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The Breeze July 2018


Notes From The Editor IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 the unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America. When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. These are the beginnings of the some 1,450 word document that created America. This is the document that many Americans have fought and died for to continue to give our country freedom. These are the words that so many thousands of men and women have willing, and who continue willing, to go into harms way to protect our freedom and rights. Let’s not forget what the Fourth of July is all about. The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God! Our unalienable rights among these Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. God Bless America. God protect those, of many faiths and racest that are in harms way today while we celebrate our Country’s founding and our freedom. We dedicate this issue to all the people of the world and the respect for all these people. I hope you enjoy the stories that we bring to you and want to thank everyone of our readers and advertisers for making this issue possible. We love our town, the place where we have chosen to live, and the freedom to write the words that we present to you. 4 #blufftoncom

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JULY 2018, VOLUME 16, NO. 7

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Tips on Navigating Dolphin Behavior


Should Women Take Up Golf... Fore Sure!

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To Be Truly Free

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The Breeze July 2018



How South Carolina Won the Revolution

By Michele Roldán-Shaw

The movie “Patriot,” starring Mel Gibson, brought to life the drama and heroism of everyday Americans during the Revolutionary War. Though reviled by critics for its historical inaccuracy, popular audiences connected deeply with the spirit it portrayed—the flavor of the times, the romanticism of rebellion, and the courage that fortified honest folk fighting for what they believed in. South Carolinians especially tend to hold this movie close, as the scene of the action is right here at home. Forget the fact that Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson’s character) never actually existed; according to the screenwriter he’s a composite of four great South Carolinian heroes: Francis Marion, Andrew Pickens, Daniel Morgan, and Thomas Sumter. Never mind that certain major events depicted in “The Patriot” are fictional; it stands that South Carolina was a deciding factor in the struggle for independence, and saw more action than any other state. From the first stirrings of sedition, certain factions here were already on board. After Boston had its famous Tea Party, Charlestonians dumped seven chests of East India product into the Cooper River. Even before that a shipment had been confiscated at Charleston Harbor and stored in the Exchange Building—some histories say it rotted there, others that it was eventually used to raise money during the Revolution. (Maybe they just sold moldy tea?) South Carolina was the second state, after Virginia, to ratify the Articles of Confederation that served as the first constitution of the United States. And it was a South Carolinian, Christopher Gadsen, who designed 8 #blufftoncom

the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag depicting a coiled snake with thirteen rattles for each of the thirteen colonies. Nevertheless, not everyone in South Carolina favored rebellion. Wealthy planters on the coast were generally all for dissolving ties with Britain, but people upstate and backcountry tended to have more gripes against Lowcountry aristocracy than they did against the British. Of the 200 or so battles fought here, many could be characterized as Patriot vs. Loyalist rather than American vs. British. Indeed, the fight to gain public sympathy was as heated as the actual armed conflicts. Both sides made the mistake at different points of trying to force public support, threatening violent action against those who did not swear allegiance — either to the Crown or to the Rebel cause — and take up arms against their neighbors. One thing about Americans: we do NOT like to be told what to do. Such tactics invariably backfired and caused the very people being courted to run to the other camp. Historians have reflected that one major tactical error by the British was to overestimate the strength of the Loyalists in the South. They thought they could come in with a few regulars, stir up local sons and daughters of the Crown, get Cherokees on the warpath, entice slaves into their ranks with promises of freedom, and thoroughly squash the radicals. All of that did in fact happen — except for the thorough squashing. Early in the war, an attempt to take Charleston failed when on 28 June 1776 the British launched an

engagements. Both sides committed the blunder of excessive brutality that alienated people from their cause, such as plundering private property and massacring those who’d surrendered. But the Brits inadvertently created a monster when they burnt the home of Thomas Sumter and subjected his wife to indignities—if before he had been reluctant to fight, wrath spurred him into a vigorous campaign of guerrilla warfare that earned him the nickname “Gamecock.” The same was true of Andrew Pickens, who also had his house burned and later exacted revenge.

amphibious attack on Sullivan’s Island and the as yet unfinished Fort Moultrie. They landed a fleet of eleven ships at what is now Isle of Palms, intending to wade the inlet and attack Ft. Moultrie from behind; but as we here in the Lowcountry know, it ain’t that easy to get across a creek when the tide’s rippin’! Neither was their frontal naval assault too effective, as the soft sand and spongy palmetto log walls of the fort just soaked up cannonballs. (Not to mention several ships ran aground— amateurs.) The Americans’ good marksmanship repelled a seemingly more powerful invader, which was a great moral booster, and it would be some time before the British returned.

At the Battle of King’s Mountain, in present-day York County, a bunch of scrappy American mountain men defeated loyalist militia led by British Major Patrick Ferguson. The mountain men left their homesteads early one morning, marched all day and part of the night in blistering rain, surprised the enemy at King’s Mountain next day around 3 p.m., licked them soundly by sundown, and departed for home the following morning before Redcoats or Indians could terrorize women and children in their absence. Talk about some bad dudes! At the Battle of Cowpens—which did actually take place in a cow pen—two very feared and hated British leaders, Lord Cornwallis and Colonel Tarleton, got whipped along with their elite force of British regulars by American militiamen who weren’t supposed to be their match. But that was part of the plan: by exploiting the idea that militiamen are cowards and flee from a strong attack, American Colonel Daniel Morgan masterminded what historians would later call a “tactical masterpiece” of the Revolution.

Part of the reason South Carolina proved such an important playing field was that when fighting became stalemated up North, Britain devised a “Southern Strategy” that they hoped would seal the victory: land on the coast and sweep up the colonies to trap George Washington in a deadly sandwich. They took Savannah easily in December 1778, then laid siege to Charleston— and this time they were successful. Ironically, it was at once a low point and a turning point. Major patriot leaders in Charleston were captured, except for one: Francis Marion. Thanks to a happy accident he had left the city to recover a broken ankle, so after his comrades surrendered he went underground and organized a misfit militia that basically constituted the only fighting force left in the South. They snuck around the swamps harassing British troops with wily guerrilla tactics, and were instrumental in getting Americans back in the game. Today General Marion, a.k.a. “Swamp Fox,” is an enduring South Carolinian legend. Meanwhile, other heroes emerged in other decisive The Breeze July 2018


“Old Dan” Morgan was a grizzled vet with many war wounds—like having gotten his teeth knocked out by an Indian bullet, and his back striped for laying a British lieutenant flat cold with one punch. (Legend claims 500 lashes, enough to kill an elephant, but Morgan liked to say they miscounted and only gave him 499.) His reputation as a bar brawler no doubt endeared him to the rowdy backwoodsmen he proved very successful at commanding. In the Battle of Cowpens, he had them feign a fearful retreat in order to draw the British headlong into an orderly line of Continental soldiers who promptly tore them up. Nearly one thousand Brits were killed or captured, and word of this victory spread far and wide to inflame Patriot spirit.

Gen. Marion offering dinner to a Brittish Officer By contrast, the Siege of Ninety Six did not prove so successful. General Nathaniel Greene and his Continental Army failed to take the well-stocked earthworks of Star Fort, but a few months later the British abandoned post. This seems to characterize the doings of General Greene: he always lost, yet in the end he won. Where most professional military officers showed a certain disdain for ragtag militiamen, Greene synchronized his movements with theirs to undermine and weaken the enemy. Famous South Carolina historian Walter Edgar wrote, “Greene never won a tactical battle in South Carolina, but he achieved his goals of destroying the British army and winning the war. Mao Tse-tung could not have designed a more perfect campaign.” The last battle of the American Revolution took place at John’s Island, but by then the war was basically over. There were few fireworks at its anticlimax. Lewis P. Jones, another South Carolina historian, has written, “The scene was more like the quiet passing of an elderly person during the night.” It might be fair to say that we didn’t exactly beat the British, we just caused them to want to stop fighting. But let historians debate the many factors amongst themselves. What’s clear here in the Palmetto State is that we have quite the legacy of being dashing rebels!

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Owner of Spartina Marine Education Charters

I thought every 12 year old had the keys to a motor boat, and threw a cast net to catch a mullet to feed their pet dolphin named Dolly. There are things that you observe as an adult that you had seen as a child, but never thought anything of it… All of the cetaceans residing in Beaufort County are Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops, truncatus) When dolphins approach boats for food It was always exciting to feed Dolly the fish, which she would only swallow head first. Dolphin swallow their food whole, so it had to be just the right size and it went down smooth head first, as fish are streamlined in the forward direction. However, IT IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE TO FEED MARINE MAMMALS AFTER 1992. The federal government amended the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 to say that no food of any sort shall be fed to any marine mammal in the United States. This includes polar bears, sea otters, manatees, sea lions, seals, whales, dolphins, etc. Due to the fact that dolphins do not taste their food, they

12 #blufftoncom

will eat anything that will fill their bellies. They are lazy, and would prefer to open their mouths to beg from boats rather than catching their own food. There is obviously less nutrition in a Twinkie than a fish, but therein lies a larger issue, no fresh water in a Twinkie (A Twinkie is an American snack cake, marketed as a “Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling”). A dolphin is a mammal and cannot drink salt water. They stay hydrated by eating fish. A fish can drink salt water all day long and excrete the salt in its urine and through its gills; a fish is full of fresh water. The raw fish at the sushi bar is not salty until you add the soy sauce. At Hudson’s Seafood, you don’t request your fish to be prepared without any salt, butter, seasonings…Just fish plus heat will be very bland. Also, it is best that dolphins do not hover around boats with spinning blades. When dolphins blow several times at once They are so graceful and amazing to watch as they glide through the May River. When they break the surface of the water to breathe, they exhale (the blow that you hear). Their name should be the Atlantic Bottle Mouthed Dolphin, because their mouth is the rostrum or projection on the front of their face, and the nose is actually a blowhole on the top of their head! When your nose is a slight dent on the top of your head with two muscles called monkey lips that open and close it to breathe, what is still in the dent when the dolphin comes up for air? Water! So will it inhale first? Or exhale first. If you answered exhale first, you are correct. The exhale pushes that water out

of the dent before the inhale. If it is very quiet on the waterway, you can hear the inhale right after the exhale. If a dolphin breaks the surface of the water, but exhales several times in a row, that is your cue to leave the pod alone. This is called “chuffing”. The dolphin is showing aggression and would like you to stop following the pod….with a big Please and Thank you at the end, I’m sure. When dolphins slap their tail on the water The dolphins use their tails to corral and disorient fish that they are hunting. When you see a dolphin on its side and the tail is splashing water toward the mudflat, this is a method of hunting. When a dolphin makes one loud slap on the water before it submerges, it is showing aggression to send you a message. I interpret it as… ”Your boat is loud and annoying and I would like for you to go away”…OR “We have a calf in this pod who is slower than the rest and he will not be safe around your boat”. I have seen both of these behaviors in the May River several times and around all types of boats. Please be courteous and change your course. They deserve some peace and quiet…Especially when they ask for it! When a dolphin seems to be maintaining a position Dolphins sleep. They have the ability to shut down one side of their two lobed brain while the other keeps them coming up for air and then they switch. If you find a dolphin “hovering” near a dock, Shhh! He may be sleeping. When dolphins have pink bellies Besides humans and chimps, dolphins are the only other species that mate for recreation. Blood rushes to certain organs when they are amorous. This performance requires that they are belly to belly and there is some rolling and tumbling involved. I think you can figure this one out.

When a dolphin is “lollygagging” In the 1800s, lollygagging referred to “fooling around” (sexual connotation). Today, it means to dawdle or spend time aimlessly; idle. Sometimes, dolphin hang out on the surface. In some cases, it could be a mother that is nursing, or simply a dolphin that is resting. Please be careful while boating if you see this idle behavior. When dolphins are playing Dolphins are extremely intelligent. When their food is hiding in 200,000 acres of marsh grass at high tide, they entertain themselves by having conversation and playing together. It could be a game of chase, or soccer ball with cannonball jellyfish…If I had not seen it with my own eyes in Calibogue Sound, I would not believe it either. They were pushing the jellyfish with their rostrum and passing it back and forth! Please remember to be respectful this boating season. We are in their house!

The Breeze July 2018


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By: Samantha Williams

Should Women Take Up Golf... Fore Sure! Did you know that women are among the most sought after new players in the sport of golf? According to the 2018 Royal and Ancient Golf Club Women’s, Girl’s and Family Participation Study, there are nine million potential new female golfers around the world. Have you ever thought about taking up the game, but did not know where to start? My hope is that this article will inspire you to consider taking up golf. This introductory article for my “Women in Golf” series is designed to provide insights into women-specific golf instruction, tips and even fashion ideas. Women can now enjoy the fun on the fairways more than ever. Golf is a great way to meet new friends, participate in a new sport and create family sporting memories - golfing traditions. As the R&A study states, “…the (golfing) ‘experience’ is starting to become the product.” My own golfing resort of Big Canoe, GA. offering breathtaking

“experience” began over 20 years ago, when I moved to the beautiful golf The golf courses wind through the majestic North Georgia Mountains, views from the fairways---and some challenging lies.

It was a perfect course to weekend. One aspect of golf pace of play. New golfers Maintaining the proper topic on many golf blogs new player.

learn on, with the weekdays being slower as the tourists came on the that beginner golfers need to familiarize themselves with is the tend to be slower than the regulars – leading to frustration for both parties. pace of play is one of the challenges faced by new golfers and a popular and shows. You don’t want to cause a golf cart traffic jam on the tees as a

As with learning the with, from grip to swing to sport that requires some

proper pace of play, there are many other aspects of the game to get familiar even the right clubs. If you are going to take up the game, know that golf is one professional instruction!

Golf instruction is readily of your local pro to the touch Ready Golf.” It is offered at golf

available and can be found in many different forms these days – from the hands of a computer key. The PGA offers a beginner women’s golf program called “Get clubs including Indigo Run, where I held my last club membership. Mr. Lance

The Breeze July 2018


Buntin, a PGA professional and head golf pro at Indigo, makes this program available to his members and guests to help them get a start in the game of golf. With this program, you get a beginner set of clubs and a series of introductory golf lessons. It is a great and affordable way to start – try it and see if you like it! This instruction is an alternative to one-on-one private lessons with a golf pro and provides a group setting, which allows you to get comfortable by playing with other golf gals. In addition, online videos are fast becoming a 24/7 form of instruction, plus there is always YouTube. I personally also recommend taking a golf etiquette lesson – a Resort Girl wants to play properly. Another tee time tip is to start playing with the 9-hole group of the ladies’ golf members, as I did when I was starting out. Some are new golfers and some are established, but everyone must have a certain handicap, which makes the level of play less intimidating. And, when play ends, you can chill with some ice tea or even a glass of wine while getting to know some new potential gal pals. But don’t get me wrong, the game is not all fun. Golf is challenging – it takes time and practice to build up skill. But it is a good challenge, as you are challenging your mind and body since part of the game is physical and part is mental. At first your goal is to just get that darn little ball in the air and onto the fairway! Later, you move onto learning how to adjust your swing, chip and hit from all types of lies, land and even the sand found in those irritating bunkers. But, what a thrill it is when you hit those first great shots - among friends and family and surrounded by some of the most magnificent natural backdrops and many times, beautiful wildlife. Another issue faced by many men and women golfers, is time. I’ve heard many people declare, “Hey, I do not have five hours in my day to play a round of golf right now with family and work.” This is really a moot issue because you don’t always need to play 18 holes. Most courses offer 9-hole options and some even have an innovative 6-hole at 6 PM play option, which gives golfers just enough time to get in a few rounds at the end of the day. I recently saw this 6 at 6 offering at a Lake Oconee golf course, where you skip holes to finish in an hour. These options afford the game of golf the creativity needed to meet the modern day demands of working individuals and families. There are also the new golf concept venues, such as Top Golf, found in many cities that allow you grab lunch or dinner and get in a few chips. With golf, practice may still not make it perfect, but it is an integral part of the game and these flexible options are becoming very popular. And finally, some of my closest friendships were built on those days of play in the mountains. We still play golf together after almost 20 years. When you spend up to five hours with someone in a cart, you really get to know them! Plus, many times the best of part the experience is the food and fellowship you find back at the resort clubhouse. Some of the special events held there can spark some fun competition amongst your golf gal pals. At Indigo Run, Mr. Buntin runs some very creative events for his women golfers and charitable events benefiting causes such as breast cancer awareness. The clubhouse also can become an integral part of your family life – which is one of the most important deciding factors for women joining a golf country club. They want the club to offer family time events and “experiences” outside of playing golf. I hope this initial “Women in Golf” article inspired you to consider being one of those many women who take up the game of golf. Try golf – you might like it – and along the fairways and back at the clubhouse, you will have the opportunity make some lifelong friends and family memories---Golfing Traditions. Relax, Reflect and Recharge Resort Girls. 18 #blufftoncom





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Golf Trivia

The Dye Course will be the second-longest in U.S. Junior Amateur history Actuaries have calculated the chance of an average golfer making a hole in one at approximately 12,500 to 1, the odds of a tour professional at 2,500 to 1. The chance of two holes in one in a single round are approx 67 million to 1. The longest golf course in the world is the International Golf Club in Massachusetts. It is a par 77 course measuring 8325 yards. The Lowest Score for a round of golf in the world is a 57. Wayne Meyers was the hero at Southern Oaks in Powdersville, South Carolina, in 1994.

In 2006, Russian astronaut Mijail Tiurin was the first person to drive a golf ball in space. In 1457 King James II banned golf in Scotland because they distracted military personnel from pursuing archery, more suited to their profession. The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith (1744) is considered to be the first official golf club. St Andrew’s has had the greatest effect on the origin of golf. It’s course was initially built with 22 holes but these were later reduced to 18. New courses followed suit and it became the standard. At St Andrews the hole was set at 4.5 inches, was copied by other golf courses. Tom Morris, a successful Scottish professional golfer, was a pioneer in course design in the 19th Century, is credited with inventing the first dogleg. Golf is often considered related to the Belgian game Chole and the Dutch game Kolven. Both are stick and ball games but you do not have to get the ball into a hole in either the real golf challenge. There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball. By 1900 there were more than 1000 golf clubs in the US. Golf clubheads were made of beech or the wood of fruit trees such as apples.

Scottish Golf History records King James IV as the first recorded monarch to have purchased golf clubs Golf club shafts were originally made of hazel or ash wood. 125,000 golf balls a year are hit into the water at the famous 17th hole of the Stadium Course at Sawgrass (pictured). The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are one in 67 million. Tiger Woods snagged his first ace at the tender age of eight years old. Balls travel further on hot days. A golfer swinging a club at 100 mph will carry the driver up to eight yards longer for each increase in air temperature of 25°F. The highest golf course in the world is the Tactu Golf Club in Morococha, Peru, which sits 14,335 feet above sea level at its lowest point. The origin of golf term ‘Caddie’ comes from Mary Queen of Scots use of French cadets to help her play while she studied there. The longest golf hole in the world is the 7th hole (par 7) of the Sano Course at the Satsuki Golf Club in Japan. It measures an incredible 909 yards. The largest bunker in the world is Hell’s Half Acre on the 585-yard 7th hole of the Pine Valley Course in New Jersey.  The largest golfing green is that of the 695-yard, 5th hole, a par 6 at the International Golf Club in Massachusetts, an area in excess of 28,000 square feet. The first golf balls, used until 1848, were made of thin leather stuffed with feathers. Tightly-packed feathers made balls that flew the farthest. The youngest golfer to shoot a hole-in-one was Coby Orr, who was five years old at the time. It happened in Littleton, Colorado, in 1975. Golf was banned in Scotland from 1457 to 1502 to ensure citizens wouldn’t waste time when preparing for an English invasion. The term birdie comes from American Ab Smith, playing 1899, he played what he described as a “bird of a shot”, which became “birdie” over time.

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The Breeze July 2018



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By: Gene Cashman III

The epistemology of freedom is on display each

weekend as the line swells waiting for access to the May River. All kinds of God’s creation converge, bees returning to the queen mother, refugees fleeing the banality and vapidness of modern suburban life, scrambling and desperate for a brief chance to be their own captain, their own drunken sailor for a day. Class and worry left on the shore, those without connection left longing in the humidity, slack jawed and stupefied at the armada slowly motoring out of reach of the public dock. Freedom is a shade tree with many varied branches and roots that drink deep from time’s fragile water table. Dreams and tears all spoken with expectation of a deliverance, from a burden, a real oppression, a literal overlord. Freedom, is the conflict against some specific thing whether it real or imagined; the embodiment of struggle. Then, as one might expect, there is that one branch on the back of freedom’s tree that represents the belief that one should be free to be or do, or say or wear whatever they darn well please, whenever they darn well want to, simply because of birthright. Sometimes the embodiment of struggle is to simply accept that freedom can be as ugly as it is beautiful.

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Each Saturday morning and especially on summer holidays pick-up truck after pick-up truck carries on a two-inch ball the idea of adventure and fun. Open water offers sanctuary and the opportunity to be something different for a full cycle of the tide. The boat ramp to the May is a melting pot of new America. Each pilgrim distinguished by the manner in which they pay visual homage to their redeemer. One can clearly spot the different approaches to patronage. Patriotic bling has become the adornment of freedom and clearly denotes this May River armada as distinctly American, but

representative of all generations. Akin to a great love and becoming fully a synonym for passion amongst many, this first cousin of devotion, modern patriotism, is an impassioned lover of affection and status. Whether emblazed on a hipsters forearm or in a yuppie’s insulated tumbler full of heartland vodka, one’s status as a lover of country is denoted by your style of bling. What then should the traditionalist make of all those star spangled bikinis and beer cozies bobbing down the river? It is all reconcilable through the eye of the beholder. This great land, the one that our forefathers died forging, that is the real America, or so sayeth the traditionalist. The country that affords us the freedom to love and adore lycra pants and bathing suits from Vietnam while guzzling watered down flag themed beer, mass produced by a Belgian-Brazilian brewing company is different than what many traditionalist would prefer. Yet, it is American too and being worn and consumed by many who’ve been shot at in the name of freedom. Modern American patriotism is something altogether different than the good ole days, whatever those were, and during summertime weekends, the sandbar and May River is the makeshift capital of this motley new nation. The sandbar on any other day is quiet and tranquil. To love a gentle day on the water is to love the soft picking and strumming of an acoustic guitar, precise but all in one lazy. This might describe a Thursday paddle board trip but this is not the sandbar on a Saturday. On the weekends, and in particular over the July 4th Holiday, it becomes the port of call for every brand of pirate and patriot imaginable. It resembles Jimi Hendrix’s electric version of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock. Even the most venerable vendor on Coney Island or salty bartender at the Soggy Dollar has to tip their hat at the scene that unfolds the more anchors that drop. I’ve heard of upwards of two hundred and fifty boats crammed onto the sliver of sand between Potato and Myrtle Island. Boats so close together that a nimble footed person could have walked boat to boat and never gotten their feet wet. The sandbar on such weekends is loud and chaotic. It’s rebellious and tacky. It’s loud and unrepentant. It overserves itself in every manner possible. It’s a young man’s education and a mother’s worst dream; every weekend someone makes their debut on the sandbar, a coming out sure to be regretted in the morning. While visibly intimidating from the outside, once on its inner core one finds commonality among its jovial and sunburned masses. The banker from Atlanta who hasn’t had a week off in two years, or the mother from Savannah who has survived breast cancer, it is the people that draw you in as much anything. No matter

how different, everyone just melds together. The sounds swirl, the rhythm and pull of wave and wind, the beat that pulses up and down the bar sends a chill through you. Auditory adulations abound in every direction. Personally, I can think of only a few other examples that paint a better picture of complete ease and freedom than standing chest deep in warm water, drinking cold beer and eating boiled peanuts, while absorbing the sights and sounds of a sandbar Saturday. Descent into darkness and or proximity to heavenly electricity most commonly break up the party, fanning boats out in every direction, their salty, frothy contrails marking a path through the green water. The retreat back to the Oyster Factory or Alljoy like a beautiful flower constricting back into itself, there is always a certain sadness watching the boats cue up at the ramp. For hours on end, folks of all kinds gathered together. Jon boats and million dollar yachts, side by side desperate for a taste of freedom from what oppresses, grateful to a be in a land that affords all the opportunity to be as formal or as weird, as tattooed or as preppy as you need or want to be. All glad to once again return to their summertime capital to hold court and be free. Freedom will always come in many shapes and sizes, because what holds us down or back doesn’t fit into a tidy box for each person. Patriotism and love for country is the same way. The bottom line is we are all fortunate to live in a land where we can be free to pursue opportunity, where we can bask in the natural beauty of the May River. We can worship freely. We can be as eccentric or as buttoned up as we want to be. As you head to the River this July to shake off what ails you, take a moment to genuinely appreciate the State of Mind being in Bluffton and living in America offers you. We all spend too much time arguing and trying to convince someone they are wrong on an issue instead of just appreciating the fact we are all free. If you are torqued out, head to the sandbar this holiday week and get a new perspective. I am certain you can hitch a ride.

Only at Reminisce

By: Jerry Glenn

Reminisce on The Promenade is a shop that combined The Cinnamon Bear concept with Legends Sports Gallery on Main Street Hilton Head. After 28 years on the island, the Glenn family moved to Bluffton and relocated the business. The shop features gourmet specialty foods, sports memorabilia, dog and cat custom art, soaps, cremes, books, candles, select jewelry, and a wide array of gifts. Lori Glenn, runs the shop and is the creative force behind exclusive offerings. While Jerry, age 87, promotes and purchases unique sports items. He also appraises pre 1970 sports items and advises how to sell collections. Audrey is the final word on the quality of this shop with a defference. 28 #blufftoncom

Above: Jimmy Stewart with Audrey and Jerry Glenn

There’s a little red shop on Bluffton Promenade called Reminisce. It’s owned and operated by the Glenn family - Audrey, Jerry and their daughter, Lorie. The Glenns’ have been Low Country retailers for the past thirty years. In 1988, they opened the Cinnamon Bear Country Store, located on Main Street in Hilton Head. Upon selling the business, the Glenns’ opened Legends Sports Gallery, also located in Hilton Head. Two years ago they left Main Street and opened a shop on the Bluffton Promenade and called it Reminisce, as over the years customers wanted to recall the good ole days and reminisce about their experiences. The Glenns’ were antique collectible dealers in the New York area for sixteen years and specialized in antique graphics and country store. Today, the little shop stocks sports memorabilia, unique gifts, books, and custom dog and cat art… and one cannot forget the years filled countless conversations of the past.

Don Mattingly , Dave Winfield, Buddy Hackett, Eagles Cheerleaders, Dick Perez, Fergie Jenkins…whooo! Now we are going to tell you a small story of a few of Jerry’s favorite moments that solidified that celebrities are real people too! In a few months we’ll ask him to tell us about a few sports star stories! What a pleasure to hear these stories about celebrities we saw on TV or in the movies. Below: Betty White with Audrey and Jerry Glenn

Prior to the Low Country experience, Jerry Glenn spent thirty-seven years with a national food company. At one point in time, he held the position of Director of Promotion and Events. It was during this time he had the opportunity to meet and hire some very notable celebrities in the entertainment and sports world. It was through these encounters and experiences that Jerry soon found out these very famous people were real people, too. There have been many stories about this person or that person in the media that may have been unsettling. However, Jerry soon found out that during a one on one conversation that without a doubt, celebrities are real people, too! Over the years Jerry has met, on more than a casual basis, too many to remember, but her are a few notables: Betty White, Jimmy Stewart, Jerry Lewis Rod Lauer, Paul Williams, Jim Ryan, Bobby Richardson, Whitey Ford, Roger Staubach, Bobby Orr, Robert Wagner, Bobby Cox, Chipper Jones, Joe Garagiola, Milton Berle, Willie Pep, Dinah Shor, Rocky Blier, Bob Feller, Dale Murphy, Phil Niekro, Freddie Freeman, Gaylord Perry, Lionel Hebert, Jay Herbert, Brooks Robinson, Ben Wright, Alan Coulter, Nancy Lopez, Alan King,

Betty White: Betty is an animal lover and known supporter of the Los Angeles Zoo. She came to the celebration for The 100th Birthday of Barnum’s Animal Crackers to be with our top customers. The dance floor was empty and Betty came over saying, “Come on Jerry, let’s liven up this shin dig!” Our presence on the floor encouraged the crowd to join in. All 300 guests wanted to connect with Betty. With Betty, what you see on TV is really what you get in person.

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Above: Jerry Lewis with Jerry Glenn

Jerry Lewis:

Paul Williamson:

We hired Jerry to perform at the Waldorf Astoria for the 75th Anniversary of OREO Crème Sandwich. Prior to the event we spent an hour going over the program. Jerry was a genius and within minutes imagined the entire evening with really great suggestions… Paul Anka was the lead into Jerry, but Jerry encouraged Paul to be the star! The show was a smash hit.

The second time I met Paul he remembered my name and you thought he really cared. His goal was to protect all music performers with royalty rights and asked me to pass on his concern. Of course we all know of his genius in song writing for Barbara Streisand. Milton Berle:

Jimmy Stewart: Another case of what you see is what you get. At this same Zoo event in L.A, Jimmy and his wife were with Audrey and Jimmy not feeling well still went out on the dance floor to please the ladies. His wife told Audrey, “Jimmy is not well and I’ve got to get him home.” With that, she put her two fingers in her mouth and whistled, “Come on honey, it’s time to go!” They properly excused themselves and left to huge applause. 30 #blufftoncom

During a hour meeting with “Uncle Miltie” we advised him that our annual conference had a disaster in the computerized presentation and asked hi if he could do his best to liven up the attendees. Milton, age 77 at the time, tired from the trip from California to Florida said, “Jerry, the show must go on and I’ll do my best!” He agreed to a forty minute stint but went on for an hour and a half with side splitting stories. The conference was re-energized and Milton said at the close, “ Are you happy Buddie?” He truly was all of ours “Uncle Miltie”.

Garbo came to the United States at the insistence of her director of a few class B foreign films. She was an instant sensation by all of Hollywood and the country. No matter where she went people swarmed over her. She actually was a shy person and she did not like to be bothered with celebrity. We all recall her “I want to be alone” comment, and she did! After a few great movies she became reclusive for the rest of her life and therefore, many fans did not have a good impression of this beautiful lady. Jerry found that when you have the opportunity to sit with a notable one on one, you’ll enjoy the visit with a real person. It’s when their “on-stage” a different impression may occur. Above: Robert Wagoner with Lori Glenn

These are but a few events and shows, but these are real people. In some cases you may have heard that some on my list are not so real. It may be at a moment in their lives things go wrong, or the “Garbo effect” sets in. Greta

* When visiting Reminisce, should you care to ask Jerry about any of these personalities, he will be pleased to respond to your inquiries.

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Chicken Caesar Salad @ Andes Rotisserie

RESTAURANT GUIDE May River Grill** 1263 May River Rd. (843) 757-5755

Toomers’ Bluffton Seafood House** 27 Dr. Mellichamp Dr. (843) 757-0380 The Village Pasta Shoppe** 10 B, Johnston Way (843) 540-2095 Andes Rotisserie 7 Johnston Way (843) 837-9909

Agave Side Bar 13 State Of Mind St. (843) 757-9190

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Alvin Ord’s of Bluffton 1230 A, May River Rd. (843) 757-1300 Amigos Cafe y Cantina 133 Towne Drive (843) 815-8226 Buffalo Wild Wings 1188 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-9453 Backwater Bill’s 202 Hampton Lake Crossing (843) 8836-7475 Black Balsam & Blue 1534 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-2583 Bluffton BBQ 11 State Of Mind St. (843) 757-7427

Jim Kyser

Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS ID: 474305 843.368.8577 Office Persimmon at Bluffton Parkway

The Bluffton Room 15 Promenade St. (843) 757-3525 The Brick Chicken 1011 Fording Island Rd.   (843) 836-5040 British Open Pub – Bluffton 1 Sherington Dr. #G  (843) 815-6736

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Buffalo’s at Palmetto Bluff 1 Village Park Square (843) 706-6630

Cahill’s Chicken Kitchen 1055 May River Rd. (843) 757-2921

Calhoun’s 9 Promenade St. (843) 757-4334 Captain Woody’s 17 State Of Mind St. (843) 757-6222  Choo Choo BBQ Express 129 Burnt Church Rd. (843) 815-7675 Chow Daddy’s – Belfair 15 Towne Center Dr. (843) 757-2469 Corks Wine Co. 14 Promenade St. #306 (843) 816-5168 Corner Perk 1297 May River Rd. (843) 816-5674 The Cottage 38 Calhoun St. (843) 757-0508 Dolce Vita 163 Bluffton Rd., Ste. F (843) 815-6900 Downtown Deli 27 Dr. Mellichamp Dr. (843) 815-5005 Farm 1301 May River Rd. (843) 707-2041 Fat Patties 207 Bluffton Rd. (843) 815-6300 Fiesta Fresh Mexican Grill 876 Fording Island Rd., Ste. 1 (843) 706-7280 Giuseppi’s Pizza & Pasta 25 Bluffton Rd., Ste. 601 (843) 815-9200 Grind Coffee Roasters 7 Simmonsville Rd. #600 (843) 422-7945


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Hours: Dinner 5 p.m. - 9 p.m., Monday-Saturday

1263 May River Road


Hinchey’s Chicago Bar & Grill 104 Buckwalter Pl., Ste. 1A (843) 836-5959 

Mulberry Street Trattoria 1476 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-2426

Saigon Cafe 1304 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-1800

HogsHead Kitchen • Wine Bar 1555 Fording Island Rd., Ste. D (843) 837-4647

Okatie Ale House 25 William Pope Ct. (843) 706-2537

Sippin Cow 36 Promenade St. (843) 757-5051

Jim ’N Nick’s Bar-B-Q 872 Fording Island Rd. (843) 706-9741 The Juice Hive 14 Johnston Way (843) 757-2899 Katie O’Donald’s 1008 Fording Island Rd. #B (843) 815-5555 Kobe Japanese Restaurant 30 Plantation Park Dr., Ste. 208 (843) 757-6688 Local Pie Bluffton 15 State Of Mind St. (843) 837-7437 Longhorn Steakhouse 1262 Fording Island Rd., Tanger I (843) 705-7001 Mellow Mushroom 878 Fording Island Rd. (843) 706-0800 Mi Tierra 27 Mellichamp Dr., Unit 101 (843) 757-7200

Old Town Dispensary 15 Captains Cove (843) 837-1893 The Pearl Kitchen and Bar 55 Calhoun St. (843) 757-5511 Pour Richard’s 4376 Bluffton Pkwy. (843) 757-1999 (843) 837-1893 Red Fish Bluffton 32 Bruin Rd. (843) 837-8888 Red Stripes Caribbean Cuisine 8 Pin Oak St. (843) 757-8111 Savory Cafe & Provisions 1533 Fording Island Road Suite 302 (843)837-3336 Salty Dog Bluffton 1414 Fording Island Rd. Tanger Outlet ll (843) 837-3344

Southern Barrel Brewing Co. 375 Buckwalter Place Blvd. (843) 837-2337  Squat ’N’ Gobble 1231 May River Rd. (843) 757-4242 Stooges Cafe 25 Sherington Dr., Ste. F  (843) 706-6178  Truffle’s Cafe 91 Towne Dr. (843) 815-5551 Twisted European Bakery 1253 May River Rd., Unit A (843) 757-0033 Walnuts Café 70 Pennington Dr., Ste. 20 (843) 815-2877 Wild Wings Cafe 1188 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-9453 ** See the ads in The Bluffton Breeze and for more info

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“Oh, Say Can You See...” By: Jevon Daly

For July this year, I have been thinking alot about the National Anthem. A powerful song. A song everyone knows (or is supposed to know). A song that is not easy to sing. And finally, a song that is usually over-sung, if that is even a word. Gone are the days when someone would step up to the microphone, sing the song exactly like it was written, and the bow to applause. Nowadays, in the wake of shows we love like American Idol and The Voice, the anthem has become more and more a vehicle for singers to add ornamentation to as they wail and cry up and down scales (usually using their hands to pantomime their note choices). Could you imagine Dorothy singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in this ‘new’ style? Laughable? I think so. Without being too critical of modern vocalists in general, why can’t young singers follow pop singer, PINK’s ‘lead’? PINK sang the Anthem at the Super Bowl LII and just brought the house down. She didn’t make the words “proof” or “wave” ten syllables. She hit the high notes hard, held them nice and long. Her face was serious. None of the players laughed or rolled their eyes. That is where the proof is to me. Don’t make fun of the anthem, man. Lady Gaga’s reading of the song at Super Bowl L, though not quite as pure to me as PINK’s, is still very straight, to the point. There may be a little more vibratos, but she is Gaga. She still sticks to the script and original version of the melody here. I’m trying not to sound too much like a music nerd here, but all the extra swooping up and down on one syllable words you hear on POP radio these days is a little silly to my ear. And no, I’m not getting old. I mean, I am getting older. But go listen to Brittany Howard or St. Vincent’s Annie Clark belt out a song off a recent album. No frilly crud. It’s not necessary. Sing us the song like we have heard it in school. Geez. I have always liked the Black Eyed Peas. I thought Fergie was cool. However, I no longer think she is cool. I am sure there will be something that will come out soon that will put her back on the map, but her cocky arrangement at the NBA All Star game, WOW. JUST BAD. I don’t watch sports that often

but that was newsworthy bad. Hopefully, the Billie Holliday comparisons were a joke, too. When the players were smirking I knew - this stinks. When you go out there and try to “make something your own,” remember this: you probably won’t. We all want to hear songs done pretty close to the original. I am sure if there were a digital download of the “orig” of the anthem, it would sound like PINK. She rules. *Editors Note: There will always be great singers for this song. Don’t be afraid to hum along.

Fun Facts About the

National Anthem • The “Star-Spangled Banner” was written by an amateur poet, Francis Scott Key, after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by British ships of the Royal Navy in Baltimore Harbor during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812. Key was inspired by the large U.S. flag, with 15 stars and 15 stripes, known as the Star-Spangled Banner, flying triumphantly above the fort during the U.S. victory. • The poem was set to the tune of a popular British song written by John Stafford Smith for the Anacreontic Society, a men’s social club in London. “To Anacreon in Heaven” was set to Key’s poem and renamed “The Star-Spangled Banner.” • The song is notoriously difficult for nonprofessionals to sing because of its wide range – A 12th.

• “The Star-Spangled Banner” was recognized for official use by the United States Navy in 1889, by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, and was made the national anthem by a congressional resolution on March 3, 1931 which was signed by President Herbert Hoover. • The first playing of the song in a baseball game was during the seventh-inning stretch of Game One of the 1918 World Series, and thereafter during each game of the series. It is often cited as the first in-stance that the anthem was played at a baseball game, though evidence shows that the “Star-Spangled Banner” was performed as early as 1897 at opening day ceremonies in Philadelphia and then more regularly at the Polo Grounds in New York City beginning in 1898. In any case, the tradition of perform-ing the national anthem before every baseball game began in World War II. • Two especially unusual performances of the song took place in the immediate aftermath of the United States September 11th attacks. On September 12, 2001, the Queen broke with tradition and allowed the Band of the Coldstream Guards to perform the anthem at Buckingham Palace, in London, at the ceremonial Changing of the Guard as a gesture of support for Britain’s ally. The following day at a St. Paul’s Cathedral memorial service, the Queen joined in the singing of the anthem, an unprecedented occurrence. • When the U.S. national anthem was first recognized by law in 1931, there was no prescription as to be-havior during its playing. On June 22, 1942, the law was revised indicating that those in uniform should salute during its playing, while others should simply stand at attention, with men removing their hats. The same code also required that women should place their hands over their hearts when the flag is displayed during the playing of the national anthem, but not if the flag was not present • Bing Crosby recorded the song on March 22, 1939 for Decca Records. He also recorded it as a reading of the poem with a musical accompaniment ton August 15, 1946. Information provided by Wikipedia.


Residential Design Urban Planning Preservation

Works of Art You Live In From Lowcountry Classics to French Country Timeless Design with Attention to Detail 12 Johnston Way Penthouse Studio Bluffton, SC 843.816.4005

•Color• •Design• •Detail• Custom Pieces Designed & Built in Bluffton Accessories • Fixtures • Art • Gifts 20 Calhoun Street, Bluffton 843-757-5999

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July Fireworks & More

in Bluffton, Beaufort, Hilton Head & Savannah

Bluffton July 2- August 5 : Gerry Díaz presents “Renacimiento” at The Society of Bluffton Artists Gallery Featured Artist Exhibit Gerry Diaz. Opening reception from 3-5 July 8th. Location: Society of Bluffton Artists 6 Church Street, Bluffton Farmers Market of Bluffton: Every Thursday 1-6 Calhoun Street. Fresh local produce (organic & traditional) live music, and prepared foods. Join the fun!! July 9-13: Society of Bluffton Artists (SoBA) Offers Summer Art Camp for ages 8-13 This summer, children will have a chance to travel to foreign lands and explore different cultures with Society of Bluffton Artists’ “Passport to Other Cultures” summer art camp for ages 8-13. The program will run into three sessions. Each class runs 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The cost is $100 per person. Parents are asked to register and pay online at Mondays – Fridays: Daily tours of Bluffton’s Rose Hill Mansion, a Gothic Revival-style homebuilt circa 1858 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Reservations required. 199 Rose Hill Way. (843) 7576046 or July 20: May River Shrimp Festival Bluffton Sunset Party Time: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Live Music From Bobby Magyarosi & Btown Playaz. Local Seafood Restaurants, Food Trucks & Caterers, Lowcountry 38 #blufftoncom

Arts & Crafts Village. Craft Beer Garden, Wine Bar, and vendors. http://www.blufftonsunsetparty. comCharity: ROUGE RESCUE & SANCTUARY

Hilton Head Island Super Summer Jams Fourth of July at Shelter Cove Begins at 6 p.m. with kids’ activities, vendors and live music by Shannon Tanner at 7 and 8:30 p.m. Fireworks are scheduled over Broad Creek at 9:30 p.m. Rain date is Tuesday. Free shuttle 5 to 11 p.m. at the Hargray building on U.S. 278 (on the south end), and at Chaplin Park on Singleton Beach Road. Skull Creek fireworks and more The Skull Creek Boathouse, Hudson’s Seafood House and the entire Skull Creek community’s celebration includes live outdoor music by Charleston’s country/Southern rock band Bootless. Music begins at 7, fireworks beginning at 9:30. Outside food, drinks, free shuttle to the festivities.1 Hudson Road, Hilton Head Island, (843) 681-2772 ext 100, www.hudsonsonthedocks. com 4th of July Celebration & Parade, Harbour Town, Hilton Head Island.Wake up, decorate your bicycle or wagon, and walk in the annual Harbour Town Fourth of July parade. Decorating begins at 8:30 a.m. at the parking lot near the Harbour Town Lighthouse. Live entertainment 6-11 pm. Fireworks are set for 9:15 p.m. Free shuttle service. (843) 842-1979, www.

Firecracker Run Pound the pavement before you load up your plate at the Hilton Head Firecracker Run. The event is at 8 a.m. July 4 at Shelter Cove Community Park, 39 Shelter Cove, The largest and oldest road race in Beaufort County. The entry fee is $30 for adults and $25 for children (12 and under). contact Bear Foot Sports via or call 843-757- 8520. One Island. One Community. One Hilton Head. Central Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church and Grace Community Church will host a free community picnic at 11 a.m. July 4 at 70 Honey Horn Drive, Hilton Head Island. Second annual One Island. One Community. Bounce houses, slides and music from The Headliners, Yasmine Ariana, the Hilton Head Christian Academy Jazz Ensemble.For more information, Every Saturday through October: Learn to Fish and Crab 4:00-6:00 pm. Free to the public. All supplies provided, weather permitting. Members of Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church will offer guidance. Location: Rowing and Sailing Center, Gumtree Road, Hilton Head Island SC 29928 July1-July 29: The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina presents “Saturday Night Fever” at 8 p.m. Hustle back to the 70s with music and lyrics by the legendary Bee Gees for this story about 19-year-old Brooklyn ladies’ man, Tony Manero. 14 Shelter Cove Ln. For tickets, call (843) 842-2787 or visit July 19 -December: Gullah Heritage trailTours through ten native neighborhoods established during the Civil War. Tours are Tues- Sat at 10 am & 2 pm. Sunday at noon. Departing from the Coastal Discovery Museum. 70 Honey Horn Dr. 843-681-7066 or 12 Jewels of Life Summer Lunch Program: Weekdays 12-3:00 Free Summer lunch for the kids in the community and surrounding areas. Mentoring is always important to us because knowledge, friendship, understanding and structure can help our yourth and young adults build cofidence they need to succeed, and empower young people. Call 843-295-3636

Savannah July 4: 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION IN SAVANNAH Celebrate American patriotism on River Street Fourth of July Celebration. Come early to watch the fireworks display and enjoy live entertainment on the Rousakis Plaza Arbor Stage on River Street. Fireworks typically begin at 9:30 p.m.

July 6, 10:00 PM FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH FIREWORKS ON RIVER STREET Music, food booths, artists. Open to the public every month. For more information call The Savannah Waterfront Association at 912-234-0295. July 6, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH ART MARCH Discover local art, music, food and culture from all over Georgia’s first city .Take the free art march trolley to different galleries through the Victorian and Starland districts. July 6, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH OYSTER ROAST Westin Hotel, Savanah Harbor (912) 201-2000 Take the free ferry from River Street. Guests will delight in specialty cocktails, oysters, low country boil & barbecue. For more information call 1-912-2012000. July 7,14,21,28 Every Saturday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM FARMERS’ MARKET-Forsyth Park, Rain or shine. Located at the end of Forsyth park in Historic Downtown Savannah. The market offers a variety of local goods, seasonal produce, eggs, honey and much more.

Beaufort July 4: Fireworks and Celebration at the Sands of Port Royal. Event begins at 5 pm. Food booths, refreshments, vendors, entertainment, face painting, water slide, bounce houses and more. No coolers or pets allowed. Free Parking at the sands along city streets. July 28-31: USCB Residential Soccer Camp. For serious high school female athletes. Spaces are limited. Register by July 15th at July13-22: 63 Annual Beaufort Water Festival! A ten day event which includes music, food, crafts and art, the blessing of the fleet, and many events. 12 noon-12 pm. No coolers. Every Saturday, Port Royal Farmer’s Market Heritage Park by the Naval Hospital 9 AM - Noon

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A Shingle Home on Lady Slipper Island Reflecting a Respect for Nature By: Randolph Stewart Photo Credits: Jason Adams The Lowcountry has an abundance of history and natural beauty. There is no better example than on a small salt marsh island, shaped like a lady’s shoe, several miles inland from the Atlantic within the private Belfair Community, in the Bluffton, S.C. Township. For hundreds of years, Indians paddled to it to walk across the marsh to the mainland to hunt. The French, Spanish, and English Colonists certainly rowed by or camped for safe haven. Confederate and Northern troops knew the Island, as well as oystermen and fishermen who passed by. With its expansive views of coastal marshes, the Colleton River and saltwater estuaries, Lady Slipper Island is indeed a very special place. The island’s sensitive ecology with wetlands on all sides, and the developers strong desire to have the homes connected with the environment were primary design determinates that the style of the homes should feel as if they have long been there, and that the materials and colors should reflect a respect for nature. 40 #blufftoncom

The “Shingle Style” first emerged in the 1870’s. At the turn of century this uniquely American style reached its highest expression in seaside resorts of the northeastern states. Shingle architecture is an adaptation of other styles: Colonial Revival, with elaborate front doors, decorative crown pediments, fanlights, and sidelights, symmetrical windows, and columned porches - Victorian, where it borrowed wide porches, heavily textured surfaces, and asymmetrical forms - Richardsonian Romanesque where it borrows an emphasis on masculine proportions with irregular, sculpted shapes, arches, and heavy rustic lower stories. The “Shingle Style” is an unusually free-form of architecture with variable style. One reason for popularity is that it remained primarily a “high-fashion” form for the American affluent who wanted unique seaside vacation cottages. Unlike the formal and restrictive urban counterparts, the “Shingle House” was light and airy and was able to allow the owners to relax and enjoy the wonderful climate and vistas on the coast. As a result, the Shingle Style was the first to develop a

“Great Room” plan which allowed for casual entertaining and open unrestricted views, that has not changed. Historically, it is interesting to note that this century’s most prominent architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, was greatly influenced by the style early in his career. Wright built his own house, set upon a brick terrace, with a gabled roof, and unique window arrangements. This demonstrated that Wright, at the beginning of his career, was thus seeking direct inspiration and developed “Shingle Style”. The homes on Lady Slipper Island, and the inhabitants who live in the homes are married to the site. It was Belfair’s hope to capture the emotion and symbolism of Southern Architecture while exercising sound contemporary shingle construction, planning and environmental principles. I was honored to be asked to create a land plan and architectural guidelines for the island, earlier in my career, that is now manifested as one of the truly unique and special places in the Low Country. These photos are taken of the most unique home on Lady Slipper. Located on the very tip of the island, you are surrounded by water and dramatic natural panoramic views. The structure rises out of an arched tabby foundation with louvered underpinning. The exterior wall mass is expressed as shingle sheathing upon a light wood frame. It is common to have shingled walls without interruption at the corners.

The important identifying feature of the home is the freedom of design and the irregular shape. The cross gables, bays, turrets, ornamented gabled dormers, and the voids of the piazzas. The Shingled surface of the house, as a whole, is richly expressive. It is the type of material that is friendly to the eye and allows the mass of the house to stretch out, easy and horizontal, coherent and assured. The home establishes with the form, connection to the surrounding landscape and appears as if it grew out of the earth. The porches are on all sides and allows for all major rooms to have multi-directional views, as well as great cross ventilation for natural cooling. The extensive use of deep porches and piazzas shade the glass and catch the breezes. The porches also form a functional and emotional link between inside and out, adding privacy while effectively blurring the line between the natural and built environment. Recently my long-time friend, Johhny Ussery of Ussery Group and Charter 1 Real Estate, asked me to view and write a feature on the crown jewel of Lady Slipper. Little did he know that over a decade ago I assisted Gerry Cowart, with Cowart Group Architects, whom I consider one of my mentors, in the design, and oversight of the construction and detailing, and execution of the interiors. Let’s take a tour, shall we!

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As you walk up the steps to the front piazza you rise above the vegetation and glance across the tidal marsh to the golf course beyond. Take in the texture of the shingle and the exterior details that abound.

Upon entering the front door you hesitate to view the Dining Room with a magnificent painted mural depicting the marsh and native wildlife, both on land and in the air. Immediately across the large foyer you enjoy the views thru a wall of pilastered windows with transoms thru a porch that runs from west to east, to the wide Colleton River beyond. A mix of French and English furniture invites you to lounge in this gracious Great Room, complete with paneled walls, a coffered ceiling, and bridge above that takes you over the space to the bedrooms on the second floor. Note the laid in place tabby facade fireplace as a functional focal point.

With multiple views thru trees to the river and marshes beyond the Family Room supports hand hewn cathedral beams with steel plate brackets. The large stone fireplace and comfortable furnishings invite you to relax from sunrise to sunset.

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The spacious gourmet kitchen, features a oversized angled counter that bends as the house bends. This provides expansive 180 degree views from multiple angles. The cabinets vary in material and color, and all is centered with the stove alcove that is surrounded by large embedded hand-hewn beams.

Imagine relaxing on the large bayed porch complete with fireplace for those fall evenings, and spectacular four sided views. One feels like you are surrounded by nature and water. Truly there is no other place like this!

At the tip of the Island is a wide bay porch with fireplace, entertaining, outdoor cooking, dining and lounging furnishings. Like the bow of the ship breaking thru the sea, the porch is surrounded by water and natural views. Follow the tide to Port Royal and back out to the Ocean, much like the Indians and early explorers did. The Oysterman’s bateaux is an important nostalgic reminder of the past‌.and they are still used to this day.

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No Playing Around... Fireworks Do’s and Don’ts By: Kimberly Blaker

According to the results of a Special Study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for the year 2015, fireworks related injuries are on the rise. This is despite consumer education about the dangers. In 2015 alone, there were 11,900 injuries involving fireworks treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms. Eight thousand of these occurred in the 1-month period surrounding the 4th of July. In addition, there were 11 fatalities. Boys had a somewhat higher rate of injuries than girls, 61% to 39% respectively. The groups with the highest rate of emergency room treated injuries aged 15 to 19. This was followed by 5 to 9-year-olds. Still, children in other age groups suffer a fair share of injuries each year as well. Adults over 25 constitute 46% of fireworks related injuries. The Alliance to Stop Consumer Fireworks, coordinated by the National Fire Protection Association urges the public to play it safe and forego the use of fireworks and instead enjoy fireworks displays conducted by trained professionals. This seems like sound advice. Still, it isn’t a recommendation everyone will abide by. So keep in mind the following fireworks dos and don’ts recommended by such organizations as The National Council on Fireworks Safety,, and the National Safety Council: • Abide by local laws regarding fireworks

• Don’t use homemade fireworks.

• Read all information that comes with the fireworks before igniting them. If none is available, research online.

• Wear safety glasses when shooting them off.

• Don’t allow young children to handle fireworks. Sparklers heat up to 2,000 degrees and are responsible for serious injuries every year. • Always closely supervise older children using fireworks. • Have a hose or bucket of water nearby in case of fire or to fully extinguish fireworks that don’t go off. • Never try to re-light a firework that doesn’t work. Wait 20 minutes then soak it in a bucket a water. • Never shoot them out of glass or metal containers.

• Don’t carry fireworks in your pocket. • Never aim fireworks at another person or animal. • Light them one at a time and then move away quickly. • Don’t drink or use drugs prior to or while igniting fireworks. • Let off fireworks only in clear areas away from buildings and vehicles. • Keep fireworks stored in a cool place. • Keep pets and animals away from the sound of the fireworks.

Fireworks Dos and Don’ts - No Pranks Finally, camera phones and the popularity of social media has encouraged fireworks pranks. Kids, and even sometimes adults, think they can safely prank a friend or family member by igniting a firework in close proximity. The risk of injury is high with pranks. Make sure children and teens understand the danger these pranks pose and that pranks should not be attempted under any circumstances.

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