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Disaster Preparedness

Planning Ahead for Your Pet’s Safety

Hurricane season runs from June through the end of November. In the event of evacuation for a hurricane or other disaster, residents and pets should come prepared with a pet disaster preparedness kit — shelters do not stock supplies.

Where to Shelter

According to the Department of Emergency Management, City and County of Honolulu, all Oahu evacuation shelters are considered pet accommodating. Monitor local media and official social media sites for specifics and updates. Based on the type of disaster and other circumstances, not all shelters will be open and facilities other than those listed may be used.

Stay informed at: honolulu.gov/DEM, Facebook: @OahuDEM, and Twitter: @Oahu_DEM. Sign up for free alerts to your cell phone and or email account: https://hnl.info/alerts provided by the City and County of Honolulu.

Your pet kit should include:

• Pet crate or carrier (one for each pet). Pets should be able to sit, stand and turn around comfortably.

• Food and Water. A 14 day supply in secure containers. A can opener if needed plus food and water bowls.

• Medication/First Aid. Essential meds plus medical/veterinarian information including vaccine records.

• Identification. In case of separation, an ID tag on a collar and microchipping assist in recovery. Attach your pet’s photo to the crate along with name and contact information. Have photos showing unique markings and with the family—prints and on your e-device or smartphone. Useful for confirming ownership.

• Collar and leash/harness with current ID and license tags.

• Favorite toys, bedding, treats and towel. Provides familiarity and reduces stress.

• Hygiene, grooming and sanitation supplies. Newspaper, litter, plastic bags, wipes, etc.

• Pet First Aid Kit