things wicked...I have chosen this for my recipe - January can be fun... Galley Goddess’ Rocky Road. Okay, okay, here we go again... New Year, January, resolutions, urge, dontcha just bloody hate it? Hideously large credit card bills come rolling in at an alarming speed, we are a year older (depressed just thinking about that little gem) , atone for all our indulgences (note to self: this year remember to hide bondage gear from the kids), avoid the mirror at all costs, feel duty bound to deliver tedious monologue to anyone within earshot about detoxing in January (whilst lying through teeth). Complain about being broke, feel fat, nurse an unhealthy interest in obese people to make self-feel better, feel guilty, bore friends about doing anything fun for the next few months. This little goddess is going to do none of the above - I want to spread the joy, the elation, the

bliss, the euphoria, the jubilation and none of the guilt that is life. And it all seems to boil down (forgive the pun) to food. Shame and remorse have long been dwelling very happily in January. Do yourself a flavour, cast this aside and maybe let me share wonderful news this new year about a fab new company called Mister Eco (website - - I must confess to not have utilised their services, but the concept sounds awesome. An Internet based ecological food supplier delivered to your door! Seems you can order organic veg or fruit baskets, or a mixed basket. Firstly, you choose your basket, personalize it - ie; modify it to your liking. Then, add extras, if you wish, create an account. There are promises of offering a forum area on recipes, to share in different languages. This is seriously exciting stuff here - I love that someone has finally,

Wild White Chocolate and Macadamia Rocky Road Goddess style 250g packet pink and white marshmallows, chopped roughly 100g packet dried cranberries 110g packet macadamia nuts, roughly chopped 60g pistachios (not salted!) 35g desiccated coconut 540g good quality white chocolate Grab a 20cm square cake pan, line the base with baking paper, allowing a 2cm overhang on all sides. Now, firstly combine marshmallows, cranberries, nuts and coconut in a bowl. Meanwhile, place the broken up chocolate in a glass bowl either melt over a saucepan of simmering water or zap in the microwave on medium high for 1 - 2 minutes, stirring vigilantly every 30 seconds until melted. This is so easy - pour chocolate over marshmallow mixture, mix well, working fast and spoon

the whole lot in the the pan and press down. Chuck it in the fridge for 2 hours then cut into squares using a warm knife. Sit back and be prepared to be worshiped....and licked :-) January is the month of walking in the mountains.......get yerself out there, so many great hikes with awesome restaurants at the end. Don´t forget San Sebastia celebrations on the 19th January - starting at 7pm with the parade then kicking off at 8pm with parties, torradas and live music in all the main plazas. Monday the 21st sees the finish with the Correfoc where devils and demons run through the streets creating havoc - sort of a Mallorcan Zombie apocalypse. Zombies...I´m ready...bring it on bitches... Anyway, I would like to leave everyone this small quote...I feel that it really sums up how I feel about New Year...hope it fits with you also...cannot claim it for my own...“May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early! My own plan is to swear off every kind of virtue, so that I triumph even when I fall.” quote by Alesiter Crowley... Awesome!!!! Cooks for me. Love ya long, Galley Goddess

Full Yachtmaster training programme running every week up to Christmas. VHF/DSC marine radio courses and First Aid courses run every month. Specialist courses of Radar and Diesel Engine courses run every month. Yachtmaster OCEAN courses, run over six days with one day at sea. Personal Watercraft proficiency courses and Powerboat, up to Advanced level, run regularly. Personal Watercraft Instructor courses now available. Master 200 and OOW courses with amazing new simulator training equipment running in Palma in the New Year. Own Boat Tuition and International Certificates of Competence (ICCs).

T. 871 230 373

C/ Sant Magí 68, Santa Catalina. Palma

bitter chocolate you can get hold of. It really does make all the difference. Most chefs’ use a top grade chocolate called covertures, which has a high proportion of cocoa butter. Never overheat chocolate and always melt it slowly, making sure that the temperature never rises above 49ºc. Stir the chocolate until liquid but never overwork or whisk too vigorously as it can curdle easily.

Marc Fosh. Deep and crisp and even I love the smell of the kitchen at Christmas. Heavy with the scent of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, sweet wine, golden syrup, orange peel and chocolate. Its so good it should be bottled and sold. For me, Christmas is also the perfect time to prepare a few simple classics like chocolate truffles, biscotti and brandy snaps. I know brandy snaps can be a little fiddly, but once you have mastered the basics, they are really very easy to make. Just remember that once out of the oven the Brandy snap wafer is far too soft and delicate to curl, it needs to be left for about two to three minutes to start to firm up and become flexible. However, as the Brandy Snap wafer further cools it becomes hard and brittle, and within the next four to five minutes they become too brittle to curl, and they will break if you try. So there is only a small window of opportunity to curl them successfully. If they harden up, just pop them back the oven for a few moments and start over. Chocolates are also a must for Christmas. Just when you think you can’t possibly fit another morsel in your mouth, someone brings out the chocolate truffles and you miraculously find room. When making chocolate truffles, buy the best quality

Cotoner, 21bj Santa Catalina, Palma

Delicious home-made chocolate truffles can be turned into a variety of flavours, all stemming from one simple recipe and the combinations are endless. I will give you a basic truffle recipe where they are rolled in cocoa powder. For something different, try rolling them in chopped almonds or pistachios. Dip them into melted dark or white chocolate and garnish them with chopped hazelnuts or cherries. These simple truffles and brandy snaps will be a hit and can also make a great gift to take to anyone you’re visiting over Christmas. Happy cooking and have a very merry festive season. Orange-Chocolate Truffles Ingredients: 600g dark chocolate 300g butter 200ml cream 2tbsp. Grand marnier Grated zest of half an orange 100G dark cocoa powder Chop the chocolate or break into small pieces and place in a bowl. Bring the cream and butter to the boil. Remove from the heat and pour over the chopped chocolate, stirring continously until all the chocolate has melted. Add the Grand marnier and grated orange zest. Leave to set in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours.

Sift cocoa powder on to a flat plate, then take heaped half teaspoons of the truffle mixture and dust your hands in cocoa, roll each piece into a ball and then roll it in the cocoa powder. Place it immediately into a paper case. Obviously the less handling the better as the warmth of your hands melts the chocolate. Store in the refrigerator. Brandy Snap Biscuits Ingredients: 55g butter 55g Demerara sugar 55g golden syrup 55g plain flour ½ tsp ground ginger ½ tsp lemon juice olive oil for greasing Preheat the oven to 160C / 325F /Gas 3. Line 2 baking sheets with baking parchment, and oil the handles of 4 wooden spoons. Place the butter, sugar and syrup in a small saucepan and heat gently until the butter and sugar have dissolved. Allow the mixture to cool slightly and sift in the flour and the ginger. Add the lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Place teaspoons of the mixture on to greased baking sheets, at least 10cm apart. Bake in the preheated oven (160C/325F/ Gas 3) for about 6-8 minutes or until the mixture is well spread out and a dark golden colour. Remove from the oven and leave for a few seconds to firm, then lift and shape round the handle of wooden spoons or drape over a rolling pin. Leave to set on a wire rack. When cold, store in an airtight tin.

Chocolate & Almond Biscotti Ingredients: 200g plain flour 80g dark cocoa powder 150g caster sugar 60g dark chocolate, chopped ¾ tsp baking powder 3 whole eggs Grated zest of half an orange 100g peeled almonds, lightly toasted ½ tsp salt Heat oven to 180C. Put the flour, cocoa, sugar, dark chocolate, orange zest, baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt into a food processor. Blend to a powder. Add the whole eggs and pulse until the mixture forms dough. Tip the dough onto a counter dusted with flour, add the almonds and knead until smooth. Divide into 4 and shape into 2.5cm wide x 30cm flat rectangles. Lift them onto a paper-lined baking sheet. Bake for 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool. Use a serrated knife to diagonally cut the baked dough into 1.5cm pieces. Put on a clean baking sheet and cook for 15 minutes, turning once until crisp. Allow to cool on a wire rack. Store for up to 10 days in an airtight container. *Biscotti make perfect gifts. For an extra touch, dip halve of each biscotti into melted white chocolate and allow to cool.

Chocolate & Almond Biscotti.

. 39


Average age of vines is 60 years. Martin Ward Wine Educators International MallorcaWineTours Mallorcan Wines, part 1 We begin our new, regular look at the bodegas of Mallorca with a, sadly only metaphorical, visit to Ribas, in Consell. This winery is a perfect place to start as a reference both to Mallorcan wine & our winemaking history. It is simply the oldest, continuously producing, winery on the island with a three hundred year old history (as of 2011). The listed casa manorial from the 18th century has been lovingly preserved complete with its original kitchens and historic barrel cellar, which still contains an ancient traditional giant Mallorquin barrel, such as those seen in many of our celler restaurantes. Pedro Ribas de Cabrera began construction of the winery in the year 1711 and since that date wine has always been


Ribas Bodega since 1711. made here at Ca’n Ribas, gaining great recognition along with exports to many countries worldwide. The descendants of Pedro continue his achievements, today in the form of brother (Xavier) & sister (Araceli) winemakers, who are no less that the 13th generation of the family to do so! A high percentage of the unique, indigenous Mallorcan grape varieties such as Mantonegro, Callet and Prensal Blanc are grown here in accordance with the family tradition, representing the history and legacy of the estate. Bodegues Ribas are also known for re-introducing several other of the very special, native varieties from the island, for example Gargollasa, which were almost lost to the island. With over 40 hectares of vineyards, all of which are carefully worked on and harvested by hand, headed by the very long-serving vineyard manager, Joan, who has worked the vines every single day since he was 10 (he is now in his

T. +34 971 282 056 Calle Annibal, 25 - 07013 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

80’s); knowing the vines individually & intimately! Ribas is also unique here in Mallorca with respect to their grape selection both in the vineyard and then again by hand selection, individual grape by grape, at the bodega to ensure absolute quality in all their wines. In a slightly rainy harvest season this year, around 50% of the grapes were deemed unfit for processing by the winemakers! We would start our visit with a gentle stroll in those vineyards inspecting for example the ancient Mantonegro vines which still produce today. Ribas is well on its way the being certified as ‘organic’; a process which takes several years to ensure that the soils are totally free of any chemicals. The vineyards by the way are around 150 metres above sea level with a stunning vista of the Tramuntanas and a terroir of porous stones and gravel with a loamy-sandy texture and importantly very good drainage.

MOT’s T. +34 932 219 460 (ITV) Calle Escar 3, Local 2 - MB92 / Port Vell, Barcelona, Spain Breakdowns BARCELONA

With our warm Mediterranean climate comes an average annual rainfall, also important, of around 450 mm. As for the average age of the vines, it is around 60 years for the local grape varieties & 25 for the ‘foreign’ varieties; e.g. Viognier & Moscatel for the whites and Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot for the reds. The visit would continue with the winemaking facilities; barrels of French oak, 225 & 300 litres, stainless steel INOX & lined concrete tanks – before culminating in a comprehensive tasting professionally delivered by the winemaking team and/or your own personal wine educator. The setting for the tasting is extraordinary & stunning...being either on the terrace of, or inside, the beautiful house where a traditional Mallorquin meal, either of tapas, or a full menu can be served alongside the wines. Wines: Ribas de Cabrera, Ribas, Sió, Soma & Contrast

ene’s B G arage

Electrics T. +33 493 650 579 7 Rue Honoré Ferrare - 06600 Antibes, France Exhausts ANTIBES

Diagnostics Servicing & Repairs

Batteries Brakes & Clutches

T. 971 69 78 78 Pasaje Marzo 19 L6, Poligono Son Bugadellas Santa Ponsa (just past the BP Garage)

Delicioso (+34) 626 566 731 Delicioso in conjunction with Fine Wine Works announces Wine Course Dates for 2014 All the courses below are PYA Approved WSET courses. WSET Level 3 (5 Days) Thursday 13th and Friday 14th March 2014 Weekend break then Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th inclusive £850.00

WSET Level 1 Award in Wines (1 Day) PYA Accredited Guest II Intermediate Tuesday 4th February Friday 7th March £140.00 WSET Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits (3 Days) PYA Accredited Guest III Intermediate Wednesday 5th February – Friday 7th February Monday 10th March – Wednesday 12th March £580.00 Please reserve your place by contacting Delicioso.

Unique is the first crew agency specifically for stewardesses. Stewardesses are an extremely valuable member on any yacht, motor or sail. Through experience, we know this, and because of this, we aim to provide only the highest standard of stewardess. We know it is absolutely essential to place the right stewardess in the right position. For everyone. +34 654 892 555

The Pasta Factory - Yacht Delivery Plaza Progreso,18 (in front of the Repsol petrol station) Tel: 871 930 842 – Mob: 639 288 884

M o b i l e +34 630 355 974 • Tel/ Fax + 34 971 870 640 e s s e n ti a l s @ w a • w w w.e yp-mallor

. 41


Captain Geoff Williams and Sovereign. Geoff Williams is the current Captain of “Sovereign” a beautiful 37 metre Ed Dubois designed sloop built of Aluminium, in New Zealand 16 years ago. Geoff’s journey to this post began with him taking an early interest in sailing at Rye, in East Sussex, through his interest in dinghy sailing. Although sailing was an enjoyable pastime for him, it was squash which became his real passion. This passion saw him become a professional squash player achieving the position of number 1 in the UK and ranked number 9 in the world, back in the eighties! This career eventually came to an end through a series of injuries and subsequent operations. However it was his continued interest in the sport which brought him to Palma originally, when he coached the number one Mallorcan player who subsequently became Spain’s top player. Geoff became interested in becoming a Captain after spending time with many people already in the industry at the Palma squash club. As he wanted to remain in Palma this seemed like a good option. His first steps on the industry ladder in 1992 were as a deckhand on a variety of boats, learning his trade and doing a number of deliveries across the Atlantic. He then got a job with the

owner of “Lost Horizon” a 30 ft race boat in Antigua, helping run the mothership. He came back to Mallorca after some time and eventually, after gaining his ticket, skippered a Swan 60 Casaar in 1996. In 2002, Geoff then got a job on a Jongert, “Red Sula”, which was owned by a very wealthy industrialist from Germany. Working on this yacht included taking her back to Holland for a major refit at the Royal Huisman shipyard. This was an interesting trip to say the least, via The Ijselmeer and many locks on the Dutch waterways, due to the boat having a beam of 7.2 mtrs and several of the lifting bridges in Holland having a maximum width of 7.2 mtrs!! However Geoff managed to get her back in one piece without admitting to any scratches! She came back to Palma for the summer of 2008, and was subsequently sold to a Greek in 2009. Geoff spent the season in Athens with the new owner teaching him how the yacht operated, as she was a very modern boat with state of the art systems installed, which were unfamiliar to the new owner. Geoff says this was a very difficult time due to the heat of summer working in baking conditions. Geoff came back to Palma in late 2008 to consider a job on a new build project of a 50 metre yacht, but due to the global

crisis, this never came to fruition. Instead he began work on a CRN 60 metre motoryacht “New Sunrise”, where they spent 2010 cruising the Med.

to work for both during refit season and on the water. He is allowed to get on with his work without unnecessary interference.

Being a sailboat man at heart, Geoff came back to Palma where he was happy to join Sovereign as Captain in early 2011.

The owner uses the boat for two main periods during the year, Late May until mid-July, and then again for 3 weeks in September. He uses her for the pleasure of his extended family and has his favourite haunts including Formentera and the French Riviera. Geoff is very conscious of the fact that his role onboard , along with the crew is simply to make sure the owner and his guests have a good time and a safe time.

“Sovereign” belongs to a very successful German chap of 80 years of age, who has owned her from new. Since Geoff took over as Captain around three years ago it is fair to say that he has brought a new enthusiasm to the owner and the yacht. Before Geoff joined “Sovereign”, the owner had suffered from a lack of motivation, and seemed to have lost some interest in keeping her in top class trim. The original skipper had been with the German owner on Sovereign for 13 years, since the yacht was launched. Before leaving the yacht in 2009, he had put a plan to the owner to bring her back up to scratch. The owner eventually agreed, realising he had let things deteriorate somewhat. Geoff has continued with the planned refit which has seen the yacht transformed, including new rigging, some new sails, replacement generators and a new paint job so far. The owner is delighted with the progress of work and Geoff is keen to point out that the owner is a very good guy

2014 promises to see them venturing further east than normal, to the Ionian Islands including Corfu for a change of scenery. Whilst Geoff is in Palma, his down time is spent largely with family and his golf clubs! He is the joint organiser of the annual WW Golf Classic with fellow Captain Clive Walker held at Santa Ponsa each November and is passionate about the game of golf. Their event has now grown to an entry of over 80 players and is a real fun day enjoyed by all those involved. He is also a keen cyclist, both mountain biking and road cycling which help to keep him in shape.

. 43

SECCI STUDY Disks are still used by marine scientists to study phytoplankton but there are too few scientists to survey the world’s oceans as well as we would wish. This app enables seafarers around the world to take part in a science project and if we can just get a small percentage of the global population of sailors involved, we can generate a database that will help us understand how life in the oceans is changing. It would help us learn much more about these important organisms at a crucial time when their habitat is altering due to climate change.”

Dr Richard Kirby. Smart way for seafarers to track effects of climate change. Seafarers are being encouraged to take part in a unique global study, using a mobile phone app to record the effects of climate change. The public science project will measure the amount of phytoplankton, minute organisms at the very start of the marine food chain, currently residing in the world’s oceans. Scientists fear the population of the microscopic beings is in decline due to rising sea temperatures and, if true, that could have consequences for every aspect of marine life. The project is being spearheaded by Plymouth University’s Marine Institute, which hopes to build a map of the oceans that charts the seasonal and annual changes of phytoplankton from now and into the future. Plankton biologist Dr Richard Kirby, who is leading the study, said: “As the phytoplankton live at the surface of the sea they are being affected by rising sea temperatures due to climate change. A scientific paper published last year suggested the ocean’s plankton population had declined by as much as 40 per cent since 1950 as sea temperatures had warmed due to climate change. The scientists suggested that a

warming of the ocean surface may have reduced vertical mixing of the water column thereby reducing the supply of nutrients from deeper waters – in effect the input of fertiliser to the surface had lessened with effects upon phytoplankton growth. Their results provoked debate among marine scientists however, some who thought they saw no change, or even an increase in phytoplankton in some places. Since the phytoplankton begin the marine food chain, we need to know more about if, how, and why they are changing in order to understand the effects on the ocean’s biology.” To check the levels of phytoplankton in our oceans, marine experts have developed a free smart phone app for sailors and fishermen to use wherever they are in the world. Because the phytoplankton – each thinner than a strand of human hair – exist at the sea’s surface, mariners can carry out a simple experiment using an easy to make ‘Secchi Disk’. Attached to a measuring tape, the Secchi Disk is lowered over the side of a boat and the depth at which it disappears from sight estimates the amount of phytoplankton in the sea. This depth can then be uploaded to a database using the Secchi app. Dr Kirby added: “The Secchi

The Secchi app has been developed by Dr Nicholas Outram and Dr Nigel Barlow, from Plymouth University’s School of Computing and Mathematics, and the database will be maintained by Pixalytics Ltd, a company founded by Dr Sam Lavender, an Honorary Reader at the University. A major design consideration of the apps is that they have to be able to operate in places where the phone has no Internet connection. Participants

record as many Secchi readings as they like, and these are stored as “pending readings” on the phone. Exactly how many pending readings can be stored depends on the capabilities of the phone, but the number is very large. These pending readings can be uploaded at a later date when an Internet connection is available. In addition, the app has an easy to follow workflow to minimise errors. The participant’s location is taken from the phone’s GPS, eliminating transcription errors. The user interface has been designed to be clean, intuitive and uncluttered, and in particular to be a UI that works on a boat at sea. Small and fussy layouts are not used, and the “depth disk” uses a logarithmic scale to enable shallow depths to be entered quickly and accurately. The free app is called Secchi after Father Pietro Angelo Secchi, an astronomer who invented the disk device in 1865 to measure water turbidity in the Mediterranean. You can find out more about the project at

. 45


Luis Alberto Ferreyra L.A. Investments

Economist / Financial expert

Personal banking Pensions, Savings and investment programmes Discretionary Portfolio Management and analysis Shares & funds Mortgages and business financing Tax efficient Solutions Financial private lessons - Online financial lessons (Spanish) -

While falling prices may sound good to those experiencing inflation, they hold back economic growth as consumers and businesses tend to put off purchases in the hope of getting a cheaper deal in the future, which hurts domestic demand.

Tel. +34 610 216 441 Av. Jaime III, 18 2D - 07012, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

The world in 2014... an economic view.... The world is changing constantly and very rapidly. Nobody would have guessed a change so radical in most of the biggest economies of the world, but let´s have a look at what analysis can bring for this coming year. Japan - Consumer prices in

Japan rose at the fastest pace in five years in October, suggesting policymakers’ attempts to end years of deflation are working. Consumer prices, excluding food, rose 0.9% from a year earlier. Prices have now risen for five months in a row. Japan has been battling deflation, or falling prices, for best part of the past 20 years.


Duty Free** 926 930 932 1095 1132 916 920 1032 887 967 981 916 952 903 1018 1005 1052 1066 1038 948 983 874 874 925 934 947 880 880

It is seen as a major drag on its economy and policymakers have unveiled a series of measures to end the cycle.

Duty Paid 984 1795 1312 1880 1695 1825 2326 2312 2827 2015 1864 1795 -

** When available according to local customs regulations

Brazil - Brazil’s central bank has raised its benchmark interest rate to 10% from 9.5%, the sixth time in a row that it has put up borrowing costs. The latest rise has taken the key rate to the highest level since March 2012.The rises come as Brazil has been trying to rein in inflation. Consumer prices in the country rose by 5.8% in October from a year earlier, above policymakers’ 4.5% target. U.S. - The Federal Reserve will probably focus on assuring investors it will maintain low interest rates as it prepares to reduce bond purchases, according to Stephen King, chief global economist at HSBC Holdings Plc. The increased effort aims in part to avoid a repeat of the sell-off in global assets this year after Fed officials signaled they may soon start to taper the monthly $85bn in bond purchases, which King said was more “violent” than the central bank had expected. “They’ll be very keen to say, ‘Look, we might be tapering but we want to offer other ways of demonstrating our monetary support’ for the economy,” King said in an interview in Dubai on Thursday. “That effectively means you’re replacing an actual transaction approach to monetary policy with a verbal commitment. Verbal commitment wasn’t really on offer back in May and June.” Spain - The economic outlook for Spain has improved, says ratings agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P).The debt-laden

country, whose banks came under severe pressure during the financial crisis, has been struggling to improve its public finances. S&P raised its assessment from negative to stable and re-affirmed its BBB- long-term sovereign credit rating.However, S&P cut its credit rating for the Netherlands from the top-level AAA rating to AA+. This demotion leaves only Germany, Luxembourg and Finland as the remaining eurozone countries with the top rating of AAA, according to S&P. Africa - Kenya has formally launched a new, Chinesefinanced railway which should extend across East Africa to reach South Sudan, Congo and Burundi. The first section will link the Kenyan port of Mombasa to the capital, Nairobi, reducing the journey time from 15 hours to four. It is said to be the country’s biggest infrastructure project since independence 50 years ago. The cost of the railway will be $5.2bn - mostly funded by China. “What we are doing here today will most definitely transform... not only Kenya but the whole eastern African region,” President Kenyatta told crowds at the ceremony, calling it an “historic milestone”. The world shows it will still be growing next year, with ups and downs, but with the monetary policies taking place, and having printed so much money, we all expect that it will go somewhere, call it properties, call it companies. What is a sure thing, is that the bank will not keep up with the foreseeable inflation which there is ahead. If somehow you want to take advantage of this situation, just call.

RESTAURANT OF THE MONTH: EL BUNGALOW order, with nothing being prepared in advance.

El Bungalow Esculls 2, Playa de Ciudad Jardin (+34) 971 262 738 The Bungalow was originally built as a second home for a wealthy Mallorcan family who would spend their weekends and holidays there. Ciutat Jardin was a traditional holiday resort for Mallorcans despite it only being a few minutes outside Palma! The area has, of course, changed hugely over the years,

with many of the buildings of that era having disappeared and be replaced by apartment blocks. The beach has been extended and kept in great condition, helped by a rock breakwater 50 metres from the beach. The original structure and exterior have been preserved and the interior has been adapted for the needs of the restaurant. The kitchen is tiny, with Paella s its speciality, as well as fresh fish. The secret is that all the food is cooked to

The setting of the Bungalow is fabulous, right on the beach, and enjoys sunshine all day, with the sunsets being sensational. Sunday lunch is a tradition here and reservations are well advised to avoid disappointment. Foodwise, the choices are wide enough, but the paellas and fish are what most people go for. The service is always great and cheerful, and Carmen, the long serving waitress is a real character to say the least! I would strongly advise you visit here for a great meal at an amazing location.

Great Paella.

Fabulous location on the beach.

Beef & Fish Specialty Wide selection of wines available

Calle Fábrica, 60 - Santa Catalina - Palma de Mallorca - (+34) 971 288 332

“Worldly farmhouse food at its very best” The New York Times

Tel. +34 971 595 301 C. Can Maçanet, 1ª MALLORCA · ESPAÑA 07003

. 47


Carlos Espinosa Solicitor and Tax Adviser (+34) 627 41 32 01 Reform in Admiralty and Maritime Law: the new Maritime Navigation Act Last month and after more than 13 years of legislative works and different intents - the final draft of the Maritime Navigation act has been approved by the Government. It is only a question of months that it will enter into force after approval in the Parliament. This new Law will contribute to modernize the old applicable legislation from the nineteenth century included in our Commercial Code and to integrate in our legislation international treaties applicable to the different aspects of the Maritime and Admiralty Law. Since 1885 something has change in our seas and overseas but not our main Maritime and Admiralty legal corpus; as in other occasions, our legislative representatives have been extremely slow and/or maybe lazy. In any case, the new scenario will bring considerable progress and improvements to the following matters: a) The liabilities of all the agents involved in the maritime traffic b) A more detailed list of the different contracts applicable to the maritime navigation, including for the first time and this is particularly important for our industry –


the regulation contract of the hire of pleasure crafts “contrato de arrendamiento naútico”, that is charter, and the contract for management “contrato de gestión naval”. c) Regulation of the conditions of ship building d) New regulation of the purchase and sale of vessels e) Improvement of the environmental protection of the sea ground and measures against maritime pollution and illegal immigration. On the other side, however, it is a common negative aspect of the Law highlighted by a lot of Maritime and Admiralty Lawyers that, instead of incorporating in the wording of the Law the rights the dispositions of international treaties, it makes a very general remission to International Maritime Law. This will create in several occasions a legal uncertainty of applicable law. Once the Law enters in force we will give more details. Finally, I just wanted to use the last lines to say thank you to Simon and to all the team of the ISLANDER for the wonderful work in all these years and, specially, of course for the nice X-mas dinner; it was good to see you all there and have a chat. Lots of best wishes for all for the new 2014 (which we all hope that after the relief of the Mat Tax burden will be more positive than the last ones).

Read more at http://www. new-greek-tax-will-hit-all-boatowners#7sLxvhqcUoZfsS7R.99 The new tax regime is expected to become law within a few weeks. Cruising sailors in Greece will be hit with a new tax of up to 400 euros a year. The imminent tax will affect everyone sailing in Greek waters and is all but imposed following a vote in the Greek Parliament on 21 November. The Cruising Association (CA) has announced that the law has been voted on and accepted and looks set to be implemented as soon as it is published in a government gazette. The new tax means all boats over 7m used for leisure activities in Greece will have to pay up. This includes commercial and charter boats, and day excursion boats licensed to carry fewer than 49 passengers, including those plying trade to other countries. Boat owners with craft more than 7m and less than 12m long will have to pay between 200 and 400 euros a year to sail in Greek waters. But boats over 12m face a tax of 100 euros per metre per year, with a discount scheme available if boat owners pay for one month at a time while afloat in Greek waters at 10 euros per metre per month, or 30% off if they pay for a full year in advance. This is still to be clarified and confirmed. Boats visiting Greece en route to Turkey, Croatia or Italy will be the hardest hit. Although in the

minority of those affected by the new tax, the Greek authorities realise some cruising boat owners may consider leaving or avoiding Greece. The most vulnerable group are liveaboards with boats over 12m, who keep their boats on the water all year and are on a tight budget. No tax is payable if the boat is ashore for a full year. The CA, based in London’s Docklands, has been monitoring the situation in Greece as it has almost 1,500 members sailing throughout the islands. CA member Jim Baerselman, who has sailed in Greek waters for more than 30 years, said this significant tax could put many people off cruising in Greece. It is understood that the tax is payable on entry to Greek waters and is valid only for that calendar year, which would mean anyone wintering in Greece would have to pay two years’ tax. But boats over 12m only need to pay monthly. Implementation of the tax could possibly still be postponed or halted, but Mr Baerselman feels it is unlikely to be changed substantially. The new tax regime will not become law officially until it is published, but this is expected to take place in the next few weeks.

PALMA SUPERYACHT SHOW & PALMA BOATSHOW: 30TH APRIL – 4TH MAY 2014 a popular move for visitors and exhibitors alike. This area of the harbour is also going to be dredged, allowing the deeper draft vessels to be a central feature of the show. There is also going to be a conference, with leading speakers from the industry, arranged to coincide with the show, more details of this and other events in the next issue of The Islander.

Plans are already well underway for the 2014 edition of the Palma Super Yacht Show which will run concurrently with the Palma Boat Show, 30th April until 4th May, following this year’s resounding success. There will be around 65 Superyacht berths available, 20 more than this year’s show,

making it one of the premier Superyacht shows in the world. The Palma Superyacht Show is organised by the Balearic Yacht Brokers Association (BYBA) comprising of six international companies: Camper & Nicholsons, Dahm International, Northrop & Johnson, Burgess, Fraser Yachts

and Ocean Independence. Latest plans show that there will be a new initiative for 2014; the installation of a pontoon connecting the Superyacht area with the smaller boat area, thus avoiding having to walk around the entire perimeter of the show area, which is sure to be

The 2014 show promises to be bigger and better than ever before with a fantastic display of some of the finest yachts in the world right here in Palma. Get the dates in your diary now! For more information on exhibiting a yacht contact Arnie Ploch (+34) 609 756 763 For more information on stands and sponsorship contact Jane Thompson (+34) 605 223 202

. 49



Brunswick Corp expects to have a compound annual growth rate of 5 to 7 per cent in annual revenues over the next 3 years, according to a presentation it made to financial analysts at the New York Stock Exchange yesterday.

Proposed measures could see significant uptake in boating.

Dustan McCoy, chairman and CEO, said in the presentation that the global marine market in 2012-13 “grew modestly” at about two per cent, but that it was an “uneven recovery” with outboard boats outperforming fibreglass sterndrive/inboard products.” Brunswick expects the US market to account for 185,000 to 190,000 new boats each year over the next few years, with international sales increasing by a “similar percentage”. “US powerboat units have recovered to approximately 60 per cent of 2007 levels,” said McCoy. By category, aluminium fish and pontoon boats were the best performers, reaching 70 and 90 per cent, respectively, of 2007 levels. Then came fibreglass outboard (50 per cent), fibreglass sportboats (30 per cent), fibreglass cruisers (15 per cent) and fibreglass yachts (35 per cent).

Andrew Graves, president of the Brunswick Boat Group, said that recovery to “pre-recession” levels is unlikely in the short to medium terms. “Boaters are highly satisfied with the boating lifestyle, but consumers are more challenged by cost, time and effort of boating relative to other leisure activities,” he said. “The used boat market will remain active, offering significant potential to convert the consumer base to new boat buyers.” Graves added that competition for new-boat buyers will continue to intensify. The Brunswick Boat Group plans to establish “product leadership” through design innovation and shorter product development cycles. Its brands will also institute cost reductions in new products to entice more new boat buyers. “All new products will cost less than the model that is being replaced,” said Graves. Brunswick expects the market for its larger fibreglass boats to stabilize and “modestly improve” over the next three years, with the US and other segments reporting faster growth than Europe.

CUBA PASSES LEGISLATION TO OPEN MARINAS The Caribbean island will now allow foreign vessels to stay at local marinas for up to 5 years. Cuban President Raul Castro signed a decree that would allow yachts from outside the country to stay in local marinas for five years. The new law is part of the government’s initiative to develop its yacht tourism sector. “Recreational boats on pleasure cruises will be able to remain in the national territory for up to five years,” the regulation states. Individual marinas will be able to extend the period. The decree was backed by the ministries of Tourism as well as Finance and Prices. The

legislation also established a definition for “marinas”, with rules for planning, development and preservation. The decree also allows boat owners coming to the island to send information ahead to the Tourism Ministry about vessel type, crew and passengers, to expedite access. The measure is part of a broader initiative to diversify tourism in Cuba, which is currently the second-highest economic activity for the Caribbean island. The government said it plans to create a National Nautical Commission, which will coordinate policies relating to nautical tourism.

The Russian government is considering a series of measures aimed at developing yacht tourism in the country. Among the planned measures are the easing of access for foreign-flagged yachts into Russian waters, liberalization of procedures for issuance of permits for commercial use of small vessels, and the planned construction of marinas on the shores of Russian rivers. There are plans to reduce the period taken for granting permits for using boats in Russia’s border zone from 60 to 30 days and to make it easier to get the required permissions for boat chartering and rental. Particular attention is expected to be paid to the development of infrastructure with a significant amount of funds to be invested in the establishment of floating gas stations and landing piers.

owners and yachtsmens, coming to Russia on their boats and yachts for the period up to 72 hours. It is planned that these measures are expected to be included in the exisiting strategy for the development of Russia’s inland waterway transport by 2030, the volume of investment for which is estimated at more than 2.2 trillion rubles (US$60 billion). According to Andrei Shevelov, the governor of the Tver Region and one of the initiators of the new proposals, so far, yacht tourism has been practically non-existent in Russia not only due to inaccessibility for the majority of population, but also due to the existing number of bureaucratic hurdles. However, according to him, the adoption of proposed measures should significantly improve the current situation

In a sign of its growing interest in attracting boaters, the government recently approved the introduction of visa-free regime for international yacht

AMERICA’S CUP FINANCIALS The America’s Cup sailing races this year generated far less economic activity in the San Francisco Bay Area than projected, and have cost taxpayers more than $5 million, a newspaper reported. Draft figures from the Bay Area Council Economic Institute reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle ( show the races generated at least $364 million in economic impact. That figure rises to $550 million if the construction of a new cruise ship terminal is factored in. That is far below the $900 million projected just a few months before the races were set to begin and the $1.4 billion

originally estimated in 2010. Based on figures from Mayor Ed Lee’s office, the newspaper also reported the races have cost city taxpayers more than $5 million so far despite private fundraising and a boost in city tax revenue. The numbers come as Lee prepares to submit a proposal by Dec. 22 to host the next Cup. “While the economic boost fell short of initial expectations, it’s definitely worth a modest city investment to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for our local economy,” said Board of Supervisors President David Chiu. “The race ended up being pretty exciting, too.”


1989 Colvic 33 £ 24,000

NORAI BROKERAGE Pso Maritimo 1, Local nº. 10 Alcudiamar Marina 07400 Pto Alcudia email: web: Tel: +34 971 546 750 FULL MARINE SERVICES & SALES

1989 Colvic 33, 10mts with an 40hp diesel Volvo 2040. 6 berth in 3 cabins. Marina fees paid until Sep 2014! £24.000 pounds sterling. Further details on our website:

Beneteau Oceanis 43, 208 130,000 € - VAT Paid

+34 971 67 63 92 Puerto Portals, Local 10 - Mallorca

Nick Martin: +34 656 949 243

Simon Crutchley: +34 656 949 244

Beneteau Oceanis 43, 208, one owner from new. White hull, wood decks, in-mast furling, 3 cabin layout. Very well presented, with safety gear, TV/DVD in saloon, Sprayhood and bimini, dinghy and outboard. Lying Ibiza and priced at 130,000 euros tax paid. Mooring in Santa Eulalia also available, contact us for more details.

Sunseeker Predator 56, 2001 245,000 € 2001 with twin Man diesels 800hp with bow thruster and trim tabs. 2 big double cabins with convertible saloon and 2 heads. Full navigation equipment with radar, auto pilot, radar, chart plotter etc. Air-conditioning, hydraulic bathing platform, Avon jet rib, teak cockpit and interior teak floor, life raft, generator etc. Just reduced.

Lagoon 400 235,000 € - Ex-VAT

Lagoon 400, four cabin version, built in 2010 and supplied to present owner. Charter version and intended for Charter use, but has been mostly used for private cruising, she is In very good order throughout. Lying Mallorca where a berth is available if required.

Beneteau Oceanis 43 2009 145,000 € - VAT Paid

Club Nautico Santa Ponsa T. +34 971 695 738 M. +34 629 748 477 E. W. Take advantage of Sea Ray’s new Open Horizons savings opportunity! This summer let Sea Ray put you at the helm of your own destiny.

This Beneteau Oceanis 43 is the 2 cabin version and is fully equipped for serious sailing, The hull and deck plan have led to the creation of an aesthetically powerful and attractive yacht with remarkable sea keeping qualities.A well maintained boat, with all taxes paid, including Spanish Matriculation tax, ready to go.

. 51


for sale / wanted, etc A D V E R T I S E F R E E ! If you have anything for sale or wanted - boat bits, household, etc. Strictly no trade ads (except jobs), or property ads (except private rentals) please! By email to:

More information at: http://flyingfifteen. A shortened report this month, not so much sailing going on. Trofeo Bufete Frau Abogados – Club de Mar Saturday’s racing was like sailing at night, it was so dark and overcast – John Walker thought that his Ticktack would stop for lack of light to charge the batteries! He was set to win, but David Barber found the lift from god and gained the 300m needed to catch and overtake him.

3 3471 Triffid (Steve Parry & Michael Beecken) Cala Gamba is continuing its update programme, and until March we’ll be based on the outer harbor wall and launching from there. Racing will continue as normal, with a full programme for Spring!

The weekend’s strong wind and rain that had been felt everywhere else in Mallorca slowly approached the bay, and so Sunday races were cancelled at last minute before the start.

News from Pollensa The storms didn’t leave the Pollensa fleet alone – two boats were blown off their trailers. One was lucky and the mast moved into a gap between another flying fifteen and fisherman´s equipment. But the other one broke its mast, when the shrouds hit the neighbouring boat, and received a small hole in the deck and rudder, when it fell against the other boats trailer. We hope that the damage is covered by the insurance.

Results: 1 3827 Fine Fettle (David & Hannah Barber) 2 3577 fuego fatuo (John Walker)

Coming up: December 22: Serie Otoño 2013 RCNPP (Pollensa) January 1: New Year’s Day race (Pollensa)

V A C A N C Y This calls for a Supermarket Assistant who are as passionate about gourmet food as they are about high standards of customer service. You’ll be someone who treats our demanding customers with real warmth and honesty. Your personal qualities matter more to us than your skills or qualifications. What you will need to be, however, is a willing team player who is flexible enough to keep up with the pace of a busy store in high season. The job requires standing, walking, bending, climbing throughout the entire work day and the ability to lift, stack and maneuver objects. Math abilities, multi-role task (cashier, bagger, stocker, etc). Clean driver’s license a must for delivering to private yachts. Weekend and holiday work will be required. Applicants please email CV to BIP BIP - YACHTS PROVISIONING Pº Maritimo 37, Palma (Opposite to Club de Mar & Marina Palma)

For Sale/Rent: Beautiful 4 bed 3 bath house Camp de Mar just 70 mtrs from the beach. Spectacular master suite with stunning views. Small community of 8 houses, Brand new shared pool and terrace, nice gardens, shaded terrace areas. Partial sea views and Golf Course view. Private parking. Brand new air con throughout. New appliances. Long term Rent 1750 euro/ month For Sale 595,000 euros. Tel: 607 911 898. For Rent: San Agustin. 2bedrooms 2 bathrooms,fully furnished and equipped, 2 terraces one with sea- views-one with private garden/b.b.q. large kitchen tv. internet-pool etc. suite 2 persons-no pets. phone 646-988-265. For Sale: Protector 45 foot Americas Cup Chase Boat 2007 oracle twin steyrmotors diesels, perfect condition, little use other than during the races, gaurante 5 yrs on tubes, located dubai, shipping anywhere approx $15,000. Cost Price $500,000, Asking $136,000 – 100,000 euros. Make us an offer: All offers will be considered. Contact: +34 971 137 344 / +34 600 688 929. For Rent: Santa Ponsa: spacious and comfortable three bed, three bathroom house available for winter rental. Please call Grahame 971 769 557. For Rent: Santa Ponsa: penthouse-style one bed apartment with huge terrace overlooking the bay, available for winter rental. Please call Grahame 971 769 557. For Rent: Establiments: Very spacious and stylish one-bed cottage on my small estate 10 minutes drive from Palma, available for winter rental or maybe longer. Please call Grahame 971 769 557. For Sale: Mercedes 190E, Petrol, Automatic Gearbox, UK Plates 1989 but Left Hand Drive, Sun-roof, bodywork OK, was running but sold as seen, Has a very interesting Registration Plate. Seen Palma. Offers - 500 euros! A classic worth TLC. Tel: 616 244 776. For Sale: Lynton Load Lugger Aluminium 4 Wheel Braked Trailer, Lined interior with electrics, Roller Shutter Rear Door, a Professional Trailer in very good condition. Make great Portable Workshop or storage and transport of goods. 1,250 euros. In Palma. Only for use with UK plated vehicles. Tel: 616 244 776. For Rent: Fantastic Office Opportunity in Santa Catalina with 2 bathrooms. Approx 100m² split into 3 offices. Immaculate condition, just move in. No long contracts. Very Low Rent. Phone Guillermo on 629 733 105. For Sale: Classic Beauty. 7 metre wooden double ender built 1939 UK, SSR Registered, Sister ship sailed Atlantic 1953, All good Sails, 2-berth interior, Comprehensive Inventory, sails like a dream. Ready for new owner. 12,000 euros. Economical rental berth available in Palma. Please telephone 634 161 551 - genuinely interested enquiries only. For Rent/Sale: Workshop / Garage/ Storage etc. In Palma - Between RCNP and Clube de Mar, near Santa Catalina - 90m² (approx. 8mx11m) 2 roller doors, one with vado permanente, WC. Tel 609 647 605. For Rent: In Club de Mar, Palma de Mallorca - Office/Shop etc. approx. 28m². Car access to Club de Mar is Free of charge for companies with office in Club de Mar. Tel 609 647 605. For Rent: Santa Ponsa, spacious and comfortable three bed, three bathroom house available for winter rental. Please call Grahame 971 769 557. For Rent: Santa Ponsa, Penthouse-style one bed apartment with huge terrace overlooking the bay, available for winter rental. Please call Grahame 971 769 557. For Rent: Establiments, Very spacious and stylish one-bed cottage on my small estate 10 minutes drive from Palma, available for winter rental or maybe longer. Please call Grahame 971 769 557. For Sale: Two Brompton folding bikes for sale. They have had very little use. I am asking 500€ each. They come with spare tires, carrier bags, baskets and other spares. I can be reached at 691 902 731. For Sale: Cranchi 41 Endurance, Port Adriano. 2 x VOLVO D6 engines, 2 x 350hp, 300 hrs (July 2013). Inside, convertible saloon with leather sofa turning into a big double bed, equipped galley, toilet with good size shower, 1 cabin with king size bed and sofa. Exterior Table seating for 6pax, wet bar, bbq. Very good condition. 129,995 euros ono (Tax Paid). Tel. 655 277 961. For Rent: Fully furnished Studio apartment in Costa de la Calma. Peaceful area with sea view and tennis courts. 100m from a beautiful bathing cove. 400 e/m. or 660 644 612. For Sale: 1989 Sailboat Jeanneau Voyage 12,50. Never rent. 3 cabins. Teak deck. Length 11,99m-Draft 1,65m. Fully and recently equipped with solar panel, AIS, radar, GPS, VHF, dinghy/davits, auto-pilot, new mainsail, etc. Engine 55 hp Yanmar. Water 450 L, gasoil 150 L. Just come back from an Atlantic tour, and ready to cruise again. Very good condition! Docked in Mediterranée, France. Asking 76000€. Inventory and photos available on www. Call Alain +33 688 067 949.







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CALLING ALL CAPTAINS GREAT OPPORTUNITY IN PUERTO PORTALS 38X10 alongside (Hammerhead) Berth For Sale or Rent. Located at the end of P2. Parking right next to your boat. Available now for short or long term let. Contact Nick Martin: 971 676 392 / 656 949 243 /

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Justin Chisholm huge Dongfeng truck company which is part owned by Volvo. No skipper has been announced but the campaign will be managed by OC Sport - the people behind the Extreme Sailing Series and several other professional sailing programmes. It might feel like the closed season for professional sailing but the behind-the-scenes action for the prospective Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup syndicates is nevertheless quite frenetic. The start of the next Volvo is less than a year away and there are now four confirmed teams who will be on the start line in Alicante Spain next October. Joining the previously announced Team SCA and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, are Chinese entry Team Dongfeng and Dutch squad Team Brunel. Chances are there will be another team announced before the year is out - possibly a return for Team New Zealand? We will have to wait and see. Team Dongfeng - the third Chinese team to compete in the race after Green Dragon in the 08/09 edition and Team Sanya in 2011-12 - are backed by the

The Team Brunel entry will be skippered by Dutchman Bouwe Bekking who will be competing in his seventh VOR. Bekking has finished second twice previously and has set his stall out that he wants to go one better this time around. Bruno Dubois, whose day job currently is as head of North Sails in France, is heading up the Dongfeng initiative. I spoke to him immediately after the announcement in November to find out what had triggered the Chinese corporate’s interest in the Volvo Ocean Race. “They want to be part of the race and they also want to develop something lasting for sailing in China,” he said. “They want to do the Volvo for the result but they also want to be able to bring a legacy of sailing to China. This means that we are not going to be westerners coming in to grab sponsorship money from China and running

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Efficient Deck Hand certificate


Bridgetown, Barbados


The Beaufort Scale, devised in 1805


Two: the forward mast being larger than the aft


Radio Detection and Ranging

Inside Team SCA. Courtesy of Rick Tomlinson. away - that is not our objective and it’s not the objective of the sponsor.” Dubois acknowledged that the team would have plenty of work to do to achieve their goal of fielding a team made up of Chinese and non-Chinese sailors. They have hit the ground running however their boat is already on the water and as I write is undergoing sea trials in the UK before being shipped to China for the new year. “For the non-Chinese crew we will start to work together in January in China,” Dubois told me. “The boat will be there by February and we will be doing inshore and short offshore training for a month and a half. Then we will sail the boat back from Sanya to Auckland, Auckland to Itajai, and then back to Europe, possibly via the United States. We will also do some trans-Atlantic training and racing too.” Although the 35th America’s Cup is now not likely to happen until August 2017 to avoid clashing with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, it does appear there has been plenty going on ‘back stage’. As I write this month’s column, news is breaking of a French challenge led jointly by a trifecta of French sailing legends - Franck Cammas, Michel Desjoyeaux, Olivier de Kersauson under the banner of Team France.

In other AC news: Britain’s Ben Ainslie has been making positive noises in the media about his search for funds to mount a credible British campaign; the Swedish Artemis Racing squad have confirmed that they have resigned Australian Olympic 49er gold medallists Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen for the next edition; and after a month of fund raising activity in Europe, Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton has declared himself cautiously positive about getting enough cash to challenge next time around. While the official Challenger of Record for AC35, Hamilton Island Yacht Club will no doubt be disappointed not to have been able to convince Outteridge and Jensen, or indeed their countryman Olympic Laser gold medallist Tom Slingsby to join them (a few weeks ago Slingsby was the first of the winning afterguard to resign with Oracle Team USA) they have secured the services of AC34 regatta director Iain Murray to head up their challenge. This is a key appointment and one which adds significant credibility to the campaign. We can expect more personnel announcements from the America’s Cup and the VOR early in the New Year, so stay tuned.

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