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Winter Weather


Photo: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

By Amber Hester Kuehn, owner of Spartina Marine Education Charters


he first time I saw snow was in December of 1989. Due to the fact that there are no hills in Bluffton, four-wheelers pulled tubes and hydro-slides attached to ski ropes. Thrilled teens sailed through three inches of snow covering dirt roads. It melted quickly and effortlessly. This time, I’m 43 and own a house with the potential for bursting pipes, heavy snowladen oak limbs overhead and a car with no garage. It was not as fun as I remembered, and it lasted a week! The Weather Channel called it Winter Storm Grayson, named for effect. Meteorologists called it a “bomb cyclone” and “weather bomb,” using the term “bombogenesis.” I call it “the second time I have ever seen snow and hopefully the last!”


Breeze March 2018  
Breeze March 2018