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Fridays 8 p.m. April 21, 28, May 5

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THEATRE LOCATION 20 Bridge Street Ulmer Auditorium Bluffton Town Hall


Tickets on sale starting: April 1st On Line - April 17th Box Office 843-815-5581 ALL RESERVED SEATS


Drowsy Chaperone is presented with permission from Music Theatre International.

BOX OFFICE LOCATION 138-D Burnt Church Road Mondays and Fridays 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017



Notes From The Editor:


’ve always wondered if anyone actually reads this column. Well, a couple weeks ago, I was walking Constance in Old Town and a nice couple stopped me and asked, “Are you the Editor of The Bluffton Breeze?” I told them I was and asked how they knew. They replied, “We recognize your dog!” Ouch! But then they added, “We love your magazine, look forward to each month and even collect it. Keep up the good work!” Well, we have outdone ourselves this April. Let’s start with Part II of the history of Palmetto Bluff Plantation and the relationship of owner R.T. Wilson, Jr., and his private secretary, H.G. Rubert. Rubert’s grandsons, John Samuel Graves, III, and his brother Gerald, were kind enough to write this series and allow us to publish early rare photographs of “The Bluff.” April 8, look for us on Calhoun Street celebrating the Greater Bluffton Chamber’s Taste of Bluffton. Since good food and fun are a Lowcountry obsession, we’ve included a special Taste of Bluffton section in this issue showcasing several of the area’s best restaurants, plus an interview with young Aiden McCarthy, a recent contestant on Food Network’s “Chopped Junior.” In Aiden’s case, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree—his parents own Downtown Deli in Old Town, as well as the Curbside Kitchen food truck and Downtown Catering Company. Don’t ask me how Jevon Daly connects music to “Skittles & Quinoa,” but he does so in a most entertaining fashion. His article will surely put a smile on your face, as will Gene Cashman’s recollection of an impromptu Bluffton BBQ in “Best of Days.” Next, you will be amazed, as I was, by all the things going on in the Lowcountry and Coastal Empire throughout April. If you can’t get out of town this month, you’ll find plenty to do right here at home with our “Spring Staycation” feature, including the Beaufort MCAS Air Show, Leo’s Legacy at Oscar Frazier Park, the Old Town Art Walk and area Easter Egg Hunts, as well as ideas for outdoor exploration and indoor entertainment. More great reading this month includes Amber Hester Kuehn’s advice on “Keeping Bluffton Pristine,” Michele Roldán-Shaw’s insights on the inspiration for the Artists of Spring Island’s show at the Coastal Discovery Museum and sunny spring fashions courtesy of Copper Penny in Shelter Cove Towne Centre, Gigi’s Boutique on Calhoun Street and Cocoon in The Promenade. Please welcome Erika Aparicio, our new Sales Director, to The Bluffton Breeze. Born and raised in Bluffton, she definitely “gets” it! Erika is experienced, tireless and dedicated and The Bluffton Breeze can only get better with her on board. Give her a call! 4

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$2,999,995 Steeped in southern history, with a dash of salt marsh mystery, 117 Mount Pelia is a property that must be explored and uncovered one layer at a time. Situated on the marshes and water of the May River, steps from the golf course bearing the same name, this exceptional home suits the most discerning of home buyers.


$2,999,000 31 Ribaut Drive within the private enclave of Ribaut Island is a property that enraptures the heart and soul! Watch from the pool as yachts sail the intercostal waterway to ports unknown. Relax on the terrace as the setting sun paints amazing portraits in the sky every evening.

THE DOLLENBERG TEAM | ERIC 843.816.6489 | HILLARY 843.290.3063 | ERICDOLLENBERG.COM 5 The Bluffton Breeze APRIL 2017


APRIL 2017, VOLUME 15, NO. 4

08 A Short History of Palmetto Bluff Plantation: Part II 12 Keeping Bluffton Pristine 18 Fun With Fashion 22 Skittles & Quinoa 26 Best of Days 30 Arts and Inspiration Flourish on Spring Island 35 5th Annual Taste of Bluffton


38 Cooking with the McCarthy Kid 44 Spring Staycation


08 History 12 Environment 18 Fashion 22 Music 26 Inspiration 30 Arts 34 Tide Chart 35 Food 38 Spotlight 42 Restaurant Guide CORRECTIONS

In the MARCH issue, we printed the following error: On page 23, we incorrectly identified Donna Huffman and Shellie West. The photo listed as “Above” was Shellie West and the photo listed “Below” was Donna Huffman. We regret the error.


ON THE COVER: Courtesy of HogsHead Kitchen • Wine Bar

The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017



A Short History of


almetto luff lantation: Part II Photography by H. G. Rubert, circa 1910-1929

By John Samuel Graves, III All the photographs in this article are copyrighted by Gerald B. Graves.


his article continues the story of my grandfather, H. G. Rubert, and his life serving as private secretary to R.T. Wilson, Jr., the multi-millionaire owner of the 20,000-acre Palmetto Bluff Plantation from 1910 to 1929.

My maternal grandfather, Harlem George Rubert, was born in Michigan on September 21, 1887. He grew up on the family farm with his father, mother and seven brothers and sisters. Many of his close relatives lived on nearby farms. He was raised to be responsible and disciplined. From an early age his parents gave him many daily chores that he completed without complaint. He and his brothers and sisters walked several miles to school each day, no matter the weather or time of year. The children endured many a bitter Michigan winter. As mentioned in Part I of this series, my grandfather was referred to by friends and family as “Rubert” and R. T. Wilson, Jr. as “RT.” After high school graduation, Rubert decided to become a surgeon, and worked very hard at odd jobs to raise money for his education. He enrolled in The Bellevue Hospital Nursing College in New York City and, after three to four years, completed the comprehensive and arduous courses, graduating with honors on April 9, 1907. He then entered medical college, intent on getting his medical degree, but it was at this time he met R. T. Wilson, Jr. At the age of 44, RT already had health problems (which only worsened during the remainder of his life). In the early 1900s, men of wealth and importance often had private secretaries and, in almost all circumstances, male secretaries. Upon meeting Rubert, RT seized the opportunity to hire both a private secretary and a nurse, making Rubert an offer he could not refuse. For the next 24 years, my grandfather earned a handsome salary with huge fringe benefits and entered into the heady lifestyle of the incredibly wealthy. His newfound income made it possible to consider starting a family, and in 1909 he married Lillian Inez Cadugan. Not finishing medical school seemed a small price to pay at the time.


Rubert was 22-years-old when RT hired him. The farm boy from Michigan was about to discover that the job he had taken on was life-changing. His responsibilities were extensive and consumed most of his time from 1909 until 1933. Some of his duties included: monitoring and maintaining all of RT’s properties, supervising, hiring and firing many of RT’s employees, purchasing and licensing all vehicles, purchasing RT’s racehorses and seeing that they were properly cared R.T. Wilson, Jr. for. Additionally, Rubert arranged travel schedules for RT and his entourage as they moved from New York to Palmetto Bluff for the winters and from Palmetto Bluff to Saratoga, NY, for the racing season. RT and his family also traveled regularly to New York, NY and Newport, RI. As RT’s private secretary, Rubert was expected to be wherever RT was. When RT and Rubert and their families were at Palmetto Bluff, Rubert was the overseer and general manager of the entire, fully functioning plantation. Cotton, rice, pine trees for turpentine, cattle, hogs, sheep, dairy cows, horses and chickens were all raised there. It had its own generators, ice house, irrigation system, school with at least two teachers, an office building for RT, a beautiful stable for RT’s horses, a garage for keeping

and repairing cars, a blacksmith shop and dairy barns. Greenhouses produced a variety of vegetables to feed the staff and the many guests who stayed at the mansion. Flowers were also raised in these greenhouses so that each room could have fresh flowers daily. Turtles were raised in the Terrapin House. “The Bluff ” also had its own post office. The side-wheel steamboat, Attaquin, made frequent trips out of Savannah carrying mail, cargo and passengers to Daufuskie, Bluffton and Palmetto Bluff. For a delightful story about those times and a race between the Attaquin and a rival steamboat, the Louise, read Andrew Peeple’s short story “Bluffton Boy Grows Up,” which can be found at The Bluff had miles of crushed, white oyster-shell roads and acres of gardens to be maintained. RT employed many people on the plantation: cooks, servants, farm hands, mechanics, a landscape architect, teachers, chauffeurs and more. Virtually every day, when in residence at The Bluff, Rubert would mount his black stallion, King, and ride throughout the plantation to supervise the personnel and make sure that everything was in order. When RT first acquired Palmetto Bluff, he and his wife Marion—and later their two daughters, Louisa and Marion— lived in Octagon House, a beautiful, older mansion which stood where RT later built his own. Palmetto Bluff Plantation actually included 18 to 20 smaller, earlier plantations. Octagon House (actually not octagonal in shape) was named after one of the smaller original plantations called Octagon Plantation, which in turn had been named after a previous octagonalshaped house built in the late 1700s by Samuel Breck Parkman. Before RT built his mansion, my grandparents and their children, Muriel and Florence (my mother), also lived in Octagon House when they came down with RT to winter at Palmetto Bluff. RT built another beautiful house for his sister

One of Rubert’s duties included purchasing and licensing of all of R.T.’s vehicles. Seen here is an early Ford station wagon.

The Terrapin House

Palmetto Bluff Mansion (early color photo on glass).

The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017


The Side-Wheel Steamboat, Attaquin

Grace and her husband, Cornelius Vanderbilt, III, across the cove from where RT would later build his mansion. That house became known as the Vanderbilt House. RT’s beautiful Palmetto Bluff mansion contained many valuable furnishings, including paintings, oriental vases, Persian rugs, beautiful lamps and fine furniture. An elevator took guests to the third floor ballroom, which featured a gold-leaf ceiling imported from Paris. RT’s private library, which was home to many rare and antiquarian books, was just off the ballroom. The mansion meant everything to RT. It was his retreat from the hectic world of New York. On March 2, 1926, a strong March wind fanned the fire that utterly destroyed RT’s mansion in a matter of hours. The fire was thought to have originated as a chimney fire in the kitchen that worked its way up to the attic. As the mansion burned, a distraught and crying RT repeatedly entered the flaming home in a vain attempt to save what he could. My grandfather had to literally carry RT out of the devastating fire three times. Nothing survived. Even RT’s false teeth burned up, and he had to return to New York eating only soft foods. One month after his beloved mansion burned, RT’s older brother, Marshall, died. The loss of both his dream South Carolina mansion and his brother in 1926 was the beginning of the end for RT. The stock market crash of 1929 loomed on the horizon, and he lost a great deal of his fortune. RT died just two months after the “Black Tuesday” crash of October 29, 1929. For more information on the Graves family and their legacy in Bluffton, visit Florence Rubert Graves wrote many poems about Bluffton. Her poem “No Mo’ Robert” was written about a Negro funeral on Palmetto Bluff. Her Bluffton poems can be viewed on To view the songs John Samuel Graves, III, composed using his mother’s poems as lyrics, visit and See the August 2015 issue of The Bluffton Breeze for his article about his father, “Boll Weevils and Oysters.”


RT’s mansion in ruins after a chimney fire, 1926.

The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017



Photo by Art Cornell

keeping Bluffton

PRISTINE By Amber Hester Kuehn Photos Courtesy of the Town of Bluffton

Photo by Tom Mills

“Mom, not the best parenting skill I have ever heard—giving the keys to a 15-foot Boston Whaler motorboat to a 12–year-old.” “Honey, it was different then. There were not as many boats on the rivah and everyone knew who you belonged to.” That was me—no cable television, no iPad, no computer, and no video games (does ATARI Pac-Man/Space Invaders count?). Instead, we had motor boats, four wheelers and three-wheel golf carts. I’m so thankful that I can say this. But still…a bad parenting choice on my mother’s part! However, she was right. There were less people on the river and less trash. There were plenty of mullet and saltwater catfish (see sidebar on opposite page), and blue crabs on every chicken neck. Kids threw cast nets and floated to the Sand Bar with the outgoing tide. The May River seemed enormous, and the summer never-ending. Bluffton—then a diamond in the rough—could not be kept unpolished forever. Others discovered the temperate climate, the quaint feel, the pristine river, and the explosion of job opportunities. Bluffton is the


fastest-growing municipality in South Carolina. Unfortunately, as the population increases, so does the trash making its way to the May River. Blowers clear the streets and lawns in town, pushing plastic bags, cans, and debris to their lawn’s edges, and wind and rain carry the items to the coves and river. Plus, anything that isn’t nailed down flies out of the boats. My great-grandmother pushed her icebox and porcelain toilet over the bluff to help “stabilize” it when she upgraded to a refrigerator. The older generation is not without fault. Do you remember when bottled water first showed up? I remember thinking that there was no way I was going to pay for water I could get for free. At this point, I’ll have to concede that it is very portable and convenient, and I provide it on 100-degree summer days to keep my customers from melting into the seats. I collect the bottles at the end for recycle. Honestly, no one should leave the house without their reusable water bottles! Plastics are found in the guts of many shore birds and sea turtles, causing an intestinal blockage that results in death, and fish ingest microplastics (oil droplets resulting from the breakdown of plastics that have been degrading in the environment for many years). Plastics do break down, but never fully disappear. The scientific community has yet to determine


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APRIL 2017


the direct repercussions of this, although it could explain many things such as malformation, or reproductive abnormalities. When the community comes together to clean up the May River for Earth Day on April 22, we should all make an attempt to participate. I understand some people work on Saturdays, and there will never be a day that suits everyone, but there is always trash in the river. I pick it up on a daily basis during my ecology tours with my crab net serving as my “Trash Recovery Device.” I have even worked it into my tour monologue, and patrons cheer when we successfully retrieve a trash item. Locals and visitors are obviously concerned with trash in the natural environment, or they would not have booked my tour! (However, some objects we will probably never see again. There is a VW Bug at the drop-off beyond Calhoun Street Dock, as well as a shopping cart. I don’t want to know…) Get out there and collect your share of trash! The health of the May River depends upon stewards of the environment. This applies to everyone.

THINGS YOU CAN DO: • Bring cloth bags for grocery shopping and leave the plastic ones in the store. • Keep the lids on trash cans. • Secure all trash items in your boat and on the dock, so they don’t blow off. • Avoid using Styrofoam. • Spend time with your kids outside and teach them that litter is harmful to the environment. • Recycle! The 17th Annual May River Cleanup and Earth Day Celebration takes place at Bluffton Oyster Factory Park on April 22 from 9-11:30 a.m. Coffee will be provided by Starbucks in the morning; lunch courtesy of Walmart in the afternoon; with an Earth Day Celebration hosted by Experience Green. For details, call Beth Lewis at the Town of Bluffton at (843) 706-4559 or email

A great learning trip for kids & adults!

Voyage of discovery

Discover the local marsh habitat. See the richness of life in our tidal estuary. Learn measures for water quality. All trips led by Captain Amber Kuehn MS in Marine Biology Contact: or 843-338-2716 14

Once prevalent in the May River, the saltwater hardhead catfish has disappeared. Although unlikely, you cannot keep a hardhead catfish in South Carolina, if you happen to catch one. The other marine species, gafftopsail catfish, may be found in more open waters and is also rare, but more likely to be the one on your hook. The exact cause of their demise is unknown, but scientists believe these catfish suffered from an Asian virus that spread throughout the Eastern populations. Diseases such as these can come by way of imported seafood or ballast water.

The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017




You don’t want to miss historic Bluffton near the May River for some of the most unique shopping and dining in our area. It’s all blended with colorful and creative art galleries, history up and down local streets, and dining for lunch and dinner in charming settings. The Bluffton Old Town Merchants Society warmly encourages visitors to come and spend an afternoon or a day discovering historic Bluffton.

Spring 2017





SIZES: 0-16 AGE: Yours!

40 Calhoun Street • Old Town Bluffton • Monday - Saturday 10-6

FACEBOOK US! @Gigis.Bluffton


The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017






Savvy Spring Style in the South


right colors and bathing suits are back! The choirs of cicadas have returned and heat is here to stay, as well as the styles that keep us cool. Lighten the mood this Easter with pretty pastels, white pants and delicate dresses. Reinvent and revive your style with a romper when you’re out on the docks or spending a day on the water. Whether it is fashion’s favorite print—stripes—or a Southern pattern through and through, stock up with a few statement shirts to show off at the Taste of Bluffton and the Farmers Market.


Lovely Lace:

JACK by B B Dakota dress and Dolce Vita wedge sandals Gigi’s Boutique, Bluffton (Images courtesy of Erin Rene Photography)

Button Up Beauty: Blouse by Claridge and King Cocoon, Bluffton.

Wonderful Wedges: The Stella Wedge from TOMS Gigi’s Boutique, Bluffton (Images courtesy of Erin Rene Photography)

Perfect Prints:

The Finley Tunic Top from Escapada Living, White pants by Tribal, Pom Pom Beach Tote from Z&L Europe, Chinese Laundry kid-suede slide-on shoes Gigi’s Boutique, Bluffton (Images courtesy of Erin Rene Photography) The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017



t’s the season of d ress es and dancing in the rain, so celebrate the arrival of April by adding some romance in your wardrobe when you head out to Old Town. Plan a date night on Hilton H e a d and mix it up with an off-the-shoulder d ress , t a ke an adventure and go nautical or keep it simple with solids.

Pretty In Pink:

Trina Turk Dress Copper Penny, Hilton Head

Accessory Accents: Julie Vos Bracelets Cocoon, Bluffton


The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017



By Jevon Daly hy do songwriters mention food in their music? This month, we are going to try and dissect some big songs that mention food and see what we come up with. Obviously, we all know the comfort that food brings, as well as music, and the whole “music soothes the savage beast” belief. SO, my musings this month will be about how great a hot dog and some Led Zeppelin can be when you’re needing to chill. Or, caviar and Beethoven. You get my drift. We all have very chaotic lives. Using cell phones, the internet or posting pictures of yourself in the gym or at McDonalds is a very hip thing to do these days. It can be very relaxing to lay by the pool and post pictures of yourself by the pool. But, let’s face it, total relaxation depends on good food and music. A loved one or a pet can relax you, sure. But what if you are single or don’t dig dander? Down on your luck with the ladies (or gents)? Don’t like poodles? Well, do I have the thing for you…Skittles! Skittles and some Chance the Rapper, anyone? How about Kanye and some Quinoa? When you are trying to relax, nothing is gonna get your goat like General Tso’s chicken and some food that’s finger lickin’ (yes, that is a RUN-DMC reference). Sure, curling up with a good book can be very informative. Movies…DIVINE! But how about some Red Hot Chili Peppers to help you digest the burger you just devoured at your baby mamma’s birthday bash? Maybe you want to eat Cake and listen to it too! Goin’ to a BBQ can be fun, especially if someone is blasting The Cranberries while you are laying sauce on them ribs. Food is just fun! You can use food to relax, just don’t get too full. Then you will fall asleep. Especially listening to Meat Loaf. (Yuck. My mom used to make me meatloaf sandwiches when I was in the 3rd grade…so soggy by noon.)

Looking for some Bluegrass with Brunch? Then stop by Calhoun’s on Promenade Street on Sundays to hear the Lowcountry Boil Bluegrass Band from 1-4 p.m. Call (843) 757-4334 to confirm the music and brunch schedule. 22

The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017


Andy Reed

Charlie Reed

Hilton Head Realtor Since 1980

Rich Reed

Hilton Head Realtor Since 2001

Tom Reed

Hilton Head Realtor Since 2000

Real RealExperience. Experience. C Un on d tr er ac t

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44 Yorkshire Drive | Wexford

14 Allyan Ct | Heritage Lakes

34 Honey Locust Circle | Hilton Head Plantation

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4 Bedroom - 3 Bath MLS# 355446 | $324,900

3 Bedroom - 2 Bath MLS# 355994 | $389,000

29 Oglethorpe Lane | Palmetto Hall

19 Jacana Street | Forest Beach

57 Crescent Plantation | Bluffton

Golf Views - 4 Bedroom - 3.5 Bath MLS #351206 | $638,900

5 Bedroom - 3 Bath MLS# 352475 | $999,000

4 Bedroom - 3 Bath MLS# 359327 | $419,000

2114 Windsor Place II Villas | Palmetto Dunes

242 Island West | Bluffton/Off Plantation

9 Catboat | Palmetto Dunes

Oceanfront - 1 Bedroom - 2 Bath MLS # 353916 | $465,000

Homesite - 0.3. Acres - Lagoon & Golf Views MLS# 356999 | $80,000

5 Bedroom - 5 Full Bath | 3 Half Bath Oceanfront - Great Rental Income MLS# 359308 | $4,299,000 | 843.686.9526 24

The Reed Team

The Reed Team

left to right: Lisa Fleming, Carri Fuge, Andy Reed, Charlie Reed, Tom Reed, Richard Reed, Mary Aiana, Anne Wilson

is a family owned partnership within Charter One Realty that specializes in Hilton Head Island and Bluffton real estate sales. Consistently ranking in the top 1% in local real estate sales, The Reed Team’s real estate business focuses on oceanfront, oceanside, luxury and golf community properties. Having more than 100 years of combined local real estate experience, RREG applies unparalleled competence, professionalism and innovation to their clients’ real estate goals - delivering real experience and real results.

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314 Fort Howell Drive | Palmetto Hall

64 Broad Creek Landing | HH/Off Plantation

3 Charlesfort Place | Hilton Head Plantation

5 Bedroom - 3.5 Bath MLS# 359344 | $619,000

2 Bedroom - 2 Bath MLS# 357761 | $159,500

Port Royal Sound View - Waterfront - 4 Bedroom - 4.5 Bath MLS #350866 | $2,700,000

163 Gascoigne Bluff | Waterfront

8 Oak Point Landing | Long Cove | Marsh View

Overlooking the May River (opposite Palmetto Bluff) on 8 + sprawling acres sits this beautiful home (2004). A blend of luxury & ease, the 4000 sf main house includes private office, wine cellar, screened porch, master w/ sitting room, spa-like master bath, chef’s kitchen w/ every imaginable high-end appliance, and entertainment room. 4 Bedroom - 3.5 Bath | MLS# 359746 | $1,950,000

Stunning! Gorgeous 4 bedroom, 5.5 bath home with an office/library off the master bedroom and an open kitchen/family room with lovely water views! There is an oversized 3-car garage, an elevator, a private pool/spa and an incredible media room or 5th bedroom. This home has scenic Broad Creek views. Prepare to be impressed! 4 Bedroom - 5.5 Bath | MLS# 354310 | $1,849,000

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APRIL 2017



illiam walked with his son Henry across their front lawn. The weather was nearly perfect, an observation that was becoming more apparent with each stride. “Sure is nice out today, don’t you think?” he said to his son. Henry nodded. “What are we going to do today, Dad?” The aim of the day had originally been to clean out the shed and maybe the gutters. However, this early trip to get the morning paper stirred up an alternate plan. “Young man,” William said, “let us head out on a little adventure.” It is funny, William thought, how wonderful spring mornings can change a day’s worth of plans with one whiff of warm spring air. The parking lot at Scott’s was empty; however, the meat case was full. William and Henry’s eyes and imaginations grew larger and larger as they surveyed the choices. To no one in particular, Henry said, “Boy, oh boy, those sausages sure look nice. Those ribs, oh, wow, would you just look at those ribs!” He was interrupted by Adam, the store’s owner. “It’s okay to talk to yourself, just don’t get in the habit of answering.”


William smiled. “We’ll take a little of everything.” Laden with two pork butts, eight racks of ribs, six beef sausages and a dozen chicken thighs, William and Henry headed home. “You think Mom will be mad?” Henry asked, genuinely concerned. “Why would she be mad?” his dad replied, as he tuned the radio station. “Well, we left abruptly and bought enough to feed an army of people.” William smiled. “Well then, my young apprentice, we need to find an army of people.” He pulled over to the shoulder of the road and pulled out his phone. His brother-in-law Brent answered on the first ring and was quickly told, “Six o’clock, my house, BBQ, BYOB.” Henry looked confused, “What was that, Dad?”

The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017


William patted him on the head. “That was an invitation to a lawn party. Brent knows what to do.” Julie was watering the front bushes when they pulled into the drive. She sprayed water at the truck. “I told you she would be mad, Dad!” Henry bellowed, as he shifted nervously in his seat. “Heard we’re hosting a lawn party!” she teased, cinching the hose and walking towards the driver’s side window. She leaned in to kiss William and peered into the back seat. “What in the world!” she exclaimed surveying the meat. “Here’s the deal, you boys cook and clean. This is your rodeo—as for this mama, she is only showing up to eat.” Shaking her head, she turned and continued to water. “Honey…” William called out in a longing tone. Julie turned with a smile and said, “Of course, I will make some Lowcountry caviar, too.” William and Henry high-fived each other as they got to work on prepping the meat. “Son, some people say to put nothing but smoke on your meat…” William rubbed his belly and hitched up his pants as he scanned the dark corners of the shelf before he continued. “But me, I like a little sweet heat.” He took from the cabinet a few select jars and began unscrewing the tops, touching each to his nose. “Mmm, hmm,” he said closing his eyes, “smell this one; it’s what gives the meat that family taste.” His son stood on his tippy toes and strained for a sniff. “What’s in it, Dad?” His father’s brow furrowed. “It’s a secret so special only I know it.” A voice called his bluff from across the room. “Don’t let him fool you, it is nothing more than Old Bay shrimp boil. If you call that a secret spice, then I am Porky the Pig!” The skeptic was Uncle Brent. He walked through the front door with bagged ice and a case of beer.


William studied an awkwardly piled heap of wood. Checking several pieces, he finally settled on a dark knotty piece. Thwack, thwack—his ax quickly chopped a thick round portion of the limb into quartered, splintered pieces. “We will need to add these pieces to the coals and let them burn down. We want a nice even heat and just a touch of good hickory and Georgia peach wood.” Henry took the wood over to the smoker. “Low and slow,” he mused, as he placed the logs on top of the white embers. A trail of thin blue smoke lingered in the spring air. A radio played softly in the background as William and Brent relaxed in lawn chairs. Henry dutifully lifted the top to the smoker and applied an apple vinegar mop sauce to the meat. This process remained steady for many hours. “What time is everyone coming over?” William called out from beneath the cap pulled down over his eyes and nose. “Six,” Brent said, dozing in the sunshine. William sat up abruptly. “What time is it now?” Brent laughed and said, “Miller Time,” as he cracked open an ice-cold beer. It was now nearly five o’clock and the bigger cuts of meat had been on for almost seven hours. William worried the meat wouldn’t be ready in time. Suddenly, and much to his relief, he heard beep, beep, beep! The alarm generated much excitement. Henry jumped up to survey the thermometers. “Meat’s done!” Henry, Brent and William stood and peered through the smoke at the wonderful spread before them. “Let’s eat!” exclaimed Henry. In the kitchen, there was a bustle of activity. By this hour, wives of friends and neighbors, sisters and nieces had convened to pour wine and start on hors d’oeuvres. Everyone stopped to marvel at the trays of meat. “Smells absolutely divine and looks even better,” Julie chirped. “I love spring lawn parties!”

“Says you,” William retorted. “I’ve added my personal touch to the base over the years.”

“Honey,” William asked his wife curiously, “how’s that caviar coming?” She took a large spoon and placed it on his lips. “What does it need?” she asked.

Brent put his arm around William. “I hope you brought your A-game today, so far everyone I have called is coming!”

Taking the spoon and savoring the mixture of black-eyed peas, jalapenos and sweet sauce, he closed his eyes and shook his head. “Not a dern thing!”

William poured measured portions from the unlabeled jars into a pan. The aroma was pleasing to the nose. Taking a healthy handful of the rub, he smeared it over the meat. “Like spanking a baby”—smack, smack—his bare hand met the cool side of the pork butt.

Guests and family gathered on a lawn that had not been mowed, using chairs, tables and tiki torches brought out from a shed that had not been cleaned. Men mingled in khaki shorts and ballcaps; the women in jeans and sunglasses. It was casual, relaxed and easy.

A large grin pushed his son’s cheeks up to his eyes, causing him to squint. “Good one, Dad!” he chuckled in a deep, Ho-Ho-Ho tone. The same process was repeated with the ribs and chicken. After everything was adequately covered with rub and marinating coolly, it was time to make the fire.

“Hear ye, hear ye,” William called, clanging a carving knife on the side of a beer bottle. “Let’s bless this mess.” After giving thanks, he asked Henry to pull the first rib with its perfect smoke ring. “Son,” he said, putting his arm around Henry’s shoulder, “These are the best days. Good friends, our family and a feast of smoked meats.”

“Young man,” William panned, “try not to light the yard on fire. I’ll get the wood.”

Henry smiled and wiped sauce from his cheek. “You’re right, these are the best of days.”

A MUSICAL COMEDY LIKE NUN OTHER APRIL 26 - MAY 21 A feel-amazing musical comedy that tells the story of a wannabe Las Vegas diva whose life takes a surprising turn when she witnesses a crime and the cops hide her in the last place anyone would think to look—a convent!


14 Shelter Cove Ln. | | 843-842-ARTS(2787) The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017



Art and Inspiration Flourish on

Spring Island

By Michele Roldán-Shaw Photos Courtesy of Spring Island and the Coastal Discovery Museum Spring Island, one of the Lowcountry’s most scenic developments, shares its unique ethos with the greater community in an exhibition titled “Where Nature Meets Art.” Comprised of over 100 works in a variety of mediums, the show is free and on display at Hilton Head Island’s Coastal Discovery Museum through April 30. It represents the island’s ecology and heritage, as well as the personal visions of its residents, featuring everything from Southern architecture and sunset marsh scenes to photographs of marine life and bronze sculptures of kingfishers. “You can’t go anywhere on Spring Island without seeing something you get inspired by,” said Director of Arts Programming Pam Johnson Brickell. “The island is 3,000 acres but we’ll have just 400 homes at max build-out. We have a huge nature preserve that’s very wellmanaged, and four ecologists on staff. This is South Carolina in its natural state.” Since its inception in 1990, Spring Island has boasted a dynamic arts program that continues to grow. This is thanks to the founding vision of Betsy Chaffin, an artist and one of the original developers, who felt Spring Island should be a true community and that having an arts program was essential to this goal. In addition to resident members, visiting artists are frequently invited to participate in one-week residencies, during which they enjoy the hospitality and beauty of the island. In exchange, they leave behind a piece of art as a record


R. Stewart Design,

Residential Design Urban Planning Preservation

Works of Art You Live In From Lowcountry Classics to French Country Beautiful Design with Great Attention to Detail

View Portfolio 12 Johnston Way, Suite 300 Bluffton, SC 29910 843.816.4005

Family Owned & Operated Free Pick-up & Delivery Drop off -Pick up Each Garment Inspected Dry Cleaning Shirt Laundry Alterations & Repairs Stain Removal Leather Cleaning Household Items

Bluffton Plant: 373 Red Cedar Street 843.815.5885 Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-5:30 pm The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017


of their inspiration. Over the years, these pieces have formed a stellar international collection of 200+ works that remain on permanent display throughout the various public buildings on Spring Island. Some of the artists also give workshops and classes which are open to members and their guests. Resident artists are a diverse lot who reflect varied skill levels and interests. Some are newcomer hobbyists, others well-established professionals. They take joy in supporting and encouraging one another. Recently, these artists have begun organizing themselves into focused groups by discipline, such as painting, ceramics, metalworking and photography. Many other mediums are represented, including fiber arts, book arts, woodturning, jewelry and collage. These groups function as social entities, as well, taking field trips and hosting speakers at their meetings. The current show at Coastal Discovery Museum highlights the wide range of their interests— everything from pastel seascapes and photographs of egrets, to abstract paintings and an eight-foot tall hanging metal fish wind chime mounted on a tabby shell base. There is even a limited edition handcrafted “Hurricane” board game. “I think the most interesting thing about this show is the incredible diversity,” said Lark Gildermaster Smith, who has lived on Spring Island for 10 years and is currently head of the various creative groups. She says the exchange of ideas extends across mediums and disciplines to foster new levels of creativity. “Because of the strong sense of community, there is a lot of collaboration and inspiration that goes on amongst us,” she said. “It really is a lot of fun, and Spring Island is a wonderful place to live.”


“Where Nature Meets Art” is a general retrospective that has relied on the efforts of many. Spearheaded by Geoff Lorenz, head of the 114-member painting group, he finds it exciting that approximately half of the program members are newcomers who have never been involved in the arts before. “We really love encouraging people to try new things that they’ve always wanted to do,” said Lorenz, who started painting a little over two years ago, despite never having held a brush except to paint a house. He recalls that during his first workshop, he sat next to a woman whose paintings fetch $1,000 apiece, yet she was extremely supportive and encouraging to a newcomer. “We have proven that if you have any interest at all, we can train you,” Lorenz said. “People sit down and create something, then later they think, ‘Oh my God, did I really do that?’ It’s wonderful.” As the program has grown, residents have broadened their scope beyond the shores of Spring Island with their artistic and preservation ideals. “It’s their passion,” she said. “I’m very proud of their work and creativity. They’re having a great time and I’m glad I can be a part of it.”

“Where Nature Meets Art,” an exhibition featuring the Artists of Spring Island, is on display at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn through April 30. For the schedule of artist demonstrations and gallery walks, visit More information about the Spring Island community may be found at

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APRIL 2017


APRIL TIDES Tide chart is calculated for the May River. Full Moon April 11. SAT 1











12:52 7:02 1:27 7:20


AM 1:51 7:59 AM PM 2:28 8:17 PM


2:53 9:01 3:31 9:22


AM 3:56 10:09 AM PM 4:35 PM 10:31 4:58 AM 11:15 AM PM 5:38 PM 11:37


MON 10 L

6:00 12:14 6:38 12:36 6:58 1:07 7:34



1:31 AM 7:51 AM PM 1:55 PM 8:24 2:20 AM 8:38 AM PM 2:39 PM 9:08 AM 3:06

Hilton Head Boathouse Showroom: 1498 Fording Island Road Bluffton, SC 29910 Hilton Head Boathouse: 405 Squire Pope Road Hilton Head Island, 29926 34


9:21 3:20 9:48



3:49 10:01 3:58 10:26


WED 12 L H L H

4:30 10:39 4:34 11:03



5:08 11:17 5:08 11:39


FRI 14 L H L

5:45 AM 11:56 AM PM 5:42 12:17 AM 6:21 AM PM 12:36 PM 6:17 12:57 AM 7:00 AM PM 1:20 PM 6:55 AM 1:42 7:43 AM PM 2:08 PM 7:39

SAT 15 H L H L SUN 16 H L H L MON 17 H L H L TUES 18 H L H L


WED 19 H L H L

2:31 8:32 2:59 8:31 3:24 9:28 3:52 9:33


4:20 10:27




4:46 PM PM 10:39

FRI 21 H L H L

5:16 AM 11:25 AM PM 5:42 PM 11:43

SAT 22 H L H


SUN 23 L H L H

6:13 12:20 6:37 12:42 7:08 1:11 7:30

MON 24 L H L H

1:37 8:01 2:02 8:22



2:31 8:52 2:51 9:11


WED 26 L H L H

3:24 9:41 3:41 10:00



4:15 10:30 4:30 10:50


FRI 28 L H L H

5:06 11:22 5:20 11:42


SAT 29 L H L

5:57 12:17 6:11 12:38 6:50 1:16 7:04


SUN 30 H L H H






a Southern Celebration of Food

SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 2017 11:00 AM TO 4:00 PM




The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017



rom Caribbean cuisine to craft coffee, scrumptious seafood fresh out of the May River to fantastic filets, Southern comfort food and fare with all kinds of flair, Bluffton’s culinary scene is on the rise. In honor of this fantastic feat and the cultural culinary celebration that is the Taste of Bluffton on April 8, we’ve included features highlighting some of the area’s renowned restaurants, enticing eateries, culinary artists and creators of all thing craft in this special Taste of Bluffton section. Once overshadowed by the expansive restaurant scenes in Savannah and Hilton Head, Bluffton is on the brink of culinary notoriety. Step out to support local businesses and enjoy magnificent meals made in restaurants all across town. Eat outside of your comfort zone and experience new flavors and different fare this season—and be sure to stop by some of these establishments!


luffton’s burgeoning bourbon and craft beer scene will soon have another happenin’ hangout with the addition of The Original 46 Gastropub in the space formerly known as Napoli Bistro Pizzeria and Wine Bar. Specializing in highend cocktails, pub food and craft brews, the completely overhauled restaurant features a newly installed tap system with 20 beer lines and a new bar (and tabletops) built by Jonathan Lancaster of Bluffton Millworks, complete with a 14-foot library ladder showcasing owner John Kelm’s bourbon collection. The Original 46 Gastropub also boasts an all-season patio featuring live music and a menu highlighting quality, locally-sourced ingredients. “We’re really going to try to focus on the appetizers being smaller plates, so people will be more enticed to order different starters than giant portions of one item,” says Chef Dustin Ricker. Menu highlights include Pork Belly Confit on a wasabi donut with daikon cabbage slaw, and the Chicken & Waffle—buttermilk fried chicken on a scallion-andcheddar waffle with real maple syrup. They also offer smoked wings, prepared on-site; and recommend pairing them with their barreled in-house, signature Makers 46 Manhattan. “The goal and hope for the restaurant is to offer a comfortable space and an uplifting menu,” Ricker asserts. “We want Bluffton to enjoy great food and libations in a comfortable environment.”

Monday-Saturday, 4 p.m.-until • 68 Bluffton Rd. • 36

(843) 757-4646


repare for a culinary treat at Sigler’s Rotisserie and Seafood, as that’s exactly what Chef Michael Sigler and his wife, Shirley, are serving. Armed with a world-class rotisserie, Sigler’s produces some of the most mouthwatering prime rib, beef tenderloin, chicken and braised pork found anywhere. Along with these delectable dishes, guests will also find an array of fresh seafood on the menu, including the Soft Shell Crab, Seafood Pasta Special with mussels, shrimp and/or scallops and Pan Seared Hog Fish and Shrimp. Their reputation for offering flavorful fare for the past 21 years—a feat in and of itself—has grown a fervent following of customers. A family-run establishment, the restaurant is used to seeing familiar faces return. The state-of-the-art open kitchen, where customers may watch culinary artists prepare enticing entrees and cook an array of meats to perfection, may have something to do with it. Monday-Saturday, 4:30-9:30 p.m. 12 Sheridan Park Cir. (843) 815-5030

The Siglers say there are two key ingredients in their recipe for success: consistency and proper training. It’s not about hiring a polished and perfect chef, Shirley explains, “but teaching them techniques in the kitchen that have proven successful. Consistency is more important than change.” She notes that just because something doesn’t seem to work at first doesn’t mean it should be abandoned and completely reinvented. With staff members who have been a part of the team for 19 years and reviews stating the restaurant offers “the best meal in Bluffon,” it’s safe to say Sigler’s is definitely doing something right.

The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017



ead in from the golf course and celebrate another kind of heritage with the tight-knit staff at HogsHead Kitchen • Wine Bar. A rustic, yet refined, mom-andpop restaurant just before the Hilton Head Island Bridge in Moss Creek Village celebrates its fourth anniversary this April. Opened in 2013 by four-time James Beard Awardnominated chef John Pashak and his wife, Alexis, HogsHead awaits with a scratch kitchen offering everything from sandwiches and entrée salads to larger dishes like shrimp and grits, filet mignon and daily fresh catch. “Our ingredients are as fresh and local as we can get them,” Alexis explains, “and everything is prepared from scratch on site, from the rosemary and sea salt focaccia bread to the lobster stock that goes into the gravy for the shrimp and grits or the demi-glace for the filet. Even the ice cream that’s served on top of the homemade peach cobbler or bourbon pecan pie is made here.”

Monday-Friday for Lunch & Dinner, Saturday Dinner Only 1555 Fording Island Rd, Ste. D (843) 837-HOGS (4647)

This expansive and innovative menu comes from John, who—after graduating with a focus in classical European technique (and adoration for Old World wines) from Johnson & Wales—gained an appreciation for Lowcountry cuisine in Charleston and decided to marry the two with HogsHead Kitchen • Wine Bar. This and their friendly service is why they consistently receive stellar reviews from locals and visitors alike. Don’t just take our word for it—let them prove it to you and stop by for lunch or dinner any weekday!


By Andrea Six Photos courtesy of Food Network

McCarthy is in the kitchen making homemade ricotta gnocchi with pesto beside his mom, Leah. Since he was two, Aiden not only helped in the kitchen, kneading bread for homemade Italian rolls during the Christmas season, but also lent a hand in his parents’ deli in Old Town Bluffton. He’d run the register and chat with the customers, and still does today. “Aiden literally grew up in the deli. I always had him by me in the kitchen at home,” says Leah, who comes from a big Italian family. “I am a big home cook and my husband is a chef so between home meals and cooking for a crowd, Aiden experienced it all.”


It’s this passion for cooking, passed down from parents Leah and Ryan McCarthy (owners of Downtown Deli in Old Town Bluffton, the Curbside Kitchen food truck and Downtown Catering Company) that landed the seventh grade River Ridge Academy student a spot on Food Network’s “Chopped Junior.” That, and his glowing personality, Leah points out. Aiden brought his love of Italian food, Mexican cuisine and seafood with him in the fall of 2016 when he traveled to New York to compete on the show. After several interviews with casting agents, producers and the Food Network culinary team, he was cast in the “Heads Will Roll” episode of season five, hosted by Ted Allen. In October, as Hurricane Matthew rushed toward his home in the Lowcountry, Aiden and his family headed to New York. He competed

Red Stripes Caribbean Cuisine & Lounge


verything inside Red Stripes Caribbean Cuisine & Lounge calls to the coast: bright colors, reggae music and the smell of Jerk Chicken cooking on the grill. Spearheaded by husband-and-wife duo Ezron and Lakesha Daley, this Jamaican-inspired restaurant next to Squat ‘n’ Gobble is getting ready to celebrate their fifth anniversary. With this milestone comes an expansion of their outdoor patio, as well as a new outdoor Tiki bar where guests can enjoy live music, frozen drinks and a full bar menu this summer. Ezron moved from Jamaica to Hilton Head Island in 1999 and brought his love for this flavorful cuisine—and his grandparents’ Cuban roots—with him. While working at one of the country clubs on Hilton Head he met Lakesha, a Native Islander from Daufuskie. In 2012, the couple decided to open a Caribbean-themed restaurant, featuring a different type of island-inspired cuisine.

Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. 8 Pin Oak St. (843) 757-8111

Along with their famous Jerk Chicken, which is similar to barbeque but with a spicy kick, they also serve an assortment of fish, curried dishes and selections infused with Cuban influence. Customers will find Conch Fritters, Daufuskie Deviled Crab and plantains, along with a classic kid’s menu featuring chicken fingers, hot dogs, pasta and salads among other selections. Be sure to order a Red Stripe (classic Jamaican pale lager) while you’re there!

with three other contestants to see who could make the best dishes with a basket of unknown ingredients. First up was an appetizer. Inside the basketful of fixin’s, the young chefs found shrimp staring back at them, along with persimmon, chili pepper and mooncake. As the clocked ticked down, Aiden decided on a shrimp quesadilla with chili and persimmon pepper, pico de gallo and a red bean paste sour cream. But while preparing the persimmon and chili pepper pico de gallo, the quesadilla got a little too toasty. Aiden kept his composure. He scrapped the burnt quesadillas and started over. He refused to serve Chefs Maneet Chauhan and George Mendes and actor Kevin McHale anything but his best! Low on time, he had to improvise and chose to incorporate the sweet red bean paste into some sour cream. But the judges concluded there wasn’t enough cheese in the quesadilla, or acid in his pico de gallo and Aiden was “chopped” before the entrée and dessert round. “You don’t always win at everything, but you have to keep trying,” Aiden says, his head still held high. This is just the beginning for the bourgeoning chef. Aiden has proven to himself that even when something goes wrong—and quesadillas get burned—he still has the opportunity to get back up, try again and not allow defeat to define him. After the episode aired in February, Downtown Deli served Aiden’s shrimp quesadilla and chopped salad on the menu for a week and put 100 percent of those sales into his culinary school college fund. Now Aiden is onto his next feat—mastering the cannoli—which he plans to do very soon. But someone else in the McCarthy household just might show him up, because he’s not the only kid in the family with kitchen skills. Watch out for younger sister Kate! The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017


Longhorn Outlaw Ribeye Recipe Ingredients: USDA Choice 18 Oz. Bone-In Ribeye, grilled over an open-flame char grill with Longhorn Char Seasoning

Instructions: Prepare the open flame. Char grill with a light coat of canola oil. Season Outlaw Ribeye coast to coast, both sides, with Longhorn Char Broil Seasoning. Grill steak to appropriate doneness. Top with our Longhorn signature Lemon Butter Sauce. 11 a.m.–10 p.m., Daily • Tanger Outlet 1 • 1262 Fording Island Rd. • (843) 705-7001



ith 11 different types of coffee from nine different countries, Grind Coffee Roasters is a small local roastery with big plans. What started as a job in a coffee shop and Ian Duncan’s passion for coffee has now become a business that not only sells bags of its own coffee (ground, whole and in K-Cups) to customers (both in the shop and through subscription packages), but also crafts custom blends for business branding, as well as sells and services production equipment. “We wanted to create a business model where we’re not just providing someone with a product, but we’re also helping support the growth of local businesses in the area,” Ian explains. Their space next to Mellow Mushroom is more like a brewery or distillery—a production facility with a tasting bar—as opposed to a coffee shop where guests come to sit and stay a while. Ian hopes to diversify and grow the local market as an independent coffee roaster with at least 25 different roasts by 2018, later opening drive-thru only coffee shops, similar to Dunn Brothers Coffee.

Sample these: Guatemala Antigua Italian Roast Honduran Rain Forest Organic Light Roast Monday-Friday, 1-7 p.m. 7 Simmonsville Rd. • (843) 580-1882

Nicaragua Cafe Diego Micro Lot Dark Roast Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee, “Barrel Series Vol. 1”

The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017



RESTAURANT GUIDE Agave Side Bar** 13 State Of Mind St. (843) 757-9190

Cahill’s Chicken Kitchen** 1055 May River Rd. (843) 757-2921 Corner Perk** 1297 May River Rd. (843) 816-5674 Grind Coffee Roasters** 7 Simmonsville Rd. #600 (843) 422-7945 HogsHead Kitchen • Wine Bar** 1555 Fording Island Rd., Ste. D (843) 837-4647 Longhorn Steakhouse** 1262 Fording Island Rd., Tanger I (843) 705-7001 May River Grill** 1263 May River Rd. (843) 757-5755 The Original 46 Gastropub** 68 Bluffton Rd. (843) 757-4646 The Pearl Kitchen and Bar** 55 Calhoun St. (843) 757-5511 Red Fish Bluffton** 32 Bruin Rd. (843) 837-8888 Red Stripes Caribbean Cuisine** 8 Pin Oak St. (843) 757-8111 Sigler’s Rotisserie & Seafood** 12 Sheridan Park Circle (843) 815-5030 Sippin Cow** 36 Promenade St. (843) 757-5051 Squat ‘N’ Gobble** 1231 May River Rd. (843) 757-4242 Toomers’ Bluffton Seafood House** 27 Dr. Mellichamp Dr. (843) 757-0380 Twisted European Bakery** 1253 May River Rd., Unit A


(843) 757-0033

The Village Pasta Shoppe** 10 B, Johnston Way (843) 540-2095 Walnuts Café** 70 Pennington Dr., Ste. 20 (843) 815-2877 Alvin Ord’s of Bluffton 1230 A, May River Rd. (843) 757-1300 Amigos Cafe y Cantina 133 Towne Drive (843) 815-8226 Backwater Bill’s 202 Hampton Lake Crossing (843) 8836-7475 Black Balsam & Blue 1534 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-2583 Bluffton BBQ 11 State Of Mind St. (843) 757-7427 The Bluffton Room 15 Promenade St. (843) 757-3525 The Brick Chicken 1011 Fording Island Rd.   (843) 836-5040 British Open Pub – Bluffton 1 Sherington Dr. #G  (843) 815-6736 Buffalo’s at Palmetto Bluff 1 Village Park Square (843) 706-6630 Butcher’s Market and Dell 102 Buckwalter Pkwy., Ste. 3G (843) 815-6328 Calhoun’s 9 Promenade St. (843) 757-4334  Captain Woody’s 17 State Of Mind St. (843) 757-6222  Choo Choo BBQ Express 129 Burnt Church Rd. (843) 815-7675 Chow Daddy’s – Belfair

15 Towne Center Dr. (843) 757-2469 Cinco Mexican Grill & Bar 102 Buckwalter Pkwy., 3D (843) 815-2233 Claude & Uli’s Bistro 1533 Fording Island Rd. #302 (843) 837-3336 Corks Wine Co. 14 Promenade St. #306 (843) 816-5168 The Cottage 38 Calhoun St. (843) 757-0508 Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 157 Okatie Center Blvd. N. (843) 706-9545 Dolce Vita 163 Bluffton Rd., Ste. F (843) 815-6900 Downtown Deli 27 Dr. Mellichamp Dr. (843) 815-5005 Farm 1301 May River Rd. (843) 707-2041 Fat Patties 207 Bluffton Rd. (843) 815-6300 Fiesta Fresh Mexican Grill 876 Fording Island Rd., Ste. 1

(843) 706-7280 Giuseppi’s Pizza & Pasta 25 Bluffton Rd., Ste. 601 (843) 815-9200 Hinchey’s Chicago Bar & Grill 104 Buckwalter Pl., Ste. 1A (843) 836-5959 Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q 872 Fording Island Rd. (843) 706-9741 The Juice Hive 14 Johnston Way (843) 757-2899 Katie O’Donald’s 1008 Fording Island Rd. #B (843) 815-5555 Kobe Japanese Restaurant 30 Plantation Park Dr., Ste. 208 (843) 757-6688 Local Pie Bluffton 15 State Of Mind St. (843) 837-7437

Mulberry Street Trattoria 1476 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-2426 Okatie Ale House 25 William Pope Ct. (843) 706-2537 Old Town Dispensary 15 Captains Cove (843) 837-1893 Salty Dog Bluffton 1414 Fording Island Rd. Tanger Outlet ll (843) 837-3344 Saigon Cafe 1304 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-1800 Southern Barrel Brewing Co. 375 Buckwalter Place Blvd. (843) 837-2337 Stooges Cafe 25 Sherington Dr., Ste. F  (843) 706-6178

Mellow Mushroom 878 Fording Island Rd. (843) 706-0800

Truffle’s Cafe 91 Towne Dr. (843) 815-5551

Mi Tierra 27 Mellichamp Dr., Unit 101 (843) 757-7200

Wild Wings Cafe 1188 Fording Island Rd. (843) 837-9453

Mi Tierrita Okatie 214 Okatie Village Dr., Ste. 101 (843) 705-0925

** See the ads in The Bluffton Breeze and for more info The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017


By Andrea Six Sometimes a vacation a world away—or even a state away, let alone out of the country—isn’t feasible. Whether it be pockets emptied from the hurricane deductible, ever-changing school schedules or not enough energy to bus a backseat full of screaming kids to a much-too-far-away destination, sometimes it’s just easier to spend some time off at home.


This year, don’t revert to a chore-filled, working-fromhome spring “break.” Instead, opt for a stay-at-homevacation, a.k.a. “staycation,” and enjoy the free activities, local luxuries and adventures right around the corner. Unplug, step away from the computer and get out (or stay in) for some fun with your family or friends with these local, budget-conscious ideas.

Photo by Bubba73

Free Fun & Discount Days

•• •• •• •

Discount Tuesdays at Cinemark Bluffton April 7: Free Family Fun Night at The Sandbox April 22: Free Family Day at Jepson Center in Savannah Dubois Park (a.k.a. The Shrimp Boat) on Thursdays before the Farmers’ Market of Bluffton Petting Farm at Lawton Stables in The Sea Pines Resort Skate Park at Buckwalter Recreation Center Sunbathing, Splashing, Shell Seeking and Shark Tooth Finding with a Hilton Head Beach Day

Exciting Events & Fantastic Festivals

• •• •• • •• •• • •• •• •• • •• • •• •

April 1-14: Sculpture Show at Bluffton’s Four Corners Gallery April 1-8: Savannah Music Festival April 1: Leo’s Legacy at Oscar Frazier Park April 1: Zombie Run at Lake Mayer in Savannah April 3-7 & 10-12: Gregg Russell Concerts in Harbour Town April 4-9: “Tenderly: The Rosemary Clooney Musical” at Main Street Theatre April 4-5: HHSO’s Symphony Under the Stars April 6, 13, 20 & 27: Music & Taste on the Harbour in Shelter Cove April 2: Hilton Head Choral Society Choral Festival April 7: Old Town Bluffton Art Walk April 8: Easter Eggstravaganza at Shelter Cove Community Park April 8: Taste of Bluffton April 10-16: RBC Heritage Golf Tournament April 14-16: Easter Bunny Wagon Rides in Sea Pines April 15-16: River Street Book Fair April 15: Salty Dog Easter Egg Hunt & Salty Dog Luau April 15: Port Royal Soft Shell Crab Festival April 21-May 7: “The Drowsy Chaperone” at May River Theatre April 22: Earth Day/May River Cleanup April 26-May 21: Sister Act at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina April 28-29: Hilton Head Dance Theatre’s “Ugly Duckling and Terpsichore, Too” April 29-30: MCAS Beaufort Air Show April 29-30: The Art Market at Historic Honey Horn April 29: Salty Dog Burger Bonanza

Lend A Hand at Local Non-Profits

There’s no better time than Spring Break to get active in the community. Whether you want to spend a weekend with animals at the Palmetto Animal League, Hilton Head Humane Association or Jasper Animal Rescue Mission or volunteer with The Outside Foundation or Palmetto Pride to clean up the community, the opportunities are abundant. Get your family or church group together and provide a meal or gather food for the Campbell Chapel Community Soup Kitchen, Sandalwood Community Food Pantry and Second Helpings. Help prevent and stop homelessness with Bluffton Self Help and Union Mission or the Deep Well Project in Savannah or get out and do some work with Hilton Head Habitat for Humanity. There are several other ways to help, including Volunteers in Medicine, the American Red Cross, God’s

Goods and The Literacy Center.

Outdoor Explorations

•• •• •• •• •• •

A Day on Daufuskie Island Hunting Island State Park and Nature Center in Beaufort Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah Savannah National Wildlife Refuge Savannah’s Fort Jackson or Fort Pulaski National Monument Birding with the Audubon Bird Guide App Dolphin Research with Spartina Marine Education Charters Kayaking Inshore & Offshore Fishing Hilton Head Zipline & Aerial Adventure Hiking and Biking: Buckwalter Place Greenway Trail, Pinckney Island NWR, New River Trail in Hardeeville, Spanish Moss Trail in Beaufort, Bike Trails & Beaches on Hilton Head

Museum Meanderings

When the rain comes or the days get a little too hot, head indoors and discover the history of the Lowcountry and culture of the Coastal Empire by visiting some of the many art, history and military museums, as well as historic homes, all around Bluffton, Savannah and Hilton Head.

•• •• •• •• • •• •• •• • Feast with Friends •• •• ••

Heyward House Historic Center in Bluffton Coastal Discovery Museum on Hilton Head The Sandbox, An Interactive Children’s Museum Telfair Museums in Savannah Savannah Children’s Museum Savannah History Museum Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah Ships of The Sea Maritime Museum in Savannah National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force in Pooler Webb Military Museum Oatland Island Wildlife Center Port Royal Sound Foundation Maritime Center Parris Island Museum Beaufort History Museum Santa Elena History Center in Beaufort Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage in Ridgeland

Host an Oyster Roast & Marshmallow Toast Have a Backyard BBQ or Lowcountry Boil Go to the Farmers Market on Thursday Pick Strawberries at Barefoot Farms or Dempsey Farms in Beaufort Local Winery, Brewery and Distillery Tours and Tastings Dine Out in Old Town Bluffton, Historic Beaufort or Downtown Savannah

Alluring Accommodations

A staycation doesn’t have to mean you stay at home. Enjoy town like a tourist and stay at one of the alluring accommodations in the area to really get the vacation vibe. Whether you choose to rent a beachfront condo on Hilton Head, find an enchanting inn in Beaufort or seek the city life at a hotel in downtown Savannah, be sure to treat yourself this spring. The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017


Johnny Ussery MOBILE: 843.384.8105 • OFFICE: 843.757.7712 • COLLETON RIVER

5 HIGH PONDS LANE • $3,900,000


87 OAK TREE ROAD • $3,750,000


51 RICHLAND DRIVE • $1,595,000

Eight acre deep water property with private dock. Two story plantation home with old growth wide plank eastern white pine floors. 4 BR in the Main House plus a Carriage House with another BR and BA viewing the one acre pond. 6 fireplaces, 4 covered porches, $200,000 Lutron lighting system, state of the art geothermal heating and AC, chef’s kitchen and much more!

Unique masterpiece on a peninsula with a 280 degree view, and the only homesite in Colleton River with a deep water dock and verdant marsh wrapping the side of the yard. Designed around 4 grand Live Oaks, this 4 BR, 4 BA, 2 half BA, home is graced with a spectacular circular staircase along with an elevator. Almost every room has incredible views to sunsets over the Colleton River.

Greet the day with the most beautiful sunrises over the marsh! Located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac on private Duck Island. Spacious screened porch with a Summer Kitchen, overlooking the pool and spa. Media/Game room complete with theater seating. Awesome floor plan great for entertaining. Chef’s kitchen with Wolfe stainless steel appliance package. A definite see!




12 BALLYBUNION WAY • $1,249,000

220 GOOD HOPE ROAD • $899,000

208 GOOD HOPE ROAD • $749,000

Beautiful 4 BR, 5.2 BA home with elevator to second floor suites! Cook’s kitchen great for entertaining. Oak wood flooring throughout. Pool and spa with long views across the eighth and fifth fairways of the highly acclaimed Pete Dye Course. New HVAC, surround sound, security system, central vac, two walk in attic storage areas, loads of walk-in closets! Designer Furnishings Negotiable!

Indoor/outdoor living at its best! Screened lanai w/ heated pool/spa, waterfall, summer kitchen. 4 BD, 4.5 BA open floor plan w/ wood floors, high ceilings, and lush landscaping. Master suite w/ his and her closets, travertine shower and whirlpool tub. Double fairway panorama with no homes in view. The best of privacy and view!

Elegant 4 BR, 5 BA home with great golf views with total privacy. Master BR and study/BR downstairs Upstairs there is sitting room and 2 BRs with balcony access. Spacious Bonus Room above the 3 car garage. LR/GR & screened porch. Screened porch, hardwood floors, granite counters and irrigation well. New hot water heater, 3 newer A/C units




8 BALLYBUNION WAY • $724,500

4 BR, 4.5 BA home overlooking multiple fairways. Chef’s kitchen with six burner gas grill, fireplaces in both the Living and Family rooms. High quality finishes throughout with incredible millwork, crown molding, and wainscoting. Luxurious master bath, solid 8’ doors, heart pine flooring. Foam insulation in attic and house for comfortable living and energy efficiency.


127 BELFAIR OAKS BLVD • $699,500

Great location, view, value, and privacy. Awesome view of the 8th green of Belfair’s West Course and the Nature Preserve teaming with wildlife and no homes looking back across the fairway. Great floor plan with luxurious Master Suite, cook’s kitchen, and spacious upstairs office/4th bedroom with built-ins, full bath, and walk-in storage. Heart pine flooring, extensive dentil molding, and high ceilings.

261 BAMBERG DRIVE • $675,000

Wonderful 4 BR, 4.5 BA home with golf views. Original owners who have impeccably maintained their home. Open floor plan, great for entertaining and daily living. Spacious bonus room with separate bedroom and living space.And don’t miss the screened back porch! This well maintained jewel won’t last long at this price.

CHARTER ONE REALTY The One to Turn to for All Your Real Estate Needs


Johnny Ussery MOBILE: 843.384.8105 • OFFICE: 843.757.7712 • BERKELEY HALL

16 LAUREL SPRING ROAD • $649,000

Incredible location! This lifestyle home with heated pool, spa, fireplace, and summer kitchen is a must see oasis! The most popular lifestyle floorplan, this 4 BR, 4.5 BA homefeatures a Great Room with fireplace, Dining Room, an Office with built-ins, and spacious Bonus Room, Gourmet Kitchen. Very private location with lagoon and fountain.


18 BELLE REVE DRIVE • $549,000

Enjoy a view of the pool from every room in this beautifully designed home featuring the ever popular interior courtyard pool. Crack the door of each bedroom before going to bed and allow the soothing water falling from the spa to put you into a restful sleep. This four bedroom, four bath, or three bedroom and study open floor plan offers lots of flexibility. A definite must see!


35 NEWBERRY COURT • $389,000

Privacy and much desired size and price! This 4 BD, 4 BA home was remodeled in 2012 with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances including gas cooktop. Freshly painted. Open floor plan with tall ceilings, eat-in kitchen, Great Room with built-ins and gas fireplace, and separate Dining Room. Large bonus room. Private back yard backs up to protected nature area.


21 LEXINGTON DRIVE • $599,900


223 SUMMERTON DRIVE • $595,000

4 BA, 4.5 BA, 3,679 SF home built by T.D. Peeples as a Showcase Model Home. Situated on .52 acres on the third hole of Tom Fazio’s East Course. Open floor plan with hardwood floors, granite countertops, built-in cabinetry, fireplace, and wet bar. Master BR suite opens to a spacious patio and features a two walk-in closets. Great home at a tremendous value!

Personal residence of a custom home builder. 4 BR, 5 BA with detail and quality throughout. 4,524 SF extremely well maintained home with open floor plan and incredible views across Berkeley Lake to the 6th hole of the South Course. Bonus room with bath could be a huge guest suite, media room, rec room, or home office. 3 high efficiency AC units in 2013.



15 ASHLEY HALL DRIVE • $539,000

Light, bright and airy home with Saturnia marble staircase, 24’ ceiling and views across the lagoon to the 7th fairway of the Jack Nicklaus Golf course. Majority of the living space is on 1st level. Luxurious master suite plus your guests will enjoy the 2 gracious upstairs suites. Enjoy all that Colleton River has to offer!


63 HOPSEWEE DRIVE • $359,000

One of the few available, ever popular Berkeley Hall Lifestyle Cottages. This 3 BR, plus office, 3.5 BA home with an open 2,433 SF floor plan offers many upgrades and beautiful finishes. The spacious screened lanai features an outdoor kitchen, free form pool and spa with waterfall. This would make a great permanent home or a turnkey lock and leave vacation home.

21 ASHLEY HALL DRIVE • $529,000

Beautiful home with master suite down, 3 gracious guest rooms and bonus room upstairs. New A/C and recently painted inside and out. Subzero fridge and granite counter tops throughout chef’s kitchen plus Bosch appliances new in 2016. Renovated master bath with quartz counters and new carpet in Master BR and office. Located on a quiet cul-de-sac with golf and lagoon views and priced to sell quickly!


105 GOOD HOPE ROAD • $319,000

Extremely well maintained 4 BR Cottage. In last 3 years AC units replaced, 5 new flat screens added, new carpets for lockouts, painted, new stove! Great second home or cash cow as a rental property, can be rented as a 1,2,3,or 4 BR unit. Conveniently located within walking distance to Clubhouse and Spa/Fitness Center.

#1 Ranked Real Estate Company in The Lowcountry The Bluffton Breeze

APRIL 2017



The Bluffton Breeze April 2017  
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