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April 7th

The 1903 Incorporation of Bluffton


APRIL 2018



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APRIL 2018


Notes From The Editor I have to say that publishing a magazine is somewhat scary. I’ve always said it must be like having a baby…but it comes every month! What articles and mix of editorial would people like to read? How to prepare the InDesign file graphically with wonderful photographs that tell the story. Proofing the articles (and I’m the first to say that is not my specialty), making sure we have great ads for our advertisers, proofing the ads, decide on the layout, distributing to almost 100 locations in Beaufort County. Whew…and then it begins again. Well, April is no exception, and do we have some great stuff for you. It is a privilege for us to present Part I The History of the 1903 Incorporation of Bluffton by John Samuel Graves, III. Facts that I never knew are being published for the first time. This story had been lost in history and thanks to Mr. Graves it is known again We have a young lady that is an accomplished and dedicated writer that agreed to write something that is an important part of her life…meditation. Michele Roldan Shaw opens her inner thoughts and gives insight into overcoming anger, depression, being happy, and enjoying life. She dismisses myths while showing how religion and meditation is not in conflict, as it is a personal choice. We hope you enjoy reading Kimberly Blaker’s informative and interesting piece on 19 Ways To Make Money While Being a Mommy. There has to be a few ladies out there that will start thinking about what Kimberly has to say. Daly did it again! Spring is in the air and sitting on the dock of the May singing to the one you love has to have the right tune...and Jevon gives you a few suggestions. Now if you are anything like me you will get hungry looking the pictures of the food in our Taste of Bluffton feature. The Greater Chamber of Bluffton even has continued to grow…just like my waste line, and is now one of the Towns major events and one not to miss. Let’s give a shout out to Tammy O’Cain, our new Director of Sales. She loves to meet new people and our advertisers are in for a treat when they meet her. I am also pleased to introduce Alec Bishop, our Photography Editor who deserves tons of credit for the wonder graphics you will see in this issue. We try to make each month better than the last, and this month is no exception. We need to hear from you …and so do our advertisers…as The Breeze is your magazine! Let us know what you are thinking. We may not be the biggest magazine around…but we certainly are the best! Enjoy!


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APRIL 2018

The Breeze


Page 8

April 7th

The 1903 Incorporation of Bluffton



APRIL 2018


COVER: An Easter Sunday Purple Iris The Breeze

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The Breeze

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Bluffton’s Fateful Election of April 1, 1903 Part I of the story of the incorporation of Bluffton by J oh n S a m uel G ra ve s , III


ruth is stranger than fiction” as the saying goes. Who could have imagined that George Sewell Guilford, a Union soldier from Maine stationed on Hilton Head Island during the Civil War, would fall in love with the South Carolina Lowcountry? That he would move to Bluffton with his wife and eight children in 1887 after a career in the U. S. Navy? That he would spearhead the incorporation of Bluffton in 1903 and become its first mayor? (The early mayors were actually called Intendants in those days.) George Sewell Guilford

T h i s two part article will (My great grandfather) examine s o m e of the events that led up to the election to incorporate Bluffton on April 1, 1903. That incorporation still stands today even though it has been amended since. Looking into some past lives in my father’s family I discovered that my two great grandfathers, George Sewell Guilford (the Yankee from Maine) and Andrew Asbury Graves (uncle to Representative James Wilton Graves), and my grandfather, John Samuel Graves, Sr., all played pivotal roles in getting Bluffton incorporated in 1903. The roles these men played will become clearer as our story unfolds, but first, a short history of South Carolina’s Constitutions and the social and political forces behind them is in order. (1846-1917)

Confederate Warship CSS Shenandoah, surrendered in

Liverpool, England in 1865.

Constitution and the laws that followed it. Although revised and amended many times since, the 1895 Constitution is still the current Constitution of South Carolina. South Carolina seceded from the Union on December 20, 1860. It was admitted into the Confederate States of America on February 4, 1861 and rewrote its Constitution that same year. The America Civil War began on April 12, 1861, with the shelling of Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay.

“Truth is stranger than fiction”

South Carolina adopted its first state constitution on March 26, 1776. Since then, it has had six more: 1778, 1790, 1861, 1865, 1868, and 1895. The major constitutions were adopted at critical turning points in the state’s history: in 1790 after the state entered the federal union; in 1868 during the Reconstruction after the Civil War, and in 1895 after general economic, social and political distress following the war and the Reconstruction period. The 1895 Constitution was an attempt to aggressively address many of the perceived problems created by the 1868 8

After four long years of terrible sacrifice and devastation the Civil War essentially ended on April 9, 1865, with General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox. However, there were many additional, less important, surrenders after that. In fact, many Confederate units never surrendered.

The last official Confederate surrender occurred in Liverpool, England on November 6, 1865, with the surrender of the Confederate Warship CSS Shenandoah to the Captain of HMS Donegal, a British Naval ship. My great grandmother to be, and future wife of George Guilford, Jane Hore, was then living in Liverpool as a nine year old girl. G e o r Guilford served in Civil War

g e had the as a

Jane Guilford (1856-1938)

(My great grandmother)

regular Union Army soldier. After the War he was mustered out of the Army and then enlisted in the U. S. Navy. As a sailor he made frequent trips back and forth across the Atlantic, often stopping at the English port of Liverpool. It was there while on shore leave that he met Jane Hore. It is probable that George was introduced to Jane by her brother while George’s ship was in Liverpool for repairs and maintenance. Jane and George married in Liverpool on February 3, 1872 at St. Peter’s Anglican Church. That church today is famous for being the place where John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time. Eleanor Rigby, the subject of one of the Beatles’ greatest songs, is buried in the Church yard. South Carolina faced many economic and social problems after the collapse of the Confederacy. Its major cities, Charleston and Columbia, had been burned to the ground (much of Bluffton had also been burned). Agriculture was revolutionized from slave to free labor. The Freedman’s Bureau reallocated coastal lands and islands occupied by federal troops from 1861 to freedmen. Federal tax policies provided other land for redistribution to freedmen. The transition from a Confederate State back to a State in the Union was tedious and confusing. The process was plagued with uncertainties and controversies, and often presented formidable hurdles. Andrew Asbury Graves

After the (My great grandfather) war ended the returning states were required to rewrite their constitutions and laws to accommodate the 13th Amendment, the abolition of slavery, which had been passed before the war ended. Additionally, the Federal Government passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which insured that all persons born in the United States were citizens and were to be given full and equal benefit of all laws. This act was aimed specifically at protecting the rights of the newly freed slaves. Many in the U. S. Congress worried that as the south regained some of its powers, attempts would be made to rescind the act in future administrations, so they proceeded to develop the complicated and controversial 14th Amendment to insure broad protections for the essentials of the 1866 Civil Rights Act. That same amendment and act were later central to the civil rights’ movement of the 1960’s. The First Reconstruction Act of March 2, 1867, split the ex-Confederate states into five military districts, each under the control of a Northern General whose responsibility it was to protect life and property. (North and South Carolina made up the 2nd district). Military courts governed the state. The Act also demanded the need for new state delegates and constitutions, the ratification of the 14th Amendment, and the

provisions of equal rights for each citizen. No state that had been part of the Confederacy would be allowed to rejoin John Samuel Graves, Sr. the Union (1879-1963) unless they ratified a n d (My grandfather) incorporated the 14th Amendment into their new state constitutions. The Second Reconstruction Act quickly followed on March 23, 1867. It supplemented the First Reconstruction Act by establishing and clarifying that the military commanders held responsibility to register voters and hold elections in their territories. The Second Act also required that every voter recite the registration oath promising their support to the constitution and their obedience to the law. Southern office holders who had entered their post before the civil war were specifically disenfranchised and stripped of their office. The Second Reconstruction Act also made it easier for the Constitutional Conventions to ratify the new constitutions by a simple majority of votes cast at the convention, thereby bypassing much of the wishes and protests of ex-Confederates. These Reconstruction Acts, even though they were often weakly enforced and underfunded, provided far reaching controls by the Federal government on the direction of reconstruction and had significant impact on the returning states. The Civil Rights Act of 1866, the 14th Amendment, and the two Reconstruction Acts triggered the major re-write of the South Carolina Constitution of 1868 which was ratified on March 17, 1868. South Carolina was readmitted to the Union on July 8, 1868, but did not fully achieve local rule until November 28, 1876. The political history of South Carolina between the 1868 Constitution and the 1895 Constitution was tumultuous. Following the end of the Civil War and all during the Reconstruction Period (1865-1877) Republicans dominated state government. Laws passed during that time were often punitive towards anyone who had participated in the Rebellion. Conflicts between Republicans and those who wished to reverse many of the outcomes of the 1868 Constitution were common. However, in 1876 the Democrats, the opposition party, fully regained control of the state legislature and the governor’s office. In

The political history of South Carolina between the 1868 Constitution and the 1895 Constitution was tumultuous.

The Breeze

APRIL 2018


towns. The new law, Chapter XLIX, Article I, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1902, stated that towns or municipalities seeking incorporation not have less than 100 but not more than 1000 citizens, not have corporate limits greater than one mile from the center, that citizens interested in incorporating their municipality would have to file a petition with the South Carolina Secretary of State setting out the proposed town limits, the name of the town, the number of inhabitants, and that they desired to incorporate. Three petitioners had to apply to and be approved by the Secretary of State.

1895 the Democrat-dominated state legislature passed a new constitution that effectively made voter registration and voting much more difficult. The literacy requirements were particularly stringent. Many constituents were essentially excluded from the political system, thereby returning political power to those who had felt disenfranchised by the implementation of the 1868 Constitution.

Why was Bluffton incorporated in 1903? Perhaps some informed guesses are in order. Many of the records of Beaufort County had been destroyed in the Civil War. The War had wrought The three petitioners were unimaginable sacrifice and George Sewell Guilford (my devastation. The years following great grandfather), John Samuel the war were tumultuous Graves (my grandfather) and politically and socially. Most Signature page of Petition to Incorporate R. W. Fischer. The Petition to South Carolinians had been Incorporate specified that the town of through many years of economic hardship and uncertainty. There was a tremendous backlash against much that Bluffton be measured at one half mile north, south, east and west from had been done during the Reconstruction Period. Many felt that the then current location of the post office to form one square mile. control over local politics had been lost. The Constitution of 1895, and Oddly, the exact location of the Post Office in 1903 was not indicated new or revised state laws that followed it, attempted to right many of in the Petition to Incorporate! Nevertheless, the signatures of the three Petitioners were on the petition when George Guilford personally the perceived wrongs of that era. delivered it to the State Treasury Office in Columbia on March 26, Section 29 of Article I (Declaration of Rights) of the 1895 Constitution 1903. After paying the $10 filing fee he received his commission to specifically stated that “the provisions of this Constitution shall be proceed with the incorporation election for the town of Bluffton. taken, deemed and construed to be mandatory and prohibitory, and not merely directory...” Also, Section 5 of Article VI ( Jurisprudence) calls for the General Assembly to appoint “a Commissioner, whose duty it shall be to collect and revise all the General Statute law of this State.” The requirements for things like Municipal Incorporation were very explicit. Even if a town had been incorporated in the past, it is certain that they were not incorporated using the prescriptions in the 1895 Constitution. In 1902 the South Carolina Legislature clarified an 1896 law that had been written after the new Constitution of 1895 had been ratified covering the Municipal Corporations of 10

The 1902 law also required that ten freehold electors witness and validate the results of the upcoming election. George Guilford was one and his son, Marcus Lee Guilford, was another. Others that might be recognized today were William J. Fripp, Richard W. Bailey, and Charlie Ulmer.

George S. Guilford’s receipt for his $10 filing fee for the Petition to Incorporate Bluffton on March 26, 1903.

The Petition to Incorporate required that three Managers of the Election be appointed to screen and register all qualified voters in the precinct of Bluffton and to hold an election to determine (1) if the voters wanted to incorporate, (2) what

were the town limits going to be, (3) what was the official name of the town going to be, and (4) who were going to be its new elected officials. Those election managers had to be land owners in Bluffton. The managers had to hold the election and report the election results to the Secretary of State. The three appointed Managers of the Election were Andrew Asbury Graves (my great grandfather on the Graves side), William J. Fripp and A. Fisher.

The fateful election took place on April 1, 1903.

The fateful election took place on April 1, 1903. The population of Bluffton at that time was estimated to be about 350 people. The number of qualified, registered voters that actually voted was only 34. All 34 voted in favor of incorporating Bluffton and of naming the town Bluffton. George Sewell Guilford was unanimously elected to be Bluffton’s first Intendant (mayor). Four others were unanimously elected as the first Wardens: W. J. Fripp, R. W. Bailey, N. H. Crosby and A. Fischer. George Sewell Guilford served for eleven one year terms as Intendant. He died on January 16, 1917 while still in office. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

The Author of this article, John Samuel Graves, III, raised in Bluffton and now lives in Arkansas. He has degrees in English and Music Composition & Theory. By writing this article he has brought lost Bluffton history alive again. Part 2 of the Incorporation of Bluffton will be featured in May. We thank him. Between 1830 and 1860 the Kirk and Pope families owned most of the land now know as Bluffton. Bluffton was called “Kirks Bluff” up until the 1840’s when the town had a mass meeting to change the name. The Kirk and Pope families both wanted the town named after them, so they compromised on “Bluffton.” The first reference to “Bluffton” was in 1843 in an ad for a boat service to Bluffton. The town was chartered in 1853. The Breeze

APRIL 2018



OLD TOWN You don’t want to miss historic Bluffton near the May River for some of the most unique shopping and dining in our area. It’s all blended with colorful and creative art galleries, history up and down local streets, and dining for lunch and dinner in charming settings. The Bluffton Old Town Merchants Society



visitors to come and spend an afternoon or a day discovering historic Bluffton.

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APRIL 2018




BAG ------BAN ------A Ban on Bans on Bans… and so on I was having a craving….Donuts. I pulled into the nearest grocery store, b-lined straight to the bakery, and received my treats in a wax coated paper bag.  At the register, the attendant put my bag in another bag…a single use plastic bag.  When I refused the unnecessary plastic bag, he seemed offended.  The next 14

comment made the new experience even a bit more confusing, “But what will you do with your trash?” Immediately a trash can came to mind, which is most likely already lined with plastic.  This mentality represents benign disregard for consumption…Waste.  Efforts to recycle the single use plastic bag have been unsuccessful as it is not cost effective.

GRANDFATHERED IN On February 7, 2018 the House of Representatives voted in favor of H. 3529 –the so-call

“ban on bans” bill. This bill violates Home Rule. Home Rule, established in South Carolina in 1976, allows local governments to enact ordinances tailored to their own communities. Beaufort County’s coastal environmental issues are far different from those in Columbia, SC –as a result, those communities may have very different priorities. Home rule allows communities to craft creative solutions to the most pressing problems they see every day. Unfortunately, the House of Representatives’  vote in favor of H. 3529 is the first step toward taking this privilege away.  This effort to overrule community

ordinances exhibits a disregard for valuable local knowledge and results in diminished local authority. The bill moved to the Senate Regulatory and Local Government Subcommittee on March 7, 2018.  The meeting was standing room only with environmental representatives from the SC Aquarium, Coastal Conservation League, the Charleston and Congaree Riverkeepers, and concerned citizens.  On the other side of the debate, concerns were voiced for the inconvenience and possible extra cost to business owners if single use plastic bags were subject to the ban. The subcommittee voted to carry over the bill and will hear additional testimony and take a vote on March 15. Fortunately, Beaufort County’s bag ban will stand, regardless of the outcome in the Senate. Beaufort County passed a ban on single use plastic bags on January 22, 2018.  All municipalities and counties that passed a ban before January 31, 2018 will be grandfathered in. This includes the bans passed in Beaufort County, the City of Beaufort, Bluffton, Hilton Head Island and Port Royal will all stand. The bigger issue is related to future local ordinances that could be voted down by state representatives from inland communities, far from the coast.  



Beaufort County businesses have 8 months to ease into the transition. While they are preparing for the change, you must also prepare.  Find a spot in your trunk for reusable grocery bags and challenge yourself to start now.  After you have forgotten them a few times and made yourself walk back to your car to retrieve them, you will find that you start to remember.  Pretty soon, you are happy to be using them because you can fit more into one bag, and unloading the groceries at home will go quicker. That wad of plastic will not fill your trash can prematurely and you can feel good about keeping it out of a landfill or, in some cases, the waterway.  If you agree, encourage your neighbor.  When you see another person making an effort to bring their own bags, give them a gesture of appreciation.

Reasons for banning the single use plastic bag range from trash blockages in sewer lines to environmental concerns relating to ingestion of plastics by marine life. The first country to ban the single use plastic bag was Bangladesh in 2002, due to sewage and drainage issues.  Countries such as China (2008), India (2002), France (2016), Italy (2011) and Kenya (2017) have implemented the ban nationwide.  Municipalities in

There are so many of them out there, so if you are a plastic bag enthusiast, don’t fret. You are allowed to bring your single use plastic bags that you have been stuffing under the sink with you to the grocery store.  However, I don’t recommend this unless you like that sort of attention!

Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, Texas, and Washington have passed the ban, but California is the only US state that has banned the single use plastic bag entirely, in all municipalities. South Carolina has 6 municipalities (2017 – 2018)

When you see another person making an effort to bring their own bags, give them a gesture of appreciation.

The Breeze

APRIL 2018


South Carolina has 6 municipalities (2017 – 2018) that have introduced the ban with others attempting to follow. that have introduced the ban with others attempting to follow.  It’s not a novel idea.  I am proud that we are moving toward the common goal of a cleaner environment and a safer habitat for our wildlife…Proud to be a progressive Beaufort County resident!  Special thanks to the Coastal Conservation League for guidance.

credit: Wikipedia

Green is Good = Ban on Single use Plastic Bags *Other colors represent fees for plastic bag use or some other mitigation…Moving in the right direction.



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By Michele Roldán-Shaw

o say meditation changed my life would be a massive on a quest for answers that ultimately understatement. It shook the led to meditation and publication of very foundations of what I understood his book 10% Happier. I like this title. life to be. Questions on the nature of Because although I believe in meditation existence that had puzzled or troubled with all my heart, it’s not a magic wand me since childhood got answered with bestowing instant total redemption—it’s a clarity I never dreamed possible; or curiosity, that led me to meditation. But something we work on a little at a time. perhaps it would be more accurate to before I tell you my story, let’s look at say the questions themselves simply how the modern world views this ancient Gone are the days when people faded away into the context of a teaching misunderstood meditation as something practice. that made sense, and so naturally that for hippies, freaks, foreigners and devilit seemed I had known these things all Meditation is trending. Oprah, Madonna, worshippers! Meditation is not a religion, along. Within the first year of meditating Dr. Oz, Clint Eastwood, Tina Turner, much less dark arts or magic; it’s pure I felt increased energy, kindness, Richard Gere, Lindsey Lohan and Kobe science of mind and matter. Businessmen calmness, patience, humility, cheerfulness Bryant are just a few recognizable names meditate! Mothers meditate, models and sound judgment, to say nothing among the untold numbers of Americans meditate, athletes meditate. Meditation of more trivial qualities like suddenly who claim daily practice helps them programs have been taken into schools, always being on time where earlier I had immensely. The CEO of Twitter recently prisons, corporations and the military constantly run late. Plus I quit drinking. attended a retreat of the same type I do, with equally fantastic results. Oprah Above all, meditation removed the Vipassana Meditation; inside sources sponsored meditation instruction for existential despair that had haunted me say at the end he dropped a half-million her employees, resulting in higher for as long as I could remember, performance and better human because it gave me a concrete relations. I recently saw a CNN path of personal development To say meditation changed my life news clip about a grade school to work on for the rest of my would be a massive understatement. in Baltimore where meditation days. It has done what any has been substituted for It shook the very foundations of what I good spiritual framework must detention; rather than understood life to be. do—give meaning and purpose suspending kids and turning to life—while at the same time them out into the mean streets helping me in an abundance of they came from, teachers send them to everyday down-to-earth ways. to the donation-only center. I guess he a quiet safe room full of pillows where found it as awesome as I do. After ABC they can get their heads together and Yet I never set out looking for any of this! news anchor Dan Harris famously had a remember how to act right. What struck It was a chance meeting with a stranger panic attack on live television, he went me most about the clip were the looks of on the train, combined with a journalist’s


utter dead-seriousness on their little faces, eyes closed and heads slightly cocked, absorbed completely in a world of their own. It’s the same look I see come over my “Little Dragon” kung fu students when I have them do a simple breath observation that we call “Meditation Turtle.” It never fails to amaze me how with no prior experience and only the most basic instruction, the kids all seem to be naturals—the wilder they are, the more deeply they go within, and the more suddenly they transform. They know what they need. Sometimes I catch them doing Meditation Turtle on their own. Imagine if we were all taught as children how to calm ourselves down! How to return at will to a peaceful place. How many conflicts would be spared, how many accidents avoided? How many dirty deeds would never get done because people can actually hear the voice of wisdom inside themselves, the one so often drowned out by shouts of anger, pain and greed? And where the tragedies of life are inevitable, how much more quickly would broken hearts mend? Meditation is a return to common sense. It’s a cultivation of goodness and strength. What cardio and weights do for the body, meditation does for the mind, making it healthy and sound. No matter who you are, what religion or creed, meditation can help you become a better person just like eating right and getting rest are other common factors to human well-being. It’s that simple. But then again, it’s not that simple…there are so many styles of meditation out there! Zen, Transcendentalism, Mindfulness, Yoga, whatever the Dalai Lama does that makes him so smiley. I don’t claim to be an expert as I have only done Vipassana; but what I do know is that once you find a technique that works for you, stick with it! Get instruction from a reliable source, then set up a daily routine, whether ten minutes on your lunch break or multiple hours each morning and evening. The one true criteria of any meditation practice is that it should benefit your daily life—if it only pays off after you reach some promised land of bliss, that’s not good enough.

It needs to help you in the here-and-now, because life on Earth ain’t easy. But what is meditation? Simply put, it’s a mental training program. Many practices aim at calming and stilling the mind, which brings a sense of inner tranquility that is both pleasant while it’s being experienced, and helpful later when facing the problems of our outward lives because it affords us the mental space to see new angles and solutions. There are many

approaches to this process; some techniques use mantras, others visualizations, others the breath. But in every case the idea is to practice fixing one’s attention on a single object rather than allowing it to scatter in every direction at once. The most common experience of new meditators is frustration because they can’t stay focused on what they are supposed to; their minds wander relentlessly like a radio stuck on scan. This does not mean they’re doing it wrong! The exercise of calmly and patiently returning to the object of meditation as many times as necessary brings benefits unto itself—namely calmness and patience. It bears fruit in daily life. Something frustrating happens, and our initial freak-out is curbed quickly; we return automatically to calmness, focus and patient effort because that is what we have been training

But what is meditation? Simply put, it’s a mental training program.

The Breeze

APRIL 2018


ourselves to do. I have experienced it, but it took years and hundreds of hours of practice to really see it pay off. Meditation masters are said to be able to enter sublime, extremely refined mind-states that are difficult for us to imagine. But as modern science acknowledges, we only use a very small portion of what the human mind is capable of, so it is not hard to believe that things outside our realm of experience are totally possible. Some forms of meditation involve systematic cultivation of exalted mind-states such as loving-kindness. One practices generating a feeling of gentle benevolence inside, and a wholesome wish for happiness and well-being; this is directed first toward oneself, then in an everwidening circle to include dear ones, strangers, enemies, and finally the entire world. By contrast, Mindfulness Meditation is designed to keep one fully in the present moment, aware of everything happening outside but also of one’s own inner thoughts and feelings as they come and go. Mindfulness was piloted with the U.S. Marines for its applications of staying cool under fire, and studies found that those who participated in the program recovered more quickly from highstress situations, even if they were confused at first about why they were being asked to take a break from combat training to stare contemplatively at their boots and feel the touch of their feet on the floor.

depression, delusion etc., and even to remove their latent tendencies so that it becomes impossible for them to arise. The 2007 film Dhamma Brothers documents introduction of Vipassana to a group of inmates at a maximumsecurity prison in Alabama, and the personal transformation that occurs in these hardened criminals is truly moving. For some meditators the goal is enlightenment, for others it’s union with the divine, for still others it’s merely a break from their hectic lives! Many thousands of years of human experimentation have gone into creating a stunning diversity of techniques—one has only to pick a path and start walking. And now I will tell you my story. I was riding the SavannahMiami Amtrak line when a man boarded at Jesup, Georgia, and took the seat next to me. After seven hours of silence, I was so impressed by his cool demeanor that I asked how he could remain comfortable during long travel. He replied that he had just sat cross-legged ten hours a day for ten days straight, under a vow of silence with no contact to the outside world, at a meditation center in Jesup. It was free and non-sectarian, he explained, and the ancient technique you learned there was discovered by the Buddha. “Basically, it teaches you how to be happy all the time,” he said. Figuring I couldn’t go wrong with that, and eager to write about what I felt certain would be a crazy experience, I signed up that very

“Basically, it teaches you how to be happy all the time,” he said.

Vipassana, or insight meditation, works to purify the mind of harmful states like anger, greed, fear, worry, 20

evening. A few months later I sat my first course and the rest of my life began—I went in a skeptic, and came out a devoted meditator for keeps. But not because anyone preached to me! I felt no mystical bliss; I had no supernatural conversion experience; I did not suddenly gain faith in some unseen power that I never believed in before. What convinced me was the direct truth of my own personal experience, which was there to witness every time I sat down and closed my eyes. Vipassana means “the practice of seeing things as they really are.” One starts by observing the breath as a tool to calm and sharpen the mind; next one proceeds to methodically scan the entire body, experiencing every physical sensation while at the same time observing associated mental processes, and striving to maintain a state of objective detachment. It’s amazing the depth of understanding one gains by this

competing in martial arts tournaments. It kept me strong when taking care of a friend with terminal cancer, and when I put my dog down, and when I had to throw my worldly belongings in the back of my truck and find somewhere to stay. It allowed me to feel compassion rather than anger toward robbers who broke in one night. It got my head around the mental illness of a friend. It has helped me change things about myself I hated and never thought I could get right, but what I had that was good it made better. I have meditated while so sick with dysentery that I could barely sit up under the mosquito net, but also while wrapped in a warm blanket of comfort all happy with a full belly at my mom’s house on Christmas. Through every experience, my inner self is there. Things that happen are mere transient phenomena, as both the Buddha and the physicist avow—yet I must live in this world of phenomena with all its ups and downs! Meditation has softened blows, sweetened joys,

Something as old as humanity, yet as new as this moment…. simple technique, and how transformative it can be in daily life. This mind and body that we have carried with us since birth, how little we know about it! Considering it is our only way to experience anything, it makes sense that the quest for knowledge and spiritual awakening should start here. Through meditation one begins to fathom the truth within, and by extension the truth about the world at large becomes clearer as well. Since my first course in 2011, I have maintained a home practice of 2+ hours daily and returned for many more retreats, by which I have gained benefits without number. Vipassana has helped me deal with everything from illness, stress and financial hardship, to work, travel and personal relationships. It took away my fright when sleeping alone in the wilderness, and soothed my butterflies when giving lectures or

and soothed my shot nerves. It’s my rock to stand on where everything else is shifting sands. I can’t imagine my life now without it. The purpose of this article is not to convert or convince, but to share the benefit of my experience. If you feel an interest in meditation, try it out! If you already meditate, deepen your practice. If you are happy as you are, then I am happy for you. But if you feel that even 10% happier would be a good thing, there is something you can do that doesn’t rely on things outside your control, doesn’t harm others or cost a penny, doesn’t conflict with religious beliefs or take away from the rest of your life. Something free and good and open to all. Something as old as humanity, yet as new as this moment….

That something is meditation. The Breeze

APRIL 2018



The Breeze

APRIL 2018


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Destiny AKA



oday, 74.6 million women make up the American civilian labor force, according to a March 1, 2017, report in the U.S. Department of Labor Blog. Of particular note, 10 million businesses are now owned by women. Still, women are considerably underrepresented in top-level positions and salaries, points out Judith Warner in her 2015 article,”The Women’s Leadership Gap.” For this reason, more and more women are taking charge of their destiny. If you’ve considered working for yourself but don’t think you can start a business because of the initial cost and overhead, there’s good news. Here are 19 companies you can start from home, most requiring minimal to no investment to get started.

Wedding Planner. Does the idea

of helping couples with one of the most important and romantic days of their lives make your heart skip a beat? Wedding planners help couples with every aspect of their wedding and reception, from invitations and the wedding party’s attire to the cake, reception hall, and entertainment.





Event Planner. If you have excellent organizational and

time management skills and business acumen, this might be the perfect fit. Event planners coordinate every aspect of a


Consulting. What’s your area of expertise? Whatever it is, there are likely plenty of people or businesses that could use your advice. To get your brain churning, here are a few examples of consultant services to consider: financial, business, social media, legal, career, technology, human resources, and strategy, marketing, information technology, management, childbirth, interior decorating, and the list goes on.

meeting or convention, and sometimes social events as well. Planners arrange the location, catering, speakers, and printed materials for events, and more.




According to the real estate industry, well-staged homes sell faster and for more money. Yet, when it comes down to it, most people’s homes are anything but show-ready. If you like home decorating and rearranging furniture, this might be right up your alley. You can offer consulting services or do the staging yourself.

Pet Sitting. For animal lovers, this has become a particularly popular form of self-employment. With the rising cost of pet boarding and pet owners’ desire to reduce the stress their pets experience during the owners’ absences, many hire sitters and are willing to pay good money for the service.

Tour Company. Whether you live

in a big city, historical town, or scenic area with state parks and national monuments, there’s likely a need or demand for tour guides, which can be a lucrative business. You can provide either walking or driving tours to visitors and residents while sharing your knowledge of the area and sights with them.

Social Media Management.

If you’re savvy with social media, companies large and small are in need of your service. Social media management includes setting up social media accounts and writing ongoing interesting and shareable posts. You’ll also respond to social media messages and comments to build and maintain the company’s relationship with its followers.

Blogging. If you love writing and have the skill to write ongoing engaging posts, you’ll discover every type of business imaginable has or needs a blog. Just look for businesses related to your area of expertise. If you’re an expert researcher, that’s all the better, and the sky’s the limit. Content Writing. This is another high-demand writing job. Businesses of all kinds need well-written website content that describes their products and services as well as

Professional Organizer. Are you obsessed with keeping your cupboards, drawers, closets, and garage organized? If so, you might be surprised to learn that most people are not. Here’s where your organizational skills can earn you a living.

The Breeze

APRIL 2018


related content to increase targeted traffic. For most companies, search engine optimized (SEO) content is a must. So, if you have this skill, you already have the edge over many writers.

Travel Agency. Despite the ease

and cost-effectiveness of buying and scheduling travel online, there’s still a good demand for travel agents. Many people prefer using an agent because of the travel advice agents offer as well as for arranging

complicated travel plans. So if you love to travel and helping people, this might be just the right business for you.

Website Design. Have you built a website for yourself or someone in the past? If so and you have a knack for design along with excellent computer skills, this might be just the homebased career you’ve been waiting for. With Wordpress, in particular, website design is relatively simple yet offers designers unlimited options. Project Management. If you’re

an idea person with good management skills, this career is worth looking into. As a project manager, your role is to put together and lead teams through projects. You’ll also be in charge of creating project budgets and managing their costs, and ultimately, making most of the projects’ decisions.


Bookkeeping. Small businesses the challenges and time involved in often have only a few hours worth of accounting per week or month. So it isn’t feasible or necessary for them to hire an employee for the task. This is where you can step in and offer your services. Landing just a few business accounts could quickly provide you a full-time income working from home.

finding qualified applicants to fill highlevel positions, many companies now use recruiters to help fill the roles. With the current low unemployment rate, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to find qualified candidates on their own. So why not step in and help them?

Personal Trainer. If you’re a fitness Catering. Do you live for making buff and enjoy motivating others, this might be just the career for you. Personal t r a i n e r certification programs run between $400 to $1,000. Upon

delicious and eye-appealing food? If you’ve got excellent culinary skills, you can offer your catering services for wedding receptions, corporate events, graduation parties, bar mitzvahs, luncheons, anniversary parties, and a host of other occasions.

Life Coach. If you enjoy helping people better themselves, here’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of your skill. Depending on where you live, there

completion, you can either work as a personal trainer for a fitness corporation or independently.

Teaching Online Courses. Here’s a wide-open

opportunity because courses can be taught on just about anything. Do you have a passion for something? What are your areas of expertise, educational background, or special skills or talents? Chances are there’s something you’re great at and qualified to teach. Here are some ideas to consider: a hobby or craft, computer skills, photography, web design, writing, professional development, how to play an instrument, dog training, the list is endless.

Recruiting Agency. Because of

m a y be educational requirements for this career. So do your research. But if you’re good at setting goals and developing personal plans, solving problems, understanding people and what motivates them, and offering sound advice, this career is worth looking into. If you decide to start let The Breeze know and we will write a feature to help you get started. Good Luck!

The Breeze

APRIL 2018




1 Veal or Pork Shank per person. Roll shank in flour, chili pepper and cumin. Sear in a thick braising pan with canola oil. Rough cut carrots, celery and onions, and add, continue searing in the pan. Once browned, deglaze pan with wine. Add a can of tomato juice and water to almost cover shanks. Add fresh Rosemary, ground cumin, granulated garlic and 1 spoon of beef paste to taste. Cover tightly with Saran Wrap and Foil. Cook in a presheated oven at 350 for 3 hours or all day at 225. Remove and rest for and hour. This can be served with rice, rosotto, mash potatoes or pasta.

OYSTERS ROCKEFELLER 1 doz fresh shucked May River Oysters on the half shell (pour off liquid in the shell) Fresh grated Parmesan Cheese 2 cups fresh Baby Spinach – sautéed – drain the liquid off 8 strips of Bacon – cooked and crumbled 1 pkg of Knorr’s Hollandaise Sauce Pre-heat oven on Broil Put Half shell on baking pan with a bed of rock salt and put under broiler to warm the oysters for about 2 minutes. Not too close to broiler. Remove from oven and add a teaspoon of sautéed spinach to each oyster, then bacon crumbles to taste and lastly a tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese on top and return to broiler. Watch carefully till cheese starts to lightly brown on the edges and remove. Add a couple drops of fresh lemon juice on top and a ½ teaspoon of Hollandaise. Ready to serve and ENJOY!!! The Breeze

APRIL 2018


LONGHORN OUTLAW RIBEYE USDA Choice 18 Oz. Bone-In Ribeye, cooked over an open flame chargrill with Longhorn Char Seasoning. Prepare the open flame. Chargrill with a light coat of canola oil. Season Outlaw Ribeye coast to coast, both sides with Longhorn CharBroil Seasoning. Grill steak to appropriate temperature. Top with our Longhorn signature Lemon Butter Sauce. JOEDON BONEY - Managing Partner

JAMAICAN JERK CHICKEN 1 medium onion, coarsely chopped 3 medium scallions (green onions, chopped) 2 Scotch bonnet peppers, chopped 2 garlic cloves, chopped 1 tablespoon Red Stripes Spice powder 1 teaspoon fresh thyme, 1/2 cup soy sauce 1 tablespoon pimento, coursely ground 1 tablespoon vegatable oil two 3 1/2-4 lb. chickens cut in half Cover and refrig. overnight. Bring chichen to room temp. before proceeding and light up the grill. Grill the chicken over a medium-hot fire, turning occasionally, until well browned and cooked through. 35-40 min. (cover the grill for a smokier flavor) Transfer the chicken to serving dish. Drizzle with Red Stripes Signature Jerk Sauce or serve on the side. 30

STEAK FLORENTINE Hot Fire over oak coals! Marbled ribeye steak Secret Garlic Rub Salt & Pepper 6 min per side - Medium Rare Florentine Herb herb sauce

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Photo courtesy of May River Grill

RESTAURANT GUIDE May River Grill** 1263 May River Rd. (843) 757-5755

Toomers’ Bluffton Seafood House** 27 Dr. Mellichamp Dr. (843) 757-0380 The Village Pasta Shoppe** 10 B, Johnston Way (843) 540-2095 Andes Rotisserie 7 Johnston Way (843) 837-9909

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Cahill’s Chicken Kitchen 1055 May River Rd. (843) 757-2921

Calhoun’s 9 Promenade St. (843) 757-4334 Captain Woody’s 17 State Of Mind St. (843) 757-6222  Choo Choo BBQ Express 129 Burnt Church Rd. (843) 815-7675

Agave Side Bar 13 State Of Mind St. (843) 757-9190

Chow Daddy’s – Belfair 15 Towne Center Dr. (843) 757-2469

Alvin Ord’s of Bluffton 1230 A, May River Rd. (843) 757-1300

Claude & Uli’s Bistro 1533 Fording Island Rd. #302 (843) 837-3336

Amigos Cafe y Cantina 133 Towne Drive (843) 815-8226

Corks Wine Co. 14 Promenade St. #306 (843) 816-5168

Buffalo Wild Wings 1188 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-9453 Backwater Bill’s 202 Hampton Lake Crossing (843) 8836-7475

Corner Perk 1297 May River Rd. (843) 816-5674 The Cottage 38 Calhoun St. (843) 757-0508

Black Balsam & Blue 1534 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-2583

Dolce Vita 163 Bluffton Rd., Ste. F (843) 815-6900

Bluffton BBQ 11 State Of Mind St. (843) 757-7427

Downtown Deli 27 Dr. Mellichamp Dr. (843) 815-5005

The Bluffton Room 15 Promenade St. (843) 757-3525

Farm 1301 May River Rd. (843) 707-2041

The Brick Chicken 1011 Fording Island Rd. (843) 836-5040

Fat Patties 207 Bluffton Rd. (843) 815-6300

British Open Pub – Bluffton 1 Sherington Dr. #G (843) 815-6736

Fiesta Fresh Mexican Grill 876 Fording Island Rd., Ste. 1 (843) 706-7280

Buffalo’s at Palmetto Bluff 1 Village Park Square (843) 706-6630

Giuseppi’s Pizza & Pasta 25 Bluffton Rd., Ste. 601 (843) 815-9200

Grind Coffee Roasters 7 Simmonsville Rd. #600 (843) 422-7945 Hinchey’s Chicago Bar & Grill 104 Buckwalter Pl., Ste. 1A (843) 836-5959  HogsHead Kitchen • Wine Bar 1555 Fording Island Rd., Ste. D (843) 837-4647 Jim ’N Nick’s Bar-B-Q 872 Fording Island Rd. (843) 706-9741 The Juice Hive 14 Johnston Way (843) 757-2899  Katie O’Donald’s 1008 Fording Island Rd. #B (843) 815-5555 Kobe Japanese Restaurant 30 Plantation Park Dr., Ste. 208 (843) 757-6688 Local Pie Bluffton 15 State Of Mind St. (843) 837-7437 Longhorn Steakhouse 1262 Fording Island Rd., Tanger I (843) 705-7001 Mellow Mushroom 878 Fording Island Rd. (843) 706-0800

Mi Tierra 27 Mellichamp Dr., Unit 101 (843) 757-7200

Saigon Cafe 1304 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-1800

Mulberry Street Trattoria 1476 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-2426

Sigler’s Rotisserie & Seafood 12 Sheridan Park Circle (843) 815-5030

Okatie Ale House 25 William Pope Ct. (843) 706-2537

Sippin Cow 36 Promenade St. (843) 757-5051

Old Town Dispensary 15 Captains Cove (843) 837-1893 The Pearl Kitchen and Bar 55 Calhoun St. (843) 757-5511 Pour Richard’s 4376 Bluffton Pkwy. (843) 757-1999 (843) 837-1893 Red Fish Bluffton 32 Bruin Rd. (843) 837-8888 Red Stripes Caribbean Cuisine 8 Pin Oak St. (843) 757-8111 Salty Dog Bluffton 1414 Fording Island Rd. Tanger Outlet ll (843) 837-3344

Southern Barrel Brewing Co. 375 Buckwalter Place Blvd. (843) 837-2337  Squat ’N’ Gobble 1231 May River Rd. (843) 757-4242 Stooges Cafe 25 Sherington Dr., Ste. F  (843) 706-6178  Truffle’s Cafe 91 Towne Dr. (843) 815-5551 Twisted European Bakery 1253 May River Rd., Unit A (843) 757-0033 Walnuts Café 70 Pennington Dr., Ste. 20 (843) 815-2877 Wild Wings Cafe 1188 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-9453

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Tending Garden By: Gene Cashman Flower pedals color my garden and illuminate my imagination; some with names that evoke gentility at its finest, the Azalea or Boxwood for example. Others like the hydrangea, the impatiens or the geranium speak to simpler sensibilities and good taste. These garden staples, exquisite in both appearance and design, have their beauty indelibly imprinted on my mind. This probably wouldn’t be the case if not for my mother. Even when I think back to my earliest memories as a boy, the natural world was being presented to me on a silver platter in the most ordinary of ways. Walking after school in the neighborhood, looking up at massive elm and oak trees always created the occasion for her to challenge me to count all the colors of green and yellow. To this day, I appreciate that there are no two trees with exactly the same color scheme. Peeling carrots at the kitchen sink while making dinner, “is that thunder rolling up the river?” I can often recall her saying “if so, we must go out and watch the clouds roll in.” She loved and still loves to sit dangerously close to the edge of inclement weather just to see how green the clouds get before unfurling their rain or how brilliant the lightening can be. Gardens were much the same way. Digging in the earth, and feeling the dirt under the nails, smelling and listening to the garden hum was a moving experience for her; she transferred that passion to me. There is no more genuine of an experience than tending garden; it stirs the echoes of Eden in my DNA. I believe the geography of a garden often reflects the personality of its creator. You can tell who is “type a” by the tight symmetry and the constant tending. There are those free spirits who have one variety here, another there and everything overgrown with wild flowers in between. Then there are the one’s that fall in the middle. Whimsical and a bit unorganized in places but the whole is well rooted, beautiful without being pretentious and comes back better each year. The latter would describe the style in which I was taught; laid back yet intentional. Each spring I would take the Jeep to the local market and buy, under specific instruction, flats of perennials that would then be placed amongst the more stately inhabitants of her planters or pots. The style that would emerge was a perfect reflection of my mother’s

personality; bright, warm and comforting. I would also learn it reflected another part of her; a passion for giving. The best gardens are what I would come to know as the giving gardens. This is something I was definitely taught maternally. Oblivious in my youth and teenage years, the idea of giving gardens became clear to me when she helped me plant a garden of my own. When I got married I was still pretty clueless. However, with two ladies around to point me towards a softer side, I soon realized the bounty of the bloom were not just for looks but for sharing. Giving away the hard work from the garden became as gratifying as admiring it after a good rain. Whether it was bundles of roses for a sick neighbor, an arrangement for a dinner party, or just something to brighten up a kitchen window the theme that was consistently taught was to give beauty away in order to bring joy to others. The life lessons my mother has taught me through plants, gardens and nature have helped me, in tangible ways, realize that life is so much bigger than me and that I should take care of all living things; we were created to tend gardens. Watching my mother meticulously tend her garden by inspect rose leaves for fungus, culling through the faded blooms and yellowed branches, preening over each emerging bulb like it was gold in a riverbed was more than a lesson in gardening. It was a literal application that the things in life that are beautiful or meaningful can be very simple yet require a tremendous amount of committed work. Oh, and they are never perfect. This lesson has helped me as a husband, a father and a friend. Those days of my youth, spent on bended knee planting and most often weeding afforded me the time to reflect on such things. Although, I certainly didn’t connect all those dots back then, I do now when I am alone in the sunshine with a spade in my hand. I think of the gift she gave me when she taught me to love the natural world and to listen to the lessons tending a garden can teach. Now, get busy planting. Happy Spring! The BreezeBreeze APRIL 2018 The Bluffton March





April Events

in Bluffton, Beaufort, Hilton Head & Savannah

HILTON HEAD ISLAND April 9-15: 50th Annual RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing on the Harbour Town Golf Links in The Sea Pines Resort. The biggest names on the PGA Tour compete for their share of a $6.7 million prize purse. A variety of ticket options are available. 11 Lighthouse Ln. (843) 671-2448 or Sunday, April 1, Call for times. BUNNY WAGON RIDE Explore of the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. The Easter Bunny will make an appearance. Reservations are required; contact The Sea Pines Resort recreation department at (843) 842-1979. $16/ adults and $13/children 12 years and younger. Sunday, April 1 EASTER EGG HUNT: Call for times Harbour Town, 11 Lighthouse Ln.The Easter Egg Hunt is an annual tradition and the Easter Bunny . This event is provided by The Sea Pines Resort and the shops in Harbour Town.Contact The Sea Pines Resort recreation department at (843) 842-1979 Complimentary. April 3-4: The Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra presents “Symphony Under the Stars: All That Jazz,” 7:30 p.m. Join the orchestra and Maestro Russell for the music of Gershwin, Chicago, Scott Joplin, Bee Bop and Duke Ellington, featuring vocalist Tatiana Mayfield. Veterans Memorial Park at Shelter Cove, 59 Shelter Cove Ln. For details and tickets, call (843) 842-2055 or visit Saturday, April 28, PALMETTO HEART WALK: 8:30AM 11:30AM Shelter Cove Community Park, 40 Shelter Cove Lane. 843-540-6338 843-540-6338 Saturday, April 28, 2018 - Sunday, April 29. THE ART MARKET 36

April 8: MISS BLACK SOUTH CAROLINA Seahawk Culture Center, 70 Wilborn Road.803 567 5579. Appointed local delegates represent their community in a positive perspective by volunteering and mentoring throughout their county. A career and education focused program, titleholders promote platform topics that are relevant to their career or educational goals. The 2018 Miss North America Heritage pageant show case the talents, grace and poise of young ladies from across region! Sponsored by the My Sister’s Keeper Ministry of Restoration, nonprofit organization. 3:00-5:30PM April 9-15: 50th Annual RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing. Harbour Town Golf Links in The Sea Pines Resort. The biggest names on the PGA Tour compete for their share of a $6.7 million prize purse. A variety of ticket options are available. 11 Lighthouse Lane. (843) 6712448 or April 28, & April 29: THE ART MARKET AT HISTORIC HONEY HORN. All Day Event Coastal Discovery Museum, A juried fine art and craft festival held under the live oaks. Over 90 artists with various mediums of art on display and for sale. Food and beverage available for sale. $3 per person admission. April 28: PALMETTO HEART WALK: 9:00AM - 11:30AM. The premiere event for raising funds to save lives from this country’s No. 1 Killer. Shelter Cove Community Park, 40 Shelter Cove Lane. free 843-540-6338- 843-540-6338 April 29: THE LOCALS: TWELVE ARTISTS FROM ONE SPECIAL PLACE .This is an All Day Event at the Coastal



April 1: 24th Society of Bluffton Artists (SoBA) exhibition from Judged Show on display in the SoBA Gallery. (843) 757-6586 or

Fridays: Farmers Market at Habersham Marketplace! 4–7 p.m. The Farmer’s Market complete with local and regional growers, as well as arts, crafts and specialty food vendors. Family friendly and children’s activities. Everyone welcome!

April 11: 4th Annual Sculpture Show at Four Corners Fine Art & Framing Gallery in Old Town Bluffton. 1263 May River Road (843) 757- 8185. www.fourcorversgallerybluffton April 21: LOWCOUNTRY MARCH FOR BABIES Promenade at Old Town Bluffton 843-614-3358 Event festivities will begin and end in the green space at the Promenade at Old Town Bluffton. The 3 mile walk will go around historic Bluffton. 8:30-12:00

HARDEEVILLE April 20-21: SC/GA Barbeque Festival, a SCBA-sanctioned event in Hardeeville. The best BBQ teams from both states compete for cash prizes and trophies, along with live entertainment and beer. Friday Night Wing Competition with all-you-can-eat barbeque on Saturday. 205 E. Main St. (843) 784-3606 or April 21: Heyward Academy will host their annual “Touch of the Lowcountry” Spring Gala at the Jasper County Farmer’s Market from 7-11 p.m.The Sunsationals,” from Sun City, will perform live music, lowcountry food, silent and loud auctions, the “Famous Dime Toss” and a Reverse Big Money Raffle. Tickets are $10 and includes food, nonalcoholic drinks and entertainment. Beer/Wine bracelets can be purchased for $15.For more information, visit or call (843) 726-3673.

SAVANNAH APRIL 6: First Friday Fireworks, Rousakis Riverfront Plaza. Celebrate the beginning of a new month. Fun, Music, food booths and artists. 9:15 PM -10.00PM. Free event April 14: Music Festival, 2018. The largest music festival in Georgia, with over 100 artists giving concerts and performances at various Savannah locations. Ticket purchase required. April 21: Town Get Down Art and Music Festival, Art and music festival connecting aspiring and established artists and musicians, held on Indian Street, under the bridge. Ticket purchase required from a town to get down website.

Fridays: Habersham Marketplace Concert Series Continues Year-Round! Join us on the First Friday of the every month for our First Friday Concert Series( free.) April 7: Beaufort Charities 3rd Annual “Clubs for Kids”! Introduction to Golf for Kids. It will be the kick off of our Year Long Junior Golf Program. Youths ages 5-12 and a parent or legal guardian, enjoy a day of instruction and exhibition by local pros. April 14: Met Opera Live in HD – Verdi’s “Luisa Miller.” James Levine and Plácido Domingo add yet another chapter to their April 21: 15t Annual Soft Shell Festival! The Town of Port Royal and the Old Village Association invite you to join us at the 15th Annual Soft Shell Crab Festival from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Come enjoy Lowcountry cuisine prepared by some of the best local chefs. Live music, artisan craft vendors and an expanded kids fun zone. April 27-29: The Beaufort Theatre Company presents “The Producers.” A musical adapted by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan from Brooks’ 1968 film. Friday, April 27; Saturday, April 28; Friday, May 4; Saturday, May 5 at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, April 29 & Sunday, May 6 at 3 p.m. Tickets: Adults $30, Senior/Military $25, Students $15. USCB Center for the Arts, 805 Carteret St. (843) 521-4145 April 28: Met Opera Live in HD – Massenet’s “Cendrillon.” “Glorious,” raved the New York Times when Joyce DiDonato sang the title role of Cendrillon at the Royal Opera in 2011. Now, for the first time ever, Massenet’s sumptuous take on the Cinderella story comes to the Met.12:55 p.m. Tickets, $20 ($18 OLLI Members). USCB Center for the Arts 805, Carteret St. (843) 521-4145 or April 28: Y’all get ready to rock the block on Saturday, April 28th from noon – 5p.m. for our 5th Annual Bridges Block Party – Shrimp and Grits Cook-off! Our street festival, Port Royal, on lovely Paris Avenue. Food vendors, Live music. (free.) For more information go to their Facebook page.

APRIL 21: Savannah Earth Day Festival, Forsyth Park. A celebration of environmentally responsible living and business in coastal Georgia. The City’s largest environmental outreach event of the year. 11:00 AM-4:00PM legendary Met collaboration with this rarely performed Verdi gem. 12:30 – 4:10 p.m. Tickets, $20 ($18 OLLI Members). USCB Center for the Arts, 805 Carteret St. (843) 521-4145 or The Breeze

APRIL 2018


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is the air. by Jevon Daly

Spring is the air. Pollen is clogging all of our pores. Pollen everywhere. In every crevice, cranny, nook, just look around you. Birds are singing and doing little dances in my backyard. Mainly cardinals. Yes, the vibrant red bird with the haircut that never goes out of style. Stolen by Jim Carey. Loved by boys and tattooed drummers all over the land. As I watch the males squabble and face off against one another {even tho the MMA of ornithology lies in the mockingbird wars in my front yard} I think of myself and the human renewal we all feel in the spring. The bomb cyclones have all come and gone. The azaleas just about to pop. And I feel inside me the same kind of newness. The same kind of springiness. Yes, spring is here and love rules! Let it rule. Let yourself dance, sing, even if you can’t sing like Fergie, and hug someone close to you.   The birds have colors and wings they spread. Humans have muscles, lips, faces. But most of all, we have the one thing the animals and aliens do not. Art. We have the ability to make art. We can draw on caves. If the caves are gone, we make the paper. Charcoal, paints, flower arrangements. We draw hearts on cards.  We doodle on our notebooks in school in the spring. We SING! Music....we will make beautiful music together, me and you.  This is the one thing besides making skyscrapers, cotton gins and cell phones that we have, that the animal kingdom doesn’t have. The ability to produce art and music {I KNOW there are those birds that take plastic and make little lover caves, but you get where I’m going}. There is nothing sexier or personal than singing a song to your beau. Maybe you’re the kind of guy who likes the backstreet boys but doesn’t know how to express this. Why not do a little pop up romantic dance for your girl while “I want it that way” plays on your little Bose speaker. Sure you can draw a bath and do the rose petal thing, but come on. We are evolving as a species {if you believe it} and things like this are exciting and sensuous.  Put on some Barry White, pop some red. This is the time of year that fish swim and cupid draws the bow.  Some super sexy songs for the “I’m too busy to go looking online” person? Sure ...thank me later. 1. Marvin Gaye – I”m not even gonna name the song because… 2. Prince- Kiss 3. Rolling Stones - Fool to cry {maybe this one is a stretch} 4. The Grateful Dead - If I had the world to give 5.  Def Leppard - Pour some sugar on me 6.  Starland Vocal Band - Afternoon delight {super cute} 7.  Of course any Bel Biv song with the word ‘love’ or ‘do’ will work it. This is the time when creativity strikes all of us. Get off your haunches and launch yourself to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and do something artsy fartsy for your little Poopsy. Even if it is just framing a picture or buying a heart shaped pendant. The thought always counts. Love, laugh, burn calories and feel good!

The Breeze

APRIL 2018


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05:45 AM 11:57 AM 05.50 PM 12:24 AM 06:27 AM 12:41 PM 06:28 PM 01:08 AM 07:08 AM 01:27 PM 07:07 PM










01:56 AM 07:53 AM 02:16 PM 07:50 PM 02:46 AM 08.40 AM 03:08 PM 06:40 PM 03:39 09:38 04:01 09:40 04:34 10:37 05:55 10:44 05:29 11:32 05:49 11:45


WED 11 H L H H THUR 12 L H L FRI 13 L H L H

06:24 AM 12:23 AM 06:42 PM 07:31 PM 12:39 AM 07:15 AM 01:10 PM 07:31 PM 01:29 AM 08:02 AM 01:55 PM 08.17 PM

SUN 15 L H L H

02:17 AM 08:46 AM 02:39 PM 08:59 PM 03:04 AM 09:27 AM 03:22 PM 09:41 PM

MON 16 L H L H

03:49 10:08 04:05 10:22



04:35 10:49 04:49 11:05


WED 18 L H L H



05:21 11:34 05:34 11:52 06:08 12:24 06:22

FRI 20 H L H L

12:45 06:59 01:20 07:14


SAT 14 L H L H


AM 01:43 07:55 AM 02:22 PM 08:12 PM 02:26 AM 08:56 AM 03:26 PM 09:17 PM 03:49 AM 10:03 AM PM 04:30 PM 10:27 04:52 AM AM 11:08 PM 05:33 11:34 PM

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03:11 09:22 03:22 09:52


MON 30


03:57 10:05 04:02 10:32


05:54 12:07 06:34 12:35 06:53 01:01 07:31


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APRIL 2018



ASPIRIN the Wonder Drug It’s been around for more than 100 years. It’s one of the world’s most widely used pain relievers. And, its uses just seem to keep multiplying. Is aspirin a wonder drug? For those who’ve benefited, it might seem that way. The latest news of aspirin’s potential benefits has to do with breast cancer. A study of more than 4,000 women in the Nurses’ Health Study (NHS) showed a benefit for breast cancer survivors who had taken aspirin two to five times a week for a long time. They had a 50 percent lower risk of dying from breast cancer. They also had a 50 percent lower risk of their cancer spreading. Combined data from the NHS and another study have also shown promising results for patients with colorectal cancer. Those taking aspirin long term lowered their risk of dying from the disease by nearly 30 percent and their overall risk of dying by about 20 percent. (The study didn’t look, however, at those with advanced disease.) Other types of cancer have shown similar results. What could account for such benefits? Some believe it has something to do with aspirin’s ability to lower inflammation. However, this has not yet been proven. Now, before you rush out and stock up on aspirin, know this: The American Cancer Society doesn’t recommend taking aspirin to prevent cancer. That’s because its preventive benefits are unknown and the risks often outweigh the benefits. And, if you’re being treated for cancer, it’s especially important to know that taking aspirin at the same time as radiation or chemotherapy can cause side effects.

A bleeding disorder Heart failure Allergies to aspirin If your doctor decides that aspirin is the right choice for you, you’ll need to follow his or her instructions carefully. Aspirin labels don’t contain guidelines for this type of use. If you have questions about whether the product you’ve bought contains aspirin at the right dose, be sure to stop by and discuss this with me. If your doctor prescribes daily aspirin, be sure to discuss all the medications you’re taking. Also, let other health care providers know you’re taking aspirin. And, don’t stop taking it suddenly. This could increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke by triggering formation of a clot.

Regular aspirin use has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and blood flow problems. That’s why many people who’ve had a heart or stroke, or those at higher risk, take it regularly. A recent study also shows that it is effective at keeping nine out of ten coronary artery bypass grafts open after surgery. How does it help keep arteries clear? It works by affecting the blood’s clotting and keeping clots from blocking blood flow. Regular aspirin use is not for everyone. Don’t take aspirin long term without first discussing it with your doctor. Side effects can include ringing in the ears, bleeding in the brain or stomach, kidney failure, or certain kinds of strokes. Regular aspirin use is a poor choice for pregnant women or those who have: Asthma Stomach ulcers Uncontrolled high blood pressure The Breeze

APRIL 2018



Johnny Ussery MOBILE: 843.384.8105 • OFFICE: 843.757.7712 • COLLETON RIVER

87 OAK TREE ROAD • $2,950,000


253 BELFAIR OAKS BLVD • $1,595,000



This unique masterpiece sits on a peninsula with a 280 degree view, and is the only homesite in Colleton River with deep water frontage with dock, and verdant marsh wrapping one side of the property. Its unique design wraps around two grand live oak trees to form a peaceful botanical haven while the marsh and pristine waters of the river make for a pallet of natural beauty filled with wildlife.

Award winning builder’s personal home! One of the finest homes in all of Belfair and situated on one of the best homesites with golf and marsh views! Incredible gourmet kitchen, octagonal study, home theater with bar, spacious master suite, and outdoor entertaining area with pool, waterfall, outdoor kitchen and fireplace. For the discerning buyer, you must see this one!

The ideal waterfront home! Sip your coffee from the porch as you watch the sun rise over the Colleton River and marsh. This decorator furnished home looks like a model! Cook’s kitchen with generous breakfast room, all open to the spacious family room and water views beyond! Dining room, elevator, wet bar, double porches across the back with water views, and much more!




82 INVERNESS DRIVE • $895,000

54 CUMBERLAND DRIVE • $895,000

17 BELMEADE DRIVE • $749,000

A must see! Extremely well maintained one owner home with great view of the picturesque par 3, 6th hole on the Dye Course. Cart path on the other side of the hole makes for the best of both worlds—great view but with privacy. One floor home with top of the line kitchen plus spacious bonus room complete with kitchenette. Wood flooring through much of the home. Home feels like new!

Incredible Tuscan style H2 built 4BR, 4.5BA home plus Bonus Room meticulously maintained by original owners features much desired open floor plan. Chef’s kitchen, elegant master suite, wet bar, home theater, Great Room and screened patio all with awesome golf views. Protected habitat Preserve on the other side of the fairway ensures perpetual privacy. MUST SEE!

Enjoy a like new home! Over $400k in renovations and upgrades: New kitchen, master bath, screened porch, lighting/plumbing fixtures, hardwood flooring, wholehouse stereo and much more! Located on a quiet culde-sac. Beautifully landscaped golf view with ample set back from the fairway for privacy. A true gem waiting for your visit.




7 DRYDEN CIRCLE • $695,000

Beautiful 4BR home plus bonus room located on a quiet cul-de-sac with wooded privacy in the back, complete with firepit, fountain, summer kitchen, and screened porch. Chef’s kitchen, butler’s pantry, office with custom built-ins, two story foyer and great room with coffered ceiling and fireplace. Heated and cooled home gyme or hobby room. Spacious garage with workshop and much more!

11 KERSHAW DRIVE • $375,000

Beautiful home with lagoon view on a quiet cul-de-sac. 4BR plus study/hobby room and bonus room. Walk-in storage and foam insulation for energy efficiency. Wide plank Brazilian hardwood floors. Gourmet kitchen opens to spacious Great Room with vaulted ceiling, fireplace, and built-ins. Walk to the Clubhouse for morning coffee or drinks with friends. All of this and at a great value

51 HOPSEWEE DRIVE • $365,000

Beautiful designer decorated home featuring lanai with pool/spa and summer kitchen surrounded by custom stone decking and lush landscaping! Great indoor/outdoor living. 3BR, 3.5BA home with hardwood floors, coffered ceilings, and custom kitchen. Over $15K in new applicances in 2017. Spacious master suite and a beautifully appointed study. Furniture negotiable. A must see!

All Your Real Estate Needs CHARTER ONE REALTY The One to Turn to for The Breeze APRIL 2018


Embrace Historic Old Town Bluffton “The last true coastal village of the South” “Historic Old Town Bluffton was founded in the early 1800’s high atop the bluffs of the beautiful May River as a summer haven for area plantation owners and families from nearby Savannah and inland South Carolina who came to enjoy the cool summer breezes and bountiful seafood from the pristine May River.” “Today, Bluffton has developed into a bustling town and has become an important tourism partner with neighboring Hilton Head Island. Bluffton is the fastest growing municipality in South Carolina and is the fifth largest municipality in the state by land area.”



Wayne M. McDonald

Simone Griffeth McDonald

Suzanna Rose McDonald

Broker | Owner 843-384-5764

Licensed SC REALTOR® 843-384-4466

Realtor | Sales Executive 843-816-2547

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