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By Jevon Daly

Discover plenty of great opportunities to enjoy live music this St. Patrick’s Day. t. Patrick’s Day has always been one of those holidays in our area that people really enjoy being a part of. Kids on bikes, scooters and hoverboards. Green beer! Parents acting like kids at the parade. The parade that takes place on Hilton Head Island is one of the biggest things we have as far as a street event. As soon as the parade ends, Pope Avenue becomes a tiny Nashville, with music bellowing out of every restaurant on the strip. Wild Wings will have bands all afternoon and into the night, with big local names like Cranford Holler and GTA. Aunt Chilada’s usually gets in the mix, bringing Hannah Wick back from the road. Big Bee buzzes in from NYC. Silicone Sister does their signature performance art/beauty extravaganza at Rockfish, formerly Bomboras. NYC Pizza usually has some rock n’ roll cats jammin’. The Pope rocks that. The weather tends to break that particular day, so a trip to the Tiki Hut beachfront to hear some tunes is always a great way to start the day. Cliff or Tommy—maybe even Jim or Mike— will be behind the bar. They are always up to smack their gums witcha’ as early as you wanna. I heard Tommy Sims once played 6 billion notes on a guitar before the parade even started! The Savannah St. Patrick’s Day parade is a different thing altogether. Venues are poppin’ up all over the place these days. I did wanna take a sec here and preach safety and care in the transporting of your bodies that day. St. Patty’s is also when the freaks come out, and we all need to be careful out there. Uber is (mostly) the way to go these days, or a designated driver. Where you end up doesn’t really matter as long as you get back to your bed to sleep safely that night. Sleeping in a bush can be nice, don’t get me wrong. Catching some zzz’s underneath a willow or wax myrtle will most certainly protect you from the rain if the heavens do decide to open that night or the next morn. Sleeping under a bench or planking on benches is, I believe, frowned upon these days by most citizens of the Americas. Remember to eat something before going out and imbibing with your fellow leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day. A lot of fun can be had with all the music and friends you haven’t seen in a while. I know it’s been ages since you got to talkin’ with Elizabeth O’Malley since the wedding. Fortunately, she and Sean Conner are doing fine. Be safe, and we’ll see you out there. Be sure to catch the bagpipe dudes over at Reilley’s at some point.

Photograph by Andrea Six

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Breeze March 2018